Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole fully submits herself as slave cowgirl to Mistress Ann

This final chapter of Down on the Farm finds Nicole and Annabelle formalizing their relationship as Mistress and slave. In some ways this is a rather mild, romantic ending to this saga, but there is still some oil wrestling and a ponygirl chariot race to spice things up.

This is the final chapter. Mistress Anne and cowgirl are formally sealed in a relationship. But that is not an end, that is a beginning. The relationship goes on and the story can go on in your mind. 

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Sunday morning, Nicole was awakened by a commotion outside. She looked at the clock. It was only 6:30 in the morning and Annabelle wasn’t in bed. Nicole hurried into the kitchen and then yelped slightly. Annabelle, Frank, and three farmhands were sitting around the table drinking coffee and eating donuts.

“It’s OK, cowgirl,” Annabelle said quickly. “Frank knows everything and so do the farmhands.” She pointed across the table and said, “I think you’ve met the three M’s. 

Nicole stood in the doorway looking very confused, so Annabelle continued, pointing at each, “Three M’s... Mark, Marty, and Mike.”

Frank looked up at her and said, “Sometimes they are more like the Three Stooges, but they are good, hard working hands.”

Nicole continued to stare at the three young men and said haltingly, “Have I met you somewhere before?”

“Give it a minute,” Mark said in a very deep voice.

Nicole’s eyes went wide and she yelped, “Oh. OH!” These were the three young men from on the road.

“You don’t think I would let just any stranger fuck you,” Annabelle said rather firmly. “Them driving past was purely an accident, but I let the rest happen because I know they are safe... medically and publicity-wise.”

“Nice to meet you,” Nicole said, dropping her waist slightly in almost a curtsey.

“It’s a quick donuts and coffee breakfast this morning,” Annabelle said. “We’ve got tents to put up and tables to get ready and the caterers will be here at eleven.”

Nicole looked around the room and then asked timidly, “Am I supposed to dress, Mistress Anne, or do you want me to remain naked?”

“It’s your choice until about ten-thirty,” Annabelle said, “but let’s not surprise the caterers too much. Put on something simple in case you get it dirty helping them set up. They will leave after everything is in place. After that I want you dressed in your white cowgirl skirt, white western shirt, your white boots and, of course, your white hat.”

At the mention of the white hat, Nicole’s face brightened and she gushed, “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Annabelle looked at the four men and said, “She does get quite exuberant at times.”

Mark muttered under his breath, too soft for Nicole to hear, “Tell me about it.”

Everyone else at the table heard him and started laughing. Nicole looked around hoping someone would explain what was funny, but when they didn’t she grabbed herself a couple of donuts and poured a cup of coffee.

There wasn’t much Nicole could do to help, but Frank and the three boys kept calling her over and sending her into the barn or the toolshed to get parts or small tools. Once she walked past where Annabelle was putting tablecloths on the many tables set up in the yard and Annabelle said, “You know they are only running you around to get you sweaty and glistening... and so they can watch your ass while you run.”

Nicole flashed a big smile back at Annabelle and said, “Yeah, I know. Why do you think I keep bringing them the wrong tool? I used to get tools for my dad when he worked on our cars and stuff. I know a channel-lock from a crescent wrench.”

Annabelle began laughing and Nicole laughed with her. This time it was the four men who were wondering what was funny.

Ten-thirty came and Nicole went into the house to shower. She came back out wearing a simple, denim, A-line dress that came about midway down her thighs. She could probably wear it anywhere and no one would notice anything unless she bent over sharply at the waist and flashed her ass.

The caterers arrived exactly on time. Nicole had been expecting a small van, but a large box truck pulled into the yard followed by two small vans. There were about a dozen men and women who rolled big things that looked like double refrigerators off the truck and plugged them into the thick power cables that Frank had brought out from the barn. Each of the units was labeled. They said things like, “Dinner - Hot” or “Afternoon - Cold” or “Drinks - Cold” or “Bread and Pastries - Cold” or “Steaks - Cold.”

The caterers placed huge stacks of thick plastic plates on the end of one of the tables and set bins of silver plastic knives, forks and spoons with them. The remainder of that long table held pans of eggs and sausages and bacon and things like that. Each pan was covered and had one or two small burning warmers under it. The last thing the caterers did was to lay out a long table with various snacks and finger foods and then cover it with a clear plastic sheet. A cooling unit of some sort was running under the table. After checking with Annablle that everything was to her satisfaction, they got back into their vehicles and left.

As soon as the truck and vans turned out onto the gravel road, Nicole whipped the denim dress off over her head and said loudly and cheerfully, “It’s a white hat day! It’s a white hat day!”

“Yes, it is, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said, “but for now I want you dressed up to meet my friends.”

“Yes, Mistress Anne,” Nicole said and scampered off into the house to freshen up and dress. When she came back out Martin, the tall thin farmhand, whistled and said, “You are even prettier dressed like that, cowgirl.”

Nicole felt herself blushing. She wasn’t sure if it was because of the compliment or because she could remember Martin’s long, thin prick pounding against her cervix out on the road.

Martin turned to Annabelle, who was now dressed almost identically to Nicole and said, “You are very pretty in your western outfit, too, Annabelle.”

Annabelle’s only response was to straighten her own white cowboy hat and say, “I think you and the other M’s should get out to the barn and change before people start arriving, don’t you?” Martin took the hint. So did Mark and Mike as well as Frank.

Guests started arriving around noon. Annabelle introduced Nicole to each of them as, “cowgirl, my soon-to-be new submissive slave.”

After the tenth or so couple, Nicole said to Annabelle, “Mistress, I’m not that good with names. I’m never going to be able to remember everyone.”

Annabelle laughed and said, “Don’t worry. If they are clothed, call them Mistress or Master. If they are naked, ask their name. Slaves won’t get upset if you ask.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Nicole said quickly as the next couple arrived. Almost everyone was accompanied by at least one naked slave. In many cases, the slave arrived clothed, but stood next to the car or truck and removed his or her clothing before following their Master or Mistress up into the yard. Frank and the farmhands had removed the cover from the cold buffet and people were standing around sipping drinks and munching on this or that.

Around one o’clock, Annabelle rang a large cowbell to get everyone’s attention. “Thank you all for coming to this gathering. Your presence makes a special day even more special. We will soon partake of this marvelous bruncheon that will also be here for you to graze on through the afternoon. And around six Frank and the three M’s will start cooking steaks for supper. Later this afternoon, there will be games for Masters and slaves. But, before brunch– actually in just a few moments now– there will be the special ceremony which is the whole reason for us gathering today. ”

The crowd responded with loud applause.

“But before we begin anything,” Annabelle said slowly, “I have to make a confession and ask forgiveness. Yesterday I gave cowgirl a taste of what her punishment would be if she displeased me. She is a very difficult girl to punish.” Annabelle gave a short laugh and said, “... a very, very difficult girl to punish. She gets off on almost anything. So, what are you going to do? ... What I did was to give her a day of denial in my Angels and Demons video game.”

There was a loud buzz of conversation and a few people applauded.

“I made a very grievous mistake, though. I and cowgirl had not officially decided on our safewords. We had agreed to use both cowgirl and cityslicker, but had not established which was a halt safeword and which was an end of relationship word. Yesterday, I told cowgirl that if she used either word, it would end our relationship.”

Annabelle turned to face one of the women at a nearby table, “I was just telling my good friend Mistress Tess about all that I did with cowgirl yesterday,” Annabelle continued, “and she angrily told me that I should have told my submissive to use cityslicker if things were too intense and she wanted to talk about it and to use cowgirl if she truly wanted to end the relationship. ‘Otherwise,’ Tess said to me, ‘I was using the combined safewords as blackmail to keep my sub from calling for a temporary stop to things.’”

Annabelle took a deep breath and said, “She was right. I didn’t intend it that way, but that was what it was.” She then turned to Nicole and asked, “My little cowgirl, do you forgive me?”

“Yes, Mistress Anne, I forgive you,” Nicole said. There were tears streaming down her face as she spoke.

“Well then,” Annabelle said brushing her hands down her white, denim dress, “that is out of the way. Master Reynolds, are you ready?”

“Yes, Mistress Anne,” an older man with a well-trimmed gray beard answered. “Are you and cowgirl ready?”

“Yes,” Annabelle said. 

“Yes, Master Reynolds,” Nicole quickly added.

Annabelle motioned for Nicole to come and stand next to her. Frank stood on Annabelle’s right. Mark stood on Nicole’s left. When all four were in place, Annabelle nodded to Master Reynolds.

“Nicole Adamson,” the Master began, “do you come to this ceremony of your own free will?”

“Yes, I do,” Nicole said in a somewhat shaky voice.

“Annabelle Owens,” the Master continued, “do you come to this ceremony of your own free will?”

“Yes, I do,” Annabelle said firmly.

“Do both of you realize that I am a recognized minister in this state,” Master Reynolds continued, “and that this ceremony will be recognized as a legal marriage with all of the benefits and protections that affords?”

“I do,” Annabelle and Nicole said in unison.

“Then face each other for the rite of submission and acceptance,” Master Reynolds said firmly.

Annabelle pointed at Nicole and then at Mark. Nicole nodded slightly and removed first her short western skirt and then her blouse. She handed both to Mark who set them on a nearby table. She stepped out of her boots and knelt naked in the grass at Annabelle’s feet. The white cowboy hat, however, remained firmly on her head.

Mark stood next to her holding something on the palms of his hands as she bowed low and said, “Mistress Anne, I fully submit myself to you as my Mistress and beg that you accept me as your submissive slave.”

Annabelle took a white leather collar from Mark’s hands and said, “I accept you as my submissive slave-wife and give you this collar as a symbol of our relationship.” Annabelle carefully wrapped the collar around Nicole’s neck, touched the gold name embossed on the front of the collar and said, “I give you the slave name of cowgirl.”

“What is your safeword?” Master Reynolds asked.

“It is cityslicker,” Mistress Anne said firmly.

“Slave cowgirl,” Master Reynolds said, “if you accept this relationship please repeat your safeword three times.”

Nicole reached up and put her left hand loosely on the collar, took a deep breath, and said, “Cityslicker, cityslicker, cityslicker.”

“Should there come a time, cowgirl, where your relationship cannot go on,” Master Reynolds intoned solemnly, “what is your termination word?”

Nicole swallowed hard and then said, “It is cowgirl.”

“Yes,” Annabelle said, “our termination word is cowgirl.”

“Do both of you recognize that the use of the termination word does not dissolve the legal relationship you are creating today?” Master Reynolds asked.

“We do,” Mistress Anne and cowgirl said in unison.

“One final time,” Master Reynolds said, “if you both agree to this legal relationship of Mistress and slave-wife, please repeat your termination word three times.”

Mistress Anne and cowgirl looked at each other and said in unison, “Cowgirl, cowgirl, cowgirl.”

Master Reynolds’ voice became much louder as he said, “Then by the authority of this sovereign state and in my position as Chief Master of our special community, I declare you to be Mistress and submissive slave-wife.”

As everyone present burst into applause and shouts of congratulations, Nicole bent down and kissed the top of Annabelle’s boots. Then she felt a tug at her neck. Annabelle had attached a leash to her collar and was pulling her to her feet. Annabelle pulled her into a tight embrace and said, “Welcome to the farm, my naked little cowgirl.”

Master Reynolds turned to the crowd and said, “Let’s eat! Mistress Anne and cowgirl will be at the front of the line.”

Annabelle held Nicole’s leash loosely as they walked down the table, filling their plates with food. Neither had much of a chance to eat, though, because everyone stopped at their table to wish them well as they went back to their own tables. 

Nicole said “Thank you, Master,” to any clothed male and “Thank you, Mistress,” to any clothed female. The naked slaves mostly nodded at her or said “Welcome.” In response, Nicole nodded back at them. As she had feared, she remembered no one’s name except Master Reynolds and, of course, Frank and the three M’s. But no one noticed.

After several of the Masters/Mistresses and their slaves had stopped at the table, Nicole leaned in close to Annabelle and said, “I see that a lot of the girls have their Masters’ names tattooed or branded on their fronts or their butts. Could I have something like that?”

“If you desire, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle answered, “but I think we should give you a month or two for your hormones to calm down so you are thinking rationally. A tattoo or a brand is forever.”

“I know,” cowgirl replied. “That’s why I want one.”

After everyone had eaten, Frank stood on a tree stump in the center of the yard and said loudly, “We have a couple of games for your amusement this afternoon. The first is an oil wrestling competition among the slaves. It will be a tag team event. The slaves, themselves, must choose their partners. And both members of the tag team have to be pinned for the team to be defeated.”

He turned completely around on the stump looking at everyone before continuing. “But...” he said, holding up one hand with the index finger in the air, “if your partner has been defeated, slaves, you are alone in the ring against both your opponents.”

He chuckled and said, “So, it is most likely that once one of you loses, the other will also quickly lose.”

Standing more straight and upright, he then said, “Masters and Mistresses, if you wish to enter your slaves in the competition, please send them up to me so I can get everyone properly registered.”

About a dozen slaves quickly gathered around Frank. Nicole looked over at Annabelle and said, “May I, Mistress Anne?”

“Of course,” Annabelle answered and Nicole laid her white hat on the table in front of Annabelle. She then scampered over to join the other slaves. 

Almost all of the slaves were standing around in couples by the time Nicole arrived. One of the slaves standing alone was mare, Mistress Joan’s slave. Nicole approached her and said, “It looks like none of the others want to be your partner.”

In response, mare laughed and said, “Yeah, there’s a reason for that.”

“Oh,” Nicole said, somewhat surprised, “is it because you’re black?”

Slave mare laughed loudly then said, “Skin color has nothing to do with it. In the eyes of a Master or Mistress or even another slave, we are all exactly alike.”

“Oh,” Nicole said again. Then she brightened and asked, “Will you be my partner?”

Slave mare laughed again and said, “Yes, I will, but I think you might find out why no one else wants to be my partner.”

While Master Frank set up a big whiteboard with brackets that indicated who would be fighting whom, the three M’s brought out a big inflatable swimming pool and quickly filled it with clear oil from fifty gallon drums. Three drums brought the level up to about an inch and a half. Then the M’s set up chairs around the pool so the Masters and Mistresses could watch the action.

There were a total of twelve slaves entered. Nicole looked at the board and saw that “cowgirl and mare” were listed at the very bottom. The first round was “sissyboi and wimp vs cumslut and toni.” It was a very short round that started with sissyboi and cumslut in the pool together. They grabbed for each other and went down into the oil. It didn’t take long after that for cumslut to climb on top of sissyboi and press his shoulders to the ground.

“Wimp and toni into the ring,” Frank said loudly and both stepped into the oil. For obvious reasons, slave toni was smiling, while wimp looked somewhat scared. Both female slaves rushed wimp and threw him to the ground. Nicole expected them to quickly pin him, but instead, they played with him for several minutes, sliding themselves along his body or trapping him between them while they slid up and down against him. After about five minutes Frank called out, “Only three minutes left in the round. You really don’t want things to time out on you.”

Nicole turned to mare and asked, “What does he mean?”

“The rounds are ten minutes,” mare explained. “If you don’t pin your opponents in that time, all of you get twenty-five with Frank’s belt, and I don’t mean the one he is wearing.”

“Oh,” Nicole said. She turned back to watch, but wimp was already on his back in the oil with both cumslut and toni sitting on top of him. One of them was sitting on wimp’s waist grinding herself into his flaccid prick while the other was kneeling on his shoulders very firmly pinning him and pressing her cunt against his mouth.

“You don’t have much of a chance if your partner gets pinned, do you?” Nicole asked mare.

Mare laughed slightly, looked at her and said, “You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

The next round was “princess and puddles” vs “davey and goliath.” Slave davey was only about five feet tall, but goliath lived up to his name. He was well above six feet tall and must have weighed 300 pounds. He didn’t look all that muscular, but with that much weight, he would be hard to beat.

The round started with davey and princess in the ring. They seemed evenly matched and slid around grappling each other for several minutes. Then princess reached between davey’s legs, speared his asshole with her thumb, and threw him over onto his back. She put one knee in the middle of his chest and lifted his butt up with the hand that was impaling him. A blast of noise from Frank’s air horn indicated that davey was pinned.

“Can she do that?” Nicole asked mare.

“As long as you don’t injure each other or mess with the eyes,” mare replied, “everything’s legal.”

“I guess that ends it,” Nicole said, turning back to watch slave puddles step into the ring.

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” mare said and pointed at goliath who was now in the ring with both female slaves.

Slave goliath didn’t do anything at first. He just stood there and let princess and puddles slide off of him. Under normal circumstances, the combined efforts of the two women would probably take the big man to the ground, but with everyone covered in oil, they couldn’t get a grip on him, so he just stood there smiling at them. Then he reached out and grabbed puddles around the waist.

With a quick movement, he turned her upside down so that her legs were now kicking in the air. He pulled her tight to himself so her face was basically pressed against his junk and then fell forward into the oil. He lay there until Frank sounded the horn, then got up and handed the almost limp puddles to one of the M’s.

After seeing what happened to puddles, princess tried to stay behind goliath. When Frank warned that the round was coming to an end, she jumped onto goliath’s back and attempted to bring him down. He just laughed and fell over onto his back, pinning her beneath him. Again, he waited until the horn blew indicating a pin and then got up and handed princess to one of the M’s. There was a second inflatable pool setup near the ring. Martin stood next to it with a sprayer that evidently held a mixture of water and detergent. He sprayed princess until the oil was basically off of her body and then said, “Go shower in the barn.”

“We’re up,” mare said as she stepped into the ring. Their opponents were listed as “sunflower and pretty baby.” The very yellow blonde who stepped into the ring was evidently sunflower. Things started out more or less like a regular wrestling match with mare and sunflower circling, looking for a good opening, but then sunflower dove at mare and both of them were down in the oil. When mare’s very black skin was covered with oil, it almost looked like stone. Had she stood up in the middle of the ring, she would have looked very much like an exquisitely beautiful ebony statue.

After a few minutes, it was obvious that mare was playing with sunflower. Then at about the five-minute mark, mare called out “cowgirl, put your hand in the ring.” She wasn’t sure what to do, but Frank quickly said, “Stick out your arm, cowgirl,” and she did. A quick slap from mare and Frank said, “Tag is made, partners switch.”

Again cowgirl wasn’t sure what to do, but Frank pushed her in the middle of her back and she found herself standing in the oil with sunflower. She hadn’t really wrestled anyone before, but when sunflower grabbed her legs and took her down, something in the back of her mind took over. She had watched wrestling on TV and had watched the previous matches. She slithered out from under sunflower, grabbed one of sunflower’s arm’s and flipped her over on her back. Then she jumped on sunflower’s face. Actually she was trying to imitate what cumslut had done to wimp, but she fell a little short and buried sunflower’s mouth and nose with her cunt and ass. She instinctively ground herself into place and leaned over to push down sunflower’s shoulders with her hands.

The blast of Frank’s air horn indicated a pin and cowgirl jumped to her feet with her arms raised above her head in a victory dance. The dance was cut short, however, as pretty baby dove into the ring and took cowgirl down into the oil. Obviously, pretty baby was hoping for a quick pin so she would be able to face mare alone, but cowgirl was already totally covered in oil and twisted out from under her and slid to the other side of the ring. Pretty baby again launched herself at cowgirl, but mare intercepted her in the air and slammed her onto her back. Both of them slid into the side of the pool, sloshing oil over the side. A Master and Mistress jumped quickly out of the way to keep from being drenched. A blast from Frank’s air horn ended the match and mare let pretty baby up from the oil.

Frank announced loudly, “Cowgirl and mare have a bye for the next bracket round. Toni and davey into the ring. At first davey was doing really well, but that was mainly because toni was distracted looking at goliath standing at the edge of the oil-filled pool. When Frank announced that time was getting short, toni turned her attention totally to davey and quickly pinned him.

Both cumslut and goliath jumped into the ring. The giant stood in the middle while toni and cumslut did everything in their power to try to take him down. He laughed and grabbed both of them by the waist. Somehow he managed to turn both of them upside down. They were hanging in the air with their legs kicking wildly, showing the world everything they had. Then goliath sat down. When he did, it pressed both toni’s and cumslut’s shoulders into the ground. Frank blew two blasts on the air horn and goliath stood up grinning. toni and cumslut were much slower standing up. One of the three M’s called to them and guided them into the cleanup pool where he sprayed the oil off of them and sent them to the barn to shower.

“That leaves us against davey and goliath,” mare said firmly. Then she added, “You take out davey, I’ll deal with goliath.”

Nicole wanted to say that it was impossible, but she didn’t have time. Frank was calling for them to get in the ring and mare gave her a push. Soon she and davey were circling in the center of the ring. Both were dripping oil from their previous rounds. “Here goes,” cowgirl said loudly to herself and then launched herself at davey’s feet, knocking him over so that both of them were down in the oil. She spun around before he could recover and dropped herself across his shoulders like she had seen wrestlers do on TV. Evidently it worked because she immediately heard the blast of the air horn.

Unfortunately, as she started to get up, she felt the huge hands of goliath grab her around the waist. She felt herself turning in the air and then felt goliath’s large tongue slurp across her cunt.

“What?” she yelled, but her yell turned into a yelp and a grunt as goliath fell on top of her pinning her to the ground. He again lifted her into the air, but this time it was to hand her to Mark who was standing just outside the ring.

“I’ll wash you off after mare loses to goliath,” he said with a quick chuckle. But mare had other ideas. She launched herself high at goliath feet first and ended up with her legs around his neck from the side. She locked her ankles together and squeezed on goliath’s neck. Then she did a strange windmill-like motion with her arms which caught goliath totally off guard. He fell forward and rolled over onto his back. Mare again windmilled her arms, but this time in the opposite direction and Frank’s air horn sounded a loud blast.

“We won. We won,” cowgirl said excitedly as mare stepped out of the ring.

“Yeah,” mare responded rather flatly, “now you get to find out why no one wanted to be my partner.”

“We have the winning tag team,” Frank said exuberantly, “but now it is time to find the winning... and losing wrestler.”

Nicole looked very confused. “You didn’t know, did you?” mare said softly. 

“I guess not,” Nicole answered.

“Since this is a contest between slaves,” Frank continued, “the winning slave gets nothing.” He chuckled, “The losing slave, however, gets her ass tanned by the winner. The number of strokes is determined by the number of minutes left in the ten-minute round when the loser is pinned. Six swats for each minute left.” He paused and then said, “mare and cowgirl, into the ring.”

“Sorry, cowgirl,” mare said, “I have to do this right or Mistress Joan will have my ass... literally.”

“I understand,” Nicole answered. It was the last thing she was able to say because mare immediately took her down. mare could have pinned her easily, but instead played with her for a short while, flipping her up and over so that her legs were spread wide. “Just a little something extra for the Masters to enjoy,” mare said as she flipped her over one more time. Then she slid on top of her and pinned her shoulders to the ground. As soon as Frank’s air horn sounded mare jumped up and let cowgirl get up out of the oil.

Someone threw a small, round hassock into the ring and mare set it in the middle and sat down on it. Then she crooked her finger at cowgirl and said, “Don’t make me chase you down. They’ll add swats and demand I spank harder.”

Nicole knelt next to mare and then lay over her lap. “The pin was with eight minutes and forty seconds left,” Frank said loudly. “That means fifty-two swats. And I– as well as everyone else– want to hear each one land.”

“Sorry,” mare said softly, “I have to obey the rules.”

“That’s OK,” Nicole said. “Spank me as hard as you can. I can take it.”

After about ten or fifteen swats, mare realized that cowgirl could more than take the swats. She was enjoying them... or at least she was getting off on them. Mare started hitting even harder. Each loud spank could be heard all over the yard and perhaps as far away as the road in front of the house. Nicole didn’t enjoy the pain, but somehow it excited her. And the fact that as many as a hundred people were watching her get her naked ass pounded excited her even more. By the time mare reached the fortieth swat, Nicole’s big problem was trying not to show that she was approaching an orgasm. On the forty-fifth swat, however, that problem became moot as Nicole screamed and yelled and thrashed in an intense orgasm.

When the spanking finished, mare was laughing. “They all think I was killing you,” she said. “They thought you were screaming in pain. And you should have been. You are one hell of a kinky girl, cowgirl.”

Nicole’s only response was a smile and a soft, “Thank you.”

“I got off on it too,” mare said. “I’m one of those odd mixtures. I’m a sadistic submissive. I would never risk being a Mistress, though, because I’m afraid I would mistreat my slaves.”

“And you say I’m kinky,” Nicole said with a laugh.

Frank called out loudly, “Both of you get over into the clean off spray and then hit the showers.”

A short while later, Nicole and mare walked back from the barn. Mistress Anne and Mistress Joan were sitting next to each other. Slave mare knelt at her Mistress’s feet. Nicole– now slave-wife cowgirl, mimicked her and knelt at Mistress Anne’s feet. Almost immediately, Annabelle returned the white hat to cowgirl’s head.

“Did you bring all the equipment?” Annabelle asked Mistress Joan.

“Of course,” Mistress Joan replied. “And I’ve inspected everything that other Masters and Mistresses brought. It is all safe and ready for use.”

“Good,” Annabelle said and nodded toward Frank. “We’re ready,” she said and Frank hopped back up on the tree stump.

“For our second activity,” Frank said, “we are going to have to relocate to behind the barn where we have laid out a quarter mile track. There is a grandstand with an awning to protect you from the sun.”

He paused and then said, “I think all of you know what is going to happen, but I’m going to go over the rules anyway. This is a one-quarter mile, single pony, chariot race. There will be two chariots in each race with the winners advancing to the final race. As with the wrestling match, the final race will determine the winners and losers.” He paused and then raised one hand for emphasis, “But unlike the wrestling match,” he continued, “this is not just between slaves. The Masters and Mistresses in the chariots are also risking being a loser, and unlike the wrestling match, there is a reward for the winner. The losing slave of the final race will have to give the winning slave an orgasm. And the losing Master or Mistress will have to give the winner an orgasm. The winners will determine how that orgasm will be given.”

He bent over slightly and said, “Does everyone understand that?”

There was a loud chorus of “Yes” and “Yes, Master” from the crowd.

“Then let’s walk over to behind the barn,” Frank said and he jumped off the stump and began leading the people to the grandstand which he and the three M’s had set up earlier in the week. 

When everyone was gathered, Frank said, “We have eight entries for the chariot races. That means there will be three rounds of racing with four races in the first round, two in the second, and of course, one race in the final round.”

As the slaves and Masters were walking into the barn, all of the slaves looked familiar to Nicole because they had all been in the oil wrestling competition. Frank once again wrote everyone’s name on a big whiteboard and said, “As soon as our ponies get tacked up and our charioteers are in place we will start race one.” He then called out loudly, “Mistress Joan and Master Viktor are you ready?”

In response two chariots came out of the barn and pulled up to the starting line. The chariots were almost identical to the cart on which cowgirl had pulled Mistress Anne the week before except that the front of the cart itself was a curved chariot wall and Mistress Joan stood rather than sat between the wheels. She was wearing a black denim dress and white blouse. Mare was tacked out in all white, including a white plume on her headdress. The tack princess was wearing was dark, natural leather. Master Viktor, however, had changed into a Roman Centurion’s dress uniform which consisted of a gold breastplate and a brown leather battle kilt with golden armor plates. He also had a gold helmet with a tall red brush-style top piece. The headdress on princess was also red.

“This is one lap, beginning on the sound of the starter’s pistol,” Frank said. Then he held the small gun up into the air and fired. Mistress Joan and Master Viktor both snapped their whips and shouted for their ponygirls to run. Mistress Joan snapped her whip above mare’s head. Master Viktor, however, snapped his whip directly on princess’ ass. Both ponygirls immediately began running at full tilt around the track. It wasn’t even close. Mistress Joan and mare crossed the finish line a full length ahead of Master Viktor and princess.

Master David and cumslut raced against Mistress Vanessa and sissiboi in the second race. Again it wasn’t even close. Sissiboi ran like a three-wheeled locomotive and Master David and cumslut won easily.

When Mistress Anne brought cowgirl out onto the track everyone cheered. Mistress Ann was still in her white wedding outfit. Cowgirl was tacked out as she had been when they were out on the road a week before, but instead of the helmet and headpiece, she was still wearing her white cowboy hat. Master Kenneth was wearing bluejeans, a long-sleeved pale blue shirt, and a tight-fitting black leather vest. Wimp was tacked out in shiny black leather. When they got up to the starting line, Mistress Anne said loudly to cowgirl, “I’m not carrying a whip. I expect you to give it everything you’ve got to win.” In response Master Kenneth laughed and said, “Noble, Mistress Anne... noble and stupid.”

When Frank fired the starter pistol Master Kenneth snapped his whip against wimp’s ass. Cowgirl, however, leaned into the traces and started off with only verbal prompting from Mistress Anne. They won by a length and a half. As they were trotting back to the barn, Mistress Anne turned to Master Kenneth and said, “Sometimes nobleness is wise... and winning.” Master Kenneth did not respond.

The fourth race was Mistress Kelly and puddles vs Master William and toni. Puddles must have been slightly injured in her bout with goliath because halfway around the course she began limping badly and Mistress Kelly pulled her into the infield. Several people, including Doctor Hawkins ran out to tend to her. Mistress Kelly released her from the traces and walked with her and the doctor back to the barn. The race was Master William’s by default.

The first race in the second round was Mistress Joan and mare against Master David and cumslut. It was a very close race but Master David won by a few feet. The second race was Mistress Anne and cowgirl against Master William and toni. Despite the fact that Master William whipped toni mercilessly trying to get more speed out of her, Mistress Anne and cowgirl won by well over a length.

“Our final race,” Frank announced loudly, “will be a full mile. That’s four times around the track. We are going to take a short break to give the ponies a chance to rest and to give everyone else time to get your bets placed with each other.” He laughed and said, “Remember, Masters and Mistresses are not allowed to propose bets with slaves. If one of your slaves wants to propose a bet with you, or with another slave, that is allowed.”

Fifteen minutes later Mistress Anne and Master David were waiting patiently at the starting line. Master David turned to Mistress Anne and said, “I am really going to enjoy stripping you naked and fucking you in front of all of these people.” Cumslut turned to cowgirl and said, “And I am going to enjoy using a strap-on to fuck you senseless. It’s a double ended one so I will keep going until I have orgasmed at least three times.”

“We will see about that,” Mistress Anne said under her breath. Then the starter pistol fired and she yelled loudly, “Yee-hah, go, cowgirl!” Master David said nothing, but snapped cumslut loudly on the ass with his whip. Both ponygirls leaned into the traces and began running for all they were worth. Cowgirl was showing better form than cumslut. She kept her front hooves up almost at shoulder level as she ran. Cumslut was lowering her front hooves and starting to swing them like a regular runner. Cowgirl was worried at first, but then Frank’s voice said loudly, “Get your pony back in proper form Master David or you will be disqualified.” After that cumslut kept her front hooves up like she was supposed to.

Cowgirl decided that she didn’t need to be in the lead the whole race to win. She just had to cross the finish line first. So she held back slightly and ran a half length behind cumslut. Master David evidently wanted more of a lead than that because he kept whipping cumslut and shouting “Faster, you useless dumb animal.” cumslut tried, but she couldn’t pull farther ahead of cowgirl.

They stayed pretty much in that pattern until half-way through the fourth lap. Then Mistress Anne shouted, “Make your play, cowgirl! Show them what you’ve got!”

Cowgirl leaned into the traces and began digging her hoofs in with each stride. She slowly began pulling up on cumslut. Frank was shouting, “Mistress Anne is pulling up on the inside. It’s Master David by two feet. ... Master David by one foot ... Master David by inches ... and Mistress Anne pulls ahead to win by a nipple.”

Mistress Anne called out, “Slow down, cowgirl, but don’t stop. Let your muscles cool off as we take a victory lap.”

Master David pulled cumslut into the infield and sat there looking very, very upset. But he was a gracious loser and began getting cumslut out of her tack in preparation for whatever Mistress Anne decreed.

Mistress Anne finished their victory lap and pulled into the infield. The Three M’s hurriedly brought two large blankets out and laid them out on the grass. Master David came and stood in front of Mistress Anne. “I’m not going to be naked, David,” she said curtly. “You are. And you aren’t going to fuck me. You are going to crawl under my skirt and use your tongue to give me the best orgasm I have ever had.”

Master David shrugged his shoulders and began stripping. Mistress Anne, meanwhile, slid down her panties and lay back on the blanket.

Cowgirl and cumslut had both been stripped of their ponygirl tack and were now naked except, of course, for cowgirl’s white cowboy hat. “Unless that tongue of yours is double-ended,” cowgirl said derisively, “I’m the only one who is going to get an orgasm out of this.” Her voice became very sharp as she said, “And you’d better make it a good one.”

Most of the crowd were talking with each other and settling– or arranging to settle– their bets, but everyone looked out into the infield and applauded when Mistress Anne and cowgirl simultaneously groaned out loudly in orgasm. A short while later Mistress Anne and cowgirl led everyone back up to the main lawn.

Frank and the Three M’s then began grilling steaks. The caterer’s hot ovens held baked potatoes and baked beans and their refrigerators held salads, coleslaw, beer and soft drinks. Everyone sat down to eat and then spent the next few hours gathered in small groups talking... or having various kinds of sex. It was nearly ten before the last guests left.

“You two go on up to the house,” Frank said. “The hands and I will clean things up here and put stuff in the barn for the caterers to pick up in the morning.”

Mistress Anne and cowgirl walked up onto the porch but just as they were about to go into the front door Mistress Anne said, “Wait a minute.”

“What?” cowgirl said, wondering what she had done wrong.

Mistress Anne swept her up into her arms and pushed the door open with her knee. “I believe it is customary for a new wife to be carried over the threshold on their wedding night.”

“That’s not all that’s customary,” cowgirl said as she kicked the door closed behind them.

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