Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole continues her ponygirl weekend on Annabelle’s farm.

Nicole’s second day of learning about horses as a ponygirl goes on the road with some interesting results as some local young men get involved.

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Saturday night in the barn was terrible for Nicole. It wasn’t that she was tied up in a stall. It wasn’t that she had only the weird-tasting water to drink. It wasn’t even that she again spent almost two hours with her front hooves against the back wall totally emptying herself. It was the fact that with her front hooves in place she couldn’t cum. The hoof gloves totally encased her fingers and the hooves on the end of the gloves were too heavy and rough to stroke herself. The leather of the gloves was even too rough to rub against her cleft. So after the pill and suppository had done their thing and Nicole had cleaned herself off in the big trough of water, she leaned into the front corner of the stall and whimpered in frustration until she finally fell asleep.

Annabelle’s shout of “Rise and shine, cowgirl, we have places to go,” brought Nicole instantly awake. She tried to make Annabelle understand her need, but all that happened was that Annabelle softly stroked her head and murmured, “I know. I know, my naked little cowgirl. Learning is sometimes hard. But this is the last day I will use this to help you learn.”

“Learn what?” Nicole thought. “How to be a ponygirl?” Then she realized that being a ponygirl came pretty naturally to her. It had to be something else. But what? “Oh, yeah,” she finally thought, “horses aren’t really stupid. We just don’t understand them.”

She wanted to cry out, “I understand! I understand!” But it just came out as very agitated mumbling. In response, Annabelle pressed a lump of sugar into her mouth and stroked her hair. Another lump of sugar and some soft words and Nicole settled down enough that Annabelle could tack her up and lead her out of the barn. Annabelle was wearing her jockey hat and the ponygirl cart was again in the middle of the barnyard, but the pickup truck and trailer were nowhere to be seen.

Annabelle put Nicole in place between the poles of the cart and said, “I thought we would go over to Mistress Joan’s place and show her how you have progressed.” She chuckled and said, “Besides, I have to return the equipment I borrowed from her and Frank needed the pickup for some farm work.”

A few minutes later, Annabelle was seated in the cart. With a stern “Giddyup” and a sharp crack of the whip on Nicole’s ass they started up the driveway. Nicole didn’t know if she was afraid or turned on or both as they turned onto the gravel road in front of the farm. This wasn’t a back pasture. This was a public road, albeit a seldom-used road. But still, she was dressed up in public like a ponygirl and running naked for all the world to see.

The cart rolled much easier over the gravel than it had the grassy pasture and soon Nicole was jogging– or should that be trotting– along at a good pace. She kept herself in shape and often ran long distances at the gym or in the park. This wasn’t much different except that she was pulling Annabelle behind her in a cart... and of course, she was naked.

She could see the highway up ahead and again fear and sexual excitement filled her. She could see traffic on the highway and they could probably see her. Then Annabelle pulled sharply on the right reins and turned onto a narrow tar-gravel road that Nicole hadn’t noticed before. The macadam road was in very good shape and the cart rolled even more smoothly. Soon Nicole was luxuriating in the wind blowing over her body as she entered what was known as a “runner’s high.”

She was almost unaware of where she actually was... until the loud sound of an automobile horn and Annabelle’s strong pull on the reins brought her to a halt on the side of the road. She could hear voices– male voices!– behind her.

One voice called out loudly, “Holy shit! A real, live, ponygirl.”

Nicole shuddered as a glow of shame spread heat over her body. Soon a different heat was glowing between her legs. She wanted to turn around and see who these men were, but the posture collar and blinders kept her facing straight ahead.

Another voice, slightly deeper, said, “I’d fuck that in the barn all night.”

Nicole groaned loudly. In response, Annabelle smacked her lightly on the ass and said sternly, “Behave yourself, cowgirl!”

A third voice asked, “May we look at her closer, Ma’am?”

Annabelle replied curtly, “Yes, you may look. But no touching. And no photographs.”

The sound of two car doors slamming caused Nicole to quiver in fear and excitement. Then they came into view. There were three of them. They all appeared to be in their early twenties. One of them, a thin young man with a very well-trimmed beard stepped forward and pointed to the small silver sleigh bells hanging between Nicole’s breasts.

“Don’t those hurt?” he asked.

Nicole looked back at him with wide eyes. She tried to shrug and say, “A little,” but her tongue was unable to move properly with the bit in her mouth.

“Wow,” another said, “she has a bit in her mouth and everything.” Then he stepped forward and softly stroked Nicole’s left breast.

Nicole shuddered and let out a deep groan. Annabelle barked out sharply, “I said no touching!”

“But she needs touching,” the man with the deep voice said. He was taller than the other two and had a very muscular body. He stepped between his two friends and softly grabbed both breasts in his massive hands.

Nicole groaned even louder, shuddered heavily, and almost fell to the ground.

“See,” the thin man said, “she needs touching.”

“She needs even more than that,” the bass voiced man said, “she needs fucking... and fucking hard.”

Nicole twisted in her belt as much as she could so that she could look at Annabelle. Her frantic face and her cries of “...ease ...ease ...ease” caused Annabelle to get out of the cart and join the three young men in front of Nicole.

“Please what?” Annabelle said. “Do you want these three young men to fuck you?”

Nicole felt herself burning with shame. But she was burning even more with need so she neighed loudly and stamped her hoof three times.

“I guess she wants to be fucked,” Annabelle said, “but she stays in the traces, and her tail stays in place.”

She then released the leather strip that held Nicole’s front hooves up in the air, unclipped the front two D-rings on the belt, and said sharply, “All four feet on the ground, cowgirl. These young men want to fuck you.”

Nicole groaned and shuddered as she put her front hooves on the ground. Then she shook her ass back and forth so that her tail would wag slightly.

“Who’s first?” Annabelle said and the deep voice answered, “That would be me.”

A few moments later the same voice said, “Are you sure this tail doesn’t come off? It’s going to get in the way.”

“She can’t raise it like a mare in heat,” Annabelle said with a laugh, “so I guess I’ll have to tie it up on her back. We have to do that sometimes with mares who don’t properly raise their tails when we mate them.”

Nicole felt something thin– probably a leather strip– being tied around her waist just above the heavy belt. A moment later she felt a slight tug as her tail was pulled up onto her back and tied to the thin strip.

Annabelle’s voice then said, “There you go, cowgirl. You look just like a mare in heat.”

In response Nicole neighed loudly and shook her head up and down. All three young men laughed and the heat of shame Nicole was feeling became nearly enough to set her on fire.

Then she felt a soft hand rubbing her cunt. Her groan of “esss... esss... esss” was deep and throaty.

The young man had a little trouble lining things up... probably because it was awkward standing in the traces between Nicole and the front of the cart... but he slid in easily once he was on target. Nicole responded with a deep groan and pushed herself back against him. He quickly began thrusting, holding on to Nicole’s hips to drive himself hard into her very aching and needy cunt.

Nicole had no idea how long he continued to thrust. All she knew was that the fires were growing hotter and soon she would reach the top of orgasm mountain. He must have somehow sensed that she was ready because suddenly he made two or three really strong thrusts and then held tight against her as he spurted inside her.

It may or may not have been on purpose, but Nicole’s cries as she climaxed sounded very much like an excited horse’s neigh.

Nicole was still breathing very deeply when the second man entered her. While he was pumping, the thin man stood in front of her and squeezed her tits. Her cries when she climaxed this time were much more human-sounding. They were long, drawn-out, animal groans.

The thin young man was the last to enter her. She expected his prick to be thin like he was, but she didn’t expect it to be so long. Her eyes went wide the first time he touched her cervix. She was grunting loudly and slamming back against him with each thrust when she heard the deep voice right in front of her ask, “Is it OK if I try something? I’ve always wondered if it was possible and this is my chance to find out.”

“As long as she agrees,” Annabelle said. “But if she stomps her hoof you have to stop. OK?”

“OK,” the deep voice said and Nicole felt a large hand lifting her head slightly. She was surprised that the posture collar didn’t prevent her from looking up, but then she hadn’t tried to look at the ceiling or sky with it on.

The man was holding his prick in his hands. It was stiff and ready.

“I think you know what I want to try,” he said in his deep voice. “If you are willing, just open your mouth and I will do the rest.”

Normally Nicole didn’t like blow jobs, but there was nothing normal about today. So she opened her mouth wide and tried to move toward the penis in front of her face.

She had expected the larger man’s prick to match his size and it did... sort of. It was of average length, but it was a very fat sausage that tried to slide into her mouth. It felt at first as if her jaw would dislocate. Then the fat prick slid over the rubber bit and against the back of her tongue. She knew that she shouldn’t find it sexually exciting, but with the thin man’s prick bouncing against her cervix and the rocking motion of him fucking her swinging the jingle bells hanging from her nipples and the fact that this was all happening on a public road, she just couldn’t help herself. She sucked greedily on the fat sausage in her mouth and rocked back and forth slamming first against the thin man and then into the crotch of the big man with the bass voice.

She could feel a tremendous orgasm boiling up inside her. This was the type of orgasm that she had come to the farm seeking– no, it was many times greater even than that. It was as if the volcano of heat that had been within her for so many hours erupted into her mind, overwhelming her mind and body. She felt herself shaking as the most intense feelings she had ever experienced swept over her body like a tsunami.

That wave of feelings was followed by a trough of darkness. She felt her legs giving out beneath her as she crumpled to the ground. It was a wonderful darkness that felt so warm and safe. She didn’t want to leave that marvelous place of bliss, but she could hear a voice calling out to her, “Cowgirl? Are you there? Come on, my naked little cowgirl, open your eyes.”

She slowly opened her eyes to find herself on her knees and elbows on the hot surface of the road. Annabelle was sitting on the road in front of her, cradling her head in her lap.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” Annabelle asked.

“Can you die of pleasure?” Nicole asked shakily. She was surprised at her own voice, but then realized that Annabelle must have taken the bit out of her mouth.

Annabelle laughed lightly and said, “I don’t think so,” and Nicole responded, “Then I’m OK.”

“Can you stand up?” Annabelle asked. “Or at least get up onto your four hooves.”

Nicole grunted slightly as she first put her front hooves on the road and then pushed herself up onto her back hooves. She steadied herself on her four hooves for a moment and then straightened herself up. She was surprised to find that she was still attached to the traces of the cart, but quickly straightened herself around so that she could stand easily between the metal poles.

“Where are the guys?” she asked.

“I told them to leave,” Annabelle said. Then she added, “You might meet them later.”

“That was fun,” Nicole said with a strange, silly smile.

“Do you think you can make it to Mistress Joan’s house?” Annabelle asked. “It’s a couple more miles down the road.”

“I’m up for anything now,” Nicole answered. Then she neighed loudly three times and stomped her foot with each neigh.

Annabelle looked at her and shook her head. “You are kinkier than me... or any of my friends,” she said, almost laughing. “I think we are made for each other.”

Annabelle carefully checked Nicole’s arms and legs for any injuries and then reattached the other two clips which secured the belt to the traces. She held up the rubber bit and Nicole opened her mouth wide to accept it.

A few minutes later a loud “Giddyup” and a crack on the ass started Nicole once again down the road. She was running for quite a while before she realized that Annabelle had not reattached the leather strip which held her front hooves approximately at shoulder height in front of her. She was holding them there by herself. It just felt natural.

She was sweaty and becoming slightly out of breath when she saw Mistress Joan’s farm in the distance. She started to speed up, but Annabelle pulled back slightly on the reins and called out, “Pace yourself, cowgirl. It’s farther than it looks.”

It was. It was almost an hour later when they finally turned down the lane toward Mistress Joan’s stables. Nicole was sweating profusely and breathing very hard when they finally stopped in front of Mistress Joan’s barn.

Mistress Joan came out to meet them. “It looks like you had a hard ride,” she said brightly to Annabelle. Then she started getting Nicole out of the ponygirl tack.

When she finally had the boots and gloves off of Nicole she said, “I’m going to have to have mare clean these.” She looked at Nicole and continued, “There seems to be a lot more than just sweat on these.”

“Long story,” Annabelle said. Then she looked at Nicole and asked, “If you were truly a horse, what should be done?”

Nicole thought for a moment and then said, “If I cared about the horse, I would curry comb it and wipe it down and then give it fresh hay and feed.”

“And what else?” Mistress Joan asked.

Nicole looked lost for a while and then suddenly said, “I would tell it that it did a good job and that it was a good horse.”

Annabelle said, “Cowgirl, you did a good job and you are a very good ponygirl.”

“Thank you,” Nicole said with a partial smile. Then she added, “I think.”

“And since you are not a true horse, what should be done?”

“A shower?” Nicole said. “Or perhaps a bath?”

“Or maybe a shower and then a nice dip in a big pool?” Mistress Joan said as she led Nicole over to a small building next to the house. “The shower’s in there,” she said firmly, “and the pool is on the other side. Mistress Ann and I will be waiting for you there when you get yourself cleaned up.”

When Nicole came out of the shower house, Annabelle and Joan were swimming in the pool. A very black African-American young woman was cooking hamburgers over a grill. All three of them were naked.

When Nicole got to the edge of the pool, Mistress Joan said, “Cowgirl, this is mare, my sub.” She laughed slightly and said, “She really wanted to be called black beauty, but I chose to name her mare.”

The young woman spoke very softly, “But Mistress Joan uses my special name when I have especially pleased her.”

“Yes, my black beauty,” Mistress Joan said, “when you especially please me, I call you black beauty... because that is what you are.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” mare said softly.

“Join us in the pool for a little while,” Annabelle said. “Supper will be ready shortly.”

The water felt cool and wonderful to Nicole’s aching muscles. She floated happily in the water until mare called out, “Supper is ready.”

The three women walked up the steps out of the pool together, but Nicole quickly fell in line behind Annabelle. There were only two plates set at the round table next to the pool. Another two plates were set on a smaller square table just back from that. Mare pointed to Nicole and then at the square table. Nicole understood and stepped aside while mare served Mistress Joan and Mistress Ann. Then the two of them sat at the servant’s table and ate.

After the meal was finished, Annabelle and Mistress Joan lay on two of the lounge chairs which were set out by the pool. Annabelle called to Nicole, “Cowgirl, I watched you get your fill of pleasure out on the road. I think it’s time you gave me a little pleasure, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said automatically.

As she lowered herself down between Annabelle’s legs, she could see mare doing the same for Mistress Joan. Nothing was said, but somehow both girls decided that they would race to see who could take her Mistress to the top fastest.

It was a tie, or at least both Mistresses allowed themselves to cum at the same time. Mare continued to softly lick and nuzzle even after Mistress Joan had climaxed. Nicole imitated her and was pleased to hear Mistress Ann’s soft murmurs of pleasure.

After a long while, Annabelle said, “I think it is time for us to be getting back to the farm. Cowgirl has to drive back into the city yet tonight.”

Mistress Joan said, “I will get dressed and drive you back. Mare can clean up things here.”

While they were riding back to the farm, Annabelle said softly to Nicole. “I think you have now experienced everything you need to experience to make your decision... except one thing. Come out next weekend and Saturday I will show you how I will punish you if you misbehave. Then, if you still want to be my slave, we will have a special ceremony on Sunday. Does that sound good to you?”

Nicole looked at her and said, “Next Friday night, eight pm, naked.”

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