Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole spends a weekend seeing the world from a horse’s point of view.

Annabelle has arranged for Nicole to understand what a horse’s– or at least a pony’s– life is like. Nicole spends the weekend as a ponygirl on Annabelle’s farm… and on the nearby roads.

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When Nicole arrived at the farm, Annabelle was standing in the barnyard waiting for her.

“Park the car alongside the house,” Annabelle said.

Nicole gripped the steering wheel in fear. She had been planning to use the few moments behind the barn to clean herself off, but now Annabelle was standing next to the car.

“What’s all over your back,” Annabelle said harshly as Nicole got out of the car.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Ann,” Nicole whined, but Annabelle cut her off with, “The truth! Start at the beginning.”

Nicole stood shaking slightly and then took a quick breath and began. “I was going to wear my sunflower sundress,” she said shakily pointing to the dress on the seat of the car. “… but only as far as the glen,” she added hastily. “But then just before I left my apartment I pictured myself walking naked to my car and… and…”

“And what?” Annabelle said sharply.

“And it made me wet!” Nicole almost screamed. She held her hands up to her face as a crimson glow of shame enveloped her body.

“And?..” Annabelle said in an insistent tone.

“And I didn’t put it on,” Nicole said, now facing Annabelle. “I held it in my hand as I walked out of my building to my car. And I set it on the seat next to me as I drove out here.”

“There’s more, isn’t there?” Annabelle said in a more reassuring tone.

“I stopped at a red light and a big truck pulled up next to me,” Nicole said, almost shuddering. “He blew his horn and when I looked up at him, he gave me a big smile and a thumbs up sign. I could feel the seat getting wet between my legs. I was on fire I had to do something.”

She stopped and Annabelle asked softly, “What did you do?”

“I stopped in the glen where I normally strip off,” Nicole said quickly. “Then I knelt on the ground and took myself over the top.” She brushed some small debris off her shoulder and said, “I ended up rolling on the ground. I thought I could get myself cleaned up behind the barn before you saw me.”

“Instead you learned that a slave can never really hide anything from her Mistress, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole replied softly, her eyes now cast downward to the ground.

“You have a lot more to learn this weekend, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said firmly. “And it probably won’t be all that enjoyable for you,” she added. Then she wrinkled her brow and said, “… at least I don’t think it will. But there are more kinky sides of you revealed every time we get together.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said as she began brushing grass and leaves from her back and shoulders. “Just give me a minute to clean myself up and we can begin.”

Annabelle laughed and said, “There is no need to clean yourself up, cowgirl. You are going to be getting a lot dirtier before the weekend is up.”

Nicole stared at her with a confused look for several moments until Annabelle said firmly, “Follow me into the barn.”

Nicole looked scared, but dutifully followed Annabelle into the barn. As soon as they were in the barn, Annabelle handed her a strange-looking pair of boots.

“Put these on,” she said curtly. Then she said a little more softly, “You may want to sit down to do that.”

Nicole looked around for a moment or two and then sighed and sat down on the straw and dirt that was the barn floor. She pushed her right foot into one of the boots and then sat tugging and tugging at the boot trying to get it on.

“That’s as far as it goes, cowgirl,” Annabelle said with a laugh and then bent down to tighten the laces.

“But I’ll be almost standing on my tiptoes,” Nicole whined.

“Horses always stand on their tiptoes,” Annabelle said gruffly. “Get used to it.”

“Oh,” Nicole said somewhat sadly as she pulled on the second boot. Then she added, “I guess that’s why these boots are shaped so funny.”

“That’s a hoof, cowgirl,” Annabelle said, trying not to laugh. “Haven’t you ever looked at a horse’s foot?”

“I haven’t seen a horse’s foot close up since I was a little girl and my parents let me ride the ponies at the fair,” Nicole said, looking up at Annabelle.

“This weekend,” Annabelle said slowly as she tightened the laces on Nicole’s other boot, “you will learn what those ponies felt about that.” Her voice became more harsh as she said, “And you will learn that horses aren’t as stupid as you think they are.”

Annabelle stepped back slightly and said, “Now see if you can stand up in those.”

Nicole rose shakily to her feet. Annabelle had to grab her hands to keep her from falling down. After she was standing more or less on her own, Annabelle said, “Now walk over there and come back.”

Nicole walked over to the door and then returned to where Annabelle was standing.

“It’s sort of like wearing high heels,” Nicole said. Then she added, “… only worse.”

“I don’t think you’ve ever worn anything like this,” Annabelle said, holding up some strips of leather and what looked to Nicole like a black dog chew bone.

“What is that?” Nicole asked nervously.

“This is your bridle,” Annabelle said. “A horse’s bit is metal, but they have space behind their teeth for it. Doms who are really into pony play sometimes have the back molars pulled on their subs, but this is flat enough and soft enough that you can tolerate it with a full set of teeth.”

“How do I put it on?” Nicole asked very nervously.

“You don’t,” Annabelle said. “I put it on you. Now, turn around.”

Nicole turned to face the barn door and Annabelle reached over her head with the rubber bit. “Open wide,” Annabelle said as she pushed the black piece of rubber against Nicole’s lips. “Let it go to the back of your teeth and then bite down on it,” she said firmly.

Nicole did as instructed and Annabelle quickly adjusted the buckles on the three strips of leather. One strip went from the outer edges of the rubber directly around the back of Nicole’s head. The other two were sewn together for an inch or two and then split to go on the top of Nicole’s head and high on the back of her head.

“Wiggle that around for me while I make the final adjustments, cowgirl,” Annabelle said sharply.

Nicole did as ordered and soon the bit was pulled firmly as far back as it would go in her mouth.

“Now hold up your hands,” Annabelle said firmly and Nicole did so.

Annabelle quickly pushed heavy gloves over Nicole’s hands. The gloves were long and stiff and looked very much like the hoof boots that were on her feet.

Nicole tried to say, “I don’t understand,” but it came out as a series of muffled grunts.

Annabelle, however, evidently understood her because she answered, “Horses don’t have hands. They have four feet.” She smiled and said brightly, “Now you do, too.”

She turned and said brusquely, “Come.”

Nicole followed her over to one of the stalls. She noted that there was a thick layer of fresh straw in the stall. There was also a small water trough. Annabelle reached over to the wall of the stall and pulled a thin rope over to Nicole. The rope clipped to a metal ring on one end of the rubber bit.

“This rope will allow you to get to the very back of the stall,” Annabelle said flatly. Then she smiled a very quick smile and added, “… you might need that later.”

She turned away for a moment to pick up something off a shelf on the side wall. As she turned back around she said, “But first we need to give you a little medication to get you ready for tomorrow.”

Without giving Nicole a chance to prepare herself Annabelle shoved a curved tube into her mouth that extended past her tongue and a little ways down her throat. Annabelle pushed on a plunger on the end of the tube with her thumb and Nicole felt something large slide down her throat.

“That capsule was step one,” Annabelle said brightly. Then she stopped and pursed her lips. “No, that’s not exactly right. That capsule was step two. This is step one.”

Nicole suddenly felt something cold and slimy between the cheeks of her ass. Annabelle pushed a little harder and something cold, long, and round, almost like a finger, slid into her ass.

“That should start working in about ten minutes,” Annabelle said curtly. “The pill will kick in about thirty minutes after that.”

She walked over to the barn door and then turned back to face Nicole. “The slightly blue-looking water in the small trough is a special electrolyte and calorie drink,” she said. “You need to finish that completely by morning or you won’t have enough energy for the day.”

She pointed to a large water trough just outside the stall. “That trough isn’t for drinking. It’s so you can wash yourself off. I expect you to be clean when I come back in the morning.”

With that, Annabelle swung the barn door closed leaving Nicole standing in the dimly-lit barn. She looked around for a minute or two trying to understand what was happening to her, then her eyes flew wide open.

“No, no, no,” she tried to say, but it came out, “Oh, oh, oh.”

Her abdomen felt like it was roiling. Her bowels were cramping and spasming. She looked around anxiously trying to figure out what to do. Then Annabelle’s words played back in her head. Annabelle had said something about the rope allowing her to reach the back of the stall and then had said, “… you might need that later.”

Nicole ran– actually wobbled very fast– to the back of the stall. She put her hands– or should that be her front hooves– against the barn wall just before everything erupted out of her. Her wail of “Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh.” filled the barn.

She walked slowly back to the front of the stall but then a rapid and shrill cry of “Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh…” filled the darkness. Soon Nicole was once more standing with her front hooves on the barn wall as she emptied herself. She was to lean against the back wall five more times over the next two hours before the cramps and spasms finally passed.

She wandered weakly up to the front of the stall. She could see the small trough filled with the bluish water. It looked black in the dim light. She could also see the large trough filled with water. She really wanted to jump into the trough like it was a giant bathtub and rinse the foul-smelling mess from her body. But she knew that if she did that, she would get the boots and gloves wet. And she knew that Mistress Ann wouldn’t like that.

So she carefully stood with her legs spread over the sides of the trough and lowered herself back until her butt and upper legs went into the water. Just before her ass touched the bottom of the trough, her front hooves slipped off the edge of the wooden trough and she splashed the rest of the way into the water with a loud, “Umph!”

She was now submerged in the water from her shoulders to her knees. She tried to raise herself up, and she was able to almost lift herself out of the water, but she couldn’t get out of the trough. The action was washing away the filth, though, so she repeated it several times and then paused to think. Finally she threw both of her front hooves over the same side of the trough and pulled so that she could turn her body. She had to frantically move her hooves under herself so she didn’t fall on the dirt and straw, but she was out of the trough and clean.

She clomped over to the small trough. It had legs or was sitting on a small table. In any case, if she put her front hooves on the ground and stood bent over she could put her mouth in the trough and drink. She didn’t like the taste, but she had drunk worse, so she continued to suck the liquid into her mouth. When the level of the liquid was too low to suck anything into her mouth, she stood and walked back to the middle of the stall.

She stared at the straw for several minutes trying to decide if it would hurt too much to lie down in. Then she said in her mind, “Horses sleep standing up.” So she went to the front corner of the stall and leaned against the rails with her boot hooves slightly dug into the ground and her arms hanging over the upper rail. In a few minutes, she was asleep.

A loud cry of “Hey, cowgirl, rise and shine,” caused Nicole to jump up and stand nearly at attention.

Nicole stood trembling as her Mistress walked into the stall to inspect the small trough. Annabelle smiled when she saw that it was almost completely empty. She also glanced at the slightly dirty water in the big trough and then at the sodden and smelly straw at the back of the stall.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, pointing to the back of the stall. “Frank will muck out your stall while we are gone.”

Annabelle then unclipped the bridle rope from the wall and used it to lead Nicole out into the barnyard and position her next to a strange-looking cart with bicycle wheels. There was a padded seat on the low platform of the cart, then two bent metal poles extended forward and up from the platform.

“I wanted you to see it before we put it in the trailer,” Annabelle said as Frank stepped forward and lifted the ends of the bent poles and pushed the cart over to the horse trailer. There was a small ramp on the end of the trailer that the horses had used. Frank easily rolled the cart up into the trailer and secured it in place.

“Time to get you tacked up,” Annabelle said firmly. Nicole just stared at her in confusion.

“Stand with your arms above your head,” Annabelle said and Nicole followed her command.

Annabelle wrapped a wide, white leather belt around Nicole’s waist and pulled it tightly into place. Then she carefully pulled a white hood-like cap over Nicole’s head, pausing twice while putting it in place to pull Nicole’s long brown hair out through a hole in the back of the hood. When it was in position, Nicole’s entire face was visible, but there was a stiff piece of leather built into the front of the hood which covered the front of her neck and forced her to hold her head fully up at all times. There were also two stiff pieces of leather which were attached to the sides of the hood and prevented her from seeing to the sides.

Nicole could not see him, but Frank then stepped up and quickly wrapped a long strand of white leather around her hair just as it exited from the hood. When he was done, her hair was held very stiff for about six inches before hanging down just clear of her back.

He then connected a similar strip of white leather to each of her hoof gloves and tied them to something on the back of the hood’s collar. “These are training straps,” he said gently. “A fully-trained ponygirl is expected to hold her front hooves up all the time on her own.”

Nicole startled slightly. Was that what she was now?.. a ponygirl? Yes, that is what she was…. at least for today.

Annabelle removed the rope from Nicole’s bit and handed it to Frank. Then she attached long white reins to the ends of the bit. She draped the reins over Nicole’s front hooves and said firmly, “I need you to bend slightly forward for this.”

Nicole hesitated, but then bent forward. Annabelle was still in front of her, so it must have been Frank who suddenly pushed a piece of cold metal between her ass cheeks. Nicole gasped loudly as a rather large bulb of metal slid through her rosebud. Frank wiggled the metal several times and Nicole could feel more cold metal position itself firmly between her cheeks and against the bottom of her lower back. She could feel him working with something on the back of the belt and the metal was firmly in place.

“You are almost tacked out,” Annabelle said. “Your lower tail is white, but your upper tail– or should I call it your mane– is brown. I’ll put the final touches on things when we get to the back pasture.”

Nicole nervously tried to look at her backside to see her tail, but between the blinders and the posture collar she was able to see nothing. She was wondering how she could ever sit in the pickup, but then Frank took the reins and began leading her into the trailer.

“I don’t expect you to be able to stand in the trailer like your strong, four-footed cousins,” Annabelle said as she followed them up into the trailer, “so we are going to give you a little help.”

Frank positioned Nicole at the front of the trailer and then attached four strong leather straps to D-rings on the sides of the belt. He cinched the straps tightly so that Nicole was held firmly in place and then left the trailer. Annabelle walked up next to Nicole and said, “There are slots on the front of the trailer to allow air to flow through. You will also be able to see out… and of course, people will be able to see in.”

Nicole’s eyes went wide as she shook her head and said, “Ohh… ohh… ohh.”

Annabelle stood alongside her and said, “Obviously you can’t say ‘cowgirl’ or ‘cityslicker’ with that bit in your mouth, so the safeword for today is a triple neigh and hoof stomp.” She then turned Nicole’s head so she could look her in the eyes and asked, “Can you neigh like a horse?”

Nicole thought a moment and then neighed loudly while moving her head slightly up and down.

“And can you stomp your hoof three times?” Annabelle asked.

Nicole nodded and stomped her hoof boot several times on the floor of the trailer.

“Let’s hear you do that together,” Annabelle said firmly. “Three neighs with a hoof stomp for each neigh.”

Nicole took a deep breath and then neighed loudly three times, stomping her hoof with each neigh.

“Very good,” Annabelle said brightly. “And since I won’t be able to hear you while we drive out to the pasture, I want you to use that safe neigh to indicate that you agree to this. Do you understand?”

Nicole nodded her head.

“So,” Annabelle said, “if you agree to being transported to the pasture for our morning ride tell me.”

Nicole neighed three times, stomping her hoof boot with each neigh.

“I thought you would neigh that,” Annabelle said as she stroked Nicole lightly on the ass.

Nicole shuddered with pleasure, and then went stiff as she felt Annabelle forced something odd-shaped and slightly rough into her mouth. Her fear and alarm quickly went away as the large sugar cube began to melt in her mouth. Annabelle had rewarded her much the same way an animal trainer would reward a horse for good behavior. Nicole stood savoring the sweet treat and didn’t notice that Annabelle had gotten out of the trailer so that Frank could raise the ramp and close the back end. Nicole was still savoring her treat when the trailer began to move.

Nicole was trying to remember what route they had taken to get to the back pastures and how long it had taken. It had seemed like a much shorter trip when she was sitting in the front of the pickup. She flushed slightly as she remembered sitting in the truck naked for all the world to see. She looked around and realized that they were now in traffic on a highway. She was once again naked for all the world to see. Her first reaction was fear, but then she groaned slightly as the wetness began to flow between her legs. For the rest of the trip to the back pasture she stood with her front hooves held high in front of her, relishing the wind which rushed through the slots and across her body.

The sounds of the road changed. They were on gravel. Then the ride began to get very bumpy. She hadn’t noticed that when she was riding in the pickup. Once or twice the trailer went through a rut on one side of the road or the other and Nicole was thrown from side to side. She was very thankful for the straps which held her in place, for without them she surely would have fallen against the sides of the trailer.

Once they were at the back pasture, Annabelle opened up the trailer and pulled the cart down onto the ground. Then she released Nicole and lead her out. The same D-rings that had been used to secure Nicole in place in the trailer were connected to the metal poles of the cart. As Annabelle was putting Nicole in place, Nicole noticed that her Mistress was now wearing one of those oddly-shaped baseball caps that jockeys wear. It was white, but there were two very thin strips of leather hanging down the back. One was red, the other was black. Nicole groaned in disappointment that there was no white strip.

Annabelle now stood in front of Nicole and said, “Time for the final touches.” She pulled a large feather plume out of a protective wrapping and attached it to a special connector on the top of Nicole’s hood.

Annabelle stood back for a moment and then said with a sly smile, “This isn’t a sleigh, but I really like the merry tinkle of sleigh bells.” She then held up a strand of small, silver jingle bells. There was a strange-shaped clip on each end of the strand.

“Care to guess where these attach?” Annabelle asked.

Nicole responded with wide, fear-filled eyes and shook her head slightly from side to side.

“Ahh, you guessed,” Annabelle said brightly as she reach forward and simultaneously put the clips onto both of Nicole’s erect nipples. Nicole whimpered slightly but then sighed contentedly as Annabelle once more pushed a large sugar cube into her mouth.

“It’s very simple,” Annabelle said as she got into the cart’s seat. “If I pull on the left rein you go left. If I pull on the right rein you go right. If I pull on both reins you stop.”

There was a pause and then Annabelle said, “And if I use THIS, you go.” On the word “this” Annabelle snapped Nicole on the ass with a carriage whip. The stiff handle and lightweight leather did not have much power, but the stranded tip of the whip moved at supersonic speed when the user knew how to properly snap it. And if the user was very skilled– as Annabelle was– the snapping tip would come in contact with the horse’s hide… or a ponygirl’s ass… just as it snapped.

Nicole yelped loudly and began moving forward. A few light taps of the whip told her to increase speed and soon she was running at a fast jog across the smooth pasture. She was afraid that Annabelle would make her run through the steep hills or ravines, but Annabelle’s kindness– or the fact that the cart’s wheels wouldn’t be able to handle those rough places– kept the route to the clear ridges which were kept cut short by the grazing cattle.

Soon Nicole was sweating heavily and gasping for air. After what seemed like hours and hours, but was in fact only forty-five minutes, they came to a large clearing. Annabelle guided Nicole to a tree at the end of the clearing and then pulled back on both reins while shouting, “Whoa… whoa, girl… whoa.”

Nicole stopped and stood panting. Annabelle came forward and said, “Time for some rest and relaxation.” She unclipped Nicole from the cart and placed a large bowl on the ground in front of her. She reached back into a box built into the front of the cart and pulled out a plastic gallon jug. Using that jug, she filled the bowl with some of the same blue water that had been in the trough in the barn. Annabelle then reached up on either side of Nicole’s head and flipped the blinders so that they were now facing backward.

“Drink,” she said. “Catch your breath. And then I have a different task for you.”

Nicole started to bend over but straightened back up when she started to lose her balance.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said, “I forgot to release your front hooves.” She then quickly reached up and untied the leather straps from the hoof gloves.

Nicole was now able to put her front hooves on the ground and balance herself but she still couldn’t reach the bowl. She tried several different position before finally giving up and kneeling on the ground with her elbows on either side of the bowl, drinking greedily.

While she was drinking, she heard Annabelle say from behind her, “You know, cowgirl, you really do have a very pretty little cunt. And I like the way your nether lips puff out when you are turned on.”

Nicole wanted to say “Thank you,” but the bit and bridle made speech impossible. So instead she gave a long wavering neigh that she hoped sounded like thank you. When she finished, she could hear Annabelle chuckling behind her.

Annabelle could see moisture dripping from Nicole’s cunt and she knew that Nicole seriously needed an orgasm, but today wasn’t about Nicole’s– or Annabelle’s– pleasure. It was about Nicole learning things from a horse’s perspective. So Annabelle waited until Nicole had finished the bowl of energy water and said, “Crawl over to me just like you are.”

Nicole turned her head to see Annabelle sitting on the ground leaning back against the tree. Her denim skirt was hiked up onto her raised knees and her legs were spread. “It’s time to please your Mistress, my naked little ponygirl.”

Nicole groaned slightly because she, herself, was in such need, but obeyed Mistress Ann’s command and crawled over between her legs.

“I think you know what to do,” Annabelle said softly and Nicole began lapping and slurping on Annabelle’s cunt. Annabelle was evidently turned on by Nicole’s situation for the day because it only took a few minutes for Nicole to take her to orgasm.

When Nicole saw that her Mistress had reached orgasm, she stopped and lay panting between Annabelle’s legs.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Annabelle said firmly. “You can stop after… my fourth orgasm.”

This time Nicole groaned loudly, but she followed her Mistress’ command and returned to sucking and nibbling. It took a little longer this time, but Annabelle orgasmed a second time… and then a third. The fourth orgasm, however, was longer in coming. Nicole tried everything to take Annabelle over the top. She thought that if she could give Annabelle her fourth orgasm, perhaps Annabelle would allow her her own very much needed orgasm.

But that was not to be. When Nicole finally drove Annabelle over the top, Annabelle lay there for a long while and then said, “Well, that was enjoyable, but we need to get on with our ride.”

Nicole looked at her with wide eyes as Annabelle once more clipped Nicole’s belt to the cart’s poles and then got into the seat. A loud, “Giddyup” and a sharp crack on the ass with the whip caused Nicole to once more start jogging across the pasture. Their ride took most of the rest of the day. They stopped every forty-five minutes for a short rest and more of the blue water, but Annabelle did not give Nicole a chance to relieve the fires burning within her. Nicole was very horny, very tired, very sweaty, and totally out of breath by the time they finally got back to the trailer. Annabelle didn’t allow her to rest or give her more of the blue water. Instead, Annabelle secured her in the trailer, pushed the cart up the ramp, and closed up the rear end.

Soon they were rolling back down the highway to the farm. Nicole didn’t know it yet, but she was about to be put away wet… in more ways that one.

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