Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole begins her trial weekend observing life on the farm.

Nicole’s trial period with Annabelle on the farm begins with pleasure but Saturday morning puts Nicole on display in a field of corn watching some of the work in the field.

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Annabelle awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon. When she walked into the kitchen, Nicole was standing at the stove fixing breakfast.

“Good morning, cowgirl,” Annabelle said cheerily.

Nicole spun around in surprise. “I’m sorry, Mistress Ann,” she sputtered. “I’m not naked… but I’m only wearing this apron because of the bacon.” She took a deep breath and then said in almost a sob, “I tried, but the bacon spits and spatters and it burns.”

“Now, now, my almost naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said in a very soothing voice. “When I said that you had to be naked in the house, I didn’t mean that there were no exceptions. An apron to protect you from the grease is one of those exceptions.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Nicole said, quickly wiping a tear from her cheek. Then she smiled and said, “Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.”

Annabelle sat down at the table and Nicole poured her a cup of coffee.

“What are we doing today?” Nicole asked. She then looked slightly afraid and added, “If I’m allowed to ask such questions.”

“You are allowed to ask… sometimes,” Annabelle answered. “But I won’t always answer.”

Nicole took a deep breath and turned back to the eggs and bacon.

“This time, however,” Annabelle continued, “I will let you know what will be happening.” She laughed and added, “… or at least part of what will be happening. I need to go down into the back pastures and check on some stock I have back there. While we are there, I plan to ride the fence-lines and check on their condition”

She waited until Nicole had finished putting the eggs and bacon on the plates and then asked, “Do you know how to ride a horse?”

“A little,” Nicole answered uneasily. “I think I can keep from falling off.”

Annabelle laughed. “Trust me, my now naked little cowgirl,” she said, still slightly laughing, “you will not fall off your horse today.”

“That’s good,” Nicole said. But when she saw the broad smile on Annabelle’s face she added, “Isn’t it?”

“We will see,” Annabelle said as she started to eat. “Or should I say, you will see?”

After breakfast they went outside. Nicole was still skittish about being naked in public and moved behind Annabelle when she realized that Frank, the farm manager, was there. He was standing next to a large pickup truck that was connected to a horse trailer.

“Since you are only going a short distance,” he said to Annabelle, “both horses are saddled and ready to go.”

“Thank you, Frank,” Annabelle said. Then she pulled Nicole around in front of her and said, “I think it is time for some formal introductions. Frank, this is cowgirl.”

She turned to Nicole and said, “My naked little cowgirl, this is Master Frank. He is part of my close circle of like-minded friends.”

“Oh,” Nicole said, looking down at the ground. Then she added softly, “Hello, Master Frank.”

“Hello, cowgirl,” he said with a smile. “I understand that Annabelle is planning to allow you to wear your cowboy hats again… but she chooses which one.”

“I… I didn’t know that,” Nicole sputtered, looking back at Annabelle.

“Now, Frank, you’ve spoiled the surprise,” Annabelle said with mock anger. “But there are a few more surprises for my naked little cowgirl when we get out to the back pasture.”

Nicole looked at Annabelle with very wide eyes. “How will we get there?” she asked, looking back and forth between the truck and Annabelle. “I thought we would ride through the cornfields.”

“We could,” Annabelle answered, “but it’s a long way and the ground is still muddy from yesterday. We’ll drive around to the corral and ride out from there.”

“But… but… but…” sputtered Nicole.

“But what?” Annabelle said sharply.

“We will be out on the highway,” Nicole said quickly, “and I will be naked.”

“Yes,” Annabelle said with a wide smile. “Think how exciting that will be.”

Nicole gasped as she felt a flood of fluids between her legs. Then she lowered her head and said, “Yes, Mistress,” before docilely getting into the truck.

She tried to slump down so less of her was visible through the window, but a brusque, “Sit up straight!” from Annabelle brought her back to an upright sitting position.

Nicole again tried to slump down when they reached the highway, but a stern glance from Annabelle was all it took to return her to a proper upright position. They were only on the highway for a short distance before turning down another gravel road. After about another mile or so, they turned down a dirt lane and shortly thereafter arrived at a ramshackle shed with a large, fenced corral attached.

“You just sit in the truck while I get the horses out,” Annabelle said firmly.

Nicole nodded her head and sat silently staring out the windshield. She jumped and screamed when Annabelle tapped on the side window.

“Wow,” Annabelle said as she opened the door, “you are really high strung. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Nicole took a deep breath before stepping down out of the truck. Then she faced Annabelle and said, “Yes, Mistress Ann, I’m sure.”

If she had seen the horses, or at least had seen her saddle, she might not have been so sure.

“Good,” Annabelle said, “Put on your hat.”

It was the red and white straw Stetson. Annabelle put a white Stetson on her own head and flipped her fingers through the thin leather strips which circled the hat and hung down the back.

“My hat will always be white– for pleasure,” she said with a smile, “but the leather tassels will indicate what I have in mind for you.”

She ran her fingers through the leather strips again and asked, “What colors do we have today?”

“Red, white, and black, Mistress Ann,” Nicole answered.

“And what do those mean?” Annabelle asked. She sounded almost like a school teacher quizzing a student.

“It means a mixture of pain, pleasure, and denial,” Nicole said softly.

“Very good,” Annabelle said, and then led Nicole around to the other side of the horse trailer where both horses were standing. There was a platform stepladder next to one horse.

“I thought you might need that to get in your saddle,” Annabelle said cheerily.

Nicole just stood next to the ladder swallowing hard several times before saying, “Do I have to?”

“That depends,” Annabelle said. “Are you my naked little cowgirl or are you a cityslicker that I have to take back to the house?”

Nicole swallowed hard again and started climbing up the ladder.

“I’ve shortened the stirrups until you get settled,” Annabelle said.

“Thanks… I think,” Nicole said as she put her left foot in the stirrup that was level with the platform and swung her right leg over the saddle. The short stirrups left her standing about a foot above the saddle and several inches above the two dildos that stuck straight up from it.

“Just lower yourself down slowly,” Annabelle said. “I’ve got Midnight held tight so he won’t move on you.”

Nicole slowly lowered herself down. She felt the larger dildo touch the outer lips of her cunt and wiggled slightly so she would open for it. Then the smaller dildo touched her rosebud.

“I can’t do it,” she whined but Annabelle shouted, “Down!” and the saddle slapped loudly against Nicole’s ass and thighs.

“See, you could do it after all,” Annabelle said brightly.

“Now what?” Nicole said, still looking frightened.

“Now we make sure you don’t fall off,” Annabelle said as she lengthened the stirrups. Nicole could lift herself slightly off the saddle, but there was no way she could lift herself off of either dildo which was buried deep inside her. That was made even more impossible by the strap which Annabelle fastened around her thighs holding her legs tight to the saddle.

“Keep your hands on the saddlehorn,” Annabelle ordered as she started wrapping soft leather strips around Nicole’s hands and wrists.

“I’ve already got the reins tied to White Star’s saddle,” Annabelle said, “so all you have to do is go along for the ride.”

“OK, Mistress,” Nicole said softly.

Annabelle quickly mounted her horse and used knee pressure to cause it to start walking out into the pasture. Nicole gasped softly as the slight rocking motion of the horse walking beneath her caused the dildos to move in her cunt and ass.

The pasture soon became a series of hills and ravines. Whenever they were going uphill, the rear dildo would press almost painfully into Nicole’s ass. When going downhill, the front dildo would likewise pound her cunt, but that caused pleasure, not pain.

“It isn’t very level, is it?” Nicole finally said. Annabelle laughed and replied, “If it were level it would be plowed and planted.” After a pause she said, “Wait ‘til we get to the rough areas.”

Nicole did not look too pleased with that thought.

Annabelle led Nicole all along the fence lines of the back pastures. Twice she got down and used some tools from her saddlebag to repair something on the fence. At one point they crossed a small creek. It was only a few feet wide, but it was cut at least a foot into the ground. Nicole watched Annabelle’s horse jump the creek and started saying, “No, no, no,” but despite her protestations her horse also jumped the creek.

When Midnight landed on the other side of the creek, both dildos rammed into Nicole and she groaned loudly. The continual action was getting her highly aroused. In fact, she was starting to grind herself against the saddle trying to take herself over the top.

“What are you doing, cowgirl?” Annabelle said sharply.

“Please, Mistress Ann,” Nicole replied, “it isn’t enough.”

“What isn’t enough?” Annabelle asked.

“This stupid horse doesn’t move enough to get me off,” Nicole answered angrily. “I need an orgasm and it won’t give me one. Please make it give me an orgasm. Please? Please? Please?”

“Patience, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said sternly. “We have two more pastures to check.”

Nicole continued to whine and beg as Annabelle led them through two more pastures and a wooded area. Finally they came to a large gate in the fence that led into a farmyard. This wasn’t Annabelle’s place. The house was more modern and so was the barn. Instead of the old-fashioned red barn there was a new, modern stable complete with a white-fenced corral.

“Why are we here?” Nicole asked nervously as Annabelle got down to open the gate.

“You said you wanted an orgasm,” Annabelle replied with a smile. “I think you said that stupid horse wouldn’t give you one.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said softly.

“Does that mean you don’t want an orgasm?” Annabelle asked with a wry smile.

“Oh no, Mistress Ann,” Nicole quickly replied. “I want an orgasm. I need an orgasm. This stupid horse has gotten me all worked up but he won’t take me over the top.”

“OK,” Annabelle replied, “you can have your orgasm, but…”

“But what?” Nicole asked. The worry– and perhaps fear– in her voice was very evident.

“But you have to beg Mistress Joan for it?” Annabelle replied.

“Mistress Joan?” Nicole said.

“Mistress Joan McAlister trains all of my horses,” Annabelle said flatly. “She is the one who trained Midnight. And she is the one whom you will have to beg for an orgasm.”

Annabelle led her horse, White Star, through the gate. Nicole’s horse, Midnight, followed close behind. After both were through the gate, Annabelle closed it and mounted White Star. With a loud, “He-ahh,” she brought White Star almost to a gallop and they quickly went across the grass to the back door of the farmhouse. Nicole’s eyes were wide with shock by the time they stopped.

“What brings you to my place on such a fine day,” a voice said from behind the screen door. Nicole’s eyes widened as a very muscular and fit-looking blonde woman stepped out onto the small back stoop. Mistress Joan appeared to be about the same age as Annabelle but was significantly larger both in her hips and in her breasts. She was taller than Nicole, but still slightly shorter than Mistress Ann.

“My new slave, cowgirl, thinks Midnight is stupid because he won’t give her an orgasm,” Annabelle said. “I thought you might show my naked little cowgirl how intelligent Midnight actually is.”

Mistress Joan smiled. “I assume she is sitting on one of your special saddles?” she asked, looking very intently at Nicole.

Nicole whined, “Please, Mistress Joan, make him give me an orgasm.” Her voice got harsh and angry sounding, “All this stupid horse does is get me worked up. He won’t take me over the top. Stupid, stupid, stupid horse.”

Nicole suddenly felt a crop slam into the top of her ass above the saddle. “Listen here, young lady,” Mistress Joan said angrily, “never call a horse stupid in my presence. Horses are beautiful animals and are much smarter than people like you give them credit for.”

She turned to Annabelle and said firmly, “Take them over to the practice ring. I’ll show this stupid slave what a smart horse can do if handled by the right person.”

Annabelle laughed and replied, “I was hoping you would say that.” She then used knee pressure to move White Star forward toward an open gate that led into a large circular area surrounded by a white wooden fence.

When she got to the center of the arena, she released Midnight’s reins and went back outside the fence. Mistress Joan walked across the dusty dirt until she got to where Midnight was standing with Nicole on his back. She gathered the reins and tied them to the saddlehorn.

“If you weren’t already tied in place,” she said curtly, “I would do it. Don’t want you interfering with this beautiful steed as he goes through his paces.”

Mistress Joan was now holding a long, stiff whip in her right hand. It was made of white leather but must have had a rod or something in the core because the only thing that moved on it was the six or eight inches of tassels on the end.

She popped Nicole smartly on the top of her ass and said firmly, “You sit up nice and straight and just hang on to that saddlehorn. Midnight and I will show you what a smart horse can do for you.”

She walked up and stroked Midnight’s face lightly while murmuring something to him. Then she stood back and moved the whip up and down while saying, “Walk.”

Midnight began walking slowly around the arena. The motion was just enough to rock Nicole slightly in the saddle and move both dildos in and out… a little.

“Please,” Nicole whined. “I need more than that. Please make this stupid horse give me an orgasm, please, Mistress Joan.”

Joan stepped closer and used the tassels of the stiff whip to strike Nicole across first her right breast and then the left. “It looks like Annabelle’s new slave needs some training,” she said as she walked back to the center of the arena.

She repeated the motions with the whip and once again said, “Walk.” Midnight resumed walking.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Joan,” Nicole whined, “I really am, but I NEED an orgasm.”

“I’m not the one you should apologize to,” Mistress Joan said. “You didn’t say I was stupid.”

Nicole looked at her for a moment or two and then realized what Mistress Joan wanted. She leaned slightly forward and said, “I’m sorry I called you stupid, Midnight. I’m just a stupid slut who is addicted to orgasms.”

She then turned back to Mistress Joan and said, “That’s what I am, I’m a slut that’s addicted to orgasms. But I really do need an orgasm. I really do.”

Mistress Joan just laughed and began moving the whip from side to side while she said, “Trot.”

The horse immediately began trotting. Nicole was now bouncing up and down in the saddle and moaning loudly. Mistress Joan let Midnight complete three circuits of the arena before once again saying, “Walk.”

Nicole groaned loudly in frustration as the horse returned to walking slowly around the arena. “I was almost there,” she whined.

“I know,” Mistress Joan said. “Why do you think I told Midnight to walk?”

Nicole just groaned and looked at Mistress Joan with pleading eyes.

The Mistress began moving the stiff whip in small circles and said firmly, “Lope.”

The horse started forward in a quick, bouncy, walk that had an effect on Nicole. She was soon starting a low-pitched keening groan that fluttered with the bounce of the horse. Her “Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh,” was starting to get just a little higher in pitch when Mistress Joan suddenly started moving the whip almost violently up and down while saying, “Gallop!”

Midnight took off running around the arena. At first Nicole gasped in fear that she might actually fall off, but that fear added to the other sensations and she began rapidly climbing toward an orgasm. Her “Ahh, ahh, ahh,” was getting shriller and faster. She was almost there. Her breath was coming in great gasps and her head was tilted slightly up so she didn’t see Mistress Joan start moving the stiff whip in little humps as she turned to stay facing the horse.

Midnight saw the signal, though, and moved in slightly tighter in the arena. The first jump brought a scream of surprise and fear from Nicole. The next jump, however, the scream was lower-pitched and did not sound like surprise or fear. It sounded like the beginnings of an orgasm.

On the next jump, Nicole called out loudly, “Oh… oh… oh…” Her “Oh” became “Oh, God” as Midnight once more launched himself over one of the small fences that were spaced evenly around the arena.

Midnight loved to jump and Mistress Joan let him run. Soon Nicole was calling out, “No more… no more… It's too much… It’s too much…” but then Midnight would jump again and she would give a loud, “Aaaaahhhhh,” as another small orgasm tore through her.

Finally, when Nicole was swaying back and forth in the saddle, Mistress Joan lowered the whip and began calling out softly, “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.”

Annabelle walked out to join Mistress Joan as Midnight finally came to a stop. Nicole was wobbling in the saddle and probably would have fallen off if she was not so firmly held and impaled.

“Make sure you wipe him down good and curry comb him when you get back,” Mistress Joan said.

“Frank usually does that,” Annabelle said, “but it might be good experience for cowgirl to do it.”

Mistress Joan just laughed and said, “She already looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.”

Annabelle suddenly stood very still. “Hmmm,” she said. “Maybe that is what my naked little cowgirl needs so she has a better understanding of horses.”

“What do you have in mind?” Mistress Joan asked.

“If cowgirl will come back next weekend,” Annabelle said, “I may just have to borrow some of your specialty items from your locked shed.” She then walked over to Midnight and untied his reins from the saddlehorn.

“Come on, my wet naked little cowgirl,” she said, almost laughing. “We still have to get back to the trailer and then back to the farm.”

Nicole’s eyes were still glazed over and she didn’t appear to be aware of what was going on around her. They were most of the way back to the corral when she finally said, “Thank you, Mistress Joan. Thank you, Mistress Ann.”

Annabelle just laughed and replied, “Welcome back, my naked little cowgirl.”

When they finally got back to the truck and trailer, Annabelle had to help Nicole off of the saddle and guided her over to the pickup truck. “I put a towel on the seat,” she said as she helped Nicole in.

When they got back to the farm, Frank was waiting for them. Nicole had pretty much recovered from her intense orgasms and was able to get out of the truck on her own.

“Frank, I’m going to go up to the house and clean up,” Annabelle said. “Would you please instruct cowgirl here on the proper way to wipe down and curry a horse?”

“Will do,” Frank replied. As Annabelle was walking up to the house, she could hear Frank saying forcefully, “I will take off the saddles and put them in the back of the pickup, then we will take the horses into the barn and properly clean them up. Do you understand?”

Annabelle laughed slightly as she heard Nicole say quickly, “Yes, Master Frank.”

About an hour and a half later, Nicole came up to the house. Annabelle was sitting on the front porch. Nicole walked up the steps and stood silently in front of her.

“Well,” Annabelle said, “did you learn how to wipe down and curry a horse?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said. Then she looked down at the floor.

“And?..” Annabelle said.

“And Master Frank said I should show you these,” Nicole said as she turned around and bent over slightly. There were several crop welts on her ass. Some were starting to fade away. One was still bright and angry.

“How did you earn those?” Annabelle asked.

“The first two were because I called Midnight stupid again,” Nicole said. “Then I pulled the curry comb the wrong direction and I refused to clean the mud off his hooves.”

“That’s only four,” Annabelle said. “There are five crop welts, and the last one is a real beaut. What did you do for that?”

“Just before I left,” Nicole said, still looking at the ground, “I said that I still think horses are stupid.”

“Come here,” Annabelle said, patting her lap. Nicole stood in front of her not sure of what to do.

“You have earned a spanking,” Annabelle said curtly. “Get over my lap.”

Nicole immediately complied.

“I’m sorry I think horses are stupid,” Nicole said.

“I’m not spanking you because you think horses are stupid,” Annabelle said. “I’m spanking you because you said it. Do you understand the difference?”

Nicole braced her hands against the floor of the porch as she said, “Yes, Mistress Ann.”

“Now how many do you think you deserve?” Annabelle asked.

“Five?” Nicole said hopefully.

“Five sounds good,” Annabelle said. Then she added, “And you called horses stupid at least ten times today, so that makes a total of fifty.”

“No, please, Mistress Ann,” Nicole whined, “I can’t take fifty. My ass is still sore from that saddle.”

“Count them,” Annabelle said. “I will make them fast so it gets over quickly, but I want to hear the count on every stroke.”

She didn’t wait for a response from Nicole, but instead began whaling away with her hand on Nicole’s upturned ass. Nicole didn’t actually start counting until the fourth stroke, but she remembered to start with “One!” She counted rapidly as Annabelle’s hand slapped loudly against her ass.

When she finally said, “Fifty!” Annabelle released her and said firmly, “Up!”

Nicole stood facing Annabelle.

Annabelle used a small cloth to wipe Nicole’s juices off her legs, then she looked up at Nicole and said, “You enjoyed that!”

“No,” Nicole said, “it hurt. It really hurt. … but my body sort of… got off on it.”

“I will have to find some way of actually punishing you,” Annabelle said. “In the meantime, have you learned not to call horses stupid?”

Nicole rubbed her swollen and inflamed ass and said softly, “Yes, Mistress Ann.”

“I think we need another trial weekend,” Annabelle said. “I think we should spend a whole weekend teaching you not to think of horses as stupid. Are you willing to do that?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole said.

“Then go inside and clean up,” Annabelle said. “I will put a pizza in the oven and after supper you can drive back into town. I want you back out here at eight o’clock next Friday night. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann, I understand,” Nicole said quickly, “here, naked, at eight o’clock next Friday night.”

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