Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: MF/f+; D/s; slave; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; rope; corset; bdsm; crop; toys; insert; lessons; condition; captives; torment; cons/nc; XX

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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Chapter 15

“Finally,” Janice whispered under her breath as she watched her neighbor, Ms. Shickley, walking briskly back across the street to her house.

God, that woman could talk. However, Janice gave her all the attention a drunk and out-of-it woman would give an intrusive neighbor and soon Loren Shickley, sensing indifference, humphed and went on her way.

Janice knew next time she might not be so lucky.

Thankfully, slave 2 was still curled up asleep, chained to the bed. Mistress could see that the captive blonde was in a deep sleep by her slowed breathing. The black corset hugged her beautifully, displaying her breasts with their large, coral pink nipples. A black collar encircled the sleeping girl’s throat and a panel penis gag kept her all but silent. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and a chain leash attached to the head of the bed made sure she wasn’t going to go anywhere. Slave 2 looked like a sleeping angel bound by the devil.

“Sleep tight, slave,” Janice whispered as she exited the room and headed to the basement.

Upon seeing slave 1, Mistress Janice paused midway down the stairs to watch her captive writhing on the gray concrete floor. She had already wriggled off the chalk pathway Mistress had drawn, smearing herself with the white-yellow dust. If Janice had actually laid down glass shards, the girl would have been cut to ribbons. However, imagination is a damn powerful tool to use in breaking any acquisition and Janice didn’t want to damage the product - well, not too much. However, cumming without permission was not to be tolerated, and slave 1 would have to suffer the consequences.

Slave 1 froze as soon as she heard the clicking of Janice’s spike-heeled boots approaching. She knew she was in trouble and curled up as best she could, whining into her gag.

It was times just like these that Janice loved her work. At her feet was a beautiful young blonde, her body entrapped in a tight red corset and her head enveloped in a red latex hood where only her gagged mouth showed. A pair of leather cuffs held the captive’s wrists behind her back and a length of knotted rope held her knees together. Now there was a torn hole or two in her stockings and Janice could tell that the filmy lace thong that covered the girl’s sex was damp from her excitement. Best of all, however, were the pleading mewls behind the gag.

“You have been a bad slave, haven’t you?” Mistress said.

Amanda shook her head, knowing that letting herself succumb to her base pleasures would lead to something harsh and painful. However, her libido had won out and now she was going to pay the price.

“Don’t lie to me, slave!”

Amanda screamed at the sting of the crop slicing into her rear.

“You have been bad, haven’t you, slave?” she hissed.

Amanda nodded. She could feel the heat of her tears collecting in the tight spaces of her rubber hood.

“Not only did you orgasm without permission, you are within a hair of slicing yourself to ribbons.”

The bound girl could almost feel Mistress squatting down beside her, looking down at her with a venomous look twisting her face with a pent-up rage. Amanda felt her leash being taken up and yanked. She practically gagged as Mistress hauled her up onto her feet and practically dragged her through a series of twists and turns that made up the maze. Finally they reached the doorway to the bedroom cell.

“So you want to cum, slave?”

Amanda continued to cry and whimper into her gag.


Another piercing sting from Mistress’ crop kissed her rear.


Paralyzed as to what to answer, Amanda just nodded her head, the buzzing egg between her legs all but forgotten.


Again, Amanda nodded, frightened of what was happening and terrified of what was going to be next. Only Mistress’ tight grip of her leash kept Amanda from falling to the ground in a faint.

“I know you are,” Mistress whispered in the blonde captive’s ear, “You love the feel of a hot cock crammed in your pussy and a hot tongue licking your clit, now, don’t you, slave?”

Amanda whimpered and nodded.

“Then that is what you will get. Now beg me to have your pussy licked.”

Amanda whined and shook her head no.

“On your knees! Beg or I will take this crop to your clit!”

Slave one collapsed onto her knees, sobbing, her head bowed down.

“Look up at me and beg, slave!”

Amanda looked up in her rubber-cloaked blindness.

“Do... You... Want... To... Cum?”

The girl nodded slowly, her red-masked face looking up at Mistress. She felt the back of her hood being pulled up and the buckle to her gag being unfastened. The rubber phallus was then pulled from her lips, drool running from its tip.

“Beg,” Mistress ordered.

“Please...” Slave 1 sobbed.

“That’s a start,” Mistress said harshly, “tell me you want to cum.”

“Please let me go. Why are you doing this to me?”

Amanda screeched as the crop cut into her again. 

“BEG... TO... CUM!”

“No!” Amanda sobbed.

The bound girl was flayed again by the crop; two, three, four times. Each branding cut more painfully than the one before. Amanda thrashed in her restraints but Mistress kept an iron grip on her leash, keeping the struggling girl from twisting away.

“Beg to cum, slave!”

“Please!” Amanda cried.


“I WANT TO CUM!” Amanda screamed as she broke completely down.

“Are you a slut, slave?” Mistress asked.

“I am a slut,” she sobbed.

Amanda heard the Mistress laugh, “You are pathetic. You sicken me, slave. I want you to beg to have your cunt licked and for you to cum again and again until you pass out.”

The captive girl swallowed, “Please Mistress, I want you to lick my pussy and make me cum. I beg of you. Please. Please.”

“Open your mouth.”

Amanda did what she was ordered to do. She was on automatic pilot now; her soul had been wrenched back and forth with such fury she just shut herself down and let whatever was happening just to happen; to let it flow over her and drown her. Amanda felt her hood being pulled back down and then the slick shaft of the rubber penis gag being shoved back into her mouth before being buckled cruelly into place.

There was another vicious tug on her leash and Amanda was dragged over to a chair and sat down. The tender stripes on her ass felt like brands as she sat listlessly. She felt her arms being lifted over the back of the chair and then somehow tied in place there. The rope around her knees then loosened and Mistress pulled one of her cuffed ankles to the back chair leg and tied it there before repeating it with her other ankle, forcing Amanda’s stocking clad legs apart.

She froze when she felt the tip of the crop caress a line upon her G-string.

“My you are wet,” Mistress smirked, “You must have enjoyed yourself a lot while I was gone, didn’t you, slave?”

Amanda nodded weakly. She felt Mistress pull her lacy thong down and pull out her buzzing vibe. Mistress then held the still humming egg underneath the two breathing holes underneath Amanda’s nostrils.

“Enjoy your own perfume, slave. It is proof you are a slut. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, slave. It is good to feel wanton. It is good to feel your passions.”

Mistress pulled the egg away.

“We still need to work on your begging, slave, but I think I will let you cum. I will bring your sister down to help us out.”

The blonde captive shook her head, moaning into her gag.

“Yes, I think she will do you quite well.”


effrego phasmatis, non perturbatio.’ ‘Break the spirit, not the passion.’ Those were the words inscribed inside the front cover of their original copy of ‘The Care and Treatment of Particularly Fair Women’. The manual was a treasured gift from Magenta for years of faithful service and copies of the little hardbound book were very difficult to track down. The inscribed words were written by Dr. Geoffrey Brand’s own quill and it was the motto of Magenta. Janice took the 19th century words to heart with every acquisition she trained. You want a slave to serve willingly even though they are a captive. Slave 1 was not yet to that point but getting close. Slave 2 was much closer and it wouldn’t take much to get her to the point of being an obedient slave.

Janice stood and watched slave 2 sleep so ‘peacefully’. The twins were truly a beautiful pair of girls and would make their client a splendid pair of sexual servants. Mistress tenderly brushed away the sleeping blonde’s hair, removed the earbuds from her ears and whispered.

“Time for your training, slave 2.”

Cassandra’s dark brown eyes fluttered open and widened in panic. Janice leaned over her, holding her down gently but firmly.

“Yes, slave, you are not dreaming. You are here bound in my bed. Your sister is waiting downstairs for you to complete your part of the training...”

Cassandra struggled a bit in her half wakened state, but soon calmed when she remembered where she was and what the strangers had done to her. She was heartened, though, by the fact she was still wearing the black corset costume they had dressed her in. Her boobs were bared but her privates were covered.

The captive girl looked up at Mistress as she undid Cassandra’s leash from the headboard railing of the bed. There was genuine warmth in Mistress’ smile as she looked down at Sandy. 

‘Perhaps I’ll survive this after all,’ she thought to herself as Mistress helped her to sit. 

The woman knelt down and looked Cassandra in the eye while holding her chin.

“Now I want you to be a good slave. I don’t want to hurt you or your sister. You understand, slave?”

Cassandra nodded her head.

“I am going to replace your gag with another. I do not want to hear a peep from you. Not one word or I will whip you and your sister until you pass out in agony. Do you understand, slave?”

A molten dread seeped through Sandy as she heard the words. She knew what pain her captors could dish out and she didn’t want to feel any more of that. Sandy nodded her head.

“That’s my good slave,” Mistress smiled and unbuckled the gag, pulling the slick phallus from Cassandra’s mouth and setting it aside.

“Keep your mouth open, slave,” Mistress said caringly as she produced the other gag. It was a simple, leather-wrapped ‘O’ ring with several straps attached to it. 

Mistress eased the large ring behind Cassandra’s teeth and pulled the straps around her head. One pair buckled behind her head and another ‘Y’ shaped one went around her nose and over the top of her head where it was fastened to the others firmly.

The woman petted Cassandra’s golden blonde hair.

“Good slave. I am very proud of you. You know what we are doing next, slave?”

Cassandra shook her head, still looking up into her captor’s frozen, green eyes.

“Training. I am going to see if you paid attention to the lessons you were listening to. But first, I am going to have to put this on you.”

‘This’ was a black latex hood-like thing that Cassandra very much didn’t want to wear. The restraints were hard enough, but the more enclosed she felt, the more terror tore through her soul.

“I know you have claustrophobia so I know you will hate this but you must wear it. You have no choice. I will be right here beside you and I won’t let you hurt yourself. You are much too valuable to us for me to let that happen. You must be a good slave now, do you understand?”

Cassandra nodded, weeping silently at the thought of the hood.

“That’s a good slave. I knew you were brave enough to handle this.”

With that, Mistress pulled the horrid black hood down over Cassandra’s head, pulling her blonde hair out the back to form a ponytail. Like her sister, the only part of slave 2’s face showing was her ring-gagged lips. The rest of slave 2’s head was enveloped in glossy black latex.

“I know just how good a slave you are, slave 2. I know you have learned your lessons. If you complete your task, I will give your sister the release she has begged for. I know you want this for her, don’t you, slave?”

The captive blonde nodded her head as her heart leapt. Amanda would be free and Cassandra knew that her sister would not leave her twin behind. 

She felt the cuffs on her ankles parting. Sandy was elated by this as she felt the pull of her leash. She awkwardly swung herself around and got up out of the bed and carefully followed behind Mistress through the house to the basement door. 

“We are going down the stairs to the basement, slave. Follow me.”

Cassandra felt a pull on her lead.

The bound girl swallowed and took the first, fearful step down. One step at a time she followed the Mistress down the stairs and into the basement.

“It’s training time now, slave 2,” the woman said and she began to describe the horror of the maze that she was to be guided through. Make it through the maze, her sister gets released. Failure would be painful for her tender soles.

Cassandra gasped in shock as the woman pulled down Cassandra’s g-string and eased a humming egg inside her. Before pulling the black lacy nothing back up, Mistress’ finger caressed the folds of her sex; tickling at the girl’s clit teasingly. After a pause, Cassandra then felt some rope being tightened around her knees, lashing them together.

The hum of the vibrator was low, distracting Sandy as she felt the first pull of her leash. She followed the best she could, remembering what the different tugs and taps meant as they twisted and turned through the maze of broken glass. Sandy tried to concentrate, but the little vibrating egg kept needing her attention. Its tiny pulses of pleasure mischievously poked at her libido, wanting her to come out and play. The more Sandy tried to keep her desires at bay, the more inflamed they became until she was pleading through her open ring gag for Mistress to stop and let her orgasm take its course.

But Mistress didn’t stop.

After what seemed like an eternity, Cassandra felt her leash droop and she stopped, her whole body shivering with need.

“Do you want to cum, slave?” Mistress asked Sandy.

Cassandra nodded briskly as she mewled her answer.

Mistress brought the bound girl’s chain leash up short and began to caress Cassandra through her G-string. The lace was damp with her desire as Mistress brushed up and down her slit, the lace helping with its light chafing.

“You can only cum on my command, slave,” Mistress breathed into Cassandra’s ear.

The captive blonde whined her discontent, causing Mistress to laugh.

Mistress pulled Cassandra’s G-string aside and dipped her fingers into the girl’s eager slit. Sandy thrust her hips forward as she felt Mistress rub her swollen clit, sending bursts of joy exploding through her. She writhed in her bonds, trying to keep from collapsing even though that is precisely what Cassandra wanted to do. However, Mistress’ grip on her leash and collar did not slip and the girl dangled in her need helplessly.

Cassandra felt a sharp yank as Mistress pulled the captive up against her captor.

“Will you do as I command, slave?”

Cassandra nodded.

“Anything I ask of you, slave?”

The bound blonde’s needs outweighed her logic as she nodded yes.

“Then follow me, my slave.”

Cassandra moaned in displeasure as Mistress removed her hand and tugged at her lead. She helplessly followed into what she thought was her basement cell. She felt a tap behind her knees and clumsily knelt down. Her head was forced forward until she smelled the fragrance of another woman’s sex.


The thought revolted her but she leaned forward and let the tip of her tongue find the moistened folds of the other’s slit. She began to lap up and down it until she found the swollen button that was the woman’s clit. She rimmed around it, causing the woman to moan loudly in pleasure and raise her hips up to Cassandra’s lapping tongue.

The humming egg inside Cassandra continued its wanton ministrations and the storm of bliss it was producing continued to build until Cassandra thought she couldn’t stop it from engulfing her. She forced herself to concentrate on her task.

“You can cum when she cums,” Mistress said.

Cassandra licked with renewed vigor, her need translated into ardent licks and laps and probing until she heard the muffled screams of the woman as she shivered into ecstasy. 

“CUM!” Mistress yelled at Cassandra.

The captive girl let an explosion of white hot bliss rip through her as she threw herself at her restraints. Wave after fiery wave devoured her until finally she collapsed on the floor in front of the chair, Mistress still holding her leash as she fastened it to the chair’s legs.

“Make her cum three more times, slave” Mistress said to Cassandra as she locked Cassandra’s ankles together, “Or else.”


When Ray returned, he found his wife relaxing on the couch with a glass of orange juice in her hand.

“I am fucking horny, my Master,” she said with a wicked smile on her lips.

“You are always fucking horny,” Ray said as he set the bag of groceries down on the coffee table, “How are our girls?”

“Little bundles of joy,” Janice replied.

Ray frowned. He was never quite sure when she was being sarcastic, even after being with Janice for so many years.

“They are enjoying each other’s company. Slave 2 is coming along beautifully; a model of compliance. Slave 1 is another matter.”

“It’ll take time to break that filly,” he said, sitting down next to his wife and giving her a long kiss.

“You’re not helping matters, Master. You’re making me hornier.”

“We’ll take care of that little problem later, after I get the groceries put up. Talk to the kids yet?”

Janice shook her head, “Not yet. I really just sat down before you came in. I’ll give them a ring.”

She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Stephanie’s phone. After a few rings, her daughter’s lilting voice let everyone know that she was unavailable and she would call back if she wanted to. Frowning, Janice dialed Jeffery, her stepson.

“Hey,” Jeffery answered.

“Hey yourself. How is it going with you guys? Everything okay?”

There was a slight pause before Jeffery answered. “Things are okay. Just the usual stuff. How’s island life treating you?”

“Wonderful. Just sitting here in the sun letting your dad pamper me. Is Stephanie around?”

There was another long pause before Jeffery answered, “Yeah, sure, hold on.”

The pause troubled Janice. Deep down inside her mommy genes sensed something was not quite right. She hoped talking to Stephanie would put them to rest.

“Hi Mom!” a joyous Stephanie exclaimed.

“Why hello stranger! How have you been? I haven’t talked to you in ages. Did you lose your cell phone?”

“No Mom. It’s here somewhere.”

“What have you been up to, oh daughter of mine?”

Janice heard Steph give a nervous laugh, “Oh, I’ve been tied up doing this and that, you know. How are you and Dad doing?”

“Enjoying paradise,” Janice replied, “You have minding Jeffery, haven’t you.”

Another light laugh, “He’s been keeping me on a tight leash, just like you asked him to.”

“I hope not too tight.”

“No, Mom,” Stephanie replied, “He’s been really great. I’ve seen a whole new side of him I never saw before. I couldn’t be in better hands.”

Janice felt better. Just hearing her daughter washed her fears away.

“I will let you go now, Steph. Be good.”

“I will be. Do I have a choice?”

“No, you don’t,” Janice said in a mock stern voice, “Love you.”

“Love you too, Mom. You and Dad enjoy yourselves.”

“Will do. Bye.”

“Bye, Mom.”

And with that, the line went dead. Janice was about to hang up when she noticed there was a message icon blinking on her phone. She checked the number it came from.

It was Mr. Rose’s number.

Her mommy genes sensed something wrong again as she checked the message.


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