Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2017 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; D/s; slaves; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; rope; corset; bdsm; crop; toys; insert; lessons; condition; captives; torment; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter 14

Amanda didn’t care. Exhaustion had finally claimed her. The pain and the pleasure had wracked her being until everything had become a surreal blur. She could barely keep her focus on her twin sister across from her, looking very much like the image of fatigue. Thankfully the itch caused by the salve had finally stopped its lecherous magic and only a sore numbness remained.

What she wouldn’t give for a bed right now; better yet, her hammock back home where she could laze under the old cottonwoods and let the warm breeze slowly rock her to sleep.


Amanda screamed into her gag as Mistress snapped her crop on Amanda’s nicely rounded rear.

“Awake now, slave 1?” Mistress hissed as she walked around to the side of her captive.

Crying from the sudden pain, Amanda nodded her head.

“Good. It is time for you to use the bathroom and rest before our next lesson.”

Amanda nodded automatically though her mind screamed ‘oh God, what next?’ She watched as Mistress first lowered the balance bar then unbuckled Cassandra’s ankles from the platform. It wasn’t long before her defeated sister, leashed and bound, shuffled wearily behind Mistress out the door, leaving Amanda to herself.

She hadn’t thought of the bathroom or other necessities like eating. All she had fixated on was surviving the task at hand. Now that she was self-aware, Amanda felt the need to go. She also felt the empty ache of a stomach that didn’t have a breakfast filling it.

The recording still droned on. It had become background static for her. She was sure that her brain had subconsciously downloaded all the info and she would be able to perform when needed.

How many minutes passed, Amanda had no idea, but the woman named Mistress appeared beside the captive blonde girl, smiling and holding that infernal riding crop.

“You’re not going to cause me any problems, are you slave 1?”

Amanda shook her head weakly. No, she was too tired to do anything except concentrate on not wetting herself and doing things that wouldn’t cause her any more pain. A gush of relief flowed through her as the vibrator slipped out of her and her ankles were unfastened. But, just like her sister, her ankles were soon hobbled and she was paraded on a leash outside her bedroom cell and into the basement proper.

Without a word, the platinum blonde Mistress led Amanda to the foot of the stairs and gave her a quick tug on the lead. Carefully, Amanda stepped up and found that her rope hobble allowed her to just make the stair. It was slow going, but the woman was patient, watching her captive take one step at a time until they both made the top of the staircase.

At the top of the stairs were the kitchen/dining room. It harkened back to an age when linoleum was king and turquoise was the color of choice. Filmy curtains filtered the sunlight as Mistress led Amanda to small table where her sister sat. The first thing Amanda noticed was that her sister was ungagged and before her was a fresh grapefruit half already sectioned and complete with a glossy maraschino cherry in the center. There also was a glass of milk, a smaller glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal. As soon as Master saw Amanda, he poured some milk into the cereal bowl.

“Now, I will explain the rules to y’all,” the man said as Mistress sat Amanda down near her sister, “No talking or fussing allowed or I will get meaner than a trapped badger. Slave 1, you’ll get to feed your sister slave first. After she has had her fill, then it’s your turn. Any misbehaving on any of your parts and we’ll make it real painful for a real long time. Understand, slaves?”

Amanda nodded her head and so did her sister Cassandra.

There was a slight tug on Amanda’s wrist cuffs and then she felt them part. Mistress brought them in front of the seated girl and fastened them back together.

“Now feed your sister, slave 1.”

With her wrists cuffed together, Amanda awkwardly started feeding her sister; first the cereal and then the grapefruit, letting her sister sip at her beverages in between. It wasn’t long before breakfast was finished. Mistress wiped Cassandra’s lips and replaced the gag before going over to Amanda and redoing Amanda’s bondage by refastening her wrists behind her back.

Then Amanda’s gag was unbuckled and removed.

“Here you go, slave 1, eat up. Slave 2 will feed you,” Master said as he sat a new bowl of cereal and a grapefruit in front of her.

The grapefruit was sweet and the cereal was her favorite: Raisin Bran. In fact, the breakfast had everything she liked. Her sister’s cereal was ‘Total’. Another chill went through her. They knew what she and her sister liked for breakfast. How much more did the kidnappers know?

After she was done eating, the gag went back in and her sister’s wrists were once more ensnared behind her back. She watched as her sister was led off by Master and Mistress and she was left alone.

Amanda looked around at the small kitchen area. There was a door leading out to the back of the house, she assumed, and another leading to the garage. There was no telling how long her captors would be gone but she felt like she had to at least take a chance to poke through the kitchen drawers for a knife or something.

Gingerly, the bound blonde stood up from her chair and shuffled over to the kitchen cupboards. She opened the first drawer, only to find it empty save for a moldy packet of catsup. The next drawer revealed a tray of cheap flatware but didn’t even have a butter knife that she could use. She debated on grabbing a fork, but decided against it.

Amanda pulled out the third drawer and found a smattering of cooking utensils: large wooden spoons, tongs, a can opener; everything she would expect to find in a kitchen except for the knives she was looking for. She grunted into her gag and shuffled back to her chair before the couple returned.

A few moments later, Mistress returned.

“I am so glad you decided to behave, slave 1,” Mistress said with a genuine smile, “You could have tried to escape; left here by your little lonesome. But you stayed put. Now it is time for your potty break and then a little nap time before we begin with some more training.”

Amanda allowed herself to be pulled along by her leash from the kitchen to the master bedroom where her sister was curled up under the sheets. In the little master bathroom, Mistress stopped beside the toilet.

“Time to go, slave 1.”

The bound girl had almost ceased to be shocked by what they asked of her, but going to the bathroom in front of strangers on cue still made her blush with embarrassment. But go she did and let Mistress clean her with both paper and wipes before leading her back to the bedroom.

Master had held up in his hands a valentine red satin corset with black lace trim.

“Time to get you ready for your nap,” he smiled.

The Master wrapped the corset around her waist and began to hook Amanda into it. It was a very tight fit and it presented her bare breasts prominently and left her sex uncovered. Mistress undid Amanda’s ankle cuffs and gently rolled up each leg a red fishnet stocking and then a matching lacy g-string. It is the most clothes she had worn since being abducted. The cuffs went back on and her ankles were hobbled again.

Master peeled the sheets off to reveal her sister Cassandra dressed in the same fashion save for the black color of her outfit. Her collar was leashed to the headboard and soon Amanda’s was as well.

“Rest well girls. The next lesson may be very painful,” Mistress smiled as she closed the door, leaving the twins to their selves.


“Are you okay being here by yourself?” Ray asked as he gathered up the van keys.

“Yes, my Master,” Janice replied, kissing her husband on the cheek, “we will be fine. The girls are now taking a nap and their next lesson will be a breeze.”

“I don’t like you giving lessons alone,” Ray frowned, “It’s inviting danger in through the front door.”

“Relax,” she whispered into his ear, “I’ll be just fine. You get your running around done and I will take care of our business here.”

“I still don’t like it,” he said under his breath.

“Master, we need things and you need to check on a few things we don’t dare here in the house, like making sure that our trail hasn’t been followed and laying down that false trail you are so proud of. You have known me long enough to know I can handle these two. Just go and get things done.”

“Now I know why I rescued you,” Ray said with a slight, lop-sided smile.

“I didn’t NEED rescuing,” Janice replied, knowing full well what her life would have been like if Ray hadn’t taken her out of that situation. Stephanie would have grown up not knowing her mother; not knowing that her mother was enslaved . . .

Janice’s thoughts were interrupted by a deep kiss by her husband. Their tongues glided over each other’s until he broke it off.

“I will see you in a little while,” he said.

“You better,” she replied as she watched him close the door to the garage.


Mrs. Shickley watched the dark blue Dodge Caravan pull out of her new neighbor’s garage and head down the street. Her new neighbors kept strange hours, she noticed. She didn’t know what they did but it looked like the missus was alone this afternoon. Maybe it was a good time to go say hello.

Loren Shickley was certainly an attractive woman for being forty. She was an army wife and an army daughter so she knew how to keep in shape. Her departed husband hadn’t been with her for nearly 10 years now and Loren really didn’t want to ‘move on’. She was as happy as she was ever going to be. She had a good job as a department manager and in her off time, she enjoyed watching what the neighbors were doing.

Loren kept her hair dyed a light brown to keep the gray at bay and her cat-like blue eyes seemed to whisper taboo enticements. Her light skin wouldn’t tan, only burn, so she dressed modestly though her curves screamed bikini.

So what pretext should she use to drop by to say hi?

Loren pondered this as she watched the new neighbors’ house from across the street.


Amanda had dozed off despite her bindings. Her wrists were locked in a pair of leather cuffs behind her back and her ankles were chained together with a short length of chain. A leather pear-shape gag filled her mouth with its tang and a red leather collar was locked around her throat and leashed to the headboard of the bed. The torment from this morning left her fatigued and sore. Most of her soreness was in her female parts and she prayed that her lesson this afternoon didn’t involve her fucking someone or something else.

A gentle kiss on her forehead woke Amanda up and she was looking up into the face of her female captor Mistress.

“I hope you rested well, dear slave, it is time for your lesson.”

Amanda glanced over at her twin sister and saw that she was still sleeping in her bindings. Mistress unhooked Amanda’s lead and gave it a little tug. The bound girl struggled to get up out of bed. Finally she got her feet swung over and onto the bedroom floor. Wriggling, she stood up and shuffled behind Mistress down the hallway and into the kitchen where Mistress let the lead droop. The bound girl remembered that meant stop from her recorded lessons so she stopped.

“Good little slave girl,” Mistress purred.

Mistress hadn’t changed her outfit. She was clad in a tight pair of black jeans, a black leather halter top and calf-high polished black spike-heeled boots. It was Mistress’ cold smile that made Amanda dread what was coming next.

From her back pocket Mistress produced a red latex hood.

“I hope you don’t mind being little red riding hood for a while, Slave 1,” Mistress said as she held the mask-like hood up in front of her, “now don’t give me any problems and we’ll get along beautifully. Who knows, you might even get a treat.”

Mistress pulled the latex hood over Amanda’s head, plunging her into darkness. The fit was as tight as a condom and it encased her head completely save an open spot for her mouth and nose and a ring in the back to pull her honey-colored hair through into a ponytail. The smell of the rubber filled her nose.

Amanda felt the cuffs around her ankles being undone before getting a slight but constant tug on her leash. She followed Mistress until she felt the leash droop again.

The captive blonde then heard a door open.

Her mind raced. Was she being led out into the garage or down into the basement of sexual horrors. Amanda began to falter as she felt a tug on her leash again. There was another sharper tug followed by two stinging whips across her rear. She gingerly moved forward.

“Step down,” Mistress said.

Slowly Amanda put her foot down until it met the stair.


Another step downward. Carefully Amanda followed Mistress down the stairs and into the basement where the captive girl felt the leash grow slack and she came to a stop.

“Imagine, Slave 1, a floor covered with shards of broken glass, rusty tacks and bent nails with a narrow trail running a maze through it to your comfy little bedroom we had made just for you and your sister.”

Amanda could picture the glinting heaps of broken glass on the concrete floor looking like translucent fangs waiting to rip into the soles of her nylon clad feet.

“It is very real,” Mistress said, pausing to crunch a piece of glass with her boot.

“If you listened to your lessons, I will guide you through it with your leash and my crop without you making a bloody mess out of your feet. I will expect you to keep up with me or I will leave you behind to fend for yourself. Do you understand, slave?”

Amanda nodded as well as saying yes through her gag. She prayed that she remembered everything the recording had said.

“That is a good little pretty slave. Let’s begin.”

The bound girl felt two taps on her rear as well as a slight tug on her collar that kept constant. Slowly, Amanda made her way forward one step at a time. The leash then went slack and Amanda stopped.

“Oh, I forgot one thing,” the woman named Mistress said.

Amanda felt a tap on her inner thigh. A cold shiver went through her as she complied by opening her legs up. She felt Mistress hook her finger into the waistband of her g-string and pull it down, revealing her sex. The bound girl then felt something cool and egg-shaped press against her clit and held there while Mistress pulled her g-string back up.

“Something to keep you company.”

The egg-shaped vibrator began purring, sending a burst of unsought pleasure rippling through Amanda. She then felt something tap her knee. She paused, trying to remember what that meant. There was another hard rap on her knee after which Amanda remembered what that meant. She closed her legs.

After closing her legs, Amanda felt something looped around her knees and tightened, binding her knees together tightly. She felt another constant pull on her collar. Amanda found she could take tiny, mincing steps with her knees bound as they were. She then felt the crop press in her left hip and she remembered to turn left.

Then she heard a loud buzzer and Mistress exclaiming ‘Shit’.

Janice dropped the leash and hurried over to a monitor in the corner of the basement. After clicking through a few screens she found the camera covering the front step. Standing there smiling was their neighbor, Loren Shickley.

“Shit,” Mistress said again as Amanda heard her captor go up the stairs, leaving Amanda alone in her darkness.


Janice was afraid that something like this might happen but she had prepared for it. She hoped that the door buzzer hadn’t awakened Slave 2 because her fussing right now wouldn’t be good. Even though Slave 2 was bound tightly and gagged, she could probably still make quite a ruckus. Too late to do anything about it now. Janice would just have to ride it out as best she could. She quickly grabbed a glass and the open bottle of DeWars, taking a quick swig and swishing it around in her mouth as she poured half a glass of the whiskey.

Loren was about to ring the buzzer for the second time when the door opened and there stood her new neighbor. At first sight Loren knew that her neighbor was some transplanted trailer-trash Marilyn Monroe wannabe lush. Judging by the glass in the woman’s hand, her drinking had started early.

“Hello,” Janice said.

“Hi neighbor. Just wanted to drop over and say hello and welcome,” Loren said.

“Well hello,” Janice said, “I would invite you in but I am in the middle of something.”

Looking at the glass, Loren gave a crusty smile, “I can see that.”

“Oh, this,” Janice held the glass up, “it just helps me relax and get creative, you know, so I can focus on my project.”

“What project?” Loren inquired.

“A painting.”

“Oh really,” Loren smiled again, “Please tell me all about it. . .”

An unsettling alarm went off in Janice’s head, knowing that this conversation was far from over.


Amanda tried to stand as still as a statue, but it was getting harder to do. Her buzzing toy was now being more than a distraction. The shivers of bliss running through her were building and she couldn’t really relax and enjoy them for fear she would stumble and fall into a bed of crushed glass and rusted nails.

She began to twist a bit in her bindings, letting a small mewl out as another tiny wave of ecstasy spread through her. Amanda tried to remember the steps she took on the path to get to where she now stood but she couldn’t recall them. The fear and pleasure were drowning out all other thoughts, both of them building on each other like competing pyres threatening to engulf her. Amanda finally gave in to her passion, taking a couple small steps back and then carefully easing herself down until she was kneeling on the concrete.

The vibrator continued to hum against her sex as she wriggled around until she was seated on the cold cement floor, propping herself up with her bound wrists. The tightness of her corset only added to her feeling of helplessness as she pulled at her bindings in vain. Amanda needed to see her surroundings so she could at least let her orgasm go the way it was straining to go. Her bindings held her in check as she moaned in frustration and lust.

Another white-hot wave of pleasure swallowed her as she began to writhe where she sat. Her orgasm was building in tiny increments, slow but steady until it swelled inside her like a shaken bottle of champagne. More and more bliss swelled inside her until it burst in a torrent of molten lust which she rode fighting her restraints and screaming through her gag. Amanda then just collapsed, laying in a fetal position as the orgasm ebbed away even though the buzzing had not. It still fed the tides of her wanton needs as she felt another unbidden storm within her begin to rise.

“Oh God. . .” she whispered to herself.

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