Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f+; bond; oral; sex; armbinder; gag; ballgag; cuffs; nipple; ring-gag; basement; twins; training; bdsm; toys; nc; XX

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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Chapter 16

“It seems like your boy has got himself a pretty little China doll girlfriend, a Michelle Chen,” Mr. Rose said into his disposable cell phone.

Janice raised an eyebrow. This was something new and a little unexpected. Her stepson Jeffery never mentioned that he was dating, even when she prodded him on their morning jogs.

“Nice girl, too, it seems,” Mr. Rose continued, “She’s an accounting major at the nearby community college. Helps out at her uncle’s restaurant and helps with his books. Clean driving record. Good health. Pretty much a good catch for your boy, I would say.”

“You seem to have been doing some homework, Mr. Rose,” Janice said, not sure she wanted him to dig that deep.

“Just making sure, Mrs. Crimson, with competition being the way it is.”

There was a pause on the other end.

“Is there something you’re not telling me, Mr. Rose?” Janice asked.

“Nothing that should worry you or any business you may be conducting. It seems your boy’s girlfriend has a stalker. We just had a little chat and I think he has come to an understanding about the way things are going to be.”

“Are you sure there is nothing to worry about?”

“I will make sure of it, Mrs. Crimson.”

“In that case, take care Mr. Rose, and have a good evening.”

“You too, Mrs. Crimson.”

Janice ended the call. She didn’t like the thought of a stranger stalking around the house regardless of the circumstances. There were too many secrets to be found, secrets that needed to be kept silent and away from her children. She debated telling her husband Ray who was just finishing putting away the groceries.

“Problems?” he asked after he threw away the last plastic bag.

Janice shook her head, “No. Mr. Rose was just checking in. Apparently our son is dating.”

Ray grinned, “No shit? About time that boy started to show his breedin’. Anybody we know?”

“No,” Janice replied, “and I am still horny.”

Ray’s blonde wife slinked over to Ray’s side of the table and looked deep into her husband’s blue-grey eyes.

Ray grasped just above his wife’s hips and returned her look, “I think I can do something about that, but I first want to know about why Mr. Rose is out at our place.”

His wife gave Ray her best pouting smile, biting the corner of her lower lip, “I was worried about the kids and Mr. Rose said he would pop by and see how they were doing.”

“And your inner mommy took over...”

Janice nodded, pressing her body against his, “Uh-huh.”

Ray couldn’t fault her. It was a dangerous business they were a part of in more ways than just the law. In the type of high-end acquisitions Magenta dealt in, the field was narrow and competition very brutal. In fact, one of Magenta’s lawyers just had his wife and his paralegal kidnapped by one of their more aggressive competitors. Ray was actually glad Janice had taken some initiative.

“What other mommy skills do you have?” Ray smiled.

Cassandra was exhausted and in pain. Not serious pain, just the compilation of little aches and discomforts of being bound and hunched over for too long as well as the simple need of going to use the bathroom and soon. First and foremost, her knees were sore from being forced to kneel in front of the chair and the woman bound there. Cassandra was sure that the woman was her sister and the fact that Cassandra had to make her sister Mandy cum several times by lapping at Mandy’s sex made Cassandra sick. The taste of her sister still coated Cassandra’s tongue and her sister’s sexual incense still lingered in her nose.

The leather cuffs binding her wrists behind her back and the cuffs capturing her ankles both chafed at her skin, though the black stockings that Cassandra wore helped to minimize the soreness in her ankles. The black latex hood she was wearing was causing her to get hot and she could feel the trickles of sweat making their way down her collared throat.

Cassandra’s jaw also ached from being forced open by the ring gag for so long. Her mouth should have been dry, but drool seemed to continue to drip from her lips. But, however much pain she was enduring right now, the promise of a whipping or worse kept her kneeling where she was.


Master’s voice startled her. She felt her leash being undone from the chair leg and pulled upward. Cassandra struggled to stand and with the help of Master, finally stood unsteadily. With a slight tug, she hopped behind him until she felt the leash droop and then stopped.

His hands grasped her waist and maneuvered her until she was facing where he wanted her to be. He fastened her leash above her head and left her just standing there.

It took her a bit, in her latex-black darkness, to realize that someone else was beside her. She couldn’t see this person; she sensed them... Her.

It was a her.

If Cassandra listened hard enough, she could hear the other woman moaning, jingling her chains. She wondered who the other woman was.

Cassandra’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard another woman being brought over to stand beside her: Mandy. It had to be. She pictured the three of them; herself, her sister, and the other captive woman, standing there in line before Master and Mistress.

“We have had a change of plan,” Master said, “Mistress and I have heard from our client and the client has changed their minds. The client only wants two slaves.”

Ray paused to let his words sink in.

“Y’all know what happens to that unsold T-bone that sits in the market too long, don’t ya?”

A steel-cold chill sliced through Cassandra as she stood there helpless.

“I’ll tell you. That piece of prime beef ends up in the bargain bin or, worse, in the dumpster out back. Hear what I am telling you, slaves? The client is going to have to make a choice between you fillies so they’re obviously going to pick the best and leave the other, well, I don’t want to get into all that.”

Cassandra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What did he mean? Was he going to kill one of them if they didn’t please him enough? The chill going through Cassandra turned to an agonizing leaden sadness that threatened to plunge her into a darkness that she didn’t know she would ever emerge.

“Mistress and I are going to record y’all to help the client make that choice and you slaves need to show that client that you are the best at pleasing your Master or Mistress. Think of it as the audition for your life. The client will watch each of you, watching you progress into desirable slaves.”

Ray enjoyed watching each of the women react to his words; the slumping of the shoulders, the slight shaking of their bowed heads, the moans of despair through their gags. At least, that was the case with the twins. The other bound woman was his wife, Janice. She was bound just like the others and dressed in her favorite black and deep purple corset, matching panties and black silk stockings that went up to her thighs. Her brass collar encircled her throat. However, she did not wear a latex hood like the other two. Her eyes were locked onto Ray as he paced back and forth before the three women like a General before his troops.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Janice played the role of another victim. It had been useful in the past in breaking their acquisitions. This time, the two girls wouldn’t see the other prisoner, only know that she was there. And Janice would play her role beautifully.

“Now, Mistress and I have rigged it so you can listen in on the other slaves’ progress to know just what y’all are up against. I am also making sure that y’all have something to do while Mistress and I are auditioning you slaves.”

Cassandra heard the woman next to her squeal frantically into her gag. Cassandra’s mind was a storm of unbidden imaginings about what Master was doing to the poor woman.

Then, Cassandra found out.

Master’s fingers played with Cassandra’s bared nipples, pulling at them until they were fully erect before putting the cold metal clamps on them. As the jaws closed down, they pinched her nipples painfully. The bound girl cried out but Master ignored her. He reached down and pulled down the waistband of her g-string, exposing her sex to his eyes. Gently, he parted her lips and made sure that the silent egg vibrator was still in place. His finger caressed around the vibe before tracing up and tickling her swollen clit and sending hot rushes of pleasure washing through her.

“Don’t cum,” he whispered into Cassandra’s ear as he eased her lacy g-string back up.

Cassandra could hear Master doing the same to her twin sister. Her sister’s mewls and cries were the same as her own, perhaps even more vehement.

“Now who would like to be first?” Master asked.

The only sounds Cassandra heard were moans of protests, including her own. She didn’t want to audition and the thought that she would have to perform just to become wanted as a slave distressed Cassandra almost to the point of sickness.

“Okay then, I guess it will be you.”

Cassandra felt a pull on her leash as he unfastened it from above her and gave it a quick tug.

The bound blonde hopped behind his lead. Her despair had led to tears as she wailed her protest at being chosen to be first. But, it didn’t matter. Master continued to lead her until they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Cassandra gasped as her vibrator hummed back to life, sending more bittersweet pleasures rippling through her. Master grabbed her by her waist and hoisted her over his shoulder before carrying her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Master set Cassandra down and gave her leash another tug. She hopped to follow. Every jiggle of her breasts was painful as the clamps tugged at her every movement. The pain wasn’t horrible and soon a pleasing numbness took over as she continued to follow Master into the bedroom. He stopped her beside the bed.

The bound girl could hear her captor fuss about the room. It was hard just standing there. The little egg vibrator was doing its best to tease Cassandra, sending more and more ripples of warming bliss through her soul.

“Before I start the recording I want you to know how important each of these auditions is to your wellbeing, slave. You need to use everything you have learned and obey my orders to the best of your ability. Do you understand, my slave?”

The blonde nodded her head.

“Now, I am going to ungag you. You are not to talk unless I address you, slave, just as the lessons have instructed you to do. Obey and you will do well.”

Cassandra felt the ring gag being unbuckled and pulled from her lips.

“Please...” Cassandra pleaded.

“HUSH!” Master ordered.

The dulcet sounds of some arabesque music began softly in the background. Cassandra had heard the song before, something by Dead Can Dance, Rasa or someone similar. The flowing sounds conjured erotic tapestries of harems and minarets and houris.

The man unfastened the cuffs around her wrists. Cassandra was unsure what he intended, so she kept her hands clasped in back of her. Gently, Master eased her hands into a prayer position before easing them into the sleeve of a red arm binder. After buckling the straps over her shoulders and under her arms, Master began slowly lacing and tightening the monoglove until it completely sheathed her arms in back of her.

The bound blonde felt him unfasten her hood and begin to peel it off. The cool air of the bedroom felt heavenly on her drenched face as she blinked her eyes. Cassandra was sure that her eyes were red from crying as she turned them down to stare at her feet.

With the tip of his fingers beneath Cassandra’s chin, he lifted her head up to face him. At first, she refused to look at him but, finally, her dark brown eyes met his blue-grey ones. They were not as hard as she imagined them to be. His eyes almost looked tender and caring.

“Stay,” he whispered.

The man she knew as Master went over to the dresser and picked up a hairbrush. Gently, he began brushing Cassandra’s honey blonde hair. His touch almost felt electric, stroke after stroke. Cassandra closed her eyes and drank in the feeling of each brush stroke until he stopped.

A warm washcloth came next, gently massaging her face and chest until he was satisfied with her cleansing. Then came the make-up: the blush, the eyeliner, the lipstick. He applied it like a pro.

“There. Much better. Now, slave, I am going to turn on the camera and I need you to please me. It is very, very important that you do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Cassandra replied.

“Yes ...what?” Master said sternly.

“Yes, Master,” she replied.


Master undressed quickly and turned the video camera on.

Cassandra hadn’t really noticed it before, but Master was solidly built, with large arms and ripples over his stomach that would make younger men envious, marred only by a pale scar that cut across it. His large cock stood fully erect, its purple head pointing at Cassandra.

Master gathered up her chain lead and gave it a quick tug as he reclined in the bed.

Cassandra coiled up beside him as he cupped the back of her head and brought her lips down to his. The vibrator within her continued its erotic whirr as their lips met and his mouth opened, probing hers with his tongue. Cassandra tried to imagine herself with someone else and let her tongue glide over his. His hunger grew more ardent as he held her to himself, her nipple clamps crushing into his chest.

He then pulled away.

“Please me, slave.”

Cassandra swallowed and began trailing kisses down over the dark hair of his chest, over the flat of his stomach, and to his swollen cock. She paused, taking in a deep breath before opening her mouth and taking him in.

The taste of his manhood was slightly salty as she began to run her tongue around it. Her lips sealed themselves around his shaft and she slowly began to suckle upon him, moving her head slowly to match his subtle rhythm.

Master let out a low moan.

Cassandra quickened her pace as he thrust himself into her mouth. Her saliva began to moisten the dark curls around his cock.

“Stop, slave.”

Cassandra stopped, “Yes, Master.”

Master raised himself from the bed and untied the cords around Cassandra’s knees. He unfastened the lock that held her ankle cuffs together and gently eased her black lace g-string down over her knees. Master eased his fingers into her and deftly brought her vibrator out.

“Fuck me,” Master said as he laid back down, grabbing ahold of her leash.

With some awkwardness, Cassandra first stepped out of her g-string before straddling Master. Positioning herself above him, she lowered herself down upon his erection, letting her sex envelop his member.

The feel of a man inside her was far more pleasing than any dead, mechanical device and she slowly began to rock her hips to his rhythm. The music and their moans melted together as he gripped her hips to help her set the pace. Faster and faster they churned until he grasped her to him and she felt his semen squirt inside her.

Master eased himself out of her.

“Clean me, slave,” he commanded.

Ray watched as Cassandra knelt down and licked his glistening cock clean. She did it without hesitation. He hadn’t meant to cum inside her but the heat of the moment overtook him and, for a moment, he lost control. Ray smiled, watching slave 2 perform her duties. He was sure her audition went well.

Ray was in the shower when he heard his cell phone ring. He quickly stepped out and answered it.

“Yes,” Ray answered.

“Mr. Crimson, I presume,” a voice in a clipped English accent spoke.

“Yes,” Ray said again.

“This is Mr. Brick. May I have a moment?”

Ray frowned, “You already do.”

“Ah, yes. I called because we have a problem or two. First, I am sure you are aware that your Federal Bureau of Investigation is now part of the case involving your acquisitions.”

“Yes, I knew they would be called in sometime. Planned on it,” Ray replied as he toweled himself off quickly.

“Well, this has had an unintended side effect. The client has pulled out of the deal, citing various reasons but, in effect, scared of being caught with both the cookie jars.”

A cold dread sprayed through Ray, “He is under a strict contract.”

“I am well aware of that,” Mr. Brick continued, “And the deposit is ours to keep, but the client will not take delivery of your merchandise.”

“What are you saying, Brick? Are we stuck with these two? That was not in the contract.”

“I am aware of that as well, Mr. Crimson. I am trying to find clients that may have an interest in the items that you have, but it may take a while... a long while.”

“So, you want me to keep them indefinitely?” Ray nearly shouted.

“Yes, it seems that is what is going to happen,” Mr. Brick replied.

“You better find a fucking buyer and fast!” Ray shouted and clicked off the connection.

Ray looked through the door at the bound blonde woman he had just fucked. He had retied her knees and ankles and a red ball gag filled her mouth. Her doe-like eyes were now wide with fear.

She had heard everything of his conversation with Magenta.


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