Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: MF/ff; D/s; slaves; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; rope; bdsm; electro; toys; insert; lessons; condition; captives; torment; climax; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter 13

Cassandra could feel her humiliation burning all over from her blush. All she could do was stare down at her feet and wish she could wake up from this nightmare. After they dried her off, the strangers relocked the black leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists and the collar around her neck. She didn’t even fight the pear-shaped gag when pressed against her lips; she just opened her mouth and let them fasten the gag into place.

The hot shower did help with the stiffness in her shoulders and back from the torture she endured during the night. She felt blessed having passed out from the multiple orgasms she had endured while mummified in bed. She had slept soundly enough but had been thrown into a panic when she awoke and didn’t know where she was and why she was pinned like a spider’s victim.

Now, she remembered and wished she was back in the blankness of sleep.

There was a slight tug on her collar and she shuffled behind the man she knew as Master from the bathroom into the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen where the door to her downstairs prison was open. The man picked her up, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, he set her down. The cement floor was cold and dusty as she again shuffled her way behind the man holding her leash.

The large box that was her and her sisters’ prison was the size of a large room and their bed was in the center of it. From inside, it looked like a windowless bedroom but, really, it was her and her sister’s cell. Cassandra let herself be led to one end of the room where the man pulled down from the ceiling a chain with a latching hook on the end. By her collar, he fastened her to it before disappearing out the door, locking it behind him.

The honey-blonde captive gave a half-hearted attempt at escaping her bonds but she knew, deep down, that they were inescapable. She would have to endure whatever they forced her to do. Somehow, God must be punishing her for some sin, probably being with Michael a month or two back. The sex was wonderful and he was considerate and gentle. Sandy wanted to marry him when he finally got around to asking. She knew Michael would ask. She should have held off until their wedding day.

A wedding day that would never be.

Cassandra started to quietly sob. She could only stand there as her tears mixed with her running nose and drool that now slithered down over her upper chest.

God was punishing her for her sins.

It wasn’t long before she heard the locks being opened and the door swinging in. She did not look up as Master and Mistress guided Amanda into place in front of her and fastened her sister’s collar to an overhead chain as they had her own.

“Now that you’ve been cleaned up, slaves, it is time for your lessons,” Master said in his rough drawl.

A chill drained all her will away.

“This morning’s lesson is about paying attention and posture. You will be listening again to your recorded lessons, memorizing them for this afternoon when we will put those lessons into practice. Failing to listen will result in punishment. Very painful punishment. Do you understand, slaves?”

Cassandra nodded, still staring at her toes.

“Good. The second part of this morning’s lesson is posture. I will have you both know that we developed this little exercise with you all in mind.”

Mistress set a large welded metal platform between them. On it was a contraption that looked like a miniature trebuchet like she had seen chucking pumpkins at a county fair she had to appear at. Mistress then balanced a pole onto it. Each end of the pole had fastened to it a large ebony dildo with a cord running from it. The whole thing looked like a perverse teeter-totter.

The couple fastened Amanda into the contraption first. After unfastening her ankle cuffs, they made her spread her legs and stand on two wedge blocks that were placed at the corners of the platform. These wedges forced her to stand on her on the balls of her feet. The Master and Mistress locked Amanda to the machine by some short chains that clipped her ankle cuffs to rings set on the platform’s corners. Mistress checked approvingly the cuffs that held her sister’s arms behind her back and then looped a length of rope around her elbows and cinched them together, forcing her already large breasts out even further. Lastly, after coating one of the phallus’ with that insidious ointment that seemed to make her puss burn and itch with need, Mistress eased the phallus into Amanda’s sex until it disappeared inside her.

Then, it was Cassandra’s turn.

After unfastening her ankle cuffs from one another, Cassandra felt Master tap her inner thigh. She spread her legs and moved forward as she had watched her sister do, standing on a pair of similar wedges as the strangers refastened her cuffs to the platform. She felt a loop of rope being pulled securely around her elbows until her elbows touched. The man cinched the rope tight before helping Mistress in positioning the glistening ointment coated dildo into the folds of her sex. Cassandra gasped as they pushed the large phallus into her until she too straddled the pole.

The Mistress checked Cassandra to make sure all of Sandy’s bindings were secure. The Master went to the center of the pole and, with a few twists, raised it until the pole was balanced, almost pressing against each girl’s sex.

“Slaves,” Ray addressed his acquisitions, “It is important for a slave to maintain her posture and balance. I have created for you a device to help you with just that.”

Master slowly circled the twins and the platform.

“Once I flip the switch, the vibrators inside you will begin to hum. Very low at first, but gradually increasing as time goes on. . .”

The ointment smeared onto the phallus had started to warm Cassandra’s puss, making her squirm just a tiny bit as her sex began to itch with a need.

“. . .release the wedges from beneath your feet, forcing you to stand on your toes. If you let your heels down for any reason, it will force the phallus painfully deep into your sister’s pussy. It will also send a painful spark up her side of the pole and zap that pretty little clit of hers. She will probably scream in agony. The more you rest your feet, the more painful it becomes for your fellow slave. Do you understand, slaves?”

Cassandra nodded and noticed her sister did too.

“You have my permission to cum, slaves, but you can see that it will probably be painful to your sister slave. So, you must beg you sister slave for permission to cum. It is up to your sister whether you cum or not when it gets time. When she whimpers and begs, just nod your head if you don’t mind the pain of your sister’s orgasm.”

Cassandra felt Mistress press something into her hand, a button similar to those used in hospitals to relieve pain.

“When you want to ask permission to cum from your sister, just push the button and a buzzer will sound. It is up to your sister if she allows you to cum. Understand, slaves?”

Again, Sandy nodded.

“If you cum without permission, then we will make sure to use the cattle prod on each and every square inch of your skin. You all understand, slaves?”

Cassandra did and let Master know that she did.

“Alrighty then, let’s get this show started.”

Cassandra watched as Mistress first pulled the blocks out from under Sandy’s feet, leaving her standing on the balls of her feet. A rush of pleasure gushed through her as the vibe was turned on, making her squirm a bit in her bonds. Lastly, Mistress put the tiny earbud headphones into her ears and turned on her “lesson”.

The recording was the same one they had used on her the previous day. Sandy didn’t want to be anything else but who she was a few days ago. The thoughts of being someone’s slave just drained out her soul. The best she thought she could muster would be to go along with these people and hope the cops found them soon.

Soon, her arches and ankles began to tire. In moments, they were joined by an ache in her calves. The pulsating buzzing of the vibrator also distracted her from her lessons about the “laws of the crop”. Despite all of this, she still could not look up at her sister.

She felt the dildo pushing up further inside her and noticed her sister heels were closer to the ground. Cassandra looked up at her sister and moaned her complaint. She locked eyes with her twin sister’s dark brown ones. They were filled with pain, both mental and physical, and Amanda was the stronger of the two of them. If she was failing. . .

A power hum from the vibrator sent a shockwave of bliss through Cassandra and she shuddered, letting her feet touch the ground. A scream from her sister Amanda shook Cassandra out of her moment of bliss and she arched her tired feet again.

The recorded lesson stopped.

“I want both of you to look into each other’s eyes and hold it there,” the Master said, his eyes shifting back and forth between his two captives, “Do you understand, slaves?”

Cassandra nodded her head as did Amanda. They then looked at each other. Cassandra could read the strain of this all over her sister’s face.

“I want you to see your sister’s pain as you feel your own pleasure, slaves.”

The recording resumed instructing Cassandra on how to move with a touch of a crop. She could feel a warm whirlwind of pleasure gusting inside her, slowly gaining strength. Her feet were cramping as well as her calves. She had already caused her sister Mandy too much pain, but she didn’t know just how much longer she could endure.

Then Cassandra heard the buzzer. There was a pleading look on Amanda’s face, almost as if she was apologetic for the pain Cassandra was about to receive.

Cassandra nodded and closed her eyes in anticipation of the sting.

Sandy cried out in pain as the phallus was driven further into her and the metal pole pressed against her clit. A short sharp spark stabbed through her as the vibrator increased its humming. The caress of the vibe soon eclipsed the fleeting pain; torrents of pleasure built within her. She jabbed at her button and looked at her sister whose head was thrown back in pure ecstasy. Her sister’s moans made her deaf to Cassandra’s buzzing pleas for permission to cum.

The pleasure continued to swell inside her. The promised pain wasn’t there, only the increasing pulsing hum of her vibrator. She yelled into her gag, trying to get her sister’s attention. She needed to cum, too, and soon it would be too late for her to get permission.

Finally, Amanda’s eyes met Cassandra’s. Mandy heard the buzzer’s whine and gave her sister a quick nod. Sandy let herself go and let herself be swallowed by a molten cascade of heated bliss. Wave after wave of pleasure swelled over her as she bucked and rocked in her bonds until her whole frame was weak from the effort. She opened her eyes and saw her sister in tears, but a smile leaked around her gag.

The buzzing stopped. Cassandra was only vaguely aware of the lessons being recited in her ears. The memory of pleasure and pain glowing inside her was far more important.

Cassandra then looked around. The man and woman were gone; her only company was her sister, who also was looking around. The buzzing had stopped but, because of the ointment, Sandy’s need had not.

How many hours were they going to leave them like this?

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