Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

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Chapter 12

The first dark bars of the Imperial March woke Ray from his sleep as his cell phone played them. He quickly picked the phone up and answered.

“Mr. Crimson?”, the clipped English voice on the other end of the cellphone asked.

“Yes,” Ray answered. Ray recognized the voice of his contact at Magenta.

“How is it going out there?”

“Good. . .” Ray trailed off knowing that his contact wouldn’t get a hold of him unless something was up.

“I am glad to hear it, Mr. Crimson. How is Mrs. Crimson?”

“Asleep. She had a rather strenuous night last night.”

“Ah,” his contact replied, “give her my regards. The reason for my call is that there are concerns about the very public attention your acquisitions are getting via the media.”

Ray cleared his throat, “What did you expect? These are celebrities and well known enough to have made this a difficult extraction at best. Isn’t that the reason you called on us in the first place?”

“We were hoping for something a little more quiet.”

Ray pondered his response.

“We don’t take a knife to a gunfight, sir. No matter what we did, the alarm bells would always be loud with those two. They aren’t a pair of blonde bimbos we could just grab off the street. When the hen house is being raided, there’s going to be clucking.”

“Ah,” the English voice said.

“Is there a problem?” Ray asked.

“The client is concerned.”

Ray frowned, sitting up in bed, trying carefully not to wake his sleeping wife.

“Nursemaid them. That’s your job. We have things handled here,” he said.

“I am glad to hear that, Mr. Crimson. Make sure it does not get out of hand. Let us know when you are ready to deliver.”

“We will,” Ray said and cut off the connection.

Glancing over at his wife, she was still sleeping. A faint smile caressed her lips. She was still wearing her brass collar but all other bindings were gone. Even though the twins were mummified and therefore couldn’t escape, it just made sense to keep his partner in crime available to help if he needed it.

The clock beside their bed showed 7:42 and the morning’s light was leaking in underneath the blinds. He could have slept at least another hour or two. It would be another hard day of training for slave 1 and slave 2. Hopefully they had learned their lessons from yesterday and they could build upon them. He carefully stepped out of bed and went out to the kitchen to make coffee.

There were still remnants of last night’s dinner littering the countertop. After getting the coffee machine ready to brew, he cleaned up the stray peelers and plates and put them in the dishwasher before going out to the living room and watching the morning’s news.

Of course, the abduction of the Double Barrel Ale twins made the national news and the grainy, fuzzy picture of his wife and himself was broadcast again and again. You still couldn’t tell who it really was. Rumors about reasons and ransoms abounded. There was even a tearful plea from their mother. It was hard to watch, but a necessary evil in his line of work. The coffee maker beeped and after pouring himself a mug, he settled down to watch the twins on the monitor while listening to the newscasters drone on.

Both were sleeping in their little cocoons. There was really very little else they could do. They were enwrapped from collar to toe with hoods and gags buckled tightly into place. The cords to both of the girls vibes were tangled around the feet of slave 1. She must have had a rough night of it. The magnetic clips still clung to both of their exposed breasts but he knew the vibrators were silent. He had turned them off before he went to bed.

“Are they sleeping well?” His wife Janice asked, startling him.

“They seem to be,” Ray replied.

His blonde wife sat next to him. She hadn’t bothered to dress yet. The morning light made her skin glow and her platinum blonde hair look like a halo. She draped her arm over his shoulders and gave him a quick kiss.

“That wasn’t very nice of you last night, my Master,” she purred, taking a sip from his mug.

“You were being an impatient slave. You are lucky I didn’t keep you bound like that all night.”

“You know I don’t mind the bondage part,” Janice pouted, “Thank you Master, though, for teaching me a very important lesson. Please don’t use the red bottle on me again.”

Ray smiled, “Only if you misbehave.”

“So what is on the agenda this morning?” Janice asked, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Get them up, wash them off and teach them a few new pony tricks. We need to make sure that they accept their new station in life.”

Ray’s blonde wife nodded in agreement, handing back his mug.

“I’m going to wash up and get dressed before they use up all the hot water.”

Ray smiled again, “I’ll wait until you’re finished before we begin unwrapping out little packages.


Amanda woke up to the thrashings and muted screams of her twin sister. Sandy must have just woken up and panicked in her bindings. She was terribly claustrophobic and being mummified as she was must be horrific. However, Amanda could do nothing as she was mummified as well. Only her breasts and the metal clamps biting down on them were exposed. Everything else was covered in a stretchy rubber bandage wrap of some sort. The only good thing was her vibrator was not on.

No sooner had she thought of it, than the phallus hummed to life.

The red leather hood still encased her head and a leather pear gag filled her mouth. Amanda felt very constipated due to the plug that still resided inside her. But as uncomfortable as she was, she was terrified for Sandy as she continued to thrash about like a just landed trout.

“Hold still!” Amanda heard the man yell but it had no effect on her twin sister.

Cassandra’s writhing stilled but Amanda was sure it was from her captors holding her down.

“Stop or I’ll give you something to scream about!” the man said.

It did not stop Cassandra.

Amanda felt her red hood being unbuckled as well as her gag. She winced at the bright light above her. Beside her she saw that the man was holding her sister down while the woman held Amanda’s hood.

“Tell her to calm down,” the woman said. Amanda noticed that the woman was naked and wet, water dripping from her long, blonde hair and tanned skin.

“Tell her!”

Amanda looked over at her sister. Her head was still encased in a black leather hood and her screams were muffled by a panel gag.

“Sandy, it’s me, Mandy. You’re going to hurt yourself. Listen to the man and stop.”

Sandy continued to struggle and fight.

“I promise they’ll unwrap you, if you will just be still so they can do it.”

Both of her captors looked at Amanda, not believing what had just come out of her mouth. Amanda knew it was a risk but she also knew that the only way to calm Cassandra was to get her out of the confinement of her bondage.

The blonde woman leaned over Amanda and whispered into her ear, “You will pay for that.”

Amanda knew that her payment would probably be very painful but it was worth it just to get her captors doing something on her terms. Sure enough, the woman started to unfasten Cassandra’s hood and peeling it off of her head.

Her sister’s terrified brown eyes locked onto Amanda’s and Sandy tried to say something into her gag but Amanda couldn’t understand it. However, Sandy had stopped writhing as much after seeing her sister.

Amanda screamed when the woman yanked back on her hair but her scream was soon silenced by her gag being roughly crammed into her mouth. She whipped her head back and forth but the woman still managed to buckle the gag back in tightly. Too tight. The straps cut into the corners of Amanda’s mouth painfully.

“Now settle down, slaves!” the man yelled, “Or I will whip your asses raw, I swear to God.”

Amanda stopped and so did her twin sister.

“Good. Now listen carefully. We have a full day planned for you but first we need to get you washed up. Now if you lay here as still as a log then I won’t have to hurt you. But if you continue carrying-on like this I will make sure you have something real to cry about. Understand slaves?”

Sandy nodded followed by a reluctant Mandy.

“I am glad we came to an understanding. Mistress needs to finish up getting ready so you better be on your Sunday best behavior. I’ll be watching you right here.”

The woman named Mistress gave the man a deep kiss and left, but not before giving Amanda a lizard-cold stare. The man just stood beside the bed with crossed arms, looking down at Amanda and her sister.

Both women looked at him with their brown, doe-like eyes. slave 2, the one with the black collar, still had a mortified look on her face. Ray knew she had been broken and it was just a matter of time before her training would be set in stone. slave 1 was going to be a problem, however. Her eyes still had the fiery spark of defiance in them. Breaking her was going to be challenging and rewarding, he was sure.

It wasn’t long before Mistress returned. She was dressed in a very tight pair of black jeans, a black leather halter and her long. Blonde hair was pulled tight into a ponytail. Her polished spike-heeled boots promised pain as did the smile that graced her lips.

Without a word, both the strangers began to unwrap Sandy. She mewled into her gag the whole time as if trying to tell the pair something important, but they paid no attention to her whines. Slowly they exposed her feet, legs and hips. Her ankles still sported a pair of leather cuffs fastened together but that was all that was binding her legs. Her arms and torso were next. Sandy’s wrists were entrapped behind her back in another pair of leather cuffs. Finally Sandy emerged wearing just her cuffs, collar and gag. When the couple completed their unbinding, the woman clipped on Sandy’s leash and led her out of their bedroom jail cell.

Amanda watched the man as he watched her. She could tell he had done this before. Many times before. And he was competent at what he was doing. His eyes watched her hands and feet, making sure she was secure even though she was still thoroughly wrapped-up in the latex bandages.

Before long, the woman came in to join them. Amanda thought that emotions ran more briskly through her than her partner. She thought she could probably exploit that flaw when the time came. . . if the time came. Amanda would have to lie in wait to have a chance to pounce.

The couple began to unwrap Amanda as they had Cassandra. They unwound the constricting bandages until she too was bare except for her collar, gag and cuffs. There was a not-to-gentle tap on her inner thigh.

Amanda looked up at the man with a puzzled expression.

The man gave her a quick slap to the side of her face.

“Forgotten your lessons already, slave?” Ray barked.

The blonde captive soon remembered and spread her legs the best she could. The man reached between her legs and eased the still buzzing vibrator out of her.

“Turn over, slave,” he ordered.

Mandy did as she was told. She felt another tap on her inner thigh and she spread her knees again.

“Relax,” the man said.

She felt him begin to pull out the plug that he had pushed inside her anus last evening. She tried to relax but her body fought her, clinching down on the plastic intruder.

“Relax or it’s going to hurt like the devil’s pitchfork.”

Amanda tried and finally the invasive instrument was pulled free, leaving her panting in silent pain.

Turning her over, the man clipped on her leash and gave it a quick tug.

Amanda swung herself off of the bed and hopped to follow. The man kept the chain leash taut as he led her out of the basement bedroom/cell and to the flight of stairs leading up. She let out a yelp as he grabbed her and put her over his shoulders to carry her upstairs.

On the trip through the house to the shower, Mandy tried to memorize the layout of the house. She had only seen the living room and front entrance to the house once, when they had first brought her here. She thought the hallway with the bedrooms led to the living room, but she wasn’t sure. What she could tell was the house was small, like the one’s built in the forties and fifties for families just starting out. The Master bedroom was the one with the shower and that’s where the man had taken her to.

Standing in the shower was her sister. A zip-tie collar had replaced her black leather one and a chain lead was fastened from her collar to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. Her hands were fastened in back by more zip-ties as well as her ankles. A pink louffa was blossoming out of her mouth, apparently fastened to a gag. Her eyes were wide as she saw her sister.

“Now, I want you to behave or both of you will be in a world of hurt,” Ray said as he unfastened Amanda’s collar. It was soon replaced by a zip-tie similar to Cassandra’s.

Another zip-tie was tightened around her wrists cruelly as well as her elbows. The plastic bands bit into her flesh as he forced her elbows to meet. She moaned into her gag but they ignored her. Her leather cuffs came off both her wrists and ankles before she felt them unbuckle her gag.

A string of saliva streamed out as the pear gag was pulled from her mouth. She tried to work her sore jaw but another gag was pressed against her lips.

“Open wide,” the woman ordered.

Amanda did as she was told. A ball gag with a pink louffa fastened onto it replaced the other gag. She was then guided into the shower where a healthy dollop of rose-scented body wash was squirted onto it.

“Now I want you to wash up that sister slave of yours real nice,” the man said in his growling drawl, “I want her spic and span for the day. Do you understand, slave?”

Amanda nodded.

The couple guided her into the shower before turning the water on. Both girls squealed as the cold water drenched their bodies, squirming around trying to escape the icy spray. Soon, the shower warmed up. Amanda glanced out to see both of her captors watching her.

“Now get at it, slave,” Ray said.

Amanda leaned over and began to scrub, with her louffa gag, her sister’s neck and shoulders. The smell of perfumed roses filled her nose as the soap began to foam. She continued slowly down over her sister’s breasts, their large, pale pink nipples poking through the suds that dripped around them.

Amanda coughed at the taste of soap as it dribbled over her lips. She tried to ignore the bitter taste as she continued to scrub her bound sister. She was now kneeling on the hard shower floor, the soapy water swirling down the drain in front of her. A firm hand held her shoulder as more body wash was squirted onto her gag. She then continued over the flat of her sister’s stomach and lower into her dark blonde nest of curls.

“I want you to pay a lot of attention there, slave,” Mistress said, “I want her smelling like roses.”

Amanda heard her sister whimper as the man tapped her inner thigh with his snake-headed riding crop. She opened her knees the best she could, presenting her sister with a very good look at the fleshy folds of her sex.

Amanda leaned in, closing her eyes, trying to blot out that image. She bobbed her head up and down, feeling her sister’s thighs embracing her head as the warm water cascaded over them. She heard her sister give a slight sigh.

“Slave 1, I want you to make slave 2 cum,” the man ordered.

Amanda paused.

“NOW,” Ray hollered.

Amanda scrubbed even harder. She could tell her ministrations were having their desired effect. Cassandra’s hips started to rock and her moans were throatier as she panted. Amanda tried not to think about it. Just focus on scrubbing. She stroked and stroked until she heard her sister scream with passion then trail off.

“Now finish washing the rest of your sister.”

Again, Amanda did as she was told, squatting to do her legs and then her feet. The couple turned Cassandra around and Mandy washed her other side, starting at her heels and working her way up her sister’s well-rounded ass and back until she was at her back again.

“Very good, slave 1, now it’s your turn.”

The water was turned off and Amanda looked down as they fastened her ankles together with another zip-tie. They clipped off the one holding Sandy’s ankles and guided each of them to stand where the other was. Janice refastened the chain leash to Amanda’s collar before starting the water up again.

Cassandra was more timid about cleaning her sister. Amanda just closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of the rough sponge against her skin. She knew she would never smell anything scented like a rose again. As her sister scrubbed over her breasts, she could feel the first unbidden spurts of pleasure. That warm feeling continued as her sister continued scrubbing downward until reaching her sex.

Amanda felt a tap on her inner thigh and having learned her lesson, she parted her knees the best she could and thrust out her hips. The roughness of the louffa rubbing through her sex sent a flush of ecstasy coursing through her. She let a moan erupt over the gag as her sister continued to scrub harder and faster.

Amanda thrust and rocked her hips, trying to press herself fully onto her sister’s gag. She could feel the orgasm swelling inside of her; a tide pushing at her gates. Finally, the dam burst and engulfed Amanda in a torrent of bliss as she screamed into her gag, just as her sister had done. Nothing mattered but the escape the pleasure brought Amanda as her orgasm melted away down the drain with the shower spray. Cassandra finished scrubbing her sister before the water was turned off.

Slowly, Amanda opened her eyes and watched the couple lead her sister out of the shower and towel her dry. Sandy would not meet her sister’s eyes nor did Amanda seek her sister’s. The horror of the moment added to the jagged peak of horrors they were being forced to endure.

She did not want to ponder what was in store for them next.


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