Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; F/f; M/f; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; mast; oral; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 5

As she watched her sister being led out of the room, Cassandra felt her soul just flush down the toilet, leaving just a fragile shell behind. The door shut with certain finality and she was left with her own pain and the woman. Her jaw was starting to hurt, because she was forced to bite down on the gag in a certain way. Her shoulder ached from her hands being stretched to the ceiling.

“Are we ready to have that gag taken out, number 2?” the woman asked as she got up off the bed.

Sandy nodded her head so the woman reached down and unplugged the cords from the box. First to come off were the clips on her nipples. A throbbing pain engulfed them as the clips came off. The mistress gathered up the cords carefully and placed them in the box. The bound blonde then felt her long hair being lifted up and the buckle to her gag being undone. Mistress pulled the gag out and set in it the box.

“Why are you doing this to us?” Cassandra sobbed.

The woman turned around and smiled, “Because it’s fun, number 2, and we are being paid lots of money to do it.”

“Please let us go,” Sandy continued, “Please. . .”

The woman petted the bound girls’ hair, making a hushing noise, “I just love to hear you beg, number 2. It gets my juices flowing again, you know?”

Cassandra dissolved into tears.

“You know, my pretty number 2, if you do what I tell you to do and make me and my husband happy, we may just let you go,” Janice brushed the side of the girl’s face with her finger and continued, “We have certain tastes, of course, but we may be able to come to an arrangement.”

Cassandra continued crying.

“My, you’re a beautiful thing, you know that number 2? Pretty blonde hair both upstairs and down, pretty blue eyes, nicely shaped ass and tits. I would dearly love for you to join me in bed. . .”

“No, please,” Sandy whimpered, “Just please let us go.”

“Are you going to join me in bed without a fuss?” Janice asked as she traced her finger along Cassandra’s collar.

The girl nodded slightly.

“I didn’t hear you, number 2. . .”

“Yes,” Cassandra managed to say in a hushed voice.

“What?” Janice prompted, slapping her crop to her side.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said louder, turning her head away.

“Much better number 2. Now let’s get you ready.”

There was almost immediate relief when the rope holding Cassandra’s hands over her head loosened and she could drop her cuffed hands in front of her. There was still a soreness to her shoulders, but not nearly what it was. Without a word, the woman undid the rope from around the leather cuffs and pulled it aside so it was no longer in the way. With a gentle tap on the rear, Mistress guided the girl to the bed. The girl’s little hops made her all that much more desirable.

“Scoot yourself to the center, number 2,” she command.

Sandy sat herself down and wriggled her way to the center of the large bed. Her hands were still encased in a pair of tight leather bags that forced her hands into fists. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed as well and that made it a little difficult getting to where she had to be. When she had finished and with tears streaming down her face, she looked back up at the mistress.

“Now, I need you to lay down with your hands above your head number 2.”

The blonde slowly did as she was told, lifting her bag clad hands up as she laid there. The mistress grabbed hold of Cassandra’s cuffed wrists and, taking a chain already attached to the brass bed and pulling it tight, Mistress locked the cuffs to it, effectively pinning them to the headboard.

“Please stop doing this. . .”Sandy whimpered.

Janice ignored her slave’s pleas. After making sure that her captive’s wrists were secure, she rounded the bed and secured Cassandra’s ankles the same way, drawing the girl taut.

“Do I need to gag you, number 2?” Janice asked, leaning over the girl.

“No,” she replied quietly.

“I didn’t think so. Now, number 2, I was really hoping to get another lesson in before lunch. I know I’m starved and I‘m sure you are too. The object of this lesson is to please me.”

Janice climbed into bed and straddled the bound girl. Cassandra noticed that the crotch to the mistress’ costume hadn’t been fastened back up and the woman’s cleanly shaved puss was in plain view.

“The vibrator did a wonderful job, mind you, but nothing beats an old-fashioned licking.”

“Nooooo,” Cassandra shook her head.

Janice moved herself further up until she was kneeling over her prisoners face.

“Now please me number 2 and I won’t have to hurt your sister.”

Cassandra turned her head, “Please, no, no. . .”

“Do you want me to hurt your sister? Do you want me to burn her with candle wax or sting her with the cattle prod?”

Sandy shook her head, “No.”

“Then use that god damn tongue of yours and lick my cunt!”

The woman knelt further down and Cassandra could smell the strong incense of her puss. Closing her eyes, she hesitantly poked her tongue out and felt the warm, moist flesh of the woman’s vagina. She had a slightly salty taste as her tongue began to slowly lap between her lips.

“Good, number 2. Now faster. Lick my clit. Make me purr.”

The girl responded, the tip of her tongue found Mistress’ swollen pearl and lapped at it. Janice moaned and began to rock her hips slightly. The vibrator hadn’t sated her completely and her slave’s tongue was sending more flashes of pleasure coursing through her like lightening. Janice could feel that the girl was a virgin at this and it made it all that much sweeter. Her inexperience fueled Janice’s desire as a storm of wanton bliss billowed inside her.

“Make me cum, bitch,” Janice hissed.

Using her whole head, Cassandra stroked her as best as she could with her tongue and licked around her clit. The woman thrust herself forward, her juices covering Sandy’s mouth and nose and the climax thundered inside her, filling her with furious ecstasy. Screaming, Janice rode the blonde’s face through wave after wave of pleasure until she collapsed on top of number 2, fulfilled.

“Damn, number 2,” Janice said as she rolled off the bound girl.

Cassandra shut her eyes and turned away. The taste of the woman was still on her tongue and the smell of her sex still engulfed her. She was past tears now. There was none left to shed. Cassandra humiliation burned inside her like a phosphorous flare that ate at her very being.

She felt mistress’ fingertips caress up the flat of her stomach and over her breasts; teasing at her erect nipples with their fingernails.

“You know, number 2, you won’t be half-bad at this if you put your mind to it.”

The woman’s words gutted Sandy. All she could do was lay there and heave dry tears.

“Open wide,” Cassandra heard the woman say.

The girl opened her eyes and saw that mistress was holding the penis gag that she had been forced to wear earlier.

“Nooooo. . .”

“Please, number 2, no fuss. Just open your mouth and let me put it in.”

Sandy opened her mouth. There was very little she could do. The ball pinned down her tongue as the woman lifted her head up and fastened the gag’s buckle tightly. The black gel penis attached to the gag wiggled in front of her face.

Janice patted her captive on the forehead, “Now you just lay here while I rustle us up something to eat.”


Janice paused outside the door after making sure that it was bolted tight. She was sure that the girl inside wouldn’t be able to escape her bindings but it was always a good thing to be cautious. That’s why she and her husband were so good at what they did. She snapped the bit of cloth covering her crotch back into place and went upstairs to check in with the kids. She also wanted to take along shower before getting together a few sandwiches.

The master bedroom’s door was shut and she could hear her husband’s voice talking to number 1. Though Janice was curious which of the girls she had, she didn’t want to undo the objectification of her. It was part of the slave-making process in Dr. Brand’s notes on the matter. The girls were bound for a client and that client wanted them ‘peripherally’ trained, that is, trained in the basics. The client, whomever it was, was going to do some of the training themselves.

Janice’s purse was in the office, the second bedroom of the small three-bedroom house that they were renting. There were two small laptops as well as numerous monitors displaying different rooms of the house. She noticed that her husband was kneeling over number 1, his cock aiming straight for her face. Number two was struggling on the bed, yanking at the unforgiving chains that held her there. The client wanted video footage of the twin’s training and they obliged.

She reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone. She first dialed her daughter Stephanie’s number but it rang several times before going to voice mail. Next, she tried her stepson’s number. It rang twice before Jeffery picked it up.

“Hey,” Jeffery answered.

“Hey yourself. How are you?” Janice asked.

“Good. Just contemplating which chores to get started on. So how are you? The islands must be awesome.”

“It is just so much more wonderful than I thought it would be. Your dad is out on the beach watching all those bikini-clad girls flaunt their stuff. He is pretending to read, but I can see his eyes behind those sunglasses.”

“You have nothing to worry about, Mom, those girls can’t touch you,” Jeffery replied.

“You betcha ass they can’t. Where’s Steph? I have been trying to reach her on her cell.”

“Around. She probably left it off the charger. I’ll let her know you called. Want her to give you a call back?”

“No,” Janice said, “Too many wonderful things to do here. . . probably tying one on here pretty soon anyway. Take care of yourself and watch over Stephie, okay?”

Jeffery smiled, “Will do.”

“Love you.” Janice said.

“Love you too.”

Janice cut her phones connection.

Even though she hadn’t been able to get a hold of Stephanie, she knew she was in good hands with Jeffery. He was a dependable young man that wouldn’t let Stephanie do anything that Janice wouldn’t allow. She would try giving her daughter a call later on. Janice stuffed her cell back into her purse and went down the short hall to turn of the shower.


As Ray made his way down the hallway, he heard the water running in the shower. Janice was taking one of her long showers. Ray was an in-and-out type of guy when it came to that sort of thing but his wife like to luxuriate under the spray of hot water. He turned the doorknob and grinned. She still didn’t lock the bathroom door.

The room was bathed in steam and the smell of lavender soap. The tub had one of those old frosted glass sliding doors and he could see the beautiful, hazy silhouette of Janice offering herself to the showerhead. Ray stepped out of his clothes and slid open the shower door.

“Mind if I join you?” Ray asked, stepping over the edge of the tub.

Janice’s green eyes smiled, “Not at all, my love.”

She reached out and embraced him. Their lips met and soon their tongues danced over one another. Ray loved the feel of his wife’s body next to his. He was familiar with every curve and valley yet it never failed to excite him.

After a bit, she pulled away from him.

“So, how did it go?” she asked.

“Well,” he said, disappointed that their kiss didn’t last as long as he would have liked it to, “Number 1 has some spunk to her but she doesn’t want to see her sister hurt. And that, my lady love, is how we are going to get little Miss number 1 trained.”

Janice nodded, “The same is true with twin number 2, though she is as fragile as a china cup right now. Got her to lick pussy, though, and I can imagine with time she will be able to do that like a pro.”

For the most part, Ray and Janice never knew anything about the client they were shopping for, including sex, so their training would include how to service both men and women. Janice knew that such training was just that. Having sex was involved but there was a huge difference between having sex and making love. Making love isn’t what they did for a living.

Janice reached down, curled her fingers around his shaft, and began to slowly stroke it.

“The client authorized penetration,” she said in almost a whisper.

“Yes,” he said.

She nodded. It was one of the hardest things about the job; divorcing yourself from the situation. The slaves would be fucked and fucked by her husband. It didn’t mean that he loved her less. It was just part of making a slave out of a girl.

Ray let out a low growl as he embraced his wife, cupping her wonderful ass. His kisses traveled up her throat to her earlobe where he gently nibbled it. Janice laughed and continued to pull at his cock, enjoying the hardness of it in her hand. Slowly, he backed her up under the shower faucet and pinned her against the wall.

Holding him, she guided his cock into her. She let out a slight moan as he filled her. She curled one of her legs around his has he began to thrust into her as he picked her up. She returned his kisses hungrily as his pace picked up, the pleasure of his manhood inside of her swelling her with bliss. Soon, Janice was completely engulfed in pure ecstasy as she screamed his name out over and over again.

The water had started to grow tepid as he eased her down.

“I love you,” he whispered to her as he kissed her neck.

She looked into his gray-blue eyes with a fiery intensity, “I love you too.”

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