Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; F/ff; M/f; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; susp; insert; toys; electro; nipple; bdsm; mast; facial; climax; nc; XX

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Chapter 4

Janice loved the sounds number 2 made through her gag. They were whimpers of soul-wrenching despair. Sweat glistened off of the blonde slave’s slender body as Janice ran her fingers over the flat of the girl’s stomach and up to her large breasts. The wires were still firmly attached to 2’s nipple clamps and Janice pulled at them briefly just to hear number 2 wail into her gag. Janice had no intention of unclamping them yet. She needed them in place for what she planned next.

Reaching down, Janice unplugged the cords going to number 1’s vibe and flipped a switch as she pulled the vibe out of the girl. She had decided that number 1 was going to be her husband’s slave to use when he came down. Number 2 intrigued Janice more. She was the more ‘fragile’ of the two twins. Seeing her cum while she was bound had made Janice wet. She wanted number 2 to get her off.

Both of the blonde twins still had their mitten-clad hands bound above their heads as they stood on the balls of their feet. The pressure-switch ball gags still filled both of their mouths as both girls watched Janice circle around them. Finally, she stopped in front of Cassandra and eased the phallus out of her.

“My, you’re wet,” she smiled as she wafted the vibe beneath Sandy’s nose.

Number 2 flinched and tried to pull away, but not before Mistress moistened Sandy’s upper lip with the device. The smell of her own arousal now filled her nose.

Mistress leaned down and turned on the device.

Sandy and Mandy both yelped in pain as their nipples were shocked once again by the electrified clamps. Cassandra bit down on her gag and the pain stopped. Sandy imagined that the pain stopped in her sisters clamps as well.

Mistress laughed as she held Cassandra’s buzzing vibe in her hand, climbing into the brass bed. Both girls were strung up so they were to the right side of the bed and in plain view of the Mistress.

“Turn to face me, girls,” Janice commanded.

Both girls did. They were indeed a gorgeous pair. Number 1 sported a red collar and matching cuffs and number 2 wore a black collar. Other than their cuffs, collar and gag, both were naked and shivering. Tears had made a mess of their studio make-up. Number 2 was still whimpering while number 1 was silent. Both had their glistening dark brown eyes fixed on her.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Janice spread her legs open, unfastening the zipper covering her sex. She slowly eased the humming vibrator into herself, eliciting a small moan of pleasure from her lips. It’s buzzing soon sparked more flares of passion inside her as she worked the phallus in and out of herself.

“Now, I love the sounds of you two moaning, so that’s what I want to hear,” Janice said.

Sandy started to moan a little louder but she couldn’t hear her sister do the same.

“Moan!” Janice yelled, slapping the riding crop on the mattress.

Both of the bound twins moaned through their gags. The sound was heaven to Janice’s ears as she leaned back and started to caress herself with the vibe. Her moans soon joined theirs as her flames roared, climbing higher and higher. . .

The vibrator stopped and the girl’s moans were replaced by cries of pain. Quickly, the vibrator started up again.

Janice thrust the phallus into herself faster and faster and the white hot flames of pleasure seared through her. Again and again, they burnt her soul with bliss until she finally just collapsed back onto the bed. Her eyes opened when she heard the sound of her husband clapping.

“Bravo,” Ray said in his smooth southern voice, “Bravo.”

Janice sat up, “You like, Master?”

“I like indeed,” the man replied, “Now which of these two fillies would you like to spend some quality one-on-one time with?”

Janice smiled, “Why, I think I need to get to know number 2 better, Master, if you permit me to.”

“Why certainly,” Ray smiled as he stepped over to Amanda, “And I will enjoy the sweet company of number 1.”

The man was dressed casually in a black, tight-fitting t-shirt and jeans. Mandy noticed that he had also changed into a pair of black western boots as well.

The man grabbed Amanda’s jaw and lifted her head until her eyes were fastened onto his.

“I know you are not going to cause me any trouble, are you? You have your sister there to think of. I would hate to see her punished for your mistakes. Now I am going to undo you and I want to stand perfectly still. Do you understand number 1?”

Amanda nodded, closing her eyes. She could feel her tears starting at the corners of her eyes. The firmness of his grip had hurt. He let her go and unfastened the clamps to her nipples. The blood rushing back into them caused a new rush of pain that caused her to moan into her gag.

She felt the man against her back as he reached up and undid the ropes holding her wrists above her head. The ache in her shoulders was now gone as she let her arms drop down. She watched as the man undid the clip between her cuffs. It wasn’t a lock as she had first thought. It was a simple spring clip. However, with her hands forced into a fist and enshrouded in leather, there was no way she could undo the clip herself. It might as well been a padlock.

The ‘Master’ pulled her wrists in back of her and refastened the cuffs together. Amanda tested them a bit, hoping for some slack or give, but there was none. He reached around her and began to caress her sore nips. She could feel his warm breath on her neck and behind her ear as he held her tightly against himself. Amanda felt like that poor field mouse being constricted by an oily black snake just before being made into a meal.

Then he let her go. Amanda barely caught herself from falling over, her ankles still being locked tightly together. She glanced quickly over at her sister, still dangling from her wrists. Mistress was still on the bed, watching them both with her riding crop in her hand.

Amanda noticed the man pulling out a large coil of rope. He unwound it and folded it in half. He then pulled the rope around her waist and pulled it tight, feeding the two loose ends through the looped one. He adjusted it so the knot was in the middle of her back and made sure that it was tight before pulling the ends between her ass cheeks.

Amanda felt a small tap on her inner thigh. Too scared not to obey, she opened her knees as far as she could with her ankles cuffed. She looked down and watched as the man fed the ends of the rope between her legs and up. Gently, the man spread the lips of her sex and pulled the rope up tightly between them, looping it beneath the rope around her waist and tying it off. The white nylon rope was firmly against her clit, rubbing against it with every breath she took and sending little sparks of pleasure through her.

The man held the ends of her crupper like a pair of reins and gave them a quick tug.

“Come on, sweetheart, time to come along,” he said as he headed out the door.

The rope chaffed her swollen sex as he pulled her towards the doorway and Amanda had to hop to keep up. Her breast jiggled with every jump as she hopped closer to the open doorway. At the door, she had to jump down a step since the bedroom’s floor was several inches higher the cement floor of the basement.

Without a word, he continued to pull her towards the stairs out of the basement. When they got there, she stopped, unable to jump up the first stair.

“Come on, number 1,” he said, giving her rope another yank.

Amanda whimpered in her gag and shook her head. There was no way she was going up those stairs like he wanted her to.

“What did you just say?” Ray said, stepping down the stairway and facing her just inches from her nose.

Again, Amanda shook her head.

She squealed in pain as the man’s riding crop sliced out and slapped her rear. She strained against the ropes but the man held on tightly and cut her ass two more times before stopping.

“You will never deny your Master again,” Ray said in a hushed, hard voice, “Do you understand me, number 1?”

Sobbing, Amanda nodded her head. She felt another tug on her rope crupper. Knowing she couldn’t hop up the stairs, she squatted down until she sat on one of the stairs and scooted her way up until she reached to top where she swung her feet around until she could kneel and then stand. All the while, the man named ‘Master’ watched her as she struggled.

“Come along,” he ordered and she followed, hopping the best she could as she followed him through the kitchen and down a hallway to an open door. It was another bedroom.

Like the room in the basement, a large canopied brass bed dominated the room. There was a large dresser on one wall and a footlocker at the foot of the bed. The room’s window had the blind drawn down and the curtains pulled shut. Like the other room, dark gray foam lined the walls and ceilings with only the closet, bathroom and hallway doors and the one window uncovered.

The man pulled her into the small bathroom that sported a pedestal sink, toilet and a small enclosed shower, all done in periwinkle blue porcelain. The man quickly undid her crupper and threw the rope aside.

“Go,” the man said.

The girl just stood there, a puzzled look on her face.

“If you need to use the toilet, now’s the time. It might be awhile before you all get a chance to again.”

Amanda was horrified and she could feel her embarrassment flush her skin red as she sat down. She never let anyone else in the bathroom when she went, even in the hospital. Now, under the watchful gaze of the man, she tried to pee.

“Are you going to do it or not, number 1?” he said, tapping the crop against his leg.

The bound blonde tried, but with him staring at her, she just could bring herself to do it.

“Okay, come on,” the man said with disgust.

Amanda moaned and finally let loose a stream of urine. The man tapped her inner thigh with the crop and she opened her legs for him. He got out a washcloth and ran warm water over it before using it to clean herself. He was gentle as he cleaned her sex before rinsing out the cloth and hanging it up.

“Come,” he ordered.

She struggled to her feet and he hooked his finger through her collars front ‘D’ ring. He led her out of the bathroom and towards the bed. She balked at first, realizing where this was going to lead, but the pain inflicted by his crop was still fresh in her mind, so she followed.

“You’ve been a good lil’ filly so far,” Ray said as they stood beside the bed, “Now I want you to hop right in there and lay down on your back.”

Amanda paused.

“DO IT!” he yelled into her face, his face twisted with fury.

As quickly as she could, the blonde wriggled her way onto the bed. Her cuffed hands bit into her back a bit, but it was tolerable. She watched him gather from the dresser some lengths of chain and a pair of locks. He quickly attached one of the chains around her cuffed ankles and to the foot of the bed, locking it there. The man then leaned her up and looped the other chain through her collar’s back ring and after laying her back down, locked it to the head of the bed.

“Now, let’s get acquainted now,” Ray smiled.

Amanda couldn’t turn away as he first pulled his t-shirt off and then pulled down his jeans and underwear. Though his muscles weren’t well-defined, the man was still solidly built all around. There was a scar across the flat of his stomach and a tattoo of a striking cobra on his right shoulder. He wasn’t a hairy man at all, just enough to cover his chest and his stomach. His cock was already rampant; its thick shaft glistening in the rooms dim light. It was the size of one of her larger vibrators at home.

He slid into bed next to her and just looked at her, his eyes traveling about her body as if trying to decide where to feast first. Then slowly, he began to touch her, his fingertips grazing over her skin tenderly like a lover would. The thought sent shivers through her and she squirmed a little in her bonds.

“Now, now,” he said in his silken southern drawl, “Just relax, number 1.”

He rolled closer to her and she could feel his cock hot against her hip. He hands were now moving up and down her body and cupping her breasts. His thumbs roughly massaged her erect nipples, sending warm ripples of bliss through her. She struggled beneath his touch, trying to move away, but the chains held her fast. Amanda moaned and shook her head, trying to plead with him to stop, but he didn’t. His hands continued to grope her and lift her to him.

The man leaned over her and she felt his teeth tease at her nipple; his tongue licking at its tip. Amanda could feel the molten pools rising within her as more and more passion built inside her. He went from one nipple to another, nipping and licking before training his attentions downward over her stomach and to the soft golden curls of her nest.

The bound girl tried to squirm away from him but the chain tethered her until she couldn’t move any further. The man continued to press himself against her, nibbling and kissing around her soft nest of curls gently. He wasn’t rushed. Amanda was praying that he would just climb on top of her and be done with it, but he continued to explore her body like no one had before. Despite everything, she found herself wanting.

The blonde turned her head as he began kissing her neck above the collar, whimpering as fresh tears ran over her cheek. His leg straddled hers and she felt his solid cock against her stomach. He licked at her tears and kissed her cheek and forehead. She then felt him bestride her.

“Look at me!” he commanded.

She continued to shut her eyes and turn away.

He grabbed her jaw and turned her head to face him, “I told you to look at me, 1. Do you really want me to hurt you?”

She slowly opened her reddened eyes and shook her head slightly.

“That’s a good girl,” the man named Master smiled, “Now watch.”

He inched himself forward until his erection was mere inches from her face, its purplish head pointing straight at Amanda’s face. He began stroking himself; slowly, deliberately. The musky smell of his sex filled her nose as he masturbated, his hand moving faster and faster.

Mandy wanted to close her eyes and wish this all away, but the dread of what Master would do to her trumped her current horror.

Then she heard a low moan from him.

Hishot cum sprayed over her face and hair. A bit stung the corner of her eye. More continued to pulse out of his dick and dribble over her face until there was little left. The white semen drizzled over her face as if she were a pastry, running over her gag, cheeks and nose. The warm smell of his cum saturated her.

Amanda had never felt so humiliated in her life.

A bright flash blinded her. The man had pulled out a small digital camera and was taking close-up pictures of her face. A cold emptiness filled her soul as she wondered who would be seeing those images.

“Just something to remember you by, number 1,” he grinned.

Already some of his cum had started to cool on her face as she watched him go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. She rubbed off what she could on the sheets, but tied as she was, she couldn’t get most of it as it dried.

The man came out, drying himself off, the scent of soap blending with his jism. He pulled on his boxers and jeans as well as his t-shirt.

“Don’t worry, little girl,” he said, “I’ll clean you up after I get dinner ready for y’all. I hope you’re hungry because I know I am hungrier than a pack of blizzard-starved wolves.”

Amanda moaned her complaints into her gag.

“Besides, I heard this can do wonders for your complexion. Think of it as a free spa treatment, number 1. Now let‘s tend to you. I love to see a gal all hot n‘ flustered.”

From the nightstand, he pulled out a small tube of gel from which he squeezed a bit onto his fingers. He sat down onto the bed beside Amanda and with one hand, parted the puffed lips of her sex. Gently, he messaged the cool gel up and down her slit, adding a bit more until he was satisfied that she was thoroughly coated.

Amanda felt the effects of the stuff almost immediately. A warm tingly itch filled her puss and inflamed her clit. She squirmed and tried to rub her legs together, but there was no soothing herself.

She watched in anguish as the man she knew as Master left the room and locked the door. She squirmed and bucked, but the chains to her ankles and collar held her tight. Her leather-encased fists unable to reach anything that mattered. She screamed in frustration, the gag muffling her noise.

God, Amanda hoped he would be back soon.

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