Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; F/f; M/f; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; electro; oral; mast; toys; climax; reluct/cons; XX

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Chapter 6

Amanda squirmed in her bonds, trying to get free. The young blonde was lying on the bed nude, her wrists locked in leather cuffs behind back and her ankles cuffed to the foot of the bed. A red leather collar was encircled her neck and a stout chain ran from it to the head of the bed, effectively pinning her there. She could put her wrists to one side of her or the other, but that was about it. She couldn’t even look to see her cuffed wrists in the position she was in. The penis-shaped gag was now making her jaw ache but worse of all, the gel the man had rubbed into her sex was driving her nuts, giving her a tingling itch that she couldn’t relieve.

It would have been better if she hadn’t seen that movie ‘Taken’. Her mind kept going back to the scene where the girls were chained in filthy rooms, drugged out of their minds and being used as sex slaves. Amanda knew it was just a movie but she also knew that human trafficking was very real. She really didn’t think that was the case here, at least she hoped not.

For the millionth time she tried to shed the cuffs off her wrists, but the leather encircled them tightly and she couldn’t slip her hands out of them or the leather mittens enclosing her hands. She screamed into her gag in frustration. The man’s jism had dried on her face and hair where she couldn’t wipe it off on the sheets, its smell still lingering around her.

Craning her neck, she could see the window above her bed was sealed off and covered with the same kind of foam that covered all the walls, a simple way of soundproofing that made sure her muffled screams couldn’t be heard. The room was sparsely furnished with a cheap dresser and a pair of nightstands. There were eye-bolts in the ceiling at various places but from what little of the floor she had seen, there were none of the bolts installed there.

Amanda worried about her sister more than she worried about herself. Cassandra didn’t have the qualities dad had instilled into Amanda. Her weekends were spent with her father fishing on the local lakes and hiking in the nearby woods. Sandy was more comfortable whipping up chocolate cakes and shopping for outfits. She was very much like Mom that way. IT wasn’t that Amanda minded putting on a dress and make-up once in awhile, she just preferred jeans and a t-shirt. No, this would be more devastating to Sandy and Amanda wished that she could at least be beside her twin sister during this so they could endure it together.

Just then, the door opened, startling her out of her thoughts.

“Are you ready to eat?” the man said, closing the door behind him.

Amanda just stared at the man as he put the plate on the nightstand. Her eyes wandered to the plate. It held a great looking hoagie and some potato chips along with a can of Coke complete with straw. She didn’t want to admit she was hungry and thirsty.

“No harm in saying no, number 1, I’ll just save it for later. Being damn stubborn isn’t going to get you what you want, you know. So do you want your sandwich or not?”

Amanda slowly nodded. She needed to keep her strength up in case she found a way to escape from here.

“Now, I am going to remove that gag and I don’t want a peep from you. Do we have an understanding?”

Again, the bound blonde nodded. Ray bent her head forward and took the gag out of her mouth, laying it on the bed.

“Now, ground rules. If I ask you a question, you can answer it. Period. You will do as you’re told or there‘ll be some mighty painful trouble. You understand, number 1?”

“Yes,” Amanda answered.

“Yes what?” Ray barked

“Yes Master,” she said quietly but inside a quiet anger brewed over the title.

“Good. I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, I’m going to unlock you so you can sit up and not choke.”

The man undid the lock chaining her collar to the bed and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up. Standing on the bed, he locked the chain to one of the eye-bolts in the ceiling, forcing her to stay sitting up. Ray appreciated how pretty the girl actually was, with a slender figure and largish breasts. Her pert nose was covered with a spray of freckles and her brown eyes, though red from crying, had a luminous quality to them and a certain innocence. He could see why they would make a great pair of slaves. That is if, of course, he could train them at least decently. But, he and Janice had trained much more formidable captives so Ray was sure they wouldn’t have a problem. It was just a matter of how long.

Ray moved to the foot of the bed and undid the clip holding the chain anchoring her ankle cuffs to the bed frame. Taking the end of that chain, he looped it through his captive’s collar and pulled her cuffed ankles towards her head.

“Open your legs, number 1.”

Amanda did so reluctantly. As the man pulled the chain further, she had to cross her ankles until there were only a few links of chain between the front ‘D’ ring on her collar and her cuffed ankles so that she was balancing on her tailbone. Fortunately, Amanda could use her mitten-clad fists to steady herself. She watched silently as the man took out a pair of chrome clamps that had a thin chain linking them together.

“Hold still, number 1,” the man commanded.

A bolt of pleasure fanned through Amanda as the man gently pinched her nipple, teasing it with his fingers before setting the clamp on it. He then looped the other clamp over the chain that connected her ankles to her collar before clamping her other stiffened nipple. If she moved much, the chain to the clamps would draw tight and pull on her already sensitive nipples, sending more and more breaths of pleasure blowing through her. The sum total of all this strictness was that it made her sex ache for attention that much more.

The last thing the man named Master pulled out was a slender, chrome vibrator that he turned on and just propped against her open sex. It’s buzzing only teased her more, fanning the flames without adding more fuel.

“Now, before I feed you, number 1, what is your name?”

“Amanda,” she replied.

She screamed in shock as he slapped her face. “Wrong! What is your name?”

“Number 1,” she said quietly, stunned by the slap.

“What did you say, slave?”

“Number 1,” Amanda said louder.

“So you are slave number 1?” Ray asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Amanda saw the other slap coming and winced as he hit the other side of her face. It wasn’t hard, only enough to sting.

“Wrong. You reply ‘Yes Master.’ So you are slave number 1?”

Amanda swallowed. “Yes, Master.”

The man smiled. “That’s a good lil’ slave. . .”

She felt him press the vibrator more firmly against her sex, causing Amanda to moan involuntarily.

“. . . Now do you want to cum, number 1?”

Amanda didn’t say anything and just looked in her captor’s blue-gray eyes. Again, the man slapped her, this time a bit harder.

“Answer me, slave!” he yelled in her face.

Amanda couldn’t look at him when she told him yes. She could feel a heated shame blushing her body red as he nudged the tip of the vibe inside her glistening lips. The slender phallus filled her, sending ripples of pure bliss as it hummed. It didn’t seem to ease the prickly itch from the gel; rather, it seemed to inflame it. She began rocking in her bondage and panting through her open mouth.

Then he took it away.

“Slave, only I can tell you when to cum or not! I pleasure you when I want and how I want. You have no say. You are mine to play with. Your body is my property. Do you understand, number 1?”

“Yes, Master,” the blonde nodded her head.

“You will eat first, slave number 1. Then I will see if you are worthy of an orgasm.”

The man held up a can of Coke with a straw in it and Amanda sipped the cold sweet drink, letting it linger in her mouth before taking a bite of the sandwich being offered to her. The last time she was fed like this she must have been an infant. Her captor made sure to wipe the mayo off the corners of her mouth and brush away the crumbs. However, the man was insistent about her finishing her lunch and it didn’t take Amanda long to do so.

The itch in her sex was torturous, inflaming her entire body yet there was nothing she could do to relieve it. Eating had diverted her attention away from her needs for a bit, but the desires had not disappeared. Now that she was done with her lunch, her whole being seemed to be focused solely on her need. So focused, in fact, that she hadn’t noticed that the man was holding another gag in front of her until he pressed it against her mouth.

“Open wide, slave number 1,” Master commanded.

Reluctantly, she did as she was told. It was a different sort of gag, just a leather-wrapped ring and a pair of straps. She had to open her mouth wide for him to fit the ring behind her teeth. However, it wasn’t long before it was buckled tightly behind her head. The man then coated the vibrator with the same gel that he had rubbed into her sex before easing it inside her still buzzing.

“Number 1, you will not cum until I tell you to! Period. If you do, then there will be some very painful consequences that might also include your lil’ twin sister, understand?”

The bound blonde nodded, drool starting to drip from her open lips.

“Now, for your dessert,” He grinned.

The man climbed up into bed and stood up, his cock leveled at her face. Grabbing the back of her head, he eased himself inside of her mouth as she struggled against him. His head and hard shaft tasted slightly salty as he pushed himself back until she gagged. Slowly he began thrusting himself at her, his balls striking her chin and his coarse hair tickling at her lips.

“Make me cum, slave!” he ordered Amanda.

She sealed her lips around his shaft as best she could as he picked up his pace, his hands clasped around her head and forcing her tempo. The heated rawness of her need flared as the gel and vibrator did their work and drove here into a passionate frenzy. A tempest of fiery pleasure rose inside her as she frantically serviced the man. Amanda focused on him. Not to do so was to invite a furious orgasm within her and the dire consequence of disobedience. He gripped her head tighter and held on while she tasted his hot jism shooting against the back of her throat.

She continued to squirm as her rising passion clawed at her very gates of her soul, needing to be let loose. Her whole body writhed against her bonds, bucking and jouncing.

“Cum, slave 1,” he said, keeping his softening cock inside her mouth to gag her loud moans.

An eruption of molten bliss consumed Amanda as torrents of pleasure charred her very being. She thrashed and struggled as her orgasm flared again and again and again until she was too far drained to do anything else but collapse as far as her chains would allow. The taste of his cum filled her mouth as she panted, unable to swallow. He was sitting on the bed beside her, easing the vibrator out of her.

Amanda watched as he zipped up his pants and left, not even looking back at her. The bedroom door shut, leaving Amanda in her own silence.


Cassandra just laid there with her eyes closed trying not to think about what was happening to her. Her cuffed wrists were chained to the brass headboard and her cuffed ankles were locked to the foot of the brass bed. Other than that hideous black collar they forced her to wear and the black penis gag that protruded out of her mouth, she was as naked as a newborn. After the woman left, she had pulled on her restraints to try to get loose, but it was hopeless. Finally, she just stopped trying.

The blonde captive didn’t know how long it had been since the woman left her, but she opened her eyes when she heard her door being unlocked, hoping that they were bringing back her sister Mandy. What little hope she had withered when she saw that it was only Mistress, dressed in a simple black-colored blouse and a pair of gray tight-fitting jeans. Sandy did notice, however, Mistress wore a thin steel collar similar to the leather one ringing her own neck.

“I hope you are hungry, number 2,” the woman said, setting a plate with a hoagie-style sandwich, some chips, and a can of Coke on the nightstand beside the bed.

Cassandra’s stomach felt as if it was nothing but knobs and twists. The thought of any food made her even sicker. She shook her head as the woman sat down beside her on the bed.

“Number 2, I am not asking you. You will eat.”

Janice reached around the back of the blonde girl’s head, undid the buckle and pulled the gag from her captive’s mouth. Sandy’s jaw was still stiff from the gag so she worked some of the soreness out by stretching it.

“Where is my sister?” Sandy asked.

Mistress grabbed Sandy by her jaw. “You will not speak unless spoken to, slave!”

The woman’s grip hurt and Sandy squinted shut her eyes.

“Next time, number 2, I will use the crop on you and your sister if you do that again. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra said quietly.

“Good. Now I am going to change your bindings so you can sit up. ANY resistance will be dealt with harshly and painfully. I have the prod there in the armoire and I will use it on those tender parts of yours. Understand, slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Sandy repeated.

Without another word, the woman stepped behind the bed and unlocked the chain holding Cassandra’s wrists there above her head. She then felt her leather cuffs being unlocked from one another and separated.

“Sit up.”

Sandy did as she was told. She felt her arms being pulled back and her wrists being locked behind her. Mistress then reached up and pulled down a length of rope that was pulled through one of the eye-bolts in the ceiling. She tied off the rope to Sandy’s cuffs before going over to the wall and pulling. The rope pulled Sandy’s wrists up behind her, forcing her to bend forward a bit to relieve the pain in her shoulders. To Janice, number 2 looked wonderful in that strappado position, her breasts hanging down and her face wincing in pain.

After making sure that number 2 was secure, Janice went to fetch one of the laptops. She opened it up and booted it up and after typing in several security codes, she turned the screen towards her captive.

“I thought you might enjoy some entertainment while I feed you,” Janice said.

Filling the screen was the image of her sister, lying nude on a bed almost identical to the one Sandy was bound to now. She watched as the man came over to Amanda and spoke.

“Are you ready to eat?” he said.

Cassandra watched as the man changed her sister’s position and began to torture her with slaps to the face when she didn’t answer correctly.

Mistress held up the can of soda and Cassandra sipped at the straw before the woman set it down. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her sister, bound naked as the man that fed Amanda and teased her with a vibrator. It was like she was watching herself and she could almost feel her sister’s pain and humiliation.

Cassandra was so fixated on what was happening on the screen that she didn’t notice Mistress getting up, bringing over a tube of gel and squirting a blob onto her fingers. Only when the woman reached between Cassandra’s legs did she tear her eyes off of the computer.

She twisted in her bonds as Mistress rubbed the gel into the bound blonde’s sex. Sandy could almost feel its effects immediately. The gel seemed to give Sandy a tingly, burning sensation and made her pussy itch with a sort-of wanton desire.

“Stop,” Sandy screamed and she cried in pain as Mistress slapped her across the face before getting out of bed.

The blonde woman opened the armoire and pulled from it a long, mean-looking prod. Sandy knew what a prod was having seen them used on the family’s ranch.

“No, please, no . . . I’ll be good!” Sandy pleaded as she continued to struggle, not believing that anyone would use such a thing on a person.

“I know you will, slave.”

Janice poked the cattle prod at number 2’s left nipple and pressed the button. The girl shrieked in pain, renewed tears streaming down her face.

“Do you want another, number 2?” the woman asked.

“No!” Cassandra wailed.

“No, what?”

“No, Mistress! Please no, not again, please. I will be good. Just stop!”

The woman lowered her prod and picked up the black penis gag that Cassandra just been wearing.

“Open wide.”

Cassandra sobbed in pain but opened her mouth as the woman buckled the gag back in.

“Number 2, you have been very bad today. I am taking away your lunch and leaving you to think about what you just did. Watch what your sister is doing and learn how to behave. Your Master will be coming down here soon. You do not want to disappoint him.”

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