Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; F/ff; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; susp; insert; toys; electro; nipple; bdsm; mast; climax; nc/reluct; XX

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Chapter 3

Even though they were far from delivering the twins, Janice felt as if a huge load had been lifted from her shoulders. The abduction part was done and it was time now to savor part of their efforts. She shrugged out of her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. The belt came next, along with her holster and fake gun. She noticed one of the twins had noticed it when they went to pick them up and she was sure that part of her costume helped convince the twins that they were indeed detectives and needed to talk to them.

Janice stripped out of her pants next, laying them on the bed. She would hang them up later. Right now, she wanted to get back downstairs to have a little girl time with the twins. She selected a wonderful black leather teddy with a plunging neckline.

She really didn’t bring along a lot of this type clothing, only a few pieces that screamed dominatrix. It was important to Janice to set the stage correctly and look the part. Ray and she didn’t know who the client was, including the client’s sex, so training had to include a dominate female aspect. Janice was more than willing to oblige with that part of it.

The blonde slipped out of her bra and panties and into the figure-hugging teddy. Looking in the mirrored closet doors, she thought she looked almost like a blonde Vampirella. Janice fought to keep a trim figure by jogging and working out at the gym with her husband. Looking at herself now, with her long, platinum blonde hair cascading down her back, her narrow waist, and long legs, she knew that she was a stunning woman and most of those genes had passed on to her teenage daughter Stephanie.

Janice picked up a pair of black thigh-high boots and slipped them on. She was comfortable with the 5-inch heels they had and it made her look that much taller. The black opera gloves were last. One more glance in the mirror before she headed down to teach the twins a few more things.

“God, every time I see you in that outfit reminds me why I married you.” Ray smiled, giving his wife a warm hug before he climbed out of his detective’s costume.

“It wasn’t my personality?” Janice pouted.

“A little bit, but mainly the outfit.”

Ray held his wife tight against him, feeling her familiar curves as he kissed her, their tongues dancing around each other. Despite seeing and using many young women, Janice still made him as horny as the first day he saw her. Reluctantly, Ray let her go. They both had work to do and really not very many days in which to do it.


Cassandra stared down at her toes, looking at her perfectly manicured nails. She had had a pedicure a few days ago, just before the shoot. She was clinging to that memory of being pampered like a life preserver in a cold sea of pain.

Her wrists and shoulders ached from being hung from them for what seemed like an eternity. Her rear throbbed from the caning she had received from the man and her whole soul felt as if it had been ripped out and ground to bits. She couldn’t even look up at her twin sister even though she heard her sister’s moans in front of her.

The most hideous thing, however, was the fact that she had an orgasm. Not just once, but twice. That was what tore her up the most, letting the animal pleasures consume her in front of their captors.

Sandy knew that her twin sister Amanda had climaxed also. Cassandra could hear Mandy’s moans over her own. She hadn’t looked up but just squeezed her eyes shut as the man did what he did to her.

She heard the door open and she turned her head. The Mistress had returned now, clad in a leather teddy, thigh-high boots and black gloves. In her one hand, she held a riding crop.

“I hope you girls had time to rest. We have quite a bit in store for you today and you need to learn a few things before I turn you over to my husband.”

Cassandra watched as Mistress slowly walked around herself and her sister Amanda. Both of Cassandra’s and Amanda’s eyes followed her. Amanda was trying to say something, but her penis gag made every one of her words sound like mush.

“I know you both must be eager to find out what I have in store for you, but first, I need to get you ready.”

The Mistress went over to the wall and undid the rope pulling Cassandra up. Slowly she was winched down until her feet were flat on the carpet. Then the woman tied the rope off again, keeping Cassandra’s mitten-clad hands still above her head.

Conversely, Cassandra watched as the woman pulled her sister up further until Amanda couldn’t touch the floor with her feet. When the woman was satisfied, she stepped over in front of Amanda and looked her in the eyes.

“You are not going to cause any problems, are you, number 1?” she asked.

Amanda shook her head no. The woman then knelt down and unlocked Amanda’s ankles from the spreader bar. After she had removed them, Mistress produced a pair of leather cuffs and locked them around each ankle before clipping them together.

Stepping back, Janice looked at both girls. Both still had a pair of bondage mittens encasing their hands as well as leather cuffs locked around their ankles. Their bound wrists were still being held above their heads by rope and both had their mouths gagged. Number 1 had a panel gag sealed over her lips and Janice knew a large dildo filled her mouth behind it. Number 2 still had the gag with a large black gel dildo protruding out of it. Both girls had their color-coded collars on; red for 1 and black for 2. They were both facing Mistress.

“We are going to get to know each other a whole lot better,” Janice smiled, “And you will learn what it is like to obey me and how painful it is when you don’t.”

“This, my sweets, is a crop and I will be using it to instruct you and guide you. . .”

Janice stepped over to Cassandra.

“You have already learned one command. . .”

The blonde mistress gave Cassandra a tap on her inner thigh. Sandy hesitated a second before she opened her legs as wide as her bindings would allow.

“Very good,” she smiled as she began to touch between number 2’s legs with her gloved finger.

Cassandra closed her eyes as she felt Mistress slowly working her way between her lips. The embers of her orgasm had not completely cooled and she felt a few hot waves of pleasure as Mistress tickled at her clit.

“You see, obeying has its privileges,” Mistress said, pulling her hand away and stepping over to Cassandra‘s sister.

“Now, your pleasure and your pain are in our hands and it is up to you which one you want to experience. Personally, I hate pain and knowing what I know about how to inflict it, I am sure you won‘t like it either. Thus begins our next lesson.”

Mistress paused, looking both of her captives in the eye before proceeding.

“Presenting yourself pleases us. When we are pleased, we tend not to punish you.”

The woman tapped Amanda just above her nest of curls using the tip of the crop.

“A tap there means we want you to thrust your pretty pussies out for us. . .”

Amanda felt herself blush, but slowly she pushed her hips out as far as she could. She felt a tap on her inner thigh and with a bit of difficulty, she opened her knees. She felt the caress of Mistress’ finger easing itself into her and slowly stroking her. Warm ripples of bliss washed through her as Amanda let out an involuntary moan. Mistress stopped and turned to Amanda’s sister hanging beside her.

Cassandra felt the same set of taps as her sister, the first one above her puss and the second one on her thigh. She tried her best to do both but with her ankles bound together, it was a little more difficult than the thought.

“Good girls. I just knew you were going to be fast learners. Now, until we tell you otherwise, you have to maintain your position. I know you won’t mind since you both have such nice, wet pussies. . .”

Mistress went over to the armoire and pulled out a black case. Setting it down in front of them, she clicked the latch open, opened the top and pulled out a pair of slender, chrome vibrators. Each one had a set of controls on a very long cord that led out of the case. Next she removed a pair of red ball gags, again with cords running into the case. The last items to come from the box were two sets of clamps, each having a wire running to the box. The woman ran a cord out and plugged it into an outlet on the wall.

Without a word, Janice eased the first vibrator into number 1. It slipped in easily until nearly the full length was inside her. She stepped over to number 2 and did the same thing, making sure that the cords did not become entangled. When she was satisfied nothing had become a rats nest, she stood up and smiled at Sandy.

“Two lines traced over your stomach like this,” Janice said, taking her crop and tracing two parallel lines across the flat of Cassandra’s stomach, “Means that you can relax and stand quietly to await your next order.”

Immediately, Sandy relaxed. She watched as Mistress stepped over to Amanda and gave her the same command. However, the device in front of them made her very nervous, knowing that soon the other pieces would be used on her as well.

“The last command I will be teaching you today is presenting your breasts to us. A simple tap to your chest means I want you to thrust out your breasts so we can use them.”

She tapped on Cassandra’s chest and, hesitantly, the younger girl pushed her chest out. Again, the mistress did the same to her twin sister, Amanda. The woman reached down and selected a pair of the small clamps. A chill of dread went through Cassandra as she realized where those clamps were going to be used.

“Face each other,” Mistress commanded.

Cassandra did as she was told. Facing her sister, Sandy didn’t look up. Her eyes were glued to the chrome clips in the woman’s hand. Mistress’ gloved hand cupped her left breast, her fingers pulling on her nipple. She watched in horror as the woman took the clip and clamped it down on her nip. She whimpered in pain as she watched the woman do the same to her twin sister Mandy. It felt like her nipple was being pinched in half. Just when it became a dull ache, Mistress repeated the clamping of her other nipple, causing Sandy to moan more.

“I want both of you to know that this little box here was made specifically for you two. Ray and I designed it ourselves when we accepted this job. I really hope you appreciate the thought that went into it.”

Janice knelt down and picked up one of the gags.

“You see here, these gags are a little more than your ordinary ball gag. They actually have a little pressure controller in each one. Very sensitive. You can control your vibrator by simply biting down on it. The harder you bite, the faster the vibe. However, bite down too hard, it will send a nasty shock to your titties. Don’t bite down at all and it will shock them even harder. Trust me when I say that it a very painful jolt. Now, who wants to go first?”

Cassandra shook her head, moaning into her gag. She heard her sister moan as well.

“Well, since you can’t decide, I guess I will gag number 2 first.”

Sandy felt her gag being unbuckled and, with a gentle pull, Mistress pulled it out of her mouth. The bound blonde didn’t have time to work the ache out of her jaw before she felt the red ball being pressed into her mouth.

“Open wide,” Janice said.

The ball was not as large as it could have been, but it still filled Cassandra’s mouth. She felt the buckles tighten to the point where the straps cut a little into the corners of her mouth and knew there was no way to push it back out. A cord led from the front of the gag to the black case. She watched as the woman gagged her sister the same way.

Cassandra bit down on the gag. It felt as if there was a spring inside, pushing her jaws open. There were no vibrations or shocks. Apparently, the woman hadn’t turned the device on.

“Now bite down if you don’t want a nasty shock.”

Sandy bit down as she watched Mistress reach into the case and turn a knob. The vibrator started humming inside her, igniting her embers again. She squeezed down a bit more on her gag and the buzzing of her vibe increased. She closed her eyes and concentrated on keeping her jaws set right. Cassandra felt a tap on her chest. It took a moment to register, but the bound girl stuck out her chest. She felt another tap on her thigh and she opened her legs the best she could.

“Now don’t you lose your buzzing little friend,” Janice said, helping to push number 2’s vibrator deeper inside her, “It may have some painful consequences.”

Sandy was relieved when she felt two lines being traced over her stomach and she clamped her legs shut. The vibrator was certainly doing its job. She could feel the whorls of pleasure building inside of her. She bit down a tad more and the vibrator hummed more violently, eliciting a moan of passion from her.

Her eyes flew open when she heard her sister squeal in pain. She had bit down too hard as Mistress tapped above her sex.

“Now, here is a new command, darlings. A tap on your ass means for you to thrust it out for us.”

Cassandra felt a tap on her rear and she pushed her rear out to the woman. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the woman’s gloved hands begin to massage her ass, kneading it as her vibrator continued to send pulses of bliss through her. The pleasure was building inside of her and she could feel it swelling inside her.

A painful spark bit into both of her nipples, causing her the yelp in pain. Quickly she bit back down on the gag, only harder than she wanted as another jolt seared her tender nips. She loosened her jaw a bit and the vibrator started up again. Cassandra felt swipes across her belly and she relaxed back to just standing in place.

How long this continued, Sandy had no idea. It felt like an eternity. Every time she was close to coming, a new command threw her off balance or a shock stung at her nipples. It was a torture like no other. She could feel an orgasm was just a heartbeat away. . .

“Do you want to cum?” Mistress whispered into Sandy’s ear.

Crying, Cassandra nodded.

“Beg,” she said.

Cassandra whined into her gag as she writhed in her bonds. She felt mistress’ hands moving over her; caressing her as she hung by her wrists.

“Do you beg for your sister too?”

Sandy nodded. She imagined that Amanda was in as much need as herself.

“Good,” Mistress hissed as she turned off the device. Her gloved finger then parted her sex and stroked her, teasing at her clit roughly until Cassandra’s world was engulf in burning-white ecstasy. She bucked and thrashed as Mistress held Sandy tightly to her own body until there was no more left.

Cassandra hung limply by her wrists.

Tiredly, she opened her eyes as she heard the panting moans of her sister. The woman was reaching around Amanda and stroking her sex. Mandy strained against her bondage until she shuddered and collapsed. Turning towards Cassandra, Janice gave her two stripes over her stomach. She struggled weakly to stand normally but she felt utterly exhausted.

“Now it’s your turn to please me,” Janice said, twirling her crop.


Ray watched this all on their computer monitor. He marveled at the way she handled both, keeping each on their toes. The video feed was also being piped to Magenta where they would forward it to the client as per the client’s wishes. This wasn’t unusual and Ray had done this for past clients. Of course, both Janice’s and his own face would be blurred out so no one would be able to identify them if the footage somehow got out.

He had changed into a pair of black jeans and a T-shirt. He really didn’t get into the whole dressing in leather thing. He was much more casual that way. His riding crop was more than enough costume for him. After his wife was done with them, Ray would get his turn. The client had given permission for penetration and that is just what Ray had in mind.

Ray turned back to the monitor to see what Mrs. Ray was going to have them do.

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