Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; kidnap; bond; rope; gag; mitts; insert; toys; susp; bdsm; mast; climax; nc/reluct; X

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Chapter 2

Amanda’s heart sank as she heard her sister Cassandra starting to sob through her gag. Neither of their captors had moved. The man was holding a riding crop, tapping it into one hand. The woman just held her crop by her side. Both were looking at Sandy as her tears made dark trails from her eyeliner.

“Now, I don’t know who is who,” the man said, talking with a slight southern accent, “and I really don’t care. You, young lady. . .”

The man pointed his crop at Amanda, still bound naked above her sister; her hands bound behind her back and her mouth gagged with an obscene gag with a black gel dildo protruding out of it.

“. . .you are going to be known as number 1.”

The woman, Mistress, turned and went over to the armoire and removed from it a red leather collar. On the front, a big chrome number 1 was emblazoned. Without a word, the woman Amanda knew as Mistress fastened the collar around her neck, locking it into place.

“Now, 1, you have pleased us with your performance here. You made your sister here cum and that means you aren’t going to be whupped. However, your sister there isn’t going to be as fortunate. She’s going to learn firsthand not to disappoint us.”

Ray smiled, listening to Cassandra’s renewed sobs. Both young blondes were gorgeous, being bound in a ‘69‘ position and glistening from their sexual efforts. Number 1’s breast dangled down over her sister, jiggling as she caught her breath. The other twin lay on her back, her eyes closed and her head turned away from the couple.

The twins were a fine catch.

Ray and his wife Janice had spent many an hour looking at the twins’ advertisements and appearances on behalf of Double Barrel Ale, but nothing compared to seeing them stripped naked and helplessly bound. Both girls had large breasts with large, pink nipples. Both had long, honey blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a cute spray of freckles across the bridge of their noses. Both would be wonderful playthings for their client once they got them trained.

Ray's wife went over and got the second collar, a black leather one with the number 2 fastened on the front. They would be able to tell instantly each girl by the color of their collar. Janice roughly fastened the black collar around number 2’s neck and locked it into place.

“Now, I don’t want to fight you all here. Too easy for you to get hurt bad so please do what I order you to do and we’ll all be fine. Number 1, we’re going to have to get you off your sister.”

The blonde Mistress carefully undid the knots around each of Amanda’s ankles before hooking her finger through the front ‘D’ ring to Amanda’s collar and pulling her forward. Amanda struggled to keep balance, trying not to step on her sister as she climbed off the bed. The Mistress guided her over to stand in front of the man.

“Pay attention, girls. I’m just going to say this once. If I have to repeat it, I will just whup you until it sinks in. Clear?”

Amanda was the first to nod, followed by the sniffling Cassandra.

“Now when I tap you on the thigh like this. . .”

Ray took his riding crop and tapped Amanda’s left inner thigh lightly.

“That means open your legs up as wide as possible so we can see your pretty little pussy. . .”

The man waited, staring at Amanda.

Amanda blushed as she started to spread her legs as wide as she could. She could feel the tears about to burst and she swallowed to try to keep them from erupting.

“You see, number 1, that wasn’t so hard now after all,” the man said, “and you both have such nice looking little pussies too. That nice little strip of soft, blonde bush just makes me want to get that much closer to you all.”

Amanda squeezed her eyes shut as she felt his fingers caress through her nest and trail down to her sex. Gently, he eased a finger inside of her and began stroking up and down her slick slit.

“I see you’re ready for me,” the man whispered into Amanda’s ear, causing her to turn away. She drew a sobbing sigh of relief when the man removed his finger from her.

“It is important that you obey these commands immediately. If you don’t, young ladies, things are going to be bad between us. Now, my love, would you get number 1 ready while I get number 2?”

“My pleasure,” Mistress purred.

Amanda opened her eyes when she felt Mistress grab her chin and turned it to face her. Mistress’ cold green eyes stared into 1’s dark ones.

“Do I see tears?” she asked.

Amanda shook her head a little.

“No?” Mistress smiled, “I think you are a liar, number 1. You know, you can be punished for lying, my little slave. So I ask you again, are you crying?”

Amanda nodded, sobs bursting out of her as her tears now freely flowed.

“Now, now,” Mistress brushed Mandy’s hair, “It’s alright. Your Master and I will take good care of you and I promise not to hurt you too much. But you have to promise me that you will behave too. Can you do that?”

The captured blonde nodded, her eyes averted from the Mistress’s hard stare.

“Good. First, I am going to replace your gag with something a little different. I want you to be a silent as a little mouse as I replace it. Do you understand, slave 1?”

Again, Amanda nodded.

The Mistress walked around and undid the buckles to the gag. She was so relieved to get that black penis out from in front of her face as Mistress pulled the gag away. The rubber of the gag had tasted hideous and its bitter tang lingered in her mouth. As Mistress turned from her, Amanda took a quick glance at her sister. The man had taken her from the bed and stood her beside Amanda. Sandy was still bawling into her gag as she spread her legs wide just as Amanda had done.

“Open wide,” Mistress smiled as she held up the gag. This one had a short, black penis on the inside. Amanda opened her mouth as the woman guided the phallus in. Soon, the straps to the gag were fastened tightly; making sure that Amanda couldn’t speak intelligibly.

Next, Amanda watched as the woman took a long pole from beneath the bed. It was about as long as a yardstick and had a leather cuff on either end. She watched as Mistress buckled one of her ankles to one end then fastened the other to her remaining ankle. This forced her to keep her legs opened wide.

“Now, my precious slave, I am going to untie your wrists and put them into something more comfortable. If you make any move to try to escape, Master here will hurt your sister very badly. Now you don’t want that now, do you?”

Amanda shook her head. There was no way she was going to do anything to hurt her sister if she could help it. She glanced over to her sister Sandy, and their locked eyes briefly. She still had that awful dildo sticking out of her face. Sandy had run out of tears, her dark eyes now bloodshot with fear.

Number 1 felt the rope holding her wrists together loosen and fall away but she didn’t dare move, even when she noticed that Mistress had went back to the dresser for the new restraints. The man was watching Amanda intently. With her legs restrained apart as they were, an escape attempt would be very brief, very one sided, and would probably end up with both her and her sister being punished severely. No, Amanda stayed put, bracing herself for whatever would come next.

What was next looked like a pair of leather mittens without the thumbs. The woman guided Amanda’s hand out in front and put each mitten on, buckling the leather strap around each wrist so there was no way to pull them off. The mittens forced her fingers to curl into a fist with very little wriggle room. The woman then locked Amanda’s wrists together with a clip.

“You’re such a good girl,” Mistress purred, “Now raise your hands above your head.”

Again, Amanda did as she was told. She glanced up and noticed for the first time several ropes dangling from the ceiling. Mistress knotted one around the clip holding Amanda’s wrists together before going over the wall. Amanda felt the rope become taut as Mistress pulled it until the bound girl’s toes barely touched the carpet.

Mistress turned Amanda until she faced her sister Cassandra.

“Now be a good little girl and stay here while we tend to your sister.”

Sandy didn’t want to be tended to. Her stomach was sore from all of her sobbing and her head ached from the constant fear of about what was about to happen. The man looked Cassandra right in her eyes; his gray-blue eyes sparkling with desire.

“Now, number 2, I’m really sorry about this, but you knew the rules to the game,” he said, “now it’s time to dance.”

Sandy closed her eyes and tried to will his voice away.

“We can do this the easy way and get it over fast or we can do it the hard way. Hard means you’re going to be in a lot of pain. Do you understand?”

Cassandra nodded, not opening her eyes.

“Now, your sister here, she obeyed really well and I want you to do the same. Now open your eyes and look at me.”

The blonde did so. Cassandra felt Mistress untying her wrists and then holding onto them tightly. The man, Master, held out an identical pair of bondage mittens that Amanda was wearing. Mistress kept holding Sandy’s arms while the man worked the restraints onto her until both hands were encased in leather and locked in front of her.

Just like her sister, Cassandra’s hands were pulled above her head. Unlike her sister, Cassandra’s ankles weren’t held apart by a spreader bar and she struggled to keep her legs apart as she was winched up towards the ceiling.

Cassandra opened her eyes and looked down as she felt something around her ankles. Mistress was fastening a pair of black leather cuffs around each one before locking them together. She heard Master behind her. Looking over her shoulder, Sandy could see the man bringing over a large iron dumbbell and setting it down by her feet. The man then looped a long length of rope around it before tying off one end to Sandy’s ankle cuffs.

Cassandra then felt herself being pulled up even further until her feet couldn’t touch the ground and the rope to the dumbbell was drawn taut. Sandy was now stretched so she really couldn’t move much at all.

“My, aren’t you the one,” the man said as he ran the tip of the crop over the flat of Cassandra’s stomach, “I bet your mind is a racing right now, wondering what we are going to do to you and your pretty twin.”

Cassandra didn’t want to know, she just wanted it to be over. She watched as the blonde Mistress took the other end of the rope, threaded it over her sister’s bound wrists and down her back and tied it off to what looked like a giant chrome fishhook. Sandy heard her sister mewl into her gag as Mistress took the hook and eased it into Amanda’s puss, adjusting everything to make sure it was nice and tight.

“Now ladies,” Master said, “We know that number 2 here needs to be punished. We also know that number 1 never had a chance to cum. We are going to make sure both happen. So here’s the thing. We are going to whup number ‘2’ until miss number 1 here cums. I am sure that all the twitching and squirming that number 2 going to be doing will pull that little pussy hook into number 1 quite fierce like. . . “

The man looked Amanda in the eye.

“. . .that should help you get off. The sooner you cum, the less pain your sister here will endure. You understand?”

Amanda nodded, realizing the horror of what was about to happen.

“Now, slave 1, if you ever think that you might need a hand in reaching your orgasm, you can ask for Mistress to help. Remember, she can spot a faker so don’t try to pull it off. Now, let’s begin.”

Amanda looked into the terrified face of her sister. She could already feel Sandy’s struggles telegraphed through the rope to the metal hook in her sex and the man hadn’t even started whipping her yet.

Cassandra yelped as the first strike bit into her ass. The jerk on the rope sank the hook deeper into Amanda. She tried to put all her focus into the feeling between her legs, tuning out her sisters wails. Amanda found that by lifting herself up on the balls of her feet then letting herself down, she could get a little friction going as she humped the chrome hook. However, the sudden jerks on the line didn’t help but hindered Amanda’s effort to cum.

“Do you need help?” Mistress asked as she whispered into Amanda’s ear.

Cassandra cried out again in pain as the crop sliced at her rear.

Amanda nodded, crying. She felt Mistress reach around her and begin to tickle at Amanda’s swollen clit. Bolts of pleasure shot through her as she writhed against the woman and moaned into her gag. With every touch, Amanda could feel the pleasure swelling inside of her.

“Fuckph, fuckph, fuckph,” Amanda chanted into her gag as she began to thrust herself onto the mistresses hand even more.

Then the Mistress stopped.

Amanda mewled into her gag, drool dripping over her chin.

“Fuckph mmugh!” Amanda yelled into her gag.

“Do you want to cum, slave 1?” Mistress asked.

Amanda screamed into her gag. She was so close. She could feel her sister’s thrashings and she dared not look at her.

She felt Mistress touch her again, roughly massaging Amanda’s clit. A torrent of white-hot bliss tore through her as she bucked and writhed, engulfed in pure ecstasy. Mistress let her go and Amanda hung limply in her restraints. Glassy-eyed, she looked up at her sister, still feeling her sister’s thrashings.

Cassandra was squirming now, but for a different reason. The Master had a slender vibrator buried into her sex and for the second time, Sandy was exploding from another orgasm. Finally, he removed the vibrator and let both girls dangle in their bonds.

“We need to get a few things cleaned up out there, so we’re going to leave you two be. We’ll check on you in a little while,” the man said.

Both of their captors then left, leaving the twins hanging alone in their thoughts.


After making sure that the door to the girl’s bedroom cell was dead-bolted and locked, Ray gave his wife a quick kiss before they both headed upstairs to get things in order.

The first thing Ray did was turn on the police scanner to listen to what was going on. From what he could discern, the BOLO was still out for the first vehicle they had used which was now safely tucked away behind the auto repair place where they deposited the keys in the drop box after making sure they wiped everything clean.

That was good news but there was no way he was going to relax until their captives were in the hands of their middleman at Magenta. This kind of high profile abduction was the thing of ulcers. However, the payoff would mean they wouldn’t have to accept another job for at least a year or two.

“Anything?” Janice asked, bringing in their abduction bag in from the garage.

“Nothing I wasn’t expecting. We stay here until it cools down a bit before we make our run home, just as we planned.”

“I love you,” Janice smiled and gave her husband a tight hug.

“I love you too.”

Janice began collecting the bags they had put the twins in and folding them up to put in the basement. Keeping everything neat was the key to making sure they didn’t slip up.

“So what do you think, honey?” Janice asked as she watched her husband shrug out of the ‘police’ suit jacket.

“Honestly, I think they’ll be tougher than they appear, especially number 1. I think they‘re both shell-shocked and easily pushed around at this stage of the game. But soon they’ll pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become a handful. We need to be careful 24/7.”

Janice nodded. That was her take on them as well. They grew up on a ranch and from what she had read about them, they did chores just like the rest of the family when not doing stuff for the brewery.

“I need to get out of this,” Ray said, undoing his tie.

“I’ll keep an eye on them, but I really don’t think that they’ll be doing much in the next hour or so.”

Ray smiled, “That’ll make them good and rested for their next lesson.”

“And let me get ready as well,” Janice grinned, thinking about the lessons ahead.

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