Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2011 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; kidnap; bond; rope; sack; transport; gag; insert; toys; climax; nc/reluct; X

Chapter 1

Janice glanced in back of their rental van to make sure that their targets were still soundly drugged. The heavy canvas bags that contained the twin blondes still weren’t moving much and she hoped that they wouldn’t until they were safely inside their rented house.

It had been a difficult job, Jan reflected. Their client wanted these two girls specifically. The fact that they were minor celebrities because of their ads for Double Barrel Ale didn’t help. The girls, Cassandra and Amanda, did have a paid body guard with them at the shoot as well as both of their parents. However Ray, her partner and husband, had come up with a workable plan that went off like a charm.

Janice had taken the lead this time, being the head police investigator. The badges and ID’s were nearly perfect and by the time anyone deduced that Ray and Janice weren’t real cops, they had already switched cars twice and had the girls sedated, stripped and bound in the back of their van.

“Do you think we should call the kids?” Janice asked her husband.

“And what, spoil their vacation?” Ray grinned, “Look, I am sure they are all right. Jeff has a level head about him and even though Stephanie is a bit of a free spirit, she has common sense. God, what I would have given to have three weeks without my parents looking over my shoulder.”

Janice smiled a faint smile, “Your right.”

There was a slight noise in back and Janice looked at the sacks again. One of the bags seemed to be moving. Of course, it wouldn’t be moving very far. Ray was a wiz with rope and both girls were tied in a very strict hogtie. They also had several thick straps of Duct Tape sealing their lips and a tightly knotted crotch rope to keep them company. Both Ray and Janice were glad to see that their long blonde hair matched the soft curls between their legs.

To Amanda, it felt as if her brain was wrapped in a huge cotton ball. She tried to move and focus, but her limbs remained pinned in back of her. She tried to say something, but her mouth wouldn’t move. Slowly, the fog her mind was in wisped away and she realized that she was bound and gagged.

She bucked and screamed inside the stifling sack. There was very little light filtering through the cloth but she was glad to see it. It meant that she wasn’t blindfolded. However, the feel of the rough cloth against her skin made her realize that all her clothes were gone. Amanda also felt the bite of rope around her ankles and wrists, holding her in a hogtie. There was also another rope pressed through her sex, rubbing her every time she moved. It was causing more of an unwanted distraction than discomfort and soon she kept her struggles to a minimum.

The ’cops’ must have done this to her and her sister. Of course now she knew that they weren’t cops. As soon as they clamped the medicine-smelling rag over her face, Amanda had realized that they had been kidnapped. By then it was too late as she fell into a black sleep.

But she hadn’t seen it before then; Amanda had bought into the whole cop thing.

The lady detective, a real pretty blonde, had showed them a picture of one of their new ranch hands at her parent’s ranch and asked if she knew him. She had said yes and so had her sister. The other cop, a little bit older guy built like a bouncer, said that they needed to take us down to the station to ask a few questions. They weren’t in trouble but they needed to get a statement from them. Sandy had said okay and the both of them were lead to the car.

Amanda had seen enough CSI and The First 48 to know that cops did this. She really didn’t think much of it. The lady cop even suggested that their parents follow them to the station or have another car come pick them up as well. Mom said she would like that and knowing mom, she probably waited thirty or forty minutes before becoming concerned. Of course, the crew of the set would be getting pissed off too. They had schedules they had to meet and they needed both Sandy and herself. . .

A bump jarred her thoughts. Someone was struggling beside her.


Amanda could hear her twin-sister’s muted screams as she fought against her ropes. Sandy would be freaking. She hated small enclosed spaces and that is what the bag was.

“Calm down or you’re going to get hurt,” the woman’s voice said.

It didn’t calm Cassandra down. If anything it made her struggle more. The bag was engulfing her; swallowing her and it was getting hard to breathe. Sandy needed to get out of there at all costs.

“Shit”, Janice said under her breath. They were almost to their place and one of the girls was going nuts.

Janice unbuckled her safety belt and crawled into the back. The van was a normal mini-van with heavily tinted windows. Ray had removed the seats and stored them in the garage so that the twins would be easy to load. Jan straddled the squirming bag and pinned it.

“I said to be still or I’ll have to cause you some real pain.”

The struggling slowed but did not stop. The girl’s screaming certainly didn’t.

Janice gave a hard spank to the bag she was on.

“Stop it!” she yelled.

The bag stopped its gyrations. The screaming was replaced by whimpering.

Janice felt the van slow and she looked up. They were pulling into the neighborhood where they had rented the house. It was an older suburb with huge oaks shading the sidewalks. There were kids on bikes and older folks walking their dogs. The house they had picked had an attached garage and an unfinished basement, perfect for the next couple of weeks of initial training.

It didn’t take long for Ray to pull the van up and start to back it in. Ray clicked the remote and the garage door opened up. Carefully he maneuvered the van inside and closed the door.

During all of this, Amanda continued to explore her bonds. There was no give to them and struggling only made rope between her legs excite her more. There was little she could do now until she found out what the couple was planning.

She heard doors slam and the low grumbles of the ‘cops’ as they pulled her sister from the van. They had to warn her several times not to struggle or they would drop her onto the concrete. Then Amanda was left in silence.

It wasn’t long before Mandy felt her own bag being dragged forward. There was a sickening drop as she cleared the rear of the van, but she didn’t hit the floor. She was roughly carried a ways before being set down.

Light flooded into the bag as the mouth was untied. The other end was lifted up and Amanda was roughly poured out onto the carpeted floor. Blinking, Amanda noticed her twin sister on the floor beside her, tied identically. Sandy looked at her, her brown eyes filled with fear. Mandy was sure she looked the same. However, she knew that there was no escaping their restraints. Not now.

“Welcome home,” the man said as he knelt down before them, “My you’re an attractive pair of fillies.”

And they were. They were everything a good ol’ boy would want; long blonde hair, a hefty set of boobs, long legs and curves where curves should be. No wonder Double Barrel Ale was doing so well.

Amanda’s eyes were drawn toward the riding crop the man had in his hand.

“By now you have pretty much guessed that me and my partner here are not officers of the law,” the man stood up and smiled a smile a shark would envy, “We are also not your typical kidnappers. We don’t want your money or our 5 minutes of fame.”

The man slowly started to pace back and forth in front of them, tapping the crop into the palm of his other hand. He was about six foot tall and had a heavy muscular build to him. His dark brown hair had traces of gray that matched his dark blue-gray eyes. He had the jaw line of a wrestler and the grace of a prowling tiger.

“No, my sweeties, my partner and I just want you all.”

An icy claw clamped down inside Amanda’s stomach.

“Now, before you get all panicky, I want you to know we will take very good care of you as long as you’re in our care. Who knows, you might even find it fun. And that brings us to the first task you will perform for us…”

He paused, looking down into both pairs of doe-like eyes.

“You must make your sister cum.”

Amanda heard a loud whine come from behind her sister’s gag.

“Now, being twins, you must know what the other one likes, you know what I mean. And you better use that to your advantage, sweeties. You know why?”

Both bound blondes just looked up at him, fear etched in their tears.

“Because the last one to make her sister cum will have to feel the sting of this crop. And before you get to thinking that if both of you don’t cum, then I won’t do anything; think again. I can inflict a lot more pain than just using this little ’ole riding crop on your ass. A lot more.”

“Now, my partner here. . . You can call her Mistress . . . Will help you get ready for this event. We have a room down in the basement all ready for you, sound-proofed and all, so no one can hear you. Not that anyone cares in this ghetto hood. Hell, screaming might attract them gang-bangers like a bee to honey. Hell, it might be fun to watch.”

“So, what I am telling you is you better be on your best behavior on things will get a might nasty.”

With that, the man knelt next to Sandy while the blonde woman did so next to her sister. Mandy was not-to-gently pushed over onto her side and felt the woman undo a couple of knots.

To Mandy, ‘Mistress’ did not look the part of a dominatrix bitch. No, the woman was tall and graceful. Her long, blonde hair framed a Monroe-like face. Her green eyes, however, had a cold sternness about them that promised something-like pain.

The ropes parted and Amanda found that she could stretch out her legs. Her ankles were still bound together but they were no longer cinched to her wrists.

“Up,” Mistress said.

The woman grabbed Amanda under her arm and helped lifting her to her feet. The blonde was unsteady as she balanced in her bonds. Scarcely had she recovered when she felt the woman pull at her crotch rope, forcing it even tighter between her lips.


Amanda tried to hop the best she could behind the woman. She caught a glimpse of her sister. The man was doing the same to her, pulling her towards the kitchen and the open door leading to the basement. The man stopped, grabbed Cassandra, and flung her over his shoulder before carrying her downstairs. The woman pulled Amanda to the doorway and waited.

The man appeared again, minus Sandy. He picked-up Mandy up as he had her sister, putting her over his shoulder and carrying her down the stairs.

In the center of the unfinished basement was a huge, room-sized box made of plywood. The door to it was open and he carried Amanda through it and set her down inside.

Amanda looked around. It was a bedroom, complete with a humongous brass bed. There was a dresser and an armoire. The red carpet was thick beneath her feet. The only thing that made the bedroom more sinister was the foam that covered the walls and ceiling.

‘Mistress’ closed the door after herself.

Sandy was already on the bed, curled into a mewling ball. Without a word, the woman stepped over to Sandy and ripped the tape from her lips, causing Sandy to scream in pain.

“Quiet,” the woman ordered.

“What do you want from us?” Sandy cried.

“I said quiet,” the woman said, holding up a crop similar to that of the mans.

Sandy quieted into a tearful whine.

“Sit up,” the woman told Sandy and the blonde struggled to comply.

The man opened the armoire and pulled from it a penis-shaped object that sported a pair of straps. As he approached Sandy, she cringed.

“Open your mouth,” the Mistress commanded.

Sandy did so reluctantly, her eyes focused on the phallus in the man’s hand.

The man stepped around in back of Sandy and put the thing over her mouth. Amanda noticed that there was a ball on the other end of the penis and it filled her sister’s mouth. The straps were then fastened in back of her head. When Sandy turned to look at her sister, all Mandy really saw was the large black dildo sticking out of her sister’s mouth. The gel phallus wiggled every time her sister moved.

“Your turn, princess,” The man smiled as he gathered up an identical gag.

When the woman torn off the tape, it felt like Amanda’s lips had been shredded. She gave a yelp of pain and that was it. She didn’t even have to be ordered to open her mouth, she just did. The ball was squeezed between her teeth and pinned her tongue down. It tasted like an old tire and smelled nearly as bad. She felt the straps being buckled tightly behind her head.

The couple went back to her sister, Sandy. The Mistress got up onto the bed and rolled Sandy onto her back before straddling her to pin her to the mattress. Meanwhile, the man undid the ropes around Cassandra’s ankles.

Sandy kicked and struggled when the ropes came free, but within a heartbeat, one of Sandy’s flailing ankles was tied off to the corner of the bed. The second ankle soon followed, spreading Sandy’s legs wide.

The man then undid her crotch rope, leaving Sandy’s sex in full view of everyone.

“There, there,” the woman cooed, kissing Sandy on the forehead.

The man grabbed a tube from on top of the dresser and squeezed some of the clear gel unto his fingers. Sitting down beside Sandy, he began to massage the gel in and around her reddened lips, lubricating them.

The man caught Amanda staring at him.

“Don’t worry. I will make sure to give you the same gentle, loving care.”

Another dollop of gel went into his hand and he coated Sandy’s penis gag with it.

The blonde woman got up off of Amanda’s whimpering sister and approached her. Deftly, the woman untied Amanda’s crupper and pulled it away from her. She then held Amanda as the man squeezed some more gel into his fingers and pressed it into her sex.

At first, the gel chilled her, but in a good way. The rope had abraded her slit and the gel soothed it. However, that changed. The lubricant seemed to warm her, making her sex itch. Amanda began to squirm in the woman’s arms, but she held her tight.

Like her sister, Amanda’s phallus was greased with the same gel until it glistened. After the man was satisfied, he helped his partner push Amanda towards the bed where they sat her down and undid the ropes to her ankles.

Amanda didn’t fight. She knew all it would do was to inflict pain upon herself and possibly her sister. ’Mistress’ told her to get up into the bed and position herself over her sister. Amanda wasn’t stupid. She knew what position they wanted her in and the thought truly horrified her. Once she was over her sister in the ‘69’ position, they then tied her ankles apart to the corners of the bed.

“Now, ladies, you can begin any time now. And don’t try to fake your cum. Mistress here knows a fake when she sees it. It will only result in some really awful whippings. Now, go on, get at it.”

Amanda lowered her head, aiming the wagging black dildo towards her sister’s snatch. The task would have been easier if the phallus was more rigid, but finally she pushed it into Sandy.

It wasn’t too much later that she felt something nudge at her sex. Sandy was having a hard time of it, possibly because Amanda had found a rhythm and was now pumping the dildo into Sandy quickly. She could see her sister’s hips starting to match the rhythm and hear the faint moans coming from behind her.

Sandy finally pushed the gel dick into her sister, straining her head up to do it. But she couldn’t focus on the task at hand. The combination of the prickly lubricant and the quickening strokes of her sister’s ministrations started to have an effect on her. She could feel the first coals of an orgasm starting burn.

The flares of pleasure just kept continued, filling Sandy to the point where she couldn’t reciprocate. She arched back and pumped her hips, moaning into her gag. Sandy lifted herself up to her sister as best she could, trying to find purchase on the covers, but the ropes around her ankles held tight and made it difficult.

Still, the flames roiled inside her as she panted and screamed into her gag until she was engulfed wholly in an explosion of searing-hot ecstasy. Her whole body shook, confined only by the ropes holding her wrists and ankles.

Finally, slowly, the waves of bliss ebbed away and Sandy laid there exhausted. Only after a few minutes did she realize what had just happened.

She hadn’t made her sister cum.

The warmth of her orgasm’s aftermath was replaced with the cold fear of what was about to come.

to be continued...


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