Decompression Part 3

by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2013 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

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Part Three

Chapter 3

I held Sally on my lap for a while after her orgasm had finished. She really was incredibly sensitive to clit stimulation. Eventually I put her on the floor and eased her onto her knees. Then I fetched the ankle cuffs I had originally sent her for, locked them on and connected her wrists to her ankles with a short chain. I folded a towel under her knees to protect them from the tile floor.

Sally looked absolutely beautiful in the red leather garment; her hands and arms sheathed in soft shiny leather, her head enclosed in the same with only her blonde pony-tail showing. Setting everything off, the silver chains connected the clamps on her nipples and clit.

Fifteen minutes after I had applied the first nipple clamp I took it off. Sally had, more or less, become used to clamps by now, but the rush of blood back into her tortured flesh had her breathing hard and moaning all over again.

Three minutes later I freed the second nipple. Again she sucked air hard through the grommets.

Now she knew what to expect when the clit clamp came off so I heightened the anticipation by gently tugging on the chain. Finally I removed the last little tormentor. I don't think she came again but she certainly bounced around in her bonds.

She cocked her head and I heard an interrogative grunt. Sally obviously expected me to remove the rest of her bonds so I noisily got to my feet and left the room. This did not go down well with my kidnappee and she threw something of a temper tantrum, well as much as she could whilst securely bound. She wriggled and bounced and shook her head; she grunted and moaned and tried to swear at me, not very effectively since the tightness of the hood held her mouth firmly closed.

I stood quietly at the door-way, watching to ensure that she didn't do herself any harm. Eventually, she realised that she wasn't going to achieve anything and slumped down on her heels. With the chain connecting wrists to ankles, she could only kneel. At that point I gently moved her knees apart about thirty centimetres to open her legs and then pulled her body upright as far as her bonds would allow.

"Posture!" I said loudly.

Sally was still feeling rebellious. She closed her legs and sat back on her heels so I repeated the process and said "Posture!" again.

This time, when she slumped back and closed her legs I didn't say anything; I just put a nipple clamp on. Sally got the message very quickly; she opened her legs and knelt up straight, so I took the clamp off again. She remained in position.

Control, that's what bondage is all about.

Sally held her posture whilst I tidied up and packed away the bondage gear we had been examining. Once I had finished that, I made the bed, folded away our clothes from the previous night and did all the normal domestic chores.

It took about an hour and, during all that time, Sally didn't move. She was making it very clear that she had learned her lesson.

When I was finished, I sat down and said "Right, come here and let's get you out of that thing." Sally knee walked forward with me directing her until she knelt in front of me. Then I unlocked, unbuckled and unzipped everything.

When she was completely free Sally curled up in my lap and kissed me.

"Thank you." She said quietly. "That was the most intense experience of my life. You've opened up a whole new world to me and I love you for it."

We kissed and cuddled for a while before I said “Right, get yourself dressed and then we’ll go over to your place and you can pack what you need for the next couple of weeks whilst you’re here. I put your clothes from last night on the bed. No underwear!”

Sally didn’t demure. “Yes, John.”

Fifteen minutes later she was ready to go.

As we walked into the apartment building Sally stopped me, looking embarrassed.

“I think maybe I should blindfold you before we go in. It’s a bit of a mess.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I replied. “I know I’m a bit anal about keeping my place clean. It’s a habit I got into after Marcie left and I just find it easier that way. I’m okay with a mess.”

We stood in Sally’s apartment and looked around. A bit of a mess was a major understatement. It wasn’t actually dirty or unhygienic, just extremely untidy.

“Well we can’t leave the place like this if it’s going to be empty for the next week or two.” I said. “Have you got any food?”

Sally nodded.

“Right, you rustle up some lunch whilst I make a start on this. When we’ve eaten we’ll finish cleaning up and you can decide what you want to pack.”

“Yes, John.” That now seemed to be Sally’s standard response when I issued an instruction.

Sally made a pasta with cheese sauce and a green salad on the side whilst I started, as I put it to myself, “Cutting back the jungle.”

As we ate I commented “I don’t get it. I have never worked with anyone with such an eye for detail as you have. I know I’m pretty good but you never miss a trick. You are absolutely meticulous about every detail. The contrast with this…” I waved a hand taking in the rest of the place.

Sally coloured. “It’s the control thing. On a project I work bloody hard, I have to really, really concentrate on every little detail to make sure I never drop the ball. And then, when I get home I just don’t have the energy to do more than just collapse. And around Go-Live time… ” She shrugged.

I nodded. Go-Live is always hell. Changing the subject seemed a good idea. “You’ve never been married have you?”

Sally shook her head.

“Long term boyfriend?”

Another shake.

“Girls? Les? Bi?”

“Oh, I’ve experimented a bit, but I prefer guys. Girls have tongues and fingers but a guy has a penis and I love a penis!” She gave me a slutty look. “I don’t like strap-ons, they’re just not the same.”

“Well at least I don’t need a strap-on.” I replied.

“No you don’t” She purred.

Sally was getting randy again. Time for me to take charge.

“Come on woman. Let’s get this place ready and you packed and then we can debate the merits of my penis.”

“Yes, John.”

It was well into the afternoon when we finally left Sally’s apartment with one suitcase of her stuff.

She also brought her lap-top. “Can I link to your Wi-Fi to check my mail? She asked.

“Of course. Although we’re officially off it’s only sensible to be able to respond if there’s a disaster.”

She had asked me what she should pack.

“What-ever you want. Just don’t expect to wear much around the house but I’m sure we’ll want to go out sometimes. Can’t be complete troglodytes” Was my response.

She made sure I noticed that she did not bring any underwear. Stockings and garter-belts, yes. Panties, thongs or bras, no. My erection was stirring. Again.

In the car, I broached the subject of her bondage experience.

“None with anyone else, other than you. I’ve researched a lot and read stories and done some self-bondage.”

“Release mechanisms?” I interrupted.

“Hand-cuffs with the key in ice.”

“Okay. Tied how?”

“Legs, ankles and below and above the knee with rope. Handcuffs, as I said, behind my back. Scarf blindfold – that Hermes – and a scarf cleave gag. I never could do my elbows and I didn’t try a hog-tie. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to unlock the cuffs with the tension to my ankles.”

“Mm, sensible.”

“That’s me!” She smiled. “But it was very different with you. When you put that… that…What do you call that red thing?”

“I don’t know. It’s not just a hood and it’s not an arm-binder or strait-jacket. I don’t know what it is. I just think of it as ‘The Red’”

“Well we can’t call it that or I’ll have to change my safe-word.” Sally grinned at me.

“We can’t have that… We’ll just call it ‘The Ferrari’ for its colour.

 “Oh yes!” Sally clapped her hands in delight. “Then, if I say ‘I love my Ferrari’ people won’t think I’m crazy.”

“And do you?” I asked. “Love the Ferrari?”

Sally’s face got that dreamy look again. “Oh yes. When you put ‘The Ferrari’ on me and then locked all the buckles. I could feel the padlocks clicking, you know? And I knew that, what-ever happened, I couldn’t get out unless you released me… That was very different to any self-bondage. That was for real!”

She was silent for a moment, re-living the experience.

“And then you put those nipple clamps on. I hated them, but I also loved them. They were so sore! But sore in an exciting way. And then that clit clamp. I thought I was going to die! I knew what was coming, you bastard, the way you traced it down my body. I knew it was coming and I couldn’t get away. I was scared, terrified really, but so excited… I’ve never been so turned on… And then you put it on and I exploded. I’ve never cum like that before, never had a pain orgasm where the pain – and it was bloody painful – fueled the pleasure. It literally blew me apart.”

By this time I had already parked the car in the garage and switched off the engine. Sally didn’t even notice she was so deeply into her memories of the experience. I got out of the car, helped her out and led her inside. We sat in the lounge with my arm around her.

She carried on reminiscing. “And then you put me down on my knees and left those bloody clamps on and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. And the aches just grew and grew until they were almost unbearable. But I had to bear them because I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice.”

Another silence.

“And then you took them off and that was almost worse… Especially after the first one, because I knew what was coming. I was hoping you would take the clit one off next, but you didn’t, you bastard. You took that one off last and let me stew in knowing. And I wanted it off ‘cause then the pain would go away but I was terrified ‘cause I knew it was going to hurt like hell. And I couldn’t do a thing. I didn’t have a choice. I really hated you then. And I loved you for what you were doing to me. What you were showing me.”

“And then you left me. You just left me! I was sure you would release me after you took the clamps off, but you just left me. That’s when I totally lost it. I called you every name I could think of and cursed you every which way. And you just left me. And I couldn’t do a thing. I didn’t have a choice.”

“And then your bloody ‘Posture.’ Kneeling up with my legs apart like a slut. And I thought ‘Fuck your bloody posture.’ But you showed me, didn’t you? You showed me I didn’t have a choice and I realised that, if you wanted me kneeling up with my legs apart like a slut then I wanted that too, because you wanted it. So there I was; blind, almost deaf, mouth clamped shut, my shoulders and arms starting to ache, my knees getting sore, kneeling up like a slut because I wanted to. And I wanted to because I knew you wanted me to and because I didn’t have a choice.”

Sally turned and looked at me for the first time since we entered the house.

“That’s why I said that was the most intense experience in my life. Because I realised I didn’t have a choice. And I don’t have a choice, do I Johnny?”

“I…” I cleared my throat and started again to say the hardest sentence I had ever uttered.

“I told you, you can safe-word out anytime; you always have a choice.”

Sally clasped my hands. “But I don’t Johnny. Don’t you see? I’m falling for you Johnny-boy. I’m falling in love with you.”

She crawled into my lap and put her arms around me.

“I thought it would be so easy. Catch your interest with a bit of kinky sex and fulfill my kidnap fantasy at the same time in a nice safe controlled way. But you’re not safe are you Johnny? Not safe at all. In, what? 24 hours you’ve turned me upside down and inside out. You… How did you put it? Fucked my brains out, pushed me into three orgasms when I knew I was safe with my bet ‘cause I never ever have more than two. You give me the most intense experience of my life and then, as if it’s nothing at all, you clean my home! Something I would be embarrassed to pay a domestic service to do.”

For something to say I blurted out “Well, if you’re embarrassed about it you shouldn’t let anyone in your apartment.”

Sally’s eyes blazed “I don’t! No-one ever goes in there. I never bring anyone in. Except you. You just waltz in and clean up as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. I wanted nice, safe and controlled; but you don’t do ‘Controlled’ do you Johnny Adams? You control and I love you for it.”

 She snuggled into me “So, is this all a game for you, John? Are you going to tie me up and fuck my brains out and leave me and break my heart?”

Like Sally I found that this had gone into places and at a pace I had never anticipated. But, I found, I liked where it had gone.

“No Sally Michelson. This is not a game. Yes, I’m going to tie you up and fuck your brains out and push you into as many orgasms as I can ‘cause I love seeing you cum. And Yes, I am going to control you because I think you want it and like it. But No, I’m not going to break your heart because I want it, I want all of it intact and I want it for me.”

Sally burst into tears and I held her on my lap. She seemed to have spent a lot of time on my lap in the past 24 hours. It just felt right.

* * *

Chapter 4

After such an emotionally charged session both of us backed off a bit. I made supper, and couldn’t even remember what it was five minutes later. We talked, covering all sorts of topics, bringing us to a shared interest in Science Fiction, which led to Arthur Clarke’s ‘Fountains of Paradise’ and the concept of a space elevator.

We both felt that he had cheated by moving Sri Lanka so that the elevator could be positioned there, which took us to an analysis of other possible locations. Sub-Saharan Africa, South America or Indonesia are the only practical places. And that took us into a discussion on the geo-politics of the developed countries entrusting such vital assets into third-world areas.

It was heady stuff, with both of us sparking ideas and thoughts off each other. There was plenty of physical sparking as well, as glances and touches fuelled the passion building between us. Finally, we both ran down and just sat, holding hands and looking at each other.

“Bed.” I said.

“I want you inside me.” was Sally’s response.

“But aren’t you sore? Your clit must be bruised from the clamp.”

“A bit. But I haven’t had you inside me all day. I want you inside me.”

So we made love. Loving, not fucking. No toys or restraints, plain vanilla. Well not quite plain. Doggy-style because I didn’t want to put any pressure on Sally’s clitoris or nipples. I was a bit concerned that she would need some lubrication, without me stimulating her first, but her passion matched mine and I slid easily into her love-canal. Instead of playing with her breasts and nipples I scratched her back and neck, played with her hair and kissed her ears. I tickled her ribs and under-arms and her arms collapsed pushing her face straight into the pillow.

“Don’t do that.” She complained.

“Note to self. Subject is extremely ticklish. Further experimentation at a later date is indicated.”

“Don’t you dare!”

I could feel Sally starting to climax so I, finally and for the first time, just gently rubbed her clit. The desired outcome, as they say in the technical manuals, was achieved. Sally gripped me hard as she pulsed, shuddered and screamed below me. I let myself go immediately and came almost with her, which caused another, smaller, explosion.

“Oh, god! You do enjoy giving multiple orgasms, don’t you?” she gasped as she got her breath back.

“Well it was only two and you said you were bi-orgasmic.”

“No. I said I never have more than two.” Sally said sleepily.

Both of us were pretty wrung out by the events of the day and we drifted off to sleep entwined in each other’s arms.

As soon as I woke up I knew something was wrong. My arms wouldn't work and I couldn't see anything. I was in trouble.

"Okay, let's just assess the situation." I thought. "On my back, arms stretched out and, what feels like cuffs on my wrists. No give, they must be tied to the head-board. Hands? Not confined. Ah, that feels like rope, taught, no knots I can reach. Damn! Eyes? The little baggage must have used the fleece-lined blindfold. Buckled tight. Can I shift it? No, and that feels like... Yes, that's a lock. Double damn. She learns fast. Okay, what else? Legs. Right leg is secured and left leg? Left leg has just been secured. Assessment? You're screwed. She's got you in a classic spread-eagle and you, Johnny-boy, are royally screwed."

The whole assessment had taken about two seconds. I felt it was time to take charge of the situation "So this is the thanks I get for letting you sleep unbound?"

"No," Sally purred, "This is what you get for leaving me free." She pushed a ball gag into my mouth, pulled my head forward and buckled the strap before I could push it back out. A click indicated that it too had been locked.

"The thanks will come later. Now, listen to me carefully, Johnny Adams, because safety is very important and we don't want anything unfortunate to happen." From the tone of voice, I could tell Sally was feeling very pleased with herself.

"Your safe-word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Got that? Good, because if I don't hear each and every syllable clearly I'll know that you're fine and everything is okay."

I, of course, could do no more than grunt. "Screwed. Totally and utterly fucked!" I thought.

I had woken with a morning glory and the events of the last few minutes had made it, if anything, even more glorious! It felt as if my cock was going to split out of its skin, it was so hard.

Sally noticed my erection and gave it some attention, licking up its length and sucking the tip.

"Hmm... Nice. But I think we'll park that item."

I groaned. In Project Management terms to park something is to put it aside for later attention.

"I think we should rather start at the bottom." Sally was definitely purring. She raked a fingernail down the sole of my foot. I convulsed, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to get away.

“Note to self. Subject is extremely ticklish. Further experimentation is indicated. Immediately!”

The other foot got the same treatment. Soon I was laughing helplessly, desperately sucking in air through my nose and gurgling into the gag as Sally methodically and relentlessly explored all my ticklish points

I seemed to have an awful lot of them.

How long the torture lasted, I have no idea but, eventually, Sally relented.

"Experimental results confirm that the subject is ticklish."

She lay down next to me.

"Did you enjoy that, my darling?" She breathed in my ear. "I noticed you didn't use your safe-word so you must have. As the saying goes 'Too much of a good thing is... Wonderful!’ Would you like some more?"

I shook my head from side to side "Ugh ugh"

"No? What a pity. We were having such fun." The woman was evil, pure evil

"Well, let's see what we can do with this." She grasped my erection and slowly wanked it.

"I think I can use this, and don't you dare cum before me. I want to ride you for a long time. Much better than a strap-on"

Without anyway to stimulate or influence her, I was a passenger as Sally rode me. She controlled the whole journey for herself and, whilst it was most enjoyable for me, she made sure I never got enough stimulation to climax. Eventually her breathing deepened and her strokes became longer until she came to a shuddering climax and collapsed on my chest.

"Oh, that was nice my darling. That was very nice. Perhaps not as intense as when you drive, but still very satisfying." My ego swelled.

"Now that you don't have me restrained, let me show you what I can really do."

My cock was still as hard as ever with unfulfilled expectation as Sally lifted herself off me. She slowly and lovingly licked me clean before really getting to work.

A fingertip tapped on the sphincter of my anus and then tickled the underside of my balls. She ran her finger up and down between my balls and my arse before she slowly slid it in, searching for my prostate gland. All he while she was licking and sucking my cock. The other hand reached up to gently tickle my arm pit.

The stimulation was intense and I exploded, grunting into the gag and thrashing uselessly against my bonds. It felt like the best orgasm of my life.

Finally Sally started to release me. She untied my legs and took the ball gag out.

"Oh, thank you sweetheart, that was wonderful.

"My pleasure, darling. But, before I finish untying you..."

I soon found out what she had in mind when I felt my hands being encased in the bondage mittens.

"You don't have to do that Sally." I complained.

"Oh but I do, Johnny, I do! And anyway, I want to and you have no choice in the matter."

Against that I couldn't argue. There was a certain irony in hearing my own words being fed back to me.

Once the mitts were buckled and locked, she untied my arms.

"And the blindfold?"

"That stays. That's why the mitts. I don't trust you not to find a way to get it off if you have the use of your hands. Restriction and sensory deprivation; I love it!"

"Yes, but I need to empty my bladder."

"Alright, I'll help since you can't do it yourself." Sally was enjoying being in control. I had created a monster.

"Come, I can use some breakfast. I think I should take over the cooking. From last night's effort I would say that you are a 'Food is fuel' kind of guy."

I had to admit she was right.

Sally proceeded to lock my hands together behind my back, sit me down in the kitchen and produce a delicious, full English, breakfast which she fed me, bite by bite.

It was quite fun being waited on, hand and foot, even though I couldn't see my beautiful dominatrix. I could hear Sally moving around the kitchen, opening cupboards and moving things.

"What you up to?" I enquired.

"Doing an inventory. If I'm going to cook for you, and I am, then we need to go shopping. I can't do much with what you have here and I want to feed you properly."

"You're really getting into this domestic bliss thing aren't you?"

"More than you can know, Johnny. More than you can know."

"You said you hadn't had any long term relationships." I asked tentatively. I had sensed, the day before that this was a sensitive area. "How come? I mean, you're beautiful, you're fun, you're bright..."

"That's just it." She interrupted. "Bright, super-bright." She sounded bitter.

Sally sat down on my lap and put her arms around me. "Do you know how intimidating guys find a really intelligent woman?"

I shook my head.

"Don't interrupt." She instructed. "My majors at university were Pure Maths and Computer Science. Can you guess how hard I had to fight to do those subjects? They said it couldn’t be done, but those were what I wanted to do and I did them. And yes, it should have been impossible. But I did them.”

“And then I did my Masters in Number Theory. I love the purity of numbers. And then I did an MBA.”

I could feel that she was, again, lost in reminiscence.

“But, do you know how intimidating that is for the guys? You know the stereotype. I’m blonde, I’m good looking – not beautiful.”

“Okay, so she had been listening.” I thought, but I didn’t dare interrupt.

“I look after my figure.” She carried on. “So I’m an air-head. Right? Wrong! I have a brain and I like to use it and that scares the guys shitless. Without boasting, I know I have about twice the intellectual capacity of most of the guys I meet. They see me and they think ‘Fuck-Toy’ and then they realise that I can out-think them and they run, and run, and run. So that’s why I don’t do long term relationships. That’s why I don’t get emotionally involved. That’s why I’m so lonely.”

I could now understand why Sally had kept me blind and bound. She needed to control the situation whilst she opened herself up to me. It was the only way she felt safe enough to really let go.

She settled herself and hugged me tight.

“Fuck-toy. That’s what they think. But I use them and they don’t see that. Use ‘em and lose ‘em. That’s what I do. A bit of sex and a bit of fun and then move on… And that’s what I was going to do with you, John Adams. But I fooled myself, didn’t I?”

She put her cheek on my chest and I could feel the tears running from her eyes.

“I knew, deep down, that you were different. You were one of the very few men who genuinely treated me like a person and someone who could match me intellectually.”

I stirred a bit at that.

“Oh, don’t sell yourself short, Mr. Adams. You’re bright too; maybe you can’t quite match me, but you come bloody close. That conversation we had last night was the first really intellectually exciting chat I’ve had for years. Oh, you’re dangerous, Johnny-boy. You are so dangerous. And I fooled myself. A bit of fun, I thought; but I out-thought myself. I didn’t let myself see how dangerous you are. I’m lost, Johnny. I’m lost. First you smashed your way into my heart and now you’ve grabbed my mind and I’m lost. And the only way I can talk to you like this is ‘cause I’ve got you all tied up and you can’t see what a fool I’m making of myself.”

Sally clung to my chest and sobbed.

I braced myself for the reaction I knew would come.


Sally flew off my lap.

“What! You want out? Are you kicking me out?” She shouted.

“No Sally.” I said quietly. “I need to be free so that I can hold you and stroke you and comfort you and tell you how wonderful you are. I promised you I wouldn’t break your heart, and I meant it. I want you, all of you, including that lovely mind of yours. Now let me hold you and kiss away those tears. Please?”

I could hear Sally moving around restlessly, obviously fighting with herself. It was inevitable. She had been hurt so often, had learned to wall herself away for so long that, now the walls were crumbling, she was terrified. She had no experience of dealing with the roller-coaster ride of her emotions and now, that last step of trust was huge.
I sat silently, with that last word hanging in the air between us, whilst Sally fought and overcame her demons. I knew she could easily have got dressed, grabbed her things and left, in which case I would be in real trouble. There was no way I could release myself and that, I think, was the final factor. Sally couldn’t just leave me like that. Her own sense of ethics wouldn’t let her abandon me.

Eventually. “I’m a mess. I don’t want you to see me like this.”

Silence from me.

“But I’m going to have to, aren’t I… You saw my flat and that didn’t faze you.”

One wrong word for me and she was ready to run. I know I talk a lot, but I do know when to keep my mouth shut.

Hesitantly, she approached. “And I do want to feel your arms around me…” Quickly, she unlocked and unbuckled my hands. “Hold me, Johnny. Oh, god, hold me.”

I held her. I kissed her eyes and blindly sought out her mouth and kissed that and felt her naked body plastered against me. For some insane reason, I was getting horny again.

Sally felt the movement of my rising erection. “Oh, you men! Well, let’s use that too.”

She impaled herself on me. “I like it when you hold me inside and out. No, don’t move. Just hold me and make me feel safe.”

I held her for a long time. Inevitably my cock got bored with the lack of action and started to wilt.

Finally, Sally sat up. “Well, I suppose I have to… But, prepare yourself.”

She unlocked and removed the blindfold.

She was a mess. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes red and puffy so I said the only thing I could.

“You are beautiful!”



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