Decompression Part 2

by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2013 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; bond; cuffs; bfold; tease; leather; hood; nipple; clit; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Two

Chapter 2

"Morning beautiful" I kissed Sally on the end of her nose and then moved down to play with a nipple.

"Mph. Is it morning? I can't see a thi... Oh, yes." A smile spread across her face. "Are you going to let me see your house?"

Sally was still blindfolded from the night before. After our first love-making I had changed the scarf for a proper fleece-padded blindfold, suitable for long-term wear. I had also swopped the rope binding her wrists for locking padded leather cuffs connected with a fifteen centimetre chain. Still restrictive, but much more comfortable to sleep in, and the change had given me the opportunity to take off her blouse and bra.

Sally had been deprived of sight since she had allowed, or rather encouraged, me to 'kidnap' her the previous afternoon. Later, she had lost a bet that she could make me cum before I pushed her into her third orgasm of the evening. So she was at my mercy, mine to control as I saw fit. And I was exercising my rights to the full!

I wrapped my arms around her naked body and kissed her long and hard.

"Nope, not yet. Maybe not ever, I haven't decided yet. And first I want to do something so lie still."

I lay Sally on her back, checked that her hands were okay and then slid down, pushing her legs apart as I did so. My hands reached to her breasts and those super-sensitive nipples whilst my tongue probed into her navel. I then slowly licked down towards her pussy. Less was definitely more with Sally; light touches produced much more reaction than heavier ones. Eventually I started to flick and suck her clit, which I could feel growing under the stimulation. My reward came quite quickly as Sally began to thrash as much as her bonds would allow and then climaxed noisily.

"You really enjoy that, don't you?" Sally asked breathlessly as she settled down again.

"I love making you cum; it is very gratifying to see you thrashing about like that."

"Okay then, big boy, let me show you what I can do." Sally grinned. "I don't suppose you want to free my hands do you?"

"Nope." I replied. "In fact..." I clipped her hands together behind her back leaving the loop of chain dangling.

"Hey, no fair." Sally complained "You're really trying to make things difficult for me."

"Be thankful I don't tie your legs together as well." was my response. "That would really make it difficult. Now come on, show me."

I lay back with my hands behind my head whilst she explored my body with her mouth and tongue. With her hands locked out of the way, Sally kneeling on the bed, was having trouble balancing herself. It took a bit of practice before she learned how far she could stretch. Eventually, she crawled between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. She was obviously hampered by not being able to use her hands but she was experienced with the mouth-organ, licking up the shaft, swirling her tongue around the glans and then sucking and deep-throating until she greedily swallowed my load as I came.

She licked me clean and then sat up on her heels.

"Happy?" She had a very self-satisfied smile on her face as she ran her tongue around her lips.

"Come here wench." I said.

"Oh, it's wench now, is it?"

"Yup. Now come here."

Sally slithered over my leg and crawled into my arms.

"Very happy! And now I think..." I reached over to the night-table and snagged the key to the cuffs and blindfold.

Finally free from her bonds and able to see again, Sally blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. She hugged me tightly and then grabbed my head in both hands and kissed me hard.

"Oh you beautiful man! Thank you so much for a fabulous experience."

"And what, pray tell, gives you the idea that the experience is over?"

Sally's eyes grew big, "Oh you mean... But I thought... "

It was the first time I had ever seen Sally speechless and I burst out laughing.

"Oh no, young lady. I am the kidnapper and you are the kidnappee, and anyway, you lost the bet last night. So that means I am in control until I release you."

"And when might that be, you foul fiend?" she cried, hamming it up beautifully.

"Well, at least for the next week. As far as I know, neither of us has anything to do for the next fortnight, so we'll give it a week and see how it goes after that."

"Mmm, I'd like that." Sally snuggled into my chest. "Does that mean I get tied up and fucked some more?"

"Yes, wench, I will most certainly tie you up and do my best to fuck you senseless." I growled.  "Now, I'm feeling sweaty and smelly so we'll have a shower and then breakfast."

Some time later, as she packed the dishwasher, Sally looked at me and said, "You do that very well you know? The control thing. You haven't once asked me what I want, you just make the decision and issue instructions."

"And your point being?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, it's unusual for me. I'm used to being in charge, but I rather like it. It makes me feel sort of... safe... cared for."

I looked at her, leaving the eyebrow cocked in interrogation.

"Yes, yes I know. I'm the kidnappee, but..."

"You can always safe-word out any time you want. You know that don't you?"

Sally nodded. Suddenly her eyes filled with tears and she threw herself into my lap, "Yes, but I don't want to." She cried and wrapped her arms round me tight.

"Looks like a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. Doesn't usually strike this soon though." I said, to break the tension. This was going into areas that I didn't feel either of us were ready for yet.

Sally nodded, recognizing what I was doing, and sat up. She kissed me lightly. "Well can I get dressed now?" She was still naked after our shower and the only clothes she had were in the lounge where I had stripped them off her the night before. I, on the other hand, was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Nope." I replied. "Although I do think you need to be restrained again. Enough of this freedom. Go and fetch your wrist-cuffs from the bedroom and bring a pair of ankle-cuffs as well. You'll find them in the toy box in my cupboard."

It took about ten minutes before Sally returned. She had a hesitant look on her face and a pile of stuff in her hands. She had obviously done more than just dig out a pair of ankle-cuffs.

"Marcie said you had some kinky stuff but I never realised how much." she said.

"Marcie, my ex-wife? When did you talk to her?" I was somewhat pissed-off and my tone must have made it abundantly clear.

"Oh don't worry. It was about three years ago."

"About when she divorced me?"

"Yes, just after, I think. I did a job for the company where she worked and she was carrying on about what a kinky brute you were."

"And despite that, you still set me up for that 'kidnap' scene yesterday?"

"Of course. After working with you for the past six months, and seeing what a great guy you are, I knew that she had rocks in her head to let you go. All the single girls on the project, and some of the married ones, had their eye on you and you seemed completely oblivious to them. I knew you weren't fixed with anyone so I reckoned it would be the best way to get your attention."

I sat there dumfounded, probably had my mouth hanging open. I was shocked.

"Anyway, I've had bondage and kidnap fantasies since I was a kid; done the usual web searches and a bit of self-bondage so I know I like to be tied up and blindfolded. So, I thought I'd give it a go. Worked, didn't it? Got your attention, didn't I?"

I was still almost speechless at these revelations but my brain did manage to process a couple of things. "What do you mean, 'All the girls had their eye on me'? I had no idea... "

"Oh Johnny, you are so naive. You honestly don't know how sexy you are - and that's part of the attraction. We girls do talk, you know, and the 'available' guys are a big part of the discussions. Anyway, there was quite a lot of chat about how to get your attention until I told everyone to back off. I made it very clear that the project was far too important for you to get distracted in the middle of it and they should leave you alone until it was finished."

Now that I thought back on it, there had been a few incidents and encounters during the past months that had had me wondering a bit. But I had been too busy to pay much attention. And then they stopped and I forgot about them. “So, then as soon as the close-out party was done..."

"Yes!" she smiled. "I told them that I would have first crack at you." Sally was, by now looking very pleased with herself.

"And I suppose, if I hadn't taken you up on your kidnap offer..?" I enquired.

"Of course, I'm not totally stupid. Jane and Alison were to come down to the gardens about an hour after I left the party to make sure I wasn't still stuck there. That reminds me, I must phone Jane and let her know that I'm alright." Sally dumped the pile of gear she was carrying onto the kitchen table and, with a wiggle of her hips and a grin over her shoulder, walked off to the lounge to fetch her phone.

"Hi, Jane, Sally here... Yes, everything’s fine. Operation Bastille successfully completed... Well no, not yet. It seems that, having stormed the tower, I'm now a prisoner inside... Mmm yes, I am a lucky girl... What? No. The jailer wants to keep me here, so I don't know when I'll see you, but I'm fine, having fun. Just wanted to let you know everything's okay... Right, bye darling."

“So now, half the project team knows that I’m a… What was the expression? Kinky brute?”

Sally sat down in my lap again and put her arms around me. “Of course not. I only told Alison and Jane that it was a fantasy of mine and I thought you would go along with it. I would never disclose personal details about a colleague. And anyway, I didn’t believe half of what Marcie said. I don’t want to criticise your judgment but she is not a nice person.”

Although I didn’t say anything I had to agree with Sally on that last point. “Water under the bridge and far, far down the river. Now, I sent you off for some ankle-cuffs. Let’s see what else you brought.”

My job pays me very well and, living alone – even with the maintenance payments – I had a lot of spare cash and was able to indulge myself. Often, when I saw something intriguing, I would buy it even if I didn’t have anyone else to try it on, or anyone to try it on me, so there were quite a few items that had been unpacked, but never used.

I explained this to Sally as I went to fetch the rest of my toys. I thought that if she was interested in the stuff in the toy box she might as well see the rest.

She immediately picked up on one point - I said she was seriously bright. “So you would like some of this used on you, would you? Are you a… What’s the word? Switch?”

“Now just wait a minute!” I thought things were starting to get out of control.

“Yes, yes. I know.” Sally said airily. “Me kidnappee, you kidnapper. But some of these things look quite yummy and I still want to have my wicked way with you at some stage.”

“Carry on like that and the first thing I’ll put on you is a gag.” I retorted. I think both of us noticed that I hadn’t answered her question about me being a switch. Sally certainly had a gleam in her eye.

“Everything is basically different variations on the same theme of control. There’s restriction, restraint, stimulation and sensory deprivation. Let’s start with where we are now. I’m dressed, you’re naked. Psychologically, that puts me in a position of control. Even though you aren’t restrained in any way you are, to a certain extent, restricted. You are unlikely to run out the front door. Could be a bit embarrassing.” I have a tendency to lecture, but Sally nodded.

We started sorting things into categories. Hoods, blindfolds, gags, ear-muffs – sensory deprivation. Cuffs, collars, arm-binders and spreader-bars – restraint. Bondage mittens and hobbles were the only items under restriction “With the mitts you might be able to wave your arms around but you can’t use your hands. And the hobbles mean you can walk, but not very fast.” I explained. Vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs, crops, floggers and paddles all went under stimulation, pleasure or pain. So did nipple and clit clamps. I saw the reaction Sally had to a lovely set in silver with the three clamps joined by fine chains that came to a ring at about navel level. She had a far-away look as she opened and closed the clamps and ran the chains through her hands. She shivered and put the set down gently.

There was a collection of ropes, chains and padlocks that we put in a separate pile.

Then we got to the big items, a sleep-sack and two leather straight-jackets, one large and one small to medium “That’ll fit Sally.” I thought. She seemed to agree with me because she picked it up and tried it against herself. Definitely restraints.

The final piece was a strange garment I had bought on a whim. Made from beautiful soft leather, it looked like a short t-shirt that came down to the top of the breasts. It had long sleeves ending in closed mittens and a full hood that only had two grommets under the nose for breathing. The hood part had a zip at the back, extending down the neck so that, when it was unzipped, there would be space for a head to go through. There were cuffs with D-Rings built in at the elbows and wrists and a collar. All the buckles were lockable. It was a bright Ferrari red and had cost me a fortune.

Sally pounced on it as I took it out of the box. “Ooh, that looks fun! Restriction, restraint and sensory deprivation all-in-one. And it leaves everything else open for stimulation. Talk about total control!”

“That is a serious garment.” I said. “Are you sure you want to wear it? Once it’s on you won’t be able to change your mind.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I want you to put it on me.” Sally looked me straight in the eye.

“Okay.” I replied. “But on one condition. I put these on you as well.” I picked up the silver nipple and clit set she had played with earlier.

Sally’s eyes got big. “Oh yes!” She gasped. “Do it now before I have a chance to change my mind.”

“Before we start. Safety!” I said. “Do you have a cold or post-nasal drip?” Sally shook her head. “Any sinus problems?” Shake. “This is important. Your only air supply is through these two little holes so any problems and you could be in serious trouble.”

“No, my nose is fine. I won’t have any problems” She declared.

The garment was slightly too small for Sally, but the leather had a bit of stretch in it. I told her to put her arms out and pulled both sleeves on together, then she raised her arms to push her head into the hood. Once everything was seated I made sure she could breathe properly through the grommets. Confident of that, I pulled her hair up and zipped the hood almost closed so that her pony-tail came out the top. I buckled the cuffs at her wrists and elbows, closed the collar and then picked up a hand full of small padlocks.

“I’m locking the padlocks now.” I said loudly next to her covered ear. She nodded slowly. Click, click, click, click, and finally, click. Wrist, elbow, wrist, elbow and collar, all locked. Pulling her arms behind her back I locked the wrist D-Rings together and then checked her elbows. They wouldn’t touch easily so I used a short piece of chain to join them.

Sally’s nipples were already rock-hard when I picked up the set of clamps. I set the pressure on medium before slowly applying the first to her left nipple. As I let the clamp bite Sally sucked a huge breath through the grommets and moaned. I let her dance around a bit before applying the right clamp. Once again, a huge breath and dancing around.

The delicious aroma of her arousal filled the kitchen.

Now I took the third clamp and pulled gently. With the tension from the chains on her nipples Sally had no option but to follow as I eased towards a chair. When I was sitting I slowly ran the tip of the clit clamp down her body from her cleavage past her navel towards its final destination. Sally knew what was coming and shook her head as she tried to back away but a quick jerk on the chain stopped that. I opened to clamp and slowly put it on her engorged clit. As soon as I released it, Sally screamed and collapsed into a huge orgasm. I had to grab her quickly into my lap to stop her crashing to the floor.

I sat there holding her whilst she came and came. It seemed to go on for a very long time. Eventually she quietened down.

 “Mmph?” She grunted.

“No, no.” I said loudly. “Remember, it’s only really bondage when you want to get free. And you can’t”



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