Decompression Part 4

by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2013 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

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Part Four

Chapter 5

It took a long time before Sally moved from my lap. We talked. We talked about our fears and relationships, lessons and failures. Lots of intensely personal stuff, the sort of things that are only shared when a relationship is solidifying into something special, normally after about three months or more.

I raised something that had been tickling away at the back of my mind.

"Tell me about your kidnap fantasy."

Sally shivered "Oh I've had that since puberty. I suppose since I started to get interested in boys and all the boys at my school were such wimps. It seems so unfair that girls grow up faster than boys, so that all the boys your own age seem such babies. Anyway, I had a huge crush on one of the teachers, Mr. Wilson. He was the Maths teacher, really developed my love of mathematics and numbers. So I persuaded my parents to let me take extra lessons with him."

Sally got that dreamy expression again. This girl could really disappear inside her own head to re-live things.

"He was always very professional. Never seemed to notice that I was making moony-eyes at him. Never made a move, although he was single and I gave him lots of chances. Just ignored that and concentrated on the maths. Really good guy... He died a couple of years after I left school, whilst I was still at varsity. Car accident, got hit by a drunk driver… I was devastated. I'd planned to look him up after I graduated, see if I could get him into bed."

"I used to fantasise that he would kidnap and blindfold me and take me somewhere unknown to ravish me... I had my first orgasm to that fantasy. Stole one of my mother's silk scarves and used it as a blindfold and masturbated until I came."

"Ever since then I've always loved the feel of silk on my face. It's so soft and sensual. And being blindfolded. It's always been a big turn-on for me, not being able to see what's happening, being helpless, not being able to control things. And then, with the internet a search for 'blindfold' brought up bondage and self-bondage and stories that took me into another world. I found out that I wasn't so different, that lots of other people had those sort of fantasies too. But I could never share that with anyone else. That was too personal, too private."

"I still masturbate to that fantasy about being kidnapped and ravished, you know? But I haven't thought about Mr. Wilson in years. I suppose you remind me of him in a way, although you're very different. But the same focus on the job at hand, ignoring the other stuff, treating me like a person, not a fuck-toy.

"And so, when we started working on this project and I knew you had an interest in bondage, I wondered if I could trust you to make my fantasy real. And I found out what a great guy you are and I knew I could trust you so I thought 'Why not?' and I set it up. And I was right, I could trust you and you did make my fantasy real... "

The thought of Sally, wearing only a scarf blindfold, with her fingers working on herself got to me and my cock seemed to remember that it was still, just, nestled in Sally's pussy.

"Ooh, what do we have here." Sally noticed the growing activity.

So we made love, again. Beautiful, gentle, love that finally pushed down all the walls both of us had built for self-protection.

When we were sated I said "I'm still going to tie you up and fuck your brains out. You do know that don't you?"

"Yes, John. And I know you're going to control me, because I like it and want it."

"But," there was that glint in her eye again. "Sometimes I am going to tie you up and have my wicked way with you. You kidnapper, me kidnappee but sometimes, just sometimes, the tables will be turned and you, Johnny Adams, will dance to my tune."

Time to change the subject!

"Come, woman. We must get dressed and go shopping. And, since my food supplies don't meet your exacting standards, we'll get a bite to eat whilst we're out."

"Yes, John.”

“Hey, you're doing it again, aren't you? You slip into control mode and I respond, just like that." She clicked her fingers.

"Works for me." I kissed the tip of her nose. "And, it seems, for you."

"I'll have you know, John Adams, that I am an independent woman; a person in my own right, and quite capable of making my own decision."

"Of course, Ms. Michelson, of course. Now will you please make the decision to get dressed so we can go shopping and have lunch. And while we're out there's something I want to buy for you."

Sally's face lit up. "For me? What?"

"All in good time, wench."

"You're not going to tell me, are you?" She pouted.

"Go and get dressed before I change my mind."

Later that afternoon we entered a little specialist jeweler in a slightly seedy area of the city. His specialty was catering to the BDSM community. The whole area concentrated on 'alternate’ life-styles. The leather worker where I had bought ‘The Ferrari’ was just around the corner and most kinks were catered for close by.

"Hi Georgie." I called as we went in. Sally's eyes went wide as she took in the merchandise on display. I had picked up the silver nip and clit set here and it was, almost, tame compared to some of his stuff.

"I'm looking for a collar."

Sally's wide eye's swiveled around to look at me.

"This your sub? Scrawny thing isn't it?"

Now she tracked around to focus on the jeweler sitting behind his work-bench.

"Don't worry about Georgie," I intervened. "He's gay and doesn't really approve of girls. Thinks they’re competition for limited resources."

Sally opened her mouth, and then hesitated. She looked past the scraggly beard and long, unkempt hair.

"I know you. George Macintosh! You were doing your 'P' when I did my Masters in Number Theory."

"Sally Michelson. I recognized you the moment you walked in. What are you doing with this loser?"

"He's no loser. He's a great guy!" Sally spoke warmly.

"Yeah, you always did have good taste. Good enough not to have anything to do with any of those jerks at the Maths Department."

"But, what are you doing here? I would have expected you to be a Professor by now."

I was feeling somewhat left out of this reunion, but I didn't intrude. I wanted Sally to be as comfortable as possible before I got what I had in mind.

"Nah, couldn't take the politics. I love doing this and it pays a hell of a lot better than academia." was Georgie's response.

"So, how do you want to decorate this lovely neck?" Georgie finally turned to me. "I hope you know what you're taking on here. This one's special. Very special!" He beamed at Sally.

"Oh, yes!" I agreed. "Special is the right word. I was thinking of a stainless steel circle with a monogram pendant. Letter 'S'."

"Permanent or removable?" Georgie came from behind the bench. He took Sally's chin in one hand and moved her head from side to side examining her neck.

"Definitely removable, at this stage."

"Hmm. Yes that's best. Yup, I think you're right and I've got just the thing. It's going to cost you though."

Georgie turned to go through a curtain into the back of his shop.

"Hey, don't I have a say in this?" Sally's eyes were now glinting dangerously.

"No!" Georgie shot back over his shoulder. "Wait ‘til you see it before you get uppity."

It was a simple piece. A plain polished steel circle with an almost invisible hinge. The pendant was a silver diamond shape, suspended by a small ring. The 'S' was outlined in diamond chips. It was beautiful.

"Opens like this." Georgie demonstrated, inserting a tiny Allen Key into a hole on the underside and giving it a twist. The circle parted, showing a small prong that fitted into a corresponding socket on the other side to make an invisible clasp.

"The permanent one is the same but doesn't have a socket for the Allen Key. Key's non-standard too so, if you lose it, you'll have to come to me to get it off. And that'll cost you too!" He grinned avariciously.

"Now, hold still young lady." Georgie opened the circle wide, slipped it on and closed it, carefully ensuring the prong went into its slot.

"Need to be careful here, although the mechanism is strong it's also quite delicate and you don't want to ruin it."

The steel encircled Sally with about a centimetre of play and the pendant hung at the base of her neck. I had never seen her wear any jewelry. No rings, bangles, earrings or necklaces. She didn’t wear makeup either, as far as I could tell.

It looked stunning.

Sally turned to a mirror and her fingers touched the steel. “It won’t come off without the key, will it?” Her voice was soft. “It’s lovely. And ‘S’ for ‘Sally’?”

“Sally. Slut. Slave.” I replied.

“So I would be your collared slave? Why not ‘K’ for ‘Kajira’?” Now her voice was almost inaudible.

“Because you can safe-word out at any time.”

“And if I did safe-word, would you kick me out?”

“No! Safe-word gives you the control to decide what-ever you want to do. Go, stay or re-negotiate.” We were totally focused on each other. I was still amazed how things got so intense so quickly.

“Okay. Safe-word. Red!”

I was stunned.

“Re-negotiate.” Sally continued before I had a chance to react. “I want a ‘K’. And I want George to keep the key.”

It took me a couple of moments to process what had just happened. I finally caught up to hear Sally say “I want to be your collared slave, Master.”

Georgie broke in “Will you two take please your lovey-dovey shit out of my store. But decide what you want and pay me for it before you go.”

Without breaking eye contact with each other both of us snapped “Shut up George!” and “Shut up Georgie!” simultaneously. And then we both burst out laughing.

“Okay Sally. If you want a ‘K’ then a ‘K’ you shall have. But I don’t think Georgie should hold the key. That,” I pointed to the collar “would not go under ‘The Ferrari.’ And, if I can’t take it off… ”

“Then I can’t use ‘The Ferrari.’ And I love my Ferrari! Okay then, we go back to safe-word status… What? Green? ”

I took Sally’s hand in both of mine. “Green is good.”

We turned to Georgie as he growled “You two are nuts, you know that? Absolutely bat-shit crazy.”

“Mm Hmm” and “Yup” from us together. And we laughed again.

Sally and Georgie set to discussing the design for the monogram she wanted on the pendant. Once they had settled on that he said it would take about a week to complete.

“Okay, let me pay for this now and you give me the key. Do you want a deposit for the other piece?”

“No!” interjected Sally. “The Kajira pendant will be mine and I will wear it ‘cause I want to; so I’ll pay for that and you can pay for my collar.”

Georgie just rolled his eyes as he took my credit card.

“So, what’s this Ferrari and why can’t she use it with the collar?” He wanted to know.

“Piece I got from Van’s Leather. It’s a tight, zip-up hood with built in sleeves ending in bondage mitts.” I explained.

“Yeah, I saw it. So you bought it? Why ‘Ferrari’?”

“For the colour. We didn’t know what else to call it.”

Georgie nodded in understanding. “I’ll tell Van the next time I see him. He’ll like that, he didn’t know what to call it either.”

As we left the store, I saw that Sally was holding her head high, proudly displaying the steel collar with its pendant at the base of her neck.

“You really like that, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!” Her eyes shone. “Me, a collared slave. Who would have thought?”

“Well don’t get too carried away with that Gorean crap.” I said sourly.

“Hey. It’s fantasy. And I’m having fun living my fantasy. I’m a collared slave walking along with the man I love. What’s wrong with that?”

“As long as we both bear in mind what’s fantasy and what’s real.”

“I do. And I haven’t had so much fun in years. The look on your face when I safe-worded…” Sally burst out laughing. “I was getting you back for safe-wording on me this morning, you know? I was terrified that, after what I did to you, you were going to kick me out. I know it was silly of me, but I’m so used to rejection that I think I sort of expect it any time. And then you wanted to put your collar on me.” Sally clung to my arm.

“This is very special… You can’t know how special it makes me feel.” She said quietly.

I put my arm around her and held her tight.

“Come. Something you said this morning made me realise there are some items missing from my inventory. And I know just the place to fix that.”

We went into another shop in the same street as Georgie’s. This one sold scarves. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of scarves. All types, colours, designs and fabrics. Sally’s eyes were wide again.

“Silk. Silk scarves.” She breathed. “Oh thank you!” She kissed me hard, right in the door-way.

“ Err Hmm.” The proprietor was a rotund, matronly woman. “Excuse me, can I help you?”

“Oh! Oh, yes please.” Sally spun around “Yes. Silk. I want some silk scarves.”

“Certainly madam. What can I show you?”

Sally dived in. I knew my credit card was going to take another beating.

The woman was obviously comfortable with some of the unconventional uses her items were put to because she soon had Sally uninhibitedly discussing the opacity of blindfolds or the knot holding properties of various materials. She felt different scarves against her cheek and ran them through her hands. They debated the visual impact of different colours, plain or patterned. Even care and cleaning after use as a gag.

I found a seat and waited patiently.

“There we are, dear. These should suit you and your man very well.”

Sally had selected a dozen items. Six long, narrow pure silk scarves for use as ties; the rest, large squares, to be folded for blindfolds or gags. Most of them were pure silk as well.

“Your lady has very good taste sir,” the matron said “but, of course… When you choose quality… ”

“Yes, I know.” I handed over the card.

Now it was time for some more fun. Kidnap time.

“Would you assist me please? Sally here enjoys a kidnap fantasy so I’m going to blindfold and tie her and leave her here whilst I fetch my car from where it’s parked.”

The matron glanced at Sally, who nodded solemnly.

“Certainly sir. You can come around the back, it’s more private than the street.” Nothing fazed her.

Shortly after that I drove into the little loading area at the back of the shop.

"Good afternoon, madam. Do you have my merchandise?"

"Certainly sir. It's right here ready for transportation." The shop owner entered into the spirit of the game.

Sally was sitting where I left her and we had made good use of her selections. A large cream coloured, patterned scarf, folded diagonally and tied Grace Kelly style under the chin, covered her head. Beneath that a plain black silk scarf, also folded diagonally, covered her face from hair-line to neck, making her face an anonymous black mask. Inside that, another band of silk covered her eyes and ears. One of the cheaper, chiffon, scarves was packed into her mouth and the gag held in place with a long narrow silk scarf wound twice around her face below her nose.

Other long scarves bound her hands behind her back and her knees and ankles together. All in all a scarf-lover's bondage fantasy.

"Thank you, madam. I'll transport this item to the slave pens for auction."

"No. Thank you, sir, for taking her off my hands. She's been nothing but trouble and I'm glad to get rid of her." Another fan of Gor.

I swung Sally over my shoulder in a fireman's lift, picked up the bag with the rest of the scarves and carried her out to the car. She made grunting noises as her head hung down my back.

"Quiet slave, or I'll use my whip on you when we get to the slave pens."

I deposited my burden on the back-seat, used the seat-belts to secure her and threw a blanket over to provide cover from curious eyes.

Back at home, I carried Sally into my bedroom and quickly stripped her clothes off. It meant briefly freeing her hands but a growled "Stay still slave or you'll taste the whip." ensured her compliance. I folded the last two squares into bands that went around her elbows and were then tied together, further confining her arms. The last of the long scarves then joined Sally's ankles to elbows pulling her into a hog-tie.

She looked so beautiful with her head encased in silk and the other scarves holding her limbs. The visual impact she had debated with the scarf shop matron was everything she could have wanted. I took some more photos to add to my growing collection of ‘Sally in Bondage’.

Laying her on her side I asked quietly "Are you alright in there, love?" dropping out of character for a moment. An enthusiastic nod and grunt confirmed that Sally was enjoying herself. The perfume from her arousal and the sparkle of juices on her pussy hair was another indication.

"Right, that should hold this slave until the auction." Back into character.

While Sally lay savouring her fantasy, domestic reality intruded for me as I brought the groceries in from the car and packed them away, checking frequently to see that she was okay.

Finally done, I returned to Sally and quietly stripped my clothes off.

"Let's test this slave's responsiveness before we auction it." I announced my presence loudly, causing Sally to jump.

I released the hog-tie and then freed the scarves at her ankles and knees. Having rolled Sally onto her back I spread her legs and, with no warning, thrust my engorged cock hard into her pussy. The wait hadn't diminished my slave's arousal; she was wet and welcoming.

Supporting my weight on knees and arms, so as not to crush Sally's bound hands, I pounded into her. Very quickly her breathing deepened and she started to moan into her gag. I watched in fascination as the silk mask ballooned when she exhaled and then flattened against her face as she desperately sucked air through the scarf. A little bit of oxygen deprivation, carefully monitored for safety, can wonderfully increase sexual stimulation.

Sally climaxed, shuddering and pulsing beneath me. I didn't stop. I continued with my hard, fast thrusting into her, pushing her higher into, and then through, the crest of the next wave. Still no relief as I carried on my assault.

Sally was, by now, shaking her head from side to side and whimpering as I continued, driving her on. A third and then a fourth orgasm hit her in quick succession. As I reached the end of my self-control, and my own orgasm crested, Sally screamed and passed out. I believe the French call it 'la petite mort'. 'The little death' from oxytocin overload.

I quickly uncovered Sally's head, removed the gag and blindfold and released the rest of her bonds; then lay holding her whilst she recovered.

She opened her eyes and looked at me in wonder. "Thank you. Oh thank you!" She gasped. "That was unbelievable. That was wonderful! Oh wow, Wow, WOW!”

A bit later, “How many was that? Three? Four?"

"Five." I said smugly.

* * *

Chapter 6

Sally was really enjoying her new role as a collared slave. She bubbled with enthusiasm and danced around the kitchen preparing our supper. She decided that a slave only spoke when spoken to and the answers should be confined to "Yes, Master."

She set one place at the table, served me my food and then knelt next to my chair wearing only her collar. I had insisted she wear an apron whilst cooking; I did not want any accidents!

I thought of putting my foot down and telling her to stop this nonsense but she was having so much fun that I didn't have the heart.

"The meal was satisfactory slave. You will now eat and clean up. You will then fetch your blindfold and sleeping cuffs and come to the office."

"Yes, Master."

In truth, the meal she had put together was superb; way better than anything I could have done. "Note to self." I thought. "If you eat much more of Sally's cooking then some serious gym time is indicated."

I had set up an office in one of the bedrooms. The kind of projects I do often demand a lot of after-hours work and it makes sense to have the proper environment for it. And I had the space.

I worked through my e-mails for the first time in a couple of days, carefully not noticing when Sally entered and knelt next to my chair. She adopted the posture I had shown her the day before and waited silently.

After she had been there for about ten minutes, "Get your laptop, slave, and set it up there." I pointed to another work area. “Connect to the Wi-Fi with this authentication,” I gave her a piece of paper with the network details and password "and catch up on your mail and anything else important."

"Yes, Master."

We worked in companionable silence for the next hour or so until Sally shut down and closed her machine. She then returned to her position next to my chair.

I wasn't yet quite ready to close up. "Go and complete your ablutions whilst I finish off here."

By the time I was done Sally had returned. I reached down to pick up the items I had told her to fetch and saw that she had included a ball gag.

"No. You will not be gagged whilst sleeping."

"Yes, Master."

"One, it's potentially dangerous to be un-monitored whilst gagged, and I can't keep an eye on you when I'm asleep. Two, it will get extremely uncomfortable over a long period. Three, you will drool all over the bedding."

"Yes, Master."

"Secondly, you have locked these cuffs together. There was a reason I had them separated with a short chain when you slept in them before. You are not used to sleeping whilst cuffed and you would need some time to get accustomed to it; your shoulders in an unnatural position, learning how to turn over etc. What I would do, over a period of about a month, would be to slowly shorten the chain until you could comfortably sleep with your hands cuffed together. Now, fetch the chain."

Sally burst into tears.

"Come here, Sally." I lifted her into my lap.

She clung to me "I'm sorry, Master, I so wanted to be a good collared slave for you but I can't get anything right. I thought you would like that and now you'll send me away 'cause I fucked up."

Hoo-boy! This girl really did have deep seated insecurities. Not surprising, I suppose, since she had been hurt so many times.

"Okay, Sally. Let's cut this 'Collared Slave from Gor' crap."

"I love you." It was the first time I had said those words to her and I realised that I really meant them.

“I love you for who you are, with all your insecurities, with your bright, shiny, intelligent mind. Not some crappy fantasy slave from the wet-dreams of a sick guy who peddled it as shitty Sci-Fi."

Sally looked at me with big eyes.

"I love you, Sally Michelson, and I'm not going to send you away! You can move in tomorrow if you want. I'd move you tonight but we'd probably wake the neighbours and I'd need a trailer for your gym equipment."

She snuggled in tight. “You're not going to kick me out? Even when I mess up?” Her voice was almost inaudible.

“No, I love you and, despite your wanting to run like a startled deer all the time, I want you to stay. I want you to move in with me.”

“Really, And I can bring my gym equipment? Mind you I seem to be getting lots of exercise without it.” She wriggled her bum as her normal, bubbly personality started to re-emerge.

There were definite signs of progress; the recovery had been much more rapid than previous crises.

“Only certain muscles. And if you carry on cooking like you did tonight, I’m going to need to work out more as well.”

Oh, did you like it? Satisfactory is what you said.” She looked at me accusingly.

“That was part of the game, love. It was delicious!”

“So, are you going to tie me up and take me to bed?” Now she was being coquettishly provocative.

“I’m not sure. Do you want to be tied up?”

“Ooh yes! And blindfolded. Then I can sleep dreaming about my mysterious kidnapper.” Sally’s mercurial mood shifts would take getting used to. But I did find them delightful.

“Alright wench. Pack the gag away and fetch the chain for these.” I pointed to the wrist cuffs. “And while you’re at it, bring a hobble. Locking ankle cuffs with a twenty centimetre chain.”

Sally squealed in delight and fled. When she returned I tapped the collar. “This comes off.”

She pouted.

“No. Off. Without the use of your hands you could damage the pendant or yourself. If you want, I’ll put it on again in the morning.”

“Yes, John. Are you going to shorten these?” She held up the wrist cuffs now separated by their chain.

“Not tonight. You need a few nights to get used to sleeping bound and then we’ll start to shorten the chain.”

Pout! She was incorrigible.

“Right” I locked the wrist cuffs and hobble, then used the Allen Key to remove Sally’s collar. Finally I fitted the blindfold over her eyes and locked that in place too.

“I’m off to prepare for bed. I’ll see you there.”

“But… ”

“You’ll just have to find your own way there. Or you can sleep here if you want.” I spun her around a few times and then steadied her on her feet. “That should make it a bit more interesting.”

By the time I was finished Sally had negotiated her way through the house and was sitting on the bed.

“Hello beautiful. I see you decided to join me.”

Sally smiled in my direction. “That was fun, finding my way here. The place is very different when you’re feeling your way along the walls. Have to try and match the mental picture with what you encounter and try to remember where everything is. And being restricted to tiny steps makes everything seem so much bigger.”

“Well I hope you can remember your way back in the morning, because I left your keys on my desk and I’m not going to fetch them. And you are not to use them to unlock yourself. I do not intend to wake up in the same situation as I was this morning!”

“Oh. Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Very much. Maybe too much. You are very good with your mouth and fingers. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before.”

“But? ”

“But. A guy could get addicted, get too dependent. And I don’t want to go to sleep wondering if I’m going to be able to move when I wake up.”

By now I was lying on my back with Sally tucked up against my side, head on my shoulder and my arm around playing with a nipple.

“Fuck me please, John. I want you inside me” Incorrigible. And insatiable.

* * *

I woke up as I felt Sally moving next to me. She rolled over, blindly searching for my face, and then kissed me. “Mmm. Nice. What time is it? I can hear birds.”

“It’s about 6:30 on Monday morning. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us but we don’t have to get up yet.”

“Can I have my collar please?”

“Only after I take everything else off.”

“Then I’d better get those keys.” Sally slid out of bed and set off to fetch them.

“This should be interesting.” I thought to myself. I hadn’t left the keys out on the desk, but put them in a desk-tidy at the back. Sally was going to have a difficult search.

A while later I heard a crash that had me jumping out of bed, ready to race down to the office.

“It’s alright.” Sally called. “I climbed on top of your desk and kicked the chair over. I can’t see that anything’s broken, but I’ll check latter.” She giggled. She was, obviously, enjoying the challenge.

I debated whether to investigate but decided to leave her to it, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I woke up again as Sally crawled back onto the bed. “You bastard. It took me ages to find them in the desk-tidy. If you thought I would give up you don’t know me very well.”

“Well, if it were easy… ”

“Yes, I know. ‘If it were easy then any idiot could do it and they wouldn’t pay us the big bucks to do it for them.’ So you set my collar as the motivation.”

“Works for me.” I said as I released Sally and then clasped the collar around her neck.

“Hey, no time for that now. Breakfast and then we’ve got to arrange your move. You do still want to move in don’t you? Despite me being such a bastard?”

Sally threw herself on top of me. “Yes, John. I do want to move in with you. I want to move in more than anything else in the world.” Tears formed at the corners of her eyes.

As it turned out it wasn’t such a busy day. We found a reputable removals company who, because it was mid-month, gave us a good rate for an ‘All-in’ job, packing everything and unpacking again. We decided not to bring most of Sally’s furniture. She owned her apartment outright, so there was no problem with the furniture staying there and, as I said, it did provide a fallback position if things didn’t work out.

Sally had her own, unique, take on that idea. “If you think, John Adams, that now that you’ve caught me I will let you let me go, you’ve got another think coming!” Yes, well, quite.

We were at Sally’s apartment to meet the removals company rep and finalise the move. At the same time we picked up some more items Sally wanted and then fetched her car.

“Are you actually going to trust me with these?” She held up the car keys.

“Yup. And, while you’re at it, add these to your bunch.” I tossed her a set of my house keys and remotes.

Sally, once again, surprised me. I had half expected another melt-down and was bracing myself for it. Instead you looked at the keys and then smiled at me

“So then, if you kick me out I can always come back. Thank you.” She put them away.

Echoing my own thoughts she continued “Surprised you, didn’t I? You thought I would dissolve into tears again. Go on, admit it.”

I nodded.

“I nearly did. And then I thought ‘Sally Michelson, this man is treating you like an adult, so behave like one. You will not burst into tears just because he shows that he trusts you.’ And I am; I am a thirty-four year old woman with her own mind and her own body and her own income who makes her own decisions, not a silly love-struck teen-ager. But I also wear your collar and I’m desperately in love with you.” She grinned.

“And now,” She carried on “I am going to get into my car and drive to your… to our house. And you will follow me and when we get there I am going to tie you up and fuck your brains out!



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