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Chapter 7 (part 1) - The Oil Minister

Davinia's next surprise came one morning when she was awaiting Sir Ian in the Day Room. Yvette had conducted her there and Davinia had put up no resistance as her hands were locked behind her back and a red ball-gag placed between her lips.

In the last few days, Davinia had noticed a marked change in her owner. He seemed to be spending more time away from both Davinia and Erin, and she wondered why.

Erin, who had been owned by Sir Ian, knew the problem immediately.

“Sir Ian has to leave Africa soon – in fact, I'm surprised that he's been here this long. He's just got to get back to London and New York – you can only run a company this size only for so long by teleconferencing. Sooner or later the press will start nipping about, and his absence will become first gossip – then serious journalists will start looking into the matter.”

“Just like I used to do,” said Davinia.

“Exactly – training a new slave girl is diverting, but Sir Ian has a global oil business to run. That's why he lets Lady Samantha do most of the work of confining and slave girls for him – otherwise, he'd be too busy!”

Yvette conducted Davinia to the Day Room and attached her wrists and ankles to spreader bars, and then attached her wrist bar to a ceiling chain. Another was locked to a chain from the floor, which would limit Davinia's attempts to twist away from her punishment!

Then the ceiling chain was raised, and Davinia's feet were left just touching the floor. Her naked body was stretched taut, and she was totally vulnerable and exposed to whatever Sir Ian had planned!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” groaned Davinia which was all the ball-gag would allow.

“Mademoiselle is anxious to see her Master, non? She desires the use of his whip?” replied Yvette.


“Sir Ian said I could keep Mademoiselle entertained until he finishes his phone call, non? Perhaps a few strokes of the whip? Yvette is trained not just to accept the whip, but use it as well.”

Yvette reached out and kneaded both of Davinia's breasts with her hands, finally settling on pinching and pulling her nipples! Davinia squirmed and tried to escape from her attentions, but she was chained in place!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Davinia.

“Perhaps Mademoiselle is sorry for her choice of career, given that it has led to this fate, non?” asked Yvette, “I am sure the pretty activist never considered the idea that she would be chained and whipped in a Dungeon, non?”


“Perhaps a few strokes of the whip from Yvette will brighten Mademoiselle's day, non?”


Yvette walked over the wall and removed the whip which Davinia had become so familiar with these last few months. She then clicked her heels back to Davinia, and stood in front of her, with the whip coiled in her left hand. The Maid was dressed in black high heels, latex stockings, a latex uniform, corset, and headpiece! She was also wearing a collar and bondage bracelets on her wrists, for she was a slave just like Davinia and Erin!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Yvette wasted no time in using the whip on Davinia, nor did she remove her ball-gag. Davinia could do nothing, not even scream as the gag defeated her attempts at speech!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was all that Davinia could manage with the rubber ball in her mouth!

“Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia realized that Yvette was quite proficient with the whip! Each impact stung and left a mark, but did not break the skin, and then she would move onto another part of her anatomy!

But of course she realized that Yvette was saving Davina's flesh for a reason: she was warming up Davinia for Sir Ian – who would probably not be as gentle as Yvette was now being with the whip!

“Mmmmmmmph!” protested Davinia.

“Mademoiselle does not like being whipped with the gag, non? There are worse things to come, my sweet. Your cries and tears will ‘ave no effect!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia writhed under the whip, but to no effect! She was truly a prisoner, and what was worse, she was actually enjoying being whipped! It no longer mattered to her who was holding the lash at this point, but she had discovered that she craved the whip – and all that came with it!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Very good, Yvette,” complimented Sir Ian, “I'll have to let you discipline more of my slaves now that I know just how good you are at it.”

Neither Davinia or Yvette had heard Sir Ian quietly enter the Day Room, as both had been engrossed in their place as Mistress and slave!

“Thank you, Master,” said Yvette.

“Finish what you started, Yvette. You can't leave Davinia hanging, her body now cries out for your lash! I'll stand here and observe!”

“Yes, Master!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Yvette returned to her naked helpless captive and continued whipping her, each stroke stronger than the last. Davinia continued to twist in her bonds in a futile attempt to evade the lash, but there would be no respite from the leather that she desired!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” cried Davinia.

Yvette then directed her attentions to between Davinia's legs, and the whip struck at the sensitive flesh on the inside of her thighs, sometimes onto her naked quim itself!

Tears began to fall from Davinia's eyes as the heart of her femininity was now under assault from the whip itself!

“Mmmmmmmph!” wept Davinia.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Yvette now ceased whipping Davinia and suddenly inserted her middle and forefinger into her soaking wet quim, stimulating the already engorged clitoris and allowing Davinia sexual release! She had not originally planned to do this, but Sir Ian had told her that she could finish off her captive – so he followed his orders!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia now moaned with pleasure instead of pain as one orgasm after another rippled through her naked body, brought about by the whip!

Davinia discovered that being gagged had added an additional dimension to her captivity. Not only did it remove her ability to protest her punishment, but it seemed to add to her sexual pleasure when she was finally allowed to have an orgasm!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia enjoyed the last of her orgasms as they died down, leaving her hungry for more! She then hung limply in chains, wondering what was not in store for her!

“Very good, Yvette. A bravo performance, if I do say so myself.”

“Thank you, Master,” replied Yvette.

“Now why don't you go start lunch, and I'll keep Davinia entertained from now on?”

“Yes, Master,” said Yvette.”

“And you can hand me the whip. I think I'll be using it on Davinia as well!” 

“Yes, Master!”

Yvette did as she was instructed, and bowed before Sir Ian before she left the Day Room, leaving Sir Ian and Davinia together. He was dressed in a white office shirt, trousers, and shined back leather shoes, as if he was in a business office, not a bondage scene!

“Sorry I was delayed, Davinia, but I was on the phone with my good friend, oil minister Adam Nsonga. We're going there for lunch tomorrow – I have to see him about some important matters – before I leave Katanga - and he's eager to see you!”


Still gagged, Davinia strained against her bonds! Adam Nsonga was one of the most corrupt men she could think of! He had siphoned off billions in oil revenue from Katanga to bank accounts all over the world – while the citizens lived in abject poverty, a fortunate few looted their own country!

So it was no surprise to find that Sir Ian and Adam Nsonga were friends! Or that they shared a similar hobby in keeping slave girls!

“Now then, let's continue with the whip!” said Sir Ian.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Once again, the sounds of the whip echoed through the Day Room, followed by the muffled cries of the gagged Davinia. Even if she didn't have the ball-gag in her mouth, she knew that her pleas for him to stop would have fallen on deaf ears.

In the last few days, Sir Ian had begun to treat her harshly. His sessions with the whip and riding crop; also the flogger, had grown longer and with stronger strokes than before! Davinia guessed that was because he had to go back to Europe to run his company – and she was going to be shipped off to be trained as a Pony Girl!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Davinia.

Erin had been very evasive about what Davinia could expect from Pony Girl training. Davinia had tried to press her on several occasions, but her companion was not forthcoming about what Davinia could expect from the next part of her slavery to Sir Ian!

Davinia suspected that either Erin had been ordered not to tell her what was coming, or that she was concealing it herself after the harsh session where Davinia had been allowed to use her!

“My friend Adam isn't squeamish about girls – the more marks on them the better. He doesn't insist on a blank canvas before we visit. He believes that it shows what a girl is made of!” Sir Ian explained this to his bound, naked captive, as if he were showing off a prized possession – not a naked slave girl!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” moaned Davinia.

Was there no end to this torment?

The next day was a picture of normalcy – at least as normal as could be for a girl in chains!

Yvette had bathed and prepared Davinia for her “meeting” with oil minister Adam Nsonga. She was bathed, her hair was done, and her quim shaved so that no hair remained. Then she was perfumed, with generous amounts sprayed between her legs! After months of nakedness, she was allowed a white blouse; a tartan skirt; and high heels. But no bra or knickers! She was still wearing her collar and wrist and ankle bracelets, and there was no move to remove them. Nor did she wear stockings on her expertly shaved legs!

Davinia felt like she was a museum object that was about to be put on public display!

She had looked at the latest marks that Sir Ian had placed on her skin with the whip yesterday – and she knew that Adam Nsonga would be adding to her total!

This wasn't what she had been planning on when she had decided to become an environmental activist while at university!

“Mademoiselle looks good for our host, yes?” asked Yvette.

“Thank you, Yvette,” Davinia replied, looking at herself in the mirror, as if she was going out for a date in London; instead of another session under the lash!

“Sir Ian has made billions of pounds selling oil from Katanga, non? Davinia must be on her best behavior to satisfy Adam Nsonga – else she will suffer!” cautioned Yvette.

Somehow, Davinia knew that she was going to suffer either way – that just like with Boris and Arkady – she was just the sweetener in a web of oil corruption!

“Yes, Yvette – Davinia will be a good girl for our host!”

“Davinia has learned, non?”

“Oui!” Davinia replied.


For the first time she had been captured by Sir Ian, she was actually going to be outside, however briefly! She was soon joined by Sir Ian who was wearing a Brioni suit, in dark blue, wearing sunglasses.

They walked downstairs to a metal door, and Sir Ian keyed in a special code that opened the door to a concrete and metal corridor, at the end of which was another steel door, that opened to a special guard emplacement that was manned by several green uniformed soldiers carrying automatic weapons!

“Good day, Sir Ian,” greeted an officer.

“Good morning, Charles,” Sir Ian replied.

“Your caravan is waiting outside, sir.”

“Thank you, Charles,” replied Sir Ian.

If the men were surprised by the fact that Davinia was wearing a collar and bracelets, they displayed no sign of it. The officer escorted Sir Ian and Davinia outside, to where a group of Land Rovers were waiting. They were ushered inside one, and the caravan soon began moving!

“How many men do you have here?” asked Davinia.

“A small army,” answered Sir Ian, “we've been attacked in the past, so I have to be ready.”

“What about our little trip?”

“Nothing to worry about. There are regular and irregular patrols, and besides, I also buy off the guerillas for protection as well.”

“So you play both ends of the street!” exclaimed Davinia.

“As the Americans like to say, I control all of the angles!”

“While the people are dirt poor, a few make billions in profits from their oil.”

“But of course, my dear. That's the way it always is – whether you're in Texas, Arabia, or Katanga! And nothing you activists ever do will change that!” calmly stated Sir Ian.

For the rest of the trip, there was no more discussion of oil, or anything else. Davinia reflected on the fact that none of Sir Ian's security detail seemed to be shocked at the sight of a collared woman also wearing bondage bracelets as his companion.

The drive to Adam Nsonga's house took them through well kept roads, necessary for the upkeep of the oil industry. Davinia knew that outside of the major cities and oil centers, the rest of the country suffered from a lack of infrastructure.

“House” was a misnomer – it was a mansion left over from colonial times that Adam Nsonga had occupied and updated after his appointment (by his brother the president) as Oil Minister.

They drove past a few checkpoints up to a manned gate (with black troops carrying large automatic weapons) where they didn't wait long. The gate opened quickly, and the caravan drove inside.

When they had entered the caravan, the day had still been mild. They had traveled in air-conditioned comfort. But when they pulled up to the mansion's front entrance, the African sun had attained it's full power and the heat was stifling and oppressive! 

Sir Ian and Davinia exited the Land Rover, and walked up the steps to the front door, which was opened by a butler within. Davinia was glad to get out of the heat, wondering just how Europeans could have colonized Africa with such environmental extremes!

“Hello Sir Ian!” Adam Nsonga greeted his guests.

“Hello, Adam, great to see you again!” replied Sir Ian.

Adam Nsonga was a large man – well over six feet tall – and broad shouldered, who could often be seen towering over the heads of other ministers at oil conferences. He was a dark ebony, with the blood of African chiefs in his veins. Davinia remembered that he had been educated at Oxford, and had finished at the London School of Economics, where his thesis had naturally been about oil!

His palatial mansion was painted in white, and well furnished. He escorted his guests into a parlor, where his wife, Judith, had been sitting on a large, overstuffed couch.

She was considerably younger, just in her thirties, very attractive (she had been a fashion model in the states before she had married Adam). She rose and kissed Sir Ian on the cheek, and the three of them engaged in small talk about business and the weather. Judith was African, from a prominent family as well.

“So this is the famed Davinia!” exclaimed Adam, “Your pictures do not do you justice, young woman!”

“Thank you sir!” Davinia quickly answered.

“Turn around.” he ordered.

Davinia did as she was told, knowing that not to obey would reflect badly on Sir Ian!

“Excellent. Ian, you have superb tastes in everything – and that includes slave girls!”

“Thank you, Adam.”

Davinia did not expect that Judith had any objections to her husband's peculiar hobby. There had been stories in the press about her lavish shopping trips in London and the continent – so her money had to come from the same ill gotten gains that Adam stole from his people!

“Please be seated Ian, we can relax for a few minutes before lunch,” suggested Adam to his guest.

Adam seated himself next to his wife, who had been reading a fashion magazine. Davinia had usually disdained such frivolous things in favor of her activism, but now she dearly wished that she could take a look at a world that did not have bondage and discipline as it's hallmarks!

Davinia remained standing and silent, in fact she placed her hands behind her back and waited for orders from her Master, just as Lady Samantha had trained her – with the business end of a riding crop! 

“Production of the new field is proceeding on schedule,” explained Sir Ian, “However, the locals have protested to the UN about the destruction of their traditional farmlands that we used for road and pipeline construction.”

“Yes, I know. We have offered them land in return – pity it's arid and unusable!” laughed Adam to his guest.

“What will you do?”

“I have constructed a model village that is well watered for the UN Commissioner to visit, and if that doesn't convince him, we can call on our other friends in the UN to quash the inquiry completely. The problems of a few farmers are nothing compared to the other problems in today's world!” chuckled Adam.

“Which also allows us to grow rich in the process!” laughed Sir Ian.

“I trust that you have diverted our share of the proceeds?”

“Yes, the field produces way more than the stated amount, and the profits from the rest are hidden away in the Caymans and Swiss accounts,” answered Sir Ian.

“Interesting how one can lose the contents of a super tanker so easily,” laughed Adam.

“Once sold through the Netherlands, who knows where oil can turn up?” answered Sir Ian.

They both laughed together, each of them wealthy at the expense of the true owners of the nation's wealth. Davinia had always known about and researched the corruption that oil could bring – but she never could have imagined that they would descend low enough for sex slavery!

“Now that business has been attended to, we can turn onto more pleasurable subjects,” said Adam, “how is Davinia working out as a slave?”

“Wonderfully,” Sir Ian replied, “Davinia, you may now undress for our hosts.”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia quickly answered.

Without hesitation, Davinia unzipped her tartan skirt, and carefully folding, placed it on the nearest chair. She removed her white blouse, and placed that on top of the skirt, and stood in front of her masters, in the position Lady Samantha had taught her as presentation.

“Excellent!” complimented Adam, “You have done well!”

“Thank you,” replied Sir Ian, “Davinia, you may turn around for our hosts.”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia replied.

Davinia turned slowly so that Adam Nsonga and his wife could see her collar and bracelets, and the marks the whip had left behind on her bottom, shoulder blades, and the insides of her thighs!

“She's been well whipped,” observed Judith Nsonga, “Did you do all of this yourself?”

“No, Lady Samantha had to do a lot of her training. As you know, I was out on site at the new field, so I couldn't whip her as much as I'd like. But now that I'm needed less at the field, I've been whipping or flogging her every chance I get,” casually stated Sir Ian.

“How did she respond to training?” asked Adam.

“Once she realized that there was no escape, that the Royal Marines were not going to be rescuing her, Davinia soon discovered her true nature – that being a sex slave made her more female than she ever could have imagined!”

“Yes, these do-gooders all have a hidden repressed sexuality that just needs a collar and a whip to be exposed!” said Adam to his guest, “I have a surprise as well – would you like to see?”

“I'd love to,” Sir Ian answered.

“Judith, why don't you bring in our newest friend,” suggested Adam, “Davinia, you can kneel on the floor with your back to the wall so as not to be in the way.”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia quickly replied to her host.

Davinia surmised that this pair of Katanga's upper crust was eager to show off something to their guest, and it wasn't going to be a new car or a piece of artwork!

Judith then rejoined the group by leading by a collar chain a naked woman. She was about five foot five inches, blonde, and very attractive. Like Davinia, she wore a collar on her neck, and bondage bracelets on her wrists (which were locked behind her back, making her breasts protrude). Her name had been tattooed above her right breast, and Davinia could see that her quim had been shaved, and she wore the same kind of medallions from her pierced labia! There was the familiar red rubber ball-gag in her mouth, which deprived her of speech!

“This is Tammy Reardon,” began Adam, “Another Western troublemaker who came to Katanga to interfere in our domestic affairs.”

“Really, what is her concern?” asked Sir Ian.

“Why, human rights!” laughed Adam.

“And what did she discover?” questioned Sir Ian.

“Why, that there are no human rights in Katanga!” laughed Adam, “Tammy here was taken in a raid by Communist forces last year.”

“Pity that Tammy didn't know that they were on your payroll, hmmmm?” replied Sir Ian.

“Yes, when a poor country is under attack from Communists, nobody cares about health care, malnutrition, clean water, or human rights,” commented Adam, a devilish smile on his face. 

“Has she been trained?” asked Sir Ian, changing the subject.

“Yes, both my wife and myself have trained her harshly – we had to beat any resistance out of her – she still thinks that she is a human rights lawyer, not a slave, in the back of her mind. Judith, why don't you release her collar chain so that Tammy can display herself to Sir Ian?”

“Yes, darling!”

Judith released the collar chain, and Tammy walked in punishing 6 inch heels to Sir Ian, who inspected her naked body, seeing the whip marks on her breasts, and between her legs.

“I'm thinking of having her nipples ringed and one in her nose – that way she'll know that she's really a slave,” said Adam.

“That will add to her value.”

Tammy then turned around slowly, and displayed the marks on the back of her thighs and bottom.

“She's been well whipped,” Sir Ian observed.

“Tammy has worn a butt plug to expand her bottom hole. Quite a comedown for an heiress.”

“Really, how?'

“Her great grandparents made a fortune in oil in Oklahoma, which succeeding generations have done a good job in maintaining. What Tammy should have done with her inheritance was to go to law school, and entered a firm in the oil business. Instead she bit the hand that fed her, and chose human rights as her crusade – and look where it led her!” chuckled Adam.

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Tammy.

“See what I mean? She still thinks that she has some rights, when she has none at all!” commented Adam.

Judith then walked over and began to pinch and pull at Tammy's nipples, which were already erect with her excitement, making her squeal in pain!

“Silence, slut!” commanded Judith, “You've already been whipped this morning, and you'll be whipped again! Insolent white slut!”


Judith continued pinching her nipples, and then her right hand cupped Tammy's sex, massaging the folds of her very femaleness!

“Slut! You're wet already. You desire my husband's cock and his whip – which you shall have in quantity,” said Judith.


“Once a lawyer, always a lawyer!” laughed Sir Ian.

At that moment, a latex clad Maid walked into the parlor. She was wearing four inch heels; black latex stockings; a latex Maid's uniform and corset; white apron and headpiece. In addition, her wrists and ankles were locked to short twelve inch long chains that restricted her movements.

“Lunch is served, Master,” she announced.

“Thank you, Sally,” Adam answered, “We can adjourn to the Dining Room and see what Sally has cooked up for us!”

The latex maid Sally had prepared a light lunch of salad, soup, and sandwiches, which she served in the Dining Room to Sir Ian; Judith and Adam Nsonga. Davinia and Tammy were present also, except that they were still naked, their hands locked behind their backs, and made to kneel on the floor. Their only comfort was that a small rug had been provided so that they didn't have to kneel on the bare, hard, wooden floor. Davinia had not been gagged unlike her companion, and the two captives stared at each other fitfully during the Master's meal!

Davinia remembered the now carefree days when she had been free in London, not reduced to her current status as a slave girl. For once the meal was over, both she and Tammy would again come under the lash of their Masters!

Finally, coffee was served, and Sir Ian declined the offer of Cuban cigars. There was no expense spared amongst the upper classes!

“Let's retire to the Dungeon then,” suggested Adam Nsonga.

Davinia had followed behind Sir Ian; and Tammy had been led by her collar chain by Judith Nsonga. They all took one trip in an elevator down to the lowest floor in the mansion. The Dungeon was entered by a secret door that had an electronic lock and keyed combination.

“In the old days,” began Adam Nsonga, “Every castle and fort had a public place to keep slaves, but in our more enlightened times, we have to be more discreet about our special activities.”

“Yes, husband. Remember when I had to entertain those American reporters last year? I doubt they would have been pleased to discover that beneath their very feet we were keeping naked slave girls for our pleasure!” laughed Judith Nsonga.

Davinia remembered that magazine piece – in fact, she had passed it around the office and asked what they were really hiding – now she was going to find out!

The Dungeon lived up to its name. It had several cells that could keep numerous girls in lengthy captivity, complete with facilities for bathing and toilets!

The walls were lined with every device that she could think of for inflicting pain on naked slave girls! Whips; Crops; Floggers; Canes! In addition, the Dungeon had a rack; small cages; the horse (when resting upon it, a girl would feel like she was being split in two); ceiling chains to hang a girl from; stocks; and other things she had never seen before!

“It's wonderful what diverted oil money can buy,” Adam Nsonga calmly stated as if he were describing the way an ordinary family might talk about a new bedroom set!

“Shall we begin?” asked Judith.

“Why not?” Sir Ian replied.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Tammy cried out, in obvious distress.

Sir Ian had removed his suit jacket and tie, and had proceeded to hang Tammy from the ceiling by her ankles, with her wrists still locked behind her back. Her ankles were locked to a spreader bar, leaving her very exposed indeed!

Then he had taken a cane from the wall, and tested it with his hands, judging just how much resistance the bamboo contained. He then swished it through the air a few times, just to hear how it sounded, and then began to beat the soles of Tammy's feet with it!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After a few strokes on the soles of her feet, the cane would impact at the apex of her legs on the sensitive skin of her naked sex, the outside of her thighs, and her exposed bottom!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Tammy protested, but nothing coherent could be said with the ball in her mouth.

“Do you beat Davinia in this way?” asked Judith.

“Not yet, but eventually!” Sir Ian replied, a smile on his face.

Davinia cringed inside, imagining what Tammy must be going through just now. Erin had told her that being beaten on the soles of her feet was something truly terrible, to be feared! It was, she reflected, the one part of her anatomy that neither Sir Ian nor Lady Samantha had yet used!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” cried Tammy, and there was no one to comfort her or dry her tears!

With Tammy now being used, Davinia was suddenly conscious that it was now her turn to be used!

“Suck my cock!” ordered Adam Nsonga.

Davinia sank to her knees as Adam Nsonga opened his trousers to expose his mighty black tool, which was surely the largest that she had ever seen! Without hesitation she opened her mouth to admit the massive organ, which he pushed inside her to the back of her mouth! She began sucking immediately, her entire focus on the pulsing hard rod inside her mouth!

“I see that Sir Ian has trained you well, Davinia! It took quite a few beatings to convince Tammy here that she is just a receptacle for my pleasure! Perhaps if I had beaten her on the soles of her feet, her training would have proceeded faster!” gloated Adam Nsonga.

Davinia concentrated on the job at hand, for she knew that unless she gave Adam Nsonga a satisfactory blow job, she would be severely punished – which was what she expected would happen today anyway! 

“Mmmmmmm!” Davinia moaned as she sucked on the massive tool in her mouth. In contrast, Boris and Arkady had come quickly! But Adam Nsonga could stay hard inside her and not come so easily!

“Suck me, white bitch! That's all you're good for!” laughed Adam Nsonga, making Judith smile.

Judith, meanwhile, left the main part of the dungeon for a small closet which was bigger than most London flats. She took off her designer dress from DKNY, and replaced it with a red latex bodysuit and matching boots. Now this was something that she couldn't buy at Harrods!

When she reappeared, Davinia was still servicing her husband, fucking her mouth with his massive, hard, ebony cock!

Adam smiled at his wife's change of clothes, designer dresses were fine elsewhere, but leather, latex, and PVC were de rigueur in the Dungeon!

Finally, Davinia's attentions had the desired effect! His cock began to pulsate in her mouth, indicating that an orgasm was coming!

However, he had something else in mind! He withdrew his organ from her mouth, leaving Davinia puzzled and disappointed! He indicated that she should rise, and he threw her over a black leather footstool. Judith handed him a tube of lubricant which he sprayed into her arse; and then plunged his still erect cock into her bottom!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Davinia screamed as the massive tool now began it's wanton assault on her bottom hole!

Even wearing a series of larger and larger butt plugs in her bottom had not prepared her for the massive rod inside her rear! Adam pushed his cock inside her, past her anal sphincter, and then finally came inside her with a massive climax!

Davinia cried out in pain as her bottom was stretched far beyond anything that she had ever felt before! She felt his come spurting into her bottom like a volcano that had finally exploded!

“You're tight!” commented Adam Nsonga.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” Davinia screamed in pain as her bottom was rent asunder by the massive cock inside her! Surely women were never meant to be used in this cruel way!

Adam Nsonga pushed deeper inside her, making Davinia scream in pain. Finally, even he could no longer continue, and his cock began to falter and lose it's erection!

He withdrew, and Davinia lay in pain on the footstool, her hands grasping the leather for support, her eyes filled with tears! His come was leaking from her bottom, and ran down the insides of her thighs!

“Do you think I overdid it?” innocently asked Adam to his latex clad wife.

“She'll recover. Lady Samantha always trains her slaves well. You get dressed in something more appropriate to the Dungeon, and I'll attend to Davinia. I'm sure that she'll enjoy your whip as well!”

Adam Nsonga went off to the closet to change into a white riding shirt; jodhpurs; and matching boots. He took his time, since he knew that Davinia would need time to recover! After all, beating an insensate slave gave him no pleasure!

Judith Nsonga gave Davinia something to drink, and cleaned the come that was dribbling from her bottom. Then she sprayed some topical anesthetic to relieve the pain that the harsh violation had caused.

Davinia sobbed, wishing that Lady Samantha was here to comfort her, not some stranger!

“There now, you did very well, my dear,” complimented Judith Nsonga.

“My bottom hurts!” cried Davinia.

“That will pass quickly, my dear. I'm sure that you'll be alright soon. There's no bleeding, so I doubt that there was any real damage done!”

Unknown to Davinia, Sir Ian had been silently watching everything that had transpired. When they returned to his compound, he would have the doctor give Davinia a complete exam, since he did not want his property injured in any way!

Soon, the hurt vanished, and Davinia regained her composure. Adam Nsonga reappeared, and now the use of her naked body could begin again.

“How are you feeling, slave?” asked Adam Nsonga.

“Better, Master!” said Davinia.

Much as she had been hurting just a few minutes ago, Davinia had now recovered.

“Get to your feet, slave. I want you to go to the wall and select the instrument of your next punishment!”

“Yes, Master,” said Davinia as she stood up, and shakily made her way to the many instruments of torment before her.

Since her Master Sir Ian had whipped her the day before, she chose the flogger. The leather tips had been tied in small knots, which had then been soaked in water! It would hurt terribly, and each stroke would leave a mark!

Davinia walked back to Adam Nsonga, and presented it to him, and bowed.

“This humble slave requests the use of the flogger, sir!” Davinia begged.

“Your request is granted, slave! Judith, you may hang her from the ceiling so that I may punish this worthless slut!”

“Yes, Sir!” agreed Judith.

In just a few minutes, Davinia was again exposed and helpless, awaiting yet another punishment! Surely there were better things to do with naked girls than to flog them!

“Kiss the flogger!” commanded Adam Nsonga.

“Yes, Master!” quickly obeyed Davinia.

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

The sounds of Davinia's punishment echoed through the Dungeon, and even in her weakened state, Davinia did not cry out. Adam Nsonga circled around her like a shark, the flogger never striking that same part of her naked anatomy twice!

Her exposed and firm breasts; her thighs; her bottom; and her sex all come in for punishment. But when the flogger struck the insides of her thighs, her most sensitive female flesh, did she writhe and fight against her chains.

It was a touching sight indeed, a naked white girl being soundly flogged by a larger black man.

Davinia's slavery now knew no bounds – for she no longer cared who held the whip, only that she be punished for being a slave – which Sir Ian had molded her into!

In spite of the agony that her bottom had been subjected to, Davinia soon responded to the effects of the flogger, and she began to become sexually excited. Adam Nsonga was a skilled Master, and realized that after the pain that he had inflicted on her bottom, Davinia was going to receive a special treat – she would be used as a woman for a change!

Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack!

The sound of her punishment continued, and was relentless in the way it was administered. Davinia had been primarily trained to take the lash, indeed she craved it! So the familiar sensations coursed through her naked body even as she was being flogged once again!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Davinia cried.

“Take her down!” suddenly ordered Adam, for he knew that Davinia was finally ready to receive her reward for being such a good slave!

Judith quickly lowered the ceiling chain, and released Davinia from her imprisonment. Adam Nsonga wasted no time, and decided to take her on the floor right there! He opened his jodhpurs, and again his massive ebony tool was deployed.

Davinia was already wet and waiting, and his cock did not need to be forced into her channel. In fact, she welcomed the massive tool into her sex, wanting his maleness inside her!

Adam Nsonga pumped his massive cock inside her, driving Davinia ever closer to climax! Sweat poured from her naked body, the effects of the flogging and now the forced sex had charged her sexually.

“May I come, Master?” Davinia asked between strokes of his penis into her quim.

“Soon, slave!” 

“Please?” Davinia begged.

“Now, slave!”

Just as she had been trained, Davinia finally came as the orgasms flowed through her naked and punished body. She had learned that orgasms were the reward for being a good slave, a goal that she was determined to fulfill!

“Oooooooooh!” Davinia cried out, happy that her mouth was not filled by the ball-gag!

She felt as Adam Nsonga pumped his come into her sex, making her scream with joy as the demands of her quim were finally being answered! She felt deprived that Sir Ian didn't use her quim more often, preferring her mouth and bottom instead!

Davinia grabbed onto Adam Nsonga, enfolding his massive black body with her arms, clinging to his maleness.

Sir Ian watched everything, and knew that he had to adjust his training methods. Davinia deserved to have orgasms more often from now on!


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