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Chapter 7 (part 2) - Epilogue

It was two weeks after Davinia and Sir Ian had visited the mansion of Adam Nsonga. Sir Ian had made certain that Davinia saw a doctor, and that there was no damage to her rear entrance. 

She had been given a salve to use on her inflamed tissues; and Sir Ian had used only her mouth and sex for his pleasure. Besides, of course, the whip.

It was obvious that change was afoot. Sir Ian always seemed to be called away by Lady Samantha for one issue for another. Once, she had even entered the Day Room carrying a cell phone!

Davinia had fantasized about grabbing the phone and calling for help; but she had done nothing of the kind. Instead she had sat naked on the floor, wishing that her collar had been locked to something, so that she never even had the opportunity to think such thoughts.

Finally, one day Yvette brought her to the Day Room. Much to her surprise, she wasn't gagged, nor were her hands locked behind her back, nor blindfolded, nor led by a chain! Davinia walked behind Yvette, who guided her to the Day Room – where her descent into slavery had begun!

In the Day Room was the doctor who had treated her bottom and Sir Ian – and a human sized coffin!

“Master?” Davinia asked.

“It's time, Davinia. Your bottom has healed, and I have to get back to Europe and run my company.”

“Master, take me with you?” Davinia pleaded, “You must have facilities in Europe where you keep slaves. Make me one of them?”

“That's true, Davinia. But your training is incomplete. As Lady Samantha has shown you, you must next become a Pony Girl.”

“Please Master? I'll be your most loyal and obedient slave,” said Davinia.

“I'm sure that you will be. But first you must become a Pony Girl.”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia replied, crestfallen.

“I'm sure you'll do very well. The sheik is a good friend of mine, and I've even given orders that your bottom is not to be used. I won't forget you, and I'll be monitoring your progress every step of the way.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Davinia.

The lid was opened, to reveal straps to hold her in place, along with breathing equipment. Davinia did not need to be told or forced, but entered the coffin of her own accord. Sir Ian himself strapped her in the coffin, and the doctor swabbed her arm, and injected her with a syringe!

“Good night, Davinia. Sweet Dreams!” was the last thing that Davinia heard before she fell into a dark and dreamless sleep.

Davinia fleetingly wondered what had become of Erin and Lady Samantha – would she ever see them again? 



Davinia will return in “Davinia 2: Pony Girls and Petroleum”

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