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Chapter 6 (part 2) - Davinia's Reward

After the sense of exhilaration that Davinia had felt after her use of Erin in the Day Room, the hours afterward seemed like a bit of a letdown.

Both Yvette and Lady Samantha had to work together to let Erin out of her suspension and chains. She was drenched in sweat, and her naked body was scored by numerous welts from the whip and the other instruments of torment that Davinia had used on her without mercy.

Erin was totally exhausted by her ordeal, and it was Lady Samantha who offered her a drink of water to quench her thirst. She was then led out of the Day Room by the two women, Mistress and slave, to tend to the needs of her naked and punished body!

That left Sir Ian and Davinia alone in the Day Room together, Master and leather clad slave.

“Hang the whip on the wall, Davinia, and come join me,” ordered Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master.”

Davinia quickly did as she was told, and began to kneel at Sir Ian's feet.

“You may sit next to me, Davinia. It will make conversation that much easier.”

“Thank you, Master,” Davinia replied.

“Tell me, Davinia, what was running through your mind as you were whipping Erin? You must tell me the truth, or I'll whip it out of you myself.”

“I was thinking about how the wealthy and powerful have advantages that the rest of society does not have, Master,” Davinia answered truthfully.

“Ever the social reformer! You would have fit in well in Gladstone's time!”

“One of my heroes, sir!”

“Do you know how my family made our wealth originally?”

“No, Master.”

“Sugar in the colonies! It was because of Europe’s sweet tooth that my family produced sugar, and instead of losing our fortune over the centuries, we wisely invested it in new products – like cotton, and later, oil!”

“But all of these products produced misery just so people in the West could have luxuries!” Davinia demanded, amazed that after all she had suffered, she could still argue like at university.

“Actually, I can agree with most of your points. Except that there are two sides to every coin! When the automobile was introduced, it was viewed as a great health benefit – since now cities didn't have to contend with mounds of horse manure and dead animals rotting in the streets!”

“But what does that have to do with you keeping slave girls?” Davinia asked.

“Everyone has to have a hobby,” Sir Ian answered, “and great wealth, as you've observed, give me certain advantages! After all, my distant ancestors kept slave girls too for their entertainment – before they died of some tropical disease down in Jamaica!”

“Will I be punished for speaking freely?” Davinia asked, conscious of the rings in her labia.

“You will be punished regularly just for being my slave girl, and even more when you do not obey my orders – like using Erin, for example! Do you think that she would have hesitated for a moment if your positions had been reversed?”

“No, Master. Erin told me a long time ago that we would be forced to use each other, and that I should expect it in the future.”

“Wise words to be heeded since Erin has been my slave longer than you!”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia agreed.

“It's going to be a while before Erin will be ready to serve you in the bedroom. In fact, not until evening! So I suggest that you bathe, eat, and have a rest. You can use one of the bedrooms, and I trust you'll be able to take care of yourself – since Erin is the one who needs attention right now!”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia agreed.

Sir Ian conducted Davinia to one of the bedrooms and locked her inside. She stripped off her leather clothing, shoes, and finally her bra and panties – which were soaking wet! Davinia realized that she smelled of leather – and she craved a bath!

Naked, she walked into the luxurious bathroom, into which her flat in London could have probably fit, and ran a tub full of hot steaming water. Selecting soap and shampoo, she lowered herself into the steaming water and prepared for a long, hot, and decadent soak!

After thoroughly cleaning her body and hair, she donned a white bathrobe, and found a trolley with food and hot coffee in the main part of the bedroom. Obviously someone had wheeled it in while she was soaking – and sleeping – in the tub!

Hungry from her exertions, she tucked into the sandwiches and coffee, and then a piece of chocolate cake for dessert!

She recalled that on more than one occasion, Sir Ian had called for a meeting, and even to invite her out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant in London.

Davinia realized that it had been a mistake to turn both him and Arkady down – who knows what meeting them could have led to? Had she met them for dinner, and been polite to them, then she might not be his slave girl now and wear his rings in her sex!

Next, she lay back on the indulgent bed, clean, happily fed, and sleepy. She briefly considered the idea that the coffee had been drugged, before she fell into a deep and happy sleep!

When Davinia awoke, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up on the bed. Had the earlier events of the day been some strange dream? Had she really whipped her friend and companion and in slavery Erin?

She stood up a bit wobbly, and steadied herself. Then she looked at the dresser, and saw that the top was covered by a red satin sheet – upon which were arrayed the instruments of torment – just as they had been when she and Erin had been used by Arkady and Boris!

At one end, there was a carafe of coffee and two cups. She poured herself a cup, and drank the hot fluid down, bringing her fully awake.

She paused to look at every implement in turn! There was a short whip (necessary in smaller confines of the bedroom); a riding crop; a leather paddle; nipple clamps; a vibrator (Davinia couldn't resist the temptation to turn it on); other various clamps that could be applied to a female's anatomy; penis and ball-gags; spreader bars; blindfolds; and lastly a dildo harness with the cock facing outwards! Davinia knew that it was for her to fuck Erin when the time came!

She was startled by a knock on the door, which opened to admit Sir Ian. Davinia had not even tried the knob, knowing full well that it would be locked. She was, after all, still his captive – that had not changed.

“Good evening,” greeted Sir Ian, “I trust you had a pleasant rest?”

“Very good, thank you,” Davinia replied, “Was my coffee drugged?”

“But of course, my dear. I wanted you to get a good rest for tonight's activities.”

Davinia suddenly felt like Bond in “Dr No” – except that she was a slave, and not a spy!

“There's a PVC bodysuit and matching boots in the closet – don't worry – they're your size. I think we should have a light dinner together first – and then you may attend to Erin.

“How is she?”

“Fine, actually, no real damage! She's been my slave longer than you and can take a lot more punishment. She'll be ready for use by the time we finish dinner.”

Being Sir Ian's slave continued to feel like being “Alice in Wonderland;” pampered one minute, flogged the next!

“I trust this selection meets your needs! If there is anything else that you require, just ask!”

“Thank you,” Davinia answered graciously, “I've seen sex shops in London that were not as well equipped!”

“Bravo – I always knew that you had a sense of humor, Davinia!”

Sir Ian poured himself a cup of coffee, and sat on the bed, and Davinia soon refreshed her cup, and sat beside him.

“Sir Ian?”

“Yes, my dear.”

“I've been thinking – had I accepted your invitations to dinner and let you state your case, would I be a slave girl now?”

“That's hard to say – it would have depended on just how much of a thorn in my side you continued to be! Had you left me and company alone, I would have dismissed you as just a minor pest! But you continued year after year with your crusade – so I finally began feeding you information and setting a trap – and you were unable to resist the bait!”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Davinia answered.


Davinia felt acutely foolish to know that she had sealed her own fate by her actions! It would have been better after all to accept the dinner invitations of her adversaries; instead her activities had landed her a new life in sex slavery!

“You had better get dressed – Yvette has made a wonderful dinner for us – and then you can use Erin all night – she's been rested and fed; and will be waiting here kneeling when you return!”

The “little meal” that Yvette had fixed up for Sir Ian and Davinia was one that she never could have afforded by herself in the city of London!

A salad was followed by filet mignon, roast potatoes, asparagus, all washed down with a red wine; followed by cake and coffee!

There was little conversation between them as they ate, since it was quite obvious that the next stage of the evening was going to be very important indeed – Davinia was now going to have Erin in the bedroom – and she had already seen all of the sex toys that she would be allowed to use!

Davinia did not feel strange eating in her PVC bodysuit – since she had become used to eating totally naked for some time.

Finally, the two of them lingered over their coffee cups. Davinia drank extra cups to supply her with energy for the coming events!

“How are you feeling, Davinia?” asked Sir Ian.

“A little scared, Master!” Davinia replied.

“Good. I just wanted to remind you that one day you will be at the mercy of Erin – do not forget that.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I also wanted to remind you that you have many ordeals to come. You still wear my collar.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good. I don't want your experiences tonight to go to your head.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Because tomorrow you will again be under the lash, this time yielded again by me – and I intend to make you scream in pain.”

“Yes, Master. I shall look forward to it.”

“Good. Lady Samantha will conduct you back to the bedroom – where Erin is waiting!”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You're welcome, Davinia,” replied Sir Ian.

Back in the luxurious bedroom, Davinia found a naked Erin kneeling on the carpeted floor. The door had been closed, and Davinia presumed locked, by Sir Ian. She was also certain that they were being observed as well.

“Good evening, Erin,” Davinia began, “I trust your wounds have been tended to?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Erin replied.

“And now we can progress to the next phase of my use of your body?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Then kiss my boot.”

Davinia stood in front of Erin, and her order was quickly complied with! Erin advanced on her hands and knees, and her red lips firmly kissed Davinia's left boot, which she had placed forward for that purpose!

“Perfect, now stand and let me look at you!” Davinia ordered.

Erin then got to her feet, and placed her hands behind her head and opened her legs for Davinia to inspect her naked body! Davinia walked around her naked charge, seeing the marks that had not been there before she had used her earlier that day! She had been afraid that she had damaged her cell companion, but there were actually few places where she had broken her skin!

“Did I use you harshly, slave?” Davinia asked.

“No, Mistress. I have endured much worse since I have been Sir Ian's slave.”

In the back of her mind, Davinia knew that nothing happened under Sir Ian's tutelage without a reason – and that she was shortly going to endure something herself that was going to be terrible indeed! Lady Samantha had shown her the video of Pony Girl training – and she had said Davinia would be sent to the Sheik. Was that going to be her next ordeal?

Davinia then cupped Erin's modest sized breasts, noting the marks that she had left behind, tracing the welts on her nakedness. Then with her left hand, she reached down between her legs to her shaved sex, and massaged the already engorged tissues!

“Are you ready for some sex?” Davinia demanded.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Unlike the fumbling attempts at sex that Davinia had endured before she had been captured, now that she was a slave her sexuality had been transformed – she could be used sexually, and in many more ways possible – that she could ever have imagined before!

“Join me on the bed, then!” said Davinia as she unzipped the PVC bodysuit.

Living in London, she sometimes crossed paths with the Fetish crowd, whom she usually disdained. The idea of dressing up for sex seemed rather silly to her utilitarian mind.

But captivity had changed all of that and Davinia now appreciated the worth of PVC; Latex; and Leather. She was attracted to the sight of seeing Lady Samantha in her form fitting Catsuit and High Heels. She only wished that she had been more open minded when she was free!

Davinia opened her bodysuit, exposing her luscious, soap scented body, and tossed the garment on a nearby chair. She sat on the bed, and unzipped the boots she was wearing, and removed the short stockings underneath. Advancing up the bed, she lay her head on the pillow, and opened her legs!

“Satisfy me.”

Erin crawled up between her legs, and with her lips and tongue began to nibble, suck, and tease Davinia's ready quim with her attentions!

Davinia realized that she should have taken at least the riding crop to encourage and discipline Erin – but her companion needed no further instruction to begin servicing her naked sex!

Both had been trained by Lady Samantha in the arts of Lesbian love, since a slave girl was expected to be able to serve all those who dominated her. That included both men and women; and that she should be sexually available at all times!

While Erin was working on Davinia's quim, Davinia began to hear muffled comments from her submissive companion.

“You should have taken the riding crop to my bum and left a few marks – they're watching us now,” whispered Erin.

Davinia had been planning on settling on her back and letting Erin drive her to a few pleasant orgasms. Instead, she had reminded her that they were nothing more than actors for the entertainment of their owners!

“I've hurt you enough already,” Davinia whispered in reply.

“There's nothing you can do to me that hasn't been done many times and harsher before,” Erin spoke softly in reply.

“I didn't mean to hurt you,” Davinia apologized.

“It's all right – Sir Ian will see to it one day that I'll be the one holding the whip next time – and I'll make you suffer!” whispered Erin.

“All right then, if it's acting they want, it's acting they will get!” said Davinia.

Erin didn't reply, but instead continued to tongue Davinia's clitoris, trying to bring her to climax. Instead, her discussion had distracted Davinia away from the goal of sexual pleasure!

“Stop, slave, and get the paddle and the riding crop!” thundered Davinia.

Erin was startled by her partner's sudden change in tone, even if it was for their hidden audience!

“Yes, Mistress!” quickly answered Erin.

Erin scrambled from between Davinia's opened thighs to the dresser, from which she took the requested items.

“And the nipple clamps as well, slave! I'll need those for your insolence!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Erin took all three items, and kneeling at the foot of the bed, and offered them to Davinia.

“That's better,” complimented Davinia, “now you can put the nipple clamps on your own breasts – tightly! I don't want any pussy footing around!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Davinia watched in awe as her companion first teased her right nipple erect, then placed the metal clamp upon it, and tightened it as ordered! Her left nipple soon underwent the same treatment, and they were joined by a short length of gleaming stainless steel chain!

“Have you been ordered to do this before?” asked Davinia.

“Yes, Mistress, many times,” Erin answered.

“Hand me the paddle and the riding crop,” Davinia ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Davinia then sat on the edge of the bed, totally naked. Suddenly it occurred to her that before her enslavement, she would never have been naked with another girl – and now she thought nothing of it!

Erin obeyed Davina's commands, because they both knew what was going to happen next!

“Over my knee!” Davinia ordered her captive.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Erin draped herself over Davinia's lap, her bottom color returned back to normal pink after her ordeal earlier that day!

“I see that your bum has recovered.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“The better to punish you again!” observed Davinia.

“Whatever my Mistress desires!” Erin replied.

Davinia picked up the leather paddle – the same one, she reflected that Arkady had used on her the previous week!

“Kiss the paddle,” ordered Davinia as she offered it to Erin's rouged lips.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Erin as she complied.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of the paddle, like a rifle shot, was heard through the bedroom, but the sound was absorbed by the soft fabrics. Had the paddling commenced in the Day Room or Dungeon, it would surely have echoed against the hard surfaces there!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Erin remained silent on Davinia's lap, even as her bottom was again the object of Davina's harsh attentions!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“What a pain slut you are, Erin!” Davinia declared, “I suppose you want every man's cock and whip that you see!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Erin answered.

“Are you wet?” questioned Davinia.

“Yes, Mistress, I'm already wet!” cried Erin.

“I'm going to reach between your legs to make sure!” said Davinia.

Shifting the paddle from her left to her right hand, Davinia probed between Erin's legs to her quim, inserted her forefinger and middle finger together, and discovered that Erin was by now sopping wet!”

She roughly scratched at Erin's quim, showing no signs of gentleness, trying to inflict pain instead of pleasure!

“Owwwwwww!” Erin cried.

“Wanton slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” agreed Erin.

“Clean your juices off my fingers,” commanded Davinia.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Erin as Davinia removed her fingers from Erin's quim and stuffed them in her mouth!

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Erin as she did as she was told.

“That's better – and that's just the treatment that a slut like you deserves!”

Erin did not even try to reply as she continued sucking her female emissions from Davinia's fingers!

“Enough!” said Davinia as she removed her fingers from Erin's mouth, “I think a few more strokes of the paddle will do you some good!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia had resumed her use of the paddle, and even though she suspected that Erin was probably hurting from the earlier use of her bottom, she didn't protest or resist!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia was amazed at the amount of punishment that Erin could seemingly endure. She wondered what she would be like after years of belonging to Sir Ian! Could she endure such torments so stoically?

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Once she had read a book about the Fetish Scene in London, and was astonished to discover that it's adherents practiced something known as a “safe word.” As a slave to Sir Ian, there was no such thing for her as mercy – she had to endure whatever punishments and in any duration that her owners decreed! Even if that meant that her skin was broken and that she would bleed!

“Have you had enough, slave?” Davinia asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Erin answered.

“Good, then perhaps you'll put greater efforts into making me come this time! Now kiss the paddle and thank me, and get busy between my legs!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Davinia released Erin from her lap, and she slid to the carpeted floor, and again assumed a kneeling position. Davinia opened her legs, and Erin didn't need any orders to get between them and again start tonguing her quim and clitoris.

Excited by paddling Erin, it didn't take too long before Davinia began to respond to Erin's amorous attentions!

“Oooooooooh!” Davinia soon moaned with pleasure, her already excited state brought to new levels of passion brought on by the stimulation of her clitoris!


Erin did not stop for a moment, even as Davinia picked up the riding crop, and began tapping Erin's shoulder blades to urge her on to new degrees of passion!


Erin was a skilled lover in the Sapphic arts, and soon had Davinia quickly on the edge of orgasm! Davinia was sure that she had been taught this by Lady Samantha, just as she had learned herself at the tip of the riding crop!

Finally, Davinia threw her head back and began to moan and shake as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her naked body! She opened her legs still further, and Erin pushed her tongue ever deeper into her sex, making her moan even more with pleasure!

Before her enslavement, Davinia could not have imagined that she could experience such pleasure from another woman! Her boyfriends fumbled around in bed, came too quickly for her, and left her wanting more!

“Ooooooooooh!” moaned Davinia as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her!

There comes an end to all things, and eventually her moaning and shuddering finally began to ebb. Davinia collapsed backwards on the bed, Erin still working between her legs!

“Oh god, that was excellent,” Davinia said between rasping breaths.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“You can stop now, Erin!” Davinia ordered, her own breasts still heaving from the many orgasms that she had experienced!

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Erin as she stopped and remained kneeling on the floor!

“Come join me on the bed!” ordered Davinia.

Davinia pulled herself up on the bed and placed the paddle and crop off to one side, and soon Erin was right next to her! She kissed her on the lips, and tasted herself!

They embraced, and rolled together on the bed, two girls enjoying themselves and each other's naked bodies.

“I'm going to fuck you,” said Davinia, “but first, some wine!”

Besides all of the sex toys on the dresser, Sir Ian had also provided a ice bucket in which was a single bottle of white wine, and two glasses. Davinia poured two glasses, and handed one to Erin. They both drank quickly together, knowing that their time for pleasure was probably limited!

Davinia then took both glasses and placed them back on the dresser, and picked up the dildo harness, which she had inspected earlier. It consisted of a belt that circled her waist; and a strap that went between her legs, with a rubber penis facing outwards. She remembered wearing a similar harness, one that kept a butt plug snugly in her arse, one that Erin had told her not to remove – lest she receive a horrible punishment from Sir Ian!

It didn't take her long to wrap the belt and secure it around her waist, then thread the strap between her legs and close the roller buckle at the front. She walked a few steps, getting used to the feel of the harness around her loins, and admiring herself in the bedroom mirror!

She wondered just what her former boyfriends might think of her now with a cock of her own!

Davinia turned back to Erin, who was waiting for her back on the bed.

“Open your legs, slut!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But first you're going to moisten the cock with your saliva!” Davinia ordered.

Davinia knelt on the bed, and walked her way over to Erin, who soon did as she was ordered. She sucked eagerly on the cock – just as she had done with both Arkady and Boris, Davinia thought!


Erin stopped her attentions to the cock, and Davinia stretched out beside Erin, and then began to fuck her naked companion with the rubber dildo she now wore proudly!

Davinia wondered if she was feeling the same sort of sexual power in screwing Erin that a man would feel! True, the rubber cock was not a part of her own body – but it still felt good indeed!

Since they were both roughly the same height, their naked breasts moved against each other, and Davinia could feel the nipple clamps still restraining Erin's pained female buds! However, since she had ordered that Erin place them on her, they had evidently not interfered with her pleasure – since Erin had been trained to accept both pain and pleasure at the same time!

On her back, Erin soon began to writhe and moan in response to Davinia's thrusting of the rubber cock between her legs. They could both hear the slight noises made by the rings in Erin's labia – the mark of her ownership by Sir Ian!

Just when it appeared that Davinia was going to give Erin a mind-blowing sexual orgasm, she suddenly pulled the cock out, stopping her thrusting motions that had made her mad with desire!

“On your knees!”

Erin quickly got to her hands and knees, and Davinia placed her hands on Erin's waist, and soon picked up where she had left off!

Davinia had enjoyed those rare times when an adventurous boyfriend was willing to take her from behind – and it was apparent that Erin also liked the position as well!

“Oooooooooh!” cried Erin.

Davinia continued her pelvic thrusts, driving Erin even wilder into the throes of passion. Sweat poured off both their bodies, leaving the room with the scent of lesbian sex!

“Oooooooooh!” moaned Davinia.

Soon both women were moaning in unison, and then Erin began to shake as the pent up sexual energy within her was released as one orgasm after another! She cried out as her body was taken over as she climaxed one time after another, the rubber cock still thrusting within!

Unlike being fucked by a real man, this cock did not soften, but still remained hard inside her – multiplying her pleasure again and again!

Sweat pouring from her armpits, her breaths ragged from the many climaxes roaring through her, finally Erin collapsed under Davinia. They lay together, Davinia on top of her exhausted companion.

Davinia rolled off of Erin, and unstrapped the harness from her waist, placing it by the crop and paddle.

“I'd like to tongue you,” offered Davinia.

“After a rest, Mistress!” Erin replied, and then softly, “go right ahead – I may not see you again for a long time – and perhaps under less pleasant circumstances.”

Davinia realized that both of their fates were in the hands of their owners – who could do with them whatever they pleased!


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