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Chapter 5 (part 2) - Signing Bonus

Davinia had been to many business meetings in her years as an environmental activist. First had been the staff and fundraising meetings of her own and other groups; then the protests they had staged at shareholder meetings of the oil companies they were protesting against. Usually, Davinia was outside protesting; but sometimes they were able to sneak in and unfurl a banner, or display small foldable signs, or blast air horns until they were removed by Security.

But never had she gone to a meeting like this!

In addition to all of the rooms that Davinia had seen in the complex so far, the place would have been incomplete without a conference room. So here she was, in a wood paneled conference room that every business usually had on each floor.

Seated at the head of the table was Sir Ian, a group of papers in front of him, a pen, and a glass of water. This was nothing unusual for any business meeting, and he was dressed in a blue suit and white shirt and tie.

At the foot of the table was Lady Samantha, smartly attired in a black Latex Dress that hugged every curve of her figure! Standing behind her was Yvette, dressed in her black Latex Maid’s uniform, corset, and matching high heels.

On one side of the table sat Sir Ian’s guests: two Russians named Arkady and Boris, who Sir Ian had mentioned two days earlier. They were both dressed in dark business suits as well, there were pens and paper in front of them, and water as well.

Facing them were Davinia and Erin, but their position could hardly be described as comfortable!

Both slave girls were naked, of course, wearing nothing but a pair of four inch high black leather heels that had been locked upon their feet. They were seated in bare wooden chairs, without even padding for their bottoms! Their wrists and ankles were held to the chair with tight leather straps, and a leather belt encircled their waists, holding them upright and immobile! A leather mask with a penis gag was strapped over their heads, and a bandage had been placed over their tattooed names over their left breasts, to conceal their names. The mask had eye holes, so both of them could follow the proceedings! The gags had a small breathing hole, which was the only concession to their comfort!

In front of both girls were a riding crop, a cane, a rubber dildo, and nipple clamps!

Davinia felt a hole in the chair’s middle, right where her sex and arse could be reached from below!

“I now call this meeting to order,” began Sir Ian, “today marks the start of a new production agreement between our two respective companies. With the development of the new oil field in the Baku Region, a half million barrels of oil will now be available to world markets in a few years. Arkady and Boris, have you read the contracts and agree to their contents?”

“Yes,” they both answered in English together, which was the language of business worldwide!

“Today’s signed contracts will be flown to our lawyers in London and Moscow, and we’ll be doing a public signing later on in Moscow for the cameras. What we do today will seal the deal. So shall we sign?”

The next few minutes were taken up by Sir Ian and Arkady and Boris signing the contracts, with Lady Samantha as witness. Finally, they were signed and the meeting could progress onto the next phase, which Davinia thought might not be so pleasant!

“Would you care for Vodka, Scotch Whisky, or American Bourbon?” asked Sir Ian.

By mutual consent, it was vodka, and Yvette placed small shot glasses in front of Sir Ian; Lady Samantha; and the two Russian guests! She filled the glasses from a vodka bottle that had been chilling in an ice bucket.

“Cheers!” declared Sir Ian, and they all downed their vodka together.

“Thank you, Sir Ian. You have always known how to mix business and pleasure together. Now I am curious as to the signing bonus that you told me about in Baku,” said Arkady.

“Do you remember your last visit to London?” asked Sir Ian.

“How can I forget, my friend? It’s not every day that someone tries to dump a can of motor oil on me when I visit the City on Business.”

“I have a surprise for you. You may remove the mask and bandage of both slave girls in front of you, and I guarantee you’ll be highly pleased with the results!” said Sir Ian, with a devilish smile on his face!

“Thank you, Sir Ian,” replied Arkady as he got to his feet and walked around Lady Samantha to the other side of the table.

Arkady looked at both girls, then walked behind Erin and unbuckled her leather mask. She gasped for breath when the rubber penis was removed from her mouth.

“I know this girl of yours already!” said Arkady, as he removed the bandage over her name.

“True,” answered Sir Ian, “try the other!”

Arkady unbuckled Davinia’s mask, and he at first did not recognize her until she removed the bandage covering her name!

“Davinia!” exclaimed Arkady.

“I told you that I had a surprise for you!” said Sir Ian.

Arkady then issued a stream of curses in Russian, and Davinia knew that this was not a good development!

“Davinia is my latest acquisition. I lured her here to Katanga while her friends were away in America at a conference. She disappeared after an attack by Communist Rebels.”

“You are a sly English Fox, my friend!”

“Erin and Davinia are both yours for two days, and then I have a further surprise. Just no permanent damage, please. Lady Samantha will be on hand to assist you at all times, to prevent you from becoming a little too enthusiastic with the girls.”

“Of course, my friend! We do not want to damage the goods, after all! I have just taken a new girl, Irina, who is being trained at my rural dacha. Perhaps we can make a trade?”

“In light of how Davinia has made a career out of pestering me, I want to keep her for myself. But we can always loan out slaves, Arkady.”

“Thank you, my friend!” beamed Arkady, “I can see this is going to one of the best business deals in a long time!”

“Ahhhh!” moaned Erin.

While Sir Ian and Arkady were talking, Boris had joined his brother on the other side of the table, and was fondling Erin’s breasts! Then he took the dildo, and reaching under the seat, inserted it into Erin’s wet pussy!

“You see, Sir Ian, drilling has already commenced!” laughed Boris.

Until now, Davinia had only been used by Sir Ian, Lady Samantha, and even Yvette! But today she was going to be used by a complete stranger, worse one who she had wronged years before!

Arkady was evidently familiar with Sir Ian’s installation. Davinia was again locked in the mask, and when released from the chair, her hands were locked behind her back, and a leash attached to her collar! Then Davinia felt herself being pulled along, somewhat rough than before!

For the second time since her capture, Davinia was now truly scared! The rack had frightened her terribly, but Lady Samantha had been quick to release her from the evil device.

Now she was in the clutches of Arkady, a man she had tried to dump a quart of motor oil on years before! Would he whip her into submission, or take her bottom hole first? Davinia shuddered with fear, for this was what it meant to be a slave girl. She no longer had any choice what was going to happen to her!

Blindfolded and gagged, Davinia was pulled along by Arkady. Would she end up in the bedroom, where she had so many tender moments with Lady Samantha, or would it be the Dungeon? She hoped that Arkady would obey the commands of Sir Ian and not damage her, but there were still many ways he could make her scream in pain!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned when her leash was pulled.

For her protest, Davinia was rewarded with a vicious pinch to her right nipple, making her squeal behind her gag!

“Silence, slave!” Arkady commanded.

Davinia now remained silent! Finally, she was pulled into a room, and felt soft carpeting under her feet. So it was to be the bedroom!

She was pushed to her knees onto the carpet, and stayed there in silence. Davinia could hear the sounds of Arkady removing his clothes, so it would be her sexual skills that were to be tested first!

When her blindfold and gag were removed, she saw Arkady standing in front of her, wearing nothing but his briefs, and sporting a large erection!

“What do you desire first, my dear, my whip or my prick!” demanded Arkady.

“Both, Master,” Davinia answered.

Davinia was slapped across her cheeks in a stinging rebuke!

“Whatever my Master desires,” Davinia replied.

“Have you been well trained?” asked Arkady.

“Yes, Master. I have been trained with the cane; crop; whip; and flogger; and all of my holes have been well used. I have worn larger butt plugs to open my bottom for your use. I am quite submissive and eager to please!”

“Not to mention prideful and arrogant,” observed Arkady, “a problem common with English slave girls. In contrast, a Russian girl is just a couple of generations removed from being a serf like her ancestors.”

“Yes, Master.”

Arkady walked over to the cabinet and removed a black leather paddle! So that was going to be the start of her torment!

He sat back down and pulled her over his knees, and unlocked her wrists to allow him access to her bottom! Davinia reflected that Arkady was quite handsome, well muscled, and thin, not like the usual picture of a Russian male!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Unlike either Sir Ian or Lady Samantha, Arkady did not go through the routine of having Davinia ask for punishment or kissing the paddle. Instead, he just started striking her bottom!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“I cannot whip you to shreds, Davinia because of my promise to Sir Ian. I have to use you in measured amounts because I have to leave something for my brother. But I can still punish you for what you tried to do in London!”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia answered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“After the Metropolitan Police took you away, I seriously considered asking for a meeting. After all, why would a complete stranger want to assault me in such a fashion?”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“I’m sorry Master, for what I tried to do!” Davinia cried.

“Did you know that was a brand new tailored suit that I just picked up the other day in Saville Row?”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“No, Master!” sobbed Davinia.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“English slut!” 

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Tears fell down from Davinia’s eyes as her paddling continued! Her bottom felt like it was on fire!

Then it stopped, and Davinia felt as Arkady massaged her flaming bottom!

“There now, Davinia, we are just getting started!” said Arkady, as his hand went between her legs to her sex!

“What a wet slut you are!” Arkady observed.

“Yes, Master!” Davinia answered.

Then his fingers found their way inside her bottom!

“How many men have been in your arse?”

“Just Sir Ian,” Davinia replied.

“My brother Boris and I will change that,” stated Arkady.

“Yes, Master,” Davinia answered.

Arkady then pushed Davinia to the floor, and pulled down his briefs, exposing his thick, meaty, sweaty Russian Cock!

“You know what to do,” brusquely commanded Arkady.

“Yes, Master!”

Davinia quickly took Arkady’s cock into her mouth, and deep-throated his huge tool! She sucked and slurped, and soon had him in a state of sexual pleasure! Lady Samantha had spent hours teaching her how to suck a rubber cock, and now her lessons were bearing fruit!

“My brother and I usually take a woman together. Later we’ll use both your holes at once!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Davinia answered.

Prior to her enslavement, the idea of taking a man’s cock into her mouth had been repugnant to Davinia. But now she realized it was part of her new life, and eagerly tried to satisfy Arkady!

“That is good, English Slut! Sir Ian is known for training only the best slave girls!” complimented Arkday.

Davinia hoped that Arkady would come in her mouth, but instead, just when he appeared to be ready, he pulled out of her!

“On all fours on the bed!”

Davinia did as she was ordered, and she felt Arkday’s strong hands on her waist. She expected his cock in her wet pussy, only to feel it probing at the entrance to her bottom hole.

She felt herself pushed down to accommodate him in her arse, and she complied easily!

His strong hard cock, lubricated by her saliva, pushed into her rear entrance! Davinia moaned as the hard shaft penetrated her fundament, thrusting within her!

Arkady reached forward and toyed with her hanging breasts, giving her nipples a firm pinch making Davinia squeal in pleasure and pain!

Then with one great thrust, he pushed inside her!

“Ahhhhhh!” Davinia cried.

Sweat ran down her naked body as Arkady fucked her bottom again and again! She could feel the droplets form, then run down her underarms to the bed sheets!

“Fuck me, Master!” Davinia cried.

“English slut!” Arkady answered as he plunged into her!

Davinia wondered just how long the Russian could keep this up! First she had brought him near a climax in her mouth, and now he was rock hard inside her bottom.

He pinched her nipples again, making Davinia cry out. There was no doubt now that she liked her sex rough!

Then he jetted his come inside Davinia, making her moan with exquisite pleasure! Not even Sir Ian had pleased her that much while using her bottom!

He pulled out of her rear, and Davinia, without having been ordered, immediately began to clean his cock with her mouth. She teased his rich white come, as well as the scent of her dusky bottom hole!

“Do you desire my cock that much, Davinia?” asked Arkady.

“Yes, Master!”

“Wearing a collar can change a girl, no?”

“Yes, Master. I’m a completely different girl now. The old Davinia no longer exists. I exist only to serve my Masters, whoever they may be,” said Davinia in reply.

“Not the haughty bitch you used to be?”

“No, Master.”

“Good, then if you liked my cock, then you’ll enjoy being whipped!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia was again being led by her leash by Arkady toward her next ordeal. After he had used her mouth and bottom, Davinia had been allowed to clean herself up in the bathroom. Then her wrists had been secured behind her back, the mask replaced, and she was again leashed.

She sucked on the penis gag, breathing through the small hole in addition to her nose. Davinia ran her tongue around the anatomically correct rubber shaft, which kept her from speaking!

After she was made ready, Arkady had taken great delight in pinching and sucking her nipples. All that Davinia could do in response was moan in her bondage!

Then his fingers thrust within her sex, bringing her to the edge of a climax, before they were withdrawn, leaving her aching with need and want!

Still wanting release, Davinia was then slapped on her breasts and bottom by Arkady’s strong hands. This served to increase her frustration!

“Do you seek to come, my dear?” asked Arkady.

“Mmmmmmph!” was all that Davinia could manage with the gag in her mouth.

“You shall be denied a climax until I wish you to have one. Until then, you will be kept in a state of arousal and frustration. I rarely use a slave’s pussy, Davinia. I prefer their mouths and bottoms, and to stripe a girl’s skin is like a work of art.”


“Lady Samantha tells me that you were made for the whip. That’s quite a compliment coming from her. I’m going to test her judgment now, for nothing makes me want to whip a girl more than using her bottom!


Davinia knew that her next ordeal would occur in the Dungeon! Arkady had evidently been in the complex before, since he pulled her to the correct room!

Once her blindfold had been removed, Davinia found herself hanging from the ceiling again in the shape of an “X.” Naked, her arms and legs held apart by the spreader bars, Arkady had raised her so that her feet just touched the floor.

But Davinia was not alone! Chained up next to her was Erin, who already bore the marks of her punishment! Held like Davinia, she had been whipped, and fresh marks adorned her skin!

Erin could not communicate her misfortune, because she wore a red rubber ball gag in her mouth. Sweat ran down her naked body, and gleamed in the Dungeon lights.

“Mmmmmmph!” Erin moaned in pain.

Davinia kept silent, lest she wear a gag as well!

“I see that you have whipped Erin already, my brother,” observed Arkady.

“Yes, she responds well to the whip,” Boris answered.

Davinia observed that Boris was shorter than his brother, but equally handsome and well developed. He was bare chested, and wore only a pair of black tights that showed off his features, and a pair of small leather boots.

“I believe that Sir Ian has already let me use Erin once before,” observed Boris, “but she has been well trained, so it is a joy to whip her again!”

“As you can see, I am about to whip Davinia here. She is going to be very sorry for what she tried to do in London years ago!”

“I see marks on her breasts and bottom,” said Boris as he examined her, “how did you use her?”

“I paddled her bottom, then used her mouth and arse with my cock, and denied her the orgasm that she wants. Typical English slave girl! When you use her, don’t give her the release she wants.”

“Certainly, my brother, I shall do as you wish!”

“Davinia is like that girl Ekaterina who we found stealing from our Moscow offices. Always desiring a climax in return for a whipping.”

“When did we last allow Ekaterina a climax?“ asked Boris.

“Then we shall do so on our return to Baku!” laughed Arkady.

Seated in the back of the Dungeon was Lady Samantha, still wearing her Black Latex Dress. She walked over to her two guests.

“Arkady, I see that you have already used Davinia. Is she to your liking?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Very much, thank you! Would Sir Ian be interested in loaning her to me, or perhaps a sale?” questioned Arkady.

“Since she’s new, Sir Ian will want to hold on to her for a while. Maybe after she’s been trained. She will next go for Pony Girl training with the Sheik, so she’s far from trained.”

“I understand, my dear. Tell me, do you enjoy submission?”

“Why Arkady, what a question?” laughed Lady Samantha.

“I’m sure that you might enjoy a spell in my Castle, Lady Samantha.”

“Someday, perhaps, Arkady. If I want to take a vacation from responsibility and my clothes, I’ll consider the idea.”

“My cell door is always open!” offered Arkady.

“Arkady, I’m keeping you from whipping Davinia. Enjoy yourself, she just loves the whip,” said Lady Samantha.

“Thank you,” Arkady replied.

Arkady walked to the wall rack and removed the coiled leather whip. He presented the handle to Davinia, who kissed it without having been ordered to.

“Would you like a gag?” asked Arkady.

“No, Master!” Davinia replied.

“As you wish, my dear!”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Once again, Davinia was under the lash!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Arkady was a skilled master of the whip! His strokes stung Davinia’s naked female flesh, but they did not hurt - yet!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Do you make it a habit to assault visiting Businessmen to the City,” demanded Arkady.

“No, Master!”

“So I was a special case, then?”

“I read in the Financial Times you were coming, and waited for you. I wanted my protest to get into the papers,” Davinia answered.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Ahhhhh!” Davinia cried when her pretty breasts were struck with the whip!

“How did you get to the City that day?” Arkday questioned.

“A friend drove me,” Davinia answered between whip strokes!

“And how was that car powered?”

“By petrol!” screamed Davinia as the lash found it’s way between her thighs!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“So you went to protest oil in a car powered by petrol. Isn’t that a little hypocritical?” insisted Arkady.

“Yes, Master!” Davinia cried, tears streaking down her cheeks.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Had you asked me to Dinner, I would have gladly accepted and we could have had a proper discussion. I would have even invited you on a trip to see my company in action. Which would have been much better than the night you spent in jail, for which you accomplished nothing,” lectured Arkady.

“Yes, Master!”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Davinia could not believe that her actions years before would have led her to this path! She thought that she was freeing the world from depending on oil. Instead, none of her actions made any changes! Worse, she was now a slave to the very people that she had been protesting against!

“Ahhhhh!” Davinia cried when the whip struck her sensitive underarms.

“So well trained, Lady Samantha. You have done an excellent job. I’m sure that Sir Ian must be pleased with his latest acquisition!” Arkady complimented his hostess.

“Why thank you, Arkady! Since Sir Ian is very busy running his company he has placed me in charge of keeping his girls occupied. Why I often take care of Erin for weeks at a time, and I suppose that Davinia will ultimately have the same arrangement!” Lady Samantha replied.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Owwwww!” Davinia screamed in pain as Arkday whipped her with harsher strokes.

“Now you’re making Davinia enjoy herself,” said Lady Samantha, “she was made for the lash. You can make her scream, and she’ll thank you for it!”

“True,” laughed Arkday, “but I must leave some female flesh for Boris, here. After all, we share everything!”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

In her agony, Davinia stole a glance at Erin. While she was being whipped by Arkady, Boris had placed clamps on her nipples, and was not using the riding crop on her! Gagged, all she could do was moan and twist in her bonds!

“What a lovely sight,” complimented Lady Samantha, “they look even better chained in a coffle.”

“We must do that later,” said Boris.

“Yes, definitely!” echoed Arkady.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” moaned Erin as the crop struck the inside of her thighs again and again!

A mirror had been set up in the Dungeon before Davinia’s arrival, and now she looked at herself and Erin. Both were naked, hung in the shape of an “X”, and covered in stripes from their respective punishments!

Davinia had felt like telling Arkady that there were beter things to do with naked girls, but in her new role as sex slave, being whipped was just fine with her captors!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Davinia screamed as the whip tormented her again and again!

“Such a beautiful voice,” commented Arkady.

“Yes, I shall enjoy flogging her myself,” added Boris as he striped the gagged Erin.

“She sucks cock quite well also,” Arkady confided.

“Sir Ian has excellent taste! I’m sure that these prim, ‘save the world’ types are all sluts inside, just waiting for a chance to prove their true worth!”

Boris then began to fondle Erin’s breasts and pinch her nipples, making her squeal again and again! Then her began to finger fuck her with his index and middle finger!

“Would you like my cock in your pussy, Erin?” asked Boris.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was her reply.

“Do not worry, my dear. My brother and I will use your holes and your precious body very well indeed!”

Boris then flexed the riding crop in his hands directly in front of his helpless captive.

“Shall we continue!”


Both Arkday and Boris continued their respective punishment of both slave girls. Davinia screamed and Erin moaned, and there was no one to stop their torments or dry their tears.

They were both slaves of Baku!


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