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Chapter 5 (part 1) - Lady Samantha and the Lash

Davinia knelt naked in front of Lady Samantha in the Dayroom; her hands held behind her back, but unlocked. As a slave, that was the position she had learned to assume in front of her Master and Owner. In the months that Davinia had been taken prisoner by Sir Ian her will to resist had been broken, and she had changed into a submissive sex slave, eager to obey all commands given to her!

Lady Samantha wore a latex bodysuit and thigh high matching black boots, and she held a riding crop in her hands, which she flexed from time to time.

Davinia was naked except for her collar and bracelets, and her skin was marked with stripes, some new, some old! A ball gag was hanging from her neck, but not placed in her mouth. That way it would be handy for use when needed!

“Davinia, do you know what a Pony Girl is?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Erin has told me, Mistress, but I’ve never seen one.”

“Not even on the Net perhaps, searching for something late at night?”

“I never used the Net for sex, Mistress. Just research into the Oil industry,” Davinia replied.

“What a dull girl you were! Why, there are millions of women out there who wouldn’t be caught dead going into a fetish shop; but watch and buy Adult materials in the privacy of their homes from the Net!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“But now you’re a changed girl, aren’t you?” Lady Samantha asked.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m now very different,” Davinia agreed.

“Are your nipples hard and your shaved pussy wet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“If I were to flog you now, would you enjoy it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Whatever you desire to do to me, I belong to Sir Ian.”

“I didn’t chain your hands together for a reason. I felt that you would no longer resist. Is this true?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you a tart?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m a slave, or tart, or whatever my owner desires me to be.”

“Excellent answer, Davinia. You’ve been well trained. But back to the first subject. Here is a video of a Pony girl in action!”

Lady Samantha opened a hidden section of the wall, inside of which was a large Color TV. She turned it on, then played a DVD.

On the screen was a girl outfitted in a leather harness made of straps and black leather, and plenty of rings and bells! Her feet encased in thigh high boots, with very high heels! In her mouth was a bit; and hanging from her rear was a tail!

She was being made to circle around a female trainer; who ordered her to trot; prance; canter; and stop on command.

Davinia noted that the woman held a dressage whip; the same thing she had seen at a horse show once!

The next video showed the girl hitched to a small cart, which she pulled with the use of her hands; her bit attached to reins like a horse! Then it showed two Pony Girls in a race!

The last segment showed two Pony Girls attached to a Horse Exerciser, their bits connecting them to straps hanging down from the machine’s arms!

“It’s quite a sight when four girls are attached to the machine,” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Every slave gets trained as a Pony Girl, and when Sir Ian leaves Katanga soon, he’ll probably send you to the Sheik for training,” said Lady Samantha, “does the idea excite you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia answered.

“Do you think that you can become as good a slave as Erin?” Lady Samantha questioned.

“I’ll try, Mistress.”

“Very good, Davinia. How do you like your tattoo and rings?”

“I like them a lot, Mistress. They prove I belong to Sir Ian.”

“Yes you do, Davinia. Did you enjoy the way that Yvette punished you recently?”

“When she clamped my nipples and placed a dildo in my cunt, Mistress?”

“Exactly, Davinia.”

“Yes, Mistress, it was sheer agony!”

“Good. You can expect many days like that as a slave. What did you think of the Dungeon?”

“I think that Sir Ian has many devices for the torment of slave girls, Mistress.”

“Yes he does! Would you like to go to the Dungeon and sit on the Horse, perhaps? Or be stretched on the Rack?”

“That’s quite a choice, Mistress!” Davinia answered.

“Or would you rather just be whipped here in the sunlight? The Dungeon can be so depressing!” laughed Lady Samantha.

Davinia was now presented with a truly horrific choice: she could either be whipped in the Dayroom; or else endure some new and horrible torment in the Dungeon!

“Are you wet, Davinia? Does the threat of new torments make you eager for more stripes?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then you have trained very well, indeed!”


Davinia had never been so terrified of a simple sound before.


It was the sound that a ratchet wrench made when tightening a bolt.


But now Davinia realized that the sound came from something truly terrifying.


Davinia stared upwards in the Dungeon at the ceiling, for above her was a mirror that showed her reflection.


Davinia wondered what had made her ask Lady Samantha to place her on the Rack; and not on the Horse that she had seen Erin bound upon.


Davinia’s ankles were locked in a set of stocks; her wrists locked in a special pair of manacles. Lady Samantha had cheerfully pointed out that this was a special Rack. It could be operated manually, or set on automatic.


With each click, the Rack stretched her naked body ever so slightly. At first, it had not been so bad. But gradually, every time the Rack’s gear moved, Davinia felt her body grow ever more taut.


This was a whole new torment that Davinia had never possibly imagined herself in! Sweat ran from her armpits onto the polished wooden surface of the Rack, and she watched her reflection in the mirror!


What sort of person would place a naked girl on a Rack? The same sort of person who kept sex slaves, thought Davinia.


Davinia was now stretched taut, her naked body in the shape of an “X.” She felt totally helpless and exposed!

Lady Samantha pinched her nipples, and cupped her shaved pussy in her hand.

“Wet, aren’t we, Davinia?” Lady Samantha asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“How do you feel?”

“Scared, Mistress.”

“What are you thinking of?”

“The movie ’Mary, Queen of Scots,’ I remember seeing a character tortured on a rack.”


“Where did you see that movie?” asked Lady Samantha.

“In school, Mistress.”

“It’s just a pity they don’t make movies like that anymore,” replied Lady Samantha, “what passes for movies these days is such trash.”

“Yes, Mistress!”


“Mistress, I’m scared.”

“As well you should be, Davinia. Did you know that just the sight of the Rack forced Galileo to agree to the Church’s demands?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Pity, whatever are they teaching in the schools these days?”


“Mistress, please release me?” Davinia begged.


Davinia could feel the strain on her shoulders!

“Mistress, please!” Davinia begged.

Suddenly, the rack stopped!

“There now, is that better?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Davinia.

“The trouble with the Rack,” began Lady Samantha, is that once you’re stretched, all I could do is clamp your nipples or place a vibrator in your pussy!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But there are so many other things I’d like to do to you,” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Like give you that whipping that you asked for, darling!”

The tension on Davinia’s arms was slowly released, and she uttered a sigh of relief. However, now there was another ordeal for Davinia!

Much to Davinia’s surprise, once Lady Samantha had released her from the Rack, she was locked in the jail cell to relax and prepare for her next trial!

Davinia was surprised that Lady Samantha had even left her a treat! She had a choice between a bottle of water, and a soft drink!

“You enjoy yourself, dear. I’ll be back shortly to make you scream!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Davinia relieved herself on the stainless steel toilet, glad that she had not embarrassed herself doing so on the Rack! Then she gave herself a good wash, removing the perspiration from her naked body, freshening herself.

It was only after she had seated herself on the prison cot and opened the plastic bottle of soda did she relax mentally.

She savored each swallow, the drink bringing back memories of freedom, of her former life. Davinia looked at the plastic bottle, remembering the seminar that she had attended about them.

The bottle was made of plastic resin, which was made of oil. Oil which made Sir Ian and Lady Samantha powerful; and which now kept her as their sex slave. She had heard that these bottles could be turned into carpeting, but not much else.

Suddenly, that no longer was important to Davinia. Looking at her left breast, she saw the tattoo of her name, and reaching between her legs, the rings marking her as belonging to Sir Ian.

Nor was there any escape from the leather and steel bracelets on her wrists, or the collar around her neck. Davinia was still a slave to Sir Ian; and by extension, the power of Oil!

Davinia finished the bottle, and replaced the cap on the plastic container, sat on the cot, and stared in silence at it, holding it in her hands.

“What are you thinking about, Davinia?” asked Lady Samantha.

Davinia had not heard Lady Samantha return to the Dungeon, so she had no idea how long her captor had been observing her.

“Oil, Mistress. The same Oil that went into this plastic bottle is the same that is keeping me captive,” said Davinia.

“You’re quite knowledgeable for a naked captive, Davinia. You had no idea of our little hobby before your slavery, did you?”

“No, Mistress.”

“As children, we all hear the saying ’curiosity killed the cat’; in your case, it was ’curiosity enslaved the cat.’

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did you have a nice rest, Davinia?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia replied.

“Are you prepared to be whipped?”

“Yes, Mistress. Please make me scream,” asked Davinia.

“Of course, Davinia. Gladly!”

Davinia shivered in her nakedness, as she knew that Lady Samantha would do as she asked!

Once again Davinia was chained up, her naked body in the shape of an “X” because of the spreader bars attached to her wrists and ankles. Her feet barely touched the floor, and she wasn’t gagged.

Davinia was surprised to discover that she wasn’t hurt by the Rack. Being stretched on it had been truly terrifying, but once released, she realized that Lady Samantha had been careful in its use.

Slave girls were valuable property, not to be damaged!

“How do you feel, Davinia?” Lady Samantha asked.

“Fine, Mistress, thank you.”

“Are you ready to be whipped?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” Davinia answered.

Davinia did not need to be told to kiss the whip handle. It was now a matter of routine for her to ask to be punished, and thank her tormentor afterwards.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Ahhhhh!” Davinia cried when the whip landed on her shaved pussy!

“Being shaved had made you a more sexual being, hasn’t it, Davinia?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Davinia tensed her naked body and dug her nails into her palms. Her ribs were clearly visible under her taut female flesh.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“What a lovely body you have, Davinia. Simply made for the whip.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“I just can’t believe that none of your boyfriends wanted to take a riding crop to your naked body. I’m sure you would have loved the experience.”

“Yes, Mistress. It took you and Sir Ian for me to discover my true nature.”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Owwwwwwww!” Davinia screamed when the whip left a trail of pain across her breasts!

“Stiff upper lip, Davinia! Think of England!” said Lady Samantha as she continued to discipline Davinia.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

After the terror of the rack, being whipped again by Lady Samantha seemed totally normal. Davinia watched herself in the mirror as Lady Samantha placed one stripe on her naked body after another. She swayed slightly in her bondage, her chains rustling together.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Owwwwwwww!” Davinia screamed when the whip found it’s way to the inside of her thighs!

“Very good, darling.”

“Thank……Thank you, Mistress,” Davinia stuttered.

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Davinia noticed that Lady Samantha was now steadily increasing the force and severity of her whip strokes! She was making good on Davinia’s request to make her scream!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Owwwwwww!” screamed Davinia when the whip struck her exposed pussy!

“Would you like to be gagged?” asked Lady Samantha.

“No Mistress, thank you. I’d rather scream.”

“I love your screams, Davinia. Thank you!”

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Davinia again thought of the soda bottle in her cell. Such a minor thing, but it had reminded her of home and freedom, of her life before her journey to Africa, and slavery.

She thought that she should be at home in her flat, drinking the same brand, watching television or working on her computer. Instead here she was, naked and being whipped!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Ahhhhhh!” Davinia cried when the whip struck the flesh of her sensitive underarms!

“Enjoying yourself, Davinia?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!”

Davinia was glad to show both Sir Ian and Lady Samantha that she was their willing slave, and would do anything to please them!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Tears fell from Davinia’s eyes, and there was no one to dry them!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

“Your body was made for the whip, Davinia. Sir Ian is a lucky man indeed!”

Under the relentless punishment of the whip, Davinia tried to move around to avoid the instrument of her punishment. But there was to be no respite from the cruel strokes of the whip!

“Owwwwwww!” Davinia screamed in agony!

Davinia did not beg for release. She had asked to be whipped, and Lady Samantha was doing what she had begged for! All that Davinia could hope for was that Lady Samantha would release her from her torment!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

Swish, Crack!

How could anyone possibly treat a naked girl to such punishment? Davinia cried and pulled at her bonds to no effect!

Then suddenly, it ceased, and Davinia did not hear the sound of the whip!

“Thank you, Mistress!” Davinia cried.

Davinia knew that if she did not thank her Mistress, even if this was merely just a pause, she would be whipped again, and harder!

“You’re welcome, Davinia.”

Davinia then had the humiliation of Lady Samantha inserting her index and forefinger into Davinia’s sopping wet sex! Then she began to thrust and withdraw her fingers, again and again!

“Ohhhhhh!” Davinia moaned in pleasure.

“What a wet slut you are, Davinia! Just the suggestion of being punished, and your cunt is just dripping!” observed Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Davinia.

“Clean yourself,” ordered Lady Samantha.

“Mmmmmmmph!” said Davinia as Lady Samantha stuck her fingers into her mouth.

“I’ll have Yvette release you, give you a bath and some food, and then I’ll be back for a little more bondage fun. You simply must be properly trained!” said Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress,” Davinia replied.

When the door closed behind Davinia, she was still hanging from the ceiling, naked and hurting from the whip.

What now did Lady Samantha have in mind?

“Ze Mistress has whipped poor Davinia, non?” asked Yvette as she bathed Davinia in the tub.

After her harsh session with the whip, Davinia welcomed this short respite. In the tub, with scented French Soap, Davinia could relax, and without her collar and bracelets, pretend that she wasn’t a slave!

“Yes, Yvette,” Davinia replied.

Even though Yvette could speak perfect English, Davinia enjoyed her playing the Saucy French Maid! It was a welcome distraction from Lady Samantha’s whip!

Davinia moaned with pleasure as Yvette soaped her breasts, happy that someone was just washing her, instead of being punished. Had she really grown used to the idea that her nipples were for the use of metal clamps and her firm young breasts for the crop or whip!

She then opened her legs as Yvette cleaned her pussy, and Davinia still felt the sting of the whip on her thighs and sex!

Davinia sat back in the tub after her back had been washed, letting Yvette bathe her properly. The warm water and soap made her a bit sleepy, and she would drop off, imagining herself back in London apartment.

The waste from oil drilling and CO2 emissions didn’t seem so important when Davinia found herself under the lash. Instead, what was important was pleasing Sir Ian and Lady Samantha.

After her luxurious bath, Yvette shaved her pussy clean again, then soothed her skin with some cream. Next her collar and bracelets were replaced, and a pair of black four inch high heels were locked on her ankles, followed by a hobble chain!

Davinia would be allowed to walk, but not far or fast, and her steps would be measured!

She was then fed by Yvette, some roast beef, salad, bread, and some red wine, and then she was allowed to rest alone in her cell.

Davinia was so exhausted by her ordeal she fell asleep right away, and the heels and hobble chain were no impediment to her resting.

“Stand still, dear,” cautioned Lady Samantha.

Davinia was back in the Dungeon, and was surprised when Lady Samantha removed her wrist bracelets! What was going to happen to her next, Davinia wondered?

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Hands palm to palm, Davinia. We’re going to do something new today!”

Davinia stood in naked silence as she waited for whatever Lady Samantha readied her next torment. Was there no end to what she could do to naked girls?

She watched as Lady Samantha removed a large triangular leather object, complete with straps, from the wall. What was this thing?

Davinia stood passively as Lady Samantha placed her arms inside the open leather device, which tapered down a small enclosure for her wrists. Lady Samantha then zipped the thing from her wrists to above her elbows! There was a small leather strap above her wrists that Lady Samantha buckled, and that was followed by the one at the top of the object!

Lastly, Lady Samantha drew two straps over her shoulders and secured those by means of roller buckles!

With her arms bound behind her back and her chest pulled apart, Davinia realized that she was cruelly exposed!

“It’s called an arm binder, my dear. I bought it for Sir Ian at a fetish shop in London. You look quite fetching in it, Davinia!”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Davinia answered.

“Did you know that there’s an entire industry devoted to supplying things to keep girls in chains?”

“No, Mistress,” Davinia replied.

“You mean you never explored the seamier side of London? You were never curious about what went on in the nether regions of the Capital?”

“No, Mistress, I was too busy saving the world to worry about sex!”

“Such a pity! If you had time for a little fun, perhaps you wouldn’t be a slave just now!”

“Yes, Mistress!” said Davinia.

“Now I want you to walk around in the arm binder. You have to get used to wearing it from now on. After this, we’ll try something else!”

“Yes, Mistress.

Davinia then proceeded to walk carefully around the Dungeon. She took careful and measured steps, since her ankles were still hobbled. In spite of her best efforts, Davinia tried her best to prevent herself from being sexually excited by the arm binder. But it was impossible!

Just being confined in the thing made her nipples erect, her breaths short, and her pussy wet. She wished that Lady Samantha would take the crop from the wall and give her a few strokes to release the sexual tension building inside her!

After wearing the arm binder for a half hour, Davinia was glad when Lady Samantha released her from it! It had thrown her chest out shamefully, and made her breasts easily available for use!

“How did you like the arm binder, Davinia?” asked Lady Samantha.

“It was very confining, Mistress.”

“Combined with a set of nipple clamps, it can be very effective, Davinia.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have you ever worn a corset?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Not even to a fancy dress party?”

“Never, Mistress.”

“Well, there’s no time like the present! I’ll lace you into one for a while, just as a test. It will be up to Sir Ian to decide if he wants to constrict your figure. I’m sure you’ll look just lovely with an hourglass body!”

Just like a scene from an old movie, Davinia was made to hold onto a wooden post in the Dungeon as Lady Samantha laced her into a corset! Davinia endured her new ordeal in silence, deciding that wearing a corset was better than being whipped or cropped!

She had not yet been strapped into either the “X” or “Y” frames, torments that she knew would be coming in time. So wearing an arm binder or corset seemed to be the lesser of two evils!

“Do you know anything about corsets, Davinia?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Like everything else, you have to be eased into them, or bodily damage may result!”

Davinia had a hard time keeping herself from laughing at Lady Samantha’s last statement! Here she was, naked, collared, and ringed, and having been whipped earlier, and her captor was telling her the corset could be ’damaging!’

“When you’re being trained for a corset, you can only be constricted an inch at a time! It takes weeks or months to do the job properly; and you’ll look simply stunning!”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Davinia.

“I’m only going to pull your waist in a couple of inches for now.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Davinia now stood silently, her hands around a post in the Dungeon, as Lady Samantha laced the corset around her waist. After the confinement of the arm binder, she wasn’t sure just how this new bondage was going to feel, but anything was better then the way her arms had been held behind her earlier!

“Oh!” said Davinia as the corset tightened.

“Feel better, Davinia?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Lady Samantha took her time with the corset, tightening one set of laces, and then another, gradually pulling the corset around Davinia’s waist.

“In the late 19th Century, women would have two of their lower ribs removed to ease wearing a corset, and improve their waist!” explained Lady Samantha, “but Sir Ian won’t do that to any of his girls.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“The mark of knowledge about corsets is very simple, Davinia: the waist should only be constricted gradually, after all, we can’t have you fainting from lack of breath! And the laces should NEVER be wrapped around your waist - that can cut off circulation! Once you’ve been properly trained in wearing a corset, you’ll look simply lovely, Davinia!”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“Now why don’t you walk around, and get used to the corset. You can even sit down for a while! I want you to feel comfortable in the corset!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Davinia walked in her new confinement and admired herself in the mirror. She had to admit that she looked stunning in the satin corset, and it did improve her figure! It constricted her waist, uplifted her breasts, and made her feel sexy indeed!

She wondered if she would really like to be laced into the corset every day; but then again, she might not have a choice in the matter! If Lady Samantha were to convince Sir Ian that she should wear a corset, then that would be her fate!

It was while she was sitting down on a leather footstool that her slavery would change!

The door opened, and Yvette walked in, wearing her Latex Maid’s uniform, corset, and high heels.

“Madame?” asked Yvette.

“Yes, Yvette,” Lady Samantha replied.

“Sir Ian has returned from a business trip and he requires both Mademoiselles in his study in an hour, non?”

“Yes, I’ll bring both Davinia and Erin, Yvette, chained in coffle.”

“Sir Ian will like that, non?”

“Thank you, Yvette.”

“Oui, Madame,” said Yvette as she departed the Dungeon.

“Well, Davinia. You have been summoned by your Master. It’s time to see if your training has paid off!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned as Lady Samantha made her kneel in front of Sir Ian’s desk.

As befitting any company CEO, Sir Ian had an office in the complex. Davinia had never been in this room before, and she looked at the computer on the desk, and the phone!

She imagined herself sending an email or calling her friends, telling them of her captivity, and begging for a rescue!

Instead, she was kneeling on the soft carpet, her hands locked behind her back, her collar chained to Erin’s collar, and both girls had red rubber ball gags in their mouth.

Lastly, Lady Samantha was standing over them with a riding crop in her hand. There would be no calls for rescue, this time!

Davinia did not know how long she and Erin were forced to wait before Sir Ian appeared. At least they were kneeling on soft carpet, and not on hard wood or a stone floor!

“Excellent,” complimented Sir Ian.

“Thank you,” Lady Samantha replied.

“I suppose our charges are wondering why I’ve summoned them to my office, hmmmm?” asked Sir Ian.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” grunted Erin.

“Lady Samantha, have you whipped Erin lately?”

“Yes, Sir Ian.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want her to forget the lash. Did you put those new stripes on her?”

“Yes, Sir Ian.”

“Excellent, my dear.”

Sir Ian rummaged in his desk, and removed a transparent plastic cube from one of the drawers. He placed it on his desk, and nodding to Lady Samantha, she then placed it on the carpeting in front of his two captives.

“Do you know what this is, Davinia?” asked Sir Ian.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia grunted, the gag preventing her speech.

“Inside this cube is Oil, unrefined Black Gold, as the Americans like to call it. But it’s more than that - it’s POWER. With Oil I control companies, banks, politicians, whole nations. Why, some of the people I control don’t even know I control them!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned as she saw the thick dark fluid in the cube.

“Controlling Oil even allows a select few people on the planet to indulge in a unique hobby: keeping slave girls, a sorority of which you have become a new member!”

Davinia pulled at her bonds, but to no effect!

“I have just returned from a trip to Baku in the south of Russia. While I was there, I signed a preliminary agreement with two of my Russian friends to develop a new oilfield. They will be here in two days to sign the final contract. As a bonus, they will be granted the use of both of you for two days. You will be the sweetener for the contract!”


“I have told my friends Arkady and Boris that both of you are very submissive and eager to please. That had better be true, because unless they both give you high marks, the penalty will be very severe indeed!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned both girls in unison.

Davinia and Erin looked at each other, fear in their eyes, goosebumps on their naked skin.

Testing time had arrived for Davinia!


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