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Chapter 5 (part 3) - In The Oil Servicing Business

Once Arkady and Boris had finished with Erin and Davinia, Lady Samantha and Yvette chained them, and gave them a bath and food, and rubbed salve on their stripes. Then they were locked together in their cell, as usual.

“How do you feel?” asked Davinia of her naked companion.

“All right. I've been used by Boris before. He was holding back, actually, saving some for Arkady later. You're now a business bonus!” said Erin.

Davinia stood up from the cot and examined herself in the mirror, admiring her new stripes.

“How long will they use us for?” Davinia asked.

“A few days, then they have to get back home. After they leave, we'll be given a rest. Meantime, we're just sex toys,” said Erin.

“Arkady told me that he'll use my mouth and bottom, but not my sex. Why?”

“So you won't get any normal sexual pleasure from him, that's why. He'll enjoy himself flogging you and using just your mouth and bottom!”

“I feel like a tart!”

“You ARE a tart, Davinia. A tart that's always available for use. Time for a nap,” said Erin as she lay back on the cot, and put her head on the pillow.

“How can you sleep at a time like this?” Davinia asked.

“Because I'm tired, and we're going to have a long night entertaining our guests. You had better sleep also, because Arkady and Boris are going to use all of your holes,” Erin casually replied.

Davinia stared at her naked companion.

“We're property, remember?”

Yvette had gone to considerable lengths after they had awakened to make Davinia and Erin attractive to their guests. Both girls had their hair done, their nails trimmed and painted, and a modest amount of makeup applied. Davinia sat still as her lips were painted and her aureole were rouged, and finally her pussy was sprayed with perfume!

“Mademoiselle must look nice for ze Russian Oil Men, non?” Yvette asked.

“Yes,” Davinia answered, as she recounted sucking off Arkady and his use of the whip earlier that day.

Erin was given the same treatment, opening her legs to assist Yvette!

Davinia recalled the day that she had refused a Brazilian Wax in London, and the other girls in the salon had laughed at her!

She wondered what those other girls would think of her now, a trained sex slave, who performed for the entertainment of Sir Ian's business associates!

Davinia had always thought of Russians as hard drinking, unsophisticated louts! Instead Arkady and Boris seemed to drink sparingly, only a few shots of straight vodka. Their energies were directed towards punishment and using her and Erin sexually!

Once both of them had been prepared, they were walked to the bedroom by Yvette. On the dresser were an assortment of all of the instruments of torment that she had been trained to endure: a short whip; a riding crop; a thin rattan cane; leather paddle; nipple clamps; a vibrator; dildos and butt plugs; blindfolds and ball-gags! Not to forget handcuffs and a leash! Everything that used to be used to discipline slave girls!

Yvette motioned for them to kneel on the carpeted floor; which Davinia could not help but notice was immaculate – in fact, it looked new and luxurious!

Davinia could not help but reflect on the fact that in a strange way, she had entered the world of the super rich! She had watched some of those “reality” shows on TV; knowing full well that they were just staged for the cameras.

There had even been one about her nemesis and now owner, Sir Ian – that she had watched out of curiosity – hoping that she could learn something about the man she had blamed for so much environmental damage!

She wondered how the television host might react if he knew that Sir Ian's true hobby was the training and keeping of slave girls!

Both girls knelt on the carpet, awaiting their guests!

What a bedroom this was! It was larger than Davinia's flat in London – furnished with two double beds; two large stuffed chairs; a dresser; a small table and two chairs; a large mirror; a bathroom; and a huge closet!

There was also a small table containing various refreshments: Water; Chilled Vodka; Whiskey; and some finger foods.

Sir Ian was an excellent host – one who made certain that his guests' needs were well provided for!

What it did not contain, she reflected, was a phone that she could have used to call for help – but all phone lines out of Sir Ian's property were all under his control, anyway!

Soon, they were joined by both Arkday and Boris. Both men were dressed alike in matching red silk robes and slippers. Davinia wondered if they were wearing anything under the robes – she was certain that she was going to find out!

They both seated themselves in the large chairs, facing both Davinia and Erin!

“Since you have used both girls in the Dungeon, Sir Ian now offers both girls here in the bedroom for your entertainment,” said Yvette to the two men.

“Thank you, Yvette,” replied Boris, “tell me, have you ever felt my lash?”

“Yes, Master. On that trip Sir Ian took to Dubai, where you were attending an oil conference,” Yvette answered.

“I had forgotten. So many slave girls, I have a hard time keeping track of who I have used.”

“Yes, Master,” Yvette replied.

Boris then turned his attention to Davinia!

“Do you enjoy your new position in life, Davinia? For you, there will be no cameras, no more protests. Just servitude towards your owners,” said Boris.

“Yes, Master.”

“When were you last paddled?”

“Last week, Master – by Lady Samantha,” Davinia answered. 

Davinia had learned the hard way that she had to keep mental track of her punishments – lest forgetfulness lead to another punishment. When Yvette had quickly answered Boris, she knew that unless the maid answered correctly, Boris would use her for a session!

“Very good then. I'd like you to stand, and get a paddle from the dresser, and hand it to me, then kneel in front of me,” Boris instructed.

“Yes, Master.”

Davinia did as she was instructed, no longer self-conscious of her nakedness. After all, what use did slave girls need of clothes, unless they were worn to please her Masters?

“You may kiss the paddle, Davinia,” ordered Boris.

Davinia had grown used to this little ritual between Master and slave. It signified her submission to her situation.

“Yes, Master,” Davinia replied.

Davinia kissed the leather paddle, knowing full well that it would soon be used on her bottom. She knew that she eagerly awaited her newest ordeal, since her nipples were erect, and her pussy was wet with desire!

“Over my knee!” Boris ordered.

“Yes, Master!” Davinia replied, as she placed herself at his mercy.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Without ceremony, Boris began to use the leather paddle on Davinia's bottom! With methodical efficiency, the burly Russian struck her bottom one time after another!

“Owwwww!” Davinia cried out in pain as the paddle struck her bottom, and the resulting sound was like that of a rifle shot!

“Arrogant, prideful English Slave Girl!” Boris exclaimed, “If I had you in my dacha, you'd be very humble indeed!”

“Yes…….yes, Master!” Davinia cried out between paddle strokes.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In spite of her best efforts, Davinia again found herself becoming sexually aroused while being punished by Boris! She knew that her nipples were already erect, and her quim was sopping wet!

She had been well trained by Sir Ian and Lady Samantha, and in her haze of tears, she knew that she had become just like Erin: a sexual plaything of the secret oil organization, Baku!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Davinia cried.

“Silence, or you'll be gagged!” Boris commanded.

“Yes, Master!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Would there ever be an end to the horrible leather paddle? It was just one more device that was used to inflict pain and suffering upon her!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“She has been well trained!” Boris observed.

“Yes, very much. Do you think that Sir Ian might sell her?” Arkady asked.

“Perhaps, if the price is right!” Boris laughed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia quickly realized that whatever torments she would endure with Sir Ian, she was better off being owned by him! She was sure that Arkady would never let her forget her assault on him, and that she would be subject to endless tortures as a result!

Next, in a sudden pause, Davinia felt her moist sex invaded by Boris, as his middle and forefinger were inserted into her molten slit!

“She wets easily!” Boris observed.

“Sir Ian knows how to train his girls well!” Arkady complimented his absent host.

Now that Boris was occupying himself with the submissive Davinia, it was now Erin's turn to be entertained.

With Boris occupying himself with Davinia, now it was time for Arkady to have some fun with her naked and vulnerable companion, Erin!

“Hands behind your neck, Erin, and open your legs to me,” Arkady ordered!

“Yes, Master!” Erin replied as she did as he ordered.

“When did I last use you?” Arkady questioned.

“Last year in Germany Master, at that meeting in the Bavarian Alps.”

“One day I must buy a castle somewhere. They really knew how to entertain captives in them back in the old days.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You too have been well trained. What do you desire more, my whip or my prick?”

“Both, Master. However you wish to use me I am at your command!”

“If only you wore my rings instead of those of Sir Ian! I would make you the most desirable slave in all of Russia!”

“Yes, Master,” Erin agreed.

“Perhaps one day, should Sir Ian sell you, I would be willing to pay a good price,” said Arkady.

Erin observed that she could see his interest in her by his erection under the robe he wore, matching that of his brother!

“I think perhaps the riding crop,” said Arkady.

“Whatever my master desires,” Erin replied.

“Good. I want you to stand up and get the riding crop from the table, then come back here and stand with your hands clasped behind your head and your legs opened, and hold the crop between your teeth!” Arkady instructed.

“Yes, Master,” Erin quickly answered.

Erin did as she was told, and assumed the position that Arkady had ordered, clenching the riding crop between her teeth!

Arkady next began to fondle her firm breasts, and then his right hand moved down between her legs, to her already wet quim!

“You are already wet,” Arkady observed.

“Yes, Master,” Erin replied.

“Kiss the tip and thank me,” Arkady ordered, as he removed the crop from Erin's mouth, who released the instrument to his control!

“Thank you Master for the punishment that I am about to receive,” said Erin after her lips had kissed the instrument of her coming anguish!

Arkady stood back and began by delivering several strokes of the crop to her exposed breasts! Before she had been trained, Erin would have cried out in pain and tried to run from her distress!

But now, as a trained slave, she was used to such agonies and worse! Standing still as if she had been rooted to the spot, she absorbed every blow to her exposed female flesh!

Arkady was a skilled Master, never striking the same area twice! He did not break the skin or draw blood, since damaging another owner's property (unless receiving permission first) was considered bad behavior!

Meanwhile, Erin stood completely still and endured his punishment, even as the crop soon reached down between her legs to the sensitive flesh on her inner thighs and her sex!

Her rings jangled as the crop struck them, producing a strange music of her ordeal!

The only sounds in the bedroom were now the strokes of the paddle on Davinia's bottom as administered by Boris; and the riding crop onto Erin by Arkady.

Occasionally, both girls would emit a mewling sound as they were punished, and both men would draw great breaths as they charged themselves with oxygen to punish their respective girls!

Arkady circled around Davinia like a shark, striking her bottom, pausing to feel the reddened globes!

“Do you want my prick up your bottom?” questioned Arkady.

“Yes, Master!” Erin quickly answered.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. Lady Samantha entered, wearing her red PVC Catsuit and four inch high heels.

“Gentleman, sorry to disturb you, but Sir Ian would like to see you in his office. You have an urgent call from Moscow.”

Both Boris and Arkady stopped their punishments of their respective girls, and uttered similar curses in Russian. Boris ordered Davinia off his lap, and she knelt on the carpet, with her hands behind her back in submission. He stood up, and his massive erection stuck out from his robe!

“Damn! Just when I was getting excited!” complained Boris.

“Me, too!” agreed Arkady, “you may let your hands down, Erin. I don't want your arms to become tired!”

“Business calls,” said Boris as he led the way out of the bedroom, and the bedroom was now occupied by three females, one dominant, two slaves!

“Enjoying yourselves, girls?” Lady Samantha asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” they both replied in unison.

“Sir Ian and I are well pleased by your submission to Arkady and Boris. Both of you are sweeteners to a big oil deal, so you must do whatever you are told. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, you both understand what your true position is now in life.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

It was at that moment that both Arkady and Boris returned, looking less happy than when they had left to take the phone call.

“Something wrong?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Da, we must return to Russia immediately. Political troubles. We can't even leave the country for a few days of business and pleasure before the politicians start stirring up trouble,” said Boris.

“We have to pay off more politicians,” commented Arkady, “then they will do our bidding.”

“It's a pity that we can't loan Davinia and Erin for some of our politicians to use. Then they would be in our debt, and do whatever we ask them!” laughed Boris.

“But Boris, we already have quite a few slave girls of our own to loan out. The trouble is, our politicians don't know how to use a whip – all they do is take our money and drink vodka!” agreed Arkady.

“Too bad. I trust you have at least a few more hours with us?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Yes,” Boris replied, “our private plane is being readied now at the airport.”

“Good. Sir Ian and I have prepared a special surprise that we will now set up in the Dungeon. I'll take the girls and see you in an hour. Until then, you can amuse yourself with Yvette,” said Lady Samantha.

“One slave for two men?” asked Boris.

“She has more than one hole, doesn't she?” questioned Lady Samantha.

“Yes,” replied Arkady.

“Then you can drill at the front, and Boris can drill at the back!” declared Lady Samantha, smiling at her two guests.

They all laughed together, except of course for Yvette; Erin; and Davinia.

Having just been paddled, Davinia knew full well that she herself could have been in Yvette's place – but now Lady Samantha said that Davinia and Erin were going to be used for something else. What else could these fiends have in store for her?

“Come girls,” ordered Lady Samantha, “time is of the essence. Enjoy yourselves, and we'll see you shortly!” she said to Boris and Arkady.

After an hour of amusing themselves with Yvette, who managed to please both men with her submissiveness under the crop, and her sexual skills, Lady Samantha returned to summon them to the Dungeon.

“Did you have a good time?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Yes, thank you!” Boris answered, “one day Sir Ian must let me borrow Yvette for an extended period. I'm sure that we can show her what good Russian hosts we can be!”

“I'm sure that can be arranged,” answered Lady Samantha.

“As I said, my cell door is always open!”

“I'm sure that goes for both of you!” said Lady Samantha, “but I don't want to keep you away from your surprise any longer!”

Lady Samantha then walked over to the bed where Yvette had been waiting after both men had used her. Her body showed the marks of the riding crop and whip, and come shone on her mouth and Lady Samantha was sure that her bottom hole had been used as well!

From the dresser she retrieved a pair of handcuffs and locked first her right wrist, and then her left behind her back, rendering her helpless!

Then she took a chain that had been hanging from the wall near the bed and locked that to Yvette's collar.

“Now don't go anywhere,” said Lady Samantha, “or I'll put a ball-gag in your mouth!”

With her wrists cuffed behind her back and her collar attached to a chain on the wall, it was highly doubtful that Yvette would be going anywhere until she was released!

“Shall we go, gentlemen?”

When the trio entered the Dungeon, Boris and Arkady could not have been more pleased!

Both Erin and Davinia had been mounted on the horse – a triangular torture device where their entire weight rested on their sensitive sex. They were held in place by their ankle bracelets; and their wrists were bound behind their backs! Each girl had a red rubber ball-gag in her mouth, silencing their cries!

“I had planned to keep them on the horse for a few hours to get them in mood for our next exhibition, but since you have to leave shortly, we have to compress our schedule!”

Both Erin and Davinia looked fearfully at the three, who were soon joined by Sir Ian. Now all of their tormentors were in the Dungeon at the same time!

“Just wonderful!” commented Sir Ian, “Davinia has not experienced the horse, so this is her first time. But it won't be her last!”

“Not only are they suffering agony being on the horse and having their sex split in two, but they are both impaled on a rubber cock as well!”

At that moment there was a small buzzing noise, and both Erin and Davinia began to squirm and cry out in their bondage, at least to the extent that the rubber balls in their mouths allowed them to!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia cried, and Erin emitted the same sounds!

“Nothing so poignant as two naked helpless girls being tormented by technology, don't you agree?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Simply wonderful,” agreed Boris, but is this the special surprise you were talking about?”

“No, this is just the appetizer! I'm sure that both girls would do just about anything right now to get off the horse, don't you agree?” asked Lady Samantha.

Both girls looked at Lady Samantha with both anticipation and fear. What else did Sir Ian and Lady Samantha now have in store?

At that moment, the buzzing returned. Davinia struggled against her bonds, helpless as the rubber invader inside her stimulated her to yet another sexual climax! She wondered what it would be like to be forced to sit on the horse for hours with this thing inside her as her sex was split in two!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia cried out in sexual agony!

Next to both horses, plastic sheeting had been spread on the Dungeon's wooden floor. What could Lady Samantha possibly have in mind next for her captives?

After being locked on the horses, both girls had watched as Lady Samantha had left them to their agonies; and returned with the two Russian brothers.

“Let me go get the next part of the puzzle, and then you'll understand,” said Lady Samantha, “you can amuse yourself with the girls until I return, but don't release them from the horse until I return!”

Lady Samantha then walked out of the Dungeon, and each of them chose a girl to torment.

It was no surprise for Davinia that Arkady would take advantage of her while bound on the horse. First he pinched and pulled at her nipples, and she knew that Arkady would surely have placed clamps on them if they were available.

She moaned as her female flesh was being used for his pleasure, and then when the dildo inside her went off again, she again squirmed in agony in her bondage!

Then one of his hands found it's way down between her legs, and she could feel his fingers at the apex of her thighs where the rubber dildo invaded her naked sex!

“If I get you in my Dacha, Davinia, I promise you that you will feel the lash, and sit upon the horse for many hours of agony – which I shall watch and record for my pleasure!” said Arkady.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia cried again.

The door opened, and Lady Samantha rolled a trolley on which there was a rubber tub, from which steam emanated. There were clearly bottles in the tub, it contained something, but what?

“Gentleman, you may release your charges from the horse!” said Lady Samantha, “and have them kneel on the sheets – you can see the small pillows I have provided – after all, I don't want to damage their knees, do I?” she laughed.

Both Arkady and his brother began to release the girls from their torments. Since they were held in place by snap rings, no keys were necessary! First their legs were released, and then their arms!

Then they helped both of them off the hose, and both girls gasped through their gags as they rose from the dildos in their sex! Lady Samantha then produced a remote control to shut off the dildos, so they would not interfere with the next part of their plan!

Neither Davinia or Erin could thank their captors for their release from bondage! Still gagged, they were led over to the small pillows on the place sheets, and knelt without protest.

“You can lock their hands behind their backs,” suggested Lady Samantha, “not that they'll try to escape!”

Arkady locked Davinia's hands behind her back, while Boris left Erin's unlocked.

“Now come and get it!” chuckled Lady Samantha, “before it gets cold!”

Both men walked over to the trolley, and watched as their host seated himself on a wooden throne where he could now watch the proceedings in comfort.

“You are simply too much!” said Arkady to Lady Samantha.

“I thought you would enjoy the irony,” replied Lady Samantha.

Arkady took a large glass bottle from the tub, and walked over to where Davinia waited for the next phase of her slavery. She shivered in both anticipation and fear.

He opened the bottle, and poured a generous helping of treacle onto her breasts, which protruded since her hands were locked behind her back!

“Don't be shy, there's plenty of treacle to go round,” suggested Lady Samantha.

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Davinia, still gagged!

Totally helpless, Davinia could do nothing as Arkady poured bottle after bottle of treacle on her naked flesh. Warm from the bottle, it soon cooled and stuck to her exposed body.

She gasped when Arkady released the ball-gag from between her lips, taking deep breaths through her mouth.

“Thank you, Master!” she cried.

Then Arkady began to pour the treacle into her hair, leaving it a sticky, gooey, matted mess!

Davinia could not have felt more humiliated than if she had been forced to walk down Piccadilly Circus naked! She had, after all, tried to pour a quart of motor oil on Arkady when he was on a business trip to London!

Now here she was, naked and bound, whipped and trained as a slave girl, and she had to endure the indignity of having treacle poured over her naked body!

“Tell me, Davinia,” questioned Arkady, “in the past, who produced treacle?”

“Slaves,” Davinia answered.

“And what are you?”

“Your slave, Master!” Davinia cried.

“It must have been wonderful back in those old days in the West Indies,” commented Arkady.

“If you didn't die of a tropical disease first!” added Boris.

Davinia remembered her history classes in school where she had been taught about the triangular trade of the British Empire of slaves, molasses, and rum!

She had wanted to pour motor oil onto Arkady to make the point that oil had made everyone slaves of an industry that she considered corrupt.

What Davinia could never have conceived was just how corrupt and degenerate oil could make it's owners! And that she would ultimately become its slave!

Arkady then opened his robe, and Davinia did not have to be told to suck his cock. He had only fucked Yvette once in her bottom, and then had carefully cleaned his organ in the bathroom shortly thereafter.

Davinia sucked eagerly at his cock, which soon began to harden and rise within her mouth. She had been well trained by Lady Samantha, knowing full well that she would suffer the whip and crop if she did not learn how to please!

She could no longer even think of resisting her captors, as she had been molded by the whip and the constant use of her sexually.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked on Arkady's rigid organ, and was rewarded when he climaxed, his come spurting into her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! Arkady groaned when he shot his seed into her, most of it going down her throat, but some spilling down her chin!

“Satisfied, Arkady?” asked Lady Samantha, a huge grin on her face.

At that moment, Boris climaxed also inside Erin's mouth, since after dousing her with treacle, he had used her mouth as well!

“You have an excellent sense of humor, Lady Samantha – just like Chekhov!” 

“Thank you, Arkady! My pleasure.”

“No, my pleasure!” Arkady answered.

Arkady then pulled Davinia to her feet, and motioned for her to bend over! He grabbed her by her hips, holding her in place, and Davinia knew what was going to happen next!

Davinia did so, and was shocked when his cock, rigid again, plunged into her bottom hole, lubricated by her saliva and his come!

“Aaaaaah!” Davinia cried when she was impaled by the massive Russian tool within her bottom.

For weeks Davinia had worn the hated butt plug harness around her loins, with the rubber shaft up her bottom stretching her bottom hole to accommodate her captors future use! Twice a week, Sir Ian had lubricated her arse, and pushed his steel hard cock inside of her!

Davinia had wished that Sir Ian would have used her as a woman, but he seemed preoccupied with her bottom hole, preferring to use that orifice instead of her quim!

She could have relieved herself of the harness at any time, since it was not locked upon her, but secured by just roller buckles! However, she had followed Erin's advice that if she removed the device, she would be subject to more terrible punishments!

So Davinia had her bottom hole stretched, and now she was being put to the test as Arkady gripped her naked body and thrust his cock up her bottom!

Arkady pulled his cock out, then rammed it inside her again!


Davinia could not have felt more helpless or humiliated as she was used time after time! Still covered in treacle, she glanced at the Dungeon mirror and was shocked at the sight of her, a gooey mess, her hair that had been so carefully attended to by Yvette was now a mess. But worst of all, she was bent over, and Arkady's huge cock penetrated her time after time!

After what felt like an eternity, finally Arkady again spilled his seed, but this time into her bottom! She felt every pulsation of his cock inside her as her bowels filled with his come!

She wondered how many times he could accomplish this feat of sexual stamina!

Finally, he moaned, and released her!

At that moment, Davinia realized what Erin had been telling her all along was finally true.

She was a slave!


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