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Chapter 4 (part 2) - Davinia in the Dungeon

Bound and helpless, Davinia had no alternative but to walk behind Erin when she felt a tug on her collar chain. Blindfolded, she could not see where she was being led to, and gagged, she had no means of communication with Erin as well!

She tested the steel holding her wrists together, and as usual, found them to be unyielding! Naked female flesh was no match for leather and steel!

Once again, a red rubber ball gag filled her mouth, depriving her of speech. Being gagged was strangely erotic! It removed any chance she could protest whatever punishment that she had to endure.

Since she had been taken captive, Davinia had been stripped of her clothes, her dignity, and her freedom. Her body had been used by Sir Ian and Lady Samantha in all sorts of unspeakable ways that she had never considered possible before!

Davinia now wished that she had gone to the dungeon in London where she had been invited to a fancy dress party on Guy Fawkes Night. Or seen that museum in London! But no, she had been too busy working to take a day off and learn something new!

One day, long ago, one of her girlfriends had come over to her flat to show off the rubber dress that she had bought, along with a bodysuit! She had described in graphic detail how her new boyfriend had tied her up and given her a good spanking; and gagged her as well!

Davinia, sounding like a prude, had told her friend that she didn’t like such activities! That just going to bed was just fine with her!

Now she wondered just what her scene friend would think of her! Here was Davinia, naked and in chains, property of Sir Ian!

The tug on her collar chain provided her the direction that she had to walk in. She followed Erin (since there was no choice in the matter); concentrating on walking in darkness!

What terrors would the Dungeon hold that the Dayroom did not? Lady Samantha had been using Erin in the Dungeon, and Erin had not discussed what had happened there; nor even of its existence!

But now Davinia was going to experience her slavery at a new level! She remembered all of the Hammer films she had seen on TV; preferring them to the newer ones.

What fate awaited her now?

Davinia felt her collar chain detached and she was walked a few steps, where her collar was now attached to yet another chain.

“Don’t go anywhere!” Yvette advised Davinia.

“Mmmmmmph!” Davinia grunted from behind her ball gag.

Davinia tested the limits of her new captivity! She carefully made a step, only to have her collar stop her movement! Then she moved in the opposite direction, and found herself in contact with a wall! So she was again chained to a wall, with limited mobility of a couple of steps. With the blindfold still cutting off her vision, and the gag filling her mouth, Davinia was as much of a prisoner as ever!

But what was happening with Erin? Davinia wondered if Sir Ian was going to use her as a demonstration for some instrument of torment in his Dungeon!

Davinia strained her ears to hear anything, and her diligence was rewarded when she heard the single word, “up!”

“Mmmmmmph” Erin moaned in pain.

What could possibly be happening to Erin? Davinia desperately wanted to know, but feared her reaction should her blindfold be removed.

Next she heard the click of Yvette’s heels back over to her. Whatever was done to Erin had not taken long, and they didn’t want Davinia blundering into the contents of the Dungeon! Yvette tugged at one of the “D” rings on her collar.

“Come,” said Yvette.

Davinia was led a few steps, and abruptly stopped. She heard Yvette walk behind her, and loosen her leather blindfold. It was the lack of Dungeon gloom that dazzled Davinia at first. There was bright sunlight streaming through the high barred windows.

Her eyes then focused on Erin, who was being split in two! She was naked, resting on what looked like an improved version of a sawhorse seen on construction sites.

It was a horse in the shape of an “A” made of polished wood, and Erin’s ankles were locked onto the thing’s sides. Her entire weight was now resting on her sex, on a narrow strip of wood! Lastly, she was pitched forward, as her joined hands were chained together and raised by a ceiling chain!

Her mouth was still filled by the red rubber ball gag, though her blindfold had been removed. Their only means of communication was with their eyes, and Davinia tried to commiserate Erin’s pain, as she was gagged as well.

“Well, Davinia, have you ever seen anything like this?” beamed Sir Ian.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Davinia could manage as she shook her head answering Sir Ian.

“It’s called a Horse, for obvious reasons. Quite painful for a slave girl, since her entire weight is resting on her sex. Sometimes I’ll put a dildo on it, just to make it more uncomfortable.”


“One day you’ll be resting on the horse, Davinia. Quite unpleasant!”


“Let’s have the Grand Tour!”

Sir Ian attached the leash again to her collar, and led her next over to a rack, which Davinia recognized immediately!

She saw the ankle bar was left open, and the wrist shackles as well! Davinia readily imagined that she would be confined and stretched in the horrible device! Davinia remembered “Mary, Queen of Scots” and every other English movie showing a rack in action; and now here she was, being confronted by one herself!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia squealed.

Pulled along, she now saw another large device she would have to step up to in the shape of an “X.”

“This can be rotated, watch!”

Davinia stood in silence as the “X” was rotated and Davinia imagined that she was confined in the straps herself, and being turned upside down!

Sir Ian led her over to a small cage, even smaller than the one that had confined her in the Dayroom!

“Do you know the purpose of this cage, Davinia?” asked Sir Ian.

She shook her head in the negative.

“It’s smaller than the one in the Dayroom for a reason. You can’t sit down, and you can’t sit up, either. It’s just too small! So just being in that cage will be sheer agony after a few minutes! There are cells like this in the Tower.”

“Mmmmmmph!” Davinia cried.

Davinia could not believe that Sir Ian not only owned such things, but that he was actually proud of them!

Sir Ian next led Davinia over to another device in the shape of a “Y”.

“With this, your legs can be opened for whatever I choose to do between them!”


“Don’t worry, Davinia. I’m sure that you’ll be able to experience all of these things over time!”

Sweat broke out from Davinia’s body, and the droplets ran down her naked body between her breasts. What sort of madness had she fallen into?

Besides the special torture devices, there were two jail cells, chains hanging from the ceiling, and another rack filled with canes, crops, and whips. All of which Davinia knew would be her constant companions from now on!

“Well now, Davinia, you’ve had the tour you wanted. Yvette will now free your hands and remove the gag, and you’ll be allowed to select your punishment. With the exception of the horse, which is occupied just now,” Sir Ian told his captive.

“Mmmmmmmph!” grunted Davinia.

“Yvette, you may do the honors.”

“Oui, Master.”

When the ball gag was removed from Davinia’s mouth there was an audible “pop” as the seal of saliva was broken. Davinia took several deep breaths now that she could again breathe through her mouth.

“Thank you, Master,” said Davinia.

“You’re welcome, dear,” answered Sir Ian.

Her wrists were freed next, and she moved her arms about since they had become stiff while behind her back!

“Thank you, Master.”

“Now you may choose your punishment!”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia answered.

Davinia could never have imagined that she would ever be offered such a horrible choice! Bravely she walked over to the rack containing the instruments of torment that she had grown accustomed to since her kidnapping by Sir Ian.

She imagined that her Dungeon companion was the Mad Hatter himself, not believing what she was about to do!

Worse, she was excited by the idea! Yvette had already stimulated her sex earlier, and when she had cleaned Erin’s juices off her fingertips that had made her mad with desire!

She was so sex crazed that it didn’t matter to her whether she was again fucked by Sir Ian, or whipped until she screamed. Either alternative would be the only thing that would quiet the fires within her!

Still, she walked over to the rack and removed and examined each implement in turn.

In the weeks of her training she had been whipped; caned; flogged; and cropped numerous times. Davinia had grown used to having larger and larger plugs up her bottom. She had been used until the tears flowed from her eyes, begging for mercy, and her naked body striped again and again with angry red marks.

Surely there were better things to do with naked girls than to whip them, she had begged Lady Samantha and Sir Ian.

But the punishments never stopped, and afterwards she was used sexually anyway! Most fearful of all was when she failed to satisfy Lady Samantha’s greedy cunt; that meant a flogging or a caning the next day. So Davinia had learned to satisfy her, just as Erin said she would!

Erin had also told her that once trained, Davinia would be unable to distinguish pain from pleasure. That was now true as well, as she sought out Sir Ian’s whip as well as his cock!

Davinia had now become the slave that she thought she would never be, and worse, she was enjoying her submission!

Davinia chose the cane that she knew all too well, the very same object that Lady Samantha had praised as a tool of the Empire. She walked over to Sir Ian, and knelt before him.

“Master, please use the cane on me?” asked Davinia.

“Of course, my dear, I’m glad to oblige you.”

“Please make me scream and mark my naked body, Master.”

“Certainly, darling. I can hardly refuse such an offer as that,” answered Sir Ian.

“Yes, thank you Master.”

“Yvette, please hang Davinia from the ceiling, arms and legs spread for maximum vulnerability,” ordered Sir Ian.

“Oui, Master!” Yvette answered.

Davinia did not resist when Yvette carried out Sir Ian’s orders. Far from it! She allowed Yvette to lock her limbs to the bars that would restrain them, then stood in silence as the ceiling chain tightened, raising her slightly off the floor.

Sir Ian stood in front of his captive, holding the cane that she had selected.

“You didn’t want to try out one of the nice toys in my Dungeon, Davinia. Why?”

“Last night I said that I wanted you to cane me, Master. I’m sure that we’ll have plenty of time for you to introduce me to your collection, Master,” Davinia replied.

“Very good, my dear. Do you enjoy your captivity?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How do you feel about wearing my marks, being punished, and using your holes?”

“I belong to you, Master. Use me, please?” Davinia implored.

“Very well, since you asked so politely. Kiss the cane.”

“Thank you, Master, for the punishment I am about to receive,” said Davinia as she kissed the terrible instrument that she requested would now be used on her!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Davinia had expected that Sir Ian would lace into her with the full force of his arm with the first strokes of the cane. She had, after all, asked him to beat her harshly the day before, to make her scream her devotion to her slavery.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Instead Sir Ian had decided to ease gradually into her punishment, accustoming her naked body to this caning session before really making her howl in anguish.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

One thing that was missing from both the Dayroom and the dungeon was a mirror. Davinia was curious to see what she looked like while bound and punished.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwwww!” Davinia cried when the cane struck her right breast!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwwww!” The cane now struck the insides of her thighs; her most sensitive area!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Tears ran down her cheeks, tears of pain from the caning that she was enduring, but also tears of joy, for they were being delivered by her Master and owner!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

The horrible cane descended with a machine like efficiency on her breasts; thighs; underarms; bottom; even her sex! All the while Sir Ian gradually increased the strength of his blows on her naked body!

“Ooooooow” Davinia moaned in pain.

“There’s more coming, my dear.”

“Yes, Master!” Davinia answered through a haze of tears.

“Would you like to see yourself?” asked Sir Ian?


“Would you like to see yourself?” repeated Sir Ian.

“Yes……Master,” Davinia cautiously answered.

“Yvette, the mirror, please!”

“Oui, Master!”

One thing that Davinia had not been shown was that hidden in the back of Dungeon had been a sheet covered mirror! Yvette clicked her heels over to the mirror and wheeled it over to where Davinia was hanging from the ceiling, and with a dramatic flourish, uncovered the mirror!

Davinia gasped at what she saw! Gone was the demure attractive girl who wore a suit everyday to her advocacy job in London!

Davinia now saw her collar and bracelets, her name tattooed above her left breast, and the medallion hanging from her sex! But it was the angry red marks that the cane had left that finally marked her for what she had become: a slave to Sir Ian!

“Do you like what you see?” asked Sir Ian.

“Yes, Master, thank you!”

“Not the same girl you used to be?” commented Sir Ian.

“No, Master!”

“I always knew that if I got you away from your lefty friends in London and collared and whipped, your true nature would assert itself!”

“Yes, Master.”

“As my slave, of course!”

Sir Ian reached forward and began to toy with her erect right nipple, pinching and pulling at it, making her even more excited than before!

“Do you enjoy that, Davinia? Having your female anatomy fondled and assaulted by your Master?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you wet?”

“Yes, Master, please cane me again?” Davinia begged.

Davinia realized that her mild caning had just been the warm-up for her real punishment. She had asked Sir Ian to make her scream. Now her request was going to be fulfilled!

“Do you still want to be punished severely, Davinia? I’ve already given you a fairly good caning, and you’ve earned your stripes for today.”

“Please, Master. Make me scream!” Davinia begged.

Davinia could not believe that she was begging Sir Ian to give her a severe session with the cane! Had she really become a slave so quickly that she desired to be caned?

“As you wish then, Davinia. I’ll be happy to oblige!” Sir Ian coldy replied.

The next series of strokes with the cane were unlike the previous series! As if in slow motion, Davinia was now able to watch in the mirror as Sir Ian delivered the cane strokes to her already punished naked body!

Davinia pulled and thrashed within her leather and steel confinements in a vain attempt to escape the cane as it struck her vulnerable and exposed femaleness!

She had never believed that she could experience such pain, or for that matter, enjoy it! But now Davinia reveled in her bondage and in her punishment!

Naked girls were, it appeared, made to be whipped!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sounds of the cane striking her naked flesh were the only sounds in the dungeon, Davinia’s world having shrunk to the confines of the leather bondage bracelets holding her captive! For Davinia there was no escape from her captivity, nor did she want one!

All that mattered was her ability and desire to please her Master, and her behavior while being punished.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Davinia felt the droplets of sweat run down her underarms and between her breasts, and between her legs into her wet pussy! She glanced at herself in the mirror, and saw a different Davinia than the one that she had been all her life!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwww!” Davinia cried in pain as the cane sliced into her.

Sir Ian was delivering harsh blows that were quite painful, but didn’t break the skin. Instead the cane left its mark on her naked body, producing angry red stripes!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Tears of pain and joy ran down her cheeks as Davinia began to scream her devotion to Sir Ian! Never in her life had she ever experienced anything like the agony and joy that she was feeling now as the cane left its mark on her naked body.

Just as her first whipping had changed her, and the tattoo and medallion had marked her as a slave to Sir Ian; now her harsh caning truly proved her devotion.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwwwww!” Davinia screamed, her voice echoing through the Dungeon, bouncing off of the wooden walls.

Davinia glanced over at Erin, still confined, and ignored on the Horse. When would Davinia’s turn come to mount the Horse; and what agonies would it reveal to her? Along with the rack and “X” frame; Davinia realized that her slavery was just beginning!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The cane possessed it’s own deadly rhythm as it struck Davinia’s naked and exposed female flesh! Davinia cried and cried as her naked body was assaulted by the cane!

“Perhaps Lady Samantha is right,” commented Sir Ian, “when we stopped using the cane, we lost the Empire!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Erin moaned from behind her ball gag as she watched her companion endure a hard caning.

“Never fear, Erin. You’ll come under the cane again soon enough yourself. I know how you just adore being beaten,” observed Sir Ian.


Sweat poured from Davinia’s armpits, running down her flanks, between her breasts and into her wet sex! Would there be no end to the agony that she herself had requested?

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Owwwwww!” Davinia howled, but there was no one to comfort her in the Dungeon!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Just when Davinia felt that she was about to faint in her chains and lose consciousness, the caning suddenly stopped! It was a moment frozen in time for Davinia, and tears fell from her eyes down her cheeks!

“Very good, Davinia. You held up quite well,” complimented Sir Ian.

“Thank……Thank you, Master,” Davinia stuttered in response.

“Yvette, Davinia deserves a rest. Unchain her, treat her wounds, give her a bath and feed her. She deserves a good rest after her ordeal,” said Sir Ian.

“Oui, Master,” Yvette answered.

“You take care of Davinia, and I’ll entertain Erin for a while. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the attention.”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Erin cried.

Davinia wasn’t sure if “enjoy” was the right verb to describe what Erin would endure from the attention that Sir Ian would give her!


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