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Chapter 4 (part 1) - Sir Ian and the Rings

After having sucked Sir Ian’s cock, Davinia felt debased in a way unlike her previous bondage experiences. What was happening to her that she could readily accept the crop and the cane? And what had made her so easily take Sir Ian’s shaft into her mouth and try her best to satisfy him?

The next few days after serving Sir Ian were spent serving Lady Samantha. Sir Ian was, after all, the CEO of a worldwide transnational corporation, so his time with Davinia was quite limited.

So it had fallen to Lady Samantha to do the majority of her slave training; which was after all what Sir Ian had called her in for!

Davinia experienced the whip, lash, and crop, and all were applied in measured quantities. At no time was Davinia severely beaten; in fact some of her sessions were quite pleasurable!

One night, after a demanding day with Lady Samantha, Davinia was again confined in the same cell with Erin, who now bore fresh marks of a recent punishment.

“Erin, there’s something I don’t understand,” said Davinia.

“What’s that?”

“One day I heard Sir Ian and Lady Samantha talking about me as if I was a frog. I don’t understand what they were discussing.”

“If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog into a pot of cold water, then gradually heat it to boiling, it will cook to death.”


“Exactly. Why do you think that Lady Samantha isn’t flaying your hide every day? She’s obeying Sir Ian’s instructions to train you gradually. Every session you have with Lady Samantha brings you one step closer to accepting your life as a slave!”

“I hadn’t thought of it that way,” Davinia answered.

“Those last few sessions you’ve had with Lady Samantha have been pretty good, right?” Erin asked.

“Well, yes, if you consider being flogged to be normal.”

“But she gave you a climax each time, right? She let you come, didn’t she?’


“That is her way of mixing pain with pleasure. Gradually you’ll come to want the whip, since that will be the only way you’ll experience pleasure.”

“I never thought of it that way!” Davinia replied.

“Just shows what you don’t know,” said Erin.

Finally there came the day when Davinia was led into a small infirmary. Sir Ian’s secret building had everything; including a small medical facility.

She was made to sit on a medical bed as she was attended to by a man who refused to give her his name.

First, by means of a tattoo gun, he wrote her name in black letters about her left breast. She was made to sit still as he worked, and it hurt slightly. Nothing compared to being whipped, which was something she now regarded as fairly normal!

Then he ordered her to open her legs, and he proceeded to first anaesthetize her outer lips. Then he made an incision, and stitched it carefully closed. Finally he inserted a ring into the hole in her cunt lips!

“This is a training ring you’ll wear for a week until the wound heals; and then I’ll be back to insert your final rings and medallion identifying you as property of Sir Ian. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now I don’t want you playing with the ring. It has to heal properly, and Sir Ian will be very cross with you if it doesn’t heal right! So I suggest you leave it alone!”

“Yes, sir,” Davinia answered.

With the training ring inside her sex Davinia was now locked in a cell by herself, with not even Erin present for comfort! She would gaze for long minutes at herself in the mirror, seeing the reflection of herself with her name above her breast, and opening her legs, the glint of the training ring in her sex!

Before those two things were done to her, Davinia had held out one final hope that she could be rescued and return to her former life! That the Royal Marines would parachute in and free her from a life of slavery to Sir Ian!

But now she realized that there was no rescue! That Erin had been right, and she had better accept her new life as property of Sir Ian!

“Suck my clit harder!” Lady Samantha commanded, “make me come!”

Davinia knelt between Lady Samantha’s legs, her face covered in her female secretions as she strove to obey the Domme’s orders.

After the insertion of the trial rings, Davinia was subjected to somewhat lighter discipline. She was made to please Lady Samantha on a regular basis, and her use was quite limited to a few strokes with the riding crop.

After a week, the man returned, and watched by Lady Samantha and Sir Ian, inserted her permanent rings into her pussy lips!

Davinia sat in silence as the training rings were removed, and then the permanent ones were locked into place! At the end of a small chain was an oval medallion. One side was decorated by two crossed riding crops; and the other bore the legend “Property of Sir Ian.”

Davinia had ceased to count the days of her captivity; or of her training sessions; or even of the strokes that Lady Samantha inflicted on her flesh. The medallion between her legs was just the final confirmation of a truth that she didn’t want to accept.

That she had become a slave and a willing participant in her own debasement!


Davinia didn’t know what to expect after her medallion had been placed on her sex. Would Lady Samantha finally do a harsh session that would leave her bleeding in pain? Or did Sir Ian have another trick up his sleeve? She had been separated from Erin and was alone by herself in the jail cell, with only the iron bars for company.

How could she have fallen so far? She had written magazine articles, organized protests, been on TV, demonstrated outside Parliament, and now she was Sir Ian’s property with his tag attached to her sex!

What was worse was Sir Ian telling her that she had done his bidding all along - that he had been the secret source that had led the direction of her protests! Which of course meant that Davinia had no knowledge of Sir Ian’s true evil: slave girls!

Davinia fingered the medallion and the bracelets on her wrists; since she could remove neither of them, she was truly a captive of Oil!

“Mademoiselle?” asked Yvette, who had appeared outside Davinia’s cell.

“Yes, Yvette,” Davinia answered.

“Sir Ian requests your presence at Dinner, formal attire, I am to prepare you, but no questions, please?”

“Yes, Yvette.”

Instead of the harsh whipping that she had been expecting, Davinia instead found herself free of her collar and bracelets and bathed in scented bath water! Since the leather bracelets would shrink after being immersed in water as they dried; they were removed during bathing. Davinia had grown used to the fleeting moments of freedom that bathing offered her.

Davinia was therefore surprised that after her bath, she would remain free of the leather objects that had defined her captivity for weeks!

She was pampered and perfumed, her hair, and nails were done to salon quality. Yvette then dressed her in an Eres demi-bra which showed off her bust; and panties. Next came a garter belt and stockings, a designer dress whose label she didn’t recognize, and a pair of high heeled pumps. Finally she was given a corsage!

Davinia admired herself in the mirror. Never in her entire life had she looked so desirable or so feminine. When they had done a charity benefit at Covent Garden two years before, she had had to borrow a dress to look good compared to the wealthy and powerful.

But even though she was wearing proper clothes for the first time in weeks, Davinia still felt like a slave. There was no way she could forget her name tattooed above her breast; nor the marks that she bore; and Sir Ian’s medallion hanging from her pussy lips.

She was still a slave, and there was no changing that fact!

Yvette escorted her into the same dining room where she and Erin had been fed while kneeling on the floor. Instead, Sir Ian was standing up, waiting for her!

He was dressed in a tailored Brioni suit that Davinia knew must have cost thousands of pounds; and he looked very attractive indeed!

“You look ravishing, Davinia. I’m glad you could join me for Dinner. Please be seated,” Sir Ian commanded.

It was all so confusing! Here was the man who had her kidnapped and enslaved, yet now they were dressed as if they were having Dinner at Claridge’s!

“Thank you,” Davinia replied as she took her seat, and Sir Ian held the chair for her, a perfect gentleman!

“Yvette is a wonderful cook; and she has made a special dinner for us tonight. So enjoy yourself.”

“Yes, Sir Ian, thank you.”

On the table were two candles lit, as if they were enjoying a romantic dinner together. Davinia wondered if later the hot wax would be dripped on her flesh, as Lady Samantha had threatened, but never got around to!

Dinner was a Salad; Coq Au Vin; Roasted Potatoes; Crusty French Bread; and White Wine. Davinia ate suspiciously, wondering if Sir Ian would suddenly demand she remove her fine dress and debase herself in some new manner.

But that did not happen! Instead, Davinia enjoyed a fine Dinner, and for the first time in her captivity, relaxed a bit!

They discussed England and the United States, what books they had read, what music they listened to. It all seemed so normal, but between her legs, Davinia felt the weight of the medallion gently pulling on her sex!

After Dinner, they had a small dessert of cake and coffee; and Sir Ian insisted Davinia drink Brandy with him. She felt mildly drunk from the alcohol she had consumed, and wondered what was going to happen next!

Davinia felt that she had made a tremendous mistake in not answering Sir Ian’s calls over the years. Had she done so, perhaps she might not be his slave now!

“Would you like to make love, Davinia?” asked Sir Ian.

“Yes, Sir Ian,” Davinia replied.

Sir Ian led Davinia into a richly appointed bedroom that would have not been out of place in any exclusive London Hotel. He held Davinia close, and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“Why don’t you undress and get under the covers, you can hang your dress in the closet,” Sir Ian suggested.

Sir Ian lowered the lights, and they both undressed together. Davinia realized that she was attracted to Sir Ian, even after all that she had endured!

She got under the covers, and opened her legs for him, but he instead kissed her softly on the lips and neck! Davinia surely thought that he would have just taken her roughly!

Davinia inhaled the scent of the rich satin sheets that she could never have afforded! It all seemed so incongruous!

“Did you have a nice dinner, Davinia?” Sir Ian asked, as if they had gone to an exclusive restaurant.

“Yes, Master, thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome, my dear. Your captivity can be made quite pleasant, if you submit.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you want my cock inside you?”

“Yes, Master, please!” Davinia begged.

With her request, Sir Ian pushed his cock into her wet, molten channel! Davinia had trouble containing herself all through Dinner, wanting Sir Ian to take her body. Now her desires were being satisfied!

Davinia opened her legs to accommodate his massive tool; which she had taken into his mouth and a few times, into her sex. But this time was the best fucking that she could remember! She opened her legs wide, and trapped his legs between her own, forcing him deeper into her raging sex!

“Ohhhhhhh!” Davinia moaned as he plowed her furrow.

The Dinner, the fine wine and Brandy, the whole atmosphere made it a perfect finale as Sir Ian took her in bed, thrusting his cock inside her, time after time!

This was no date like Davinia had ever experienced! Everything was indeed wonderful, and she wished that Sir Ian would reward her with a stunning orgasm!

Finally, after that seemed like it would continue for hours, Sir Ian came within Davinia, who climaxed at the same time. Davinia moaned with pleasure as Sir Ian’s rigid cock jetted his come into her, giving her the best climax that she had ever had!

Sir Ian was both a skilled lover and a benevolent Master, and Davinia felt both sexual satisfaction and pride in wearing his symbols!

“Master, that was wonderful!” Davinia cried.

“Thank you, Davinia, you’re welcome!” said Sir Ian as he pulled out of her.

“Master?” asked Davinia.


“Please take me in the one hole you haven’t used yet: my bottom!”

“I see that the butt plug training has changed you.”

“Yes, Master. Please sir, use my bottom?” Davinia begged Sir Ian.

“That’s very insolent, a slave asking her Master. You realize you’ll be punished tomorrow for that.”

“I understand, Master. Please use my bottom, then cane me tomorrow. Make me scream!”

“Be careful what you wish for, Davinia. Here that can be made to happen.”

“I’m yours, Master, do with me as you wish.”

“I’ll grant your request. Up on the bedspread, on your hands and knees!”

“Yes, Master!”

They both got up from under the covers, and Davinia assumed the position known as “doggy style.”

“Open your legs, Davinia!”

Davinia complied with Sir Ian’s order, and she felt his stiffening cock between her ass cheeks. Then she felt Sir Ian’s hands on her bottom, opening her so that his shaft could gain entrance!

“Hold still!”

Davinia thought that he might take her rear entrance with one sudden great thrust, hurting her! But instead his tool thrust gently into her, withdrew, then thrust a little deeper the next time.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Davinia moaned as his cock probed at her anal opening.

Sir Ian held her in place with his hands on her hips, his cock driving deep into her bottom.

“You’re very tight, Davinia!” Sir Ian declared.

“Take my bottom, please!” Davinia cried.

A final thrust and Sir Ian’s cock pushed through her virgin nether hole, making Davinia moan with both pain and pleasure! She never imagined that she could feel anything like this strange mixture of sensations!

It was like the first time she’d slept with a man, a moment of pain, followed by pleasure!

Sir Ian began to thrust into her now opened hole, providing Davinia with plenty of new sensations to experience!

“Ohhhhhh!” Davinia moaned again, and as Sir Ian thrust into her she felt her breasts bounce back and forth in response!

“That’s good, Davinia!” complimented Sir Ian.

Davinia fully enjoyed the feeling of Sir Ian’s cock up her bottom! She had now taken him her mouth, her sex, and now her rear hole. She wore his medallion on her sex, and she felt truly owned by him for the first time.

After what seemed like an eternity, she felt him come in her bottom, giving her another reason to moan in pleasure! Davinia felt his seed again spurt into her, this time filling her bottom for the first time!

“Ahhhhh!” sighed Sir Ian as he came inside her!

When he withdrew his shaft, Davinia, without instruction, faced Sir Ian and took his cock in her mouth! She tasted her own juices, and the musky aroma of her own bottom!

“Ahhhhh!” moaned Sir Ian as his cock was sucked again to hardness!

Lady Samantha had spent considerable time teaching Davinia how to suck a rubber cock, and now Davinia was putting her training to good use!

“That’s excellent, Davinia!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Davinia could manage with Sir Ian’s cock in her mouth.

Davinia succeeded in sucking Sir Ian again to hardness, and he again came, this time with less force, into her willing mouth! She swallowed all of his cream, and then cleaned his shaft willingly.

“That was quite a performance, Davinia,” said Sir Ian.

“Thank you, Master,” Davinia replied.

“Let’s rest for a while.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Sir Ian lay down on the bedspread, and Davinia lay in his arms. Soon, she fell asleep, and he cradled her next to him, their naked bodies together as one.

Davinia had now found pleasure and pain, as well as love, in belonging to Sir Ian!

The next day Davinia and Erin were confined together again in their cell. Davinia noted that Erin bore fresh marks on her naked body.

“Lady Samantha had me eat her pussy yesterday, then used the crop on me again.”

“Did she hurt you?” Davinia asked.

“Yes, but I’ll live. Nothing I haven’t been through before. How was your evening with Sir Ian?”

“Very strange, I was allowed to wear clothes, a dress, bra and knickers, stockings, Yvette cooked a nice dinner, then we went to bed.”

“What did you do there?”

“He made love to me! I then offered him my bottom, which he took, then sucked him off!” Davinia replied.

“Well it’s better than being caned, don’t you agree? Sir Ian is a romantic, sometimes. He’ll treat you kindly one day, then discipline you the next.”

“I did ask him to cane me today,” Davinia admitted.

“You’ve fallen in love with him, haven’t you?”

“I guess so,” admitted Davinia, “maybe I have become a slave.”

“Well we really don’t have an alternative, now do we?” Erin answered, and pulled at her collar for emphasis, I’ve worn this collar for so long, and been subjected to almost constant discipline, that for me, it’s normal. I don’t think that I could have an orgasm unless I was cropped or caned first!”

“I can’t believe that!”

“Why not? For us, life under the lash is our new normal. I wonder that if I was ever freed I wouldn’t seek out a Master or Mistress in London to keep me collared.”

“That’s daft!”

“You just said that you asked Sir Ian to give you a caning. Tonight you’re going to get your wish,” said Erin, “and he’ll make you scream.”

“Have you ever seen a Dungeon, Davinia?” Sir Ian asked from outside her cell.

“No, Master.”

“I have one here, that’s where Lady Samantha has been entertaining Erin while we’ve been busy. Would you like to see it?”

“Yes, Master,” Davinia knew better than to refuse her Master’s offer!

“Did you ever visit that new museum of torture in London that opened a few years ago?”

“No, Master, but I did see the adverts in the papers.”

“How about the Tower?”

“I never went there either, Master.”

“My, you should have gotten out more!” said Sir Ian.

Erin stood at attention in the presence of her Master, in silence and eyes down. Just as she had been trained for years.

“Have you enjoyed your time in my Dungeon, Erin?” Sir Ian questioned.

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you think that Davinia should experience the Dungeon?”

“Yes, Master!” Erin answered.

“Excellent! Then why don’t we visit my Dungeon so that Davinia can get acquainted with another phase of her slavery!” Sir Ian exclaimed.

Davinia could not believe the exchange between Sir Ian and Erin! Sir Ian was talking about his dungeon in the way a homeowner would show off his garden or a woman her new kitchen! Whatever the dungeon contained, Davinia was sure, would be a lot worse than whatever the Dayroom contained - and Erin certainly never had talked about it to Davinia!

Davinia shuddered, what would her captivity now be leading to?

“I’ve got a great idea, girls! I’ll call Yvette, she’ll chain you together in a coffle, and Davinia will have her introduction to a new level of captivity!” beamed Sir Ian.

Placing his slave girls in a coffle was a favorite activity of Sir Ian, and he watched with approval as Yvette released Davinia and Erin from their cell; and chained them together! First their wrist bracelets were locked behind their backs; and their ankles hobbled. A chain then liked Davinia’s collar to Erin’s, and Yvette attached a leash to Erin’s collar, making her “first girl.”

“Hmmmm, something a little different today, Yvette. Blindfold and gag both of them, please!”

Until now, Davinia had never been gagged, nor had she worn a blindfold! Here was something new in her slavery!

She watched as Yvette selected the items sir Ian had ordered, then clicked her heels over to her companion, Erin! Erin obliged Yvette by opening her mouth, and she accepted the red rubber ball into her mouth without protest! Yvette buckled the gag at the nape of her neck! This was followed by the leather blindfold, cutting off her sense of sight!

“Mmmmmmph!” was all that Erin could manage with the red ball in her mouth!

“Go ahead, Yvette, you have my permission,” said Sir Ian.

Davinia watched in silence as Yvette took advantage of the helpless Erin! First she fondled her breasts, and pinched her nipples, bringing them to hardness! Erin moaned from behind her gag! But then Davinia observed Yvette’s left hand trace the way down Erin’s belly to her sex!

“Oui, Master,” Yvette replied.


Yvette then inserted her index and forefinger into Erin’s pussy!

“Mademoiselle is wet, no?” Yvette asked.

“I’m sure that Lady Samantha has fisted Erin on more than one occasion, her cunt has been well used!”

“Oui, Master!”


“Don’t let her come, Yvette. This is just the appetizer!”

“Oui, Master!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Erin moaned in disappointment when Yvette’s fingers were removed from her pussy!

Yvette then turned to Davinia and thrust her fingers, wet with Erin’s female juices, into her mouth!

“Clean ze fingers, slut!”

Naked and chained, Davinia had no other choice but to comply! She tasted Erin’s secretions, and cleaned Yvette’s fingers as ordered.

“She will make a good slave, don’t you agree, Yvette?”

“Oui, Master!”

“Mmmmmmmmm!” moaned Davinia.

When her turn came, Davinia opened her mouth to accept the red rubber ball within her mouth! She had never been gagged before, and it was a whole new experience for her! Next, her vision was cut off by the leather blindfold.

Yvette again took advantage of her helpless captive, and Davinia stood helplessly as her breasts were fondled and pinched! Her sex was soon under assault as Erin’s had been, and she moaned within her gag in response!

“Mademoiselle is wet, too!”

“Don’t let her come, Yvette!”

“Oui, Master!”

Davinia was disappointed when, having been sexually stimulated by Yvette, her climax was denied! She moaned her frustration from behind her gag!

“Don’t be too disappointed, Davinia. You’re about to enter a whole new world of pain,” said Sir Ian.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Davinia could manage in response.


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