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Chapter 3 (part 3) - A Close Shave

The next morning, Davinia was awakened by Yvette, who conducted her for a morning bath. Davinia was bathed and her hair washed, and her underarms and legs were shaved.

But what happened next would change her forever!

Davinia stood up in the bathroom after her legs were done, only to have Yvette look sternly at her.

“Not finished, Mademoiselle! Lady Samantha has ordered me to shave ze pussy!”

Davinia then sat back down on the specially constructed seat and opened her legs. She had never had her pussy shaved, nor a Brazilian wax! Now her sex was going to be totally bare!

She sat silently as Yvette lathered her pussy with a shaving brush, then sat rock still as Yvette, with a straight razor, shaved her sex clean!

“Relax, Mademoiselle! I have shaved many pussies, and have never cut once!”

“Thanks……Yvette,” Davinia stuttered in response.

Davinia looked at herself in the mirror, and she was covered in angry red marks from yesterday’s flogging. How could Lady Samantha have been so loving, yet have yielded the flogger with such ferocity?

Now it was her pussy shaved, and next she knew she was to be tattooed and ringed! Once that happened, she knew that she would be the “property” that Erin said she would become!

Tearfully she watched as her bush was shaved off, leaving her sex totally bare. She could not believe how this small change could make her feel so different!

Yvette brought out a small mirror, and Davinia looked at her now bare sex! Her lips were clearly visible, and Yvette opened them to show Davinia her clit within!

Davinia gasped at seeing herself this way, totally vulnerable with her sex exposed!

Yvette completed her task by dusting Davinia’s exposed sex with some power to sooth the friction of shaving.

“I will shave you every few days to keep your sex clean, non?” said Yvette.

“Yes, thank you, Yvette.”

Both Davinia and Erin were fed breakfast at the same time. Davinia noticed that Erin had some new stripes as well on her naked body, but did not ask about them. There would be plenty of time later.

Davinia noticed that Erin’s sex had been shaved bare as well! So both of them had endured the same indignity!

It was after breakfast that Davinia learned the next phase of her slavery! That her body no longer belonged to her, and that anything her owner desired could be done to it!

First, both Davinia and Erin’s feet were locked into pairs of black four inch high heels! These weren’t the same heels on sale in the High Street! They had an ankle strap with a D-ring where a small lock could be placed. Once locked on, without a key, there would be no way to remove them!

But further humiliations were to come! Both girls were told to empty their bowels and clean their bottoms with petroleum jelly, and Davinia feared what was about to come!

Yvette now had two differently sized rubber butt plugs. She displayed them for her charges.

“Mademoiselle Erin will open ze legs and show Mademoiselle Davinia her bottom, non?”

Erin bent over and hands on her buttocks, opened her cheeks to accommodate the invader of her rear! Yvette lubricated the thing, and gently pushed the object into her companion!

Davinia saw how the thing was shaped, and once inside Erin’s tight hole, it would be held within. Pushing gently, Yvette gradually got it inside Erin, and once past her sphincter, it was held in place!

“Mademoiselle is tight, non? She has not worn ze plug for a long time?”

“Thank you, Yvette,” said Erin as she stood up, with the massive plug inside her bottom.

“Merci, Mademoiselle,” Yvette replied.

It was now Davinia’s turn to have her bottom plugged! She bent over and assumed the same position her companion had, opening her bottom cheeks to accommodate the thing inside her!

“Relax, Mademoiselle! It will be easier!” said Yvette.

First her pussy, now her bottom! What would Sir Ian do next to her? She glanced at Erin, who stood in her high heels as if nothing was wrong! She wondered why Erin wasn’t clawing at the plug, trying to pull it out of her backside!

Davinia felt the lubricated plug enter her bottom, and Yvette gently pushed the thing inside her. It was smaller than Erin’s and she wondered how Erin could acclimatize herself to such a massive object!

Tears came to her eyes as her bottom was filled by the rubber invader, and then it passed inside her, and Davinia was certain she had heard a “pop” as her anal muscles closed around the smaller base of the plug!

“Ahhhh!” Davinia cried when the butt plug was firmly seated inside her bottom.

“It’s all right,” Erin comforted her, “you’ll soon get used to it. It just takes time.”

Davinia stood upright, and tried to walk. The combination of the high heels and the butt plug was an agonizing pair; and she tried her best to remain standing.

But that was not the last surprise that Sir Ian had for Davinia! Before being placed in the cell together, Yvette locked chains to their wrists and ankles a little longer than twelve inches!

The cell door swung shut with a frightful “clang” as Yvette closed it behind her!

“Mademoiselles, don’t go anywhere, or Sir Ian will be very angry!”

It didn’t take long before Davinia had collapsed on the cot, tears coming down her cheeks. She placed her head in her hands, and the chain mocked her agonies.

“There now,” said Erin, who sat next to her, “it’s all right! We’re together now!”

“How can you say it’s all right,” Davinia bawled, “look at us! Naked and in chains, whipped and flogged, treated as sex objects!”

“You’ve just got to get used to it,” Erin answered.

“No, and I’m going to start right now!” Davinia answered.

Davinia stood up and opened her legs the maximum that her ankle chain would allow. Then she reached down between her legs, and tried to gain a purchase on the butt plug!

“NO!” Erin said firmly, “don’t remove the plug! Leave it inside you, please!”

“Why?” Davinia demanded.

“If you remove the plug, Sir Ian will have the largest plug inserted at once, and unless you’ve been stretched, that will be very unpleasant for you! And we’ll both be whipped - horribly!” stated Erin, fear in her voice.

“Look at me!” Davinia cried, “last night I was flogged to tears, today my pussy gets shaved, a plug is placed in my bottom, and I’m chained in a jail cell!”

“That’s our lot in life,” consoled Erin, “there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Davinia clicked her heels walking to the cell door, which she tried to open without any effect! Cold steel was no match for naked female flesh!

“We’re prisoners,” said Davinia, “naked and caged!”

“Sit down then,” suggested Erin as she patted the cot next to her, “and we’ll find something to do to pass the time.”

“Suck your nipples and pussy?”

“Why not?” Erin replied.

“Isn’t that what our captors want us to do? To keep ourselves sexually hot all the time?” Davinia asked.

“Yes,” said Erin, “last year when I was with Lady Samantha she captured a new slave girl. She didn’t want to serve sexually. Lady Samantha told me she had sold the girl to a brothel in South America where she had to service 20 men a day!”

“That’s horrible!” Davinia cried.

“So keep in mind they always have something worse up their sleeves!” said Erin.

“So you’re saying we’re better off being owned by Sir Ian?”

“I’ve seen girls with rings in their noses, nipples, and pussy! Sir Ian will only tattoo your name above your breast. Some girls have tattoos that read slut, slave, and whore!”

Davinia was in shocked silence as Erin told what she had seen! She walked back to the cot and sat next to Erin, her skin retaining the scent of the French Bath soap that Yvette had used.

“I can’t believe I’ve got this thing up my arse,” said Davinia.

“Actually, it’s for your own benefit,” Erin explained.


“As a slave, all of your holes are available to your Master or Mistress. A lot of Masters won’t even be interested in your pussy. Sir Ian once sent me to Russia as a gift for an oil contract, and all he did was fuck my bottom!”


“Really! Three time a week he used my bottom, gave me the occasional flogging, and ignored me the rest of the time. It was only after his wife got jealous did he send me back to Sir Ian!”

“You know I heard some daft conversations at the hairdresser’s over the years, but this has got to be one of the strangest in my whole life!” Davinia declared.

“Come, lay on your back and hold your arms out. I promise I’ll make it worthwhile. I’ll try to make you forget the plug up your bottom, if only for a little while,” said Erin.

Davinia did as she was told, and Erin, chains and all, began to kiss her on the lips.

“We’ve got to enjoy whatever time we have, Davinia. Who knows where we’ll be a month from now. Or if we’ll ever see each other again. Sometimes I see girls again that Sir Ian owns, or else I never see them again. We have to make the best of our situation.”

“I understand, it’s just that……”

“What?” asked Erin.

“Am I really going to get a plug up my arse that big?”

“Since you’ve been whipped; cropped; and flogged; the answer is yes. But Sir Ian doesn’t want to damage his new property, so he’ll gradually train your bottom with larger ones.”

“How can you talk so calmly about such hideous things?” Davinia asked.

“Experience,” Erin answered, “I’ve been down this road before.”


Davinia and Erin were now confined the same way in the Dayroom. Their wrists and ankles were locked to spreader bars; and the ceiling chain kept their feet from just touching the floor. Their feet were locked into four inch high heels; and lastly red rubber ball gags silenced them. They were confined just feet apart, and could see the other’s discomfort!


“Mademoiselles are comfortable, non?” asked Yvette.

Yvette was dressed in her familiar Black Latex Maid’s uniform; complete with matching latex stockings; corset; apron; headpiece; and gloves. Around her waist was a belt from which hung a set of nipple clamps and a riding crop!

“Mademoiselles are good, today, non? Yvette does not have to use the riding crop on naughty English females, oui?”


“Yvette has entertained Erin many times, oui? But never Davinia, non?”

Davinia shook her head from side to side. What was Yvette up to, after she had hung them from the ceiling?

Yvette walked over to Davinia, and began to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned with the red rubber ball in her mouth.

“Such nice breasts, non? Did a lover ever pinch them, Mademoiselle?”


The previous day, Davinia and Erin had been left alone in the cell. They have made leisurely love together, even with the plugs up their bottoms. Yvette had come to remove the plugs to allow them to empty their bowels, then would replace the things in their backsides.

Today, it was back to the lash, again!

Davinia’s eyes widened in shock when she watched as Yvette removed the chain containing two nipple clamps from her belt!

“A new fashion accessory for Mademoiselle!”

Davinia’s nipples were already erect from the pinching that they had received, and Yvette had no trouble placing the clamps on her erect buds! Helplessly confined by leather and steel in the shape of an “X” there was nothing she could do as her femaleness was under assault!

“Is Mademoiselle wet, non? If she is wet, then she desires the crop. If she is not wet, then she should be, she will be cropped for not being wet!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned.

Davinia stole a glance at her companion, and all that Erin could do was to commiserate with her eyes; since her mouth was filled with the red rubber ball as well!

Yvette’s latex gloved hand probed the folds of her sex and penetrated within! Helpless, her sex was available to whatever outrages might be in store for her!

“Oui, Mademoiselle is wet!” exclaimed Yvette, “Sir Ian and Lady Samantha will be so pleased!”

In her chains, Davinia reflected that by now, of course she was wet. Just the merest hint that she might be bound in some way excited her, and the sight of the whip, crop, or flogger made her burn with desire!

Just as Erin had said, she would associate pleasure with pain. Right now, she wanted nothing more than Yvette to use the crop on her waist to stripe Davinia again.

This would be the first time that Davinia had been disciplined by Yvette (she assumed that only Sir Ian and Lady Samantha could discipline slaves); and gagged at the same time!

The gag would remove any choice she had in being punished! She would be unable to beg to stop her punishment.

Davinia waited, and dreaded, what Yvette would do next! Yvette removed the riding crop from her belt, and flexed it between her gloved hands, then tapped the leather padded end onto one palm!

“Mademoiselle enjoys the crop, non?” Yvette asked as she brandished the crop in front of her naked and bound captive.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Davinia grunted.

“Oui, Mademoiselle!”

That was the signal for her punishment to begin! Yvette began to use the crop carefully on Davinia’s tormented breasts! The crop’s pad struck her breast above her clamped nipple, or else on the side of her breast. Each impact made her breast, and the chain linking the clamps, bounce and the chain jingle!

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Davinia.

Once Yvette had punished both of Davinia’s breasts equally, other parts of her bound body soon came in for use! First was the sensitive skin of her underarms, and soon sweat was dripping down her sides!

Imprisoned by steel and leather, and gagged with the ball in her mouth, all Davinia could do was to hang in her captivity and absorb every cruel impact of the crop! Tears fell from her eyes, and there was no one to comfort her in her time of agony!

“Mademoiselle looks beautiful, non?” Yvette asked her two gagged companions.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

The crop followed it’s way down Davinia’s naked body, the pad leaving a trail of red marks to indicate it’s passage! Davinia moaned whenever the crop struck her particularly hard, or else a vulnerable spot!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia moaned.

Just yesterday, Davinia had been flogged, and now she was again being punished! But while her flesh was being cropped, Davinia realized that she was actually enjoying her discipline!

Hanging naked next to Erin, being punished by a Latex Maid, her flesh red and marked, should have revolted her. Instead, Davinia not only wanted the crop, she wanted to be punished. Yesterday, she had screamed in pain, today that was denied her! It was another phase in her slavery!

The pad was now striking her exposed and defenseless bottom! Davinia knew that every time she would sit down, she would remember this session!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Davinia tried to scream when the pad struck her newly exposed pussy! She fought against her chains in a vain attempt to avoid the crop, but it was a futile attempt!

“Mademoiselle does not like her pussy whipped, non? Perhaps a dildo, oui?”

Yvette removed a series of straps from the wall rack. She did not display it for Davinia, but instead placed it on her instead!

First a belt tightly encircled her waist, but that was only the start! Next a strap was drawn between her legs, and Davinia felt a dildo pushing at the entrance of her sex!

“Mademoiselle will enjoy being cropped with a dildo in her sex, non?”

Davinia squealed when the dildo was drawn up inside her wet sex, in fact it entered her easily! Then Yvette cinched the strap tightly, imprisoning the dildo within Davinia’s pussy!

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Davinia cried out again, was there no end to her humiliation?

Once again, the crop beat it’s deadly cadence on Davinia’s exposed flesh! She experienced both pain and pleasure together! Every time she moved when the crop struck her, the dildo moved within her sex! Worse, the evil thing had a clit stimulator!

Davinia could not believe the agony that she was now subject to! Her body was wracked as one sensation after another tore through her like a tidal wave!

She felt as if she was going to pass out, when her punishment suddenly stopped! Davinia hung limply in her chains, wondering what had happened.

“Very good, Yvette,” complimented Lady Samantha, “I see that you’ve driven poor Davinia to a state of Erotic agony.”

“Oui, Lady Samantha, thank you!”

“Sir Ian will be pleased. I’m sure that the next time I’ll use you in the same way.”

“Oui, Mistress!”

Lady Samantha stroked Davinia’s firm breasts, weighing them in her hands, pulling ever so gently on the clamps imprisoning her nipples!

Then her hand reached down between Davinia’s loins, and she pressed on the leather strap, driving the dildo deeper into her cunt.

“I was planning on doing this to Davinia later myself, but it really doesn’t matter who got there first. Being punished like this has given her a new level of torment,” said Lady Samantha.

Lady Samantha was again dressed in a latex outfit and boots that hugged her figure and displayed her feminine curves beautifully.

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Davinia as she slowly regained her senses.

“What a good slave you’ve become, Davinia. The flogger yesterday, your pussy shaved today. You’ll soon be ready for Sir Ian’s tattoo and rings!”


“Have you done anything to Erin yet?” asked Lady Samantha.

“Non, Mistress.”

“Good. I haven’t punished Erin for a while, and I’m sure she misses my whip. Has Davinia ever seen her friend punished?”

“Non, Mistress.”

“Good. Leave Davinia where she is, and give me my whip. It’s time to give Erin some attention, don’t you agree?”

Lady Samantha coiled the whip in her hands and placed the handle under Erin’s chin. She had not removed Erin’s gag, so the red rubber ball was still firmly locked within her mouth!

“Mmmmmmph!” Erin moaned when she was confronted by the whip!

“Of all of Sir Ian’s slaves, Erin, I have to admit that you’re my favorite! You may say that you resent the lash, but I know that deep down, you really love to be whipped! Of course, when you were first captured, that wasn’t true, but over time you learned first to tolerate and then enjoy, my whip!”


Erin now had the degrading experience of having her breasts fondled and her nipples pinched! Lady Samantha did not pause, and proceeded to insert her fingers into Erin’s newly shaved sex!

“Wet, as usual, dear. You trained well and quickly, Erin. That is why you still belong to Sir Ian and not to me!”

Lady Samantha then stuck her wet fingers into her mouth, and sucked off Erin’s female secretions!

“You taste divine, Erin. This whip does wonders in making a girl taste sweet!”


“I know that you’re eager for the whip, Erin. I’m happy to oblige.”

Until now, Davinia had never seen Erin punished! She watched in rapt fascination as Lady Samantha stood back, and let the whip uncoil.

Erin hung silently in her chains, and Davinia saw that her hands were tightly clenched. Davinia guessed Erin was digging her nails into her palms in anticipation of what was about to come!

“You’re such a lovely girl, Erin. I’m going to enjoy marking your luscious body again!”

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

Davinia cringed when she saw that Lady Samantha was marking Erin with each stroke of the whip!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

The leather sang it’s deadly song in the dayroom as Lady Samantha whipped her bound and silenced captive. Davinia did not know how Erin would perform under the lash, but since she had been a slave for years, Erin had told Davinia that she was used to being whipped!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Erin moaned.

“Something wrong, darling?” Lady Samantha asked, “why, we’re just getting started.”

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

Lady Davinia circled around the hanging Erin like a predator circling prey. She would deliver a new stroke of the whip to Erin’s breasts, her bottom, and the insides of her thighs, even her sex!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!


“Perhaps I should use a new kind of gag that would silence you completely, Erin. You’re making entirely too much noise, my dear!”

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

Erin pulled without effect on her chains in an effort to escape her punishment! But her bondage was total! Exposed and helpless, her body taut in the shape of an “X” all Erin could do was hang from the ceiling and Lady Samantha would continue her whipping!

“It’s a pity that Sir Ian doesn’t put rings in your nipples and sex, Erin. It would so much improve your body! A clit piercing with the right insert would keep you sexually aroused all the time!” said Lady Samantha between strokes of the whip.

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Erin moaned in pain and pleasure as the whip left it’s deadly mark on her naked female body.

With Erin now being punished, Davinia was given a chance to recover from her cropping! She was still hanging naked in chains, her nipples imprisoned by the clamps, and the dildo harness around her loins, but she gradually recuperated from her ordeal!

Davinia bit down on the rubber ball in her mouth, hoping that the hated thing would be removed! But still, she appreciated how by removing the power of speech, it had introduced her to a new level of sexuality!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

The whip continued to sing it’s deadly song of pain across Erin’s flesh! Tears fell from her eyes, and there was no one to wipe them away or ease her pain. The life of a slave girl was indeed a hard one!

“You mark so well, Erin. I wish I owned you myself!”

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Erin cried.

“Perhaps I’ll ask Sir Ian to loan you again to me, perhaps for six months? That way we can get to know each other again?”

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

The last three strokes were delivered harder than the earlier ones, and Erin reacted by fighting against her bondage!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Erin moaned again, in pain from her whipping.

Davinia wondered what it would be like to be owned by Lady Samantha? She had experienced the Mistress both during her harsh punishment with the flogger, and tenderly later in bed. She wondered what kind of woman kept female slaves!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

Erin was now in obvious distress as her breasts and the inside of her thighs were under attack from the whip! Tears streamed down her cheeks!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

Erin did not bother even to protest from behind her gag. She knew that nothing would stop Lady Samantha from giving her the harsh punishment that she was destined to receive!

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Erin tried to scream when a severe series of strokes laced her body in pain. Would there be no end to her misery?

Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack! Swish, Crack!

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Erin again was striped with the whip! Lady Samantha was indeed a harsh Mistress, and Davinia wondered how Erin could take being whipped like this!

Then it was over, as Lady Samantha coiled the whip in front of Erin’s eyes.

“You performed very well, my dear. I hope you perform equally as well in bed tonight, as you know you must satisfy me there as well,” said Lady Samantha.


“Yvette, you may release these two sluts, give them a bath, food and a rest. I’ll be taking Erin tonight, and you may have Davinia.”

“Oui, Mistress.”

“Enjoy yourself!” said Lady Samantha as she turned on her heels and exited the Dayroom, leaving two severely disciplined slave girls behind!

That evening Davinia discovered that not everything appeared what it seemed. When she had helped Yvette out of her latex Maid’s uniform, she discovered that Yvette’s nipples had small rings in them! Her sex was pierced also with a small bar that must have kept her in a high state of arousal! But lastly, on her back, above her buttocks, was tattooed the word “THIEF.”

“Mademoiselle sees how I am marked, non?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I am a Mistress over you for one night, tomorrow I am again a slave,” said Yvette, sadly.

Yvette’s small room had a tub/shower just big enough for one. She took a quick shower as Davinia waited for her, chained, in the also small bedroom. Davinia was chained by her collar to a ring set in the wall above the bed. Her hands were locked behind her so that she could not give herself a climax!

Yvette entered the bedroom, naked. There was no need for female modesty amongst slave girls!

Davinia watched as she dried her luscious body, did her hair and nails, and perfumed herself.

When she was ready Yvette unlocked Davinia’s wrists and pulled her naked companion next to her on the bed. But she did not at first make a move on her!

“When Sir Ian had me kidnapped I was whipped three times a day, sometimes by him, usually by Lady Samantha. He said that I was a little thief and a whore, and he would make me pay horribly,” began Yvette, in perfect English, and without any trace of an accent.

“He threatened to have my clit circumcised so that I would never have sexual pleasure again, and send me off to a terrible place in the world where I would have to service dozens of men each day.”

“What happened?” Davinia asked.

“Lady Samantha said that I was too good a slave for that grim fate. She offered to buy me on many occasions. Finally, Sir Ian relented, and you can see my additional marks and rings.”

“I see you have a bar in your clit, what does that do to you?”

“I am horny all the time!” said Yvette, “I am wet with desire all day. At night the slightest movement sets me off!”

“That must be horrible!”

“Not as horrible as being a slave in a primitive mining camp servicing dozens of men each day!”

“Yvette, can I ask why you now speak perfect English?”

“My father was French, my mother English. They met while she was on holiday in Nice. I was brought up in both countries.”

“How did you become a hotel maid?”

“I went to school for clothes and trained to be a beautician. My father lost all his money in a crooked investment, and my mother died shortly afterwards. I took the job in the hotel, and made the mistake of stealing from some very rich people. You know the rest,” Yvette finished telling Davinia her story.

“Thank you, Yvette,” said Davinia.

Yvette held up her right breast and toyed with the ring implanted in her flesh.

“I am worse off than the lowest Parisian whore,” said Yvette, “I am like a trained seal that performs at the circus. Today I cropped you on the orders of Sir Ian. Tomorrow I shall again feel the lash of Sir Ian, there is no escape!”

Davinia held silent when her naked companion told of her misery.

“But that leaves tonight, Mademoiselle! Come, let me sample your pussy that I have shaved so expertly! I am sure that Erin has trained you well in the art of making love to a woman, non?”

Yvette took Davinia that night like a ravenous beast. She sucked on her breasts and pussy, then donned a dildo harness and fucked Davinia from behind.

Their lovemaking was first violent and quick, and later slow and leisurely. Davinia was able to satisfy Yvette with her tongue, giving her several climaxes, easy since she was already pierced!

During the night, Davinia noticed that Yvette was subject to terrible nightmares. She heard Yvette pleading in her sleep for the whippings to stop, and wondered what horrible ordeals Sir Ian had subjected her to for the crime of stealing.

She resolved that she would always obey Sir Ian, hoping to remain on his good side to avoid excess punishment. Davinia wondered if that was going to be enough!


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