Cracking Crystal 4

by Anne Gray

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Storycodes: FFF/f; bond; leather; susp; toys; nc; XX

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Cracking Crystal 4 by Anne Gray FFF/f; bond; leather; susp; nc; XX

Chapter 4 – The Worst Nightmare!

While Crystal was resting as best she could I made a few phone calls. It was now Sunday afternoon and I needed to prepare for the evening. As a leather domme, and well paid teacher of the trade, I had several pupils under instruction. Three of them were on a high intensity, very expensive, four week course and were ready for their final exam before leaving Canada and being set loose on the local scene in their home countries.

Contacting them in turn at their hotels I warned each one that tonight would be a surprise test of their understanding of what I had taught them over the last few weeks and, if they passed, I would give them my blessing. Each was given specific instructions and told to arrive, as usual, at fifteen minute intervals starting at 6pm .

Mistress Christina’s taxi arrived first and she paid the driver before getting out and greeting me with a double cheek air kiss. A long dark maroon leather coat, cinched tightly at the waist, and black boots that I guessed had a 4” heel, looked perfectly normal. She was from somewhere in the mid-west States; I suspected the Chicago area but hadn’t asked for her to confirm that. Hey, as long as the dollars ended up in my bank account I could care less.

Once she was inside I helped her out of the coat to reveal a form fitting cat suit in the same colour of leather and she pulled a matching mask and hood from her bag.

While I, of course, knew their real names they knew each other only by the names they had chosen to work under; it was a simple but necessary rule. Consequently, as each arrived they were allowed time to hide their identity before meeting in my office.

At the designated intervals Christina was followed by the arrival of Mistress Casey, also by taxi, with her skin-tight black latex body suit hidden under a very fashionable, and publicly acceptable, long trench coat. She was easy to place as English as soon as she opened her mouth. A few minutes after she arrived Mistress Monica pulled up to my private parking spot in a rental car.

The reason this one chose to drive herself was obvious. She was resplendent in a tightly belted semi translucent white PVC raincoat. It did little to conceal the wasp-waisted black leather corset that was to become her trademark along with the thigh-high black leather boots and shoulder length leather gloves. When she was “working” her German accent, along with the riding crop, that seemed to live in her right hand, made a particularly good impression on the subs.

Once they were all settled I explained what was going to take place.

“You three have all shown me that there is little more I can teach you as individuals and I am proud to have been your teacher. However, tonight your final exam will be to prove to me that you can also act as a team; a skill that can be needed in some of the larger scenes.”

“Down in the dungeon is the very unwilling subject of tonight’s exercise. Family members who could no longer tolerate her arrogance and complete lack of respect for others put her into my care. With their help she disappeared into my charge last night. Once she has learnt her lesson the hard way, and had the time to reflect on the hurt her behavior has caused which could take several weeks, I will return her to those who still love her.”

This, of course, was complete bullshit! I knew Crystal ’s disappearance would be reported in the newspapers in the next day or so, because of her socialite status, and wanted to give my students an acceptable explanation to set their minds at rest when they recognized her picture as the subject of their final exam.

“The rules are simple. You will have time to study the subject who is currently spread-eagled on a bed and discuss how you intend to proceed to reach the end results. For the following two hours you can do whatever you wish with the subject, without causing any permanent damage, to make her extremely uncomfortable and humiliated. By the end of the two hours she is to be restrained in whatever position you agree upon but it must be one in which she can spend the night.”

“That means you must take in to account what I have taught you about possible circulation problems with long term bondage. One other thing, the boots and corset are wired on and are not to be removed, other than that she is all yours. Any questions? Good let’s go and meet your victim and then I will leave you alone until the exam time is up.”

A few minutes later I was comfortably settled in my lounge watching the scene unfold. Needless to say the dungeon was completely covered by small video cameras with directional microphones and I was able to not only see, but also hear, everything that went on.

One and a half hours later I had to admit, in all modesty, that I was a very good teacher.

After taking a quick look at Crystal the trio had wandered around my dungeon looking at all the available apparatus and then met in the middle of the room to discuss how they would proceed. I was glad to hear none of them trying to be over bearing with the others, it was an example of good teamwork.

Crystal had no chance what so ever as the three of them untied her from the bed and dragged her to the center of the dungeon. Forcing her face down on a worktable, two of them bent her arms up and around until they were in the classic reverse prayer position and held them while the third, Mistress Monica, carefully placed and tightened several straps to lock the arms in place.

Then for the next little while they ran Crystal ragged. Making her first walk and then trot around the dungeon in those wicked ballet boots. Christina and Casey took turns pulling on a three point come-along leash they had clamped to the septum of her nose and her already tender nipples. Monica urged her on with a steady use of the riding crop.

All the time they were doing this they refined their plans and gradually found all the supplies that they needed. As the exhausted Crystal slumped to the floor, sobbing around the huge ball gag that had been forced between her teeth, they went to work.

Already on the floor it was simple to flip the girl on her stomach and then bend her legs at the knee so that they could be strapped calves to thigh. Casey then slipped the heels out of the flanges on the ballet boots and replaced them with metal plates holding heavy metal rings.

A wide bondage belt went around their victim’s waist and then I smiled to myself as I saw that they had found my stock of butt plugs and chosen a very special unit. They discussed whether or not to use lubricant and decided, given the features of the butt plug, that it was necessary. Since the latex gloves on Casey were attached to the body suit, and Monica was wearing her shoulder length leather gloves; that left Christina as the only one with bare hands to do the honours.

I thought I detected a slight grin on her face as she pulled on a pair of disposable surgical gloves and started coating the butt plug with KY! Then, as the others pulled Crystal ’s knees apart, and Christina scooped out a large dollop of the lubricant with two fingers, I remembered the long, manicured fingernails and knew why she was smiling. I didn’t envy Crystal .

It took a little while, and some effort, before the plug was buried inside Crystal ’s back passage and the microphones picked up some serious moaning from the recipient. Then, while Christina peeled off the gloves, Monica and Casey easily lifted the bitch up and held her in place against a floor to ceiling metal pole. Christina hooked short chains from a horizontal bar partway up the pole to either side of the belt.

Sliding a two foot long pair of pipes attached to a ring up the pole she locked the ring in place and then spread the pipes locking them in turn. Monica and Casey pulled Crystal ’s doubled up legs wide apart and strapped them to the pipes. A couple more chains hooked through the rings on the boot heel flanges and up to the waist level bar.

Adjusting another horizontal bar so that it sat just above her shoulders they ran short chains to each end from the armpit straps of the reverse prayer. When they all let go Crystal ’s body sagged a little but when Monica pushed a short, padded extension into the small of her back forcing it to arc out, and locked that in place on the pole, any slack was a thing of the past.

I watched as the ball gag was pulled out then could not quite see what Monica was packing in Crystal’s mouth, but as she moved out of the way, so that Casey could apply several strips of tape, the girl’s bulging cheeks and wide apart lips made it clear there was plenty of something in there.

After they laced on a leather discipline helmet with just eye and nostril holes, and tightened the gag strap until some of the bulge disappeared, I saw Christina holding one of my newest inventions.

In principle it was very simple but once in place it held a head absolutely still.

It was a metal unit shaped like the capital letter E. The center bar was actually two hollow rubber coated nostril tubes while the back of the E went across the leather covered cheekbones. The two end bars bracketed the head just under the ears and slid into clamps on the pole behind her.

Once the American dominatrix fitted the unit in place and tightened the clamps there was no way Crystal could move her head; you might say she was in a nose hold!

My pupils were obviously aware of the cameras and had worked out a blind spot that the three of them now moved to. I could hear some quiet murmuring and the occasional giggle punctuated with some indecipherable sounds but then could only sit back and laugh as they suddenly appeared in front of the helpless girl.

Each was now wearing a wicked looking strap on dildo and the only thing Crystal could move – her eyes – took on a desperate look.

Casey walked up to the pole dangling two thins chains in her latex covered hands. She hooked each one to the ends of the nose bar by Crystal’s ears then reached down and pushed up on each of the girl’s breasts to fix the nipple clamps in place.

Reaching down with her right hand she guided the head of the strap on into position and then began moving her hips to gradually bury it. With Crystal unable to move, Casey had to do all the work and she seemed to be taking great delight in the job. From the corner of my eye I noticed that Monica had moved to the side of the pole and was fiddling with the controls of the butt plug.

That particular plug had a pebbled surface and a compressed air feed that would make the pebbles expand and retract. Add to that the vibrating option and, to say the least, it was a very disconcerting item to have shoved up your backside.

Casey backed away after five or six minutes and was breathing very hard. Christina moved in to take her place and suddenly I knew why they seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. They were wearing double dildos – sneaky bunch.

I had to give them every credit though; who said a Domme can’t enjoy themselves while working? I couldn’t be completely sure but I certainly got the impression that they had the technique down to a fine art where they each pulled out satisfied while poor Crystal was left hanging – in more ways than one!

After Monica backed away from her turn Casey jammed in a large vibrating dildo and strapped it in place. They removed the nasal head brace, replaced the nipple clamps with alligator clips, unhooked Crystal from the pole, lowered her to the floor and strapped her knees together.

While two of them adjusted a harness of leather straps, the other sat on the back of Crystal ’s shoulders and forced her down until her thighs were crushed against her chest. When they finished tightening the harness they hooked a webbing strap from the ceiling pulley to rings at the point of each shoulder and pulled the helpless girl up until her head was five feet off the ground.

Two more webbing straps attached to the rings in the boot heel flanges and down to floor rings. When they had everything as tight as a guitar string Crystal hung there like a fly in a spider web.

Monica connected the feed from the dildo to the control box of the butt plug and fiddled with it for a moment.

Then they all stepped back to admire their handiwork, turned to one of the cameras, linked arms and bowed.

I was still applauding as I entered the dungeon.

“OK ladies, that’s very high pass mark for all of you, now let’s go back to my office.”

Checking to be doubly sure that Crystal was getting enough air, I didn’t bother wiping the tears from her eyes before I followed my graduates upstairs.

Once in the office I told them again that they had worked very well together and, since there was nothing more I could teach them, the course was complete and they could go home. I asked them to keep in touch, as I would love to visit them if the chance occurred.

The first to leave was Monica. After saying her goodbyes to the others and pulling on her coat she followed me down the corridor snapping the fasteners and tying the belt. As we passed the washroom she stopped and called to me to give her a moment. She stripped off her mask and I watched as she reached up and pulled out several pins holding her hair in the severe bun on top of her head. Her hair cascaded down to below her shoulders and she finger combed it to frame her face, softening every feature.

Before getting in her car she turned to me and said: “Auf Wiedersehen – danke.”

I had called two taxis and Christina was the next to leave. As she buttoned that maroon leather coat she said: “If you are ever in the Chicago area give me a call. There is a fantastic restaurant on top of the John Hancock building where we must have lunch.”

That left Casey and as she pulled at the belt of her coat she looked at me and said: “I have decided that Mistress Casey will follow the rules you have taught but, I’ve got some wicked ideas of my own for when I enter the scene so keep an eye open and watch my smoke.

I had turned up the audio on the microphones in the dungeon and as I snuggled down under the satin sheets I heard this barely audible buzzing. Tough luck Crystal , they left the butt plug and dildo going and I’m not getting out of bed to come down and turn them off. Enjoy, you are going to be one tired girl in the morning.


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