Cracking Crystal 3

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; latex; leather; susp; enema; nc; XX

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Chapter 3 – Good Morning - Bitch!

It was obvious from the look on her face that Crystal didn’t appreciate me allowing her to hang around at my place!  But then again, I hadn’t asked whether she wanted to or not.

Each hand was in a tight rubber glove, then folded into a fist and wrapped with several turns of tape, before being laced inside a rubber mitt that extended halfway up the forearm.  The wrist sections were boned; they had to be because she was hanging by them from two pulley hooks in the ceiling of my dungeon.  The hooks were over 4’ apart making her arms the top half of the spread eagle; her legs formed the bottom half.  Rubber straps around each ankle sported heavy D rings that were connected with short chains to floor rings an equal distance apart as the ceiling hooks.

Except for that, the wired on thigh high ballet boots and corset plus a rather large ball gag, she was naked.  I had wrapped plastic around the leather boots and taped it in place so they were protected while she had her morning ablutions.

Waking up earlier I had lazily studied Miss Stuck Up; she had not had a good night.  Even the leather helmet could not disguise the track of tears that had flowed down, across the gag strap and on to the stretched skin of her engorged breasts.  The tit cords had tightened over night with her struggles and were now biting deeply, almost buried, in the bases of a pair of shiny, tight skinned globes.

Reaching up to remove my earplugs I listened for a few moments trying to place whether the sound coming from her throat was a whine or a whimper.  As I threw back the satin sheets I decided it was a combination of both.  Crystal’s head, laced in its tight leather, could only turn so far trying to watch me as I left the room then it turned back and the chin slumped down in defeat.

After a relaxing shower and a hot cup of coffee I took one of my black leather cat suits and a pair of stiletto heeled knee high boots from the closet getting ready to say good morning to the rich bitch! 

Reveling in the feel of the body hugging leather I finished lacing the boots then pulled on a pair of elbow length kid gloves.  Going back to the bedroom my guest remained motionless, held in position by the waist straps and tit cords, but as I reached around and carefully flicked one of her nipples the reaction was immediate.

The head came up and her throat produced a series of squeals.  The squeals became grunts of pain as I gripped the end of the cord protruding from the slipknot on her right breast and pulled.  I could give lessons to boy scouts I thought as the knot unraveled and the cord fell away from her tortured tit.  She got no time to recover as the left one got the same treatment. Then I released the crotch strap.

The plastic cover and diaper came off; the plugs had obviously done their job because it was just damp from the sweat of her overnight exertions. Pulling out the plugs I wrapped them in the diaper and dropped the package on the floor.

Kneeling behind her I extended the spreader bar attached to her ankles and got another series of groans as she moved her feet in the ballet boots.   I adjusted the rail between the bed posts a few inches lower before moving to the bedside table where she could see me strapping on 8” of hard, ribbed, black rubber.

The noise definitely became a muffled wail as I stood behind Crystal, pulled up on the arm binder to force her forwards over the bar and settled the head of the strap-on at the puckered rosebud presented to me.

“Now let’s see if we can scratch that nasty old itch for you shall we bitch?”

Leaning forward until the first inch or so was buried I settled my feet and then rammed my hips forward.

It never ceases to amaze me how a body that is almost completely restrained still manages to buck around when you suddenly bury an 8” piece of rubber up their ass. Crystal was no exception but I kept a firm grip on the arm binder strap with one hand, grabbed a handful of breast with the other, and worked my hips in a rhythm that had the 2” diameter beast reaming her out and scratching her itchy back tunnel.

After a few minutes I pulled out leaving her draped over the rail while I went and washed off the toy.  Hey, I was going to relieve the itch in her front channel next and one thing I didn’t need was for her to get an infection where there was going to be a lot of action.

Unbuckling the straps holding her to the rail I pulled the limp form upright and around to the side of the bed letting her fall back with her ass near the edge and her wide spread feet resting on the floor.  Stepping over the bar to stand between her legs I leaned forwards enough to start the dildo just inside her then grabbed two handfuls of ass cheek and pushed – hard.

Crystal’s leather covered head and then her shoulders came up off the bed and a groan worked its way around the gag strap before she fell back again to just shake her head from side to side as tears streamed from her eyes.

“Have you got the message yet, Ms Richards? (lunge) I’m going to bring you down off that high horse of yours (lunge) and teach you some manners and I won’t even charge the lessons to that platinum card you love so much.” (lunge)

My fun over for a while I stepped back and removed the strap-on, thinking for a moment I grinned to myself, and dropped it in the tall jar of itching compound for possible use later in the day.

After what she had been through I didn’t expect her to be able to walk so I positioned a wheeled chair beside the bed.  After shortening the spreader bar again I pulled her upright, turned her to stand in front of the chair and, as she started to collapse, pulled up on the loose crotch strap that was still hooked to the end of the arm sheath to guide her arms over the back of the chair.

Pushing the chair through my apartment to the elevator I took Crystal down for her first visit to my dungeon.

Moving the chair under the pulley system I strapped a head harness over the discipline helmet and used the ring at the crown of her head to pull her upright with help from a ceiling hook.  While she tried to balance on the impossible toes of the ballet boots I unlaced the arm binder to remove it, and the wrist clamps, then just pulled her almost useless arms together with a single elbow strap.

That gave me access to her hands and they were soon in the rubber bondage mitts.  A pulley hooked to each wrist and, using the electric hand control to haul them up, I used my other hand to unbuckle the elbow strap.  When her arms were spread, and just about taking her weight, I attached her ankles to the floor rings.  Up another couple of inches and she cleared the floor stretched tautly in the full spread-eagle.

Unlacing the discipline helmet I peeled it off her head and apologized because “Aw gee, we seem to have mussed up your hairdo but never mind, I’ll fix it for you later.”   Her eyes were glazed as they tried to focus on me.  Obviously the long night and my wakeup call had taken its toll on Ms Richards.  I hooked a fingernail under the tape holding the ball gag in her mouth and none to gently peeled it away. 

Her mouth was locked around the ball but I managed to get a couple of fingers around it and pull it out.  Her jaws were moving a bit and then her tongue came out to lick her lips as I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed the neck of a bottle of sports drink between them.  After a moment she greedily started sucking on the bottle until it was dry.

Her eyes cleared a bit and whatever she started to mumble at me changed to a groan as I forced the arcs of a ring gag behind her front teeth and buckled the strap at the back of her head.

Using a cloth soaked in warm water I wiped down her exposed skin taking special care to remove the mess left by the makeup she had so carefully applied yesterday before coming to show how superior she was and insult me!

Before starting the next step I pushed a large penis plug in the socket of the ring gag; it muffled the squeals as I inserted the catheter up her urethra then packed her vagina with a large sponge soaked in an unscented ointment that would neutralize any remaining itching.

Lifting the enema unit from its shelf on the wall I pulled it over to Crystal making sure there were no kinks in the hoses.  It was a very simple assembly and I worked the 4” hollow butt plug inside, fed straps through the flanges on either side of the base to hold it tightly against her skin, then ran them across a rubber pad over her vagina to buckle at the front of the corset.

The tube from the catheter clicked in a socket on the drain tube and I opened the valves on the enema unit before setting the timer to fifteen minute cycles.  Showing a little bit of pity I set the temperature at warm instead of cold before hitting the start button.  Now the unit would gradually inject about a liter or so in Crystal’s bowels and then shut off.  After fifteen minutes the drain valve would open and a very light suction pump clean her out.  That hose connected directly to a sewer standpipe.

By the time she had gone through two or three cycles I would have finished breakfast and then come down to get her settled, spread-eagled on the bed against the wall with the penis plug still fitted in the ring gag, a nice leather blindfold and a blanket tucked around her. 

I wanted Ms Rich Bitch to get some rest and recover from the last fifteen hours because, if she had thought that last night was a bad dream, what I had in mind for her this evening would be her worst nightmare!

continues in Part Four - The Worst Nightmare

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