Cracking Crystal 5

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; susp; kidnap; nc; X

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leather; susp; kidnap; nc; X

Chapter 5 – “Mind Games”

It was ten days after my students had passed their final exam using little Miss Rich Bitch as the blackboard and since then I had been having a great deal of enjoyment playing with Crystals’ mind.

There had been a little bit of fuss in the newspapers about her disappearance but it didn’t come to much. When they found her car at the airport the police seemed to lose interest.

After the shocks of the first three days I had settled her down into a routine and started to play games with her brain. I used colour and leather, rubber and steel, discomfort and relief, fear and gentleness; but always there was bondage. Sometimes very stringent and sometimes just restricting enough to make any hope of getting free a lost cause.

I was using a personal version of Jekyll and Hyde or the good cop bad cop routine. It didn’t take long to see signs that the stuck up bitch, who had expected everyone to kowtow to her every whim because of a platinum credit card, was sinking into my trap and would soon resemble more of a Pavlov dog than a high society Goddess!

Colour and the leather were the easiest part since I had a very extensive wardrobe of my own plus the stock in the store on the ground floor to call on.

Since I had “acquired’ Crystal she had never seen me unless I was in full Mistress or Domme mode. Dressed in body hugging black leather, stilettos heeled boots and let’s not forget the strap-on; she had come to equate my black leather with discomfort and, yes, a certain amount of pain.

So when I appeared at the door of the dungeon dressed in a beautiful yellow leather skirt and matching fitted jacket worn over a copper coloured satin blouse her eyes, through the slits of the heavy leather helmet covering her head, showed confusion. My hair was down, falling in soft waves around my face and I wore a pair of large dangling copper earrings. Damn, I looked good, even if I do say so myself!

I moved over to her suspended form with the 4” heels of my leather ankle boots clicking on the floor and stood in front of her as I let one of my hands, in matching tight copper kid leather, reach out to caress the head held rigidly by the heavy leather neck corset.

Her eyes showed fear as my hand approached and, if not for the neck brace, she would have flinched away from it.

I lowered my hand to cup the weight dangling from her left nipple, lifted it, and slowly released the clamp holding it in place. The groan that came through the huge ball gag under the helmet’s gag strap was muffled but managed to get louder when I did the same for her other breast.

Gently, I massaged both nipples and then bent to tongue and suckle them as the blood returned. The groans seemed to soften and I looked up to see a trace more confusion in her eyes.

I smiled at her and let a look of sympathy cross my face. Inwardly I was thinking – yes you bitch we’re going to play a game that you can’t win because I’m writing the rules!

I used the control box to lift Crystal enough to clear the curved crotch bar she was resting on. With her legs still wired in the ballet boots and those, in turn, strapped to each thigh most of her weight had been on the large butt plug and dildo. They were still held in place by the very tight crotch strap running from the point of her elbows, at the bottom of the reverse prayer position locking her arms, through to the front of the wired on corset.

As she hung there in front of me I undid the straps holding her ankles against her thighs and let them slowly drop until her legs were almost straight. Needless to say they were like a couple of wet noodles. Even with the wired on heavy leather boots she could not take any weight on them.

I used the ceiling pulley holding her up, with the chains connected to each shoulder D ring on the corset, to guide the helpless form over to a padded leather sofa allowing her to settle in an almost normal sitting position on the cushions.

Crystal watched, and the fear had returned to her eyes, as I moved over to a table, picked up a pair of pliers and walked back to settle down beside her.

Slowly I reached down and lifted her right leg on to my lap then used the pliers to cut the wire lacing the boot from foot to thigh. I switched to the flat teeth of the tool to pull the cut wire through the metal grommets and peeled the leather from her leg.

With my kid gloved hands I massaged the foot that remained pointing straight out from her ankle and worked my way up her leg spending extra time on the ridges that the lacing had left.

Crystal ’s stiffly held upper body and helmeted head fell back against the back of the sofa and, this time, the sound that came through her gag had a different tone to it. It was more like the mewling of a kitten getting its ears scratched or the whimper of a pup with a sore paw.

Her eyes had closed so I tapped a kid-gloved finger against her cheek and, when they opened, motioned for her to lift the other leg up to my lap; I had to help her!

When that leg was done I fixed a pair of padded shackles around her ankles, clipped them together with a short piece of chain, and pushed her legs off my lap.

Deliberately I glanced at my watch, shook my head, looked at her very sorrowfully then patted her leather-encased cheek, stood up and left the dungeon.

Two hours later I burst back into the room in full Domme mode - head to foot black leather. I had added a few extra belts and buckles and Crystal managed to cringe into the cushions at the sight of me.

I moved quickly reaching down with one hand to gather the ankle chain then, as I pulled sharply upward, my other hand gathered in the hook from a second ceiling pulley and pulled downward until the two met.

Grabbing the control I used it to drag the helpless girl off the couch and up until she dangled, upside down, her head level with my knees. Activating the pulley still hooked to the double hooks through the D rings at her shoulders I allowed it to lift until her body curved up in an open V shape.

A little bit higher and I looked into a pair of very frightened eyes – and smiled. It was not a pleasant smile. I removed the gag strap to get at the plug in the ball gag and unscrewed that to allow access to the feeding tube.

From the bag I had dropped on the floor as I came in I took a squeeze bottle of water and fitted it in the tube; a couple of slow pumps and she could handle the liquid. The next container had a tasteless mixture of nutrients that I had blended specifically without anything that would make it palatable but it would keep her nourished.

That done I fitted a blindfold and pulled the strap tight then released the tension on the pulley holding up her legs. I needed to get at them one at a time to fit and lace the new knee length ballet boots. I mean a promise is a promise and I had told her on Saturday night to enjoy the feel of bare feet for the last time. Hadn’t I?

There were no heels on the boots, just heavy metal rings, and they allowed me to pull each leg backwards and up so I could attach it to a chain from the side of her waist.

A short time later, the blindfold off now so she could watch, I had unbuckled the crotch strap and hooked her up again to the enema machine. I set it on a very slow cycle in sync with the vibrator and waved goodnight to the hanging figure.

The following morning I dressed in a thin white latex suit. The pants had built in boots with 4” heels and the top was one piece with gloves and a tight helmet framing my face. As an added extra I had found a nurses cap and painted a bright red cross on it (with nail polish in case your wondering). My biggest problem was keeping the smile off my face when I saw the look on Crystal ’s.

Over the next three hours I had gently removed all of her bondage from the corset to the reverse prayer and the boots. She spent one of those hours spread-eagled by plastic ties, floor to ceiling, in the large shower area off the dungeon. I had replaced her plug gag with a “comfortable” hard rubber ring forced behind her teeth and she just stared me while I shampooed her hair two or three times and dried it.

In my completely waterproof outfit I used a soft sponge to soap EVERY spot on her body then a heavy towel to massage away her aches and pains. There was no resistance as I fitted her into a leather straight jacket, crossed her arms behind her back and buckled the straps under her breasts.

The boots went back on and I inserted a butt plug and dildo coated in the soothing gel before cinching the crotch strap. With her seated on the couch beside me I slowly fed her a delicious blended fruit salad through the ring gag. She moaned at the sight of the penis plug that I screwed in before lacing on a leather helmet to match the jacket.

When she was neatly stretched out on the bed with her ankles tied to the footboard, a strap across her chest to hold her down, I leaned over to again caress her leather covered face then kissed her lightly and waved goodbye.

This had been going on for several days and I had switched to just about every colour, except black, of leather or latex in my wardrobe to add to her confusion then, this morning, I entered the dungeon dressed exactly as she had been on that, for her, fateful Saturday evening. The charcoal leather three-piece suit with the lime green starched shirt was hers, scratches on the pant leg and all. My hair was styled just as hers had been and I even wore the matching sun visor and kid driving gloves. On my feet, instead of her opened toed sandals, I had a pair of green high-heeled ankle boots.

Showing every concern and literally dripping sympathy, but without releasing too many of the restraints, I got Crystal moved over to the couch again and settled down beside her. Her eyes, through the leather slits, started to get a bit glazed as I used my knowledge of the female body to start winding her up. Breasts, nipples and finally a small vibrator positioned strategically over the crotch strap holding in her dildo and butt plug.

A little pressure here and there and then more pressure and she was on her way to the one thing that had been denied for nearly two weeks – sexual relief!

And this time I let her go all the way, not just once or twice but three times over the next hour. Making sure she was securely held in place, with the air whistling through the nose holes above her gag as she panted trying to regain her breath, I cupped her helmeted head in my kid gloved hands and planting a big kiss on the leather gag strap over her lips and then left.

Checking the video cameras to make sure she was awake I slammed back into the dungeon in the afternoon and stood still allowing her eyes to take in the full black leather Domme suit then they dropped to see the huge strap on.

An hour later – Crystal cracked!


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