Cracking Crystal 2

by Anne Gray

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; kidnap; toys; nc; X

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Cracking Crystal 2 by Anne Gray

Chapter 2 – Crystal’s First Night
By Anne Gray
The steady tug on the come-a-long clamps had Crystal struggling to keep up with me trying to avoid the pain in her nipples.

“Enjoy this little walk, Crystal,” I said as I pushed the button for the elevator,  “I intend to make you extremely uncomfortable for your first night with me and one of the things I can promise is that this will be the last time for maybe weeks that you get to walk in your bare feet.”

When we got up to my living quarters I pulled her straight through to the bathroom, cut off her silk panties and forced her on the toilet.  The hobble chain snapped in an unobtrusive ring at the base and I warned her that this was her last chance to relieve herself until morning. With that admonition I returned to the elevator and paid a visit to my dungeon for the supplies needed.  I could have taken her down and worked on her there but had decided that for this session I preferred the comfort of my own living room; she would end up down here eventually anyway.

I hummed contentedly to myself as I selected items from the very extensive range available in my private storeroom and contemplated how I was going to enjoy spending the next few hours bringing Ms. Rich Bitch down a peg or two – or three!

I found the final items I needed in a drawer and added them to the pile.  They were butcher’s gloves.  Made of very fine chain links they had been designed to protect the hands from cuts but still were flexible enough to allow the fingers to work as if they were uncovered. Carrying my supplies I headed back up and dumped them on the couch before checking to see that Crystal had “degraded” herself enough to perform the necessary bodily function – she had and I unhooked the hobble chain, pulled her over to the bidet and then dried her off.

She was glaring daggers at me as I pulled on the chain and she had to follow me to the living room and on to one of my heavy, straight-backed chairs.  I forced her arm binder up and over the back then tied the mitt ring to the bar between the back chair legs.

“You’ve had that gag in for a few hours now, would you like a drink of water Ms. Stuck Up?”

The glare remained but the head slowly nodded and I, none to gently, stripped off the tape over the ball gag and then unbuckled the strap and pulled the ball out from between her teeth.

“You @#$%&&^%$@ I’ll have your ass in jail for this, now let me go.”

I slapped her, once right and then once left and the shocked look on her face almost made me laugh.

“I repeat, do you want a drink of water or not?”

Without waiting for an answer I went to the kitchen and got a glass of cold water then grabbed a handful of her hair to tilt her head back and slowly poured it down her throat.  While she was still swallowing the last of it I slammed the ball gag back between her teeth. I tied one of her ankles to a chair leg then took off the hobble chain pulled her other leg straight out over a footstool and ran a strap around it just above the knee.  This made her lower leg available.

“This, you insulting little bitch, is called a ballet boot.  It’s a size or two small for you but eventually you’ll get used to it.”

I used a pair of nail clippers to shorten her pampered toenails.  It wasn’t hard to understand why she liked open toed sandals because the latest pedicure had included several layers of bright red polish and then silver hearts on each toe.  I dumped some talcum powder in the shoe of the boot then worked it over her foot and hadn’t even started to lace it before she was groaning.  When it was settled I pulled on the butcher gloves and then reached for a roll of baling wire.

I fixed a clamp just above where the metal lacing grommets started and fed the wire through the first set.  While the clamp held the edges close together I pulled the wire tightly through the eyelets lacing the leather boot on her leg.  The gloves protected my hands from being bruised or cut with the wire.  That section done I moved the clamp up another half dozen eyelets and continued the lacing. 

When I got to her knee I changed the footstool strap to around her ankle and after nearly half an hour the boot was laced to her thigh. I used pliers to twist the ends of the wire, bent them over the last two eyelets and used a tiny padlock to lock the boot’s thigh strap over them.  After a brief rest with an ice cold cocktail I did the other leg.

The reason for the wire was strictly psychological.  Ordinary laces can be undone or cut but she had just watched me use the wire, pliers and padlocks to encase her legs and would know that even if her hands were somehow free she could not get them off without help. That would prey on her mind.

I untied the arm binder from the chair and stood in front of Crystal with the come-a-long chain in my hand. 

“Those boots are on now for at least a week so let’s see if you can walk in them.”  I pulled on the chain and she wobbled up to balance on the tiny toe points and thin heels.

For the first time she didn’t do so badly but the moans and groans told me just how much discomfort the unforgiving arches I had forced her feet in were causing.  She tottered halfway across the room before collapsing face down on the chesterfield. That was fine with me because I needed her lying down so I could get the boned leather corset on.  A simple piece of cord from the finger ring to a back leg of the couch pulled her arms up and out of the way so I could fit the brutal thing around her waist and get to work again with the clamp, wire and gloves.

By the time it was finished I estimated she was down to about a 21” waist but she was panting as if it was 15”.  I undid the cord and then moved to my armchair and sat back to watch what happened.  She rolled over and then tried to stand.  After two or three tries she made it to her feet and stood panting and glaring at me.  Then believe it or not, she actually took several tiny steps and tried to kick me.

The result was comical; she missed me by a mile and then was left with one leg in the air and her whole body balanced on the tip of the other boot.   Her arms, encased in the leather arm binder, were no help and slowly she started to lose it, her body twisted as she fell and landed just where I wanted her anyway – with her butt on the floor between my legs.  I crossed my legs over her torso to hold her still and reached for the helmet and tape!

As I pulled Crystal’s head back in my lap and slapped more tape over the ball gag the look in her eyes was now one of fear and I knew she was wondering what could possibly happen next. I fitted the leather discipline helmet over her head and started lacing it down the back and she had her answer.  This time I used regular laces; there was no need for any more wire.  Two small holes under the nostrils and eyeholes were the only openings in the gleaming black kid leather of the helmet. A very tight leather gag strap made the bulge of the ball gag almost disappear.  Now she was ready to really get humiliated.

Pulling her to her feet again I led her through to my bedroom and over to near the huge four-poster I slept in.  She could not resist as I simply kicked the toe of one of the boots and she tumbled to the carpet landing first on her side then twisting on her back to look up at me. While she was still partially stunned by the fall I strapped a spreader bar between her ankles and opened it until she was nearly doing the splits.  A strap from the middle of the bar to the ring on the crown of her helmet and she was completely vulnerable.

She could see me opening a tall jar on the bedside table and I watched her eyes as she saw what else was in my hands.  The butt plug was 6” of thick rubber and I dipped it in the jar then changed it to the other hand and dunked the 8” dildo in its place. Flipping her on her side I settled the knob of the plug at the entrance it was made for and, with a few pushes and twists, gradually buried it.  The dildo was just as easy to get in place and then an adult diaper and a snap on plastic cover.  Hey, my clients had all sorts of kinks so I kept supplies on hand and it was going to be a long night for Snarky Lady; besides my carpet had been expensive.

The strap came off the helmet and I used it to make a nice tight crotch strap between the arm binder finger ring and the front of the corset.  I shortened the spreader bar so that when I stood her up facing the foot of my bed her full weight was on the toes of the boots.   A couple of straps from the D rings on each side of the corset held her against the waist high rail between the posts of the bed.  Snug, but not tight, I wanted her to have some movement.

Standing upright against the foot of the bed there was only one other touch needed to get her ready for a very uncomfortable night.  I looped a thin cord with a slipknot around the base of her left breast, ran it around the bedpost across her back and around the other post ending with another slipknot around her right breast. Tonight was going to be an agony of tits and toes for the bitch!

What Crystal didn’t yet know was the toys inside her were covered in a slow acting itching compound.  Buried in her moist warmth they would soon start to make themselves known and she would have to remain still or tighten the nooses around her tits while balancing on the ballet boot toes.

I had a shower and then slid between the satin sheets of my bed.  I studied at the leather encased form at the foot of my bed until I was sure she was looking at me then slipped in a pair of soft earplugs so that she would know her whimpering and any other noises that made it passed the gag would not bother me.

I woke up sometime later and in the dim light of the room I could see her shoulders making a regular movement.   She was trying to pull on the crotch strap to move the plugs and relieve the itching inside her.  I smiled to myself knowing that I had not left enough play in the bonds for it to be an effective idea.

Rolling over I went back to sleep.

I had a strong feeling that when I woke up in another 5 or 6 hours her superiority complex would be severely undermined.   When I got up and came back to her in my full black leather Domme outfit, wearing a 8” strap on to relieve the itching, Ms. Crystal would be shattered!

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