A Controlled Life 5

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 5

Chapter Fifteen

‘Slaves must worship the temple that is their Owners’ body.’

‘Orally serving one’s Owners is a privilege and an honor.’

‘Serving one’s Owners orally is not a sexual act; but an act of service’

‘’Being allowed to serve orally is the highest calling a slave can ever achieve.’

‘A slave will provide oral service in any context required; whether that be to provide arousal, completion, clean-up, or any other function requested or desired by its Owner.’

‘The genitals and asses of Owners are the altars of their bodily temples, and slaves will revere them as sacred at all times.’

‘When serving orally a slave should only focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by any unintended pleasures that they may receive in the performance of their duties.’

These seven lines began to repeat themselves for Tom once Princess Dee began the FOW task titled ‘Oral Servitude’. She logged out for the night as soon as she had clicked the begin task button, leaving Tom to complete the task before he went to bed. This time he was surprised that the distraction boxes were not demeaning or degrading to him. Rather, they were simple statements of ‘yummy!’, ‘delicious’ ‘heavenly’ and ‘mmmmm’.

The task took Tom almost an hour and a half to complete. While it was shorter than the ‘Devotional’ task, Tom took his time knowing that he would have to pay for any mistakes he made. When it was complete, Tom knew he was out another forty-five dollars.

The next morning after another restless night, Tom got up early and completed the ‘Devotional’ task again. .

Tom was relieved to wear his normal clothes and not his ‘uniform’ as Princess Dee had called it. It was very awkward for him to slip his briefs up over the chastity tube and pull on his khakis. His pants-front appeared to be normal in every way and did not bulge out noticeably from the infernal device. However, Tom did not feel normal about it at all. Normal appearance or not, knowing that his penis was imprisoned in the tube made Tom feel both impotent and inadequate. Somehow, he was no longer equal in standing to everyone else. He also knew that as time went on, and the more he endured at Princess Dee’s very capable hands, that his status would continue to diminish. Tom felt very deeply depressed at this moment; he was not aroused and had no stimulus to distract him from the fact that she was taking his life away from him. He would go to the bar and get plastered to help him forget about things for a while; but he knew that there would be hell to pay afterwards. He might be able to scrape together a dollar or two of change from around the house that Princess Dee would not know about. However, it would not even be enough for a single beer, let alone enough to help him forget the past week. Besides, at the rate he was owing money to her, he might need that money for something more important later.

Tom was just about to head out the door for a walk thinking the fresh air might help him clear his mind when he heard the voice of Princess Dee come from his computer. “Good morning Tiffany.”

Tom groaned and wondered if there would be no respite for him. “Good morning Princess Dee” he said as he turned and walked over to the desk.

“I see you have completed your assignments. You should be proud of yourself; you have a real knack for this so far.” Princess Dee said.

At first, Tom thought she was just mocking him; but the look on her face and the sincerity in her voice eased his thoughts. “Thank you Princess Dee” he replied.

“In fact, I’d say you may have found your true calling. You really are more submissive than I would have given you credit for.” She continued.

Tom was at odds with himself again. As despondent as he was just a few minutes before, his heart now swelled with pride knowing that she was pleased with his performance. His emotional yo-yo was back in full force. Tom wondered why he felt so depressed when he appeared or acted like a normal person, and so excited or proud when subjected to Princess Dee’s control. Maybe she was right, maybe this was his calling. However, he just could not bring himself to accept it.

“Well, you have several hours before the Geek Squad shows up to work on my computer. What say you go grocery shopping? I’ve already prepared you a list.” Princess Dee said.

Tom was a bit crestfallen. He already knew that her idea of groceries and his did not mesh. “So much for going out and clearing my mind” Tom thought to himself.

Princess Dee saw the sullen look on Tom’s face. “Oh don’t be like that Tiffy, it’ll be fun. In fact, let’s make an adventure out of it,” she said. “First, show me your cell phone. I need to see what we’re dealing with here.”

Tom reached into his pocket, pulled out his Nokia 1616, and held it up to the webcam for Princess Dee to see. “Oh my god, seriously?” she asked. “We really need to get you into the 21st Century slave. I haven’t seen a basic cell phone such as that since the early nineties. While you are out shopping, I will need to add a Samsung Galaxy Note II to your Mint.com goals. Now give me your number; we will be on the phone with each other for your shopping adventure.”

Tom had a small glimmer of hope. If she called him then he would get her number. With that information, he might be able to get the police or someone else to arrest her before she could ruin his life. Surely, they would arrest her and even if she got bail, then her computer would be in evidence and he would be safe. As torn as he was about his emotions during this last week, he decided to play along until he got what he needed to end this madness. He figured he would be free in just a few hours.

“Now slave, first things first; go and get your uniform,” she told him.

Tom had a shocked expression on his face. Surely, she would not make him wear that out of his house; would she? Tom moaned aloud, he already knew that answer to that; but could he risk playing along? Maybe he could put it on and then take it off when he got in his car. There was no way for her to know once he left the view of the webcam.

Princess Dee then made Tom put on the pink panties instead of his briefs and make him put on the bra as well. She then instructed him to put his pants back on but to go grab a shirt with a pocket on it and bring it back before putting it on. Tom complied and grabbed one of his darker and heavier weight shirts out of the closet. He was afraid the pink bra would show through a lighter colored shirt or that the bra lines would show through a thinner shirt. Although it should not matter if he snuck off the bra before he left for the store. He figured it was better to take every precaution since he knew just how devious Princess Dee could be.

Tom came back in to the room carrying the shirt and prayed that Princess Dee would not make him swap it out for another one. He breathed a sigh of relief when she was satisfied with his selection once he pulled it on.

“Okay Tiffy, you are almost ready to go out for your adventure. Now, I see that there is a bus stop about two blocks from your house and after checking the schedule, I see that the bus should be there in about fifteen minutes.” You had better be on it, so let’s make this quick,” she said.

Tom was stunned and replied “But, I have a car Princess Dee. I can drive to the store, it will be faster.” Tom tried to think of any other excuse he could use to no avail. So then, he tried to lie outright. “I don’t have any cash Princess Dee and the bus doesn’t take debit cards,” he intoned.

Princess Dee just laughed at him and said, “Don’t be silly slave, I am sure you do. I bet if you check in your sock drawer, under your seat or couch cushions, or in a jar or that clutter drawer that every kitchen has; that you can come up with the money needed for a round trip bus ride. You better hurry up and look though; time is running out. Or do you want me to make another phone call?”

Tom knew the threat was genuine and scurried around the house to get the change. While he was in the bedroom, he quickly removed the bra thinking it was now safe to do so. After a few minutes he had gathered up what he hoped would be enough for the bus. “So much for that beer” he thought.

“I have the money for the bus Princess Dee. I had best be going if I am to make that bus.” Tom implored. He wanted to get away before she discovered his little ruse. Unfortunately, she just would not have any of it.

“Not so fast Tiffy, first pull up your shirt and show me your uniform. That is, if you are still wearing it” she said. As soon as she saw the look on his face, she knew she was right and that he had shed the bra. “That is going to cost you slave; but it wasn’t unexpected. Now go and bring it back here and put it on in front of the webcam again. And don’t you dare try that again!”

Tom hurried back to the bedroom, retrieved the bra, and followed her instructions. As soon as he donned the bra and shirt, his cell phone rang. He was disappointed to see it was a blocked number.

“Better answer it Tiffy, if you know what’s good for you,” he heard Princess Dee say. So much for tracking her down and calling the police he thought. Tom sighed and answered.

“Very good Tiffy, now don’t hang up…I’m going to give you directions to follow. First, turn your camera to face your front door. I want to see you actually leave your house in your uniform, and I will be listening very closely to ensure you don’t try anything funny. Second, you had better start running it you want to catch that bus.” She said.

Tom had no choice but to comply. He could not believe she was forcing him to leave his house wearing a bra and panties; let alone that he would have to wear them on a bus or in a store. What would happen if somebody noticed? On numerous occasions, he had noticed bra or panty lines on women while he was out shopping. Were his clothes thick enough and dark enough to hide what was underneath?

Tom turned his camera as instructed and then rapidly walked out his front door, his last chance of removing the bra closing along with the door.

Chapter Sixteen

When Tom walked out into the street he was grateful that is was not too warm out yet. However, it being an early Saturday morning in the summer meant that most of the neighbors were out mowing and working on their lawns. Tom would have no privacy whatsoever. Tom waved to his neighbor across the street and headed towards the bus stop with the phone still pressed up to his ear.

As he trotted off towards the bus stop, he noticed several things; one of which was the feel of the chastity moving with each step. He knew that he would be sore and raw from it rubbing against the bottom of his scrotum. Other sensations he noticed were the silky feel of the panties on his scrotum and the coarseness of his clothes against his still denuded body. Princess Dee gave him instructions to take the bus to the third stop, get off, and then go west another two blocks to the city market. She then told Tom that she was going to stay on the line and listen to everything that transpired and that he was to put the phone in his shirt pocket until he got to the store.

Tom was sweating and mentally exhausted when he got to the bus stop. The fear that someone would notice his undergarments was palpable, and most of the sweat was due to this rather than his rapid pace to catch the bus. Tom could feel the sweat pooling inside the cups of his bra and the dampness of the straps against his shoulders and back. He also felt the panties now clinging desperately to his ass and balls. Unknown to Tom fortunately, was the fact that this very situation made it even more likely for someone to notice. The clingy panties would give him a panty line and if his sweat soaked through his shirt then there would be dry bra lines and cups where the sweat had not been able to soak through yet. If Tom knew any of this, it would have made him sweat even more.

Fortunately, he had made it on time and there was nobody else there. Tom wanted to sit down and relax for a few minutes before the bus got there but by the time he had surreptitiously peeled the panties away from his ass, the bus was pulling up. Tom stepped aboard, paid the fare and then slowly walked down the aisle of the nearly empty bus to avoid sitting too close to anyone else. He kept his head down and avoided eye contact with the other riders, as he did not want to drawn any undue attraction to himself.

Tom was glad to discover that the bus had air conditioning and it helped ease the dampness in his bra and panties. In fact, by the time the bus had arrived at his stop, he was completely dry.

When Tom arrived at the store, he was even sweatier than when he had got to the bus stop. He was still nervous that someone might see his undergarments, but was also starting to feel that people would see him as less than human. He felt that they would know he was a slave and not their equal. Did he really believe this? He was afraid that he was beginning to. Maybe he would need to talk to a therapist when he had a chance. He had never felt it this strongly before. Sure, he liked to submit sexually and considered himself a submissive; but this was different. It was on a much deeper level, it was to everyone in general, and not just to women he found attractive.

Tom grabbed a cart and headed into the first aisle. Before he had even walked twenty feet, he was startled when his phone rang. He pulled it out of his shirt pocket and saw that it was a blocked number again. He figured that Princess Dee must have lost her connection and then called back. However, it was because Princess Dee had heard him get the cart and wanted to get his attention as soon as he had walked in. “Hi Tiffy, enjoying your adventure day out?” she asked rhetorically. Tom started to answer only to hear her continue. “Don’t try and spoil the excitement by running off to the stores restroom and removing your bra slave. Just give in to the excitement and adrenaline you feel. As scared as you feel; I bet it just feels right doesn’t it my little pet?”

Tom meekly replied yes. He really did not know what else to say. “Now go to the produce aisle as that is where most of your shopping will occur” he heard her say. Tom replied that he was already in that aisle. It was not that he headed there intentionally, just that like in most grocery stores’ layouts, the first aisle here was the produce aisle.

Princess Dee then instructed Tom to select a cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. Tom grudgingly got each one of these, as he really did not care for vegetables that much. He liked carrots, lettuce and potatoes, and while nobody was near him asked Princess Dee if he could get some of those as well. “Absolutely not!” she had replied, “Potatoes are mostly starch and won’t help us get you down to a nice girlish figure; carrots are too sweet and I want your diet  to be as bland or bitter as possible while still being healthy. Slaves may have to eat; but that doesn’t mean they should have to enjoy it. Thanks for letting me know what you like so I can keep it off the menu.”

Tom’s emotional rollercoaster started up again. He was getting pissed off that she was denying him what he enjoyed, but also getting aroused again when she referred to him as a slave. He did not know how to react, so he just stood there silently with the phone to his ear. Finally, he heard Princess Dee tell him to go to the dry grocery aisle.

“Now for the mainstay of your diet Tiffany; get four bags of Fifteen Bean Soup and a bag of brown rice,” she told him. Tom sighed heavily; he really did hate beans. Princess Dee grinned when she heard him sigh. She knew he was not happy with her selections but that he was not going to fight her now. He was resigning himself to his situation. After he put the bags in his cart, Princess Dee told him to go to the medicine aisle, as he would need vitamins to supplement his new diet.

As Tom turned the corner into the main aisle, he heard a familiar voice say “Oh, hello Tom. I didn’t know you shopped here.”

Tom stopped dead in his tracks and turned towards the source of the voice. Out of all the possible people he could ever run into, it was his neighbor Mrs. Abernathy. The flop sweat hit him before he could finish turning around. “Hi Mrs. Abernathy” Tom stammered out as he faced her.

Mrs. Abernathy saw the sweat pouring down Tom’s now ashen face. “Are you okay?” she asked him with concern.

Fortunately, Tom was quick on his feet and replied. “I will be” he smiled. “It’s just one of those summer cold/flu things”

“You should take better care of yourself,” she told him. She looked into his cart and was surprised to see its contents. “Or are you trying to?” she asked. She had often seen the pizza delivery van at his house, and his weight belied a diet based on the contents of his cart.

Tom took a second too long to reply to give his answer any sincerity. “Yes, Doctor’s orders,” he replied, “I’ve been told I have to change my diet and lifestyle.” Mrs. Abernathy just smiled. ‘Doctor’s orders my ass,’ she thought to herself, but she did believe that someone had told him to change. Maybe he had a new girlfriend she thought to herself, although she could not figure out why he would lie about that. Tom interrupted her train of thought by asking her why she was in this part of town.

“I’m here to pick up James; I’m just doing some shopping while I wait,” she said. Tom was a bit confused. James Abernathy was a CPA who had his own office downtown. Why was she picking him up here? Tom was just about to ask when she explained. Due to the recession her husband had shuttered his office and the only job he could find was working here as a Shift Manager.

Tom was just telling her how sorry he was to hear that when he was startled as his phone rang again. He had dropped his arm to his side when he had first heard her speak and due to his nervousness, he had completely forgotten that Princess Dee was still on the phone. Tom cursed himself and answered.

Princess Dee was laughing when Tom answered. “What a small world. You should let me talk to her for a minute slave. Let’s see if she remembers my voice,” she said. Tom began to sweat even more before he heard Princess Dee say, “Just kidding. Now go to the vitamin aisle and I will call you back in three minutes. ”

Tom hung up and then told Mrs. Abernathy that he needed to go now, as he really was not feeling well. After they said their goodbyes, Tom turned to walk away. Mrs. Abernathy watched him walk off and smiled. She was certain that she could see panty lines, and what appeared to be bra lines through Tom’s sweat soaked shirt. Maybe he was the pervert referred to in that strange phone call she had received the week before.

Chapter Seventeen

Tom was slowly walking up the vitamin aisle waiting for Princess Dee to call him back His contact with Mrs. Abernathy had almost made him physically sick. He was still trembling when his phone rang again.

“Please, I can’t do this anymore,” Tom spoke into the phone without even seeing who it was, “I feel sick to my stomach. I’m just mortified.”

Princess Dee just laughed, “Of course you can keep doing this, and in fact we will make this your regular grocery store from now on. Besides, even if you were little embarrassed…I bet you were turned on immensely the whole time, weren’t you? I bet your little clitty was rock hard…or at least would have been if it wasn’t for the chastity tube locked around it”

Tom’s candid answer surprised her. “No it wasn’t; not at all.” He replied.

“Such a pity,” Princess Dee replied. “This would be so much more fun for both of us if you were a humiliation pig. There is just so much more that we could do to get you into the right frame of mind.” “No matter,” she continued, “this isn’t about humiliation slave; it is about humility. It is about you not only learning your proper place; but also learning to accept it and become comfortable in it.”

Tom was speechless again. He just did not know how to respond to what she had told him. She wanted him to be comfortable wearing a bra and panties in public. To what end? Where was she taking all of this? What was her endgame? It all just did not make sense to him. If she outed him, then she would lose all control over him. The risk of blackmail would no longer hold sway. Again, even though his mind was spinning in several directions at this moment, he again felt a strange stirring at some of her words ‘slave’, and ‘proper place’. It was not just excitement at those words; there was also a small sense of longing and desire as well.

Tom tried to put these thoughts out of his mind as he grabbed the Centrum Women’s multi-vitamins that Princess Dee had told him to get. She explained that with his new diet women’s vitamins would now be more beneficial to him. In addition, if it added to his discomfort or embarrassment so much the better.

After finally paying for his groceries, Tom headed back towards the bus stop two blocks away. Princess Dee had stayed on the line throughout the purchase and his departure from the store. She had instructed Tom to get plastic bags instead of paper. She told Tom that it would be easier for him to carry plastic bags and Tom agreed with this. However, she had multiple reasons for not allowing him to use paper bags. She knew that it had warmed up a bit while Tom was in the store. Between the heat and Tom now carrying the heavy groceries, he would sweat even more putting his bra wearing at greater risk of exposure. If he were carrying paper bags up against his chest, they would offer him additional concealment, which she did not want him to have. The rustling of the paper bags against his chest would also prevent her from hearing what was going on. If someone were to discover his secret, then she wanted to hear it happen. Finally, she knew that the weight of the bags pulling his arms and shoulders down as he walked would heighten the profile of any bra line he had from behind. Tom had no idea that Princess Dee had thought of all these things and would probably freak out and sweat even more if he did. It was much better for him to remain blissfully unaware that her suggestion of plastic bags was not as favorable as he had originally thought it to be.

Fortunately, for Tom, his trek back to the bus stop was uneventful. Nobody driving by had paid any attention to him, let alone enough attention to notice his now slightly visible bra lines. When Tom got on the bus, even the driver was too preoccupied to notice them. In fact, only one person on board seemed aware of him as he walked towards the back and sat down. She was about twenty-five years old and very pretty. Tom looked at her as he walked past and she gave him a wry smile, but she did not say anything to him. Tom was oblivious to the fact that she knew he was wearing a bra. To Tom the smile was almost flirtatious; at least in his limited experience. Tom thought if he were bolder, that he would be able to smile back or approach her. At least he would have if he were not also wearing a bra and panties, let alone a chastity tube.

None of this mattered and Tom had the natural physiological reactions of an aroused man. He started to get an erection, which the tight confines of the CB-6000s instantly halted. Tom took his seat gingerly as pain spread out from his groin. He had not paid much attention to it when he was walking since his focus was more on the bags that he was carrying; but the dull ache that had initially started the day before was exacerbated by his sweaty walks today. The chaffing was bad enough, but when he sat down with his erection pulling on the ring around his scrotum, it rubbed even harder against the raw skin. The pain continued to get worse the longer he sat on the bus; but Tom dared not stand up or do anything to bring himself any unwanted attention.

When Tom finally arrived at his stop, his erection was long gone, but the ache in his scrotum remained in full force. As he walked towards the front of the bus, he passed the same girl that had smiled at him when he got on. As he did so, he heard her giggling softly. He was instantly mortified. Was she giggling at him to flirt; or had she discovered his secret? He was too scared to turn and find out. He wanted to run off the bus as fast as he could, but the pain he was in just would not allow it. All he could do was hold his breath and walk off the bus as normal as possible. As he stepped down from the door he heard more laughing from the bus passengers and would have sworn he heard the word ‘freak’ muttered under the breath of the bus driver. Tom just wanted to hide and cry his eyes out; but he still had to make it back home past all of his neighbors. He was not even sure if what had transpired on the bus was real or just his imagination running wild. The people laughing could have been laughing at anything, a joke, a video on a smart phone, just about anything. Maybe it was just timing and not about him. As for the driver, surely he had seen things a lot crazier than a man wearing a bra. Besides, it was not very professional for him to be calling his passengers names, he could lose his job for doing that. With this logic, Tom pushed it to the back of his mind and forced himself to believe he was just imagining things.

Tom walked slowly to his house. He was afraid that the faster he went the more attention it would attract. Going slower would also make him sweat less and lessen the pain in his groin, Yes, that meant that being exposed for longer, but he figured it was worth it and it was with great relief that he opened the door to his house without any other interactions.

As he stepped inside, he was startled as the phone in his pocket started to ring. He set down the groceries and answered it. “Congratulations on your first foray as a slave.” Princess Dee said. “It will only get easier for you as time goes on.”

Tom again felt a sense of pride at her words and now felt a sense of accomplishment as well. “Thank you Princess Dee.” He meekly intoned. Princess Dee then instructed him to hang up and go sit in front of the camera as they were almost out of time before the Geek was due to arrive. As he sat down he winced in pain and Princess Dee laughed aloud. “I bet you are pretty sore by now; aren’t you Tiffy?”

“Yes, Princess Dee I am. It is unbearable. I cannot take it anymore. Please let me take this chastity tube off.” He begged.

“Soon, my pet, soon; but not just yet. We will get you squared away once the man from Best Buy has left. First I want you to go get your groceries and bring them over here by the camera, and then go get your garbage can and bring it here as well.” She told him.

Tom got up and did as she instructed. He was a bit confused now. Was she going to have him mix it all up in a garbage bag and then eat it out of there? If so, should he not cook the beans first; and get a clean bag? He was just pulling out a fresh bag when he heard her yell to get back in there now. Tom ran out with the can in one hand and the new bag in the other.

“Not sure why you grabbed a new bag sissy. I want to know for a fact that what goes in there is not something you will try to salvage once it is in there.” Princess Dee said. She then told Tom to open the bags of Fifteen Bean Soup and remove the flavor packets from them. She then told him to open the packets and pour the contents into his trashcan. Tom was disheartened even more. She had not said which variety to get when he was as the store; so he had chosen the Ham flavor since it was something he liked and it might take his mind off the beans he would be eating. Now he would not even have that minor allowance. She then told Tom to go and grab all of his condiments and dump them in his trash as well. Salt, pepper, sugar, garlic powder, ketchup, mustard, all of it went into his trash and she watched to ensure he poured or dumped it all out and into the bag before he tossed the bottles or containers in as well. Tom realized that she was not kidding at all when she said his diet would be as bland as possible. As much as he wanted to rail against her or scream and fight; he was just too emotionally drained and too sore at this time to offer her any resistance.

She had just instructed him to tie up the bag and take it outside and Tom was about three steps away from his front door when his doorbell rang. Princess Dee’s timing was impeccable. The Geek from Best Buy had arrived and now there was no way for Tom to remove the bra and panties before letting him in. She remotely turned off Tom’s computer and called him on his cell phone just as he opened the door. “This might be fun.” She thought to herself.

Chapter Eighteen

When Tom opened the door, he was surprised. The word geek really did seem to apply. Standing there in front of him was a very skinny and mousy looking pimply-faced kid of about nineteen or twenty years or age with tousled brown hair. Tom half expected to see tape wrapped glasses and a pocket protector on what appeared to be an extra in the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’. He introduced himself as David and said that he was there to do some computer work. Tom ushered him in and stepped outside to throw the trash bag into the bin in his driveway totally ignoring the phone ringing in his pocket for the moment.

As he stepped back into the house, he listened as David again said that he was there to change some settings on the computer in the house. Tom pointed to the computer reluctantly, as he was none too happy about this latest disruption to his life. As David walked over and sat down at the desk to begin his work, Tom finally reached into his pocket and answered the phone.

Princess Dee was pissed. “You better learn how to answer your phone faster than that if you know what’s good for you!” she exclaimed. “I don’t care what you are doing or who you are with. You ignored me earlier when you were talking to your neighbor at the store, and now this. I think further incentive is needed to make my point.”

Tom knew immediately that Princess Dee meant to penalize or punish him instead of giving him any positive incentives. His mind filled with dread when he heard her say “Let me speak to the Geek. Now!”

 Princess Dee had decided that she needed to change her tactic. When she had first called Best Buy, she said it was to restrict her non-existent daughter’s computer use. Now she felt it better to use the Geek to help reinforce Tom’s position instead.

“Hello? Hi, my name is Dee, and you are? Princess Dee asked.

“Um, hi. I’m David,” replied the Geek.

“Well David; I’m the person who called to have you come out here today.” Princess Dee said. She knew immediately from his voice that he was not the person she had spoken to before. “But before I continue; how would you like to earn some extra money? Don’t worry; it’s nothing illegal, but if you can provide the help I need, then I’ll make sure you are tipped very nicely for your hard work. How does an extra hundred in cash sound? And, if you do a good job, I will throw some additional work your way over the next several months.”

David was hesitant at first. He really was not sure what was going on, but one hundred dollars was a lot of money to him. He told Princess Dee that he would hear her out; but that it would depend on the situation as to whether he would agree to help her or not.

“Very well” Princess Dee told him. “You see, the reason I called you out here is because I am a Dominatrix and the person there before you is my online sissy and slave. I have already taken over control of the Admin account on his computer, and installed parental controls and more to facilitate my further control over him.”

When Princess Dee said this, David looked up at Tom uneasily. Even though he did not hear what Princess Dee said, Tom knew from the look on David’s face that it did not bode well for him.

“Now, the reason Best Buy sent you here is to limit his access to the BIOS to prevent him from regaining control of the computer, and set it up so I have permanent remote access to it, and that it is always on. However, if you can think of anything that would help me further my control, or help restrict his access then as I said before I will gladly have Tom pay you an extra hundred under the table. Tom will also buy anything you need from your store and any work we need done in the future we will specifically request you to do it. That way you are getting paid by your employer as well as earning additional income from us.” Princess Dee said.

David just smirked at Tom. He figured what the hell. If this idiot wanted to let some woman control his computer and make him her slave; then who was he to stand in their way. Besides, it sounded like easy money. “Very well.” He said. “I think I can help you.”

“Great!” Princess Dee enthused. “But, he should not see what you are doing. I don’t care if he hears what we discuss; as it might make him feel even more powerless. However, if he sees it, then he may be able to figure out how to undo it. Tell you what David. If you say ‘Tiffany, go stand in your corner until I say otherwise’ to Tom then I’ll even throw in an extra fifty dollars.” David thought about this very hard. He could really use the money; but he really did not want to get involved in their sick game. He told Princess Dee that he was not willing to do that. She laughed and said that was fine and that she understood completely.

“Let’s get started then. Shall we?” Princess Dee asked. David replied in the affirmative, reached down and powered up the computer. When he sat back up he noticed that Tom was still standing there gaping at him. He found this to be even more disconcerting than what Princess Dee had asked him to do. As the computer finally booted up he found himself saying those words that only moments ago he was not willing to say. “Go stand in your corner Tiffany.”

Tom looked at him in shock for a minute before slinking back over and putting his nose in the corner. He could not believe that Princess Dee had actually outed him to someone else. Would this nightmare never end? It was all Tom could do to not break down and cry at this moment. While Tom was dealing with this new conundrum, David actually began to feel more comfortable about things. If Tom or Tiffany or whatever, was so compliant as to go stand in a corner when told to by a basic stranger in his house, then he probably wanted and deserved to be controlled by Dee. It also gave David a sense of superiority over Tom that he had not anticipated ever feeling about another person. In fact, he was now eagerly looking forward to helping Dee in setting up these controls and it was no longer just about the money.

As David worked on the computer settings, he started talking about password protecting the router and network so Tom would not be able to use another computer on his network to get around her controls .He mentioned the D-Link routers they had at Best Buy and some of the features on those. Princess Dee said that Tiffany would follow him back to Best Buy and purchase the one David thought was best; and that if there was an ATM near the store that they could stop at it so Tiffany could withdraw the one hundred and fifty dollars that David had earned.

Princess Dee wanted Tom to go to Best Buy anyway. She had already taken control of his diet. Now it was time to take control of his exercise and sleep as well. She knew that Best Buy sold the Fitbit Flex and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale that she could use for those ends. After all, she reckoned ‘A healthy sissy is a happy sissy’. Besides, this would give Tom more public experience in his bra and panties.

As David and Princess Dee planned things out, Tom stood in the corner with his nose pressed to the walls, completely oblivious to what was happening. He had been in too much shock at his exposure to think about anything else, let alone to try to listen to David’s end of the conversation. He had no idea that his day out adventure was only half over.

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