A Controlled Life 4

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 4 Chapter Twelve

Tom set the three packages down on the floor next to the desk and was about to sit down in the chair when Princess Dee interrupted him.”Before you sit down slave you had better gather up all of your receipts from this week. We will also be looking at what you spent and matching it up to your Mint.com account.”

Tom sighed and went to get his receipts per Princess Dee’s instruction. He was glad that he had really been a spend-thrift this whole week. The last thing he wanted was to have Princess Dee punish him for spending too much money and he really did not want her to carry out her threat of making him sell his car. “This is ridiculous.” Tom thought to himself. “I’m a grown man. How can I keep letting her treat me this way?”

Tom almost felt like an errant child. Princess Dee was acting like an authoritative parent demanding to see his report card and threatening to take away his favorite toy for bad grades. What was next; restriction? Tom almost chuckled at that thought. It sounded like a good role-play that he could see acting out during one of his web-cam sessions someday. But then reality hit him in the face again as it dawned on him that there would be no web-cam sessions with other Dommes in the future unless he was able to escape the clutches of Princess Dee. That is something he knew she would not ever let him spend his money on again.

Tom sat back down in front of the desk with the three receipts from his few excursions to the grocery store that week. He had been really careful with his money and knew that Princess Dee would be proud of the effort he had taken into reducing his spending. “Only those receipts slave?” Princess Dee asked. She had already logged into Tom’s Mint account through his computer that day when he was at work and knew that he was not hiding anything from her; but she did not want to let on that she knew. “There had better be enough there to match up against what it shows on your Mint account slave.”

Tom nodded and told her “Yes Princess Dee, I have all of the receipts.”

“Very good slave, now log in to your account and show me. Then I want you to lift up each of the receipts to the camera so I can see how you have been spending our money.” Princess Dee said. Tom did not like the way she referred to it as ‘our’ money. It was his, not hers… even if she was controlling how he spent it.

Tom logged in as commanded. He still felt fairly safe since everything he logged in to only showed the dots and not his actual passwords when he entered them. He knew that Princess Dee would only see the dots on her end of the screen as well. As per her desire; Tom was still completely oblivious to the PC Pandora software running stealthily on his computer.

Princess Dee chimed in after clicking on his Transactions button “Well slave, I see that you have really curbed your spending on food this week. I must say that I am truly impressed.”

Tom felt a hint of pride at this; knowing that he had pleased her. Then the next thought occurred to him as well. “There really must be something wrong with me; why should I care if she is pleased or not?” To which his sub-conscious screamed out at him “Because you are a submissive you idiot; just admit it to yourself and get on with it.” Tom shot down that thought immediately. His mind was a battle-field, but for now his rational and conscious mind was still winning the war; even if they were slowly losing ground.

“Now let’s see those receipts.” Princess Dee said. Tom held them up to the web-cam one at a time only to see the look on Princess Dee’s face darken. “Wow sissy, you really are clueless aren’t you” she asked. Tom just sat there blankly; for once he really was clueless. “I thought she would be happy.” Tom thought to himself. What the hell had just happened?

“Hot dogs? Macaroni and Cheese? Coke? Did I not tell you to quit spending your money of junk food slave? How the hell are you going to be a fit little sissy when you still keep eating this crap? Do you want to be a fat unwanted sissy that nobody would allow to serve them? Obviously you need my guidance more than I thought!” as Princess Dee said this she could see the hurt look on Tom’s face. “Very well slave, then I will start making you out a grocery list and telling you what you can eat from now on. There will be lots of veggies and beans in your future slave; not fruit though as they have too much sugar. Maybe after you lose the first fifteen or twenty pounds I’ll let you add apples to your diet as an occasional treat; we will see. But junk food is now definitely off your list for good.”

Tom started to balk at this revelation but was immediately stopped by what Princess Dee said next. “If you don’t like it slave, tough; but it could be much worse I assure you. Don’t make me have you mix them all in a blender and eat them that way. And I know that you wouldn’t like it if I put you on a diet of Prison Loaf for weeks at a time either!”

Tom was sullen. He wasn’t a fan of vegetables to begin with, and he sure as hell didn’t like beans. To think he might have to eat them mixed out of a blender did not appeal to him at all. “And what the hell is Prison Loaf?” he thought.

Princess Dee could see the question written on Tom’s face “Prison Loaf my slave, is a very bland food that meets all the dietary requirements but is so terribly unappetizing that prisons use it to punish errant prisoners. Perhaps you can look it up later to see what may await you in the future?”

Tom moaned; even without knowing what it was exactly, he sure did not want to find out by being forced to eat it.

“Anyway slave, that is for later. Now it is time to open your packages. First get the small one that is not from Amazon. That will be your chastity tube my little sissy. Open it up and put it on for me.” Princess Dee commanded.

Tom opened up the box and looked inside. There were several pieces of plastic and Tom had no idea how to put them all together; let alone on. Tom took out the instruction sheet and read it getting an idea of how it would go on. Princess Dee then instructed him to use the second smallest ring and the smallest spacer when he put it on. She told him that afterwards she would determine if he needed to change the ring or spacer size. Tom pulled down his panties and after much struggle finally got everything on. Princess Dee then told him to use one of the numbered plastic locks and not the padlock that had come with it. She told him that way she would know if he ever removed it without her permission and that with the five plastic locks they would have five chances to make sure the fitting was correct.

“There, that’s out of the way, more or less permanently. That will help keep you horny and submissive from now on and keep your little clitty out of trouble while you learn to start focusing on service to others. After all, that is what slavery is really all about… serving the needs of others. Now, open the heavier package from Amazon.” Princess Dee said with a small smirk.

Tom reluctantly opened the heavier package as instructed. What he pulled out made him gasp in surprise. Yes, he had seen the Sexflesh Amazing Anus when Princess Dee first ordered it for him; but the pictures on the website did not do it justice. This thing looked real. The flesh tone was very lifelike and the pink puffy lips of the vagina looked ready for penetration. It almost looked like someone had made a three dimensional model of a porn star’s genitalia and ass during a movie shoot. “Damn!” Tom thought, “That is hot!” He had never given any credence to the use of sex toys like this before; but even he was aroused just looking at it. Given enough time and if he was horny enough even he would have given it a go; although that was no longer even an option now that his cock was locked up in the CB6000s.

Princess Dee brought his attention back to the screen when she said “Oh yes, that is so sexy isn’t it?’ Tom could only nod in agreement. “Okay sweetie, now open the other one,” she said.

Tom opened the other box with dread. If the first one was so realistic he could only imagine that this one would be just as realistic as well. Unfortunately for Tom he was not disappointed. The Sexflesh Penis Rider Combo Masturbator even had veins on the penis, and the balls were uneven and had a lumpy scrotum. If there was one saving grace for Tom it was the fact that the balls did not dangle freely which only slightly took away from the sense of realism. Again it looked like someone had created a three dimensional model of the porn star’s male counterpart’s genitalia. And even though it was just about as realistic as the first toy…this one did not arouse Tom by any stretch of the imagination. No, if fact, this one did the opposite. It repulsed him.

“These are to be your training tools my little sissy.” Princess Dee told him “You will start practicing your service to them on a daily basis from now on. This will consist of one hour of training on each of them every day. That time will be broken down into half hour increments. The first half hour will be dedicated to providing oral servitude to their cock or pussy; and the second half hour will be spent providing oral servitude to their assholes. This will help you develop the skills necessary to provide pleasure to others, both male and female, whilst you remain chaste and unsatisfied.”

Tom was stunned. Was she serious? Did she really want him to do what he had just heard her say? Two hours? She wanted him to spend two hours a day with his mouth on or around these toys? She really is insane. What the hell?

Princess Dee just chuckled evilly at the look on Tom’s face. She knew that this was another one of those make or break moments. If Tom caved in here without too much of a fight, or blatant reluctance on his part; then she knew that his latent submissiveness was coming even more to the fore and it would not be long before he was obsequious to her demands without the need for overt threats on her part.

“So slave, I am sure that you are not very skilled or experienced at this yet; so I will give you a little bit of help. I want you to do a search for ‘oral sex techniques’ and ‘rimming’ on Google. You should find all kinds of information and even videos on the subject matter. This will be your homework this evening. Once you do, then every evening before you do your Fond of Writing task, you will place these in sight of your webcam and then spend an hour on each both front and rear using the techniques you have learned. Is that understood slave?” Princess Dee asked.

Tom was at first too stunned to say anything and just stared at Princess Dee on his screen. But as soon as he saw the smile fade from her face and a look of anger start to take its place Tom immediately piped up and answered her. “Yes Princess Dee I understand.”

“Excellent!” Princess Dee started, “I look forward to find out which techniques and skills you discover and watching you as you learn them. Oh, and you now will have a new Fond of Writing task to complete as well as ‘Devotional’. From now on you will be completing the one called ‘Oral Servitude’ in the evenings and still completing ‘Devotional’ in the mornings.”

Tom could only reply. “Yes Princess Dee.” Tom was now beginning to see why he would not have time to watch television as Princess Dee had implicated to him previously. As of now he had basically lost three hours out of every evening to the service of Princess Dee. Again, a funny cord was struck in Tom as he considered it service instead of blackmail. “I really must need and want this on some level.” Tom thought to himself.

“Now slave, I will not be spending this evening with you as I currently have other plans. However, I have set up the computer so you can no longer delete your browsing history. So I will know if you did or did not do your homework and I will be back before eight o’clock your time, so I can watch you practice what you have learned. I will then compare it to your research so I can grade your performance. Again, is that understood?” Princess Dee asked with a very stern look on her face.

Again Tom replied in the affirmative. “Yes Princess Dee.”

“Oh, one more thing before I let you go, my little Tiffany. Tomorrow at three pm you have my permission to not wear your uniform and wear normal clothes. You will be having a nice visitor from Best Buy’s Geek Squad over to make a few more changes to my computer. No need for you to worry about what he will be doing as that is none of your concern. But you will be paying him for his work when it is completed. Bye for now Sissy Tiffy. See you again in a few hours.”

And before Tom could even reply Princess Dee had logged out. Tom could only sit there in shock at this new revelation; but after sitting there in stunned silence for the better part of a half an hour, Tom set to doing his homework as directed. All he could think of was “What’s next?”

Chapter Thirteen

Tom finally pulled the pick panties back on and felt a slight shudder go through him as it passed over his now encased penis. Tom cursed himself for now being aroused by his uniform. “Now is not the time for that” he told himself as he felt the first indications of restraint on his erection. “The last thing I need at this moment is to be turned on for what I am about to do” he thought as he try to will his erection away. He closed his eyes and focused his concentration on his job for a few minutes and that provided him the calming effect he needed before starting on his ‘homework’ as Princess Dee had called it.

Then with a deep sigh he entered ‘oral sex techniques’ into Google and was stunned to see over five million results. Tom groaned out loud as the first two results were about giving blow jobs. That was not what he was hoping for; but the next few results were about how to perform oral sex on a woman. This was better Tom thought. So he went ahead and opened the first several sites listed by right clicking on them and opening them in another tab. He then did a search for ‘rimming techniques’ and also opened up the first several results the same way.

Tom decided that it would be best to start reading up on the ones for women first. At least he would enjoy that since it is something he always had wanted to do. It was best to put off the two that Tom found disgusting and perverse for as long as possible. He did not keep open any of the ones that were videos. There was no point in getting turned on again since he had so much to do; and also now that he couldn’t do anything about it with his penis locked up.

Unfortunately for Tom that did not prevent his arousal as he began to read about all the different things that he could do to a pussy with his lips and tongue. Tom wasn’t even half way down the first page before his cock was throbbing and struggling against the infernal chastity with all its might. And the pain he felt as the chastity pulled against his trapped balls did little to alleviate his arousal. Tom squirmed on his chair as he continued to read. Reading became more difficult as he found it hard to concentrate on anything but his now desperate need for release. Tom finally pushed his right hand down inside the panties to try and get off only to find that he could not stimulate himself as necessary to achieve orgasm. This device was insidious Tom thought. It not only denied him from stimulation or orgasm; but it also kept him in a state of arousal as his cock fought to expand fully.

Tom was finally able to finish reading the techniques for pleasing women and moved on to the blow job techniques. He figured that his repulsion and disgust at the thought of having to do this would bring him back down to a non-aroused state. Unfortunately for Tom; he had figured wrong. First and foremost in his mind when he read them was how it would feel to have woman doing all those things to him. This just drove up his state of arousal even more. And somewhere in the back of his aroused mind was also the thought that he would soon be doing these things to his new toy for the benefit of Princess Dee. He no longer felt disgust at the idea of it; it was more shame now. Not only was he feeling shame that he would have to do it in front of her, but also shame that he was aroused even as he thought about having to do it.

Tom quickly realized that an aroused mind was indeed more amenable to things than a non-aroused mind; and he began to fear how much more compliant he might become to Princess Dee the longer he was locked up and denied. He felt the goose bumps all over his body when it finally dawned on him that he might end up begging to be her slave instead of having to be blackmailed and forced into it. He knew it was only a matter of time before his desire and arousal overcame his rational mind.

“No damn it.” Tom thought. “This is not me. I am not a slave, or a sissy, or transvestite or whatever the hell else she is trying to manipulate me into being. And I sure as hell do not want to suck a cock, even if it is just an imitation one. I’m just confused because I’m horny. Once I cum I will be able to think clearly and try to find a way out of all this.” With that thought Tom committed to himself that he would find a way to achieve orgasm as soon as he was done reading the ‘rimming techniques’. Then he could start planning his escape from the clutches of Princess Dee or just wait her out. “Surely she will get tired of this” Tom thought “Or she will move on to another victim that she can get more money out of.” Tom thought it was all about the money really; and that Princess Dee was just getting some amusement out of him while she was taking what she could.

Once he was finished with his homework assignment, Tom set about looking for something he could use to allow him to get enough stimulation to get off. He know there was no way to stimulate the shaft of his penis with the chastity tube on, but there was a hole for urination that he could use to push something in so he could stimulate the head. He knew that the head and tip of his penis was the most sensitive and figured that with enough effort that he might be able to get off using that alone.

Tom ran into the bathroom and inserted a Q-tip cotton swab into the opening of the chastity and began to rub the tip of his penis. He began to feel the tug on his balls as his penis tried to become fully erect unsuccessfully. Tom continued to rub the tip for at least fifteen minutes before he gave up in frustration. He had over-stimulated the tip and was now becoming tender and he was no closer to cumming than he was before he started. Now his balls were sore, his penis was tender, and he was even hornier now than he was when he was looking up the oral sex techniques for women. Tom wanted to cry. This was so damned unfair he thought. “How am I supposed to be able to live like this? I’ll go crazy if this keeps up!”

Tom was at his wits end when he was looking in the mirror after he threw the Q-tip into the trash can. Seeing himself in the sexy pink bra and panties did nothing but exacerbate his already desperate need for relief. But there in the mirror he also saw what for sure would be his salvation. There hanging on the wall behind him was his handheld shower massage. Surely if anything could complete the task at hand it was this! Tom quickly removed the bra and panties and hopped into his shower. While he was waiting for the water to reach the perfect temperature, Tom went through the various settings on the shower and settled on the pulse setting. “There!” Tom thought “This will do the job or nothing will.”

Tom was absolutely one hundred percent certain that he would finally achieve the release that he now so desperately needed. The pulse of the shower head was incredible. Not only did the feel of it hitting right behind his balls push Tom right to the heights of ecstasy; but as he passed the water spray over the chastity tube and felt the water pulsing against the tip of his penis Tom could feel the deep throbbing that always preceded his orgasms. “Oh my God, this is it!” Tom thought as a loud moan passed his lips. He began involuntarily rocking his hips waiting for the now inevitable orgasm he was only seconds from now achieving. And he waited, and waited and it never happened! The inevitable orgasm remained elusive to Tom. He desperately continued to spray the water over his genitals even after he had ran out of hot water. Tom screamed out in frustration; his last and best opportunity to cum had failed. And even though the now cold water helped to take the edge off just a little bit; Tom was now hornier than he had even been in his entire life.

Chapter Fourteen

True to her word Princess Dee connected to Tom’s computer at a quarter to eight. Tom had only recently finished getting dressed in his uniform after his failed attempt at orgasm by shower massage; and was trying to distract himself by reading the news on the internet when Princess Dee logged in. “Hello slave, did you do your homework?” she asked him. Tom nodded and replied “Yes Princess Dee, I did my homework.”

“Excellent! Did you enjoy it?” she asked. Tom could only blush. He had enjoyed it more than he had wanted to. Princess Dee chuckled as she saw Tom’s neck and face turn crimson. “I can see that you did,” she told him. This caused Tom to blush even more. “Now let’s take a look at it shall we?” She asked and then continued “and then we can put what you learned to practical use and start developing your skills.” Princess Dee then opened up Tom’s Internet Explorer and went to the tools button and into his History tab. She then opened one of the pages detailing giving oral sex to women. She then told Tom “Now, why don’t you move your coffee table over here in front of the camera and put it where you were kneeling on our first ‘date’.”

Tom got up and went over and pulled the table over from in front of his television, and into the spot Princess Dee had mentioned. He wouldn’t call it a date like she had; but he knew that she was referring to the spot he had performed his little act on video that had cemented her blackmail control over him.

“No Tiffy, turn it perpendicular to the camera and push it closer,” she said. Tom pushed it closer to the desk where his computer was. “Keep pushing until I tell you to stop,” she continued. Tom pushed until her heard her say “Stop!” Princess Dee had made sure that the table was close enough that once she had Tom angle the camera down and put it on the edge of the desk that she knew she would have a great and close up view of Tom servicing his new sex toys.

Once Tom had moved the chair away from his computer desk and positioned the camera per Princess Dee’s instruction, she then told Tom to place the Amazing Anus on the table and then to sit on his heels on the floor on the opposite side of the table as the camera. She told Tom to face the pussy towards him and to lean forward and cup his arms around the toy.

“Now slave, this may look very realistic to you but it isn’t. There is no clitoris for you to practice on… so for now we will have to make do with some of the other techniques you read about.” Princess Dee said. “Start by licking the edge of the thighs and along the edge of the pussy with the tip of your tongue.” Tom did as she said, slowing working his tongue from the top of the lips up towards the toy’s anus. This was just as if he were in the 69 position with a real woman with him on the top instead of her.

“Yes slave, just like that!” Princess Dee said and then continued, “Now, with the flat of your tongue, give it some long slow licks from front to rear.” Tom complied and began to lick it as instructed. As he did, he began to imagine that he was licking a real pussy and immediately began to get aroused again. He wasn’t the only one however as Princess Dee was also beginning to get aroused as she instructed Tom in the fine art of pussy licking.

“Mmm, yes slave just like that!” She said as her voice began to get a little raspy. She then giggled out a little as she told Tom to move on to the next technique. “Now I want you to trace out the letters of the alphabet with your tongue slave.”

Tom could now feel the tugging at his balls from the cb6000s as he tried to get fully erect. Between imagining a real pussy before him to the sound of Princess Dee’s sexy voice telling him what to do; Tom was as hard as he could get while restrained in the chastity. His horniness and latent submissiveness were pushing him further into a blurred world where all of this seemed right and natural to him. He knew that the longer this went on and the more he submitted to Princess Dee that it would be harder and harder for him to resist her control. He knew that only an orgasm could save him from himself. Without one it was just a matter of time before his subconscious submissive mind overrode his rational logical mind and plunged him into the depths of submissive depravity that Princess Dee was trying to bring out in him.

As Tom continued to spell out the alphabet with his tongue he could hear Princess Dee’s breathing take on a new cadence. He knew that this was turning her on just as much as it was him. Unfortunately for Tom, knowing that just turned him on that much more, and drove him to want to please her even more. His submissiveness and desire to please were at the forefront. This was the mindset Tom always got in when he did web-cam sessions with other Dommes in the past. It was this mentality that had driven him in the past into buying and trying all of the toys, clothes, and makeup he had collected up until he had met Princess Dee. In fact, it was this mindset that had driven him to contact her initially. And had gotten him into the situation he now faced.

Tom knew this did not bode well for him. The chastity would prevent him from cleaning his pipes and clearing his mind; and he knew that Princess Dee would use this to push her advantage over him even further. Worse still, at least in Tom’s mind, was that fact that he still had two assholes and a cock waiting for him to practice on; and now he would be doing it while fully aroused and desperate to please.

Tom was in a fog as Princess Dee first had him dart his tongue in and out quickly and then move on to long deep thrusts into the sex toy. When she spoke Tom could tell that she was getting more aroused by the moment. When she had Tom turn the toy around and start licking the anus Tom could hear the tremble in her voice. Tom wasn’t sure if it was because she was getting off on controlling him, or imagining it was her being served, or a combination of both.

However, when Princess Dee told him to switch to the Penis Rider Combo toy and her arousal didn’t seem to abate; it was then that Tom could really tell it was the power and control that got her off. He knew immediately that she was a sexual sadist.

“Now Tiffany, let’s get to work on you ‘other’ oral skills shall we?” she asked him still with the tremble in her voice. Tom got the toy and put it where the Amazing Anus had just sat; its seven inch cock standing straight up. “For this you will need to rise up on your knees slave” she told him.

Tom lifted himself up off of his heels and into the kneeling position. “First I want you to pull it towards you and then gently kiss the tip of it.” When she said this Tom turned red with embarrassment again; but did as she said.

For the next fifteen minutes she had him go through all the techniques she found on his ‘homework’ websites. She had him lightly lick the hole at the tip, brush his cheeks up and down the shaft, breathe on it, lick and suck on the balls and scrotum, circle the head with his tongue, and lick the perineum. She continued to sound more and more aroused as she gave Tom more encouragement. Tom for his part did exactly as instructed. Only in the back of his mind did it register that he was no longer disgusted at what he was doing. There was a sense of shame; but Tom was unable to tell if that was due to what he was doing… or the fact that he was still completely aroused whilst he was doing it. Surely the idea of doing this should have lessened his arousal by now he thought to himself; but for some reason it hadn’t.

“He is ready for you now Tiffany! Take him into your mouth and show him what a good little slave you are.” Princess Dee said.

Tom immediately complied and sucked the penis into his mouth. He was now obeying her without any hesitation; his resolve gone for the time and replaced with total obsequiousness. He needed to do this; he needed to please Princess Dee. His mind was completely gone as he began to bob up and down on the cock while sucking, as it appeared to Princess Dee, quite eagerly. She knew that Tom was almost at his breaking point and that it was just a matter of days or weeks before Tom had been completely broken to the point where nothing else would matter to him other than being her slave. While he continued to try and deep throat the penis before him; Princess Dee decided that it was time to start accelerating her plans for him; and that thought had her dripping.

“Very good slave” she said, “You are a natural at this; aren’t you?”

Tom could only blush. He was still heady and aroused beyond capable thought at the moment. Was she calling him a natural cocksucker; or a naturally submissive? He couldn’t really tell. It took him several minutes for him to come back down slightly from his heightened aroused state to a point where he could actually think and concentrate on Princess Dee and what she was saying to him.

“Just think how good you will be at oral servitude after just a few weeks? Why you will be as good as a Pro or a porn star in no time flat. Then again, they don’t practice for two hours a day.” She laughed as she said this. She then had Tom repeat the rimming techniques on the ass of this toy that he had done on the Amazing Anus.

“Now, we need to go shopping again before you complete your new FOW task slave. There are a few more things we need to get so we can get started on your maid training.” Princess Dee said. She was now in a hurry to get offline so she could attend to her own sexual needs. Watching Tom debase himself and obey so eagerly, and knowing that he was completely aroused and unable to do anything about it had driven her to the edge of orgasm herself. But as much as she wanted to get off and take things into hand; she knew that now was the time to press her advantage. She needed to keep laying it on to Tom and not give him time to think about anything else. She wanted to keep him off balance every time she introduced something new to him; at least until he was completely broken. Once that had happened he would accept anything; but until then she knew he would try to resist if given the time to think or act.

Tom watched as she used his Internet Explorer to open four windows on his computer. The first one she used to go to Sharperuniforms.com and typed Ladies Spun Polyester Housekeeping Dress in the search box. She told Tom to figure out his measurement and to place his order for two of them once she had logged out. She also told him to order three of the Ladies Housekeeping Tea Aprons that were listed under ‘Companion Items’. The next two windows she opened to Amazon.com and typed in the titles of two different Kindle books “How to Become the Perfect Maid” and “The Lost Art of House Cleaning”.

“Read those, slave. Study them well. You will put what you learn in there to good use after lots and lots of practice.” Princess Dee said as she opened the final window and told Tom “And this will be used to monitor your training.” Tom looked at the screen to see that she had entered another Amazon.com window. This one showed the D-Link DSC942L wireless day & night network camera. Princess Dee then said goodnight and disconnected. Tom knew immediately that privacy in the rest of his house would be a thing of the past as Princess Dee could demand that he take the camera with him into every room.

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