A Controlled Life 6

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 6

Chapter Nineteen

When David had completed making the changes to Tom’s computer, he informed Princess Dee that everything was set per her requests. Tom’s computer would automatically reboot after a power failure, and could not boot from any other drive other than its C drive, and the BIOS was now protected with the password that Princess Dee had told David to use.

“Excellent! Thank you so much for your assistance David. I look forward to using your services again in the very near future. Now put Tiffany back on the phone and I will tell her to follow you back to you an ATM to get your tip for you and then follow you back to your store once he settles your bill” Princess Dee said.

“Sure, just let me know what you need and when.” David replied. :”Hey Tiffany, she wants to talk to you.” He continued tossing the phone to Tom as he turned around.

When Tom held the phone up to his ear, he knew better than to hesitate or ignore Princess Dee as that is what had caused his latest predicament. “Yes Princess Dee?” he queried.

“You are learning my slave.” She said. “I bet you won’t ever ignore me again, will you?” She asked him rhetorically. Tom was about to reply when she continued. “Now, hurry up and pay your bill. Then you are going to follow David to an ATM and get out some money so you can tip David. I think one hundred and fifty dollars will suffice; don’t you?”

Tom was stunned, she was expecting him to tip twice the amount of the bill that David had just handed him. In what could not have taken more than twenty minutes, Princess Dee had exposed him to a stranger who was now complicit in her machinations. How in the hell did this happen?

Tom seriously thought about giving Princess Dee a piece of his mind, but quickly reconsidered doing so. If she was willing to expose him for being a little slow in responding to her; then he could only imagine how bad her reaction might be if he spouted off at her. “Yes Princess Dee,” he replied. “One hundred and fifty sounds only fair.”

“Good! Now, once you are finished paying David his tip you will follow him to Best Buy. He will be getting you a new router to buy. I will call you back shortly and tell you what else I expect you to buy while you are there. Is that understood?” Princess Dee asked him.

Tom replied that he understood, and put the phone back in his shirt pocket when Princess Dee told him to go and then hung up on him. A few minutes later Tom followed David into the small strip mall parking lot just a few blocks away. At first Tom could not figure out why they stopped at this ATM instead of using the one at Best Buy, but then it dawned on him that it would look weird to be tipping David such a large amount of cash for the limited work he had done. ‘Pretty clever for a kid his age’ Tom thought.

Tom was stooping over entering his pin number when David could clearly make out the bra lines under his shirt. “Wow! That’s why she called you Tiffany and said you were a sissy. You’re wearing a bra.” David said and then continued, “Does she make you do that, or did she catch you and make you her slave because of it?

Tom went pale before he could finish turning around to look at David and started to stammer “I, I, um.”

“Never mind!” David cut him off. “I really don’t want to know. Just give me my money and let’s get going. Okay?”

Tom nodded, handed David the cash, and hurried back to his car. It was bad enough that David noticed the bra. It just would not do for someone else to spot it as well. Tom hoped it was just a fluke of the sunlight playing on his shirt, and the way he was bending down that had allowed David to notice the bra. However, it made Tom flash back to when he got off the bus earlier that day. He had been hoping that it was only his imagination, but now he was no longer sure. All Tom knew, was that he was hoping against hope, that nobody in Best Buy would also catch him out.

Tom wandered around the store waiting for Princess Dee to call him. After several minutes, David approached him carrying a small box. “Here you go.” David told him “This will be your new router.” David then walked over to his Geek Squad desk leaving Tom standing there alone.

Tom looked at the box and saw that it was a D-Link DIR-868L Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router. That did not mean anything to Tom, as far as he was concerned, a router was just a router. He only knew two things about it. First was that it would be used to restrict his computer use or somehow be used to control him. The second was that it was expensive. Tom frowned when he saw the price. He was already struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck before he encountered Princess Dee. With how much she had made him spend in the last week, he would be late paying a couple of his bills before his next payday.

‘Damn!’ Tom thought to himself. ‘There goes my credit rating.”

Two other thoughts came in to Tom’s head at this time. He knew that David would be making another trip to his house to install it; yet another cost he really could not afford. The second was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he just could not put his finger on. Something about that name ‘D-Link’ instilled fear in him; but he just could not remember where he had heard it before.

Tom’s phone rang, snapping his thoughts back to the present, and he immediately answered knowing that it was Princess Dee. Nobody ever called him on weekends, not even his parents. He had always made it well known to everybody he knew that his weekends were his alone time. While he might have occasionally gone out for drinks after work with some of the guys; he always said he was staying at home on the weekends to watch football or other sports. He had never told anyone that it was really to indulge in his bondage porn fetish and to seek out the occasional online Dominatrix to serve.

“Hello Tiffany, did you give David his tip and follow him back to the store?” Princess Dee asked him.

Tom looked around to make sure nobody else was close enough to hear his reply. “Yes Princess Dee, I did.”

“Great, now let’s go shopping!” She told him.

Tom was rather surprised to hear this. He thought that he would only have to buy what David had handed him. “You mean there is more than just this router that David gave me?” Tom asked her.

“What router sissy? What did he give you?” Princess Dee asked him.

Tom replied, only to hear Princess Dee giggle at his response. “Wow! Looks like I made the right decision to let David know about you.” Princess Dee said. “He is already anticipating my needs. It seems he chose the router that works best with the camera system I told him he‘d be installing in your house. It seems he will be a very valuable asset to me indeed.”

Tom was devastated to hear this. That is why the name had frightened him He had heard it before and seen it when Princess Dee added it to his goals list. How on earth could he have forgotten that? Even with everything else that was happening to him, it just did not seem like something that he would ever forget. The despair was almost palpable; this had to be the worst day yet since he had met Princess Dee. Just hours ago he thought he would be able to shed his uniform and his chastity tube. Neither of those had panned out, and now Princess Dee had an accomplice who was just as thoughtful as she was. It was as if the Fates themselves had aligned against him.

Chapter Twenty

Fortunately, for Tom, the rest of his trip to Best Buy was uneventful. Nobody else noticed the bra lines under his shirt including the cute little red headed cashier who rang up his purchase. When Princess Dee had instructed him to buy the Fitbit Flex and Aria scale, Tom’s protestations that he had bills he had to pay first had fallen on deaf ears. Princess Dee made it very clear to him that this purchase took precedence over his utility bill and car insurance. “They won’t turn off your power just because your payment is a week late slave. And you can always take the bus if you don’t want to drive without insurance.” She had told him. “I’ll let you get ten dollars out of your account so you can buy a bus pass or individual trips. Just don’t go over the ten dollars or there will be consequences. Is that understood?”

Tom understood quite clearly. If he went over the limit, she was capable of doing anything. It was obvious now that she would not hesitate at all to make his life miserable just to make a point. He would have to look into getting a daily or weekly pass if he could afford it; and if not then he would have to hope that it would get him to and from work until payday. If not, then it looked as if Tom would have to walk part or all of the way home for the next week. He was not willing to risk driving with expired insurance.

When Tom walked in the door of his house, he could see that Princess Dee was already online waiting for him. He groaned inwardly knowing that this day was far from over, but was elated when Princess Dee told him that he could go ahead and get changed as well as remove his chastity tube. She also told him to throw his clothes in the wash, as she knew how much he must have sweat that day. Tom followed her instructions and was very relieved to pull off the cb-6000s. He could not believe just how tender the back of his scrotum had gotten from wearing it. He thought for sure it would be completely raw and bleeding by now. It sure felt that way to him, but after tugging on it so he could get a good look at it; seeing that it was only slightly chafed came as a complete surprise.

Tom thought about putting on some clothes but then thought better of it. Princess Dee had not given him permission to wear anything else and he did not think it would go over very well. ‘God, I’m such a wimp!’ he thought to himself. ’I’m not even brave enough to put on my own clothes or make my own decisions. What the hell is wrong with me?’

Tom started the washing machine and then headed back over to the computer. Princess Dee then had him turn around and present his scrotum to the camera for an inspection, “Well slave, the damage isn’t too bad,” she said, “but it looks like you will not have to wear the tube until you go back to work on Monday. Don’t worry, soon enough your body will become accustomed to wearing it and you won’t chafe like this anymore. Then you will be able to wear it long term. Aren’t you excited?”

“Yes Princess Dee.” Tom said. He was not excited about the long term, but he was happy to know that it would not hurt to wear it anymore.

“Now, before we do anything else slave. Go into your kitchen and fill up a large pot with water. You do have a large pot, don’t you?” Princess Dee asked. Tom replied that he did. “Good, then measure out two cups of the Fifteen Bean Soup that you bought today and pour it in the water. You are going to let it soak for about an hour, and while that is happening we have some work to do.” She continued.

Tom grabbed the bags he had bought earlier that day, took them to the kitchen, and finally put everything away. He poured the four bags of Fifteen Bean Soup into his now empty sugar container and then measured out and put the two cups of beans to soak per Princess Dee’s instruction. As hungry as he was, he was not looking forward to trying his new diet.

“Now slave, you need to create a couple of new accounts for me. You will need a Gmail account and then a Facebook account. Your name is Tiffany Henderson and you are a female when it asks for your gender. Is that understood?’ she asked him. Tom nodded. “Good, and use your real information when it asks for your date of birth, location and phone number. That email and name is what you will use going forward as far as I am concerned. You will use them to create your Fitbit account and any other accounts necessary to further my control. Go ahead and create both of them now.” She continued.

Tom nervously complied and created both of the accounts. He could not believe he was really doing this. This was fraud, wasn’t it? Tom could see himself going to jail for this and having his rap sheet showing him going under the alias of Tiffany Henderson. How would he ever be able to get another job if he lost his current one? Surely, this would prevent him from ever passing a background check. Even if he was never arrested; nowadays, it is quite common for companies to search social networks as part of their hiring process. He also knew that once something was on the internet; that it was supposedly there forever. He could almost see the reasoning behind getting the Gmail account, but Facebook was another matter. Why did he have to have that? What did she have in mind for it?

Princess Dee then had him open up the Fitbit Flex. The package came with a USB charging cable, USB Bluetooth dongle, and a second larger strap. Tom tried on the smaller strap but it would not fit his wrist so he then tried out the larger one. He strapped it on and followed Princess Dee’s instructions to pull the device out of the smaller strap, place it into the USB charging cable, and plug it into his computer. She then had him plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into his computer and wait for it to install the device driver for it. Once the driver installed, she had Tom go to Fitbit.com, create a new account using his new name and download the Fitbit Connect software. As had happened before; Tom had to have Princess Dee input her Admin password to complete the install.

“You will need to fully charge the Flex before you start wearing it Tiffy. When you see all five lights on it blinking, you will know it is fully charged. Once it is charged, you will wear it twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. You will only remove it for charging about every five or six days. Now while we are waiting for your beans to soak and the Flex to charge, go get all of your towels out of your closet and bring them here. It is time for you to start practicing your maid skills. Do you remember how to fold towels so the edges don’t show?” Princess Dee asked.

Tom shook his head, told her he did not remember and then went down the hall to grab them. While he was doing this, Princess Dee opened his Kindle for PC program, selected the book “How To Become The Perfect Maid” and clicked through until she found the section titled “How to Fold Bath and Hand Towels in the Bathroom”. She then updated his Facebook profile and entered ‘Maid in Training’ as his profession.

Chapter Twenty One

Tom spent the next half hour folding and refolding the towels per Princess Dee’s instructions. She verbally rebuked him every time one of the towels he folded was a different size than all the others. “You are sloppy Tiffany. As a maid you need to show perfection in your work. Do them all over again. Keep doing it until you get it right. You will want to be able to do this correctly the first time if you are to going to be successful in your career as a maid.”

‘My career as a maid?’ Tom thought to himself. ‘She is mad. There is no way on earth I’ll do this as a career. Besides, nobody wants a man as a maid. Nobody would ever hire me.’

Princess Dee then instructed Tom to drain the water, rinse the beans thoroughly, refill the pot with water, and to put it on high heat to boil for the next forty-five minutes. Once he did that, it was right back to towel folding practice for another half an hour. Tom was grateful when Princess Dee stopped him and told him to go add half a cup of brown rice in with the beans. By now, Tom was more than hungry. He had not eaten since breakfast and his stomach began to rumble as the smell of the food wafted through the house. However, as hungry as he was, he just did not look forward to this meal. Fifteen minutes later Princess Dee instructed him to drain the water, rinse the rice and beans with cold water, and thoroughly strain out the excess water before putting them back in the pot.

Once Tom had done all this, Princess Dee informed him to get a trivet, cereal bowl, and serving spoon and to bring everything including his other food purchases out to his coffee table. Tom looked up at the camera and asked, “What’s a trivet? Or a serving spoon? Do you mean a large spoon?”

Princess Dee looked stunned “Wow Tiffany, didn’t you ever take Home Economics in school? Didn’t your family ever have fancy dinners; even just at Thanksgiving and Christmas time?” Tom shook his head no. He was actually embarrassed at his lack of knowledge in this. Princess Dee continued, “A trivet is a stand for putting hot pots and dishes on so they don’t damage your table. A serving spoon is normally the one bigger than a tablespoon in a set. You do have a flatware or silverware set, don’t you?”

‘Yes Princess Dee, I do.” Tom replied.”Why didn’t you just say a large spoon to begin with? Yes I have a pot holder to put the pot on.” Tom was exasperated. Why couldn’t she just use plain English?

Princess Dee responded with “If you are going to represent me as a maid then you need to learn the proper terminology as well as the correct way of doing things. Is that understood Tiffy?” Tom just nodded his head and went back to collect everything as instructed.

When he returned, Princess Dee instructed him to use one or two cabbage leaves to line the bowl before filling it up with the cold beans and rice. She told him this was the base meal he would eat from now on, and that the only variety was the one topping he could use for each meal. She also told him that for tonight that topping was to be six spinach leaves.

Tom was flabbergasted. Did she really expect him to eat nothing but this for every meal? Surely, she would allow him more variety than just broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, or onions as a singular topping on a bed of rice and bean covered cabbage leaves. Nobody could eat like this for any length of time, and Tom was not even sure if he could eat it even just this once. Princess Dee then told Tom to go put everything in the fridge including the pot, which he was to cover.

“Bon appétit Tiffany! Enjoy your meal and understand that from now on every meal that you eat at home will be right here in front of the camera so I can be sure that you are not cheating on your diet. When you’re done eating every bite in the bowl, I will excuse you for the rest of the night. I’ve seen your eating habits, and know full well what all of this fiber will do to you. Don’t worry, after a few days your body will begin to acclimate itself to your new diet.” Princess Dee said with a wicked smile and giggle.

Tom began to eat and found that it was just as bland as Princess Dee had said it would be. The texture was still firm, almost like ‘al-dente’ pasta. The only thing that gave it any flavor was when he also got one of the spinach leaves in a spoonful. Tom retched several times but continued to eat and managed to keep it down.

“As I said before Tiffy, when you are done eating you are free to enjoy the rest of the night and not completely your nightly tasks as I am sure you will be indisposed or preoccupied. In the meantime let me tell you a little about the Fitbit Flex and how I will be using it,” Princess Dee said. “First, I will be able to monitor your physical activities and set you daily exercise goals. Failure to meet those goals will result in penalties or punishments. Second, I can set up to eight daily alarms on it. So, for instance, I could set one for two o’ five am and give you one minute to show up in your uniform here in front of the camera; and I could do this seven more times each night at random times. Again, failure to complete this requirement in time would result in a penalty or punishment. Just knowing that you won’t be able to put them on and be in front of the camera in time will help enforce your uniform requirements. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?” Princess Dee asked him rhetorically.

Hearing this further level of intrusion did little for Tom’s stomach, which had already started to grumble quite angrily even before he eaten the cabbage at the bottom of his bowl. Tom knew his bowels were in dire straits. Princess Dee was right; he was going to be indisposed for the rest of the evening. Tom only had a few minutes in which to think to himself, ‘What kind of devious mind would think up the idea of using a fitness tracker to control another person?’ Tom already knew the answer to that one, but before he could ponder it any further, it was urgent for him to reach his bathroom.

Tom spent the next couple of hours alternating between lying curled up in the fetal position on his bed, and making repeated trips to the toilet. Tom thought he was going to die from some of the cramps that filled his bowels. Surely, Princess Dee has uncovered the world’s greatest laxative formula. If constipation was a disease then this had to be the cure.

 By the time things finally settled down it was too much for Tom to bear. He could not do this anymore. Princess Dee could go ahead and send what she had to his neighbors; he no longer cared. All that mattered now was trying to get everything back to normal. Tom snuck out of his bedroom and to his garage where he flipped the main circuit breaker. He then went and unplugged the computer and turned off his cell phone. ‘There!’ he thought to himself. ‘That will keep her in the dark until I get things back to normal.’ Tom chuckled at his own little joke as he headed back to the garage to turn his power back on.

Tom rationalized to himself that Princess Dee was only bluffing with the blackmail. Sure making anonymous phone calls to his neighbors was one thing. Mailing physical evidence of her illegal blackmail activities was another. They could get fingerprints from any mail she sent, and even if she did not put a return address, the postal stamp would narrow down her location for the postal authorities, FBI, or whoever, that would be investigating once he filed a complaint.

Tom felt elation at the steps he had taken. He would stop by the library after work on Monday and use one of their computers to access his accounts and change all of his passwords. That would be the end of Princess Dee as far as he was concerned. Tom was ninety-nine percent certain that Princess Dee was all bark and no bite. She may have been able to put him through hell for the past week or so, but she wasn’t crazy enough to carry out her threat; was she? If she did then Tom would just say she had blackmailed him into doing all of the things. He could just lie and say that is was a normal online relationship that got carried away and that she continued to push him into doing more and more bizarre and nasty things with the threat of blackmail. Well, that is what he would say if it ever happened, and so what if his neighbors did not believe him? It was not as if he was close friends with any of them to begin with.

Tom started to gather everything up to throw it away. This was old hat for Tom. He would gather a nice collection of bondage toys and magazines, session a few times a month, and then after a particularly heavy online session; he would be so guilt and shame-ridden, that he would throw it all away and vow never to engage in his submissive activities again. Needless to say, but ‘never’ only ever lasted a few months before Tom’s fetishes got the better of him and the cycle would start all over again. “This time will be different.” Tom told himself. After his experience with Princess Dee, he did not think he would be able to trust another online Dominatrix.

Tom threw the two Sexflesh toys into a trash bag along with the chastity tube and the Fitbit. He then grabbed the bra and panties to throw them away when he felt the thrill he had encountered wearing them before filling him again. He had developed a new fetish after all. After a few minutes of hesitation, Tom decided not only to keep them, but also to wear them to bed. He had been in submissive mode for well over twenty-four hours without an orgasm. Maybe he just needed to rub one out to help clear his mind. Once Tom had satisfied his urges, he decided to leave the bra and panties on until morning. By then he reasoned his mind would be clear and he could go back to business as usual.

When morning came, Tom decided that he should too; at least one more time before shedding the bra and panties. He then got up, discarded them into his bathroom waste can, and took a nice long hot relaxing shower.

‘Ah, the joys of Sundays in the late summer.’ Tom thought to himself as he pushed his chair back into place and turned the television on to one of the pre-game shows. Right before kickoff Tom decided to order a large pepperoni pizza. ‘Life is good’ Tom thought, ‘football, pizza; now all that’s missing is a nice cold beer or three.’

Princess Dee was the furthest thing from his mind until the fourth quarter of the second game. However, she was his first thought when his house phone began to ring. ‘Damn!’ Tom thought, ‘I forgot about the home phone.’ Just like with his cell phone Tom knew that it had to be Princess Dee. Just like on his cell phone, nobody ever called him on the weekends at home either; and for the same reason. This had to be Princess Dee he thought. She must have used the internet to do a reverse phone look up since she had his name and address. ‘Oh well’ he reasoned, ‘easy enough to deal with.’ With that, Tom got up, walked over, and unplugged his phone. He was not going to listen to any more of Princess Dee’s threats. Besides, there was still a game to finish watching.

Tom felt great. He had wrested control of his life back from Princess Dee and was feeling confidant in himself again. He was certain that he would never hear from Princess Dee again. What could she do to him now? It was very unlikely that she was going to send the Best Buy Geek back to his house to fix his internet. Even if she did, Tom would just tell him to go away and not let him in. If she dared to mail his neighbors, then he would deal with that when it happened. Nope, life was indeed good again. At least as good as it ever really got for Tom.

Monday came and went, and Tom’s life was back in full swing as it should be. Soon enough Princess Dee would be just another nameless Dominatrix that he had played with online. He always forgot who they were. Their names were never important to Tom. They were just tools he used to get what he wanted. With enough time under the bridge, Tom was certain that he could convince himself that that is what happened with Princess Dee.

Midway through his shift on Tuesday, Tom was standing near one of the cash registers talking with one of his coworkers when he heard the intercom announce that he had a phone call. Tom walked back to his office to take the call. His knees buckled and he almost fell to the floor when he heard the voice on the other end say, “Hello Tiffany, did you really think you could escape me so easily?”


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