A Controlled Life 3

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 3

Chapter Nine

Princess Dee created several goals for Tom; they included ‘DreamLover ChronoVault’ for four hundred and ninety nine dollars, ‘DreamLover 2000 Pro’ for one thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars, ‘Tiffany’s new wardrobe’ for one thousand dollars, and ‘D-Link camera system’ also for one thousand dollars. Tom was flabbergasted; he didn’t know what these DreamLover things were and he couldn’t believe that Princess Dee was going to make him spend all this money. He continued to watch on dumbfounded as Princess Dee then set time periods for each of these to be accomplished. When she did, Mint.com then calculated how much Tom would have to set aside each month to reach those goals.

“Now, let’s set your budget slave. The first thing we are going to do is your food budget. Looking at all the money you spend every month on dining out and ordering in… I can see why you are as fat as you are.” Princess Dee said. “So, first things first, let’s give you a monthly food budget of two hundred and fifty dollars a month. No more spending almost six hundred dollars a month on junk food for you slave. Nobody likes an overweight sissy. We need to make you into a pretty little slave that people would like to have serving them; including sexually. In fact, I think I might have to start choosing your foods and setting your diet for you. I don’t think you can be trusted to make healthy choices for yourself. Isn’t that kind of me, slave; to help you in your own best interests?”

Tom was stunned again and really didn’t know what to say. Not only was she taking over how he spent his money; but she was even going to take over control of his eating habits? Who the hell did this woman think she was? What gave her the right to control and manipulate him in this way?

Tom thought to himself. “Is this what she thinks it means to be a slave?” And of course he knew the answer to that question as soon as he thought it. Of course this is what she thinks. She thinks a slave is a slave; someone who is owned by another and has no rights or say in how they are used, and has no decision making capability. This wasn’t just a sexual fetish or role-play she was engaging in; she truly had set out from the beginning to make him a slave.

Tom finally nodded and said “Y-yes Princess Dee.” He didn’t think she was being kind at all, but he was too afraid to say anything else.

Princess Dee then said “And since we are on the subject of making you into a ‘pretty little slave’ I think we need to make some ground rules about how you appear before me. I am not pleased to see that you are wearing men’s clothing while you are seated before me sissy. Therefore, from now on unless I say otherwise you will not be allowed to wear men’s clothing while at home. In fact you will only wear what I tell you to from now on when at home. Is that understood slave?

“You want me to be naked on here Princess Dee?” Tom asked nervously, he was afraid of where this might be going.

“No my little sissy” Princess Dee laughed. “We need to get you used to your new role. In fact, go and put on your pink bra and panties slave. Until I say otherwise; they are the only things you are allowed to wear when you are at home.”

“But Princess Dee, I haven’t had a chance to wash the panties” Tom started before Princess Dee interrupted him.

“I don’t care slave; you should have done that today instead of sitting on your ass watching football. Now go do what I told you to; and next time maybe you will remember or put more thought into keeping them clean.” 

Tom was crestfallen; the panties had been sitting in the hamper since last night and were probably still damp from his piss and saliva. He grudgingly went to the bathroom and changed clothes per Princess Dee’s command; and sure enough, the panties were cold and clammy as he pulled them up over his smooth legs and hairless crotch. He then put the bra back on and went back out and sat back down in front of the computer.

“Excellent slave, and might I say that they suit you much better now that you are clean-shaven and not made up like a clown-whore?” Princess Dee mocked him. “Speaking of which, we really do need to work on your make-up skills sissy. Nobody wants a clown-whore. No, we will get you some make-up that fits your skin tone much better, and that will be another one of your daily tasks… to practice putting it on and making yourself pretty. It’s a skill all good transvestite slaves should have. And we do want you to be the perfect little sissy.” she chuckled.

Tom was beside himself; it was like every moment with this woman knocked him down a peg further. Just how far could things spiral out of control? All he could do was stare blankly at the screen.

“We will also need to go shopping online again my little slut. We need to get you a nice tall pair of pink high heels to match your new basic uniform. I’m thinking about four inch heels. They will really get your calves looking sexy as hell, get you used to walking in heels, and best of all… they’ll make you suffer terribly when I make you stand in the corner for punishment time like I did yesterday.” Princess Dee continued. “Oh, and speaking of uniforms Tiffy… we need to get you some maid uniforms as well; including a hot little French Maid uniform. You will be wearing those when we have you start doing your daily chores and cleaning tasks. Doesn’t that excite you sissy? I bet it does… in fact, I bet it makes your little clitty all hard just thinking about it, doesn’t it slut?”

Tom’s face turned bright red at this; he was indeed hard at the thought of the French Maid outfit. What the hell was wrong with him? Was he really turned on by the idea of dressing like a maid and being forced to clean? Surely not! However, Tom was unable to clear the turmoil from his mind. He knew somewhere deep down in his heart that yes; he was indeed finding this to be erotic. And that fact scared him to his core. He was a man after all; and men don’t dress up like maids and clean… and they sure as hell don’t get excited by the idea. No, she was teasing him Tom told himself… it was her voice and the way she was saying it or the look on her face, or whatever! It just had to be something… ANYTHING else that was causing him to be excited. But no matter how hard he tried or what he could think of; Tom just could not find any other reason or cause to explain his excitement. There was only one possible reason that made any sort of sense to him; and that was that his desire to be dominated went way beyond being just a sexual fetish.

Tom finally admitted it to both Princess Dee and himself when he responded. “Yes Princess Dee.”

Princess Dee just smiled. “I thought as much slave. Most men crave to be controlled; even if they won’t admit it to themselves. I know it is hard for you to grasp what is happening and I know that you are still very reluctant to admit it… even to yourself; but you want this. You just don’t fully realize it. Don’t worry though; I’ll make sure you continue down the right path from now on. Sooner or later you will come around to my way of thinking. I promise you that.”

Tom didn’t know who was crazier; him for being excited about what was happening or her for thinking that he craved it.

“Now,” Princess Dee said “I am sure you are wondering about some of the goals I set for you on your Mint.com page. Would you like to know what they are?”

Tom nodded “Yes Princess Dee, I would” he stated.

“Very well slave, then I will tell you. You can look them all up online afterwards if you like. The first one is pretty simple; the ChronoVault is what I will be using to keep your keys locked in.” Princess Dee said.

Tom just had a completely perplexed look on his face. “What keys?” he asked her.

Princess Dee smiled again. “Well, one of the keys will be for the chastity tube we ordered for you yesterday; remember?”

Tom hadn’t remembered at all. He had totally forgotten about the chastity tube that she had expected him to wear. How on earth could he have forgotten something like that? It isn’t every day that someone threatens to lock up your privates and keep you constantly horny all the time.

“And some of the other keys will be for things like the restraints I might make you lock yourself in sometimes.” She continued.

Tom must have still had a puzzled look on his face. “So this thing is a key-holder? What is to stop me from taking out the keys whenever I want to? I can just unlock the stupid chastity when she is not around or online.” Tom thought.

“Imagine if I have you lock yourself in handcuffs for me slave. Until either I unlock the ChronoVault myself, or until the timer expires; there is no way for you to access the key and unlock your cuffs. Pretty cool, huh?” Princess Dee asked. “And don’t worry sissy; it is virtually invulnerable. But don’t you dare try to break it anyway!”

“The second goal is a little more complex slave. The 2000 Pro is a nifty little device that will soon be attached to your chastity tube. It allows me to both stimulate, and punish your little genitals over the internet. It is a great motivational tool; don’t you think?” Princess Dee asked with a mocking tone to her voice.

Tom was aghast. Surely such things didn’t exist… did they? The whole idea of it seemed very far-fetched to Tom; but so far there hadn’t been any falsehoods in the various tools and threats Princess Dee had already used to get him into the situation he was already in. This thing must also be real Tom told himself. And as much as he hated the idea of it; he was more than a little curious to see how it worked. Yes, as soon as Princess Dee gave him free reign of his computer again; he would definitely be looking this thing up.

“And the final thing on your goals that might need a little explanation of sissy is the D-Link camera system. You might be thinking this is a very expensive Digital SLR camera, my slave?”

Tom just nodded.

“Well slave, you would be sadly mistaken then.” Princess Dee chuckled. “No, this is a series of webcams that are idea for surveillance and monitoring slave. In fact, there will be at least one of these installed in every room of your house to ensure that you are fully compliant with my demands slut. Once these babies are installed and set up you will have no privacy in your home whatsoever. I will monitor your every moment and make sure that you follow my every command and task to the letter. Now, isn’t that exciting?”

Tom could only sit there and tremble at the prospect. “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” he thought.

Chapter Ten

“Now then, speaking of cameras my little sissy,” Princess Dee continued “right now you only have one and it needs to pull duty for many things at once so we need to add one more little program to your computer.” As she said this she opened up Tom’s web browser again and typed in Splitcam into his Google search. Once she found the page she clicked on the download button and Tom again saw that she had to enter her administrator password to allow anything to be downloaded onto his computer. It was really beginning to sink in to him that it was now much more her computer than his.

“There we go,” she said when she had finished the download. “Now I am going to make it so that your camera is running 24/7 slave. And just like with the computer; you are not allowed to turn it off for any reason whatsoever. Understood?”

Tom nodded. He understood alright; but he sure as hell didn’t like it. This woman was crazy. He wished he had never heard of Princess Dee or ever thought that it would be fun to have a Mistress take over control of his computer. For every step she made him take or took upon him herself, it forced him even further down a spiral that Tom feared he would never escape from.

“Good, now on to the next issue I want to address with you. I see that you are spending almost ninety dollars a month for your Comcast bill. I take it that this is for both your internet and cable television since I do not see an internet bill on your Mint.com account. Is this correct?” Princess Dee asked him.

“Yes Princess Dee. That is correct.” Tom responded.

“And I assume that you have a contract that you have to meet?” Princess Dee asked. Tom again answered in the affirmative. “Well, once the contract expires we need to look at making changes to this. I don’t mind your spending that amount of money for a higher speed connection since you will most likely need it to run all the applications you will be running as well as the surveillance cameras. But you will be kept way too busy to watch TV so once the contract expires we need to look at getting rid of cable all together if possible or downgrading you to the lowest basic package they offer.”

Tom was pissed. It was bad enough that she was taking over everything; but now she was threatening to not allow him to watch television. And what did she mean that he would be too busy to watch? Now she was going to manage all of his free time as well? This was almost too much for Tom to bear and he almost told her to ‘fuck off’ and throw his computer to the floor. However, he knew that she would carry out her earlier threats so he just sat there and gritted his teeth.

Princess Dee just chuckled when she saw the look on Tom’s face. His reaction was priceless as far as she was concerned. “Aw, what’s the matter slave? You’re not happy about this are you?” Tom just shook his head. “Well isn’t that just too damn bad for you. Just be glad that I am not cutting you off immediately. You can gradually wean yourself off of it as far as I care. Until then as long as you complete all of your required daily tasks then I do not care what you do with the rest of your remaining free time. But mark my words now sissy; your free time will be diminished as we move forward until we reach the point where it will completely cease to exist. There will soon come a time when I will dictate every second of every day of your life. That is a promise from me to you. And trust me slave… I always keep my promises.”

“Anyway slave, unlike you, I still have a life so I will be off here very shortly and will leave you alone until Friday evening. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching you however. With the camera on I will be able to look in on you at any time I want without you knowing. So you had best be on your best behavior and obey your dress code and continue you to complete your daily Fond of Writing tasks. You will also save all of your receipts for any purchases you make so I can compare them to your Mint.com statements. When I am ready you will need to show all of those receipts to me on camera. Understand?” Princess Dee asked.

Tom nodded in the affirmative and told her “Yes Princess Dee. I understand.”

“By Friday you will have received all of your packages that we ordered. You will not open them until I give you permission to do so; and you will open them on camera for me as well. In the meantime feel free to spend your evenings at home as you normally do; watching TV, or playing on the internet or whatever you typically do. The only difference will be that you will have to wear your uniform. Oh, speaking of which; you need to move your chair back about three feet when you are watching television. I need to have a clear view of you to ensure your compliance with my uniform requirements. No need to worry about moving back when you use the computer however. I already have a perfect view when you do that.” Princess Dee chuckled.

“Oh slave, I should also let you know now to take your time with your Fond of Writing tasks from here on out. I will punish you five dollars for every wrong line submitted from now on, and you are fully aware that you already owe me from your Grounding. And since Friday is your payday you know that you will have to pay your penalties first before we set aside any money for your goals and budget. I’m sure you don’t want another very tight two weeks financially. I come first, then your goals, then your budgets. If you run out of money after that; well perhaps we need to look at lowering your food budget; but first we will look at other ways to save you money first.” Princess Dee said before continuing. “If you don’t know what I am talking about or referring to; then let me just say this. Gas and cars are very expensive. Think of all the things you could do with the money you would save if you were relegated to public transportation; or the benefits to your health if you had to start walking to work. That’s right slave; if you cannot meet your obligations then I will not only make you sell your car; but I will use the proceeds from it as well as the money it will save you to increase the pace of your transition.” Princess Dee said adding extra emphasis to the word ‘transition’.

Again Tom was stunned beyond all belief. How could he survive without a car? But much more perplexing was what exactly did she mean by transition? Surely she meant his transition into a slave and not the connotation that first came to him. He hoped and prayed that she was not making an implied threat to force his transition from man to woman. Was she? Tom felt a chill go down his spine; he already knew the answer from all the names she had been calling him. Those words continued to ring through his ears as Princess Dee said goodbye and logged out. Those words just kept repeating themselves over and over in his mind…. transvestite, sissy, maid. Tom was beginning to realize that Princess Dee had a much larger and more thought out agenda in mind for him than just simple blackmail and money slavery. The chill down his spine increased and he broke out into goose-bumps as he was beginning to realize all the implications this meant for his life.

Chapter Eleven

The next few days Tom tried to go about his normal routines as best as he could. However, several things were now different. He now had to get up early enough to complete the Fond of Writing task before he showered and got ready for work. He had to be careful how he spent his money and keep the receipts; so he took to buying lunch meat and bread so he could brown bag it to work instead of eating out. And instead of ordering dinner in; he also bought foods that could be easily cooked at home such as Macaroni & Cheese, and hotdogs and buns.

For the first time he also turned down an invitation from some of his co-workers to go out for a drink after work. This was an easy decision for Tom to make. Even though he could really use a drink, or several, after what had transpired over the weekend; Tom knew that it could end badly in two possible ways if he went out. First would be that he might accidently spill the beans about what had happened to him over the weekend if he had too much to drink; the second was that Princess Dee would be so pissed that he had spent his money on alcohol that she would find a way to punish him more severely than what she was already doing to him. Both of those fears made it very easy for him to decide to go straight home after his quick trip to the grocery store.

Another thing that had changed was that he changed into his pink bra and panty uniform as soon as he walked in the door from work. Fortunately for Tom, he had been wise enough to throw them in the washer before he went to bed on Sunday and tossed them in the dryer Monday before he left for work. He really did not want to wear them again until they had been cleaned. Tom chuckled to himself, hell, he really didn’t want to wear them again ever after this last weekend; but he knew that was no longer an option. So best to at least make sure they were clean, dry and as comfortable as possible.

Tom was able to basically spend the rest of his evenings sticking to his normal routine with the exception of his clothing. He would scour the channels on the television and see if there was anything worth watching and if so he would watch it. If there wasn’t anything that caught his eye then he would leave it on one of the news channels for background noise and get online to peruse his favorite websites including his favorite porn sites and check his email.

Tom felt more than a little self conscious while looking at some of the porn sites that first night. Getting aroused he let his hand slip down to start rubbing himself off. It was then that he noticed how smooth and sexy the panties felt on his now hairless crotch and that he seemed to be even more turned on than usual. He looked down and his penis actually began to twitch at the sight of the bra he was wearing. “What the hell?” Tom thought to himself, “What is wrong with me?” As he said this he looked upwards in exasperation at the mixed signals he was feeling; only to catch the light telling him that the unblinking eye of the camera was seeing his every move. Tom immediately turned crimson as he pulled his hand back up to the keyboard and he prayed that Princess Dee was not watching him. His penis continued to bob and twitch against the silky feel of the panties. Even without the continued ministrations of his hand, and with the fear that he was being watched; Tom still almost came in the panties.

It took almost twenty minutes for him to come back down to a normal state and for his erection to finally subside. Tom was beside himself knowing how much he had got turned on by this and that it would probably turn him on more every time it happened. Tom was now beginning to develop a fetish for his ‘uniform’ instead of just having them as a tool for his various kinks. He would have to work very hard to keep Princess Dee from finding this out and using it to further exploit him.

Tom then hurriedly completed his second Fond of Writing task for the day before turning his attention back to the television and seeing what was on. He then microwaved a couple of hot dogs for his dinner and then headed off to bed. He was about to get undressed when the idea of wearing his uniform to bed came to him. He figured he could enjoy the sensation of the bra and panties before he nodded off and that it would be prudent since he would have to be wearing them when he did the Fond of Writing task first thing in the morning. Surely it couldn’t hurt? And it might be enjoyable as long as Princess Dee never finds out that he actually now wanted to wear it. No, it would be best if she just thought he was being obedient.

The first package to arrive on Wednesday was one of the sex toys from Amazon. Tom had no way of knowing which one without opening it up or tearing off the envelope and looking at the invoice. As tempted as he was to do so; he decided that he really didn’t want to know as he still found the idea of using them to be more than repulsive. He might now be enjoying the sensation of the bra and panties but there was no way he would ever get aroused by these sex toys; no matter how realistic they might be. On Thursday the other two packages arrived and sat on the table awaiting Friday when Princess Dee would make him open them for her on camera.

When Friday evening finally arrived Tom avoided the computer completely and tried to focus on the television. He really wasn’t looking forward to Princess Dee and the packages. As far as he was concerned, if he never heard from Princess Dee again it would be too soon. He really hoped that this was all still just a mind fuck or that she had lost interest or just moved on to another victim. But unfortunately for Tom that was not the case; and he hadn’t even had time to find anything to watch before he heard Princess Dee talking to him. She had already logged in to his Teamviewer and turned on his chat program.

“Hello slave! How was your week? Did you miss me? Happy to see me?” Princess Dee said before Tom could even reach his desk. “Did you get all of your packages? I’m sure you did. And I bet you can’t wait to open them, can you?” She just smirked evilly when she asked this last question and Tom found it hard to even think. All he was capable of doing at the moment was to just answer her greeting.

“Hello Princess Dee.” He finally stuttered out.

“What’s the matter slave; cat got your tongue? Don’t worry… we will loosen up your tongue soon enough. It will be getting plenty of strengthening and stretching exercises soon enough.” Princess Dee said and then laughed at her own play on words. “Oh yes,” she thought to herself, “we will be letting your tongue loose in all kinds of ways.”

Tom sat there clueless as to what Princess Dee was laughing at; but he knew that whatever it was did not bode well for him.

“Anyway slave, before we get started let me say that I have checked in on you using the camera several times and I must say that I am happy to see that you have been wearing your uniform as required. I am quite pleased with you for that.”  As Princess Dee said this Tom was awash with relief that not only did she not know about his masturbatory activities earlier in the week; but that she was indeed just under the assumption that he was just being obedient just like he hoped she would.

“And I am also happy to see that you have been completing your Fond of Writing tasks as required. You are behaving very well my little slave. And so few mistakes made when you did them… well except for the one on Monday night where you seemed to rush it and made eleven bad entries. What was going on slave? Was something else distracting you?” she asked.

Tom turned crimson again. “She knows what I was doing. Oh my god she knows.” Tom thought. “How could she possibly know?”

Tom was about to panic when Princess Dee continued. “Let me guess slave. Did you have the football game on? Is that what was distracting you? I swear that TV is going to get you into a lot of trouble. In fact it already cost you fifty five dollars, plus another twenty five dollars for the rest of the week. Maybe I need to take away your television sooner than planned. Then again, I am not about to complain about the money it made me.”

Tom was so relieved when she said this. He had almost panicked and given away what was going through his mind. She didn’t know. For once luck was on his side and she must not have been watching him when he was playing with himself almost to the point of frenzy on Monday evening. Somehow he had gotten away with it scotch-free. She didn’t know!

But Princess Dee did know, or least had a good idea. The PC Pandora reports showed him visiting the porn sites and she had also set it to take pictures with his camera every thirty seconds when the computer was in use. She might not know that he had developed a new fetish; but she was able to put two and two together and knew that he had gotten himself all worked up right before he did his nightly typing task that night. Add that to the fact that he had blushed furiously when she asked what was distracting him that night and then the look of relief on his face when she asked him if he was watching football; these had helped to cement her feelings of what he had been up to in to place. “The little perv was getting off in his bra and panties again. How delicious! He will be easier to break than I thought.” She thought.

“Now then my little sissy; why don’t you go get your new toys and bring them over here and let’s have a look at them.” Princess Dee said.

Tom just groaned and rolled his eyes as he got up and headed towards his dining room to retrieve the packages from the table.

“I guess it wasn’t just a mind fuck after all.” Tom thought as he carried the packages back towards his computer desk. He really wasn’t looking forward to what was about to happen.



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