A Controlled Life

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 2

Chapter Five

Princess Dee then set to work on Tom’s computer. The first thing she did was open Google and did a search for “sharp keys”. This was a key remapping program that she had used previously with other slaves. It allowed one to easily change the function of a key in the computer’s registry.  She quickly installed it onto Tom’s computer and ran the program. She had to right click on it and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ and then enter her password to do so. Tom no longer had the capability of installing or uninstalling anything on the computer now that he was a Standard User.

When the box came up she clicked on the ‘Add’ button. Then under the ‘Map this key (From key)’ she clicked on the ‘Type key’ button and then pressed the ‘delete’ key on her computer and then clicked on ‘Okay’. In the right hand column ‘To this key (to key)’ she got a list of options, the first of which was to ‘Turn Key Off’. She then selected that and again entered ‘Okay’. This would disable the delete key on Tom’s computer and not allow him to utilize any function that required delete to be pressed as an input. This would prevent Tom from ever being able to use the CTRL+ALT+DEL function. Tom would never be able to use this function to regain control of his inputs when she disabled them in a Teamviewer session. It also prevented him from being able to use the function to access his Task Manager.

She continued to tighten her reigns on the computer by searching for and installing several other programs as well. First up was K9 Parental Control. She rapidly followed these with PC Pandora monitoring software and File Locker to deny Tom access to any files on the computer she did not want him to have access to. She chuckled to herself every time she had to use her Admin authority to install them.

As she was doing all of this, Tom continued to weep in the corner. All he could think was “How could this have happened? This was just supposed to be a session… some kinky fun.” Yes he wanted to be a slave, but only in his fantasies. Reality was a lot harsher than he ever would have imagined before now. The idea of a woman telling him what to do did sexually excite him, and he knew that on some deeper darker level that he wanted to be controlled. But this was something else entirely; this woman was power mad and more cruel and evil than he ever thought a woman could be.

In his fantasies the woman who controlled him just made him give in to his baser sexual urges and enjoyed it along with him. This however was entirely one-sided. There was no parity of pleasure now as there always was in his fantasies; the only person deriving any pleasure from all of this was Princess Dee. All Tom felt was despair, panic, humiliation and fear. Unfortunately for Tom, it was because he felt all of those things that allowed Princess Dee to derive her own pleasure. His suffering was her aphrodisiac; as she truly was a sadist who derived sexual pleasure from controlling and manipulating men.

Princess Dee looked at Tom in her monitor and again wished that he had a pair of high heels. She could only imagine how much more he would be suffering for her now if he was stuck standing in the corner like that wearing a pair of 5 inch stilettos. Oh how his back and calves would be burning and aching by now; and even more so by the time she allowed him to move. That thought caused her a bit of distraction and she reached down with her left hand and slowly began to rub her pussy. She would definitely have to take him shopping on Amazon again soon.

Princess Dee regained her composure. She knew she would never get done what she needed to do if she continued to pleasure herself. No, that would come later; for now she had to concentrate on her objectives. 

With that goal in mind another thought came to her head. She had no idea if Tom had a system recovery disc for his computer or not; but she was worried enough about it to think that she could never take the risk that he would as she had put it earlier “grow a pair” and destroy all of her hard work. No, even though she knew he was too terrified to ever try such a thing; she wasn’t satisfied with that he wouldn’t, she wanted to make sure he couldn’t.

So at least for now the names on the computer had to change for what she had in mind. She changed her account name to Dee and Tom’s account to Tiffany. She thought that it was an appropriate name for Tom. It would fit in well for her long term plans. Maid Tiffany, SissyTiffy, these were things that he would become whether he liked it or not. She would make a few changes to the computer to make it more feminine in appearance before she logged out; but for now she had other things to do.

Princess Dee then did a search for Best Buy stores in Davenport near to Tom’s house. She would call them first thing Monday and talk to the Geek Squad desk. She would schedule them to go out to Tom’s house and change the BIOS settings and a few other settings in Tom’s computer. She would explain to them that her and her ‘teenage daughter’ Tiffany were in the process of moving in with her boyfriend Tom and that she had discovered that Tiffany had found a way around her parental controls by booting from another drive. She would tell them that she would be at work and Tiffany would be in school; and that Tom would be home when they came.

She would tell them that Tom wasn’t very computer savvy and that she did not want him touching it as she did not want him to ‘break’ another computer. She would say she wanted someone who knew what they were doing to password protect the BIOS, set up the computer to turn back on after a power failure, and to disable booting from any other drive. She would also tell them that under no circumstance were they to let Tom know the BIOS password as she was afraid that he would tell Tiffany and that her work to protect her daughter would be for nothing. Once she had a date and time for the appointment then all she had to do was make sure that Tom was there to let the tech in; even if that meant he had to call in sick to work that day.

Princess Dee then clicked on Tom’s Start button and then right-clicked on the ‘Computer’ button and selected Properties. Down in the right hand corner of the System window she clicked on the ‘Change settings’ link. Under the System Properties window she typed in “Property of Dee Smith” in the Computer description box and clicked on Apply. She then also clicked on the ‘Change’ button and changed the computer’s name to ‘Dee Smith-PC’. Now there was nothing to show the tech that he was taking away Tom’s access to his own computer.

Again Tom was completely unaware of the machinations going on behind his back. He had finally stopped crying and the taste of piss had slowly been supplanted by the taste of drool soaked cotton.  Unfortunately these changes did nothing to quell his angst.

Princess Dee then went into Tom’s Control Panel and clicked on System and Security, Power Options and then on ‘Choose what the power buttons do. She then changed the settings for both the power button and sleep button to ‘Do nothing’ and saved the changes. She then changed the settings for ‘Choose when to turn off the display’ and ‘Change when the computer sleeps’ to Never.

She then enlarged the messenger window to fill the whole screen to hide what she was working on and then told Tom that he could turn around and take the panties out of his mouth.

“Now then my little Tiffany… yes, that is your new name now my little sissy” Princess Dee said. “I want you to go and get cleaned up now. Shower and wash all of that ridiculous clown make-up off your face while I continue to work on my new computer. Oh and take your time while you are in there. I want you to shave off everything below your eyebrows; and I do mean EVERYTHING.” She emphasized. I can’t have my little transvestite slave all hairy and manly looking.”

Tom looked pleadingly into the camera. “But I’m not a transvestite.” He said.

Princess Dee laughed riotously at Tom. “Not a transvestite you say??? You saw the video and you are still all tarted up and wearing a bra. And wait… what’s this??? Oh my god! How precious… you’ve been crying… your make-up has run. You really are a sissy aren’t you?”

Tom stuttered “N-no I-I’m not!”

Princess Dee continued to rub it in. “Well earlier you told me you weren’t gay, and now you are telling me that you aren’t a transvestite or sissy. But I see all kinds of proof to show otherwise, don’t I? As I said before; you are a slave. You will be whatever I damn well choose.”

“Please don’t make me do this; I don’t want to be a freak.” Tom begged.

Again Tom’s hesitation was pissing her off even though his suffering was turning her on at the same time. Fortunately for her, Princess Dee knew exactly what buttons to push to force Tom to comply. “You are a freak, my little sissy bitch and if you don’t obey me I will expose you as the true freak that you are. Allow me to show you a small sample of the power I wield over you.”

Princess Dee then used her computer and pulled up Tom’s address and did a neighbor search and quickly got the number of Tom’s neighbor 4 houses down the street. “She then called Tom’s neighbor using the caller ID block function and put it on speakerphone for Tom to hear. She also muted Tom’s microphone so he could not interrupt.

“Hello Mrs. Abernathy? You don’t know me but I wanted to call and warn you that there is a pervert living in your neighborhood. I thought you should be informed.” Princess Dee started. Tom heard Mrs. Abernathy on the other end of the line asking who she was and who this pervert was that she was talking about.

Tom immediately dropped to his knees and begged Princess Dee not to do this to him. As soon as she saw Tom fall to his knees she ended the phone call and turned Tom’s microphone back on.  Her lust was in full force as she heard Tom pleading not to do this and that he would obey her. The heat of her passion caused her neck and face to turn crimson and she crushed her legs together with pleasure.

“Yes slave, beg for me! Beg to debase yourself and suffer for my whims and pleasure. Now hurry! Go and shave and clean up as I told you to before I change my mind and finish this phone call that will start your ruination! GO…RUN!!!” She yelled.

Tom ran out of the room in a panic. He had to obey her or else. His fear was palpable as he headed towards his bathroom.

Princess Dee was glad he was gone, and knew he would be for a while. She would have to take care of her own sexual desires or she would never be able to concentrate enough to continue working on the computer. She had worked herself up into a state of arousal far stronger than any she had ever felt before. She black-screened Tom’s computer and both of her hands dropped from her keyboard and onto her now fiery, sopping wet pussy.

Chapter Six

Tom was fortunate in one way unbeknownst to him; and that was the fact that he had not used a waterproof lipstick or mascara. If he had, then he surely would have run out of hot water before he was able to get all the make-up off since he had no idea or clue about make-up removers. But Tom was in no way capable at the moment of thinking himself lucky at all; unless of course it was all bad luck.

“How could I have been so stupid?” he thought to himself. “How could I not see the risk of allowing someone to access my computer?

Yes he had to admit it was fun and exciting when she was telling him what to do on cam; but all sense of pleasure and enjoyment had disappeared right after his orgasm. And within minutes that enjoyment was replaced first with trepidation and then outright fear and despair. Now here he was shaving his body for the first time ever; not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

Tom didn’t really give much thought to the order in which he shaved his body parts. If he had he would have started with his legs and crotch first so the razor was still new for his hairiest areas. But he just started with his left arm, then right arm and worked his way down from there. It was a mistake that would cost him more than a few nicks and cuts on his legs; as by then the razor had grown rather dull. The only solace in this was the fact that Tom was not very hirsute to begin with. And sure enough, he had run out of hot water before he even got his first leg completely shaved.

While Tom was still struggling to denude himself of hair; Princess Dee had finally come down from her own orgasmic bliss and had started back in on Tom’s computer. First she brought back up PC Pandora on his computer. Outside of Teamviewer itself, this was probably the second most powerful weapon in her arsenal. This monitoring software enables one to see basically everything that is done on a computer. It allows the person running the program to see all websites visited, even if the person is clever enough to clear their browsing history or even if they use In Private browsing. It captures both sides of chat conversations, emails sent and received, usernames and passwords, any programs or files accessed; and can even take screenshots and webcam pictures as often or as little as wanted. It can even be used to prevent access to websites or to sites based on subject matter like most parental software programs.

Princess Dee did not use it for that purpose though as she did not want Tom to know anything about it. That was the reasoning behind her also installing K9 parental control on his computer. With PC Pandora running in stealth mode she would see everything that Tom ever did on his computer and Tom would never have any idea that it was even there. She then set it up to email her the reports of Tom’s activity.

Now it was only a matter of time before she knew all of Tom’s internet and computer habits, and before she had access to all of his accounts. This would give her a profile of Tom that she could use as a template to begin modifying him and molding him towards her desired goals. She would then use the K9 parental controls to wean him off of the porn sites he liked and move him towards transvestite, she-male, female domination, and even gay sites that she allowed. Poor Tom, he really had no idea of how far Princess Dee would take things; nor was he aware of how much thought and planning she had put into this. Tom had only given thought to the next 30 or so minutes when he had decided to session with Princess Dee; she on the other hand had lifelong goals in mind for him.

Princess Dee then used the File Locker program to lock and password protect all of Tom’s files on the computer. Princess Dee debated whether she would allow him to buy the files back from her or if she would require him to complete tasks for her to regain access to them. Since she knew that she was already going to take away all of his discretionary budget anyway; she then decided that tasks were the way to go.

By the time Tom had finally come back from his shower and shaving endeavor, Princess Dee had already hidden the additional programs she had installed on his computer and made the changes necessary to fool the Geek from Best Buy.

As Tom walked into the view of the webcam Princess Dee laughed out loud. Not only did Tom now look like someone had taken a middle aged man’s head and stuck it onto an overweight prepubescent child’s body; but the sight of the small wads of toilet paper stuck on all of the nicks on his legs did little to help his image.

“Welcome back sissy, I see you had some difficulties shaving?” Princess Dee asked him.

Tom nodded his head. “What was that sissy? I didn’t hear you answer me.” Princess Dee said in a harsher tone which Tom took as an implied threat.

“Yes Princess Dee, it was much harder than I expected.” Tom finally admitted.

“Much better sissy, I expect you to answer me when I ask you a question. Is that understood? She asked.

“Yes Princess Dee.” Tom replied immediately.

“Very good slave,” Princess Dee said. “Now turn around and let me get a good look at you.”

Tom slowly turned around in front of the camera and at Princess Dee’s direction bent over, lifted his arms, and spread his legs so she could see all of him.

“Well slave, you seem to have missed a few places like the small of your back and between your cheeks near your asshole; but not bad for a first timer. Don’t worry though; you will get the hang of it over the next few days. And I’ll be nice and allow you to buy an epilator; that way you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself so much, and the results will last for weeks instead of just for days. Now isn’t that nice of me?” Princess Dee asked expecting an immediate answer.

“Yes Princess Dee, that is very nice of you.” Tom answered.

“Mm, good answer slave; you are a fast learner” Princess Dee said with a hint of pleasure in her voice; her arousal starting to build again.

“Now, come over here and sit down in front of your keyboard, my slave” she continued “you will see that I have something new for your benefit and training.” As she said this she moved Tom’s cursor to hover over the FOW icon on his computer. “Watch closely slave, I will expect you to be able to do this yourself from now on.”

Princess Dee then double clicked on the icon to start the program. Tom watched as the box appeared on his screen; again showing an image of a woman. Tom groaned. He was afraid that this was going to be similar to the grounding he had had to endure for three whole hours just a short time before. He was wrong however; for this was almost the opposite of the grounding program. Whereas Grounded forced him to be unable to do anything until the box came up requiring his input; FOW or Fond of Writing as Tom was about to discover, required his input until a ‘distraction’ box appeared in various places on his screen. He would then have to click on a much smaller box inside the distraction box before he could continue inputting the required information. This information consisted of multiple lines that Tom would have to type in repeatedly until either the required number of lines was typed, or until a set amount of time had gone by. Mistyped lines would add additional lines or time to the task.

Princess Dee then clicked on the program’s load button, and it pulled up the list of tasks that she had installed on his computer earlier. She then double clicked on the one titled ‘Devotional’ and explained to Tom that how the program worked, what he was expected to do, and then told him that once he was done that he should click on the ‘Generate Report’ button to get the report showing the details of his task and any errors he made. She told him to copy and paste it into the body of an email and send it to her; and that she would determine his punishment based on the total number of errors he made. She then told Tom that she was going to bed now and that she expected him to do the same once he had completed the task and sent her the email. She instructed him to leave the computer turned on when he went to bed and that he was never under any circumstance to ever turn the computer off again. She warned him there would be dire consequences if he ever disobeyed this order.

“One last thing before I go to bed slave.” Princess Dee said. “This is a daily requirement for you. I expect you to run this task every morning as soon as you get up and again before you go to bed. Heaven help you if I do not get both reports emailed to me every day. Do not worry about the other Fond of Writing tasks for now; you will find out about them soon enough. Now tell me goodnight slave; and thank me for all the effort I have put into making your fantasy of being a slave come true”

“Good night Princess Dee. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into making my fantasy of being a slave come true.” Tom answered almost verbatim. Princess Dee then clicked on the FOW ‘begin task’ button, signed out of Teamviewer, and walked off to get ready for bed. She knew that she would have at least two more orgasms before Tom had completed his task. And as she got up and walked away; Tom began to type.

Chapter Seven

As Tom continued to type it rapidly became clear why Princess Dee had named this task ‘Devotional’. Every line was a reflection upon her in a glorious light.

‘Princess Dee is my Goddess; I must worship her always!’

‘Princess Dee is amazing; she deserves everything I can give to her.’

‘Princess Dee is my owner; her control of me gives meaning to my life!’

‘I am humbled to be the slave of Princess Dee. Only through my service to her am I worthy as a person.’

‘I am insignificant without the control and guidance of Princess Dee; she makes me a better person.’

‘Princess Dee is my everything, without her I am nothing.’

‘Princess Dee is my better. She knows what is in my best interests more than I do.’

‘Princess Dee is my superior; she is better than me in every way!’

These eight lines came up randomly and Tom typed them repeatedly over and over. There would be no way for him to know how many times he had to type them correctly, or for how long without errors until the task was completed and he generated the report. As he typed out these lines he was very frequently interrupted by the ‘distraction’ boxes which showed up in various places across his screen. All of them also had text in them, but they were directed more at him than devotionals to her. He saw things like ‘Hurry up loser!’ and ‘Type faster bitch!’ and ‘Come on slut’ and ‘Pay attention bitch-boy!’ all play out across his screen randomly about every five seconds or so.

Tom found them very frustrating as they constantly threw off his concentration on what he was typing. The term ‘distraction’ was very fitting indeed. It also didn’t help Tom that he was both very tired and had been through an emotional train-wreck for the last several hours. Tom made innumerable mistakes which continued to cost him even more time on the computer before he could go to bed. He was not aware that Princess Dee had set up the Devotional task to add five more required lines for every wrong line that he submitted. She had also set it to run for one hundred and fifty lines originally so Tom really had his work cut out for him. After about an hour of typing; all that Tom could really think of was “Is this ever going to end?” and “How am I ever going to be able to do this twice a day? I won’t have time for anything else.” He had no idea that Princess Dee would eventually take away every single moment of free time that he would ever have, and that this was only just the beginning of her managing every moment of time he had outside of work.

It was nearly two AM on Sunday morning before Tom finally saw the box come up saying that he had completed the task and could generate the report. When he did generate the report he was stunned to see that he had typed in three hundred and eighty five lines and that he had entered forty seven faulty lines. He then logged into his email account to send Princess Dee the report; and by doing so unwittingly also provided her with his email password thanks to PC Pandora. He then copied and pasted the report into an email message and sent it to her.

Tom then signed out of his email, and keeping the computer turned on per Princess Dee’s command headed off to bed. As he climbed into bed he recalled that he would have to type those three hundred and eighty five lines again first thing in the morning; he had no idea that it could be significantly less if he did not make any mistakes. He also then recalled that he had to go to Mint.com as well and that he was going to allow Princess Dee to see his money situation and that she had planned to start controlling his spending habits. At this thought, Tom began to toss and turn with worry. It would be a very fitful and restless night of sleep for Tom. He had no idea that his nightmare was just truly beginning.

Tom woke up several times due to his disturbing dreams; all of which surrounded his being in the control of Princess Dee. Tom was emotionally very confused; as even though he considered them to be nightmares more than pleasant dreams; he found that he was with an erection every time he woke. Was he enjoying this? Surely not! Not even on some baser level. Could he? Again, he always told himself no. This was terrible, and he was horrified at the situation he found himself to be in. Yes, he had gotten a sick sexual thrill from it initially; but not now. There was no way in his mind that he could find any of this pleasurable; let alone sexually exciting. It must just be a coincidence that he had the erections when the dreams woke him up. Perhaps, it was just a matter of timing as men usually woke up with a case of ‘morning wood’ any way. “Yes, that must be it.” Tom thought to himself. There was no way the two things could ever be connected as far as he was concerned. Tom had finally convinced himself of this fact, and had finally fallen into a deeper slumber than his restless mind had allowed him so far that night.

Unfortunately for Tom, his emotional confusion was exasperated even more so when he awoke with a start to find that his sheets were completely soaked. Somewhere in his disturbed mind Tom had achieved a nocturnal emission, a wet dream, from this nightmare. This frightened Tom to the core. How was it possible for him to find this sexually exciting? “What kind of sick bastard must I be?” he thought to himself.

Tom was unable to fall back asleep after this and just laid there trying to rationalize a way out of this. There had to be some other explanation for it; there just had to be. But no matter how much thought he put into it; Tom just was not able to come up with anything else to make sense out of it. All he could do was just lie there in shock.

Chapter Eight

Tom finally got out of bed since he was not able to fall back asleep due to the turmoil surrounding his mind. After getting up and throwing his sheets into the wash, he took a quick shower. As he lathered himself up with soap he was aware of how much more sensitive his skin appeared now that it was hairless. He couldn’t tell if it was a true feeling, or just his mind playing tricks on him. However, once he began to towel off, he was pretty sure that his skin was indeed more sensitive than it normally was.

Tom then pulled on a pair of briefs, and as he did so was taken aback at how feminine his now hairless legs looked. If he had seen them underneath a skirt on a woman he would have found them to be very sexy indeed. However, on himself he just found them to be disconcerting.

After brushing his teeth, combing his hair and slathering on some deodorant; Tom ventured out into his kitchen to grab something to eat before turning his attention back to his computer. Tom then turned on his television and put it to his favorite news channel and then with great trepidation sat back down in front of his computer and began the FOW Devotional task once again.

Even though he hadn’t got much sleep, Tom was better rested than he was during his first attempt the night before. This was to Tom’s benefit as when he finally generated the report it showed that he had submitted two hundred and fifteen total lines and only thirteen faulty ones. Tom actually felt a sense of pride begin to swell within him as he thought about how pleased Princess Dee would be at his improvement. “Wait!” Tom suddenly thought, “why on earth would it matter to me if she is pleased or not? This bitch is blackmailing me! What is wrong with me?”

Tom continued to ponder why the quandary he was in continued to give him conflicting emotions and feelings. How could he find any of this exciting, and why would he want to please Princess Dee? Was he more submissive than he thought? Does Princess Dee just know how to push all of his buttons? Even the buttons that Tom himself was not aware of? Tom did not give any thought to the fact that there might be many more psychological factors at play by Princess Dee that were designed to cause these conflicts within his mind. She had used fear and pleasure, excitement and humiliation, ridicule and praise. Everything she had done so far was a dichotomy geared to do just that… cause him emotional conflicts. Even the Fond of Writing Devotional task was set up in a dichotomous way. It showed her as being very worthy and superior and him as insignificant and inferior. And the best part of it was that it was very repetitive. Princess Dee knew that a tired and confused mind would find it to be almost hypnotic and that Tom would be very suggestible to what he read and typed onto the screen.

Tom was being conditioned into submission and was completely unaware of it. It was a latent part of him after all; and unfortunately for him… Princess Dee knew just how to bring it to the forefront and develop that kernel of submission into a force of its own.

Once Tom had emailed the report to Princess Dee he took to distracting himself with the television and then went and got dressed. Anything he could do before logging into Mint.com and creating an account helped to keep this task at bay. He was very reluctant to do this. It was one thing to dress up and play online with someone; but this would allow her a very in-depth view into his life. She would see his spending habits, how much he got paid, how much he had invested, what his bills were… these were all insights into who he really was. Even if it didn’t give her the ability to access his money, this just felt like an incredible invasion of privacy as far as Tom was concerned.

Reluctantly, Tom finally logged in and began to create his account. He hesitated again as soon as he saw that one of the first things that Mint.com wanted was for him to find his bank, and then give Mint.com his online username and password for his accounts. Sighing heavily, he went ahead and input the required information for his bank, credit cards, car, mortgage, and even his 401K and IRA accounts. Again Tom was oblivious to the fact that he had just also given all of that information to Princess Dee as well thanks to the PC Pandora program running stealthily on his computer.

Tom then went into the different transactions and added categories to them. He did not add any goals or budgets as he really didn’t need to. Tom lived paycheck to paycheck and just paid his bills as they came due; and if he wanted something that was more than he had… well, that is what credit cards were for. Tom didn’t splurge often; but when he did it might take him several months to pay it off since he always only made the minimum payments so they didn’t cut into his spending too bad.

When he had completed inputting everything, he closed down his browser and went back to watching television. He needed something to distract him from what he had just done and any ramifications that might arise because of it. Thank god it was football season and he could get so into a game as to drive all other thoughts from his mind. Tom didn’t really have a favorite team, and could watch any game with just as much enthusiasm as any red-blooded die-hard fanatic could when watching their favorite team play their most hated rival.

It was during the third quarter of the second game when Princess Dee logged into Tom’s Teamviewer and turned on Tom’s camera and microphone. She could just see Tom sitting near the periphery of the camera and hear the game playing in the background. Princess Dee thought to herself that she would definitely have to wean Tom off of this gradually as she saw his enthusiasm. If she took away something he obviously enjoyed so much right away there was a chance of psychological reactance and the possibility that he would balk and try to escape her clutches. No, she thought, some things can be taken away immediately, but others would have to be taken away gradually to not completely upset the apple cart.

She had put way too much time and thought into making this happen only to watch it fail because she had been too impatient on some things. But she knew that when she was done that Tom would never watch a football game again; he wouldn’t have the inclination to, and he sure as hell wouldn’t have the time!

As Tom continued to watch the game, Princess Dee went through the PC Pandora reports and was pleased to see that Tom had obeyed her completely. She smiled when she saw that she had the username and password to Tom’s bank and his Mint.com account. Not that she would use them now however; Princess Dee was meticulous in her caution. The only way she would ever log in to any of Tom’s accounts for now would be through his own computer using Teamviewer when she knew he was at work. That way there was no risk of it being tracked back to her and no way for Tom to be able to dispute any charges by saying they were made from a different computer than his.

No, until Tom was well situated and conditioned into accepting everything she did; there was no way that Princess Dee would take or spend Tom’s money directly. She would force him to spend it himself and get him used to it being spent in her way and on what she allowed. Then she could slowly start doing it herself through his pc and Tom would not be aware that it was happening as he would be too enrapt in what was transpiring to even give it a second thought.

Princess Dee let Tom continue to watch the game as she went in and made several more changes to his computer. She changed his background to a pink Disney Princesses theme and made his window borders hot pink. She then changed his font to Disney and also made it hot pink. This made his computer look like it was owned by a five year old girl. She also set it so Tom was unable to delete his browsing history. This way she could chide him when he visited porn sites and then take away the ones she didn’t want him to visit using the K9 parental control. She knew that if she didn’t do this and then started blocking those sites that Tom would catch on to the fact that she had spyware on his computer and it would destroy her goal of getting all of his usernames, passwords, contacts and emails. She then clicked on Tom’s start button and typed in gpedit.msc and set user and group policies so Tom could not change any of her new settings. Princess Dee chuckled to herself as she thought about how Tom would react when he saw these new changes. She knew he would be totally exasperated. “Oh well,” she thought, “too bad for him.”

Once the game was over Tom finally turned and looked at the computer screen. He was right; football had been a wonderful distraction. In fact, for the last several hours he had totally forgotten about Princess Dee and what had transpired over the last 24 hours. What he saw actually drew his breath away. His screen was now pink and had several cartoon characters on it. He knew that he had been so distracted that he had let Princess Dee have uninterrupted access to his computer and that she had made several changes. As he got up and walked towards the computer he began to recognize the Disney Princesses. He knew Belle and Jasmine because they came out when he was younger and he enjoyed animation; but it took him a few minutes to figure out the others besides Snow White. As soon as he knew they must all be Disney characters he was able to put two and two together and identify Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid; but didn’t know their names.

As soon as he got to the computer he saw that Teamviewer was connected and sat down nervously as he wondered what else Princess Dee had done and what he might now have to endure. By the time he sat down he was shaking visibly, and it was all he could do to keep from wetting himself again when the Teamviewer chat box appeared and Princess Dee had typed in ‘Hello slave”. She had obviously been watching him as he had approached and sat down.

“I got your two FOW reports slave. May I say you’ve improved remarkably well?” Princess Dee typed.

“Yes Princess Dee” Tom replied.

“And did you get your account set up on Mint.com slave?” Princess Dee asked, already knowing full well that he had.

Again Tom typed in his reply “Yes Princess Dee, I have.”

“Good, my slave. Now log in and let’s take a look shall we?” Princess Dee queried.

Tom hesitated for only a scant second before he went ahead and logged into the account. He knew that the password only showed up as dots when he typed it in earlier; so he still felt somewhat safe. Besides, he knew she could compel him to log in anyway, and might punish him if he disobeyed or hesitated. Once he was signed in Princess Dee looked at the Overview and then at some of Tom’s previous spending. She noticed right away that his spending was mostly frivolous. This would work to her benefit as it meant that most of his money was discretionary and she could spend it as she needed without it cutting into his ability to financially support himself.

“Now sissy, let’s get you some goals established and get you set up on a monthly budget shall we?” Princess Dee typed in. Tom could only watch helplessly as Princess Dee then went in and began to create his new goals and budget.



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