A Controlled Life

by slave4teamviewer

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Forward and disclaimer

The devices, programs, gadgets, toys, apps, and websites in this story are real. The use of their brand names and products allowed through nominative fair use. The potential for them to be used in the ways they are in this story really does exist. Research has been conducted to ensure the accuracy and efficacy of these items to make this story as realistic as possible at the time of writing. I apologize for any updates, changes, modifications, or changes in availability of any these items that will render their capabilities to vary from that shown in the story. The characters here are fictional and any likeness or similarity to real people is purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction and not a how-to guide. Blackmail and some of the other events in this story are illegal and are not condoned by me in any way by my publishing of this story. Re-creation of any of the events of this book in real life should only occur between consenting adults. Neither I nor the owners of any site where this work is published are responsible for the actions of others who use this story for illicit or illegal purposes.

Part 1
Chapter One

Tom had always been a submissive. But living in a small town made it very difficult for him to meet people who shared his interests. This, along with the fact that he was overweight and rather plain looking had kept him from ever having a real relationship... let alone one built on Female Dominance. Due to his inability to find a Mistress to serve, he resorted to self-bondage and the occasional web-cam session. Then one day as he was looking through listings of On-line Mistresses he came across an ad for a Princess Dee. She said that she liked to control slaves on-line in all kinds of ways including using Teamviewer. Her ad said she wanted more control than just what she got from having slaves on web-cam and that it allowed her to actually restrict the slave by controlling his computer.

Tom was excited by the idea and replied to her ad saying that he was very interested in this new way of serving. While waiting for her reply he read up on the program and what all it could do. He was a bit nervous that she might find out more about him than he wanted her to, so he took the precaution of using the folder options in Windows to hide the files that he did not want Princess Dee to see. He then downloaded the program as he thought he was safe and that this would be a lot of fun for him as he really did enjoy submitting.

Two days later he got an Instant Message from Princess Dee saying that she would accept him as her new Teamviewer slave and that he was to have his Teamviewer open and set to allow Full Access at 4pm on Saturday. Tom was so excited by the idea of this new form of submission that he immediately went into the bathroom and wanked himself crazy. "This will be so much fun!" he thought to himself as he pretended that he was already under her control.

Saturday could not come fast enough for Tom; but when it finally did he turned on his computer and ran the Teamviewer program as soon as he woke up. While he waited for 4 o'clock to come he busied himself by reading all of his favorite bondage stories on the web... this did nothing but get him so aroused and in a dither that he was afraid he would cum as soon as she logged into his PC. Right before 4pm he closed his web browser and deleted its history so she would not know what he had been doing all day.

At 4pm he saw the Teamviewer box pop open and a message saying "Awaiting Authentication". Princess Dee then sent him an Instant Message and asked him what the password was. Tom had not set a permanent password as he was not sure how this would go, and did not want her to be able to access his PC if he decided that this was not for him. He gave her the temporary password and watched as the box shrunk down into the bottom right-hand corner of his screen as the connection was completed. Princess Dee was now in his computer and Tom was both totally excited and frightened by this.

On her side of the connection Princess Dee just smiled. She knew much more about Teamviewer and its capabilities than Tom or any other slave could ever imagine. The first thing she did upon connection was to go up to the tab in the top of her window that showed Tom's screen to her. She then clicked on Extras and Remote System Info. This gave her the computer name of Tom's PC as well as his IP address. She chuckled to herself when she saw that Tom had foolishly used his full name when he had set up his computer.  "This will be too easy" she thought to herself.  Tom had no idea about any of this and was waiting for something to happen.

Princess Dee then closed the Remote System Information box and clicked on Extras again; she then selected chat and typed in "hello slave" into the box. Tom was surprised when the little box in the corner popped up and saw what she had typed. He quickly typed in his reply of "Hello Princess, how are you?" into his chat box. He was still nervous but getting more turned on by the moment. Princess Dee then said that before they could continue that she needed to make some changes to his Teamviewer settings since their connection was so slow, and asked if he would allow her to do so.

Tom said yes and then watched as his cursor started to move across his screen. He saw it stop on his Teamviewer icon as Princess Dee double clicked on it, bringing up his Teamviewer box. Tom watched as she then clicked on his Extras Tab and then his Options. First Princess Dee checked off the box marked "Start Teamviewer with Windows" Tom then watched as Princess Dee clicked on his Security Tab and then started to type in a password. He stopped her from typing and asked her why she was adding a password to his PC. She explained that once she had set the options up as she needed them that she would need to disconnect and then reconnect, and that it was easier to do so if she had a permanent password... that way if she got disconnected she could just reconnect instead of having to wait for him to send her the new temporary password. Tom thought this made sense and allowed her to go ahead and add a password; he figured that he could always change it or remove it later if this didn't work out.

Princess Dee then clicked on his Remote Control tab and set his Quality setting to Optimize Speed. She then clicked on his Advanced tab and unchecked all of the Log File boxes. This would prevent Tom from being able to look through the logs and try to determine what she had done.  Then she clicked on OK putting all of her settings into place. She then told Tom that she would now reconnect and that hopefully the speed would be much better. He watched as the little box disappeared and a large box appeared saying that "This was a free session". He then saw the little box appear back in the corner as Princess Dee reconnected to his PC. "Is it faster now?" he asked her. Princess Dee then moved the mouse over his screen pretending to see if the speed was any better and then smiled as she told him "Oh yes, this will work much better".

Tom watched in fascination as the cursor moved about the screen without him touching the mouse. He then saw it stop on his Start button where Princess Dee then clicked it open. She then went to Tom's Control Panel and opened up his User Accounts and Family Safety. Tom balked at this and asked her what she was doing. Princess Dee explained to Tom that she needed to have her own account on his PC for some of the controls and that he needed to stop moving the mouse or she would stop him. Tom, who had experience with XP and Vista knew that without his password she could not take away his admin rights and that he could undo any of her changes; agreed to let her continue... little realizing that Seven was a whole different operating system.

He then watched as Princess Dee created a new user account named Princess Dee with admin rights and again balked when she started to add a password. Princess Dee said that she was tired of him interrupting her and that she was going to stop him from doing so; she also threatened that if he quit the session that she would never talk to him again. Tom was too excited and too desperate to have this happen so he started to type that he would behave. As he was typing this he saw his cursor going up to the top of his screen. Princess Dee had had enough and had clicked on her Actions button and then selected the Disable Remote Input option. Tom was not surprised when his typing no longer showed up on screen. He tried moving his mouse to move the cursor to no avail...Princess Dee had locked out his inputs.

Princess Dee then finished typing in her password and setting up her account. She then told Tom to be patient as what she was doing would take a few minutes. She then clicked on Tom's Start button and Switch User. Tom then watched in fascination as the cursor moved over to her new account on his PC and as her password appeared; but it was just dots as far as Tom could tell. Nothing happened for several minutes as the computer created Princess Dee's profile on the PC but then Tom saw the cursor start to move again as Princess Dee had resumed her control. Tom watched as the cursor floated back up to the top of his screen, and Princess Dee then clicked on her Actions button and clicked on Show Black Screen. Tom panicked as his screen went black... he could no longer see what Princess Dee was up to.

Princess Dee went back into his Teamviewer options and to his Advanced Settings. She then quickly checked the boxes for Disable Teamviewer Shutdown and Changes Require Administrative Rights on This Computer; and then entered her own password into the ‘Protect options with password’ and ‘Confirm password’ boxes. She then clicked the OK button. She knew that this would prevent Tom from being able to undo any of the Teamviewer settings she had just entered. By this time Tom was about to terminate the connection, but before he could do so Princess Dee unchecked the Show Black Screen option giving Tom a moment to relax so she could catch him off-guard again.

She knew that most slaves would run away when the screen went black and not give her time to get everything done that she needed to. She knew that if she broke it up the slave would relax a bit and wouldn't immediately disconnect if she made the screen black again. She was right of course and Tom started to catch his breath thinking that she was just messing with his mind and didn't really have time to do anything serious to his PC yet. So when it went black again Princess Dee had more than enough time to go back into the User Accounts menu and change him to a Standard User and remove his password.

"Thank God he has Windows Seven" thought Princess Dee, "this makes it much easier". Princess Dee chuckled to herself as she thought about the fact that it was also the Professional version instead of the Home version. That would make her job so much easier later on since it would allow her to edit group and user policies.

Tom had no idea of what had happened yet; he thought he was going to somehow be controlled remotely and that it would be like a web-cam session... once and done... unless he decided to try her out again. But so far she had not really done anything... he expected her to look at his pictures or stuff like that since that is what he heard most  Dommes do when he was reading about Teamviewer and domination; or that she would turn on his web-cam and make him do things while she went through his PC.  So far he was disappointed that neither one of those had happened, and he was totally unaware that within a matter of minutes Princess Dee now had permanent access to his PC and that he no longer had any admin capabilities at all.

By this time Tom was a little disappointed and thinking that this was a total waste of time and he would never bother to do anything like this again, but then to his surprise Princess Dee told him to reopen his messenger program and that she would now begin to dominate him in ways he never imagined.

"Finally," Tom thought to himself "maybe there will be something to this after all."

He went ahead and signed into his messenger program as she requested really not knowing what to expect. As soon as he did this he was quite taken aback as Princess Dee then moved his cursor down and opened up an IM to herself. She then went up to IM options and turned on his web-cam. "There we go, now I can see you and make sure that you obey me" Princess Dee said.

Tom was excited to hear her voice for the first time and found it to be both authoritarian and sultry at the same time. He thought to himself how much fun it was going to be listening to her tell him what to do. Unknown to Tom, Princess Dee had software on her computer to capture and record streaming video and take stills from web-cams. "One more piece in the puzzle" laughed Princess Dee to herself... she now had his real name, his IP address, and his picture, "this is almost too easy."

"Now slave, tell me what kind of toys or other items you have there that I can have you use for my amusement?" she asked him.

Tom was getting giddy with excitement. He loved to play on web-cam and had all kinds of toys that he had bought over the years. They weren’t things that he really enjoyed per se; but they were things that he had been asked to have or use during previous web-cam sessions he had had. So his collection of items had gradually built up and were as various as the women he had played with in the past. He told her he had cuffs, rope, dildos, butt-plugs, some cross-dressing items, makeup, clamps, clothespins, blindfolds, gags, a riding crop and paddles.

"Wonderful," said Princess Dee "go gather everything up while I browse around on your PC and the Internet."

Tom had mixed feelings about this... yes he was going to be dominated which he really enjoyed, but he was also nervous about leaving his PC unattended while she had it under her control. He hesitated for only a minute as the desire to be dominated was stronger than his fear. "Besides," he reassured himself "my important files are hidden."

As he was gathering his toys Princess Dee opened up his web browser and went to the Collarme website. She clicked through several of the profiles looking for just the banner ad she needed on the right-hand side of the page. After 13 or 14 profiles... she found just what she needed. There was a banner ad saying "Meet people in" and a hypertext link listing the city and state that Tom was in. She then closed the browser so Tom would not know that she had added another piece to her puzzle.

On her own PC she then did a people search using his name and city; she laughed cruelly to herself when his address and phone number popped up. She now had permanent access to his PC as long as it was connected to the Internet, she had his name, phone number, address, city, state, IP address and even his picture; and in just a few minutes she would have video and pictures of him in all kinds of compromising and humiliating situations. Poor Tom had no idea of any of this as he happily gathered his toys together.

When Tom got back he had an armful of toys. Princess Dee then instructed him to spread them all out on the floor in front of the camera so she could see everything she had to work with. Princess Dee looked over everything carefully before deciding exactly what she was going to have Tom do to himself. She knew that once he did these things and she had it on video, that there was no escape for him and that she could then begin to take things much, much further than Tom had ever anticipated. Tom had no idea that what was about to happen would be the beginning of his new life as a totally controlled slave to Princess Dee. He was still gullibly under the belief that this was just only a “session” and thought that once it was over that things would go back to the way they were.

Princess Dee then told Tom to get undressed and that from now until she told him otherwise, he was not to respond to her or the camera in any way; but to carry out her commands. Tom was about to ask her why, when he saw the stern look on her face and decided to go along with her commands. Shrugging his shoulders, he resigned himself to see what she had in mind.

Princess Dee quickly looked down to her own keyboard and adjusted the settings on her web-cam capture software so it would record the audio and video from his cam separately. She could always merge them together again later; but for now she wanted it to look like Tom was doing all of the things he was about to do of his own volition. Without the audio… Tom would never be able to prove that he was being told what to do, or lie and say that he was being forced. Anyone who received the file would just see Tom acting out a sick and kinky fantasy alone in his own living room.

“Now, my naughty little slut,” Princess Dee started. “Turn around and get your makeup that I see there”.

Tom turned around and went over to pick up the small make up kit he had bought.

“Okay sissy, now come back over here to your desk and use your webcam and monitor to put on your makeup. Do it just like if you were sitting in front of a mirror. Let’s see…subtle or sluttish????” Princess Dee chuckled to herself. She already knew that the more garish and outlandish she went, the worse it would be for Tom. “Let’s go with sluttish my little sissy. I want you to put on the makeup nice and heavy for me.”

Tom started with the foundation. He only had the one color and it wasn’t even close to his flesh tone. Tom didn’t want to take time looking through the colors when he bought it, as it was already almost too embarrassing. If he spent time looking, he was afraid that people would realize that he was buying it for himself. Princess Dee had to suppress a laugh as she saw his white face start to take on a much darker complexion. “Perfect!” she thought to herself; the contrast between his white body and darker face would draw immediate attention to his made up face as he carried out her plans.

Princess Dee then instructed Tom to put on his lipstick… again, she was more than bemused when she saw that the lipstick Tom had was a very bright and vibrant red. This would again really contrast with his foundation. “God, he looks like a cross between a whore and a clown” she thought,” I may as well go all out here and make him embellish it for full effect”. At this thought she told Tom to put it on much heavier and to go slightly outside his lip lines to make them appear much fuller. Tom complied in silence as she hadn’t yet given him permission to respond or speak…”If nothing else,” Tom thought…”I can impress her with my obedience”. Princess Dee then had him use the bright pink eye-shadow as a blusher and instructed him to fill in his eyelids with the darkest blue eye-shadow he had all the way up to his eyebrows.

It was everything Princess Dee could do to avoid bursting out into laughter at this point… she needed to maintain her composure or else Tom would react to her and blow  the chance of making it look like Tom was doing this all on his own. So instead of laughing at him, she told him that she was so happy that he could obey her earlier instructions. Tom almost beamed with pride at this comment; but also suppressed it as he did not want to disappoint her right after she had praised him. Tom was beginning to really get excited sexually at the control he was finally experiencing.

“Now slave, go back to your toys and get your small butt-plug and put it in… no lube. If you need to get it a little wet… just suck on it for a minute” Princess Dee told him.

Tom bent down and picked it up, and started to turn around towards the camera when Princess Dee told him not to. She just wanted him to keep his back to the camera and pretend it wasn’t there. Tom put it into his mouth and began to suck on it and lick it as best as he could so it would go in easier. Princess Dee was thrilled that she did not have to tell Tom again not to turn around. Once he got it wet enough, Tom brought it around behind him, bent over and slowly inserted it into his ass. Princess Dee watched as the wide part crested his anus and the butt-plug was pulled the rest of the way into his ass. As it slid the rest of the way in, Tom quickly stood back up in surprise as it popped into him. The camera was lined up perfectly behind Tom and caught all the action… including his now twitching penis.

“You’re doing great slave, just keep pretending that I am not here.” Princess Dee told him. “Now I want you to put on that lovely little hot pink bra and panties I saw earlier.”

Tom went back over to the pile of toys in the floor, and again… making sure he did not turn around, he picked up the panties and slid them up his legs. He was just able to pull the elastic band over the tip of his now fully hard erection. He then grabbed the bra off the floor and put it on with the skill born of practice. He brought the ends together in front of himself so he could easily clasp them together, spun it around his chest and pulled the shoulder straps up over his arms. “I can see you’ve done this a few times before.” Princess Dee said. Tom felt the embarrassment well up inside him; he wasn’t a transvestite and had only worn these when commanded to on web-cam. He wasn’t as practiced at this as Princess Dee thought he was.

“Now, turn around and sit down right there on your floor slave” Princess Dee instructed. Tom turned around to obey her and when he did Princess Dee was stunned at the striking contrasts between his very white skin, the hot pink bra and panties, and his darker and heavily made up face. She thought he would fit in perfectly in a scene from the movie Moulin Rouge.

Tom gently sat down due to the butt-plug and with his legs out in front of him; the bulge in his panties was very noticeable on the webcam. Princess Dee then told him to start playing with his breast through the bra. Tom grabbed both cups and began squeezing his man-boobs just like if they were the real thing. Princess Dee was loving every moment. She knew she was helping Tom dig a hole for himself that he would never, ever be able to get out of. She watched as Tom alternated between grabbing the cups to caress them and twirling his fingers over his nipples.

“Wonderful slave… it is nice to see that you are so obedient” Princess Dee said, “now grab your dildo there and suck on it for me.”

Tom reached behind him and grabbed the dildo off the floor and holding it in one hand he began to suck on it for her. Princess Dee chuckled to herself again. “Not like that sissy… cup the base with both hands, bend down over it and give it a serious deep throating blow-job. Do to it what you would want a woman to do to you!” Tom complied and went to town on the dildo. He alternated between licking the head in a swirling motion to sucking it heavily into his mouth and bobbing up and down with gusto.

Tom was getting more excited by the moment, but still didn’t have that look of wanton lust on his face that Princess Dee wanted to see. “Close your eyes my little slut,” she said. “You are supposed to look like a whore who is thoroughly being used.” Tom complied. He would have had that look in a few minutes anyway, as he was really getting into the swing of things as it was.

“Yes my little sissy whore… just like that” Princess Dee said with encouragement. “Now, toss the dildo aside and use one hand to start slowly rubbing your cock through your panties, and start licking your lips for me.” 

Tom did this with abandon, he was now deeply into subspace and extremely turned on.

“That’s it baby; just keep doing that for me.” Princess Dee said. “Now, use one finger to stimulate your cock head.”

Tom did this and gasped at the wave of pleasure this brought to him.

“Keep it up slut” Princess Dee told him. After a few minutes of this Princess Dee was happy to see the expanding dark spot as Tom’s pre-cum began to soak through the panties.

“Oh yes slave, almost there… I can tell. Now get up on your knees, pull your panties down a bit and start masturbating for me… hurry my slave…. wank one out for me!” Princess Dee commanded.

Tom began furiously pumping on his penis for all he was worth. Both he and Princess Dee knew it was only a matter of a few minutes, if not just seconds at most, before he would cum.

As soon as he did, the webcam could just discern the semen as it splattered onto the brown wooden floor in front of Tom. Princess Dee told him to keep going until she told him to stop; and determined that he would need a better high definition camera in the future.

“Okay my slave; you can stop now… what an obedient little slut you’ve been. Now lean back against your heels with your hands on your knees and look at the mess you’ve made on your floor”.

Tom looked down and was dreading what he thought was coming next. He had heard of men being forced to clean up their mess and had often fantasized about it; but once he had achieved his orgasmic bliss… like most men his submissiveness and willingness disappeared in the blink of an eye. But before he could say he was done and get up and disconnect Princess Dee as the shame of what he had just done hit him; he heard Princess Dee tell him to freeze and listen carefully to what she had to say.

As soon as she told Tom to freeze, Princess Dee pressed the pause button on the recording program. “Now then Tom Henderson of 1425 Allen Lane in Davenport Iowa; let’s appraise your situation. Shall we?”

Tom snapped his head up when she said his name and address.

“I said don’t fucking move slave; and I meant it! Now listen to me closely bitch; when I say ‘Now’… you will kneel down and lick your cum up off the floor with a look of sheer delight on your face, or I will send a copy of this little recording of you we just made… along with some still photos of you to every one of your neighbors. Do I make myself clear? You can answer me now; but don’t move a muscle.”

Tom begged her not to do this to him, but she told him to shut up and obey her or that every house and business in his neighborhood would get copies of his little adventure in the mail. Tom broke out into a cold sweat as the fear of what was happening overtook him; but it would not be noticeable on the webcam as he was still sweating from pleasuring himself; and the heavy makeup hid the fact that all the blood had drained from his face.

Tom finally relented and agreed to do as Princess Dee had demanded. She told him to look at the cum on the floor again and get ready. As soon as she said “Now” Princess Dee had resumed the recording and watched with glee as Tom appeared to eagerly get down and begin to lick his floor clean of all the semen he had just spilled. She continued to record until he had licked up the last drop. She knew that nobody would ever notice the pause; and that the video now appeared to show that Tom had done all of this by himself not knowing that it had been caught on camera.

“Well done slave” Princess Dee intoned. “That is now my Pièce de résistance, the ‘frosting on my cake’. I hope you realize now the gravity of your situation… if not, let me enlighten you” as she said this Princess Dee used the copy and paste function of Teamviewer to transfer a copy of the recording onto Tom’s computer. She then played it for Tom’s benefit. Tom was more than stunned as he watched himself seemingly doing everything on his own. Even to him, without the audio it appeared that he had just got caught on camera acting out a sick fetish. He was even more stunned when the video showed him immediately going down to lick up his cum after he came. Princess Dee was correct… nobody would ever notice the pause.

Tom was almost in shock as he asked her “Why are you doing this? W-what do you want?”

Princess Dee smiled evilly at him. “It is really quite simple slave; your money and your life are now mine to do with as I please. You belong to me now!”

Chapter two

“Now my little cock-sucking, sperm-eating, sissy slut, get your ass back over here and sit down in front of your computer on your hands so we can have a little chat… and then we are going to go shopping online” Princess Dee said with a sadistic laugh. Tom stood up, pulled his panties back up and staggered over to his chair and sat down. As he did, he felt the butt-plug pressing deeply into him and let out a low moan… it was no longer a pleasurable sensation. Then he lifted up each cheek and tucked his hands under them.

“First let me just assure you of this slave... this is not just a mind-fuck here on my part... this is your new reality. What do you think of it so far?” Princess Dee asked Tom who was just now beginning to recover his senses by this time.

“This is blackmail. You can’t do this; I’ll go to the police!” Tom said with defiance.

Princess Dee laughed out loud at Tom’s remark. “You are wrong slave; this is not blackmail. Blackmail is a threat of exposure for monetary gain; and extortion is a threat of bodily harm for monetary gain... this is neither of those. First off.. .there is no threat of exposure for your money... it is just my little incentive to get you to continue to obey me. If you don’t do so... then I promise... not threaten... to send this video to every house and business in your neighborhood. And it is that very fear of yours... the fear of being exposed.... that will keep you from going to the police. I mean really... just what would you tell them that wouldn’t expose you to the kind of ridicule you are already trying to avoid?”

Tom’s defiance started to waver just a little bit. He wondered if he could truly go to the police and tell them that a woman he met on the internet had talked him into dolling himself up as a slut, shoving a butt-plug up his ass, sucking on a dildo, masturbating, and then licking up his mess; and that she had recorded it all surreptitiously and was now threatening to send it out? He couldn’t do that... could he? Maybe he didn’t need to tell them all the details; maybe he could just say that she was threatening to expose him in exchange for money. This reminded Tom... she did say she was after his money after all. So it was blackmail; regardless of what she had just told him.

Tom finally spoke up, “It is blackmail... you just said it is about my money and life being yours. I will go to the police... I will!”

“Will you slave? Will you really?” Princess Dee started. “Are you thinking you can get away without being exposed? Let’s look at the facts here... shall we slave? First, if you do... everyone in your neighborhood will see your little performance. Second, I would be more than happy to send a copy of the video and the still shots to the police as well; along with your address... I am sure they would get a kick out of seeing what kind of pervert they have living in their city. I’m not sure how much support or protection you would ever get from them again... especially if your neighbors decided to take action into their own hands against the freak they want to keep away from their family and children. Third, I live in another state from you.... so it would be a federal case and the FBI would get involved. Should I send them a copy of the video as well? Fourth, it would have to be played in court for the jury and for everyone else in the courtroom... possibly including court reporters. Fifth, and finally... news like that would be on TV, radio, the newspapers, and even the internet. Why you would be famous... or should I say infamous?” Princess Dee concluded as Tom hung his head in shame.

“It would be your word against mine,” she intoned.”In the video it looks like you are doing what you want to do; and where is your proof of threat? That’s right... you have no emails, or letters, or chat logs of any of this do you slave? Of course you don’t.... why do you think I said it in video chat and not anywhere else?”

“Besides, it isn’t blackmail my little slave. You are not paying me for my silence; not at all. You are paying me for my dominance and control. You already knew it wasn’t going to be free... you just didn’t fully realize how much it was going to cost you. You are taking things the wrong way. I am providing you with a service here and the cost of that service is not going to be out of line... but it will be progressive. The more of your life and time that I control... the more you will pay for it. Eventually I will control everything there is about you; and you will pay very deeply for it indeed. However, you will still be able to feed and clothe yourself... even if I choose what you eat and wear; and you will have a place to live.” Princess Dee told Tom.

“I am not heartless you know? I just plan on taking someone... you... who obviously has no life, who probably sits around every weekend looking at porn and masturbating, and molding them into someone who has a purpose other than himself. Someone who can function and serve another person’s needs while not having their own needs fulfilled... a slave in other words; that is what this is all about slave.” Princess Dee told him. “You wanted to be dominated and be a slave... but only on your terms. That isn’t slavery; that’s just you playing out your sick little sexual fetishes. Like I said, you wanted to be a slave; you just didn’t realize that I am the person who can, and is giving you exactly what you wanted... whether you like it or not!”

Tom sat there dejectedly. He knew she was right; there was no way he could go to the police. And somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that she was indeed giving him what he wanted. Tom was visibly shaken; his mind was torn by the conflicting emotions that were coursing through him. He teeter tottered back and forth between excitement at the idea of being a slave, and fear of that very reality happening to him.

“Now... one more thing before we go shopping... stand up, pull down your panties and let me get a good look at you when you aren’t all turned on and trying to get your rocks off.” Princess Dee told him. Tom stood up and pulled down the pink panties he was wearing only to hear Princess Dee start laughing at him.

“Wow slave, I knew you weren’t well endowed when I saw you playing with yourself; but now... when you aren’t all amped up and horny... it almost disappears it is so small... hell, it almost looks like it tried to crawl back up inside you. What a pathetic little worm!” she giggled. “Now sit your ass back down and let’s go shopping, shall we?”

Tom sat back down in embarrassment and watched again as Princess Dee took control of his mouse and moved up to his Internet Explorer address bar and watched as she went to Google. He then saw as she typed in the words “chastity tube cb6000”.

“What slave? Are you surprised? I said we were going to go shopping... I didn’t say that it was all going to be for me, did I?” Princess Dee said. She now clicked on the site and continued, “Now that I see how tiny you are when you’re not erect... I see that we will have to go with the CB6000s. That’s “s” for “small” slave.” She chuckled.

As she added it to his cart she said “This will serve two functions my little slave. First it will prevent you from playing with yourself. I can’t see anyone else deriving pleasure from that little thing so neither should you. And second... it is obvious that you are just like every other male I’ve ever dealt with... much more obedient when horny. This will help ensure you stay that way for me... always horny and always obedient. This will allow you to start putting the pleasures of others before your own.”

Chapter Three

“Now slave… I am going to log out of Teamviewer for a few minutes. While I am not in your PC you will go ahead and enter your payment information here and then you will sign into your Amazon account. You do have an Amazon account don’t you slave?” Princess Dee asked.

Tom nodded his head. He was still too overwhelmed by what was happening to be able to think clearly. The only thought that really came into his head with any force to it, was that when she disconnected Teamviewer that he would exit the program and his messenger program and pray that she did not carry out her threat to send the video and pictures to his neighbors.

“Isn’t that nice of me slave? You should be happy that I am allowing you to input the information without me being able to see your credit card details. I don’t need them, at least not yet.” Princess Dee chuckled. “But I promise you… there will be a time in your future when I not only know those numbers; but I decide everything that will be purchased with them... and with every other credit card or account you own.”

“Now you have exactly five minutes before I log back in slave; and remember this… there will be very severe consequences for you if you disobey me or try anything stupid. I hope I am making myself clear. Don’t screw this up slave; I want to control your life, not ruin it. But I will ruin it with no qualms or hesitation if it becomes necessary. Understood?”  As Princess Dee said this the smile and mirth faded away from her face and Tom again began to realize the seriousness of the situation he was in.

Tom watched as a box appeared saying that this was a free Teamviewer session.  As soon as he knew that Princess Dee was not able to see what he was doing on the PC he closed that box and then clicked on his Teamviewer icon. As soon as the Teamviewer box came back up Tom clicked on the X button to close Teamviewer. When he did this he was surprised to see a new box appear at the bottom of his screen stating that Teamviewer was still running. He clicked on the icon again and this time he clicked on the Connection button and then tried to click on the Exit Teamviewer button; only to find it grayed out and not clickable. Tom’s eyes dilated with surprise at this.

Tom then tried to click on his Teamviewer options button to redo his settings only to find a password prompt appear. Tom gasped out loud and was surprised to hear Princess Dee laugh. He had completely forgotten that messenger was still running and that his cam was still on.

“I thought you might try something stupid slave; and from the look on your face I am assuming that I was correct.  Better hurry slave…. only two minutes before I log back in. If you don’t want me to have your credit card details you had best type really, really fast.”

Tom was defeated. He knew now that there was no escape from this situation. He complied with Princess Dee’s ultimatum and typed in his details as fast as he could before Princess Dee logged back into his PC.

He had gotten the information in to purchase the chastity tube and had just signed in to his Amazon account in a second  Internet Explorer tab when he saw the connection box reappear indicating that Princess Dee was now back inside his computer.

“I should be very cross with you slave; but I knew that you would try to escape my clutches before you even tried to do so.” Princess Dee chided him. “Now let’s see if you obeyed me.”

Tom watched as she went up to the first tab on his screen and said she was “very pleased” that he had indeed purchased the chastity device. She closed that tab and said, “Now let’s do some real shopping shall we?”

Princess Dee then took Tom’s cursor up to the Gift Card button on Amazon and selected the Digital Delivery method. “First there is the small matter of my compensation to take care of,” she said. She then typed in her email address and Tom watched as she entered the amount of $250. Tom panicked again and grabbed the mouse to try and prevent this new assault. But as soon as he did so Princess Dee disabled his inputs again and told Tom he had best sit on his hands again as she was not going to put up with his interference any longer.

Tom complied as he watched her add the gift card to his shopping cart. “Do you think that is a little harsh or too much my slave?” Princess Dee asked. Tom said yes, that it was an amount that he could not really afford.

Princess Dee just laughed at him. “Then I guess we will need to put you on very tight budget. Won’t we slave?”

“Trust me slave; for the time and effort I have put into controlling you, you are getting quite a deal here. Many of the ‘Money Dommes’ on the internet charge about $100 for a half hour or one hour Teamviewer session. I have already been on your computer for longer than that and my work on it is only just beginning. Now sit back and let’s have a bit more fun.” As she said this, Princess Dee then took Tom’s cursor up to the Amazon search bar and entered ‘Sex Toy’. When the list came up she narrowed her search by Department by clicking on the ‘Masturbators & Dolls’ button.

Tom gasped as he saw these toys show up on his screen. He never knew that Amazon had an adult section and had no idea that many of these toys even existed. Princess Dee then clicked on the ‘Sexflesh Amazing Anus’ toy and Tom saw what appeared to be a very realistic looking woman’s ass and pussy;  and added it to Tom’s cart.  “You want me to use that?” Tom asked Princess Dee. He had never used anything other than his hand to masturbate with.

Princess Dee let out a loud belly laugh. “Oh yes slave, I want you to use that. But not in the way you think. Remember, I plan on locking up that little penis of yours… or had you forgotten? No slave, this is just a training tool. You will use it to learn how to please orally front and rear. I will require you to practice your skills on this daily as one of your tasks. Now, we need to get the other one for you to practice on too!”

Princess Dee then clicked on the ‘Sexflesh Penis Rider Combo Masturbator’ and watched Tom’s stunned reaction on her computer when he saw the also very realistic looking man’s cock, balls and ass. “B-but…. I’m not gay” stuttered Tom. “I don’t want that thing; that’s disgusting.”

“Silly slave, I never said you were gay… although from the blow job you gave that dildo on cam earlier it was hard to tell; but you are a slave. And slaves obey their owners whether they like it or not. You will practice your skills on this one front and rear daily as well. And once I deem your skills to be decent enough…. I will force you into Chat Roulette or other sites where you can show others your skills so they can give you good critiques and tips on exactly what to do. But don’t worry slave; you will not have to serve the real things… at least not until I am certain that you have achieved the levels of skill and duration necessary to please even the most difficult recipient. But until then I might whore you out on cam-sites to help supplement our income” Princess Dee said as she added this one to his cart as well.

“It’s time to make our purchase, slave!” Princess Dee said and she completed the transaction. As soon as she saw the confirmation page Princess Dee closed Tom’s Internet Explorer and then clicked on his start button and then on the arrow for shut down. Tom watched as she then locked her Windows account and then reopened his.

“Isn’t this exciting slave?” Princess Dee asked him. Tom was too dumbfounded to answer her. “Now” she continued, “I have seen too many slaves go in and cancel these orders before they ship. And even though I know that you are most likely too afraid of the consequences to do so; there is always the chance that you might grow a pair and try. So to that end let’s try this.”

As soon as she finished saying that, Tom saw the Teamviewer Transfer window come up and a second or two later saw it say ‘File Transfer Completed’. He then saw a new icon appear on his desktop that was titled Grounded v0.7 and had no idea what it was.

Princess Dee then double clicked on the icon and ran the program. Tom saw a new window come up titled ‘Your Grounded!’ with a drawing of a young woman sitting in her window looking outside. There were three buttons below and Tom watched again as Princess Dee moved his mouse over to the ‘Edit Task File’ button. He then watched as she filled in the prompts including 180 minutes for the Duration of grounding and 3 seconds for the Time to respond to pop-ups.

“Okay slave, this is what is going to happen” Princess Dee said. “When I click on Begin you will see nothing but a gray screen on your computer and your mouse will not work. However, you will get a lot of pop-ups telling you which button to click… A, B or C. You will then have 3 seconds to click on the correct button before they disappear. You are to sit there in that chair and learn patience and discipline for me while I go redeem and spend my gift card. This will help prevent you from being able to cancel your orders… at least for the next 3 hours and help you understand that sometimes a slave has nothing else to do but sit and wait. You will not leave that chair for any reason. If you have to pee then sit there and piss your little pink panties; because if you don’t do so then there will be severe consequences. Those consequences are these my sissy… for every button you click that is wrong there will be a $25 penalty; and for every button missed there will be a $50 penalty. Both penalties will be paid to me by way of another Amazon Gift Card. And as happy as I will be to take your money; I’ll be even more pleased if you get them all correct and on time.”

“Now, let me give you back your ability to use your inputs” she said. “And let’s begin. Remember, I will still be watching.” And with that she pressed the Begin button and Tom watched as his screen went gray.

Chapter Four

The next three hours were very unpleasant for Tom. His ass ached from the butt-plug pressing into him. He had never kept it in for longer than a few minutes; and had never sat down with it in before. He found it to be quite uncomfortable. He still has the taste of semen, dust and dirt in his mouth from licking his mess up off the floor. And as he sat there with nothing else to occupy his time but watch a blank gray screen waiting for the pop-ups commanding him to click a button; the urge and need to pee grew constantly stronger. Tom always had to pee not long after he reached orgasm and this time was no different. However, he did not want to be penalized for missing any buttons and did not want to “piss his little pink panties” to paraphrase what Princess Dee had told him. Thank god he hadn’t drunk anything to get the tastes out of his mouth.

After about two hours however, the need to pee was so distracting that Tom had missed two buttons and chosen the wrong one three times. Tom didn’t realize that he was now in for another $175 to Princess Dee; but knew that he would need to relieve his urge or he would soon be broke.  Bouncing his leg up and down didn’t help the urge at all. All it did was add more stimulation to the butt-plug and through it, even more pressure on his bladder. Tom finally gave way and pissed himself around the two hours and fifteen minutes mark.  Of course Tom had no idea of the time frame as the gray screen even covered the clock on his computer.

The instant relief and spreading warmth allowed Tom to concentrate on the gray screen again and he was able to not make any additional errors; but it wasn’t long before the cooling urine added to his discomfort once again.

Shortly afterwards Tom saw the small box appear on the right-hand side of his monitor indicating that Princess Dee had once again entered into his computer. It then expanded as the chat box for Teamviewer came up. ”Keep going slave, I just want to be in here when you finish so I can see the report Grounded will generate when your time is up.” Princess Dee had typed in.

Tom continued as instructed. Meanwhile Princess Dee had opened the File Transfer box again. She knew that it would not show on Tom’s monitor as it would be covered by his gray screen; thus freeing her to do a few things without Tom’s knowledge. The first thing she did was transfer a program from her computer to his called ‘Fond of Writing’. This was a typing task program that would allow her to force Tom to complete typing tasks. She then installed several different typing tasks onto his computer to be run under the ‘Fond of Writing’ program.

Princess Dee then used the File Transfer box to take a good look at all the files on Tom’s computer. Unlike most of the clueless ‘Money Dommes’ who played a little bit with Teamviewer and only looked in the slave’s files; Princess Dee knew that most slaves had hidden files which would not show up if she looked there. She also knew that hidden files showed in the File Transfer box. As soon as she saw all of Tom’s hidden files she then transferred copies of them to her computer. As soon as she had them all she then closed the file transfer box, disconnected from Tom’s computer and then reconnected so Tom would not be aware of what had happened. Tom was completely oblivious to all of this as he continued to concentrate on clicking the pop-up buttons.

Finally after the three hours were up, both Princess Dee and Tom watched as the gray screen finally went away and was replaced with the Report showing the errors made by Tom. Both of them quickly calculated the amount the penalties added up to. The final total was three missed boxes and three wrong boxes totaling $225. Tom was stunned. He wondered how he was going to be able to pay for his food and gas if Princess Dee took this money before his next payday. She had already depleted most of his savings during their earlier shopping trips.

Princess Dee said, “I know that you missed the one box because you were reading my message when I came back in using Teamviewer, so I will forgive that mistake… however, that means that you still owe me $175.” Again Tom had forgotten that the messenger program was still running and had been for the whole three hours he was grounded.

Tom told her that he did not have the money at this time and begged Princess Dee to please wait until after his payday to take the money. Princess Dee agreed to this and told him that she would definitely have to control his budget since he was obviously not able to. She told him that he must spend way too much of his money frivolously if he had so little in savings at his age. She also noted to herself that Tom didn’t ask her not to take it; just to wait to do so. She was pleased with this; as she knew she had been right when she told him that he wanted to be a slave. If he didn’t have that mentality then he would still be begging her to stop.

Princess Dee then closed the Grounded Report and opened Tom’s Internet Explorer and went to Mint.com and then added it to Tom’s favorite bar. “Tomorrow you will get an account here and add all of your information into it. Don’t worry… it only reads your information and can’t be used to take or move any of your money. But I need to see how much you make, how much you spend and on what, if I am going to set you on the right path. Is that understood slave?” Princess Dee asked.

Tom nodded his head and said “Yes Mistress”. This was the first time he had used an honorific title for her since he had greeted her as Princess when she first entered his computer.

“Well, well, well slave; it seems you are finally learning who is your better and owner” Princess Dee said. “But please, address me as Princess Dee.”

Tom rapidly replied “Yes Princess Dee.”

“You are learning well my slave; but you still have a very long way to go? So tell me slave, did you piss your panties? I suspect that you did. In fact stand up and let me see for myself. And if I am wrong… then by all means please feel free to piss them for me on camera.” She chuckled.

Tom nodded his head and stood up. When he did it was totally obvious to Princess Dee that he had indeed pissed them as they were now much darker than the matching bra. Princess Dee laughed at the image. ”How precious my little sissy. Perhaps I may need to make you wear diapers in the future.”

“Now that you are standing up go ahead and take your panties off slave.” Princess Dee told him. Tom used both hands to pull them down to his knees and then lifted one leg out and then the other. He was about to discard them onto the floor when Princess Dee spoke up once again. “Now fold them up and stuff them in your mouth like a gag. You must be thirsty by now; so I’ll allow you the pleasure of sucking them dry.”

Tom looked at the camera totally aghast; he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If fact he was too shocked to even reply; all he could do was stand there with the panties dangling from his hand. “Now slave, do not make me repeat myself.” Princess Dee warned. “Or have you already forgotten about the video and everyone who will see it?”

Tom’s eyes dilated at the threat and he slowly folded the panties and then pushed them into his mouth. It was everything he could do to wretch from the taste of the cold piss that permeated his sense of taste. Unknown to Tom, Princess Dee captured several still images and the video of him removing the wet panties and putting them in his mouth. Princess Dee laughed to herself; she knew that everything that Tom did from now on would just push him deeper and deeper into a hole that he would never get out of.

The power she felt at the thought of this almost overwhelmed her and caused her panties to get almost as moist as the ones that Tom was currently holding in his mouth. She really did get a sexual rush and high out of controlling someone; especially someone who was as reluctant as Tom. She knew that as much as Tom fantasized about being a slave; the reality of it was a totally different matter indeed. As much as he desired it on a sub-conscious level; it would be a long time before he would accept it willingly; and the more of a rush it was for Princess Dee to break his spirit and mind slowly. She knew that Tom would keep her juices flowing for many years to come.

“God I wish you had some high heels slave; I know they’d make you suffer even more for me with what I am about to have you do.” Princess Dee laughed again. “But you don’t, so we will just have to make do without them… for now. Rest assured, you will have some soon.”

“Now I want you to go stand in the corner back there like a naughty little boy while I make some changes to my computer. Keep the panties in your mouth and your nose pressed into the corner if you know what is good for you. And don’t you dare turn around or move until I tell you to. Is that understood?” Princess Dee looked at Tom waiting to see how he would respond with the panties in his mouth. She was pleased when he started to type his answer instead of trying to talk or removing the panties to do so. However she did not remain pleased when she saw that Tom was not replying his compliance but to beg her not to do this to him.

“Please Princess Dee, please don’t do this. There are things on my computer that I need to move or delete. I just cannot allow you to gain access to them. They are very personal and important to me” Tom typed. Princess Dee spoke up at this and said, “Oh, you mean all those files you have hidden?”

Tom gasped through the gag and the color would have drained completely from his face had it not been for the make-up he was wearing. “Yes slave, I know all about those. You would be surprised just how many slaves try to hide their ‘secret stash’ of files and pictures by using the hide file function. Too bad for you that the Teamviewer File Transfer Wizard sees all files and folders…. whether they are hidden or not. Don’t worry about those slave… they are safe and sound… in fact I even have them backed up for you here on my ‘other’ computer.”

Tom went weak in the knees and almost fell at this revelation. He was shaken to the very core of his being. There were pictures of his parents, and files from work that he had hidden. She now had information about his family and where he worked; this scared him even more than her threats of blackmail had earlier.  Being humiliated in front of neighbors and strangers was one thing; but knowing that he might be exposed to his family and co-workers and other people he knew was a much scarier concept to him.

Princess Dee smiled at the consternation on Tom’s face. “Now my little bitch, for the last time, go stand in the corner until I say otherwise!”

Tom turned around and walked back over to the corner and did as he was told. The only respite was the fact that he knew that Princess Dee would not be able to see him cry.



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