The Coincidence 3: A Friend

by Chas Dicks-ins

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Part Three

Chapter 10: A Friend

When Rebecca woke up the next day, she finally felt refreshed. The sickness was gone, and the awful taste was replaced with the taste of Tracy's wonderful cooking. Rebecca got up quietly so as not to disturb the exhausted Tracy, and showered quickly, the water running over the metal of the collar and chastity belt. Rebecca put her hair up in a high ponytail, noticing in the mirror that the collar said "SLAVE". Rebecca smiled, understanding why the man called her slave, and pegged it down as another sexy thing. After all, even though she hated the experience, she did successfully get a man.

Rebecca slipped on one of Tracy's shirts to go with her chastity belt and collar. Rebecca would have liked to remove the chastity belt, but she didn't need to go to the bathroom at the moment, and didn't know where the key was, so she decided to wait. So, Rebecca left the room wearing only the chastity belt, the slave collar, and a top of Tracy's that barely covered her chest, and left most of her midriff bare.

Rebecca then rooted through the kitchen, and being completely lost in the foreign kitchen, decided to just take a banana until Tracy woke up. Tracy was about to eat the banana, and put it right by her mouth, but her mind suddenly reminded her of the last long thing that was in her mouth, and she quickly traded the banana for an apple to avoid the comparison. Rebecca was in no hurry to do anything like that again.

Rebecca wandered the house while eating her apple, seeing how amazingly neat and clean the place was. Tracy was clearly wealthy to afford such a nice house, and to fill it with so many cool things. Tracy even had a full wall of wine in one of her closets!

Rebecca then found a door that led downstairs, and realized that there was a basement in addition to the spacious first floor. Curious about what would be downstairs after seemingly everything anyone would need to live was upstairs, Rebecca headed downstairs.

There, Rebecca found Tracy's treasure: her dungeon. Rebecca had no idea what most of it was, having only been newly introduced to BDSM. There was a section with various whips and flogs, there was a closet full of leather and latex clothing that made Rebecca gasp in jealousy. "I wish I had all of this to wear!" Rebecca thought out loud. Rebecca found drawers full of chains, full of rope, and then a lot of leather straps and the like in arrangements that Rebecca didn't quite understand. Rebecca wandered aimlessly, admiring the size and severity of the large cage in the corner, and the smaller cages next to it. Rebecca was impressed by Tracy's collection, and still thinking that all sex was BDSM, figured that all of it was extraordinarily sexy. Rebecca found the drawer of handcuffs, and took a pair out, as it was one of the few things she understood in the dungeon.

Rebecca imagined how helpless she would be if she were wearing the handcuffs, and suddenly deep under her chastity belt a warmth started growing. Rebecca imagined being unable to do anything while handcuffed, and almost moaned out loud at the thought. Rebecca imagined being found by a handsome prince while tied up, and being rescued and falling in love and feeling that pleasure she dreamed of, when suddenly she was wrenched out of her dream by the sound of the ratchet of the handcuffs closing on her hands.

Rebecca looked down, and saw that indeed she had locked herself into the handcuffs on accident while she was fantasizing. Rebecca immediately searched around for the key to the handcuffs to free herself and save herself the embarrassment of Tracy seeing her now. However, the only thing Rebecca never saw in the dungeon was a key, as of course you keep the keys hidden. Rebecca realized that she was absolutely stuck, and cursed herself for picking up the handcuffs and not being more careful. Nonetheless, the warm feeling in her crotch persisted, but Rebecca knew no prince was coming to save her- only Tracy.

So, Rebecca went upstairs to the living room to wait for Tracy to wake up and save her. Sitting around, bored, Rebecca realized that in Tracy, Rebecca had finally found a true friend- Tracy dropped everything to help Rebecca, and twice (about to be thrice now) Tracy had freed her from being tied up and helpless. Rebecca smiled, not scared at all to be handcuffed in Tracy's house and unable to escape.

Tracy woke up much later, as she was exhausted from the day before. Tracy had been running all over the house to help Rebecca, and didn't sleep well on the hard slave's mattress. But, she was happy to find that Rebecca had left the room, and was probably feeling much better.

Tracy got up, and glanced through her wardrobe, picking out a simple grey top and a pair of skinny jeans to wear underneath. Tracy made a beeline to the kitchen to start the coffee pot, as she would need some to get going today. From the living room Tracy heard Rebecca call "Is that you, Tracy?"

Tracy walked into the living room, and saw over the edge of the couch Rebecca's gorgeous face, with her luscious red hair up in a beautiful ponytail. Before Tracy could say hello and say how happy she was that Rebecca was feeling better, Rebecca held up her hands showing the handcuffs locking them in place, and flashed a bashful smile with a blush at Tracy. "I'm sorry..." Rebecca said.

Tracy almost laughed at the sight of Rebecca trying to hide her embarrassment at having to be rescued once again. Tracy gestured for Rebecca to follow, and together they went to the bookshelf in Tracy's bedroom. Tracy took a book off of the shelf and opened it, and inside was a hollowed out section containing an assortment of keys, all with tags stating their purpose. Tracy grabbed the handcuff key and unlocked Rebecca's handcuffs, leaving them in Rebecca's hands. Tracy then dug through the keys and grabbed two more after returning the handcuff key; the keys to Rebecca's collar and belt. "I put these here so I would remember where I put them." Tracy said, explaining their presence. "Really, it's almost habit that makes me put all keys in here." Tracy then returned the keys, and the two headed down to the kitchen.

Rebecca sat down at the kitchen counter, keeping the handcuffs and the two keys on the counter in front of her, while Tracy poured herself a cup of coffee. Rebecca drew breath to speak, hesitated, and then meekly inquired "would you please help me once more and cook me some food? I would, but I'm sort of lost in your fancy kitchen..." Rebecca looked down, feeling nervous asking for more help after Tracy had done so much for her.

Tracy laughed and said "Of course! Don't worry about it! It's just weird to have an overnight guest sleep in my bed, and to serve her instead of vice versa!" Tracy laughed at the irony of the situation, and Rebecca looked down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you want your bed back? I'll head out as soon as I can..." Rebecca said apologetically, thinking she was being a burden on Tracy.

"What? No, It was a joke! I want to help you! Lighten up! It's not like I'm sleeping in my dungeon!" Tracy said, laughing even more.

Rebecca smiled, understanding now what Tracy meant by her joke. Rebecca even chuckled a little, and after Tracy stopped laughing, Rebecca said "Yeah, sorry for going in your dungeon. I was just curious, and it is amazing. I loved your wardrobe down there!"

Tracy smiled warmly at Rebecca, and said "Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you're feeling better after yesterday. And you can borrow some of my clothes if you want! It seems that you fill out my shirt even better than I do!"

Rebecca looked down at the shirt she was wearing, and smiled at the compliment. The two laughed a bit more and discussed trivial things, and Rebecca truly started to warm up to Tracy.

However, eventually the conversation strayed to the night before last, and the two finally fell silent. "Do you want to talk about what happened?" Tracy asked.

Rebecca paused, and replied "Not especially. But, I do know that I don't want to experience that again any time soon."

Tracy nodded, and said "I truly am sorry it happened that way. I wish I had been there to protect you from that jerk."

Rebecca smiled, and said "Well, I would have had a similar experience eventually. At least you were there to rescue me."

Tracy, suddenly confused, said "What? Why would you have had a similar experience anyway?"

Rebecca, also confused now, said "Well, I would have eventually found out how disgusting it is to... well... er, taste someone's manhood."

Tracy's eyebrow raised. "So it wasn't being restrained and forced to do it that made it so horrible?"

"Well, no, I..." Rebecca of course still thought bondage to be the norm when it came to sex, and so felt no qualms with enjoying it. So Rebecca wanted to say that she enjoyed the restraints, but then she would have to tell Tracy why she accidentally locked herself in the handcuffs, and that was too embarrassing. So she just said "He was disgusting."

Tracy nodded, and gave Rebecca a big hug of support. When they separated, Tracy decided to change the topic. "So what are you going to do about those?" She asked, pointing at the keys and handcuffs.

Rebecca thought, and said "Well, I love all of my new sexy clothes, but I do need to go home eventually. I guess I'll go pack up." There was a moment of sad silence as they realized they were parting ways, and then Rebecca went over and into the bedroom to prepare, taking the keys to her belt and collar.

Chapter 11: New Clothes

Rebecca was soon heading home, as she needed to work the next day. She and Tracy had agreed to meet again next Friday night, and Rebecca was going to try some of Tracy's clothes and maybe go shopping for new ones. In the meantime, Rebecca left her new clothes with Tracy, since she didn't know what to do with them herself.

Rebecca spent the week kind of waiting for Friday to come, and as always it crept up on her slowly. But, she prepared some things to do on Saturday when they would have the whole day free. Tracy, on the other hand, spent the week wondering why she never made a move on the helpless Rebecca, and realized that her conscience would never let her take advantage of someone tied up against their will. So, Tracy decided to just be Rebecca's friend. After all, Tracy did care about Rebecca.

But when Friday finally came, Rebecca spent the whole day thinking about last weekend, and the feeling that came with being restrained and helpless, and couldn't wait to try out Tracy's sexy outfits.

Rebecca arrived at Tracy's half an hour early, eager to get started. She had brought an overnight bag, as the girls had planned on Rebecca staying the night so they could spend Saturday together. Tracy opened the door, and the two embraced like life-long friends. They exchanged quick greetings, and then Rebecca made a beeline for Tracy's room, where her new clothes had been stored. In a few minutes, Rebecca emerged wearing only her slave collar, chastity belt, and the white blouse she brought. Tracy chuckled at the sight, and Rebecca reddened and said "I missed these two the most" to explain herself.

The two grabbed a couple of glasses of wine, and headed down to the dungeon almost immediately. Tracy gave a quick tour, explaining that there was a pain section, a leather section, a chain section, an accessory section, the furniture, and the wardrobe. The pain section was full of scary whips and nipple clamps that intimidated Rebecca, but she liked all the other sections, and wanted to try it all. But first, they dove into the wardrobe.

Together, Rebecca and Tracy worked through the clothes, trying to find sexy things for Rebecca to wear. "Sorry," Tracy said. "I don't have much clothes for slaves..."

Tracy was right, but what she had was still quite sexy. Soon Rebecca had picked out a latex catsuit with a deep V for her cleavage, a nice leather similar catsuit with a corset attached, and some intimidating boots and high heels. Finally, Rebecca found a leather miniskirt and a corset top that seemed to show everything and more, and Rebecca insisted that she wear it. By now, both girls had drank several glasses of wine, and were each a little tipsy.

Soon Rebecca was laced into the corset and miniskirt, and wearing her original leather locking boots. It was only 9, and they remembered that the store No Escape was open until 11 (their business did well after dark) and the two headed off for the place, both dressed in leather, though Tracy was showing a lot less, and wasn't wearing a collar that clearly said "SLAVE" on it.

At the store, the two went crazy, buying far too much. Rebecca found new leashes for her collar, more locking hobble skirts and dresses, a locking catsuit, and even a red leather hood to match her hair. At the store, Rebecca got some help from a guy that seemed to enjoy watching Rebecca try on all the different pieces, and who helped her decide which things were the sexiest. Tracy thought the guy rather sleazy to be gaping at Rebecca so openly, but Rebecca didn't seem to notice or mind at all. At the end, Tracy covered the steep bill, saying something about having the money to spare.

By the time they returned, Rebecca's crotch was burning with the warm feeling that came from all of these restraints, and was desperate to do something. So, she convinced the drunk Tracy to let her sleep in the dungeon so Tracy could have her bed, and Rebecca was soon in the largest cage on the crummy mattress, locked into her most restrictive hobble skirt. As soon as Tracy went up to bed, Rebecca took out the pair of handcuffs she stashed in the cell/cage earlier, and locked her hands in them to the ring on the floor by the mattress. Rebecca still didn't want to admit to Tracy how much she enjoyed being tied up, but as soon as she was locked in and helpless, her crotch lit on fire, and Rebecca felt amazing. Rebecca fell asleep fantasizing of being found so helpless by a handsome man, and dreamed of being rescued by Tracy that night.

Chapter 12: Rebecca's Truth

Saturday morning, Tracy woke up late, and went over to make herself a cup of coffee. Groggy with a slight hangover, Tracy just wanted to drink her coffee and wake up. After 15 minutes, Tracy had finally fully woken up, and started thinking about what she would be doing that day. She was excited because she would be able to spend the day with Rebecca, but she was trying to figure out what to do. And then the thought occurred to Tracy; where's Rebecca?

It dawned on Tracy that the night before, she had left Rebecca to sleep in the dungeon- in a cage! It had seemed like a funny thing to do at the time, but Tracy rushed downstairs with the key book to free her friend and apologize a million times to her.

Tracy found Rebecca fast asleep in the cage, with her hands handcuffed above her head to a hook in the floor. "I even handcuffed her? Oh no..." Tracy thought to herself. Tracy immediately unlocked and opened the cage, and freed Rebecca's wrists from the handcuffs. Rebecca stirred awake, and opened her eyes a little to see what was going on.

"I'm so sorry. I swear I'll never tie you up or lock you in a cage or do anything to you again" Tracy babbled to Rebecca, worried that her friend had been scared and lost being tied up all night.

Rebecca realized what Tracy thought she had done the night before, and blushed. "Oh, no, don't worry... I... uh..." Rebecca wanted to say that she had handcuffed herself, and that she wanted to be locked up and helpless... but it embarrassed herself too much, so she just fell silent and looked down at the floor.

Tracy, taking Rebecca's silence and reddening as a sign of her not wanting to tell Tracy how she felt, and therefore that Rebecca hated last night, Tracy's heart plummeted. "I totally betrayed Rebecca..." Tracy thought. Tracy mumbled another apology, and slowly headed back upstairs, dragging her feet all the way.

Tracy sat in her living room, staring dejectedly around as she thought about maybe finding some way to repair her friendship with Rebecca. Finding no way to repair the breach of trust that had occurred, Tracy guessed that Rebecca would stop being friends with this lesbian Dominatrix.

Tracy heard Rebecca come upstairs behind her perhaps half an hour later, and without turning to look said "I understand if you want to go... I'm truly sorry."

Rebecca replied "But.... but... I can't leave dressed like this!"

Tracy turned around, and caught her breath at the sight of Rebecca. Rebecca was wearing her usual slave collar, and with it a tight black leather corset and miniskirt that were clearly locked onto her. She was wearing matching knee high leather boots with towering 5 inch heels, of course locked in as well. The black of the leather, the red of her hair and full lips, the white of her skin, and the pale blue of her eyes together made a stunning image that stuck in Tracy's eyes.

But that was not all that Rebecca was wearing. Around her wrists was the same pair of handcuffs, and on her ankles were a set of shackles with a short hobble chain between. Rebecca was the picture perfect slave.

Rebecca's face was flushed red with embarrassment, and she said meekly "I uh... would need your help to... well... you know..." Rebecca trailed off, and awkwardly tested her bonds, proving that she could do nothing to escape them without help.

Tracy's mouth had been wide open since she saw Rebecca, and after perhaps a minute of silence, she finally found words. "Did... you... tie yourself up like this?" Tracy knew that of course Rebecca did, but didn't truly understand.

Rebecca somehow managed to blush to an even deeper red, and replied "Yes, I did." The two were silent for a while, and then Rebecca continued, a little stronger. "I also handcuffed myself last night in the cell... and... I, uh, also handcuffed myself last weekend... You see, I, uh, I..." Rebecca paused for a few seconds, trying to find the words, and then started again, very quietly "I like being tied up..."

Suddenly it all clicked for Tracy. Of course Rebecca liked being tied up- Tracy guessed that was why she went to No Escape in the first place, after all! Rebecca was into bondage, of course! Tracy asked "So you're not mad at all?"

Rebecca smiled, and said "No. To tell the truth... It was exciting being locked up all night."

Tracy stood up and ran over, grabbing Rebecca in a huge bear hug. Rebecca awkwardly tried to return it as best she could while handcuffed.

Soon, the two friends were sitting in the living room chatting over breakfast, almost ignoring the fact that Rebecca was still tied up. After finishing all the food, Rebecca started cleaning up as fast as her restraints would allow.

"So what do you want to do today?" Tracy asked.

Rebecca hesitated a moment, bit her lip nervously, and then said "Could I ask a huge favor of you?"

Tracy immediately replied "Of course!"

Rebecca put down the dish she was cleaning, and said "Well... if you're alright with it, there's this guy that I found... Richard... and... well... I showed him a picture of me in my new clothes, and he was very, well, interested... but I don't want to have to... well... you know... so I'd love it if we could... err..."

Impatient, Tracy interrupted "What do you want?"

Rebecca blushed, and said meekly "Could he come over today, so you could make sure he doesn't... take advantage of me while I'm tied up?"

Tracy's heart jumped a little, because she still had hoped that she would eventually convince Rebecca to consider herself, but she was still Rebecca's friend, and Rebecca did need her help. So, Tracy replied "Of course he can. But I'll have to tie you up properly!"

Rebecca's face lit up, and she said "Of course! This is amazing- thank you so much, Tracy!" Rebecca hurried to finish up the cleaning, eager to experience being fully restrained again.

Once Rebecca was done cleaning, the two went downstairs to the dungeon to re-outfit Rebecca. Tracy removed Rebecca's handcuffs, and fit a sort of leather glove over each of Rebecca's hands. "These are called bondage mittens" Tracy said. "They'll be locked on, and with them on, you'll be helpless to do anything with your hands."

Rebecca was truly helpless once they were locked on, as they forced her hands into fists inside, and then they were locked together behind her back. Tracy left her leg shackles as they were, as Rebecca still needed to travel around, albeit slowly. To finish the look, Tracy attached a leash to Rebecca's collar, and Rebecca was ready to be Richard's slave for the night.

The two went up to the living room, and sat with glasses of wine and chatted while they waited for Richard to appear. All the while, Rebecca's loins were churning, as she was completely helpless and ready for her man to come and make her feel amazing.

Chapter 13: Richard

At about 6, Richard rang the doorbell. The door swung open, and he was immediately presented with the handle of a leash in his face. He took it, and saw that on the end of the leash was a tied up woman, dressed sexier than belief. Richard stepped forward, and embraced Rebecca, kissing her deeply on the lips. After what seemed to be forever to Tracy, they separated, and Tracy cleared her throat to get Richard's attention. "I'll be in the kitchen, making some food for us, and you two can hang out in the living room. The keys to what Rebecca's wearing are on the living room table" Tracy said. Richard nodded, and walked forward, tugging Rebecca along on her leash. As Rebecca passed by Tracy, Tracy caught Rebecca's smile and glow at being tied up and in the hands of a handsome man. Sure, Tracy could admit that Richard certainly was handsome, and that it was quite the kiss that they shared. But Tracy still wasn't fully happy with the idea of the two being together. "Stop being so jealous. She's straight." Tracy muttered to herself.

In an hour, Tracy entered the living room with a platter of food for the couple, and found them canoodling on the couch. To be more precise, Richard was on top of Rebecca, who was sitting on the couch, and Richard was facing her, and the two were lost in what could have been the third or fourth year of some passionate kiss. Tracy vomited mentally at the sight, and just set the tray down in front of the couple. They both looked up at the sound, and Rebecca smiled at Tracy. "We were planning on watching a movie! Want to join us?" Rebecca announced.

Richard immediately gave Rebecca a stern look, and Rebecca looked down bashfully and apologetically. "Didn't I tell you not to speak unless I ask you?" Richard scolded Rebecca.

Rebecca, avoiding Richard's glare, said submissively "Yes, Richard."

Richard replied "Richard?"

Rebecca blushed a deep maroon, but after a moment reluctantly said "Yes... Master."

Richard smiled, and said "Good girl." Richard turned his head to face Tracy and said to her "As she said, we wanted to watch a movie. Care to join us?"

Tracy imagined sitting through a movie next to the couple, and couldn't imagine a worse way to spend her evening. Sit next to a hot submissive girl and listen to her submit to her master and make out profusely? No thanks. "I actually have some work to catch up on, so maybe some other time." Tracy replied.

Rebecca frowned at that response, as Tracy had told her earlier that she was free the whole day to hang out with Rebecca. But after having been scolded for speaking out of turn, Rebecca wisely kept her mouth shut. Richard turned around and gave Rebecca a peck on the lips, and her smile immediately returned, as she forgot that thought, instead remembering the hot man in complete control over her body.

The couple went back to kissing, and Tracy stuck out her tongue in disgust. Tracy went back to her bedroom, and scrounged around on her computer for some work to do to pass the time. A few hours later, at about 11, someone knocked on her bedroom door.

Tracy opened the door, and was met with Richard's face. "I'm leaving for the night." Richard said. "Take care of my slave." Tracy nodded, and Richard left out the door.

Tracy walked over to the living room to see Rebecca at last. Rebecca was no longer wearing her corset or miniskirt, which Richard had clearly removed, leaving her only in her restraints, collar, chastity belt, and boots. Richard had used a napkin from dinner to blindfold Rebecca, and had left her kneeling on the carpet, with her leash wrapped around the leg of the living room table to keep her from standing up or moving.

Tracy stopped in her footsteps a moment to admire Rebecca's chest fully- Tracy had never had the time before. The only other times had been while she was helping Rebecca change, and it wouldn't have been appropriate to stare then. But now, Rebecca was blindfolded and couldn't see Tracy gawking at her for nearly a minute. Rebecca did have an amazing body to complement her perfect face, with full D cup breasts, complete with pert nipples that Tracy just wanted to hold in her hands, and curvy belly that Tracy wanted to run her hands all over. After a while, Tracy shook herself from the spell of Rebecca's beauty, and went over to free her friend. Rebecca smiled a bright set of teeth at Tracy as soon as the blindfold came off, and soon Rebecca was only still restrained by the bondage mittens, as they had been unlocked from each other.

Rebecca gave Tracy a big hug, pressing her boobs right against Tracy's, saying "Thank you so much. That was so wonderful to be able to be with Richard and be so helpless in his hands." Rebecca's big eyes sparkled with lust, and Tracy could practically feel the heat from Rebecca's crotch burning hot.

Tracy replied "I'm just happy that you're safe and happy." It only a partial lie- Tracy was happy Rebecca was safe, but Tracy wasn't completely happy either.

Rebecca stopped hugging Tracy and stepped back. Tracy took the key and unlocked Rebecca's final restraint, and Rebecca was free from her bondage mittens. Her hands finally free, Rebecca flexed her fingers to get circulation back in them. Rebecca cradled her breasts from below with her hands, and said "Richard's hands were like magic- my chest felt amazing in his hands, and I wanted him to never stop."

Tracy eye's bulged at the sight of Rebecca groping her own boobs, and barely managed to reply at all. "I bet it, uh, felt great." Tracy stammered.

And Rebecca was feeling great, and didn't notice Tracy's odd behavior. Her entire body was filled with warmth from being restrained and helpless, and from the sensations of Richard's hands and tongue all over her body. She had never felt better in her life.

Rebecca headed to Tracy's bedroom to change into more normal clothes so she could head home, holding her breasts and thinking of Richard's hands all the way.

Tracy watched Rebecca walk past, jiggling her boobs and swaying her metal-clad butt behind her as she went. Tracy stared with mouth wide open, and rubbed her eyes a few times after Rebecca had gone inside her room, and nearly collapsed on her wobbly legs.

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