The Coincidence 4: Third Wheel

by Chas Dicks-ins

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Part Four

Chapter 14: Third Wheel

The girls had decided to meet next weekend on Saturday evening, and hang out on Sunday as well. Rebecca left this time with her clothes and their keys, saying that she might go to a bar with Richard on Friday, but promising to drive home separately from him to avoid what Tracy called "funny business". Tracy wondered how Rebecca would lace herself into a corset, but figured that Rebecca would manage something, or just wear one of her catsuits instead.

It took Tracy several cold showers before she could get over what she had seen of Rebecca Saturday night, but she eventually did get her out of mind, as Rebecca was clearly not interested in Tracy romantically. Tracy was determined to just be a good friend for Rebecca, and to wait until another slave showed up who was interested in having Tracy as a master. After all, Tracy really cared about Rebecca, and wanted her to be happy, even if that meant having a male master.

Come Saturday evening, Tracy was dressed in normal street clothes, albeit nice ones. She was wearing a long flowing emerald green evening gown with a pearly necklace, and looked ready to patronize the finest restaurants in town.

The doorbell rang, and Tracy hurried to meet her friend at the door. Tracy opened the door, and was met by a bit of a surprise. Next to Rebecca was Richard, and Rebecca was standing with her hands behind her back and her head down looking at her feet. Rebecca was wearing her latex catsuit and slave collar, along with some killer heels. Richard tugged lightly on Rebecca's leash, and Rebecca, having been cued, said "When I told my master that I was going to your place today, he insisted that he come with."

Tracy saw Rebecca flash a nervous smile, and Tracy understood that Rebecca really wanted to spend time with Richard, and with Tracy she could do it safely. And although Tracy would have preferred spending the weekend alone with Rebecca, she would rather spend some time with Rebecca and Richard than none at all. So, Tracy lied and said "Well I don't mind at all. Come right in! I'll fix something up for both of you to eat."

Tracy allowed them both to enter, and soon Richard was sitting on the couch, and Rebecca was kneeling on the ground next to him. As Tracy walked by to head to the kitchen, Richard touched Tracy's arm and asked "Do you have any restraints for my slave? She is fairly obedient, but it would be better if she were restrained."

Tracy thought about bringing some up, but instead went into her room and grabbed the book of keys from her shelf. She returned to Richard, and pointed to the door to the basement. "Down there is my dungeon. Why don't you take Rebecca down there?" Rebecca's face lit up when she heard she was going to the dungeon, and Richard even smiled a little.

Richard told Rebecca to go and kneel in the center of the dungeon and wait for her master to join her. Rebecca eagerly leapt up and practically ran downstairs, ready to be tied up and rendered helpless by her boyfriend. Richard stood up, and slowly walked towards the door to the dungeon. Before he could reach it, Tracy closed it and stood in front of the door.

"Now, don't worry, I won't stop you, but I will warn you now. Rebecca really cares about you, and I'm her friend, so I don't anything to go wrong. So I'll tell you now; don't you dare put your penis anywhere near her. Not in any part of her, not even almost in her. She had an awful experience a few weeks ago with a jerk who took advantage of her. Do what you two clearly enjoy, but don't you dare put your penis in her, or you'll ruin it, and I'll come after you myself if you mess with my friend. You understand me?"

Richard was a little intimidated by Tracy and her powerful demeanor, and he did think that Rebecca was a fantastic slave. So, he replied "Yes, I do. Thank you for warning me- I wouldn't have known from what she's told me."

Tracy seemed satisfied, and both parties seemed to understand each other. So, Tracy backed off, handed Richard the book of keys, and said "have fun." Richard headed downstairs to join Rebecca, closing the door behind him. Tracy tried to listen for any words from below, but Tracy had had the dungeon soundproofed a few years ago for one of her slaves who was a real screamer. So, Tracy gave up trying to hear anything, and set about finding more work to do on this Saturday night once again.

At 8, Tracy had dinner prepared for everyone, but there was no sign of either Rebecca or Richard yet. Tracy knocked on the door to the dungeon, holding a tray with food for the couple, and in a few seconds Richard appeared. Richard took the tray, thanking Tracy, and said that Rebecca was "indecent", and that Tracy should perhaps stay upstairs. Tracy gave Richard a stern look, suspecting foul play, but Richard quickly said not to worry.

Tracy still worried for Rebecca, but Richard did still have his pants on, so she didn't worry too much. Tracy was sad she couldn't see much of Rebecca at all, but at least she didn't have to watch the two kiss and fondle each other or whatever.

Tracy kept herself busy all night, and never heard a peep from the two. The dungeon had its own bathroom, they now had food, and they had brought their bags down with them, so truly there was no reason to emerge. Well, except to entertain their host, but Tracy was sure Richard wouldn't suggest that idea, and it was clear that Rebecca was not in a position to make any suggestions. Richard clearly kept the new slave under tight control, and kept her from disobeying at all. And although it worried her slightly, Rebecca did clearly love being dominated and being helpless. So, Tracy put it out of her head for a while. At around 11, Tracy gave up hope for ever seeing the couple that night, went to bed, and slept well.

Chapter 15: Emerging from the Dungeon at Last

In the morning, once again Richard went to leave first. Tracy was already awake and in the kitchen, so Richard stopped by quickly. It was a terse and short conversation once again, and Richard told Tracy that Rebecca would need some help getting up this morning. Tracy understood, and got up to go free her friend. As Tracy headed downstairs, Richard got into his car and left, leaving Rebecca at Tracy's without a ride, as Richard had insisted on driving on the way there.

Tracy went downstairs, not knowing exactly what to expect. Would Rebecca be bound and gagged? Chained to a wall? Hanging from the ceiling? Attached to the floor? Or was she just locked into her clothes? Tracy imagined being able to put Rebecca in all of those positions, and grinned a little. But, she immediately snapped back, remembering her current position. After all, Rebecca had her own master now.

Once Tracy turned on the lights in the dungeon, she immediately spotted Rebecca. She was suspended from the ceiling in a small cage, forced into a ball position in order to fit in the cage. It was the cage Tracy used for punishing slaves who had been bad, and was very uncomfortable to be in for a long time. Tracy guessed that Richard was a little stricter with his slaves than Tracy was, and so maybe didn't feel that the cage was a punishment. In any case, Tracy started the motor on the pulley to slowly lower Rebecca's cage to the ground.

As her cage started to move downwards, Rebecca started to stir, and raised her head a little. Tracy saw that she was wearing a discipline hood locked over her head with only her red hair showing in a ponytail at the top. Tracy knew that Rebecca must be completely disoriented, in a hanging cage with her sight and hearing completely blocked.

Soon, the cage reached the ground, and Tracy immediately unlocked the door, and Rebecca spilled out of the cage and onto the floor. Tracy finally got a good look at what Rebecca was wearing, and was impressed by Richard's handiwork. Rebecca had on a straitjacket that left her arms completely immobile, and her legs were fused together by a set of several straps that kept her from even wiggling her legs, and kept her heels firmly glued to her butt with another strap in a sort of pseudo-hogtie. Rebecca moaned a little, and flexed in her bonds with her new slight amount of freedom.

Tracy set about freeing Rebecca, starting with the discipline hood. It was hard to unlock and unlace, but after a few minutes of work, Tracy slipped it off of Rebecca's head. However, underneath was another blindfold, and a panel gag of some sort keeping Rebecca quiet. Rebecca moaned softly, and Tracy decided to remove the gag first. Unbuckling it, Tracy slowly removed the giant penis that Rebecca had in her mouth, revealing that Rebecca had had Tracy's biggest penis gag in her mouth the whole night.

As soon as the gag left Rebecca's mouth, Rebecca started talking "I'm so sorry master, I swear, I'll never do it again, please, I'm so sorry, please, I didn't mean to disobey..."

Tracy cut Rebecca off with a finger on Rebecca's mouth, and then started hugging Rebecca. "Shhh, shhh. It's OK. It's Tracy. Richard is gone." Tracy continued to hug and shush Rebecca, and removed Rebecca's blindfold. Rebecca's eyes were distraught and her makeup was all smudged, and as soon as she saw Tracy's face, she burst into tears.

The two hugged for a while longer while Rebecca cried and sobbed, and then when Rebecca calmed down, Tracy finished freeing Rebecca from her restraints. Tracy took Rebecca upstairs, and had her wearing Tracy's most comfortable fuzzy robe to cover her ever-present chastity belt and collar. The friends were soon sipping coffee, and Rebecca was finally almost completely calm.

Rebecca spoke first. "I know you're curious Tracy, and thank you for not asking. But I'll tell you what happened. Yesterday was fantastic- I was tied up in a million different ways, and everything Richard did just felt wonderful, and I was going wild. It was amazing. He fed me my dinner, and it was all great. Then, he said it was time to sleep, and I was a little sad, and I whined a little, because he didn't allow me to speak words unless asked to. But, he said that it was, and that good slaves were gagged at night so they wouldn't disturb their master. So, he took out that gag and tried to put it in my mouth.

"At first, I wanted to obey him, and so I obediently opened my mouth and accepted it, and I felt like a good slave. But the moment the gag touched my tongue, I realized what it was shaped like, and I closed my mouth, and said no. Richard became insistent, and I refused, because I didn't want to experience the same thing again. Finally, Richard pried my mouth open and shoved the gag in, and locked it too tight on me. I started to get sick, remembering the taste of that man at the club, but Richard didn't care. He picked me up, put me over his lap, and started spanking me, saying I was a bad girl and that I should be punished. It felt like I was being burned with a white-hot iron from the pain, and I screamed in my gag, but he just kept spanking me. Then, he tightened all of my restraints, and put that blindfold and hood on me, and then pushed me into that tiny cage. I felt him raising me up from the ground, and then I felt nothing, nothing. It was so uncomfortable in there, and I barely slept. I want to break up with him, but I think if I say anything to him that he doesn't want, he'll just punish me, and so I can't break up with him."

It was the longest thing Tracy had ever heard Rebecca say in a row, and it was most likely the longest thing Rebecca had ever said. Several times Rebecca stopped speaking for a while, and seemed to be about to cry, but she kept on through the story, and finally finished.

The two were silent for a while, and then Tracy stood up. Rebecca had clearly not slept at all, and was about to fall asleep despite the coffee. Tracy stood her up, and marched her over to the bedroom. Tracy pushed Rebecca into the bed, and tucked her in under the covers. "Rebecca, you need to sleep. I will handle Richard- you just get some rest."

Rebecca meekly said yes, and although it seemed like Rebecca wanted to go do something, Tracy knew she would be asleep in mere minutes. So, Tracy left the room, closing the door behind her. And, sure enough, Rebecca fell fast asleep.

Rebecca slept almost without ever waking, but at one point she stirred from her slumber from sounds outside. She heard indistinct yelling and banging, and guessed that someone's cat had escaped, and went back to sleep. Rebecca had many dreams in her sleep.

In one, Rebecca was caught in the web of a spider, and then accidentally ate the spider (which was tiny, of course), leaving an awful salty taste behind.

In another, Rebecca was captured by slave traders, but who just so happened to be handsome gentlemen as well, and whose hands elicited moans from the sleeping Rebecca.

In yet another, Rebecca was a princess tied up in the dungeon of a castle, and a handsome prince came and rescued her, only to reveal himself to be Tracy somehow.

But, Rebecca slept well, and recovered.

Chapter 16: Rebecca's Morning

Rebecca finally truly woke up early in the morning on Monday. Luckily, she only worked Tuesday-Friday, and if she wanted, could apply some of her paid vacation days. She did have 30 unused days, and she had never taken a vacation or used one, so she had no reason to hoard them.

It was 7 in the morning when Rebecca drearily stumbled out of the bedroom, heading for the kitchen and its treasured coffeepot. Rebecca was dressed lazily once again, wearing the same comfortable robe over her chastity belt and collar. Rebecca had removed the belt to go to the bathroom of course, but she just felt more comfortable with it on, and the small plugs gave Rebecca an unexplainable good feeling, so she put it back on.

After grappling with what seemed like some sort of alien technology, Rebecca managed to somehow get a pot of coffee going. Rebecca drank the cup of coffee she obtained slowly, savoring her first victory over her rival, Tracy's kitchen. Once again, Rebecca found herself wandering Tracy's house, admiring it all. All of Tracy's furniture was fancy and well-made, and the art on her wall was perfect for the space. Rebecca had to admit, it was an amazing house, dungeon and all.

Bored and being the only one awake in Tracy's house again, Rebecca of course found herself wandering into the dungeon. Rebecca saw that Tracy had cleaned up after Richard, as everything was back in its proper place, and the place was spotless again. Rebecca ran her hands through the leather whips, admiring their texture. Rebecca playfully tried to put a pair of nipple clamps on herself, but chickened out before she let the clamps go and let them bite into her nipples. Rebecca liked being tied up, but pain still scared her, and she certainly didn't like it when Richard spanked her.

Rebecca found herself back at the handcuff drawer, and had to hold herself back. She didn't want to lock herself in and have to go through the embarrassment of getting Tracy's help again, so she moved on.

Rebecca then looked at a lot of things she didn't recognize, trying to guess their purpose. There were long oblong objects in various colors and sizes that confused Rebecca, and Rebecca even found a drawer full of dog food and cat food. "Maybe Tracy once had pets?" Rebecca mused to herself.

Next to the dog and cat food were a plethora of specialized leather things, and all Rebecca recognized was what looked like a few pairs of bondage mittens. Rebecca found a pair of high heeled boots there that raised up about 5 inches, but had no back heel, instead having a sort of horseshoe pattern on the front heel of the shoe. Rebecca studied it for a while, trying to guess its purpose, but couldn't figure it out, so she moved on.

Rebecca stepped into a few of Tracy's cages, imagining being locked in and unable to escape, but made sure not to do so. Rebecca was enjoying herself, imagining herself in all sorts of restrained positions and scenarios, but wished she could try something on for real.

As if on command, Rebecca opened up Tracy's drawer of gags. "Perfect!" Rebecca thought. And they were; Rebecca could try them on and not worry about being locked in accidentally, as she could easily free herself and remove the gag.

Rebecca picked up a vast scoop of gags, and dumped them in a pile on the ground. Rebecca picked through the pile, wondering about them all, and couldn't decide on one single gag to wear. Eventually, Rebecca decided to try all the types.

The first gag Rebecca tried was a red ball gag that caught her eye. Rebecca remembered that her first gag had been a ball gag, and after putting it on, Rebecca closed her eyes and fantasized about that fateful day. Rebecca put her hands behind her back, remembering the helplessness of wearing an armbinder, and moaned out load as she imagined someone taking advantage of her powerless state, and running their hands all over her ready body. Then Tracy appeared in her fantasy, and Tracy was running her soft hands over Rebecca's smooth white skin. Rebecca shook her head, suddenly snapping out of it. Removing the ball gag, Rebecca moved on to the next one.

With each scenario, Rebecca's vivid imagination created a new scenario for her to imagine. Rebecca moaned in pleasure through a ring gag, imagining being kissed through it.

Rebecca groaned into the funnel gag, imagining being forced to drink round after round of shots, until she stopped resisting her handsome captor's advances. Rebecca grunted into the bit gag, imagining being captive in a dungeon, fearful of her future, but knowing it would involve unspeakable pleasure. Rebecca sighed into the feather duster gag, seeing herself cleaning the whole house for her master, hoping to be rewarded for obedience at his return.

After several more gags, Rebecca's hormones were in full throttle again. Eventually, Rebecca tried all the types but one, which she picked up. She glanced at it absent-minded, still caught up in her last fantasy. Rebecca put it to her mouth, and opened her eyes to glance at the medium-sized penis gag in front of her face. Rebecca dropped it, disgusted. Rebecca did want to try them all, even though she might not love them all... and she had been rendered helpless by the gag the night before, so... Rebecca decided to give it a try on heavy probation. Normally, Rebecca wouldn't have given it another chance, but she was so horny that she was willing to try anything a little.

Bringing the gag up to her mouth, Rebecca tentatively stuck out her tongue to meet the tip of the penis. After a drawn out slow approach, Rebecca's tongue finally met with plastic, and her eyes lit up. Rebecca bravely took a whole lick up the length of the shaft, and out of joy almost said out loud "It doesn't have that awful taste!"

Rebecca had only imagined the awful taste in remembering her first experience, and so was happily surprised to find that the penis gag in fact tasted just like the other gags. Rebecca was now ready to try the gag in full, and slowly started to insert it. Starting with just the tip, Rebecca closed her mouth around the gag, and sucked a little on the penis. Nothing ominous happened, and soon Rebecca had stuffed the entirety of the gag in her mouth, and before she lost her nerve, strapped the gag in place.

Rebecca's horniness levels were at a peak, and she wanted to complete her helpless experience, no matter the consequence, and was soon de-robed and struggling to slip on bondage mittens over her hands. After a few minutes, she managed to lock them on using her chin and some corners on the cabinets for leverage along with her other hand. Finally, Rebecca slapped some shackles around her ankles, and she was done.

Rebecca hobbled up the stairs, and after a minute of struggling, opened the twist doorknob with her mittened hands. Rebecca hobbled into Tracy's room, nudging the door closed behind her. Rebecca flopped onto Tracy's bed, and slipped herself under the covers. Rebecca closed her eyes and entered her world of fantasy. To an outside observer, all you would see would be what appeared to be Rebecca tied up and asleep in only her collar and chastity belt, were it not for her occasional groan and instinctive pelvic thrust into the bed. Eventually, however, sleep did take the horny submissive, giving her dreams of steamy encounters, and the occasional rescue by Tracy, saving Rebecca from evil and protecting her. Rebecca smiled in her sleep each time she saw Tracy, and slept peacefully.


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