The Coincidence

by Chas Dicks-ins

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; collar; hood; captive; cage; transport; dungeon; armbinder; mistake; release; club; leather; M/f; ringgag; bfold; force; oral; climax; chast; cons/nc; X

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Part Two

Chapter 6: The Getaway

Rebecca's mind was reeling. As she was led to who knows where, she was in shock and couldn't even process what was going on. She knew that someone was pulling her forward by something attached to a collar around her neck. She knew that her arms were completely bound behind her back She knew that her legs were barely able to move with the restriction of the dress she was wearing and the chains between them. And she knew that she was gagged and blindfolded. But she had no idea what was going on.

So all Rebecca could do was slowly follow as she was pulled ever forward, occasionally turning, but always struggling to keep up, until the pulling stopped. The hood on Rebecca's head covered her ears, so she couldn't hear well, but she heard a faint slam noise. Suddenly, Rebecca was pushed from behind from two hands on her shoulders, until her thighs felt a barrier and she couldn't go further. Then the hands half pushed and half carried her over the barrier, landing her somehow facedown somewhere. Rebecca heard another slam, and then after a bit she was moving, like she was in a car.

Rebecca finally calmed down a little bit, and tried to figure out what was going on. Rebecca figured she was being kidnapped, since she was tied up and being driven somewhere by somebody... but why? Nobody really cared much for her, and no one would pay her ransom for sure. Maybe she was being kidnapped for those sex trade thingies Rebecca kept seeing on the news.

"Who knows," Rebecca thought. "I certainly don't."

So, Rebecca decided to wait and see what would happen to her.

Tracy, on the other hand, was extraordinarily excited. After she left the shop with her new toy, she had led Rebecca over to where her car was parked. On the way, everybody they passed stared at them both as went along, some whistling, some just staring. And Tracy was pretty sure most men were awkwardly adjusting their pants after seeing her new irresistible slave.

As soon as they got to Tracy's car, Tracy opened up the passenger door, tossing Tracy's purse into the seat, and slamming the door shut behind (making the first slamming noise Rebecca heard). Tracy then opened the trunk, revealing her (slight) modifications to her van's trunk.

It was a boring white van, the type that looks like a big box with no windows except in the front. And the front was still normal, whereas the back was not. All of the seats except for the passenger seat and the driver's seat were gone, and between the front and the back was a black wall partitioning the van. In the cleared out back was a sort of mini-dungeon: After you opened the doors to the back, there were was a cage wall with a big padlock preventing entry (and exit).

Tracy unlocked the padlock, and opened the cage door, and then silently cursed to herself. She had removed everything from her van dungeon after Amy left, making the back just a giant cage. Still, it was secure and discreet. So Tracy pushed her submissive in and locked the cage door behind her, making the trussed up hottie even more helpless. Tracy then closed the van's door (the handles on the inside were removed, of course).

Tracy then drove out of town to her house- she lived in the suburbs, of course. It took about a half an hour to drive there, and the whole time Tracy couldn't get images of her redhead sex toy struggling in her bonds out of her head.

But finally, Tracy pulled into her garage and closed the garage door behind her. Excited and in a hurry to get started, she was a blur as she unlocked the van's back door and cage door, and was almost as fast as a bullet as she dragged Tracy out, getting her to the true dungeon before she knew it. Tracy led her toy to the center of the dungeon, to where a stool was set up. Tracy forced her pet to sit down on the stool, and the locked her in, attaching her ankle restraints to an eyelet in the floor via a clip, her huge ass to the stool with a seat strap, her armbinder to the floor with another clip attached to the ring on the end of the armbinder, and her collar to the ceiling to keep her sitting up straight.

Tracy tightened all of the attachments, then using the key from Rebecca's purse, unlocked the hood, and ripped it off, gazing for the first time at her gorgeous submissive- and she was even better than expected. Rebecca trembled a little when the mask was removed, but she was still blind and gagged, so she didn't do anything else. Tracy meanwhile simply gazed at the perfection that was her slave without glasses; her long red hair, her pale white skin, her perfect moist and red lips perched around the equally red ball gag, her small and petite nose, perfect for her face, all better than Tracy ever imagined.

Wanting to see her eyes, Tracy unlocked the harness gag, and took it off, freeing her slut's mouth and eyes.

When they had arrived at the house, Rebecca had decided to just wait and see, so she didn't resist at all when she was removed from the car and taken downstairs in what she guessed was a some kind of house or building. Rebecca sat when the two hands reappeared and pushed down on her shoulders, and didn't struggle when she was attached to the stool. But when her hood was removed, hope fluttered in her chest- maybe she was being released! Ever the optimist, Rebecca almost smiled- before she remembered that she was still tied up. Then her gag and blindfold was removed.

After squinting at the sight of light after such a long time, Rebecca's first sight what looked like a woman standing before her, clad only in black clothing kind of like what Lizzy put on Rebecca. Without her glasses, she couldn't be sure, but she was pretty certain. That's when the woman spoke.

"Hello slave." Tracy said. "I am your new mistress, Mistress Tracy. You will serve me as I please, you will serve to please me, and you will do exactly what I say, or you will be punished, understood?" When Tracy said punished, she held out a flail that she had been holding.

Rebecca, wide-eyed, meekly thought, and replied, "No I don't" very quietly.

Tracy raised one eyebrow, and said "What? Care to explain yourself, slave?"

Rebecca didn't want to respond, but feeling intimidated, felt she had to. So after thinking for a bit, Rebecca said "I'm Rebecca, by the way, but I don't understand what you mean..."

Tracy was taken aback. Was Rebecca not a submissive? Or was she trying to pretend? Maybe Rebecca liked to have kidnap and rape fantasies. Well, Tracy could deliver that. So, Tracy said, "Fine. But maybe a good fucking will clear your head."

Rebecca's eyes somehow widened even more, so huge that her eyes practically made up her whole face. Rebecca, suddenly understanding that Tracy wanted to have sex with her, said very quietly "But I'm not a lesbian!" (Even quieter) "And I'm a virgin..."

The moment Rebecca widened her eyes, Tracy became sucked in, lost in the beauty of her pale blue eyes. Her heart softened a little bit, and Tracy felt herself somehow falling in love a little bit. Lost in the sea of Rebecca's eyes, Tracy almost jumped when she heard virgin, and realized what Rebecca had just said. Feeling sympathetic, Tracy actually believed Rebecca, and tried to figure out what was going on.

Rebecca interrupted Tracy's thoughts with the request "Can I please have my glasses?"

Tracy, so lost in thought as she struggled to comprehend the situation, mindlessly placed Rebecca's glasses over her eyes after she found them, not even thinking about what she was doing. Then her thoughts were interrupted again "And why am I tied up?" Rebecca said.

Tracy realized finally that it was sadly all a misunderstanding. Rebecca had probably been mistakenly found to be a submissive, or tricked by her friends, and never got to protest to the sales clerk, and now she was here. Nonetheless, that doesn't change the fact that Rebecca was (without the glasses) the most gorgeous girl Tracy had ever seen tied up. So Tracy couldn't let Rebecca go. But Tracy was no kidnapper... she only pretended to be one. Her conscience wouldn't let her actually keep someone against their will.

But Rebecca was soooooooooo hot...

While Tracy was pacing and thinking, Rebecca was trying to figure out what she was wearing (mostly unsuccessfully) and watching the curvy lady pace. "Was her name Tracy?" Rebecca thought. Rebecca saw that they were wearing similar clothes, except that Tracy wasn't tied up. Rebecca had to admit that Tracy looked hot in all that leather, so she guessed she did too. Just tied up as well.

Finally, Tracy faced Rebecca, and said "Are you sure you aren't into women?"

Chapter 7: The Deal

Rebecca sat on Tracy's couch, sipping at a fine glass of wine. She felt warm and completely lost. The events of the last few hours had been confusing, to say the least, but Tracy had kindly released Rebecca from her restraints once she understood the misunderstanding that had occurred. Tracy seemed completely apologetic, and even embarrassed. She insisted on making Rebecca comfortable, and brought Rebecca right up to her living room and gave her a glass of wine after letting her free from her cuffs and chains. Tracy then apologized profusely again and again, and re-introduced herself as just Tracy. Then Tracy finally sat down herself, and waited for Rebecca to respond.

After a few minutes, it was clear that Rebecca wouldn't say anything, and was just going to stare down at the floor and sip her wine. So Tracy became more direct: "What happened to you?"

Rebecca considered the question, and couldn't truly make sense yet of the day, so she thought back to before that day. She put down her empty glass to be refilled, and quietly said "I just wanted to be attractive."

Tracy refilled Rebecca's glass, understanding her need to down her drink so quickly. But Tracy wasn't fully satisfied with that answer. She wanted to know what would make such a hot redhead virgin end up tied up in full BDSM gear at a sex shop. "So why did you go to No Escape?" Tracy asked.

Rebecca was in easy territory now, as these questions were about a time that made sense, before she went to that store. So, after a deep sip of wine, she replied "I wanted to look slutty, sexy, and so I found that store online."

Tracy nodded, as No Escape did advertise a great deal online. "But what happened there?"

Rebecca blushed, and said "well... I took off my glasses, and... and... couldn't see..." Rebecca was embarrassed by her feeling that she had to impress Lizzy, so she trailed off.

Nevertheless, Tracy got the picture. Rebecca was taken advantage of by the sales clerk, and Rebecca didn't fight back. Suddenly, a thought struck Tracy. "Rebecca... Do you want to take off those clothes?"

Rebecca's eyes widened, and Tracy's breath caught again with the beauty of her eyes. Rebecca had forgotten that she was still wearing the hobble dress and all, and even still had the chastity belt on. She managed to somehow blush even further, and stammered "Well... I, er, I guess... I wanted to look sexy, and, uh, er, you look great... and you're wearing, you know... So if I look slutty and sexy, I kind of..." Rebecca trailed off again, and took a gulp of wine to stop herself.

But now it was Tracy's turn to blush. "Well, you do look very sexy and beautiful..."

Both ladies sat silently for a few minutes, each lost in their own world. Tracy was lost in her infatuation for Rebecca, and Rebecca was trying to piece together the day more clearly in her mind.

Finally, Tracy broke the silence. "So how can I help you? What do you want?" Tracy wanted to do something to help Rebecca to repay her horrible mistreatment of Rebecca.

Rebecca thought for a while, and realized that clearly Tracy must know something about being sexy, since she dressed like Lizzy dressed her. Rebecca, not having learned much, still thought that this was the way to get men, and was happy to have discovered that revealing leather, corsets, collars, and boots were the way to get men. And after how kindly Tracy had been treating her, she realized that Tracy had probably saved her, since Lizzy had tied her up, but Tracy had immediately freed her. Rebecca after all didn't know that Tracy was at the store. She figured Tracy knew about the store through Lizzy or something- she didn't want to be presuming and ask questions of Tracy. And, she was feeling rather frisky from the wine and the weird feeling from the chastity belt plugs being inside her. So, Rebecca decided what she wanted. "Can you help me find a man?"

It was the opposite request Tracy wanted to hear, but she knew Rebecca was no lesbian. Still, she asked "Why? Aren't you a virgin?"

Rebecca replied quickly "Yes, I am. But I don't want to be alone forever, and I've never been able to go on more than one date with a man... and you know how to be sexy." It was a lot of words for Rebecca to say, but it was a weird day.

"So... you want to have sex?" Tracy inquired.

"Well, I want to experience being with a man for once, so yeah, I want to have sex!" Rebecca was really warming up from what was now her fourth glass of wine, and the plugs really were making her warm inside her womanhood, and sex sounded really good to her. Whatever it was. She knew it was supposed to feel good there, at least. "Can you get me to find a man to have sex with?"

Tracy glanced at the curvy redhead wearing leather and a collar studded with the word "SLAVE", and almost scoffed. "Of course. But the glasses will have to go. Let's get you some contacts!"

Rebecca smiled, remembering that without her glasses Lizzy had thought she was gorgeous, and Rebecca's beauty while smiling caught Tracy's eye and made her match with a grin.

"It's a deal!" Tracy said.

Chapter 8: The Man

A few days later, Rebecca returned to Tracy's. Each of the women thought they had figured out everything that had occurred at the store, but each one was slightly off. Rebecca had decided that she was right to have gone to that store, because clearly all that leather was the way to be sexy and attract men. But while she was there, Rebecca guessed that Lizzy also tied her up because being tied up somehow had to do with sex... Rebecca still wasn't sure about that part. She had never even watched porn, or sex scenes in movies, so she was absolutely clueless. But she guessed that Lizzy had a reason, and that being tied up was what was sexy, and assumed Lizzy was showing her what was going on her, but Rebecca couldn't see.

Tracy, on the other hand, spent a long time trying to understand what led to Rebecca going there. Clearly there was a mixup with her glasses, and the clerk took advantage of that, but Rebecca still liked how the leather looked and still wanted to dress like a submissive slave that Tracy would just love to have... but that was beside the point. Tracy guessed Rebecca was into BDSM, at least somewhat, or at least into leather. And from there, Tracy guessed that Rebecca was still a virgin because she never got the courage to try BDSM, or find someone that was into it.

Rebecca had been busy the last few days, and was wearing her new contacts instead of her old glasses. At Tracy's, Tracy helped her into what Tracy had bought her, including the collar, though not the leash. Rebecca had never carefully studied the collar, as Tracy took it off for her and put it back on for her, and didn't know that it said "SLAVE" at all. Tracy didn't fully understand why Rebecca wanted to wear BDSM gear, but Rebecca never asked about it as though it were weird, so Tracy assumed that Rebecca had a thing for leather and maybe BDSM. After all, she was so meek and bashful, she was a natural submissive. So, Tracy had picked out a club where there was a slightly more emphasis on fetish than usual, so there would be men there that were into that kind of thing. Tracy still wished Rebecca wasn't looking for men, but she still wanted to help Rebecca. So they went to the club.

Once there, they went to the bar, and had a few drinks, until Rebecca started to have that same warm feeling as she did before, and she felt like having sex again. Tracy went off to stand in the line for the bathroom, and Rebecca waited at the bar for her to return. But when Tracy returned, Rebecca was long gone.

During Tracy's absence, a man had come up to Rebecca and hit on her. Sure he was fine, calling her ravishing, but Tracy would not have approved. And when he grabbed Rebecca's collar's D-ring and asked if she wanted to go have some fun, she enthusiastically said yes.

The couple headed to the sort of dungeon of the club, and the guy let himself and Rebecca into his own private room. And, unsurprisingly, Rebecca was soon expertly tied up in a kneeling position with a big ring gag in her mouth, and a blindfold over her eyes. Rebecca was a little suspicious, but at this point, she guessed that sex just always involved restraints, so she didn't panic. No longer quite as scared of being tied up, the feeling of helplessness that came with being tied up mixed up with her warmth from drinking and desire for sex, and she was feeling pretty good.

And that's when Rebecca felt something on her tongue. It touched her tongue lightly a few times, leaving a slight salty taste. But soon, a whole object invaded her mouth, pushing down her tongue, and then went all the way to the back of her throat, then back out, leaving the same salty taste. She tried to ask what was going on through her gag, but before she could, the invader was ramming in and out of her mouth, and she was almost choking on the object, gargling around it all the while. Suddenly, it stopped deep in her mouth, and she felt something warm going down her throat, and it left just as she was getting desperate for air. She coughed a few times, and then heard the man say "good job, slave," and exit, leaving her helpless in his private dungeon, filled and covered in cum.

Rebecca finally started to process what had happened, and suddenly the acrid taste from the object caught up with her, and Rebecca vomited a little, realizing that that was probably his manhood in her mouth. From what Rebecca had heard, sex was supposed to feel great, but Rebecca did not feel great at all. She felt sick from the taste, and her jaw hurt from the fucking it had received, and she didn't feel the pleasure she had heard about. Were she not blindfolded, it would be clear to anyone that she was crying.

But the man couldn't see that when he returned, and he didn't notice the small amount of vomit on the floor due to the low lighting in the room. So, he released Rebecca from the floor, and taking her to the bed in the center of the room, tied her spread eagle on the bed, and pushed her hobble skirt up to reveal her crotch. But instead of seeing Rebecca's perfect pussy, or her gorgeous ass, he was only met with her locked chastity belt. Rebecca had put it on earlier, and had never realized somehow that it needed to be removed for sex. And Tracy had the key in her purse, so the man wasn't getting anything from Rebecca.

Annoyed and frustrated, the man realized that Rebecca must have an owner somewhere that only rented out Rebecca's mouth for business. So, he released Rebecca, and walked her out the door of his private room with only the ring gag, blindfold, and wrist bindings to restrain her. The man whispered goodbye in Rebecca's ear, and his lips met Rebecca's, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth. Then he was gone, and Rebecca was alone and helpless.

Chapter 9: The Escape

For maybe an hour, Rebecca wandered the lower level of the club, receiving occasional unexpected swats on the ass or boob squeezes. Once, someone poured a shot of tequila into her open mouth, and once someone grabbed her and tried to grope her crotch, only to find a metal barrier, and left with just a few squeezes. Rebecca was emotionally distraught, constantly on the verge of crying, and was scared that the man would come back and she would have to endure that awful experience again.

After what felt like a day of carefully walking on her high heeled boots, she felt arms embrace her, and she heard Tracy's voice. "Thank God I found you!" Rebecca's gag was removed, her blindfold taken off, and Tracy swiftly untied her wrists. Rebecca hugged Tracy right back, tears flowing, and without a word they were off. In seemingly mere seconds, they were back at Tracy's place.

Rebecca hadn't said a word, but a little bit after they returned, Rebecca asked quietly "Can I stay here tonight? It's too late to go back to the city..."

Tracy immediately agreed, and soon Rebecca was asleep in Tracy's bed, with only her beautiful red hair, angelic face, and slave collar showing, as she was too tired to go through the trouble of removing her clothes or boots. Tracy quietly went to the living room with pillow in hand, and prepared for an uncomfortable night on the couch.

In the morning, Tracy awoke first, having slept fitfully through the night. She cleaned herself up after last night, and got herself some cereal while she thought about the night before, and what to do now.

When Rebecca disappeared last night, Tracy hadn't worried at first, hoping Rebecca was off flirting with a man she saw or something. But after half an hour, Tracy became worried that Rebecca wouldn't return, so Tracy started searching the club, which was no easy task. The club had six floors, and the lighting wasn't great, so it wasn't easy to just glance at a room and make sure Rebecca wasn't there. About 45 minutes later, on Tracy's second sweep of the basement level, Tracy found Rebecca's telltale red sweeping hair.

Tracy immediately recognized the white flecks of dried cum around Rebecca's mouth, and so rushed to free Rebecca from her restraints. Without her blindfold, it was clear from Rebecca's eyeliner that she had been crying. So Tracy whisked Rebecca back to Tracy's place.

This was the second time that Tracy had decided to free Rebecca when she was tied up, and Tracy was having a bit of an internal crisis. After all, what kind of dominatrix frees a hot submissive twice? Tracy couldn't figure it out, and just let the issue be until she could think it through.

Tracy finished breakfast, and decided to clean the place up and make it a little more presentable to Rebecca. Tracy hadn't really cleaned the place well since Amy left... and it certainly needed it. In a few hours, Tracy's place was more presentable than it had ever been, and Tracy felt like she could show her house with pride now.

The clock showed about noon when Tracy finished cleaning, and she still hadn't seen signs of Rebecca stirring from bed. So, she went over to the bedroom door, figuring that Rebecca was unable to get up without an alarm. Tracy knocked on Rebecca's door, and only heard a groan in answer. Confused, Tracy called out "Can I come in? Is everything alright?" Rebecca grunted what sounded like a yes, and Tracy opened the door and came in.

In Tracy's room, Rebecca's bed was empty, with the sheets clearly slept in. Tracy wanted to go inhale that intoxicating scent that Rebecca carries around with her from the sheets, but Tracy had to find Rebecca, and resisted the urge. Tracy headed to the master bathroom attached to the bedroom, and knocked on the partially open door, which swung open to reveal Rebecca sprawled over the toilet.

"I feel awful" Rebecca croaked, and heaved a little, though nothing came out. When Rebecca woke up this morning, her hangover from drinking last night combined together with having only cum in her stomach and having that acrid taste still in her mind, and she rushed to the bathroom, where she had been ever since.

Tracy set about helping Rebecca, finally taking off her leather attire, leaving Rebecca naked except for her chastity belt and her slave collar. Tracy couldn't help but admire Rebecca's bare and beautiful chest, but quickly wrapped Rebecca in a sheet and led her back to bed, as she had more important things to consider than Rebecca's breasts.

The rest of the day, Tracy waited on Rebecca hand and foot, making her soup to eat, trying to make her comfortable in any way. Tracy felt awful for having let Rebecca out of her sight, and blamed herself for what happened at the club and for not protecting Rebecca from that man.

When night came, and Rebecca showed no sign of being cured yet, Tracy decided to sleep nearby so she could help Rebecca during the night. So, Tracy grabbed the crummy hard mattress that she used to make her slaves sleep on in the dungeon, and moved it into the bedroom, and went to bed at Rebecca's side. Rebecca had to get up a few times in the night, and Tracy helped her each time, but by the morning both were sleeping peacefully in Tracy's room.


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