The Coincidence

by Chas Dicks-ins

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; store; mistake; strip; corset; gloves; boots; gag; hood; bfold; chast; insert; armbinder; collar; leash; domme; purchase; cons; X

Chapter 1: Rebecca

Rebecca had always been a shy girl. All through high school, she said a total of perhaps twenty words a day, and only when directly spoken to. It wasn't that she didn't know how to speak; she was just too timid to assert her own opinions except when completely necessary. She went through life trying to avoid confrontation, and Rebecca thought the best way to do that was by saying very little except agreements.

As a result, Rebecca's love life was very much limited. Though just out of college, she had never initiated a conversation with a guy, let alone held one for more than a minute. Sure, she was pretty, small, big chested, had long flowing red hair, but she just didn't talk. On top of that, she had horrid eyesight, so she had to wear thick glasses or she would be almost legally blind. Without her glasses, she couldn't see anything but haze, and with them, she was transformed into a total nerd. So the few guys that made it past her quiet and geeky exterior to ask her on a date never made it past the first date. Rebecca would just sit and say almost nothing, and so she never went on a second date.

Rebecca didn't dislike the dates, she just didn't know what to do during them. And because she never really talked to anyone, she didn't know much about stuff like sex, and so she never sought out ways to survive dating either. So Rebecca came out of college quiet, meek, and completely innocent of the horrors of the dating world.

Now, Rebecca knew that eventually she would have to learn how to date, because she didn't want to turn out to be a bachelorette for life. Rebecca tried to consider how to win over men without talking much (she didn't even consider talking more- that was out of the question). She thought of learning how to write poetry, or creating art, (she really had no clue what to do), when she read somewhere that men go crazy for women who show cleavage. (Yes, Rebecca was that naïve- she had worn turtlenecks pretty much her entire life.) Rebecca remembered seeing women around campus that had low-cut shirts that showed plenty of boobs, so she tried to figure out where to find clothes like that.

Rebecca researched some more, and found out that showing cleavage meant being “slutty” (Rebecca sadly did not look “slutty” up online, assuming that its only meaning had to do with showing cleavage.) So... she looked up where to find the “sluttiest” clothes, and found a place that was apparently having a huge sale. Rebecca then set out to find the store.

Chapter 2: The Sale

Rebecca found the store in the scuzziest part of town that she never went to. Rebecca made a mental note that perhaps it was the place to go to find guys, as the slutty store was there, so maybe guys hang around there. Rebecca didn't see any, but she thought that she might have been there at the wrong time. When Rebecca got to the store, she knew she was at the right place because the entire front window was covered in sale posters, to the point that Rebecca couldn't even see inside. Rebecca took one final glance around, and stepped into the store, not even looking at the name of the place.

As soon as Rebecca entered the store, her glasses fogged up completely from the change in temperature. Rebecca staggered a little, as she was suddenly blinded, but remembered that she brought an extra pair of glasses around with her just in case her pair broke, as she would be helpless without glasses. So Rebecca took off her glasses, and put them into her purse, and tried to dig around in her purse to find her extra pair.

Just then, a saleswoman walked up to Rebecca, and said “Hello! Are you here to buy clothing? Or accessories?”

Rebecca mentally panicked. She stopped rooting through her purse for her glasses, instead trying to figure out how to answer the saleswoman's question. Looking towards where she thought the saleswoman was, Rebecca said after a moment “I'm looking for both clothing and accessories.”

The saleswoman smiled, thinking that Rebecca could see her perfectly well, and said “Great! I'm Lizzy, and I can help you find whatever you need. Anything in mind that you want to buy here?”

Rebecca thought for a bit, and replied to the fuzzy area that was Lizzy “I'm looking for a complete new makeover.”

Lizzy, a little taken aback that this gorgeous redhead felt the need for a makeover, having guessed that the redhead wanted just something for the bedroom, replied “Well, I can certainly help you here, especially someone as beautiful as you.” Lizzy winked: her manager always said that complimenting the customer made them buy more. “Dom or sub?”

Rebecca suddenly realized that without her glasses she must look gorgeous, after all she had never been called that before. Rebecca decided then that she wouldn't look for her glasses in her purse, as that might risk Lizzy thinking that she wasn't really gorgeous, and getting Rebecca the wrong (not slutty) clothes. But then Rebecca realized that the last three words were a question. Dom or Sub? What did that even mean? Rebecca didn't want to have to explain that she had no idea, and lose Lizzy's good opinion, but she had no idea which to choose! Rebecca flipped a coin in her head, and said “Sub. And my name is Rebecca.” Rebecca silently celebrated her victory, having satisfactorily answered all of Lizzy's questions, and having made a good impression. Sure, she was almost blind, but she would have had to trust Lizzy's opinion anyway.

Lizzy nodded, not surprised that this quiet hottie was a submissive. Lizzy turned, and walked over to the submissive clothing aisle, and Rebecca followed behind. Lizzy half turned, and asked Rebecca “Any preferences? Or are you just going to look for things you like?”

Rebecca considered the question, and given that she couldn't see anything in this aisle but blurry colors, she blurted out “How about you pick what you think would look good on me?”

Lizzy immediately widened her eyes, as Rebecca was the perfect sales opportunity for Lizzy. Lizzy could sell her whatever she wanted, and get all the commission off of the sale. This was going to be a great day for Lizzy. She could sell Rebecca tons of pricey clothing and accessories, and make a huge profit!

Lizzy said “Sounds great to me. First, tell me your size, then how about you go into the dressing room and get ready for me to bring you clothes to wear?”

Rebecca, expecting the question, answered with her size, and then went in the direction that Lizzy pointed (vaguely) until she found what looked like a brown rectangular smudge that was probably the door to the dressing room. Trying the door, and finding it open, Rebecca celebrated again for finding the right room, and entered. Inside, she found a room with one mirror on the wall, in which she could see almost nothing of herself but her red hair. “I need contacts,” Rebecca mused to herself as she stripped down to her underwear. Rebecca thought for a little bit, and then decided that she probably wouldn't need underwear either, as Lizzy had asked for her bra size as well, so she stripped down to nothing at all, putting her clothes in her large purse, and tossing it in the corner. Rebecca felt a little embarrassed being naked, but didn't mind too much because she trusted Lizzy, especially after the compliment.

Chapter 3: Lizzy's Choice

After Rebecca left, Lizzy went searching down the aisle for the best things. Trying to find the most expensive things took a while, but eventually Lizzy had a full outfit for Rebecca to try on. Then, Lizzy remembered that Rebecca had said yes to accessories as well, so Lizzy dashed over to the accessories aisle to quickly grab some extra items to sell to Rebecca. With a full pile of clothing and “accessories”, Lizzy joined Rebecca in the dressing room, locking the door behind her.

Rebecca turned, and saw the big mass of black and red in Lizzy's hands, and smiled, assuming it to be great “slutty” things for her to wear. Lizzy smiled too, thinking that Rebecca's smile represented approval of her clothing choices, and set down the pile in the room.

“OK,” Lizzy said. “First things first. The corset.” Lizzy held up a red and black boned corset with a locking flap that went over the laces, and Rebecca replied meekly “OK.”

Lizzy walked behind Rebecca, and lifted her arms up above her head, and told her to hold them up. Rebecca though the position a bit odd, but didn't complain, not wanting to make a fuss. Lizzy then wrapped the corset around Rebecca's waist, with the cups just barely covering Rebecca's nipples. Rebecca felt the leather only cover part of her boob, and smiled, finally trusting that she was doing the right thing and getting the right outfit. After all, almost half of her full D breasts were showing. Lizzy laced Rebecca into the corset, pulling it tighter and tighter with each of Rebecca's breaths, until it was so tight that she could only take shallow breaths. Lizzy then locked the flap, unbeknownst to Rebecca, and put Rebecca in front of the mirror. “What do you think?” Lizzy asked.

Rebecca, impressed by how much boob she felt was showing, said “I love it!”

Lizzy nodded, confident that she was right about Rebecca. Lizzy pulled out the next piece of clothing, and told Rebecca to sit on the chair so she could put it on. Rebecca sat down, out of breath from the movement because she wasn't used to the corset. Rebecca was starting to get a little light-headed from the lack of oxygen, and her thoughts started to get a little more scattered. “Maybe I'll get used to this” Rebecca thought to herself, “after all, all the other girls are used to breathing in these things.”

While Rebecca was zoning out, Lizzy took out some calf high locking black leather heeled boots with only 3 inch heels attached. They were small heels, but the boots were the most expensive they had in stock, so Lizzy grabbed them. Lizzy lifted Rebecca's legs, and slowly worked them into the boots, lacing them up until the boots were snug against Rebecca's legs. Lizzy then locked the flap to cover the laces, locking Rebecca into the boots.

Rebecca looked down, felt the heels in the boots, and remembered vaguely that guys like heels too. Rebecca thought that Lizzy's taste was perfect- guys would finally ask her out more, and so she trusted Lizzy to get her perfectly dressed. She said, without prompt, “I love these. Your taste is fantastic.”

Lizzy looked up at Rebecca, and knew that she had already won. Lizzy could sell Rebecca everything- she knew it. So without asking, she stood Rebecca up on her heels, and then took out the next item of apparel. Without hesitation, Lizzy slipped shoulder length black rubber opera gloves up Rebecca's arms, which the light-headed Rebecca only smiled at.

Lizzy then stopped to consider what to put on Rebecca next. There was only one more piece of clothing to add- a strapless mini hobble dress, but putting it on now would interfere with putting on other more intimate items. So Lizzy pondered what to do next. She decided instead to start adding accessories, saving the dress for last. Lizzy picked up some nice leather cuffs, and starting with Rebecca's legs, locked cuffs around her ankles, below and above her knees, around her wrists, and above her elbows.

Rebecca looked on as Lizzy worked, barely thinking about anything but breathing, watching Lizzy put on what Rebecca guessed were trendy bracelets, although they went all over her. Rebecca was glad that Lizzy was helping her, showing her what “slutty” girls wear. Rebecca's hopes were soaring, and she was almost rejoicing that her glasses had fogged up, because without that, this wouldn't have happened, Rebecca was sure.

Without pausing to stop, as Lizzy could see from Rebecca's face that she was enjoying this, Lizzy grabbed a collar from the pile. Engraved in the chrome collar with rhinestones was the word “SLAVE”, and it was plenty expensive. It had a lock on the back with a custom key, and had a D-ring in the front to attach a leash to, and was padded on the inside so the wearer could wear it long-term. Lizzy stepped behind Rebecca, and wrapped the collar around Rebecca's neck, locking it shut, fitting like a glove around her neck.

Lizzy paused for a split second, as this was the point of no return. The rest of the items she had would render Rebecca helpless, and so of course Lizzy worried for a moment, as Rebecca had not said that she could tie her up. So, Lizzy picked up a few chains and locks, and then asked Rebecca “Are you sure you like this?”

Rebecca, ecstatic so far with her shopping success, and a little loopy from shallow breathing, without even thinking or looking at the gray stuff in Lizzy's hands replied “Yes!”

Lizzy was completely reassured by Rebecca's answer, and so felt no qualms tying Rebecca up. Rebecca was clearly a submissive, and clearly showed no objection when she saw the chains and locks, so Lizzy hesitated no further.

Lizzy stepped behind Rebecca, and pulled her arms together behind her back. Taking a lock, Lizzy secured Rebecca's wrists together behind her back, using the wrist cuffs she had attached earlier.

A small alarm started to go off in Rebecca's head, because it felt like she couldn't move her hands, but maybe Lizzy was still holding them. Rebecca started to become a little worried, but she really trusted Lizzy, so she said nothing, assuming Lizzy was just adding more accessories.

Lizzy took Rebecca's lack of struggling as further proof, so she went ahead and grabbed the item that would secure her sale- a big harness ball gag. With a gag in her mouth, Rebecca couldn't protest any sales, Lizzy thought. And she can't complain- she said yes! Lizzy said “Open wide!”

Rebecca, used to responding to the doctor, immediately opened her mouth, only to feel a big gag shoved into her mouth until it pushed past her teeth, settling in her mouth. Confused, and unable to think quickly with so little oxygen, Rebecca just stood there as her thoughts tried to race.

Lizzy wrapped the web of leather straps around Rebecca's head, and as she tightened them, the integrated blindfold came to cover Rebecca's eyes, so Lizzy couldn't see the panic as Rebecca became truly blind. Lizzy then tightened all of the straps, forcing Rebecca to bite down on the gag, and then locked each strap, sealing Rebecca's fate.

There Rebecca was: Blindfolded, gagged, hands locked behind her back, locked into boots and opera gloves, and in a corset forcing her waist into a steep hourglass, and forcing her D cups to become even more prominent. She was quite the stunning figure of leather and pure white skin.

Lizzy, free to work now at her own pace on her helpless customer, looked Rebecca up and down. Lizzy had to admit, Rebecca was one hot submissive. Lizzy had to be jealous of her dom, who got to have all the fun with her... and of Rebecca, too. Lizzy loved how Rebecca looked, but she was a complete sub, so she didn't get to have fun with her. So, Lizzy took the remaining chains, and attached Rebecca's legs together, with a 6 inch chain in between the ankles forcing her to only be able to slowly hobble around. Her cuffs above and below the knees were attached with slightly shorter chains, and Rebecca became practically immobile. Then with a short chain, Lizzy drew Rebecca's elbows together until they were almost touching, then locked them like that.

Lizzy then drew out one of the few remaining items- an armbinder. Sliding the sleeve up Rebecca's arms, Lizzy drew the laces tighter and tighter, until eventually Rebecca's arms fused behind her back into one, and her elbows truly touched. Lizzy was a little amazed, but just kept working, locking another flap over the laces, so that the laces couldn't be undone.

Lizzy then took out one of her favorites- a leather hood to cover Rebecca's head, leaving only holes for her mouth, nose, and one for her hair to come out in the back. Plus, the hood was fully lockable, like everything Rebecca was wearing, and it also had padding in the ears so that Rebecca would be deaf, too. And even more blind than before. Lizzy pulled the mask over Rebecca's head, pulling Rebecca's long red hair into a ponytail sticking out of the top of the hood. Lizzy then laced the hood completely tight, and then locked a flap over the laces, ensuring that the hood would remain secure, and trapping Rebecca in a pitch black soundless world.

All this time, Rebecca had only barely struggled, not knowing what to do. She had occasionally flexed, but Rebecca knew she was weak, so she didn't even try to escape. Rebecca just waited, hoping that Lizzy would release her soon, and not understanding truly what was going on. But after the hood was fully laced onto her head, Rebecca truly started to panic- but she couldn't do anything by then to escape. She couldn't even talk through her gag, so she didn't try, and the armbinder kept her from even trying to free her arms, as they couldn't budge an inch. Rebecca was absolutely stuck, and she had no idea why.

Lizzy then started to put the finishing touches on Rebecca. She took out a nice leather leash, and clipped it to the front of the collar. Then Lizzy took out the most expensive item- the chastity belt. It was the top of the line model, impossible to cut off, self-cleaning (somehow), and with only one key in existence. And it had spots for plugs- not feeling cruel, Lizzy had chosen small plugs- 3 inches and 2 inches. Lizzy now pulled two separate parts of the belt together on Rebecca, forcing the plugs into Rebecca's small (as Lizzy just noticed) pussy and asshole. Rebecca groaned like a true sub as the plugs entered her, and Lizzy locked the belt around her waist, leaving Rebecca trapped in the most intimate way as well. Finally, Lizzy took the dress from earlier, and pulled it up onto Rebecca, zipping it up and locking it on.

Having finished, Lizzy hurried and grabbed Rebecca's leash, leading her slowly out of the dressing room and towards the cash register, grabbing Rebecca's purse as she went. Rebecca followed slowly, hoping in between desperate breaths through her nose and drips of drool from her bright red gag that she would be released soon, and so didn't even try to resist.  And so off she hobbled.

Chapter 4: Tracy

Tracy drove through town, lost in the winding paths of thought. Normal people went through grief after rejections and breakups, of course. When you date someone for a long time, and eventually break up, of course you go through horrible cycles of grief. It's natural. It happens to everyone. And Tracy was completely wrapped up in her grief, but she knew she shouldn't be. After all, a dominatrix wasn't supposed to grieve when a submissive broke up with her.

It had been a pretty simple affair. They had had been together for a while, and had met back when Tracy had several slaves. However, after a few months, the other slaves all left, leaving Tracy with just one left- Amy. But a few weeks ago, Amy had used her safeword, then just said “I'm done.” and she hadn't returned any of Tracy's calls.

Tracy knew after several unreturned calls that Amy was gone. Which left Tracy a dominatrix without a sub- useless. So Tracy wasn't truly just upset over Amy- she was also lonely, and very horny.

Not sure how to go about finding subs (they usually came to her), Tracy went to the shop “No Escape”. It was her favorite place to shop for new dominatrix clothes and equipment, and Tracy figured a new set of clothes might set her on the right path. Tracy entered the store, and after walking around for a bit, noticed that as usual there were no other customers. But moreover, there was no employee to be seen. However, the dressing room light was shining through the crack at the bottom of the door, so Tracy figured that the salesperson was helping a customer in there. Tracy walked around aimlessly, looking at the things with little interest- after all, what's the point in buying things with no sub to use them on? That's when the dressing room door opened.

Out walked the saleswoman, but that wasn't what caught Tracy's eye. Following behind on a leash was the customer- but what a customer! Clearly a submissive, she was covered in black leather, with only her red ball gag and pure white skin serving as contrast. And her hair! Long and red, it rivaled Tracy's blonde hair in beauty and sheen. Her body was perfect too- Huge breasts almost leapt out of the top of the tight leather dress that seemed to cover a corset, and the dress also did little to hide the sub's tremendous curves. She was the perfect submissive.

Immediately, Tracy remembered her submissive plight, so became instantly jealous of the customer's master. At which point it dawned on Tracy- the only people around were herself, the sales clerk, and the submissive. And Tracy guessed from a glance that the clerk was a submissive- she had a collar around her neck, showing a very prominent lock in the back, advertising the clerk's owned status.

But the customer had no owner! After all, no owner would be foolish enough to leave such a prize alone and helpless. So, Tracy saw her chance. And went for it.

Chapter 5: The Window of Opportunity

“Perfect.” Tracy said when the two reached the cash register.

Lizzy half turned, and noticed the lady standing a little off. As soon as Lizzy saw the six inch heels, she recognized Tracy for what she was- a dominatrix. And then it started to fit together for Lizzy- she was Rebecca's owner! Lizzy smiled, and said “I'm glad you like how I prepared her. She was a mess before, but now I think she's ready for you.”

Tracy winked and said “Indeed. How much money do I have to make her earn now?” Tracy pantomimed spanking the oblivious Rebecca as she spoke. Rebecca meanwhile had been standing still, trying unsuccessfully to hear anything through her hood.

Lizzy had her hypothesis confirmed, so she handed the leash over to Tracy, who grabbed it and pulled Rebecca over to her, forcing her to kneel in front of Tracy. Rebecca, resisting at first, finally gave in and kneeled, having given up on trying to affect her own fate.

Lizzy worked for a bit at the register, then said “It comes to $7,638.41”

Tracy nodded, happy to pay such a small fee for such a perfect submissive. She handed over her credit card, in a hurry to start to play with her new pet. As soon as the purchase was done, Tracy had Rebecca stand, and together they left, Rebecca hobbling and drooling behind Tracy, without a clue as to what was going on. Tracy carried only Rebecca's leash and Rebecca's bag, now filled with all of the keys to free Rebecca. As they left, Lizzy celebrated her $700 sales commission, and nowhere on her mind was the thought that Rebecca had never mentioned an owner.

But that was for Rebecca to worry about. Although at the moment, she was mostly worried about trying to breath through her nose with her corset and dress constricting her breath, and trying not to fall as she followed her new mistress outside.


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