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6. Chloe’s True Master

Chloe reached into her robe pocket and realized she had forgotten her key in her apartment. The deadbolt wasn’t locked, but the doorknob locked automatically when it closed. Exasperated, Chloe went back downstairs and rang the bell to Don’s apartment. Chloe waited a couple of minutes and then rang again, still no response. One of her neighbors came by and she explained that she had accidentally gotten locked out of her apartment. Finally, after the third ring, Don came to the door in his robe.

“Chloe, why aren’t you getting your shower?” Don asked as he toweled his hair dry.

“I forgot my key when I came back down last night.”

“Alright, here’s my spare, bring it right back,” Don said, handing her the key. Chloe rushed to her apartment, unlocked the door and rushed to get her keys. She dropped them in her pocket and ran back downstairs to return the key to Don, who was waiting for it, then she hurried back up to her apartment, ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Chloe showered as quickly as she could, realizing she was still wearing the steel collar around her neck. She would have to text Don about getting the key so she could take it off before going to work. Chloe finished quickly and texted Don.

Chloe: Master, could I come down and get the key to unlock my collar?

Don: I’ve already left for work, I don’t have time to come back.

Chloe: OK, I’ll find some way to cover it, but it’s going to be a little warm for a turtleneck.

Don: You are not allowed to cover it, slave. Dress sexy and go to work, short skirt, high heels, sexy top, and absolutely no panties.

Chloe: Yes Master.

Up until now, Chloe’s slavery had been in private, now she had to show the world, well maybe not the world, but everyone at work would see her collar. Chloe moaned and shivered with excitement at the thought of being exposed as a slave. She followed Don’s instructions and wore her highest pair of black heels with her black skirt and her sexy light gray top. It had a low neckline that showed the swell of her well rounded breasts in her half cup bra. Chloe applied the makeup from her Saturday interview and rushed out the door, stopping at bagel place and just making it in the door on time. As Chloe came up to the door, Ben stopped and opened it for her.

“Hey Chloe, looking even sexier today,” Ben complimented her as she walked through the open door.

“Thanks, Ben.”

“Interesting piece of jewelry you’ve got around your neck, couldn’t find the key?” Chloe looked up at him exasperated. “Or maybe, someone else is holding the key and wouldn’t let you out of it?” Ben mused.

“It’s just a necklace,” Chloe lied.

“Oh no, that is not a necklace, that is a slave collar.” Ben grinned down at her. “So who’s got the key?”.

“My Master,” Chloe replied as they got into the elevator.

“Damn,” Ben swore and Chloe looked up at him. “I was hoping you would wear my collar one day,” Ben suddenly blurted out as no one else was in the elevator with them.

“I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing,” Chloe said looking up at him with admiration.

“I didn’t know you were either.”

“True, but you never asked, in fact, you never even asked me out.”

“So where did you get the collar?”

“Well, technically it came from Master Tom at Submissive Secrets, but my current Master is my building superintendent, Don.”

“Fuck, I’m going to kill him.”

“Who, my Master?” Chloe asked fearfully.

“No, Tom, I’m the one who asked him to send you that invitation, if you responded he was supposed to tell me,” Ben said as the elevator dinged and they exited onto the floor of their company. “I’ll take you to lunch at 1pm so we can discuss this further.”

“Um, I’m not sure my Master would be alright with that.”

“Ask him,” Ben ordered and headed off toward his desk as Chloe went to her desk. She booted up her computer and sat down to eat her bagel and tea she had purchased at the bagel shop. She texted Don:

Master I have been invited out to lunch by a young man who works in my office. I told him you would probably not be alright with me going out with him but he told me to ask you anyway.

She received no response so she continued on with her work. She finished a couple of small projects her boss had given her and then went to use the ladies room. When she came back she had an email from her boss, reminding her of the meeting at 1pm today. Chloe called Ben’s phone.

“Hello beautiful,” Ben answered, seeing it was Chloe’s number.

“Hi Sir, um, I haven’t received a response from my Master and I have a 1pm meeting, so I can’t make our lunch date.”

“Oh, that’s right, I’m in that meeting too. We’ll go after the meeting then.”

“I won’t go with you unless my Master approves, Sir.”

“I like this calling me Sir, but I prefer Master, and we will see.” As soon as Chloe hung up, her phone rang: Tony.

“Good morning, Sir,” Chloe said.

“Good morning, Chloe,” Tony said, “The meeting has been postponed until tomorrow at the same time, I have an emergency and have to go to the hospital, my wife’s been in an accident.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I hope everything is alright.”

“You are in charge, make sure everyone is working on their projects,” Tony admonished her.

“Yes Sir, I will,” Chloe responded and hung up the phone. Don still had not texted her back so she texted him again:

Master, did I do something to upset you?

Don did not respond. Chloe got up from her desk and went to see how Reg was doing on his project.

“Hey Reg, how’s it going?”

“Wow, Chloe, you look great again today.”

“Thanks, Reg, how’s your project coming along?”

“Just fine, I should be finished by tomorrow, these guys sure spend a lot of money on supplies.”

“They’re a construction company, they have to buy the supplies to build things, but it factors into the final cost,” Chloe reminded him.

“Oh yeah,” Reg said and went back to work. Chloe checked on Maria and Dina, they were doing well, so she went back to her desk. Her phone was ringing when she got back.


“Hey gorgeous, did you hear the meeting’s been postponed?” Ben asked.

“Yes, my boss is the reason, his wife was in an accident.”

“Have you heard back from your Master yet?”


“Well, let me know as soon as you do.”

Just after she hung up, Chloe’s phone dinged with a message from Don.

Don: Just because I don’t answer right away, doesn’t mean I’m upset with you. I’m at work, and I was with a very important client.

Chloe: Sorry Master.

Don: This guy who wants to take you to lunch, have you been out with him before?

Chloe: No Master.

Don: Do you like him?

Chloe: Yes Master.

Don: How much do you like him?”

Chloe: Very much Master.

Don: I’ll allow you to go with him to lunch but you must report back to me after work.

Chloe: Yes Master, thank you! ☺

Chloe called Ben right away.

“Hello again my pretty,” Ben joked.

“My Master has allowed us to go to lunch, Sir, er, um, Master,” Chloe said, nearly whispering the word Master at the end.

“Perfect, I’ll be there at 1:00 to pick you up,” Ben replied, and hung up.

Chloe couldn’t focus on her work after the phone call with Ben. What were they going to talk about? She was sure they would discuss her current slavery to Don, but gnawing at the back of her mind was what Ben had said about having the invitation sent to her from Submissive Secrets. So he really wanted to be her Master, Chloe nearly melted into a puddle at the thought. So the man she had wanted since he got here, wanted her too, and not just as a girlfriend, as his slave. Chloe was so aroused she thought she might cum just thinking about it. Chloe was lost in her own world, thinking of being Ben’s slave. She snapped herself out of her reverie, afraid she might have a small orgasm right there at her desk if she didn’t stop these thoughts. Chloe worked on the project she knew was needed by the end of the week and tried to stay focused, checking and rechecking her work, because her mind kept wandering.

“Hey sexy, ready to go?” Ben asked as he stepped into her cubicle.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said submissively, and gave him a weak smile.

“Very good, slave, I like that you know how to address me, now let’s go to lunch,” Ben said and started walking toward the elevator. Chloe tried to keep up in her highest heels, but was having difficulty. Ben had already gotten to the elevator and pushed the call button and then looked back admiring Chloe as she hurried toward him, her hips swaying, her breasts bouncing. Chloe blushed at his open appraisal of her, hoping he liked what he saw. She could smell her own arousal and hoped Ben didn’t notice. “You are so beautiful, Chloe, and now that I know you are a slave, even more so.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe couldn’t help but address him that way, she had always hoped he would want her as his slave. They entered the elevator and Ben smiled down at her. Chloe could smell his cologne and hoped he couldn’t smell her excitement, but judging by the grin on his face, he could. When they reached the ground floor, Ben rushed out of the elevator, not waiting for Chloe.

“I’ll go get my truck and pull up to the curb to pick you up, it’s kind of high,” Ben called back as he hurried out the front door. Chloe strutted across the lobby to the front door, she couldn’t help that her heels made her walk this way. She exited the building as Ben pulled up in his jacked up 4x4 pickup with oversized tires. Chloe had difficulty climbing up into the cab with her heels on.

“Compensating for something, are we?” Chloe joked but Ben didn’t smile or acknowledge her. “Sorry Master,” she said, dropping her head and looking down at the floor. Ben didn’t say anything as he roared down the road, not asking Chloe where she would like to eat. Ben pulled into a local sandwich shop and got out, coming around to help Chloe down out of the truck, even though he hadn’t offered to help her get in.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said blushing, knowing he surely saw up her skirt and was now aware she wasn’t wearing any panties. Ben didn’t say anything and led her into the shop and sat down at a booth, indicating Chloe should sit across from him.

“What would you like to drink?” Ben asked.

“Um, water please.” Chloe looked at the menu, she had never been to this place before. Ben returned with water for her and a Pepsi for himself. “Er, thanks,” Chloe said without looking up from the menu.

“See anything you like?” Ben asked and Chloe looked him up and down.

“Definitely,” Chloe replied with a coy smile and Ben chuckled, causing Chloe to giggle. “Oh, you meant on the menu, I’ll have the turkey sub with provolone, no onions, with oil and vinegar.” Chloe put the menu back behind the napkin holder from where she had snatched it when they sat down. Ben waved a waitress over and gave her their order before turning back toward Chloe. The pretty petite blond smiled sexily at Ben and went off to deliver their order to the kitchen.

“So, this Master of yours, who is he?” Ben asked.

“His name is Don, he’s the superintendent of my apartment building, and he’s divorced.”

“Oh, so he’s older than you,” Ben said smugly.

“Yes, I’m not sure how much older.”

“How did you get together with him?”

“He came into my apartment on Sunday and noticed all the bondage gear I received from Tom and started asking questions. Since he seemed to know about bondage and slavery, I asked him to tie me up and use me. We had a great time.”

“Did he just assume to be your Master, or did you ask him to be your Master?”

“I begged him, even though he was reluctant, he agreed to try for a few days.”

“So he’s not a permanent Master, just trying it out right now?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s pretty accurate. Last night after he sent me back to my apartment I kind of pestered him until he allowed me to come back to his apartment and tie me up and put me to bed. I slept very well tied up.”

Just then the waitress interrupted their conversation with their sandwiches, giving Ben a huge smile and a touch on the shoulder. Ben just ignored her and continued. “So why didn’t he take off your collar today?”

“He forgot, and then he had already left for work by the time I realized. I texted him and he ordered me not to cover it. He thinks I’m not ready to be a slave, but I really truly am. I’ve been reading and learning about it for over four years, I’m so ready for a Master,” Chloe replied. “I have a confession to make, I’ve wanted you to be my Master since the first day I saw you in the break room,” Chloe admitted.

“Since we’re making confessions, I wanted you to be my slave since that first day,” Ben confessed.

“So why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

“When I desire someone, as much I want you, I am afraid I won’t be able to control myself. I didn’t want to be arrested for date rape or something like that,” Ben explained. “I mean, how do you tell some random woman that you want her so much, that all you can think about is tying her up and fucking her brains out?” Ben asked rhetorically.

“Could have tried it with me, I would have said yes.”

“True, but I didn’t know that. I suspected after getting to know you better, but I wanted to be sure before I made the first move. I mean, if you weren’t receptive, I would be labeled a pervert, and then no one would want to date me.”

“I see your point,” Chloe noted. “So you’re the one who had Tom send me that brazen invitation from Submissive Secrets?”

“Yes, I figured if you answered, then I would know and I could just swoop in and take you. But Tom didn’t hold up his end of the bargain,” Ben said, getting terse when he spoke of Tom.

“He was not supposed to have me come in for an interview?”

“That was part of the deal, I agreed that he could pretend to interview you and do what he normally does with the girls that respond to his requests, but then he was supposed to let me know after it was over. Apparently he really liked you and wanted to keep you for himself,” Ben practically growled out the last part.

“H – He might have been pissed off because I talked Candy into having her tits done,” Chloe suggested.

“Really?” Ben looked surprised.

“Yeah, she said that Tom didn’t want her to, but that she’d always wanted bigger tits like mine, and after talking to me, she decided to get them and break up with Tom.”

“Wow, that might have influenced his decision not to tell me, but he broke our agreement, and that is not acceptable,” Ben said angrily. “So, does Don have a big dick?” he asked, changing the subject.


“How big?”

“I’d say about eight inches, and nice and thick too.” Chloe smiled at the thought of their escapades.

“So you like big cock?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“What would you say if I told you mine was bigger?”

“How big?” Chloe asked, with awe in her voice.

“Just over nine inches and quite thick as well,” Ben replied with a triumphant smile and Chloe moaned with excitement at the thought of him stuffing it into her. She had now finished half her sandwich, and wrapped the other half in the paper. “Not hungry?” Ben asked.

“Not for food,” Chloe smiled at him coyly. Ben quickly finished the last few bites of his sandwich and gulped down his Pepsi, calling for the waitress. She handed him the bill and Ben quickly pulled out the amount and a generous tip before rushing out the door with Chloe right behind him, walking faster than she ever had on these heels. Ben helped her into the truck and then ran around and climbed into the driver’s seat. “So why did you jack up your truck so high?” Chloe asked.

“So I can go places no one else can.” Ben started the engine and raced out of the parking lot, not headed for work.

“Places where no one could hear a girl’s screams?”

“Exactly,” Ben smiled and reached over to the glove box, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and quickly snapping them onto Chloe wrists, he attached a chain to them that came out of the floor between her legs and now Chloe couldn’t raise her hands out of her lap. Ben swiftly attached a pair of cuffs on her ankles and attached them to the floor as well, she was completely immobilized in a matter of seconds.

“Impressive, were you planning on kidnapping me?”

“The thought had crossed my mind,” Ben replied, “but then I would be a criminal and we wouldn’t be able to go out in public.” He turned the truck off the road and into a patch of woods on the edge of town. They bounced along between trees but there didn’t seem to be a path.

“What if I had screamed?”

“Try it.” Chloe drew in a breath to scream and Ben stuffed a large ball gag into her mouth and buckled it behind the headrest on the seat, pinning her head to the seat. “Does that answer your question?” he asked with a chuckle. He had obviously thought of everything and Chloe was both impressed and excited by the swiftness with which he controlled her. They took a couple of turns between trees and then, right in front of the truck was a small concrete structure, completely hidden in the trees. Ben climbed out of the cab and came around to the passenger side, opening the door and smiling up at Chloe with an evil looking grin. Chloe nearly came, she was so aroused by the fact that the man she had wanted for so long, now had her completely under his control.

“No one will hear your screams way out here,” he chuckled as he undid the ball gag and extricated it from her mouth.

“So now you’ve got me, what are you going to do to me?” Chloe tried to hide her smile.

“Whatever I want,” Ben replied as he undid the seat belt and released her wrist cuffs from the floor, pushing her forward and quickly unlocking one wrist cuff, pulling her hands behind her back and locking the cuff firmly around her wrist again, effectively trapping her hands behind her. Finally he released her ankles from the chain attached to the floor and pulled her out of the vehicle onto his broad shoulder, carrying Chloe with her head down over his back, her legs grasped firmly by his strong muscular arms. Ben walked to the structure, opened the solid steel door with a key and stepped inside, closing the door behind them. Ben deposited Chloe onto a cot there.

“You’re very quick, but I wasn’t going to run away. You must have practiced.”

“Yes, I practiced on a dummy at first but they don’t move or fight back. Then I hired prostitutes, not to fuck them, but to practice tying them up. I paid them one hundred dollars to try and escape, most just pretended and I tied them up pretty easily. Then I gave them incentive and offered an extra one hundred if they could escape. At first I was losing a lot of money, but I improved and soon I could subdue them quite quickly, but I was sure it wasn’t enough. These women were fighting for money, not their life. So the next few I told them if they didn’t escape I was going to kill them. The first one got loose and I had to shoot her with a taser to prevent her from running to the police and saying I tried to kill her. I worked on my technique and I successfully subdued the next one, but I beat her up pretty badly, and she got in a couple of good shots, including one to my nuts. I gave her three hundred dollars and told her not to tell anyone about what I was doing. I finally got to the point where I could subdue them without damaging them and several of them cried because they thought they were going to die. One of them begged me to fuck her when I told her she wasn’t going to die, I just needed her to fight like she was, she was so turned on. She was upset when I rejected her, especially when I went into the bathroom and jerked off, I didn’t want to risk getting an STD.”

“So you were really ready to kidnap me for real?”

“Like I said, I thought about it, thinking that once I had you, you would fall into your submissive self and love it, but then I’d have to move, and it might not work out so well if I forced you. I also knew that was wrong and I wasn’t going to become a criminal, I just wanted you so bad.”

“Well now you have me, and you have my consent to do whatever you want to me, except permanently damage or kill me – Master.”

“Yes, I want us to proceed like you want to get away. Please don’t kick me in the balls, or try to gouge my eyes out, but anything goes,” Ben said as he unlocked the hand cuffs and the cuffs around her ankles as well. Chloe jumped up and ran to the door, but Ben had locked it, she couldn’t get out. Before she could turn around, Ben was on her, pressing his body against her, crushing her against the door, she could hardly breathe. The fact that he had practiced was obvious, he had Chloe in the cuffs again in seconds and carried her kicking and squirming into the next room, standing her on her feet in front of a metal apparatus that looked like nothing she had ever seen, but it appeared to be quite capable of holding a woman completely immobile, unable to escape. Ben unbuttoned her top and pulled it down onto Chloe’s bound arms, admiring the shelf bra that held her fantastic tits up so proudly. There were no over the shoulder straps, just the wide strap underneath the cups that supported her. Ben unclasped the bra and tossed it into the corner, leering as her lovely globes sprang free.

“No, stop, please, NO!” Chloe screamed and Ben grinned, stuffing a large red ball gag into her wide open mouth. Ben pulled down her skirt and as it pooled around her ankles he stared at her completely shaven pussy.

“No panties, what a naughty slut. Did your Master order you not to wear any?” Ben asked and Chloe nodded as a droplet of her juices trickled down her inner thigh. Ben opened the metal hasp on the contraption and bent Chloe forward until her neck was in the groove then he released her wrists from the handcuffs and started to put her wrists in the grooves for them, but she remembered she was supposed to fight and fought him as he struggled to place her wrists in the metal stock-like apparatus. He reached under and grabbed her nipples, pinching hard and Chloe gasped in shock and pain around the ball gag. “Put your wrists in the grooves or this is going to get much worse, slave,” he ordered, and Chloe complied.

Ben released her nipples and slapped down the upper part of this metal stock arrangement, locking it in place. Chloe noticed that the inside of the metal was lined with leather, making it very snug around her wrists and neck, she was truly trapped. Ben released her ankles from the cuffs and Chloe tried to kick, but her skirt caused the kick to stop short, nearly making her fall. Ben caught her and locked one ankle into a metal hasp far to her right next to a metal pole. He did the same with her other flailing ankle and Chloe was now completely helpless. Then he inserted a bar across between the two rear metal poles under her waist and turned some sort of crank until the bar was pushing up on her abdomen just above her hips, raising her onto her toes.

Her ass and pussy were now perfectly presented for whatever he had in mind, fortunately, the bar was padded. Ben suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled it into a ponytail of sorts and pulled her head up so Chloe was facing a large mirror she had not noticed before. He locked her ponytail into something on the back of the stock and she could not lower her head anymore. She could now see herself, her hanging tits, her trapped wrists and ankles, the curve of her ass was just visible to either side of her head. Chloe nearly came at the sight of herself trapped like this.

“Someone’s enjoying this,” Ben commented as he unbuttoned his shirt, discarding it in the corner, then dropped his pants and boxers, exposing his very large erect cock. Ben rubbed the tip against Chloe’s slick slit and she moaned with pleasure and tried to push herself onto it, but bound as she was, she could not. She was his helpless play toy and could do nothing but take whatever he gave her. Chloe moaned again with obvious arousal. Chloe could see Ben draw his hips back and then felt him slam himself into her, nearly burying his cock completely in one thrust, Chloe was so ready for him. Ben pulled back and thrust again, burying himself to the hilt and Chloe came, she had wanted this for so long and she couldn’t control herself, she cried out and her body shook with the spasms of her orgasm, her eyes rolled back in her head and she rode the wave of pleasure as Ben continued to rut into her. Ben grabbed her pendant breasts, mauling them and pinching her nipples, sending Chloe into another fit of spasms as Ben finally came, his phallus deep inside her welcoming channel, he shot his seed into her. This extended Chloe’s orgasm as she loved the feel of a cock shooting its load into her. Chloe nearly passed out, but returned to her senses after a few minutes. Ben was fully dressed by the time Chloe returned to her faculties.

“Did you enjoy that slave?” Ben asked and Chloe tried to nod, but her head was completely trapped and she could not move. “Blink once for yes, twice for no,” Ben ordered and Chloe blinked once emphatically. Enjoy didn’t even begin to describe it. His huge cock felt fantastic, Chloe felt like she had died and gone to pervert heaven. Ben left the room for a moment and returned with a warm wet cloth, wiping Chloe’s pussy clean before he began to release her, first her ankles and he helped her move them back to center so she could support her body, but they were so weak that Chloe still rested against the padded bar. Ben released her ponytail and then unclasped the locking hasp, holding her head and wrists. Ben pulled her upright by her arms but Chloe collapsed to her knees on the concrete floor, nearly hitting her face on the padded bar. Ben removed that from the poles and stood it to the side before checking on Chloe who was about to fall over. He pulled the ball gag from her mouth and Chloe clung to him to keep from falling on her side.

“Oh Master, I’m so weak,” Chloe moaned softly. Ben started to leave her and realized she would fall, so he picked her up over his shoulder as before and carried her into the other room, setting her down on the cot. Chloe laid back and Ben left for a moment, returning with a cold bottle of water. Ben put it to her lips and Chloe drank greedily, she did not even attempt to help guide Ben, she willingly took what he gave her. “Thank you Master,” Chloe said when he pulled the bottle from her lips.

“Are you alright?” Ben asked.

“I’m fantastic, Master, but I’m so weak. Your huge cock was amazing and I came so hard, I nearly passed out, but I didn’t want to miss how incredible I felt, so I somehow hung on.”

“Chloe, I really want to be your Master but you already have one, so let’s dispense with calling me Master,” Ben said.

“No Master, you are my true Master, I’ve wanted you to be my Master for over a year. Please be my Master,” Chloe pleaded.

“What about your current Master?”

“I guess we will have to go talk to him and see if he will release me to you, Master,” Chloe replied. “He took me against his better judgement, he said he didn’t have the money or the time to keep a slave.”

“Can you get dressed and go back to work?”

“I don’t know Master, but I’ll try,” Chloe said and struggled to sit up. She finally managed and grabbed the water bottle on the small table there, emptying the contents. Ben went into the other room and returned with her clothes. Chloe put the bra on first and then the top, buttoning it up. She slid the skirt up her legs while still seated and tried to stand but fell back onto the cot. “I feel so drained,” Chloe said and finally got to her feet, pulling up her skirt and adjusting it. She was still wearing the heels she had put on this morning. Just then her phone dinged in her purse on the table where Ben had left it. Chloe pulled it out and looked at the message. Tony’s wife had died in surgery after the accident and he was going to take some time off. Chloe looked up sadly at Ben, relaying the message and then noted the time. “Oh god, Master, we’ve been gone for almost two hours,” Chloe said. Just then Ben received a message on his phone and he chuckled.

“We’re off the hook, your boss is gone and mine got sick after lunch and didn’t go back to the office,” Ben smiled.

“What was funny about that, Master?”

“He said he hoped I had fun with that hot little number from bookkeeping,” Ben replied and Chloe blushed, not from shame but arousal, it turned her on when men found her attractive. “More fun than I’ve ever had in my life,” he stated.

“Thank you Master, me too.”

“Let’s head back to work,” he suggested.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and took a few wobbly steps before collapsing into Ben’s arms. “I’ve never had this happen before, I’m still so weak,” Chloe said. Ben unlocked the door and helped Chloe walk back to the truck, helping her into the cab and then going back to the concrete structure to lock the door. Ben returned and climbed into the driver’s seat, pulling out another bottle of water and handing it to Chloe.

“So I assume you’re on the pill?”

“No, but it’s not necessary.”

“Why not?”

“There are no parts in here, Master,” Chloe responded, gesturing toward her abdomen and Ben gave a quizzical look. So Chloe explained about falling on the pipe when she was 11, the internal bleeding, the copious amounts of blood during her period, the intense pain, the cyst which became a malignant tumor and finally her hysterectomy to remove the cancer.

“Oh god, Chloe, I’m so sorry.”

“But now I can be the perfect slave, Master. No periods, so no time off from fucking, no chance of getting pregnant, I’m the perfect cum receptacle.” Chloe smiled at him.

“If you weren’t a submissive slave, I’d say you needed to have your head examined, but you are incredible, Chloe,” Ben said as he fired up the truck and headed out of the woods a different way.

“Where are we going now, Master?” She took another sip of water from the bottle.

“Just going a different way, I never go there the same way twice, I don’t want there to be a natural path, so hopefully no one else finds the bunker,” Ben answered.

“Very smart, Master,” Chloe noted. Ben exited the woods and pulled onto a suburban street and drove down the road a little way before stopping in front of a house.

“This is where I live, and if you become my slave, where you’ll live too,” Ben smiled.

“Very nice, Master, and so domestic looking, but I bet there’s a lot more than meets the eye inside,” Chloe grinned.

“So true, slave,” Ben said and drove on down the street to a main road, turning onto it and driving back to work.

“You’re not going to tell me about what’s inside, Master?” Chloe questioned after a long silence.

“Hopefully you’ll find out for yourself soon.”

“I hope so too, Master,” Chloe said, fingering her collar. They arrived at work and Ben helped Chloe out of the truck.

“Can you walk?” Ben asked.

“I think so, Master,” Chloe said and took a few steps without Ben’s help. “Looks like I can, Master, thank you.” Chloe grabbed his arm and walked with him into the building. Inside the elevator Ben spoke.

“I’ll come by your desk at 5pm and follow you to your apartment, then we can talk to your Master and see how he feels about you becoming my slave.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and looked up at him with a smile. Chloe headed back to her desk as Ben headed off in the other direction toward his office. Chloe plopped down in her desk chair and turned her attention toward her computer screen. Reg popped his head over the side of her cubicle.

“Long lunch, did you go to a motel?” Reg asked.

“No,” Chloe replied curtly.

“You sure were gone a long time.” Reg noted.

“Yes, we really hit it off and got lost in conversation,” Chloe lied.

“Oh sure, alright, I get it, you don’t kiss and tell.” Reg said and disappeared back into his own cubicle.

Chloe worked on her projects but didn’t check on anyone else. She felt guilty because she had been gone to lunch for so long. She vowed to make up the time later in the week and worked furiously to complete one of her projects that wasn’t due until the end of the week. Five o’clock came faster than Chloe realized when Ben appeared with a huge smile on his face.

“Hey babe, you ready to go?” Ben asked.

“Almost, I need to finish this email and then I can go,” Chloe said. “Master,” Chloe added after a significant pause.

“Not yet, but hopefully,” Ben said.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and finished up her email, sending it out and shutting down her computer. She walked with Ben to the elevator and waited until it arrived. As soon as the doors closed, Ben grabbed Chloe and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and kissing her more passionately than she had ever been kissed in her life. When Ben broke the kiss Chloe staggered back against the wall with surprise and arousal. She didn’t have time to reciprocate as the doors to the elevator opened on the ground floor and they walked to Chloe’s car in the parking lot.

“I’ll follow you home,” Ben said and kissed her on the forehead before heading to his truck. Chloe was in a world of lust on her way home, she hoped and prayed that Don would release her, now that she had found out about Ben. Her thighs were steaming as she pulled into the parking lot at her apartment and went straight to the front door, Ben was already there waiting for her. “So where is the super’s apartment?”

“It’s right inside here, first door on the left,” Chloe said, stepping inside and ringing the bell. They waited a couple of minutes and Chloe pushed the buzzer again, and still no response after several minutes.

“Are you sure he’s home?”

“I don’t know, I think so, his truck is parked out front,” Chloe responded, so Ben started banging on the door with his fists.

“Hey, if you’re in there, you’d better answer this door before I break it down!” Ben shouted. Within a minute, Don answered the door in his robe, but his hair was not wet.

“What’s going on out here?” Don asked. “Oh, hi Chloe.”

“We came to see if you would release your slave to me; I want her and she wants me,” Ben replied.

“Chloe’s not my slave, we were just trying it out,” Don responded.

“Not your slave, then why am I still wearing this collar?” Chloe practically shrieked.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, come in for a minute and I’ll find the key,” Don said.

“Nadia!” Chloe exclaimed, seeing Nadia kneeling naked with a wide leather collar around her neck and chain locked to it and the support pole she had been locked to last night.

“Chloe!” Nadia exclaimed and then tried to cover herself, seeing Ben.

“What the hell is going on here?” Chloe asked indignantly.

“Do not cover yourself, slave,” Don ordered and Nadia knelt in presentation.

“I think I can explain if Master will let me,” Nadia said. Don nodded.

“Master Don and I got together right after his divorce. We both enjoyed each other very much, but he was still upset and missing his wife, even though things there were long dead. I had told him I understood and hoped he found someone someday that would make him truly happy, that was two years ago. Tonight I came by looking to get the keys from you so I could take off the cuffs and collar you locked on me Saturday night, but you weren’t in your apartment. Master saw me and asked why I was there. I explained and he said that he currently had the keys and to come in. He got the key and started to unlock me. I told him he didn’t have to do that, he could leave me locked up and I would be thrilled if he took me as his slave. To make a long story short, he accepted and I am now his slave.”

“Oh my god, Nadia!” Chloe exclaimed. “So you’ve found your Master.”

“Yes, while you were ringing the doorbell, he was ringing my bell,” Nadia joked, and they all laughed.

“Here’s the key,” Don said, unlocking the collar from Chloe’s neck and taking it off. Chloe immediately knelt at Ben’s feet.

“Please be my Master, make me your slave, please,” Chloe begged, so desperate to be owned by Ben.

“Is this how a slave presents herself to her Master?” Ben asked.

“I’m sorry Master,” Chloe said, coming to her senses and quickly stripping off her clothes, discarding them to one side, then kneeling in presentation, head bowed. “Please Master, forgive your impatient slave. Please take me, use me as your slave, Master. I beg your collar be placed permanently around my neck for the entire world to see that I am your slave. Please Master,” she beseeched him.

“Much better, slave,” Ben said, producing a collar from seemingly out of nowhere and locking it around Chloe’s neck. “I accept your submission to me, you are now my slave. This is not reversible by your will, only I may release you from being my slave.”

“Thank you Master, I promise you will not regret it,” Chloe said as she bent down and kissed his shoes.

“That’s enough, slave. Kneel in presentation,” Ben ordered.

“Please Master, will you collar your slave, please,” Nadia begged to Don.

“I don’t have a permanent collar to lock on you,” Don said.

“Use the one you just removed from Chloe for now, Tom owes me that much,” Ben said.

“Thank you, um, what’s your name?” Don asked.


“Thanks Ben,” Don said and walked over to Nadia. He removed the leather collar and Nadia knelt in presentation.

“Please Master, please collar your slave. Please make me your slave forever, I want the whole world to know that I am an owned slave girl,” Nadia pleaded.

“I accept your submission and place this collar on your neck as a symbol of my ownership, you are now my slave,” Don said.

“Oh my god, I’ve never been so happy in my life!” Nadia exclaimed. “Chloe, look at us, three nights ago we were ready to be slaves, and now here we are, real slaves.” Nadia exulted.

“Master, may I go hug and congratulate my best friend?” Chloe requested.

“You may,” Ben smiled and Chloe rushed to Nadia, nearly knocking her over with her enthusiastic hug, Nadia hugging her back just as strongly. They held each other at arms-length for a moment, then fell back into a hug, while still on their knees on the carpet.

“I can’t believe this all happened so fast,” Chloe said. “And you, I thought you were just caught up in the moment Saturday night,” Chloe added.

“No, I have loved Don since we first dated, I think that’s why he didn’t want to get involved with you, I think he still had feelings for me. Anyway, as soon as he said he had the key, I knew I wanted him to hold my key forever.”

“And his big cock?”

“I know, I don’t know how he gets it all into me, but it feels amazing, it touches me everywhere inside and sets off the greatest fireworks display ever,” Nadia smiled dreamily, “your Master is so handsome, you lucky girl.”

“Thank you, but he’s mine,” Chloe grinned.

“Oh, I don’t want to steal him, I’m just saying,” Nadia said. “Does he have a big cock too?”

“Yes, bigger than Master Don’s,” Chloe replied proudly. The slaves kissed on the cheek and hugged each other again. “Good luck, slave,” Chloe smiled at her best friend.

“Good luck to you too, slave.” Nadia smiled back. Chloe got up and went back to Ben, kneeling in presentation before him.

“Thank you Master, for indulging your slave,” Chloe said.

“Have you two ever...?” Ben started to ask.

“No, we are best friends since childhood, but we are not lesbian or bi, we have never even experimented,” Chloe answered.

“Good to know,” Ben said. “Let’s head up to your apartment and get a few things,” Ben added.

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