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Are you my Master?

Chloe awoke from a wonderful dream. Don was her Master and had placed a permanent collar on her neck. She was chained to a post in the basement with nothing more than a cot, a toilet and a sink close enough for her to reach. Chloe nearly came at the thought as she awakened, remembering the wonderful time she had yesterday, and hoped for more.

Chloe got ready for work, showering, doing her hair, putting on the makeup that Tom and Candy had given her. She wore the red long sleeve top showing the tops of her full bosoms. She selected a rather short gray skirt and her highest black heels at five inches. They weren’t easy to walk in, but Chloe knew she could do it. She almost put the collar on before stopping herself. What was she thinking, she couldn’t go to work wearing a large wide leather collar. It would draw a lot of attention to her, not that the way she was dressed wouldn’t, but there would be all sorts of questions. Chloe grabbed her purse, dropping her cell phone into it before heading out the door and driving to work. She saw Ben coming into the office.

“Wow, Chloe, looking great, very sexy today!” Ben complimented her.

“Um, thanks.” Chloe said sheepishly.

“What’s the special occasion?” Ben asked.

“Well – you know I just got promoted – and, um, I wanted to look good for my first day as a boss.” Chloe stumbled to make up something that sounded plausible.

“Mission accomplished, you’ve got my attention, Miss Assistant Manager.” Ben smiled warmly at her. “Have a nice day.” Ben added.

“Thanks, you too.” was all Chloe could manage. Damn, he always got her off balance and wet between her legs.

Chloe went to her desk and started up her computer, realizing she hadn’t eaten any breakfast and she was quite hungry.

“Someone left bagels in the breakroom.” Reg said peeking his head over the top of her cubicle. He was in the neighboring one.

“Thanks, that’s great.” Chloe smiled up at him and noticed he was staring at her tits. When he realized she was looking back at him, Reg sheepishly slipped back down and into his own cubicle. Chloe grinned to herself. Reg was tall and handsome, though a bit on the thin side, but he was just so shy. Chloe knew he liked her, but he had never gotten up the courage to ask her out. Chloe got up and went into the breakroom, getting herself a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of tea, then heading back to her desk. She dropped the food on her desk and went around into Reg’s cubicle.

“Thanks for letting me know, Reg, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning.” Chloe said, smiling at him.

“Oh, you’re welcome Chloe, by the way you look great today, I mean, not that you don’t look great every day, but what’s the special occasion?” Reg asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, I thought I should look good for my first day as a boss.” Chloe repeated her earlier excuse.

“Oh, right. You look exceptional today, boss.” Reg said.

“Thanks Reg.” Chloe accepted his compliment. “Now get to work young man!” Chloe said jokingly. She even changed her voice to sound more authoritative.

“Yes Ma’am, right away.” Reg chuckled as he turned back to his computer and started typing on his keyboard.

Chloe returned to her desk and started working on the year-to-date spreadsheet she knew her boss needed. A few minutes later her phone rang, it was her boss.

“Good morning boss.” Chloe answered the phone.

“Chloe, please start calling me by my name.” Tony requested.

“Yes Sir, I mean Tony. What can I do for you?” Chloe asked.

“I need the year-to-date spreadsheet by the meeting at noon. We will need at least ten copies and I want you in the meeting with me.” Tony said.

“Yes Sir, I’ll have it ready by 10am so you can review it.” Chloe said.

“Very good, but I want you to present it; you did most of the work on it.” Tony said.

“But I’m not very good at that sort of thing.” Chloe protested.

“You’ll do fine.” Tony said and hung up. The knot in Chloe’s stomach grew as she thought about having to present the spreadsheet. She worked furiously to finish it up by the time she had promised her boss and brought him a paper copy while also sending one via email by 9:50am. “Very fine work, Chloe.” Tony complimented her. “This looks great, just pass it out to everyone when I tell you and then briefly go over the numbers. If anyone has any questions, I’m sure you’ll be able to answer them. By the way, you look very nice today.” Tony smiled.

“Thanks, Tony.” Chloe gave him a weak smile. Chloe left Tony’s office and went back to her cubicle to work on other reports that needed finishing. Tony called her at 11:45am.

“Hey Chloe, meeting’s been postponed until tomorrow at 1:00pm, some sort of emergency with a client, so the CEO and VP are busy with that. You’re off the hook for today.” Tony joked.

“Thanks S – Tony.” Chloe responded, stopping herself from calling him Sir. It was starting to become a problem; she was mentally sinking deeper and deeper into slave mode and was having trouble keeping herself from calling all men Sir or Master. Chloe texted Don and asked him what time he got home from work and invited him to come over and continue where they left off yesterday. Don didn’t answer right away and Chloe was nervous that she might have upset him. Don finally answered after 1:15 pm saying that he got home around 5 pm and she should come to his apartment tonight when she got home from work. Chloe agreed and went out for lunch, stopping at the local burger place and eating there. She didn’t normally eat a lot of junk food, but she had been busy most of the weekend and hadn’t had time to go food shopping.

Chloe finished up at work around 5:00 pm and headed for home, excited to try and convince Don to be her Master. She told herself she needed to be the perfect slave for him so he wouldn’t say no. She rushed up to her apartment, stripping out of her clothes, including her underwear and hose, putting on the short silky robe she wore yesterday when she enticed Don in the first place. Well, maybe that wasn’t true, he saw her naked in collar and cuffs first. Perhaps that had tempted him more than the robe, but she couldn’t go down the hall in the nude, so she packed up the suitcase and rolled it along behind her down to Don’s apartment. Pushing the doorbell. Don answered quickly, in a t-shirt and pair of shorts.

“Hi Chloe, come on in.” Don smiled at her and stepped aside for her to enter. Chloe stepped inside and pulled the suitcase after her. “So what did you want?” Don chided her, successfully hiding his grin.

“Please be my Master and treat me like the slave I am.” Chloe blurted out, still standing with her robe on.

“Hmm, a real slave wouldn’t present herself to a potential Master with her body covered.” Don stated. “How can I know what I’m getting if I can’t see all of it?” Don teased.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe gave an exasperated sigh as she took off her robe and knelt in the position she had been taught by Tom and Candy, her knees spread wide, her back straight, her tits thrust up, her head up straight, arms behind her back and her eyes looking down at the floor. “Please Master, take me as your slave and use me in whatever way pleases you.” Chloe pleaded.

“Very nice, you are one hot little slut, aren’t you?” Don queried, noting the moisture in her pussy and her big hard nipples, pointing straight out.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe replied.

“Very well.” Don said and took a metal collar out of the case and locked it around Chloe’s neck, wrapping the chain attached around a support pole and locking it with a padlock.

“Thank you, Master.” Chloe smiled up at him and grasped the chain with both hands, not trying to escape, just testing to be sure it was locked onto her securely. The chain trailed off above her left breast and down along her left side and over her hip before it extended back to lock around the post.

“When you are wearing a chain like this you need to learn how to present yourself.” Don said. “The chain should fall between your tits and down between your legs, touching your wet pussy lips. Then it should trail off between your spread legs to the post behind you.” Don commanded and Chloe complied, arranging the chain just as ordered and presented herself to him again. “Much better, slave.” Don complimented her, noting her increased rate of breathing and that the links of chain in front of her very wet slit now showed droplets of her excitement. “This really does excite you.” Don noted.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe said huskily.

“Very good, now let’s get you bound.” Don stated and selected a pair of metal bracelets out of the suitcase, locking them on Chloe’s wrists. Each cuff was nearly three inches wide and locked on its own, with a small ring set in the side for binding purposes. Don locked a similar pair above her elbows and then pulled Chloe’s arms behind her back, locking both the wrist and elbow cuffs together with a padlock. A moan of arousal escaped Chloe’s lips. “Do you like this, slave?” Don asked.

“Oh yes, Master, very much.” Chloe replied.

“Why?” Don asked.

“I love being bound, especially by a strong Master like you. It tells me that you want me and you won’t allow me to get away, even though I have no desire to escape. It feels like you’re hugging me, plus it relieves me of any responsibility. I am where my Master wants me when I am chained.” Chloe responded, explaining her feelings.

“Very good, you sound like a seasoned slave.” Don commented.

“Thank you, Master. I have been studying the ways of a slave for four years now in preparation for finding my Master.” Chloe explained.

“Excellent, let’s put you through a little test.” Don said. “Stand.” Don ordered and Chloe stood, making sure the chain still fell between her heaving bosoms and stepped forward enough to keep the chain against her mound. “Good girl.” Don complimented before wrapping another set of steel cuffs around her ankles, locking them together with a padlock as well. Don unlocked the chain from the collar and left it coiled around the post. Next Don added the nipple clamps that Chloe had worn on Saturday night for far too long, and finally stuffed a seven-inch dildo into her with a clit tickler. Don then pulled out a crop and smacked Chloe on the ass. “Three laps around the couch, but no cumming. if you cum, I will punish you.” Don ordered and smacked Chloe on her other cheek. Chloe began hopping around the couch while Don sat down to watch. Chloe was having all kinds of difficulty completing this task. The dildo was rubbing her g-spot, the clit tickler was doing its job, and the nipple clamps and the bouncing of her breasts only added to the fire raging inside her. Chloe stopped to try and control herself after two laps but Don just slapped her ass with the crop again and told her to get moving. Chloe stopped again after only getting halfway around the couch and Don smacked her on the ass and told her to get moving again.

“Please Master, I’m almost to cum, I need to wait a minute.” Chloe pleaded.

“Two more laps for hesitating too long.” Don ordered and Chloe moaned and started hopping again. To Chloe’s credit, she made the added two circuits, but she was a sweating steaming mess. She almost came twice but somehow held it back. When she finished her fifth lap, Chloe fell to her knees on the carpet and tried to catch her breath and contain the orgasm that was just at the brink and had been for the last two and a half laps. “Present yourself, slave.” Don ordered as Chloe’s breath took a more even rhythm though she was still near the brink. Don took pity on her and pulled the dildo part way out and slammed it back into her steaming channel. “You may cum on the next thrust, slave.” Don ordered as Chloe moaned. Don thrust the dildo once more and as the tickler hit her clit, Chloe exploded, screaming and crying out. As she fell onto her side from the force of the orgasm Don was unable to hold the dildo and it slid partway out of her very slippery tunnel. Chloe barely noticed as she rode the wave of her orgasm. When Chloe recovered after a few minutes, she righted herself and knelt with her knees spread as widely as she could with her ankles locked so closely together.

“Thank you, Master.” Chloe said after shaking her hair out of her face.

“You’re very welcome, slave.” Don said. “Now it’s my turn.” Don ordered as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. Chloe crawled on her knees between his spread legs and took his large cock into her mouth, kissing and licking it, covering it with her saliva. Chloe kissed the head and then took him to the back of her mouth, just at the entrance to her throat before pulling back to the head and Don moaned in appreciation. Chloe started sliding back and forth on his cock in her mouth quite quickly, her nipple chain hitting the side of the couch as she thrust it deeper into her mouth. Chloe then began to swallow him in earnest, taking him all the way to the hilt on the first attempt. She only held him there a moment before she pulled back off and took a breath before plunging him all the way down her throat again, her nose in his pubic hair and her chin on his balls. Chloe pulled back off and began this rhythm of swallowing him whole and then extricating him. She suddenly remembered that she had accidentally made it feel better for him by humming or growling in her throat when she needed air. Chloe started humming a note in her throat when she swallowed him and by the third time of doing that Don could contain himself no longer and grabbed Chloe’s hair, holding her fully onto his cock as he shot his load deep in her throat and straight down into her stomach. When he finished, he released her hair and Chloe came up for air, breathing more heavily than Don thought she should have.

“Too long, slave?” Don asked.

“No, Master, I’m almost to cum again.” Chloe confessed.

“Just from sucking my dick?” Don asked.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe answered between breaths.

“Would my slave like to cum again?” Don asked.

“Yes please, Master.” Chloe replied and Don grabbed her nipple chain, pulling on it gently, reaching down and worrying her clit as well. “Oh Master, please, may I cum?” Chloe pleaded.

“Not just yet.” Don commanded as he continued to pull at the clamps and play with her clit, sticking one finger into her pussy, searching for her g-spot. He found it easily and as he rubbed across it with the tip of his finger while his thumb rubbed her clit, Chloe gasped, nearly slipping over the precipice.

“Please Master, please let me cum?” Chloe begged just above a whisper.

“Cum now.” Don ordered and cum she did, her body shaking and shuddering. She would have fallen over again if Don hadn’t held her upright. It took a few minutes before Chloe came back to her senses.

“Thank you, Master, that was incredible.” Chloe said. “Please Master, may I have some water?” Don got up, buckling his pants after tucking his shrunken cock back into his boxers, and heading into the kitchen returned with two bottles of water. He drank some from one of the bottles before opening the other bottle and tipping it up for Chloe to drink from. He started a bit too fast and some spilled onto her large tits as he watered his slave. Chloe found that this excited her too; being fed or watered by the Master’s hand was all part of her understanding about being a slave. Don stopped after about half the bottle. 

“More please, Master.” Chloe pleaded and Don emptied the remainder of the contents into her mouth, Chloe drinking as fast as she could so she would not waste any.

“Do you want more?” Don asked after taking another drink from his bottle.

“No thank you, Master.” Chloe replied and knelt in presentation. Don put down the empty bottle and removed Chloe’s nipple clamps. She hissed and sucked in a few breaths as the circulation returned to her nipples but did not cry out. Don left the room and Chloe remained where she was as she heard Don in the kitchen, preparing something. Hopefully a meal, Chloe thought as her stomach growled. As Chloe knelt, she realized she needed to use the toilet.

“Master.” Chloe called out. “Master!” Chloe called louder when he didn’t respond.

“Yes, slave.” Don said, appearing in the doorway.

“Master, I need to use the toilet, could you please release me?” Chloe requested.

“You’re not chained to the post, you should be able to get there by yourself, last door down the hall on the right. I’ll be there to help you clean up in a minute.” Don responded. Chloe frowned but used the couch to help get up and began hopping toward the hallway as Don watched. At the entrance to the hallway she turned and saw Don still watching.

“Enjoying the show?” Chloe asked sarcastically.

“Yes, very much, but that little remark has earned you a punishment. Now get your ass into the bathroom before you make a mess on my carpet, and I’ll go tend to dinner.” Don ordered. Sullenly Chloe hopped down the hall and into the bathroom, lifting the lid and plopping down on the seat she released her urine in a strong stream. Why had she been so snarky? She loved when men lusted after her body but she was upset because he hadn’t released her bonds. Chloe thought about her bad slave attitude and started to cry softly to herself. She wanted this, it turned her on so much, so why couldn’t she be a good slave? Just then Don walked in and saw her crying.

“Too much, slave, do you need to be released and sent home?” Don asked.

“No, Master.” Chloe replied. “I’m upset with myself for acting like a free person.” Chloe explained.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up, it’s going to take some adjusting. You’ve been a free woman all your life.” Don commented and it made Chloe feel a little better. It was true, she really had no practice at being a slave, just what she read online, but no real-life experience. Don cleaned her up with toilet paper and a warm washcloth. “Can you make it to the kitchen?” Don asked.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe replied and got up off the toilet, hopping along behind Don, following him into the kitchen. Don pointed to a rug on the floor next to the table and Chloe knelt. Don sat at the table and started eating while Chloe watched. He was eating a large steak that was cooked rare or medium rare. The meat inside was red and dripping with juice. After Don had eaten several bites, he cut off a piece, stabbed it with his fork and put it to Chloe’s mouth, offering it to her. Chloe liked her meat medium well, with no red, so she turned her head away from the meat.

“Eat, slave.” Don ordered.

“Please Master, I don’t like rare meat.” Chloe complained. Don put the bite in his mouth and without another word, got up from the table and went to the cupboard. Chloe couldn’t see what he was doing, but he started cooking something in a pot on the stove and returned to his steak between stirring, grabbing a bite or two while he was cooking. When he finished, he dumped the contents into a bowl and then added what looked like yogurt from the fridge, before setting the bowl on the floor in front of Chloe.

“Eat your gruel, slave.” Don ordered and plopped back down in his chair, cutting into his now cold steak. Chloe was now very upset with herself. She had again failed to be the slave she thought she wanted to be. She bent over and licked at the mush in the bowl. It was oatmeal and strawberry yogurt, her favorite breakfast. Chloe began to eat like a slave or an animal, taking bites and making a mess on her face, but eating all of it, licking the bowl clean. Chloe knelt back up to see that Don had finished his plate and was rinsing it, putting it in the dishwasher.

“Finished, slave?” Don asked.

“Yes Master.” Chloe replied. Don rinsed the bowl, putting it into the dishwasher as well, before wiping her face with a wet paper towel.

“Follow me to the living room.” Don commanded.

“Help me up, please Master.” Chloe pleaded.

“No, figure out how to get there on your own.” Don said sternly and walked into the living room. Chloe was upset with herself again, she once again failed to be a perfect slave. Was he going to reject her? Chloe was determined to do better and crawled on her knees as best she could to the wall, leveraging her body against it and gaining her feet. She almost fell, but somehow regained her balance enough to hop back into the living room.

“Very good, slave, you’re learning.” Don commended her. “Now kneel over there.” Don ordered, pointing to the area of the post where she had been chained by the collar before. Chloe knelt and tried to spread her knees as wide as possible with her ankles still locked together. Don picked up the chain and pulled it between Chloe’s legs and up between her bountiful breasts before locking it to her collar. Chloe knelt as Don turned his attention back to the basketball game on TV. Don finished watching the game before turning his attention back to Chloe.

“I’m impressed, slave.” Don said. Chloe had remained in the same spot, not moving, remaining in good posture with her knees spread wide, her back straight, her tits thrust up and her head level. “Very good job at remaining in presentation.” Don commended her. “But now, I think it’s time for you to go home.” Don said and then yawned.

“Please let me stay, Master, I promise I’ll be a good slave.” Chloe begged as Don began to unlock her bonds and remove the cuffs and collar.

“No, Chloe, I need to sleep. I’ve got a big client coming in tomorrow and I need to be well rested.” Don said, packing all of her bonds back into the suitcase and setting it next to the door. “Go home, get some rest, you can leave the suitcase here and maybe we’ll continue tomorrow.” Don said.

“Yes, Master.” Chloe said softly and picked up her robe, slipping it on. “Good night, Master.” Chloe said, kissing Don on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Chloe.” Don said as he closed the door behind her. Chloe walked dejectedly up the stairs and down the hall to her apartment. She didn’t want to leave, she didn’t even necessarily want sex, she just wanted to feel wanted. She wanted Don to bind her and leave her for the night. Chloe opened the door to her apartment and went inside. She knew she would never be able to sleep and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV and staring at a rerun that she had seen before. Suddenly a thought occurred to her and she grabbed her cell phone, texting Don.

Chloe: Master, I have thought of a way in which we could make this work. I just got a raise at work and we could use that money together with whatever you have left of your salary to get a small house together.

Don: No, I will not have you dictating our finances.

Chloe: Not what I meant; I would give you all of my salary to do with as you please. That would make me truly owned as a slave, having to give all of my earnings to you.

Don: Interesting theory, I’ll think about it.

Chloe was now too excited to go to sleep, she had thought of a way that she and Don could make it work. After a few minutes she texted again.

Chloe: Master, I can’t sleep, I need to be put away for the night, please.

Don: Chloe, stop bothering me, I need to sleep.

Chloe: I do too. I have to give a presentation tomorrow as well. Please let me come down, you can tie me up any way you want, I promise I won’t complain and I’ll go right to sleep.

Don: Alright, if it will stop this, come on down.

Chloe practically danced down the hall and stairs to Don’s apartment. He was waiting at the door in just his boxers and ushered Chloe in. Chloe stripped off her robe and knelt in presentation.

“Please Master – “ Chloe started but Don cut her off.

“No talking.” Don ordered as he pulled the steel collar out of the case and locked it around Chloe’s neck. He grabbed a couple lengths of rope and grabbed the chain, pulling on it. “Follow me.” Don said angrily. She wanted to be treated like a slave, she was going to get it. Don led her down into the basement under his apartment, pulling on a chain to light a single bulb overhead. Don wrapped the collar chain around a pillar in the center of the room, locking it there and pulled over a camping cot and unfolded it. “Lie face down, hands behind your back.” Don ordered and Chloe complied. Don lashed her wrists together and then her ankles, throwing an old blanket over her body and tucking a small pillow under her head. Before heading back up the stairs, he pulled the chain on the single bulb, causing the basement to become pitch black. Don tromped up the stairs and back to bed. Chloe smiled to herself, snuggled under the blanket the best she could and fell asleep. It seemed like seconds later, the light came back on, waking Chloe.

“Chloe, are you alright?” Don asked.

“I’m fine, Master, I was sleeping.” Chloe replied.

“Well, I didn’t, I was all worried that you would be lying down here, scared to death.” Don said.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me someplace unsafe, Master.” Chloe reassured him.

“I can’t sleep, knowing you’re down here.” Don said, unlocking the chain from the post and coiling it around his hand. Don picked up Chloe and threw her over his shoulder with her ass in the air, her head hanging down his back and her legs wrapped in his arms. Don carried her up the stairs and into his bedroom, depositing her on his queen-sized bed. He locked the chain to the top of the bed, covered her over and climbed in behind her.

“Much better, now go back to sleep.” Don ordered and Chloe complied. She was asleep in just a couple of minutes, once her blood stopped throbbing in her ears. Don took a little longer but soon he too fell asleep; he was exhausted.

Chloe awakened to the sound of Don shaving, using his electric razor.

“Master, could you please release me, I need to pee.” Chloe called out when the sound of the razor stopped. Don rushed in and unlocked the chain from the collar, quickly untied her ankles and wrists and Chloe rushed into the bathroom, sitting down on the toilet and releasing her urine. “Thank you, Master.” Chloe said as she cleaned herself up. “Do you want me to go get my shower stuff and get a shower with you, Master?” Chloe asked.

“No, go back to your apartment and get your shower, we don’t have time for sex this morning.” Don said. Chloe grabbed her robe and headed up to her apartment.

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