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First Night of Slavery

Chloe dressed and followed Ben up to her apartment, then she unlocked the door and they went inside. Ben quickly grabbed Chloe and forced her against the wall, kissing her even more passionately than he had in the elevator. They kissed for several minutes before they finally came up for air.

“Oh god, Master, no one’s ever kissed me like that before!” Chloe exclaimed. “Of course, no one has ever owned me before either, I love you Master,” Chloe added.

“I want you now, slave! Strip!” Ben ordered and Chloe complied, quickly unbuttoning her top and then her bra before unzipping and dropping her skirt, she threw them all onto the overstuffed chair. “Stop, leave them,” Ben ordered as she was about to loosen her garter belt and pull down her hose. “Kneel in presentation and wait for me. Do not move,” Ben commanded and Chloe complied as Ben took her keys and left the apartment. Chloe knelt stock still, not daring to move and Ben returned a few minutes later with a toolbox. He opened it up to reveal leather cuffs, straps, gags and other bondage gear.

“Arms,” Ben said and Chloe put out her arms toward him as he buckled leather cuffs on her wrists and then above her elbows. “Stand,” he commanded, and Chloe stood, legs just over shoulder width apart, back straight, tits thrust up, her head level and her wrists in the small of her back. Ben locked leather cuffs around her ankles, then pulled her legs further apart and attached a four foot spreader bar between them. Ben stood and clipped two locks to hold her wrist and elbow cuffs together. He then pushed Chloe over the back of the couch and buried his rampant erection into her welcoming channel. Chloe moaned loudly with appreciation and Ben reached around and stuffed her mouth with a ball gag, buckling it at the back of her neck. She was abuzz with excitement and arousal, her Master, Ben, the man she had lusted after for a year, was now her owner and using his slave to satiate his need. She nearly came just from the thought alone, but it took only a few quick thrusts from his massive cock to push her over the precipice into oblivion. Ben was still slamming into her like a piston in an engine, when she recovered enough to realize he was still using her. She came again as he neared his climax, and as he ejaculated his sperm deep within her tunnel, she came once more. Ben had been holding her by her arms the entire time to enable him to stuff his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. He let out a low growl as he came, enjoying fucking her for a second time today, but for the first time as his slave.

As Ben came down from his orgasm, he released Chloe’s arms and she fell face first onto the couch and she tried to scream but it came out as a little squeak around the large ball gag. Ben bent over her, still buried deep inside her and unbuckled the strap and pulled the ball gag from her mouth.

“Oh Master, thank you, that was incredible!” Chloe exclaimed breathily, still trying to catch her breath after her orgasms.

“For me also, slave, you have an incredibly talented pussy,” Ben complimented. “That thing you do, feels like you’re trying to milk every last drop out of me,” Ben added.

“Thank you Master, I love having your huge cock inside of me and I try to make it as pleasurable as possible. I want you to stay in me as much as you can.”

“Very good, my beautiful slave, I will certainly enjoy using that hole very much,” Ben said as he slid out of her. Chloe struggled but soon righted herself and knelt in front of Ben trying to take his cock into her mouth. “What are you doing, slave?”

“I’m trying to clean our combined juices off your big cock, Master,” Chloe explained and took his member into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean.

“Very good, slave,” Ben said. “It seems that you are already a trained slave.”

“Not experientially trained, Master, but certainly mentally,” Chloe expounded.

“Explain,” Ben demanded.

“I don’t have any true experience as a slave, other than the last couple of days, but I have known I want to be a slave for four years now. I have read and studied and tried to wrap my mind around everything I need to know to be a good slave girl, Master.”

“Mission accomplished, my sweet sexy slave,” Ben complimented.

“Oh, I’m sure I will make mistakes, and a slave should be whipped or paddled from time to time, just to remind her she’s a slave, but I will do my best to make you very happy, Master.”

“You are truly amazing! I thought I would have to spend a lot of time training you, and here you’ve already done most of the work for me,” Ben exclaimed. “Let’s go into your bedroom and get you packed up,” Ben said striding off toward the bedroom.

“Master, could you please release my legs?”

“You look so natural in your bonds, I forgot all about the spreader bar,” Ben commented as he released her ankle cuffs from the spreader bar.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe beamed up at him. “May a slave walk, or should she remain on her knees?” Chloe queried.

“You may stand and walk,” Ben said as he turned on his heel and walked quickly into the bedroom. Chloe stood shakily on her heels, and followed him, kneeling by her bed and watching Ben as he pulled out her suitcase and went through her closet. Ben threw clothes he didn’t like into a pile on the floor, the ones he liked went into the suitcase, but just thrown in a haphazard fashion, not folded or stacked. Chloe noticed her favorite red long sleeve top in the pile on the floor and frowned. Ben happened to look back and noticed. “Some favorite thing of yours I’ve thrown into the discard pile, slave?”

“Yes Master, but I don’t believe you realize its full potential.”

“Which one is it?”

“The red long sleeve top near the bottom of the pile, Master,” Chloe answered.

“This one?” Ben asked, holding up a red short-sleeved top near the middle of the pile.

“No Master, long sleeved and further down.”

“This one here?” He finally pulled out the one she was referring to.

“Yes Master, it appears on the surface to button all the way to the top, which it can, but it also has the option to button out to the sides and reveal plenty of cleavage. I have worn it to the club many times to pick up guys, works every time,” Chloe grinned demurely.

“Very well,” Ben said and threw it into the suitcase. He went through her drawers and picked out a few sexy bras, leaving the rest. He opened and then closed her panty drawer.


“Yes slave?”

“Some of those underwear match the bras, and some are crotchless. Most of the ones that match the bras are thongs,” Ben dug back through the underwear drawer, pulling out thongs and the skimpy panties that had a hole in the crotch, tossing them into the suitcase, which was now a messy pile of clothes and underwear. Ben then discovered her garter and stockings set and threw all of them into the suitcase. Next he went through her shoes, keeping only her highest heels, just three pairs, all with five inch heels or higher. Finally he threw a couple pairs of yoga pants and a pair of sneakers near the pile that now spilled over the sides of the case, then Ben attempted to close the suitcase.

“Please Master, they will be a mess and need to be ironed unless they are folded. Please allow me to pack them properly,” Chloe pleaded. Ben couldn’t close it anyway, so he just shrugged.

“Alright, slave.” Chloe got up and came over to the pile of clothes.

“Could you please release my arms so I can do this, Master?” Chloe requested.

“Very well, but first I have to make sure you can’t get away,” Ben said as he left the room and returned with a long chain, locking it to Chloe’s collar and then to her bedpost so she couldn’t escape, then he released her arms, unlocking the padlocks that held her wrist and elbow cuffs together, but not removing the cuffs.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said and then adjusted the chain as Don had taught her to do, falling between her breasts and then touching her pussy before going between her legs back to the bedpost.

“Why did you do that?”

“Master Don instructed me that this is how a slave should wear her collar chain whenever enough length is given.”

“Very nice, continue,” Ben said and Chloe pulled everything out of the suitcase and began folding the articles neatly into the suitcase. It took her over half an hour to complete, and her shoes would not fit, but she was able to close the suitcase. She pulled out a box of old shoes, dumped them onto the floor and put the shoes her Master had selected into the box.

“All finished Master,” Chloe declared.

“Very good, slave, now let’s get your things from the bathroom,” Ben said, unlocking the chain from the bedpost.

“May a slave rise and walk, Master?”

“No, you will crawl,” Ben ordered and Chloe followed on her hands and knees as quickly as she could into the bathroom. “You may now rise to gather your things,” Ben said and Chloe again adjusted the chain held in Ben’s hand between her bountiful bosoms and the chain between her nether regions. Ben teased her as she gathered her things, pulling gently at the chain which had now slipped between her vaginal lips and was beginning to saw at her engorged clit. Chloe finished quickly, gathering her body wash, shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer and the makeup given to her by Master Tom and Candy. At this point her arousal was evident in the small bathroom.

“Oh Master, may I please cum,” Chloe begged.

“Not yet, slave,” Ben said sternly and tugged at the chain again forcing Chloe onto her toes and she moaned with arousal. Ben reached around and pinched one of her very hard nipples eliciting another moan from Chloe’s lips. “You may cum when I stuff my cock into you, and not before,” he ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said breathily indicating that she understood. Ben suddenly slammed into her, nearly fully inserted in one thrust, hindered only by his own position, Chloe’s sopping pussy rendering no resistance. He thrust once more fully impaling himself within Chloe’s depths and then began to plunge in earnest.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe cried as she came, her pussy spasming around his thick tool, it felt like a rod of iron to Chloe and she came a second time, just as Ben ejaculated within her. “Incredible, thank you Master,” Chloe moaned in appreciation as she regained her senses.

“Look what you do to me, my exquisite slave,” Ben stated. “I’ve cum twice in an hour and am still hard. You are amazing,” Ben added.

“Oh Master, you’re doing it to me again,” Chloe moaned, still very aroused as Ben started to move within her again. Chloe came again with a cry, her pussy spasms felt amazing to Ben as he continued to rut into her with abandon. Chloe felt like she was just along for the ride as Ben took her from behind, her hands once on the bathroom counter, she had collapsed to her forearms as Ben rode her. Chloe had another orgasm, and where a normal woman would have begged him to stop, Ben continued on toward his climax. She just rode the wave and orgasmed again as Ben shot his second load into her during this session. Ben collapsed onto her back; she could not hold both her own weight and his in her weakened condition, so she fell fully onto her full tits and face, turning her head to the side, but she could scarcely breathe with Ben’s weight restricting her chest. As she struggled to breathe, Ben realized and pulled himself off of her, letting his now softening cock pull out of her. Chloe was able to get full breaths finally and sucked in the oxygen her lungs had been denied, nearly falling to the floor until Ben caught her, holding her in his strong arms. Chloe moaned appreciatively, unable to form coherent speech just yet.

“So much better than I ever dreamed. I have often jerked off to the thought of taking you this way, but I never could have imagined the heaven I was going to experience. Thank you Chloe, you are my wildest dreams come true,” Ben beamed, looking at Chloe’s lust filled face in the mirror as she had now regained some strength and could look up at him.

“You are so welcome, my powerful Master. I have never had any man pump his cum into me twice without leaving the confines of my pussy. Thank you Master.” “Oh Master, I’m so weak, could you please place me on the toilet so I can pee and clean myself up?” Chloe requested. Ben obliged and lifted Chloe easily, carrying her to the toilet and setting her on it gently. “Thank you Master, you’re so strong.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” Ben smiled down at her as Chloe took care of her business, keeping her legs spread open.

“Oh, I’m sorry Master, I forgot to clean you up,” Chloe said as she noticed Ben wiping his cock with a warm wet washcloth.

“It’s fine, slave, you were pretty out of it there for a little while,” Ben said as he smiled down at her.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe smiled back up at him and Ben handed her a fresh washcloth so she could clean up as well. Chloe wiped herself clean and then unsteadily got to her feet, still in the five inch heels. Chloe nearly fell and stumbled into Ben’s arms. “Ooo, my strong handsome Master has caught me, I never want to get away,” Chloe practically purred as she melted into him, rubbing his muscular chest and arms. She leaned her head back to view Ben’s face and he kissed her sweetly on her plump lips. “Mmm,” Chloe responded before tucking her head under his chin as he held her tightly. “Oh Master, y – you’re getting excited again,” Chloe grinned up at him, her sexy body had that effect on him, even though he was very tired. Chloe slid from his arms to her knees and took him into her mouth, sucking him gently.

“Not right now, slave, I have to have enough strength to drive home and carry these bags, maybe later after we’ve gotten you settled in your cell.”

“Did you say cell? Are you trying to excite your slave, Master?” Chloe asked coyly.

“You will have to wait and see,” Ben said and headed into the bedroom, grabbing the suitcase and the box of shoes before heading down to the truck. By the time he returned, Chloe had redressed in her short skirt and sexy top with the shelf bra pushing up her fabulous tits. Ben returned and locked Chloe’s wrists together with a padlock, then did the same with her elbows. He attached a chain leash with a leather handle and wrapped the handle around Chloe’s bedpost before picking up his toolbox full of bondage gear and Chloe’s bag from the bathroom and taking it out to the truck. Ben returned and untied the leash from the bedpost, dragging Chloe out the door of her apartment, causing her to moan with arousal.

“Do I need to gag you, slave?”

“Sorry Master,” Chloe responded and kept herself quiet the rest of the way out to the truck. It had already started getting dark and no one seemed to notice that Chloe was bound or being led on a leash. Ben lifted her into the truck and strapped her in with the seat belt, effectively trapping Chloe until he released her. Ben hurried around and climbed into the cab, firing up the engine and driving over the speed limit to his house, he couldn’t wait to get Chloe home. He was surprised to find his erection growing in his pants at the thought of having Chloe locked in her cell he had prepared in the basement.

“Do you like Chinese food?” Ben asked casually.

“Yes Master.”

“What’s your favorite?”

“I love the chicken and cashew nuts, Master.”

“Very good, we’ll order that when we get home.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said submissively.

“Why are you thanking me, slave?”

“For asking me what I like to eat, Master. A slave must eat whatever Master chooses to feed her, she is rarely given a choice,” Chloe observed.

“Is that what you want me to do?”

“It is up to you, Master, I am the slave, I have no say in how I am treated. I must obey without question, I must eat what I am given, and if I am disobedient, I must be punished,” Chloe replied. “I am a natural submissive, I like pleasing others, especially strong men like you. I will be whatever you want me to be, Master,” Chloe added.

“Good lord, Chloe, will I ever have a reason to punish you?” Ben asked incredulously.

“It is possible, Master, I have never been a real slave before. Besides, a slave should be reminded of her status from time to time.”

“You are amazing,” Ben said as he backed his truck into the garage and cut the engine before the garage door closed. Ben got out and came around, unbuckling the seatbelt and lifting Chloe out of the truck, setting her on her feet on the concrete floor of the garage before attaching the leash and leading Chloe into the house and straight down the stairs into the basement. Chloe gasped when she saw all the bondage devices and equipment around the basement. She nearly came when she saw the cell in the far corner of the basement. Ben smiled and led her into the cell.

“Kneel here, slave,” Ben ordered, pointing to a rubber mat, and Chloe knelt as best she could, spreading her legs wide, causing her skirt to ride up to her hips. Ben closed the cell door with a clang as he went up the stairs and into the garage to gather Chloe’s things and brought them down into the basement. The toiletries bag he put near the cell and the suitcase went near a wardrobe closet in the corner away from all the bondage equipment. Ben went back to the truck to retrieve the box of shoes, but he threw them up on top of the wardrobe where Chloe wouldn’t be able to reach.

While Ben was busy getting Chloe’s things, she was looking around her cell at the toilet, sink and shower with no sides and a drain. She also looked out at all the bondage equipment, imagining herself restrained on the ones she knew, and wondering how the others worked. Chloe knelt quietly as Ben went back upstairs and she heard him talking but couldn’t make out what he was saying, he must have left the basement door open. Ben soon returned to the basement and unlocked the cell door, coming into the cell with Chloe. He unlocked her wrists and elbows and unclipped the leash.

“Go put your clothes in the wardrobe,” Ben ordered and Chloe jumped up and scurried off to do his bidding. She pulled her clothes out and hung them on the hangers inside. She realized that there were drawers in the bottom and neatly folded her underthings into the drawers. Then Chloe noticed several pairs of very high heels in the bottom of the closet.

“Ooo, Master, very sexy, and just my size,” Chloe cooed. “How did you know?”

“We were in a meeting in the conference room and I pretended to drop my pen. I crawled under the table on a hunch that most shoes have the size printed on the instep. The pair you wore that day did have the printing there, so I made note of it and bought these in hopes you would someday be mine, and now, here you are,” Ben grinned.

“Thank you Master, they are beautiful, but the heels are so high, I don’t know how I’ll be able to walk in them.”

“Yes, they are seven inch heels, except for the ballet boots, those have a ten inch heel on them. You’ll learn.”

“Ten inches, how will I ever learn to walk in those, Master?” Chloe asked incredulously.

“They have incredible ankle support and you basically walk on your toes,” Ben explained. “I won’t make you wear them out somewhere, but here in the basement, there will be times,” Ben added.

“Yes Master.”

“Now, I’ve ordered dinner, so it will be here soon, but I want my slave naked, now!” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she stripped off her clothes as quickly as she could, including her high heels.

“Put on the black pair of heels in the closet,” Ben ordered and Chloe took out two pairs of black heels, one a boot type and the other a strappy sandal type.

“Which black pair, Master?”

“The boots for tonight,” Ben responded and Chloe put the other pair back in the bottom of the closet and took the boots into the cell so she could sit down on the bed there and put them on. Chloe slipped her feet into the short boots and laced them tightly up her ankles. Ben came over and zipped up the covering over the laces and locked the top strap so they could not be removed until the lock was undone.

“Very sexy, Master, and they lock on me too,” Chloe commented as she stood and attempted to walk around on them. She staggered and stumbled around for a bit until she started to get the hang of the added height and arch to her foot. Ben allowed her a few minutes before he padlocked her wrist and elbow cuffs together, then added a short hobble chain to the boots, allowing Chloe about an eighteen inch stride. Ben then clipped the leash to her collar and led her toward the stairs. “I’m sorry Master, I’m still not used to the heels, and the hobble chain just makes it worse,” Chloe apologized as she tried to walk behind Ben.

“Actually the hobble chain should help you. If you keep your stride to that distance you will find you can walk easier in them,” Ben expounded.

“Oh Master, I’m sorry, I’m so excited to be your slave that I’m positively euphoric.”

“Don’t worry about it slave, you’ll find your strut soon enough,” Ben chuckled and just then the doorbell rang. “Dinner has arrived,” Ben announced and bounded up the stairs, leaving Chloe in the basement with the leash dangling between her breasts and bouncing off her pubic mound, she let out a small moan of arousal, this was what she had been searching for all these years and now she finally had a Master. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and some of her juices were running down the inside of her left thigh. Ben returned a few minutes later and grabbed the leash, leading Chloe slowly up the stairs and into the kitchen. He had placed a small rug on the floor and ordered her to kneel there. Chloe knelt in presentation.

Ben sat down in the chair and pulled out the takeout containers from the Chinese food. He opened his first and took a couple of bites before opening the cashew chicken Chloe had requested and fed her a bite on a plastic fork. Chloe gratefully accepted and chewed the food while Ben took another bite of his meal. This continued until Chloe broke the quiet.

“Master, may I have something to drink?”

“What do you like to drink?”

“I usually just drink bottled water.”

“Water it is,” Ben said and grabbed a bottle of water for Chloe and a bottle of beer for himself. Ben opened the beer and drank several gulps before setting it down on the table. He opened the bottle of water and tipped it to Chloe’s lovely lips as he watered her.

“Thank you, Master,” Chloe said after a few swallows and she pulled away, indicating she had enough for now. Ben continued to feed them until his was gone but Chloe had only eaten a little over half of her meal. “I’m finished, Master,” Chloe stated. “Could I have some more water, please?” She requested.

“I will give you more water, but you need to eat more of this,” Ben said as he put the bottle to Chloe’s lips and she drank.

“Please Master, I’m full, I don’t want anymore,” Chloe pleaded.

“No, you said yourself, a slave eats what her Master gives her. You are looking rather thin and I want you to eat some more of this food. We’ve had a busy day and you didn’t eat all your lunch, so you’re going to eat more of this dinner,” Ben commanded.

“Do you think I’m too thin, Master?” Chloe asked, she had always kept herself around her current weight, not wanting to look fat.

“Just a bit, I’d say you need to put on about ten pounds.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and ate several more bites of the chicken. It was delicious and she was hungry, she just didn’t want to eat too much, but her Master had ordered and she must comply. Chloe balked at finishing the dish but Ben insisted and Chloe felt fuller than she had in quite some time.

“Very good, my beautiful slave, I knew you were still hungry. It is my responsibility to worry about your weight, not you. Eat what I give you,” Ben commanded.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as she drained the bottle of water he had put back to her mouth. “I’m still a bit thirsty Master,” Chloe commented.

“Do you want more water?”

“Do you have Mountain Dew, Master?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll get one for you,” Ben replied and went to the fridge grabbing a Mountain Dew for Chloe and a Pepsi for himself. Ben sat and opened the Pepsi, taking a few swallows before opening the Mountain Dew for Chloe and giving her some of it.

“Oh, that’s so good, Master. I love this soda, but it has so many calories, so I don’t drink it very often.”

“Let me worry about your calorie intake.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said and then giggled.

“Something funny, slave?”

“My dirty mind at work, Master, I was just thinking about you controlling my sperm intake as well,” Chloe joked.

“Now why wouldn’t you want to tell me that?”

“Sorry Master, I usually keep those thoughts to myself, my girlfriends don’t appreciate my dirty mind much.”

“Well, I’m your Master and I want to hear all your dirty little thoughts.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said happily, smiling up at him. “Could I have my dessert please, Master?” Chloe asked, nodding toward his crotch, which was already bulging.

“Let’s finish drinking our soda and I’ll clean up the mess before we continue in the basement. Then you can have your dessert,” Ben winked at her and gave her more soda. Chloe soon drained the bottle and Ben finished his as well, and he cleaned up all of the takeout containers from their dinner, throwing them in the garbage and rinsing the bottles before tossing them into the recycling bin. “Come on, let’s go give you your dessert,” Ben said, tugging on Chloe’s leash. Chloe had difficulty getting up, but finally managed and staggered the short distance to the basement stairs, taking them slowly down into the basement. Ben led her toward the bondage equipment end of the basement and Chloe stopped by the piece that looked exactly like the one in the concrete bunker.

“Please Master, could I have my dessert locked into this one?” Chloe requested with pleading eyes.

“Yes slave, you really enjoyed this?”

“Oh yes Master, being taken from behind is my favorite. Most men who do that like to use my big tits as handles and their cocks hit my g-spot just right from behind. Plus it is the most like being a slave, not face to face like lovers, but just being used like a slave should be,” Chloe explained.

“No arguments here,” Ben said and unlocked her wrists and elbows, removing her hobble chain as well. Chloe didn’t fight him this time, she placed her wrists and neck in the appropriate places and allowed Ben to lock her into place. She spread her legs as wide as she could in the seven inch heeled boots, but Ben pulled them even further apart and locked them to the support poles on either side before raising the padded bar under her stomach, just like he had earlier this afternoon. Ben did not pull her head up by a pony tail and left off the gag.

“No gag, Master?”

“No, this place is soundproof and I want to hear your screams.”

“Screams, Master?”

“Yes,” Ben said and clamped nipple clamps on Chloe’s very stiff nipples.

“Ooohhh,” Chloe moaned with arousal.

“You like that?”

“Yes Master, it sends lovely erotic shocks straight to my clit,” Chloe moaned in reply.

“Are you ready for me, slave?” Ben asked as he fingered her very wet labia, finding her more than ready for him. “I see that you are,” Ben commented, answering his own question and plunging into Chloe in one strong thrust. She moaned with appreciation and again tried to move her hips to help aid his penetration, but could not do so because of the way she was now bound. This excited her even further and she climaxed on his third thrust, her cries echoing off the concrete walls as she expressed her passion. It didn’t take long until Ben came also, shooting his load deep inside her, triggering another orgasm for Chloe. Though she was growing weary, she continued to massage his cock with her pussy muscles, which was also exciting her again.

Ben was amazed that he remained hard and chalked it up to her amazing vagina. He continued his thrusts after a brief pause and Chloe soon came again, as his dick rubbed her just right and Ben’s hands had found her hanging tits. Ben lost some of that amazing sensation as Chloe zoned out, lost in her orgasm. She returned to her senses and continued her work on his pulsing member but again reached orgasm before Ben could cum a second time and she was lost to her climax. As she returned for more milking of his cock, Ben finally came a second time, spilling his seed deep within Chloe’s amazing tunnel as she climaxed again, her cries little more than hoarse croaking, she had worn out her voice and she was once again lost to the world around her.

“That was incredible, Chloe,” Ben said as he pulled his now flaccid penis from her well used vagina and their combined juices spilled onto the floor, but Chloe was still having small spasms, not having returned to the real world. After a few minutes, she gave a great gasp.

“Oh Master, you have the most amazing cock ever, I’m not sure how many times I came, but it was just indescribable. I once thought that I was being sent into orbit by an orgasm, but that was nothing compared to today!” Chloe exclaimed as best she could with her raw throat. She hung limp in her bonds, her body completely worn out from having cum so many times in one day.

“I know, slave, you’ve now made me cum twice in you without pulling out for a second time today. I’ve had six orgasms today and can barely stand right now. I’ll get you out of there when I’ve recovered a bit.”

“Thank you Master, I’m fine, I can rest here against my restraints and just relax, it feels so good,” Ben sat for a few minutes and then composed himself enough to get up and put his boxers back on before going over to Chloe who was sound asleep. Ben gently released her from the apparatus, being careful to hold her up and not let her fall onto the concrete floor. He carried her into the cell and deposited her on the single bed inside. He closed the cell door on his way up to the kitchen and sat drinking a Gatorade to try and recover from their coitus. Ben grabbed another bottle of Gatorade and went down to see if he could get Chloe to drink some.

“Hey, sleepy slave,” Ben said as he unlocked the door to the cell and walked in. Chloe did not move and Ben thought about leaving her to sleep, but decided to rouse her, shaking her shoulder to wake her up.

“Uunn,” Chloe groaned as she looked up at Ben. “Sorry Master, I guess I fell asleep.” she said groggily.

“No problem, thought you might like to drink some Gatorade before you went to bed for the night,” Ben said, showing her the bottle.

“Yes Master, that would probably be a good idea. Could you help me, please Master?” Chloe requested. “I seem to be too weak to do it myself,” Ben pulled her into a sitting position, leaning against his chest and opened the bottle, putting it to Chloe’s lips but not tipping it up, hoping she would take it and drink at her own pace. Realizing she was waiting for him to give it to her, Ben tipped it up and Chloe drank nearly half the bottle before she lifted her arm enough to pull it down enough to catch her breath. Chloe then pushed up to indicate she wanted more and drank most of the bottle, leaving about a third of the liquid. “Thank you Master, that should be enough for tonight. Does Master require his slave’s services again?”

“No,” Ben quickly replied. “Get some sleep, my lovely slave,” Ben said and ran a hand over her left breast, pinching gently at the nipple before lifting her off of him and laying her down on the bed, pulling the blanket over her tired body.

“Good night Master,” Chloe said softly.

“Good night, slave,” Ben said and kissed her on the forehead before walking out and closing the self-locking cell door. Ben went upstairs to his bedroom and plopped down on the bed. He turned on the TV like he normally did, but was just not interested in anything that was on. He switched to the closed circuit and selected the camera in Chloe’s cell. He could tell by her measured breathing that she was sound asleep and he watched her sleep, mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful woman who had willingly submitted to be his slave.

Ben awoke with a start at 3am, he had fallen asleep on top of the covers, watching Chloe sleep. He set his alarm, went to the bathroom and relieved himself before climbing into bed, and covering over with the sheet and thin blanket before falling quickly back to sleep. This time he remembered to turn off the light, but left the TV on to watch Chloe. She had rolled over onto her opposite side but was resting peacefully. Ben couldn’t bring himself to turn it off and fell asleep dreaming of all the things he would do with Chloe.

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