by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; sex; oral; bond; breathplay; cuffs; straps; collar; gag; cons; X

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The Superintendent

Chloe woke to a noise in her apartment at 11:30am. She quickly jumped out of bed and looked out into her living room, but there was no one there. She turned to go into the bathroom and saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the sink. It had to be the superintendent, Don. He usually did the maintenance around the place unless he needed to hire a professional, but minor leaks like the one under her sink, he fixed himself. Chloe stood in the doorway for a minute, waiting for him to come out from under the sink, but he was busy working.

“Ahem,” Chloe cleared her throat and Don banged his head on the bottom of her sink.

“Owww, dammit!” Don swore as he extricated himself from under the sink. He looked up at Chloe and his pain was suddenly forgotten as he stared at the beautiful vision before him. Chloe had forgotten that she was still naked and wearing the cuffs and collar, she had been too exhausted to even think about it before falling into bed last night. “Wow Chloe, damn, you look – amazing!” Don complimented her.

“Oh my god!” she shrieked as she suddenly realized she was standing there naked and rushed back into her bedroom, slamming the door. “Get out, get out of my apartment!” she shouted through the door as she grabbed her long robe and wrapped it around herself, tying the belt and making sure her ample breasts were well covered.

“I’m sorry Chloe, I called and no one answered. I knocked and you didn’t answer the door, so I just assumed you were out. I can’t leave the sink like it is, the old rusted pipe is off and I haven’t installed the new one yet,” Don called through the door. “I can let you use the toilet if you need to but don’t use the sink, the drain pipe is missing,” he added.

“Just let me use the bathroom for a minute,” she said as she came out with her robe on and rushed past him into the bathroom, quickly closing the door behind her. Don went and stood in the living room, then wandered over to the dining room table and looked at all the bondage gear lying there.

“I’m so sorry, Chloe, I tried to call and I even left a message. Then I knocked but you didn’t answer and the security chain wasn’t on the door, so I assumed you were out,” Don apologized again as Chloe came through past the dining room table to get to the kitchen sink so she could wash her hands after using the toilet. Chloe just ignored him until she had washed her hands. 

“What do you want me to do, come back later or finish the job?” he asked when Chloe turned to face him. “I promise it won’t take more than half an hour to finish up and be out of your hair,” he added. When Chloe didn’t respond right away Don thought she wanted him to leave. “I’m sorry again, Chloe, I can’t go back and not see what I saw, I mean, you are absolutely fucking gorgeous, but I can leave right now and come back some other time when you’re not here.”

“No, it’s fine, it’s my fault really. I was so out of it I didn’t hear my phone or you knocking on the door. And I’m the one who forgot I was still naked, so go ahead and finish,” she responded.

“Thanks, Chloe, I promise I won’t be long. Um – are you into all this bondage stuff?” Don asked hesitantly, picking up one of the leather straps and wrapping it around his hand.

“Uh – yes obviously, since it’s here on my table,” Chloe replied. Don paused for a moment and then unwrapped the leather from around his hand. He laid it back on the table where he found it and headed off into the bathroom to finish his work under the sink. Chloe knew that Don was divorced and lived there as the building super. Though he was older, he was still a big, strong, handsome man and he knew about bondage and the stuff in the suitcase. Though Chloe thought of him as handsome, she hadn’t thought of dating him because of their age difference, but now with his knowledge of bondage, she saw him in an entirely different light. Chloe went over to the open bathroom door and looked in at Don’s legs sticking out from under the sink.

“How much longer?” Chloe asked.

“Maybe 10 minutes,” Don answered. With that Chloe hurried off to her bedroom and put on her skimpy sexy robe that was much thinner and shorter, in addition it showed plenty of cleavage. She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to straighten it out from her sleep. The makeup she had put on yesterday was still pretty much intact, so Chloe went back out to the dining room table and straightened up the bondage gear on it. Chloe couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but her pussy was already moistening at the thought of asking Don to bind and use her. A few minutes later Don came out of the bathroom with his toolbox in his hand.

“Um, Don, can’t you help me scratch an itch?” Chloe asked sheepishly and Don looked at her incredulously.

“Chloe, what are you doing?”

“You know about bondage and domination, right?” 

“Uh, yeah, sure I do,” Don replied with a lump in his throat, “but wouldn’t you rather have someone closer to your own age help you with that?”

“Age doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we have this in common and I need to practice, so would you please help me?” Chloe smiled at him, holding up a chain leash and attaching it to her collar, holding out the leather handle toward Don. “Please Master,” Chloe pleaded, when Don hesitated. When she called him Master, Don’s jaw dropped. He had always wanted to try it with his wife, but she wouldn’t even hear of it. Now this stunning young woman was asking him to bind her for practice.

“I’m not your Master, Chloe.”

“Aw, that’s too bad, we could have had so much fun,” Chloe said, crestfallen.

“What did you mean by practice?” Don asked, and Chloe perked up.

“Well, I was invited to be a bondage model and I went yesterday for my interview. They decided to hire me and gave me all of this to use for practice, since I’m basically a novice and I haven’t really done much other than just yesterday. But it excited me above anything I’ve ever done and I want, no, I need to practice some more so I’ll be ready when we go on our cruise next month,” Chloe explained, “Besides, I’ve been looking for a Master since I graduated from college 2 years ago.”

“I think I can help you with the practice part, I mean, you are so beautiful, but I’m not sure I can control myself,” Don said.

“Who said anything about controlling yourself, just control me.” Chloe grinned and tried to hand him the end of the leash again.

“Are you really giving me permission to tie you up and have sex with you?” Don asked, shocked.

“Not just have sex, but tie me up and fuck me to your heart’s content, I want it, I need it. I’m a submissive and a slave, it’s what I’ve wanted for almost 4 years now,” Chloe replied, and Don stood there for a moment with his mouth agape.

“Alright, slave,” Don said, taking the leash from Chloe. “Let’s get you bound up and fucked then,” Don said. “Loose the robe, then turn around, hands behind your back,” Don ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe practically purred as she complied with Don’s order. Don clipped a padlock through the D rings in her leather cuffs, locking them together.

“I wonder how flexible you are,” Don mused as he pressed her elbows toward each other. Chloe moaned when they touched. “Too much?” Don asked.

“Oh no, Master, just excited,” Chloe replied. Don took a leather strap and wrapped it around Chloe’s elbows, forcing them together and buckling the strap. “Mmm, very nice Master, now that you have me all helpless, what are you going to do to me?” Chloe asked coyly.

“Whatever I want,” Don answered. “I think it’s time to gag you,” Don said and grabbed the ball gag off the table, stuffing it into Chloe’s mouth, and though her lips were spread widely around the gag, her eyes smiled up at him and she squirmed with excitement and need.

Don picked up a couple of leather straps and some rope, then grabbed Chloe’s leash and led her into the bedroom. He led her to the foot of her bed. “Stand here,” he ordered and then went to work. First he used the leather straps to pull Chloe’s legs out widely, tying each strap to the bedpost, keeping her legs spread wide. Next he used the rope to tie between the top of the bedposts before pulling her arms up and attaching them to a center rope hanging down. He pulled her arms up until she bent over the bed in a strappado position, her arms starting to hurt, but her pussy was dripping. 

Don dropped his jeans and Chloe wiggled her sexy ass enticingly as she squirmed with her desire to be filled with his cock. Don didn’t enter her right away but after a moment or so he grabbed her hips and slammed his fully erect cock into her sopping pussy. Chloe moaned with pleasure and Don began rutting into her with a force she hadn’t felt in a long time. Chloe orgasmed by Don’s third thrust. He continued to thrust in and out of her soaked channel as he neared his own orgasm. He took so long that Chloe came again before he finally moaned and ejaculated into the condom he had put on. Chloe was surprised she didn’t feel any of his seed hitting the inside of her vagina and realized he must have put on a condom. He collapsed onto Chloe’s back; this stressed her arms greatly and she moaned in pain. Don suddenly realized he was hurting her and recovered enough to pull himself up and then release Chloe’s arms from the rope, causing her to fall face first onto the end of her bed, her legs still spread wide to the bedposts. He quickly released her legs and picked her up, putting her completely onto the bed before pulling out the ball gag.

“Oh Master, that was awesome,” Chloe said breathlessly. “But why did you wear a condom?” she asked.

“I didn’t want to get you pregnant. I’ve got enough problems with my divorce, I don’t need a child complicating that further,” Don replied.

“I can’t get pregnant, Master, there’s no parts in there,” Chloe explained, nodding her head toward her midsection.

“What do you mean, no parts, are you a woman that used to be a man?” Don asked with apprehension.

“Oh no, Master, nothing like that. I had a hysterectomy when I was 18,” Chloe replied.

“Why?” Don asked curiously.

“Well, when I was 11 I fell on the playground and landed on a pipe sticking up out of the ground, it hit me in the abdomen and though it didn’t break the skin, I had some internal bleeding. That cleared up on its own and I was fine, until I turned 13 and got my first period. There was a lot of blood and quite a lot of pain. For the first few years of my period I would bleed a lot, even the super pads weren’t enough and I often stayed home from school the first 2 days until the flow started to slow down. As I got older the blood flow lessened but the pain grew worse and worse. By the time I was 16 I was in such debilitating pain that I couldn’t even get out of bed for a couple of days. My mother, being the bitch that she is, told me this was mostly normal and I didn’t need to worry about it. But the older I got, the worse it got, to where it was at least 3 days that I was out of commission. I told my gynecologist about it and she said that some women have that problem and not to worry. By the time I was 17 the pain was so bad I would throw up and pass out, it was horrible. I finally talked my mom into taking me to a specialist. They ran some tests and told me I had a cyst on my uterus and it could be malignant. My mother took me to another specialist in the city and he ran tests and checked me out thoroughly. He said it wasn’t a cyst, it was a tumor and definitely malignant. I needed to have a hysterectomy and hopefully that would remove the problem. He said it wasn’t an emergency but I needed to have it taken care of soon. I waited until after my next period and a month later, just a few days after my 18th birthday I had the surgery and the doctor told us they removed my uterus and it appeared that all of the cancer was contained within. He checked me out a few months later and declared me cancer free. That’s why there are no parts, and I prefer when men don’t wear a condom, I love the feel of their semen squirting into my vagina.” Chloe finished her long explanation.

“Wow, that’s really messed up. I’m sorry Chloe,” Don responded sympathetically.

“I’m fine really, besides who wants a slave that could get knocked up, it’s much better this way. No periods, no babies, I’m the perfect cum receptacle,” Chloe smiled up at him.

“Damn Chloe, you really ought to see a psychiatrist about all of this,” Don said.

“No, I don’t need one of those nutcases trying to screw with my head, I just need a good Master,” Chloe responded. “Did you enjoy fucking me, Master?” Chloe asked.

“Of course, you have a very talented vagina. I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” Don replied.

“Can you do it again?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, easily, I’ve cum as many as 5 times in one day, but I was a bit younger then,” Don answered wryly.

“Well, why don’t you use your slave again any way you want, only this time, no condom,” Chloe suggested.

“Wow Chloe, now you’re messing with my head,” Don said.

“How so, Master?” Chloe asked.

“I’ve always wanted my own little slave girl, but my wife only pretended until we were married. I guess she pretended she liked my big cock too, until we had two children, and then she told me I was just too big and it hurt her. We stayed together for another 12 years until we finally had enough of each other and we got a divorce. We hadn’t had sex in at least 5 years, and we had grown to hate each other, so for the sake of the kids, we split,” Don bemoaned his situation.

“I love your big cock, Master, it fills me up just right,” Chloe said.

“See, there you go again, just fulfilling more of my fantasies,” Don said.

“So what’s the problem, Master? Am I not pretty enough for you, don’t you like my big tits?” Chloe asked.

“Oh, that’s not it at all, I just don’t have the time for a slave girl,” Don complained. “You are beautiful, but I wouldn’t be able to work it out financially, and I’m so busy between my regular job and then doing maintenance around here, I wouldn’t have any time for you,” Don explained.

“But I have a job too, I would be at work during the day while you are. Can’t we at least try?” Chloe queried.

“I’ll think about it,” Don said.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe smiled her best smile at him.

“Less talking, more fucking.” Don grinned down at her and stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth buckling it behind her neck. Don then sat Chloe up and laid pillows under her body, forcing her to arch over the pillows as he laid her back onto them. He quickly threaded the leather straps through the rings on her ankle cuffs and tied each one to the opposite bedpost so Chloe’s legs were spread widely open again, her pussy and tits raised up on the pillows, her head hanging down. By this point Don was rock hard again and slammed his 8 inch cock into her dripping pussy. Don thrust his whole length into her with one thrust and Chloe moaned around the gag in appreciation. This time Don grabbed her tits, mauling them, then pinching her nipples before putting his mouth on them, sucking and biting gently. This pushed Chloe over the edge into bliss again. Don continued to rut into her, until he shot his second load, sending Chloe into another orgasm. They both felt like they were in heaven, the feelings were so intense. After they finished, Don rolled off Chloe and lay beside her, removing the pillows and putting one under her head. He lay there idly playing with her fantastic tits and holding her.

“Damn Chloe, that was amazing, you are incredible,” Don said.

“Aaannk ooo, aaaspeer,” Chloe responded, trying to say ‘Thank you Master.’

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me remove that for you,” Don said and unbuckled the gag, pulling it from Chloe’s mouth.

“Thank you Master. Could I have some water please?” Chloe requested.

“Oh, sure.”

“There’s some in the fridge, get one for yourself too, if you want,” Chloe informed him. Don got up off the bed, still naked and wandered out into the kitchen, returning with two bottles of water, one he was already drinking from. Don started to hand the full bottle to Chloe, then set both bottles on the nightstand before reaching behind Chloe to unbind her.

“Please, don’t untie me Master, just water your slave and then keep using her, if you like,” Chloe suggested.

“You really are too much, aren’t you?” Don joked and opened the full bottle, putting it to her lips and helping her drink. Don kept pouring and Chloe kept drinking until Don stopped. “Had enough, or do you want more?” Don asked.

“Whatever Master desires.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“It means that I am in my Master’s control, and whatever he decides is what’s best for this slave,” Chloe explained.

“So you want me to decide how much water to give you?” Don asked, surprised.

“Yes Master.” 

“You really are laying it on thick, aren’t you?” Don said rhetorically.

“How so, Master?” 

“You just don’t stop, you are really getting into playing at being a slave, aren’t you?”

“I’m not playing, Master, I really want to be a real slave,” Chloe answered truthfully. “Please Master, may your slave finish her bottle of water?” 

“OK, that’s what I wanted to know before,” Don said and poured the remainder of the water into Chloe’s mouth.

“Thank you, Master. Do you want your slave to suck your big cock?” Chloe asked.

“What, you want to suck my dick, why?”

“I had several orgasms, Master, you only came twice. I could suck you off or if you want to fuck me again, whatever pleases you.” 

“Twice in one day is great. Do you like sucking cock?” Don asked.

“Oh yes, Master, I think I’m pretty good at it, I can deep throat you if you like.” 

“Alright then, slave, suck me off,” Don said as he straddled Chloe’s head. Chloe licked the tip and kissed it before laving it with her tongue. She soon took it into her mouth and bobbed up and down as best she could, lying on her back, she normally did this on her knees. Chloe did her best but she really couldn’t do a very good job, and she plopped back onto the pillow, out of breath.

“Please Master, can we do this with me kneeling or you lying down, but I really can’t do it right like this?” Chloe requested. Don got off the bed and released Chloe’s ankles from the corner bedposts. Chloe knelt up and Don laid down on the bed, he was getting tired and didn’t want to fall down if Chloe was able to make him cum again. Chloe knelt between his legs and took his 8 inch cock into her mouth, starting to take it down her throat.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing,” Don moaned as Chloe deep throated him fully. Chloe slowly extricated his cock from her throat and out into her mouth, holding the tip there until she caught her breath. Then Chloe forced his cock all the way down her throat again, her nose in his pubic hair and his balls on her chin. Don moaned again and grabbed the back of her head, holding her on him. Chloe moaned and squeaked around his cock as she tried to pull off, she needed air. Don suddenly came, straight down her esophagus into her stomach as Chloe continued to moan and flex her throat muscles, trying to get a breath. Finally Don released her head and Chloe pulled off quickly and gasped for breath, panting for a minute or so until she was able to calm down. “Damn Chloe, that was the most amazing blow job ever!” Don complimented her. “That thing you did with your throat just pushed me over the edge.” 

“I wasn’t trying to do anything until you held me there and I couldn’t breathe, Master. I was trying to let you know I needed air, but I guess the vibrations I was making in my throat helped you accidentally, I‘ve never done that before because no one’s ever forced me like that. I almost came myself when I realized how much you were loving it, and the lack of oxygen,” Chloe explained.

“So you almost got off on giving me a blow job?” 

“Yes Master.” 

“I’m sorry I was a jerk and held your head too long, it just felt so good, and then when I held your head, the vibrations in your throat made me cum. It was incredible.” 

“I’m happy I pleased you Master,” Chloe smiled at him.

“You really are, aren’t you?” 

“Yes Master, I want to be a slave, why wouldn’t I be happy making my Master happy. I found out 4 years ago that I’m a submissive and soon learned that I wanted to be a slave,” Chloe responded.

“So, the more pleasure you give me, the happier you are?” 

“Of course, Master, a slave is happiest when she has pleased her Master,” Chloe replied. “Do you want to use me for your pleasure again, Master?” Chloe asked.

“Are you serious?” 

“Yes Master, I would love for you to shove your huge cock into my still very excited pussy,” Chloe grinned.

“You are insatiable.” 

“I guess so, Master. I had my first session with a Master yesterday and it woke up something inside of me. I want it all the time now, I can’t seem to get enough.” 

“Well, right now I’m too worn out to do that, but I could tie you down and stuff a dildo into you or something,” Don suggested.

“Would you be so kind to your slave, Master?” 

“Why not, let me rest and think for a minute and I’ll come up with something,” Don said and they laid there for a few minutes without either one of them saying anything. Don continued to play with Chloe’s breasts and she suddenly let out a moan of arousal.

“Please Master, a little rougher, please let me cum,” Chloe begged.

“This is turning you on that much?” 

“Yes Master, it’s like my body is in hypersensitive mode or something,” Chloe replied. Don began pinching and pulling on Chloe’s tits in earnest and she let out a long low growl of arousal. “Yes Master, pull them harder, please may I cum?” 

“If you can cum, then you may cum,” Don acquiesced and Chloe suddenly moaned and cried out with her orgasm as Don manipulated her lovely breasts.

“Oh thank you, Master,” Chloe said after she came down a bit from her orgasm.

“I’m impressed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman who could cum just from tit stimulation.” 

“Thank you Master, I didn’t know I could either, but I guess I can.” 

“I’m very tired right now, let’s just rest for a few minutes,” Don said and rolled onto his back pulling Chloe beside him on her side, putting her head on his chest and his arm around her.

“Oh Master, this is very nice, thank you for holding me.” 

“You’re welcome, now just be quiet or I’ll put the gag back in,” Don ordered and Chloe complied, lying quietly against his chest snuggling her body against his and throwing her leg over the top of his as well.

Both Chloe and Don fell asleep, even though Chloe was still bound she had already become quite comfortable in her bondage and they slept for over two hours. Chloe awoke with a start, her arms hurting and her bladder complaining. Don awakened as Chloe jerked and smiled at her.

“Master, could you please release my arms, they are hurting quite a bit?” Chloe requested. “And I need to use the bathroom as well.” 

“As long as you promise not to run away,” Don chided her as he rolled her off of him and undid the strap that held Chloe’s elbows together. Chloe moaned with appreciation at the release of her elbows as Don got off the bed to find the key to the padlock. Don returned a few moments later and unlocked the padlock holding her wrists behind her and Chloe sped off to the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door. Don grabbed two more bottles of water from the fridge and stood in the doorway drinking one as Chloe finished up and washed her hands. Don walked in and set the bottle on the counter for Chloe as he stood in front of the toilet and relieved himself while Chloe watched, mesmerized.

“It always amazed me that you pee and cum out of the same hole. We have two different holes, which makes sense, but guys, well, it’s just easier for you,” Chloe noted after drinking half her bottle of water.

“I guess it is, I never really thought about it from your perspective,” Don said shaking the last drops from his penis before washing his hands. “Now back to the bedroom, I’m not done with you yet,” Don teased and Chloe practically purred before giggling and running back into her bedroom, diving onto the bed and then kneeling with her knees spread wide and her back straight, tits thrust up.

“How do you want me, Master?” 

“I’ve got an idea, I’ll be back in a minute, don’t move,” Don ordered and was gone.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said softly because Don had already left the room, smiling to herself. Don returned with more leather straps and had Chloe move off the bed for a moment as he arranged the pillows and then ordered her to lay down on them with her body again raised, her head hanging down. Don pulled a leather strap through the ring on the cuff on her wrist and then wrapped it around the bedpost, buckling it out of her reach. He did the same with her other wrist and then her ankles, pulling her into a spread eagle position with her body raised up almost as if offering herself to him. “Ooo, Master, I’m all helpless again. Please use your slave, she is very horny,” Chloe grinned up at him.

“Damn Chloe, you are soaking wet,” Don noted looking down at her sopping pussy.

“Yes Master, I’m so ready for you,” Chloe responded and Don just shook his head, not believing his luck today. He’d cum three times already and was hard as stone again. He crawled on the bed and plunged into Chloe, bottoming out on his first thrust, Chloe’s pussy was so well lubricated. It only took two more thrusts before Chloe came, crying out as her orgasm overcame her. Don was hard and ready, but three times in one day delayed him. Chloe came again before Don finally pulsed and shot his semen deep within her channel as Chloe came again for a third time during this coitus.

“Damn, four times in one day, that’s a new record,” Don said as he lay on top of Chloe.

“But Master, you said you came five times in one day before,” Chloe corrected him.

“Yes, but I was jerking off. I’ve never cum more than three times in a woman in one day before.” 

“Was that with your wife, Master?” 

“No, it was a girl in high school, she was wild and we went together for a while, but she went to a different college than I did and I never saw her again until years later. She was married with three kids and I had already married my wife and had my two kids. I bumped into her without my wife and we talked, but she never knew about my bondage fantasies,” Don replied. “Two years ago, right after my divorce I met this girl who was fresh out of college. We dated for a little while and the sex was great, but I wasn’t over my wife yet, and she was so much younger than me, so I broke it off for her sake.” 

“Auugghh,” Chloe moaned out in pain softly, the spread eagle wasn’t the problem, it was the pillows underneath her back that were stressing her shoulders and hips.

“Are you in pain?” Don asked.

“Yes Master, this is really hurting my shoulders and hips,” Chloe answered. “I had three orgasms but the high has worn off and now my joints are killing me,” Chloe added. Don got off of Chloe and released her arms and legs from the bedposts, allowing her to get off the pillows and relax, easing her soreness. “Thank you Master,” Chloe said.

“Chloe, I think it’s time you stopped calling me Master. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together, I think you need to stop and think about what I said. I don’t really have time for a slave, I really don’t even have time for a girlfriend. With alimony and child support, I barely get by,” Don said.

“I was so hoping you would want me to be your slave, Master,” Chloe looked at him expectantly. “Would you please tie me up and fuck me one more time?” Chloe requested.

“I don’t know if I can, Chloe, but I’ll try, you are just so hot, I can’t believe I’m getting hard again at the thought of tying you up and fucking you,” Don said as he got up off the bed, grabbing Chloe’s arm and pulling her hands behind her back, locking her cuffs together with the padlock. He used one of the straps lying there around her elbows, pulling them together until they touched and Chloe moaned with arousal. Being bound felt so great, she felt so wanted and tying her up ensured she couldn’t escape, even though she didn’t want to. Don then pulled her around to the end of the bed where he had put her into a strappado and did it again as Chloe moaned with need. She loved being completely helpless and this was her favorite position. “Do I need to gag you?” Don asked.

“Probably should, Master, you know how loud I get,” Chloe replied and grinned to herself. Don left the room and returned with a penis gag. He pushed it into Chloe’s mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of her neck. The tip of the phallus tickled in Chloe’s throat, but this sent her arousal to new heights as she thought about being fucked by two men at the same time, one down her throat and the other in her now dripping pussy, as a trickle of her juices ran down the inside of her thigh.

“Such a needy slut,” Don commented as he noticed the copious amount of her juices flowing in her excited channel. Don plunged into the hilt, he wasn’t fully hard yet, by the third thrust his cock hurt, but felt like it was made of steel as he rutted into Chloe’s over-lubricated channel. Chloe did her part and massaged him with her vaginal muscles as much as she could and the added stimulation put her over the top. As Chloe orgasmed her mind was nearly overcome by the amazing sensations she was feeling. As she came down she realized that Don was still thrusting into her with abandon, trying to cum for the fifth time today. Chloe loved that she had that effect on him and used her muscles to clamp onto him to excite him further but with his hands on her tits pinching her nipples it only ended up pushing her into oblivion once again. As Don continued Chloe came back to her senses and promised herself to hold off her next orgasm until Don came. Chloe had extreme difficulty holding back, but eventually Don slammed himself in all the way and as she felt his semen shoot into her tunnel, she came again in mind blowing fashion, holding off had intensified the orgasm immensely and she passed out.

Don collapsed onto Chloe’s back for a minute or so before pulling himself upright again, still buried inside her, but his cock was softening and he pulled out, smacking Chloe playfully on the ass which elicited no response from her. It was then that he realized she had passed out and quickly released her from her bonds and laid her on the bed, removing the gag as well so she would be able to breathe properly.

Don left the room and went down to his own apartment, grabbing some clean clothes and his shower caddy, coming back up to Chloe’s apartment and climbing into the shower. He didn’t want her to wake up alone with him gone and feel abandoned. He showered and dressed in a nice pair of black jeans and his nice boots, wearing a dark gray polo shirt with narrow black vertical stripes. He combed out his dark hair and wandered into the bedroom to find out he didn’t need to worry about Chloe; she was still out cold. He stood there watching her for a few minutes and had just turned to go into the living room and watch some TV when she awakened.

“Master, you look nice, are you leaving me?” 

“No, I got a shower and changed, I was waiting for you to wake up, thought you might like to go get some dinner.” 

“That sounds great, but may I get a shower first, please Master?” 

“Of course, I’ll clean up the mess we made in here then clean and organize all of this stuff while you shower. Take your time, you’ve more than earned it.” 

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she jumped off the bed and bounded over to him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before rushing into the bathroom and relieving herself. “Um, Master, could you please unlock me, I don’t want to ruin the leather?” Chloe requested and Don finally found the key that unlocked all of the cuffs and collar, removing them and placing them on the dining room table. “Thank you Master,” Chloe said and this time she grabbed Don and kissed him on the lips before she went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower, luxuriating in the hot water cascading over her body, letting it wash away some of the soreness. As she stood there, she was remembering the fun afternoon she and Don had and she plunged her fingers into her pussy to find it sopping wet with her juices. She brought herself out of her reverie and washed herself and her hair. Chloe got out of the shower and dried her body, then styled her hair while she blow dried it. She started to put on her regular makeup, but it looked so soft and bland. Still completely naked, Chloe walked out to the dining room and grabbed the makeup case from the suitcase, going back into the bathroom and putting on the makeup like she did yesterday. She then went to her bedroom and found her tightest pair of stretch jeans, pulling them on over her sexiest black and red lace panty and bra set. She put on her favorite red long sleeved top with the double option. Tonight she buttoned back the collar, opening the neck into a V which revealed her ample cleavage. She slipped on her knee high boots with the five inch heels and zipped them up.

“Damn, you look amazing, Chloe,” Don complimented her as she strutted into the living room. “If I wasn’t so tired and hurting, I might be tempted to strip you down and fuck you again.” 

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she thrust out her hip and arched her back to lift her breasts up to him.

“No, no more Master. I’m just Don, I’m not your Master.” 

“Yes Sir,” Chloe responded meekly.

“No, not even Sir, just my name,” Don demanded.

“Yes Don, thank you for a wonderful day. It was better than I ever dreamed possible. I really wish you would reconsider about being my Master, I would make you so happy.” 

“I’m sure you would, but right now, let’s forget about that and go get something to eat. I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I don’t think you ate anything all day.” 

“Very true, S – Don,” Chloe said, stopping herself from calling him Sir. “I’m starving, let's eat,” Chloe said and grabbed Don’s arm as they headed for the door. They walked down the hall and then down the stairs to the ground floor, out towards Don’s truck, he hit the fob and the lights flashed as he unlocked it. “Of course you drive a truck,” Chloe laughed softly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“My friend and I have this theory, and it always seems to ring true. A man who has a luxury or fancy sports car, sucks in bed, but a man who drives a truck fucks like one and is great in bed. Just our opinion.” 

“So you’re saying I’m great in bed?” 

“Absolutely,” Chloe responded grinning up at him as he opened the passenger door and helped her into the truck.

“Well, thanks for the compliment,” Don said as he got in and fired up the engine, driving them to a diner in town. He didn’t ask if it was alright, he just got out and came around to open the door for Chloe, helping her out and they walked arm in arm into the diner. Chloe didn’t complain, she liked that he took charge and decided where they should eat. The host recognized Don and escorted them to a small corner booth that was fairly private. They both sat looking at the menu for a minute or two, and then Don set his aside and looked at Chloe.

“Obviously you come here often, what do you recommend?” Chloe asked.

“If you like prime rib, it’s pretty good here, the only place that’s any better is the steakhouse on the other side of town, but for the price this is quite good.” 

“What about the chicken francese, is that any good?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t like lemon, so I don’t order that. The chicken marsala is great though?” The waitress came over and interrupted them.

“So nice to see a daughter having dinner with her father,” the waitress commented as Don started to turn red.

“He’s not my father,” Chloe said, trying to keep her emotions in check.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just assumed – um, never mind,” The waitress said.

“He’s divorced and I’m trying to entice him to become my boyfriend,” Chloe blurted out and the waitress’ eyes grew wide but said nothing.

“So what can I get you?” The waitress asked, composing herself.

“I’ll have the prime rib, rare, and the lady will have the chicken francese over linguine,” Don gave her their order.

“Do you have Mountain Dew?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, we do.” 

“I’ll have that to drink please,” Chloe said.

“I’ll just have coffee black, please,” Don said.

“Very good,” The waitress said and left the table and they sat there in silence for a couple of minutes.

“Why did you have to tell her that?” Don asked after pondering how to broach the subject.

“Did you want me to tell her I want you to be my Master?” Chloe giggled and the waitress gasped as she set down the coffee and Mountain Dew, having overheard Chloe. Chloe burst out laughing and Don even chuckled a bit as the waitress hurried away from the table. This broke the ice and they began talking like old friends. Don had felt so self-conscious about being with Chloe and the waitress' comment had driven that wedge even deeper. 

Now, he felt much more at ease with this beautiful young woman whom he had sex with five times today. They finished their meals without further incident and talked for quite a while before they paid the check and left to return to the apartment building. They rode home and Don stopped at his own apartment on the first floor, just inside the main door.

“Master, could we please continue tomorrow night after work?” Chloe pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“I currently don’t have any maintenance to work on tomorrow, so we can give it a try,” Don agreed and then wrapped his arms around Chloe’s slim waist, kissing her lovely lips very sweetly. “Good night my sexy little slave,” Don said and closed the door to his apartment. Chloe went back to her apartment, stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed. She was still horny but was now thinking of Don as her Master and thought maybe she needed permission to cum. She drifted off to sleep while thoughts of hope for her future with Master Don danced in her head.

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