by MasterKGray

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Chloe went into her apartment and locked the door. She rolled the suitcase over to her dining room table and sat down in the chair, feeling quite tired, but also excited about practicing. She opened the suitcase and began rummaging through the bondage equipment she found in there. She pulled out the instruction sheets and started reading. She skipped the introduction and went straight to the main body, explaining how things worked but got bored quickly. She started digging around in the suitcase and pulled out a short chain with two clips on either end, wondering what they were for. She scanned the sheets until she found the section with a picture of them and realized they were nipple clamps. Chloe had never worn them before, though she had seen them in pictures and videos. She imagined they must hurt, but was sure she would need to practice wearing them.

She scanned the sheet quickly to see how to put them on. The sheet said to make sure her nipples were hard and excited. Chloe looked down and realized her nipples were already like that just thinking about putting the clamps on them. Chloe clipped the first clamp on her right nipple and gasped at the sensation. It hurt but it shot a little shock straight to her already moist pussy. Chloe quickly clamped the other one on her left nipple and moaned with both pain and pleasure as the same sensation multiplied with the clamping of her other nipple, making her pussy even wetter. The instruction sheet said to wear them for 30 minutes before removing them. Chloe wasn’t sure she could handle that long without being tempted to take them off, so she first grabbed the ball gag and strapped it into her mouth so she couldn’t make too much noise, before taking a padlock out of the suitcase and locking her wrist cuffs behind her back. There, now she couldn’t remove them until she unlocked her wrists.

Chloe sat down and started reading through the instructions from the beginning. She soon realized her mistake, but the damage was already done. The introduction told her that all the keys were inside the lock box in the suitcase. The combination was there, and it showed how to set the timer so she could keep herself in bondage for a specific amount of time, but now her wrists were locked behind her with no way to release them. It wasn’t a normal keypad, but rather a touch screen, which meant she couldn’t feel the buttons to push the right ones. She couldn’t see her fingers behind her back, how in the world was she going to get loose! The nipple clamp chain, swaying with her every movement only added to her burgeoning excitement.

At first she panicked and tried to slip the cuffs off her wrists, to no avail. When she realized she was really and truly trapped, Chloe moaned in frustration and need. Somehow, all of this just ratcheted up Chloe’s arousal and being truly trapped in her bondage lit a fire in her pussy. Chloe began rummaging through the suitcase looking for a dildo, there must be some in there. Sure enough, underneath straps and chains was a nice selection of dildos. Chloe picked the eight inch one and tried to insert it into her pussy, but her hands couldn’t reach and the dildo fell to the floor. Frustrated Chloe tried again and again to get the dildo into her dripping pussy to no avail. She stood it up carefully on the stiff dining room chair and tried to drop down onto it, but it kept falling off. Chloe plopped down in frustration after several attempts, the last one sending the dildo skittering across the floor and under the table. Chloe had to sit on the floor and scoot backwards toward it until she was able to grab it.

Suddenly an idea came to her. In her kitchen drawer was some modelling clay she had used a few times when arranging fake flowers. She rushed to the drawer and retrieved the clay and made a large base around the bottom of the dildo to help keep it standing up. She set it on the chair, pushing down to make it stick. It stuck but on an angle, Chloe straightened it up more and pushed down a little harder, causing the dildo to stick straight up from the chair. Chloe lowered herself onto the dildo slowly and it didn’t fall over this time when it touched her wet lips. Chloe slipped down a little further and the dildo easily slid into her very wet vagina. She relaxed and sat down on the chair completely, moaning with excitement as the dildo filled her well lubricated channel. She clamped her pussy muscles and started to stand, the dildo clung to the chair for a moment but then slipped out of the clay and Chloe congratulated herself for her triumph.

This exhilaration was short lived as the dildo was not vibrating. Chloe sat back down on the chair, not knowing which way to twist her body to turn the vibration on. She tried twice to the right with no success, so she tried again but twisted to the left with no result. On her second attempt to the left the dildo buzzed softly within her, but only on the lowest setting. Chloe sat down and tried again to the left with no increase in vibration. Frustrated, Chloe dropped herself harder onto the chair, forcing the dildo deeper into her pussy and the clay. With an even stronger twist to the left Chloe fell off the chair but achieved her goal and dildo buzzed away at a much higher setting than before. Chloe lay on the floor thrashing and flailing around as she experienced one intense orgasm after another, causing her to pass out.

Chloe awoke lying on the floor to the buzzing dildo pushing her toward yet another climax. She was thankful she had thought to gag herself, otherwise her cries of ecstasy might be heard outside of her apartment. As the dildo pushed her toward another orgasm, Chloe realized that her nipple clamp chain was somehow caught under the leg of another of her dining room chairs. The worst/best part was, the more she pulled to get it free, the higher her excitement grew until she orgasmed again. Wow, that was intense she thought and tried it again, this time accidentally pulling the chain free from the chair leg as she climaxed. This climax caused her to pass out and Chloe lay on the floor asleep for over an hour.

Chloe awakened to a knock on her apartment door and struggled to release herself, again realizing she couldn’t. A second knock and Chloe looked at the clock, it was just after 7:30pm, it was her friend Nadia, coming to pick her up, they were supposed to go out to the club this evening.

“Chloe, are you in there?” Nadia questioned. “I saw your car in the parking lot, what’s going on in there?”

“Uuup a mimip!” Chloe cried out, trying to say ‘just a minute.’ Chloe got up off the floor and went to the door, taking a deep breath before reaching up to unlock the deadbolt. It was higher than she remembered and it took her several tries before she finally unlocked the door, her ass against the door, bent over to reach her arms high enough. As usual, Nadia was impatient and burst in the door, sending Chloe sprawling across the floor.

“Oh my god, Chloe, what happened to you?” Nadia asked fearfully looking around. Chloe slowly picked herself up and stood. “God, Chloe, what are those things on your nipples, and why are you gagged?” Chloe couldn’t explain but grabbed Nadia’s arm and pulled her over to the dining room table, pointing to the instruction sheets lying there. “Oh my god, you did this to yourself?” Nadia asked in shock as Chloe nodded. Chloe then tilted her head toward her shoulder pointing at the gag as best she could. “Oh, I’m sorry, is the gag locked?” Chloe shook her head no. Nadia quickly unbuckled the gag and pulled it from behind Chloe’s teeth as drool dripped out onto Chloe’s tits. Chloe worked her jaw as Nadia started again. “Do you do this often?”

“My first time,” Chloe croaked. “W – Water please.” Chloe moaned, the dildo’s batteries were low, but it was still buzzing away and she sat down in the chair. Nadia quickly rushed to the refrigerator and brought back a bottle of water, setting it on the table and Chloe looked at it exasperated. “Uh, I’m a little tied up at the moment, could you help me please?” Chloe rasped out her request.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” Nadia opened the bottle and put it to Chloe’s lips, helping her drink. Chloe drained the bottle, indicating with her eyes to continue until she had finished.

“Good enough, for now. Now let’s get that box unlocked and get me free,” Chloe demanded.

“Sure,” Nadia said and took the instruction sheet, putting in the combination easily, opening the lock box. “Those things on your nipples, don’t they hurt?”

“Yes, but they do delicious things to my pussy.”

“What kind of things?”

“It sends a sort of pulse, straight to my clit,” Chloe answered. “But can we get me out of this for now? I’ve been like this for 3 hours,” Chloe informed her friend.

“Alright, then let’s get those clamps off first,” Nadia said, releasing the clamps.

“AAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!” Chloe cried out, then started breathing in short huffing gasps, trying to deal with the pain in her nipples.

“Wow, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I think so, it just hurts when the blood flow returns, I was only supposed to put them on for 30 minutes and then take them off.”

“That explains it,” Nadia said, looking at her friend with a gleam in her eye. “Damn girl, you are fucking hot, your tits are huge, and so perky for being so big!” Nadia said with a sinister grin.

“Thanks girlfriend, but you know I’m not bi, I only like men,” Chloe said, “besides, you have nice tits too, maybe a little smaller than mine, but you have a smaller frame than me, so they look nicely proportionate.”

“Thanks Chloe.” Nadia accepted the compliment but looked down at her own tits, then back at Chloe’s. “So today was your first time tying yourself up?”

“Uh-huh,” Chloe mumbled.


“It excites me. You know I’ve been interested in this stuff ever since Ken, but up until today, I’ve never gotten up the nerve,” Chloe explained.

“So where did you get all this stuff?”

“I answered an invitation to become a bondage model and went there today for my interview?”

“You did what? You’re going to be a bondage model?”

“Yes, they gave me this stuff to practice.”

“I must say, it looks good on you. You look damn hot!” Nadia added.

“Thanks, now can you please unlock me so I can get some more water and maybe make myself some dinner, I haven’t eaten yet, I passed out on the floor after I don’t know how many orgasms.”

“Oh, alright,” Nadia responded, with a disappointed look on her face, grabbing the keys and finally finding the one that unlocked the padlock keeping Chloe’s wrists held behind her.

“Whew, thanks Nadia,” Chloe stretched her arms and then reached between her legs, pulling out the huge 8 inch dildo.

“Whoa, that’s been in there the whole time?” Nadia looked shocked. “That thing’s huge!” she exclaimed.

“You know I like big cock.” Chloe blushed as she turned off the dildo and set it down on the table.

“Damn girl, that’s not big, that’s monstrous,” Nadia responded as she picked up the dildo and switched it on. “Was it vibrating like this?” Nadia asked as she grabbed a napkin from the holder on the dining room table, wiping her hands free of Chloe’s juices, still on the dildo.

“Of course, but it’s a lot weaker now than when the batteries were new,” Chloe responded and headed into the kitchen to get another bottle of water from the fridge. Nadia followed her into the other room.

“So, I guess we’re not going out tonight?”

“I’m sorry, Nadia, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I’m worn out, I need to eat,” Chloe responded. “Have you eaten?”

“No, I usually just grab a snack or something and then drink, it keeps me going.”

“Well, I can make some pasta,” Chloe suggested with her back to Nadia, looking in her cupboards.

“OK, sure, that sounds fine, but first, let’s practice some more,” Nadia said with a wicked smile, grabbing Chloe’s wrists and locking them together behind her back again.

“Nadia! What are you doing?” Chloe cried.

“Too noisy,” Nadia commented. “Let’s fix that,” and she stuffed the ball gag back into Chloe’s protesting mouth, strapping it tightly. Though Nadia was a bit smaller than her friend Chloe, she had gained the upper hand through surprise and restraint. Chloe was now as helpless as before, when Nadia had burst through the door after Chloe managed to unlock it. Nadia returned to the kitchen as Chloe struggled and clipped a chain leash with leather handle to Chloe’s collar and dragged her back out into the living room.

“Now sit here,” Nadia commanded as she wrapped the leash around the back of the chair and tied it with a single overhand knot. Chloe harrumphed into her gag and glared at Nadia as she dug around in the suitcase, looking at the bondage gear and glancing at the instructions.

“Hmm, can my little submissive stand to have her elbows tied together?” Nadia queried as she pulled out a leather strap and wrapped it around Chloe’s elbows, pulling them tightly together, causing Chloe to moan around her gag.

“That’s right, you do yoga with me on Mondays and Thursdays,” Nadia noted. “Ooo, somebody’s liking this already, look at those nipples, maybe I should put the clamps back on,” Nadia suggested and Chloe shook her head but didn’t resist when Nadia clamped them back onto her already sore but excited nipples, giving a quick gasp as each one was attached. Nadia then pulled out a wide leather belt with an evil looking crotch piece with a dildo and a mushroom shaped butt plug sticking out of it. Nadia untied the leash and pulled Chloe to a standing position, strapping the belt tight around her waist. Chloe groaned softly at the tightness but otherwise kept still, this was turning her on more than she ever thought possible. Yes, she wanted a man to do these things to her, but losing control to a trusted friend was quite awesome as well. Nadia pulled the crotch piece into place none too gently and Chloe groaned more loudly, not because of the dildo sliding easily into her sopping pussy, but because of the dry butt plug that had just been forced into her rear passage.

Next Nadia pulled out an expandable spreader bar and opened it to 3 feet in length before locking Chloe’s ankle cuffs to it. Nadia then forced Chloe to kneel and another groan escaped the gag as the dildo and butt plug were forced deeper into her holes. Nadia slipped another padlock through the center hole of the spreader bar and through the padlock holding Chloe’s wrists together forcing her into a kneeling hogtie. Finally Nadia pulled out the remote for the belt and started up the dildo and butt plug, turning it to the setting that said ‘incredible orgasm’ and pressing the start button. Chloe felt the dildo and butt plug start vibrating and within seconds she had fallen on her side and was having an intense orgasm in less than a minute. As Chloe rolled onto her back during the next orgasm Nadia grabbed the nipple clamp chain and started pulling on it. Chloe whimpered but it was obviously driving her next orgasm even higher than the first two and she passed out during her third orgasm.

“Oh god, I’ve killed my best friend!” Nadia cried out when Chloe slumped to the floor and stopped moving. She quickly removed the gag and realized that her friend was still breathing, but continued to unlock and remove everything, except the cuffs and collar. Nadia laid everything out on the dining room table. Nadia watched Chloe for over an hour, finally turning on the TV and watching some stupid rerun until Chloe finally awoke after an hour and a half.

“Mmm,” Chloe moaned looking up at Nadia as she watched TV. “That was amazing!” she exclaimed as she got up off the floor.

“What, are you OK?” Nadia asked incredulously. “You’re not mad at me?”

“Yes, I’m better than OK, I’m great. And no, I’m not mad at you, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I think I might be a bit of a pain slut.”

“Wait, what? Did you say pain slut? Does that mean you get off on the pain?” Nadia asked, her eyes wide as saucers.

“Yes! When you started pulling on my nipple chain I went into orbit! Damn girl, you sure know how to push a girl’s buttons,” Chloe grinned sexily.

“Wow, you sure looked like you were having fun until you passed out, I thought I killed you,” Nadia responded. “Was it really as great as you say?”

“Why don’t you try it for yourself?” Chloe asked as she slipped a pair of handcuffs out of the suitcase and stood behind the chair Nadia was sitting in.

“Well, maybe, but – Hey what are you doing?” Nadia asked as Chloe clipped the handcuffs on her, surprising Nadia. Chloe quickly went to work, using a thinner set of cuffs and collar that she found in the gear. She knew it would be more comfortable than the metal handcuffs she had initially wrapped around Nadia’s wrists. “I’m not so sure about this Chloe,” Nadia said as she became more helpless. Chloe had already removed the metal handcuffs but a padlock held the leather ones even closer together and Chloe was wrapping a leather strap around her elbows and pulling them tightly together. “Ahh, not so tight,” Nadia protested as Chloe finished cinching her elbows together.

“Getting a little too noisy, I guess the gag is next,” Chloe chided Nadia as she strapped the ball gag into Nadia’s mouth, effectively silencing her. Nadia squirmed and moaned but the bondage was having an effect on her too. “Now, let’s get you out of this dress,” Chloe said, unzipping it and sliding it down and off Nadia’s body, the shoulder straps untied allowing it to easily slide off of her. “Planning on hooking up with someone tonight, I see,” Chloe noted as she unclasped Nadia’s front closure bra, exposing her full firm tits. “Mmm, very nice, looks like someone is excited,” Chloe said as she appraised her friend’s hard nipples. “They need some clamps, don’t they?” Chloe asked playfully and she brought out a rubber tipped pair that would be easier on Nadia’s nipples than the one’s she had worn.

Nadia fought but Chloe just grabbed a nipple and pulled until Nadia held still, then clamped the other nipple. Now she just pulled on the chain and Nadia held still as Chloe clipped the other nipple. Nadia moaned in pain, but then squealed slightly when she realized the signal this clamping had just sent to her pussy, causing her to roil her hips. “Uh-huh, hurts, but the feeling down here is something else, isn’t it?” Chloe asked as Nadia sheepishly nodded her head. Chloe had no problem removing Nadia’s now dripping thong. “Such a naughty little slut, your panties are soaked,” Chloe teased and started strapping the belt with the toys around Nadia’s waist, pulling it tightly. “Come on now, be a good little girl and spread your legs for your Mistress,” Chloe laid it on as she teased Nadia, who rolled her eyes but spread her legs allowing Chloe to force the dildo and butt plug into her.

Nadia screeched in protest as Chloe giggled. “Didn’t give me a chance to get ready either,” Chloe stated as she snugged up the crotch strap. Nadia gave her a dirty look but then quickly hid her face from Chloe, not wanting to anger her. Chloe continued with the spreader bar, clipping Nadia’s ankles to the 3 foot spread and then locking her wrists to the middle of the bar as Nadia had already sunk to her knees. Chloe picked up the remote and noticed it was still on ‘incredible orgasm’ and pushed the start button. Nadia couldn’t believe how quickly she orgasmed, falling to her side just like her friend. Chloe rolled her onto her back just as Nadia hit her second peak and Chloe grinned. “Packs a punch, doesn’t it?” Chloe asked rhetorically but Nadia nodded anyway and thrust her hips against the onslaught. Chloe picked up the nipple clamp chain and started to pull at it rhythmically, eventually sending Nadia into orbit with her third orgasm, causing the same result as she passed out.

Chloe grinned and turned off the belt, removing the belt, nipple clamps, spreader bar and the ball gag, leaving the thin cuffs and collar on her friend and picked her up off the floor, carrying her to the couch and laying her down on it. Chloe watched Nadia for a little while and saw that her breathing returned to normal so Chloe went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water for Nadia when she woke up and set it on the coffee table.

Nadia awoke an hour later to the smell of food and sat up, realizing she was unfettered and grabbed the bottle of water off the coffee table, drinking it down fairly quickly. After sitting for a few minutes she wandered into the kitchen to find Chloe putting some pasta into a bowl and setting it on the table as she brought over a pot with some sauce in it. The table was already set for two and Nadia sat down in one of the chairs.

“Oh good, you’re up, I was going to wake you as soon as I finished,” Chloe said. “How do you feel?” Chloe asked.

“Incredible!” Nadia exclaimed. “I never knew it could be like that, and when you started pulling on the nipple clamps – wow, you weren’t kidding, that sends some sort of electric shock, straight to your pussy. I think you hit the nail on the head with that comment about sending you into orbit, it was like I was out of my body or something, indescribable!” Nadia exulted.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Chloe grinned at her friend. “Hungry?”

“Starving,” Nadia replied and dumped nearly half the bowl of pasta onto her plate, covering it with sauce. “Could I have another bottle of water please?”

“Sure, or I have some diet if you’d like,” Chloe suggested.

“No, water’s fine, thanks,” Nadia said. “Do you have any parmesan cheese?”

“I knew I forgot something,” Chloe said, bringing two water bottles and the container of parmesan cheese to the table.

“Thanks,” Nadia said and dumped a lot of cheese on her pasta before digging in. “Damn, I didn’t know you were such a good cook,” Nadia said after a few bites.

“I’m not, it’s only pasta, and the sauce is from a jar, you’re just very hungry after your, um, exercise,” Chloe giggled and both girls started laughing.

“That’s an interesting way of putting it, but I’m sure I burned some calories while I was in orbit,” Nadia giggled.

“A lot of calories, have you ever had such an intense orgasm?”

“No, never, those were the most incredible orgasms of my life. That last one really blew the lid off!”

“Yes, and now you’re very hungry because you burned so many calories and you haven’t eaten and it’s already 9:30,” Chloe noted.

“I just noticed something else, we’re both sitting here naked, with nothing on but cuffs and collars, like a couple of sexy slave girls,” Nadia grinned and then Chloe moaned.

“I was thinking the same thing, but you saying it, made my pussy twitch,” Chloe admitted as she took another bite of her pasta.

“Look at us, two sexy girls, planning on going out tonight to see if we could get lucky, and we got luckier than ever being tied up and fucked by a dildo,” Nadia stated finishing her pasta and scooping more onto her plate.

“Hey, leave some for me,” Chloe chided and she finished the bowl, setting it in the sink. They both put some sauce onto their pasta before digging in and finishing their dinner. “I would like to find out if I’m really a pain slut, if you don’t mind helping me after dinner,” Chloe blurted out as they sat drinking their water after eating.

“What do you want me to do?” Nadia asked, looking terrified.

“Whip me,” Chloe replied. “You saw the whip in the case, it looks like it would hurt, but not cause too much damage,” Chloe added.

“I couldn’t do that Chloe,” Nadia stated, looking down, afraid to hurt her friend.

“Please Nadia, remember Mistress Nadia in the other room when you took advantage of me, locked me up and forced me to orgasm. You need to get in touch with that side of you again, if only for a little bit. Please,” Chloe pleaded.

“I – I’ll try,” Nadia said meekly.

“Great, thanks girlfriend, I knew I could count on you,” Chloe said getting up and clearing the table, rinsing the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher while Nadia returned to the couch.

“Ready, Mistress?” Chloe asked when she came out into the living room, pulling the whip and a leather strap out of the case. “Here, use these on your slave.” Chloe thrust them at Nadia.


“In my bedroom,” Chloe replied and she walked in as Nadia followed. “Tie that strap through the rings in my cuffs and then around the indent at the top of the bedpost. Strap it on the other side so I can’t reach the buckle, but the leather shouldn’t damage the finish,” Chloe explained. Nadia did as she asked, standing on the mattress and strapping Chloe’s hands high on the bedpost of the four poster queen size bed.

“There, that should hold you,” Nadia commented and climbed down off the bed, going into the living room, leaving the whip lying on the bed. Chloe stood there for over 20 minutes, wondering if Nadia had fallen asleep on the couch.

“Mistress Nadia, are you going to whip your slave, or not?” Chloe called out. Nadia came to the doorway and stared into the room, looking at Chloe.

“Is my slave in a hurry to be whipped?” Nadia asked angrily.

“Yes Mistress,” Chloe replied sheepishly and looked down with a grin.

“So you think this is funny, slave?”

“No Mistress,” Chloe answered trying to hide her smile.

“Damn, you are one smug little bitch, time to whip that out of you, slave,” Nadia said, picking up the whip and striking Chloe across her ass cheeks, causing Chloe to gasp and take a few sharp breaths. Nadia was now actually angry with Chloe for asking her to do this and struck again, the whip catching Chloe’s hip and the tail coming around to snap her on the stomach.

Obviously never having used a whip before, Nadia had missed and Chloe let out a little cry but then held herself. For some reason, this made Nadia even angrier that Chloe had not cried out or screamed and she struck again in Chloe’s lower back, this time aiming better, but not striking as hard. Chloe absorbed the blow and gave out a little moan of both pain and arousal. Nadia struck again on the lower half of Chloe’s ass cheeks and Chloe moaned again, this time nearly a perfect mix of pain and arousal. This disgusted Nadia further and she struck again, nearly on the back of Chloe’s upper thighs, but still at the bottom of her ass cheeks, Nadia’s aim getting better. Chloe’s moan was clearly one of arousal, though it hurt like hell, she was also very aroused. She imagined her Master doing this to her for some form of disobedience or just to remind her she was a slave and Chloe moaned again before Nadia drew up the courage to strike.

“Is this really turning you on?” Nadia asked incredulously, but also it disgusted her that her friend could be something like that. Nadia struck again with more force across Chloe’s ass, crisscrossing the other stripes already on her buttocks. Chloe moaned with definite arousal and Nadia could now smell Chloe’s aroma as it filled the room. “Ugh, you’re disgusting,” Nadia murmured and struck even harder across Chloe’s now reddening ass and Chloe moaned again. Nadia’s anger got the better of her and she laid five quick stripes across Chloe’s ass and back. Chloe panted as she leaned against the pole and after a few moments, turned around facing Nadia.

“Please Mistress, whip my tits and my pussy,” Chloe begged.

“You sick demented bitch, that’s disgusting,” Nadia said as she looked at Chloe, but saw the need in her eyes and struck her across the tits, just above her nipples and Chloe lifted her feet off the ground and rubbed her thighs together as the pain in her tits did wondrous things to her pussy. “You sick cunt,” Nadia spat out before hitting Chloe directly on the nipples wringing out a long low moan that was not of pain, but heightened arousal.

“Yes, thank you Mistress. Again please,” Chloe moaned and Nadia struck again, directly on her nipples once more and Chloe thrashed and moaned, nearly climaxing. “Please Mistress, whip my naughty cunt,” Chloe begged, spreading her legs. Nadia slashed the whip down hitting Chloe along her labia, but missing her clit as Chloe moaned and squirmed. “Yes Mistress, thank you, please whip my naughty clit,” Chloe pleaded with lust in her voice and Nadia angrily complied this time hitting directly on her clit, bringing Chloe to the precipice. “Please Mistress, once more, please,” Chloe beseeched her. Nadia in a fit of fury thrashed down twice more, pushing Chloe over the top and she orgasmed violently against the pole, screaming and crying out in her climax. Nadia threw the whip onto the bed in disgust and left the room after Chloe had calmed down a bit, but Nadia left Chloe hanging there by her wrists as she slumped after her orgasm had subsided.

Nadia left the room and went into the kitchen, getting another bottle of water and sitting down on the couch to mindlessly watch TV as she pondered what just happened in the bedroom. Chloe truly was a pain slut to climax like that from being whipped, and especially since she had been struck on her tits and pussy. Nadia couldn’t believe she had done that to Chloe, but her friend had asked her to do it. Suddenly she thought about Chloe in there, hanging by her wrists and she probably needed to be let down and maybe needed to hydrate. Nadia jumped off the couch and rushed to her friend’s side. Chloe gave her a wry smile as she came into the room.

“Now I know I’m a pain slut.” Chloe almost giggled but thought better of it.

“God Chloe, are you alright?” Nadia asked, climbing up onto the bed and releasing Chloe’s wrists from the bedpost. Chloe used the post to support herself as she spun around it and plopped down onto her bed.

“I will be, but right now I’m beat,” Chloe said and then giggled at her own pun.

“That’s not funny, Chloe,” Nadia said seriously.

“Sure it is. Come on, you’re not the one who was whipped, surely you can see the humor in it. I’m sure I’ll be really sore for a day or two, but damn, into orbit again, though through a different door,” Chloe smiled.

“I can’t believe you’re not angry with me, I’m angry at myself.”

“Why would I be angry with you?” Chloe asked. “I asked you to do it, and I got the desired result,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, you’re right, I just feel badly about hitting you so hard,” Nadia responded.

“It might not have worked if you didn’t,” Chloe said. “Would you feel better about it if I whipped you?” she asked, expecting a negative response.

“Would you, could you?” Nadia asked incredulously.

“Only if you wanted me to,” Chloe replied.

“You’re not going to believe this, but the whole time I’m hitting you, I’m wondering what it would feel like to be a slave and be whipped for disobedience. If I were a slave, I’m sure I’d get whipped, with my smart mouth and attitude,” Nadia noted.

“Is that a yes, or a no?”

“Yes, Mistress, please whip your naughty slave for having all these dirty thoughts,” Nadia responded with a sly smile.

“Alright, slave, up against the post, you know what to do,” Chloe ordered and Nadia complied, lifting her wrists to the same point where she had tied Chloe’s. Chloe strapped her wrists to the post but had to pull Nadia onto her toes since she was a bit shorter than Chloe.

“Oh god, I’m so scared, Mistress, please be gentle with your slave,” Nadia pleaded through tear filled eyes, she was truly afraid.

“Are you trying to manipulate your Mistress?” Chloe asked as she picked up the whip and jumped off the bed.

“No Mistress. Please be merciful, Mistress,” Nadia begged. Chloe struck Nadia across her small but pert ass cheeks and Nadia shrieked in pain. “Please Mistress, no more, I can’t take it, please,” Nadia beseeched her but Chloe just struck again below the first stripe and Nadia screamed. Chloe said nothing and went to get the ball gag, returning and forcing it into Nadia’s mouth before she could protest. After the ball gag silenced Nadia, Chloe went to work, laying a total of 10 stripes across Nadia’s back and ass. Nadia was now crying and hanging by her wrists, her legs having given out.

“Stand up, slave, I’m going to release your wrists from the post,” Chloe ordered and Nadia slowly placed her feet back on the floor, supporting herself once again as she sniffled and blubbered around the ball gag. Chloe released the strap from the post and then climbed down to support Nadia as she helped her onto the bed. Chloe removed the ball gag so that Nadia could breathe better and handed her the box of tissues from her nightstand. Nadia blew her nose, wiped her eyes and caught her breath. Suddenly she slipped off the side of the bed onto her knees and knelt holding Chloe’s leg.

“Please Mistress, please make me your slave. I know what I am now, I have been whipped and know I need to be a slave,” Nadia pleaded.

“One little whipping and you’re begging to be my slave?” Chloe asked, surprised.

“Yes Mistress,” Nadia replied. “I never knew for sure it was in me until tonight, but after you tied me up and forced me to orgasm, I had an inkling that I might be, but after receiving a whipping, I know I am a slave and need to find a Mistress or a Master,” Nadia added.

“Wow, look at us, two whipped slaves in need of a Master,” Chloe grinned. “Sorry girl, I don’t want a slave, I want to be one.”

“I understand.”

“I think you need to think about what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours and sort out your thoughts for a bit before you make such a major decision.”

“Yes Mistress,” Nadia agreed.

“And stop calling me Mistress,” Chloe ordered.

“Yes Chloe,” Nadia said. “I came here tonight, thinking how boring my life is, and hoping we could have some fun together. I had no idea how much my life was going to change in one night. Oh god, my pussy is on fire,” Nadia said.

“Come on, let’s go get something to drink and talk for a bit,” Chloe suggested.

“Sounds great, do you have any vodka?”


“Do you have orange juice?”

“So you want a Screwdriver?”

“Yes, please,” Nadia answered with enthusiasm.

Chloe went into the kitchen and made a Screwdriver for Nadia and a Cosmopolitan for herself, bringing the drinks into the living room and handing Nadia her drink. They chatted for a while as if nothing had happened tonight, catching up on each other’s lives since the last time they saw each other. As they finished their drinks and Chloe yawned, Nadia looked at the clock.

“Wow, is that really 1:30am?” Nadia asked.

“Uh-huh,” Chloe yawned again.

“I should really get home,” Nadia stated. “Hey, can I keep these on for now?” Nadia asked, pointing to the cuffs and collar she was still wearing.

“Sure, just bring them back before next Saturday,” Chloe replied.

“Great, thanks Chloe,” Nadia said, grabbing her purse and heading for the door.

“Uh, Nadia,” Chloe called after her.

“Yeah, Chloe, what’s up?” Nadia asked.

“Don’t you think you might want to put some clothes on before you go out, you wouldn’t want to get arrested, would you?” Chloe giggled.

“Oh shit, you’re right, I got so comfortable being naked with you I forgot all about my clothes,” Nadia said as she picked up her dress and slid it on, sans underwear, sticking her bra and thong into her pocketbook. She slipped her high heeled shoes back on and headed for the door. “Thanks for everything, Chloe, tonight was a life changing experience,” Nadia said and headed out the door. Chloe locked the door behind her and picked up their empty glasses, taking them into the kitchen and rinsing them before putting them in and starting the dishwasher. Chloe stumbled to the bathroom and used the toilet before dragging herself to the bedroom and falling into bed at 2am, totally exhausted.

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