by MasterKGray

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Continues from

The Interview

Chloe dressed like she was going out for the evening, her long sleeve red top which could be buttoned open to show plenty of cleavage, a short charcoal gray skirt and her 5 inch black high heels. She put on her makeup a little heavier, brushed and styled her hair and headed out. She stopped by the local bagel place and got a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a green tea. She drove to the address programmed into Google Maps and arrived about 20 minutes early, so she sat eating her bagel and drinking her tea. Chloe entered the building which looked deserted but there was the company, Submissive Secrets, on the Directory, so Chloe used the ladies room in the lobby before heading upstairs to the 2nd floor where the Directory said she should go, Suite 204, sure enough there was a sign on the door so she entered.

A young woman behind a large desk greeted her. "Hi, welcome to Submissive Secrets, I'm Candy, and you must be Chloe." Candy said as she stood and came around the front of the desk to greet Chloe. "Mmm, Master Tom is going to like you, you're gorgeous! Best I've ever seen come here before," Candy complimented Chloe.

"Uh, er, thanks." Chloe said and stared at Candy, a willowy blonde who was dressed in a short leather skirt, a leather halter, leather collar, leather cuffs on both wrists and ankles, and impossible looking 7 inch high heels.

"Come on in, let's get you down to Master Tom's office." Candy said and led Chloe down a hallway to a normal looking office. "Now where did he run off to?" Candy asked thoughtfully.

"I had to use the men's room," Tom said as he entered through the door behind them. "thanks Candy. Please have a seat, you must be Chloe." Tom indicated the chairs across from the desk as he went to sit in the desk chair.

"Um, yes Sir." Chloe seated herself in one of the chairs.

"Well, I have to say, you are a very lovely lady, Chloe, I'm sure we can work with you." Tom said and went on to describe what that would mean, and that they would need to get a lot of measurements to use the right garments, cuffs, gags, dildos, corsets, etc.

"Uh, do you think I'm pretty enough, Sir?" Chloe asked.

"You are more than pretty, you are beautiful, and I haven't even seen you naked yet. Those tits, oh those tits, the subscribers are going to go crazy," Tom grinned.

"I'm not sure about this, Sir."

"Oh come on now, you got all dolled up and came down here, and now you're going to back out?" Tom questioned. "Why don't you come have a look for yourself and see that we're not really bad people here?"

"A - Alright, I guess," Chloe responded fearfully.

"Good, at least let us measure you and give you a little taste, then you can decide," Tom suggested. Chloe just nodded her head.

"Excellent, now if you'll just follow me." Tom led her down the hall, opening a door and gesturing for Chloe to enter, but she stopped in the doorway, letting out an audible gasp, when she saw that it was a well-equipped dungeon. Suddenly Candy was right behind Chloe herding her into the room and Tom followed closing the door. Chloe looked nervous and started to turn back toward the door as Tom walked to the middle of the room where a chain was hanging from the ceiling. Tom took control of the situation immediately. "Get over here, slave, and kneel," Tom barked. Chloe rushed over and knelt on the spot as Tom had ordered.

"Much better, now stand and strip off those clothes, we need to get a good look at you and take some measurements," Tom ordered and Chloe stood, unbuttoning and taking off her top before sliding her skirt down her legs. She slipped off her high heels and stood there in her underwear, garter and stockings. She didn't know why she had put those on instead of panty hose. "Very nice, but you need to take it all off, even the garter and hose." Tom said. Chloe hesitated for a moment and then undid her garter belt, sliding the hose off. She hesitated again with her bra but then reached behind and unclasped it before letting it slide down her arms to the floor. Finally she slowly wiggled out of her thong and handed it to Candy, who had picked up everything else.

Chloe started to put her arms over her breasts and a hand over her pussy, she'd never felt more exposed in her life. "Hands at your sides, slave." Tom ordered sharply and Chloe quickly moved her hands to her sides, panting excitedly because of his command. Tom stepped back to get a good look at Chloe. "Damn, you are perfect, now give me your hands," Tom ordered and Chloe put her hands out in front of her, reaching toward Tom who quickly locked a wide leather cuff on her left wrist while Candy locked its mate on her right wrist. Tom slipped a large padlock between the two cuffs, catching the D-rings and the chain together before locking it. He walked over to the wall and pushed a button, causing the chain to rise, pulling Chloe's wrists above her head and eventually lifting her off the floor completely, before lowering it until her toes touched the floor.

"Ooohhh," Chloe moaned with surprise. Tom and Candy quickly began to measure Chloe everywhere. They measured her in every direction possible, starting at her head, her neck, her sizable chest, her waist and hips, legs, feet and ankles. They measured in ways Chloe had never seen before as they not only measured around her chest above and below her breasts, and at her nipples, but also around the circumference of them as well. Then they started on her orifices. They placed a metal device in her mouth and forced it open until it hurt and Chloe cried out in pain before they stopped. They measured the distance of her open mouth and then Tom picked up a slender dildo and stuffed it into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat and Chloe gagged. Tom pulled it out and that dimension was written down by Candy as well while Tom released the metal from her mouth and Chloe worked to ease the pain in her jaw.

Next they wrapped leather cuffs around Chloe's ankles and pulled them apart, locking them with chains to eyebolts secured in the concrete, forcing Chloe to hang by her wrists as her feet no longer touched the floor. Tom picked up a dildo off the table that Candy had rolled over near them and began stuffing it into Chloe, it went in without any resistance, since Chloe was already slick with arousal. Tom yanked it out and stuffed the next larger size into Chloe, again unimpeded it slipped in easily as Chloe's excitement continued to rise. When Tom stuffed the next larger one into her pussy Chloe moaned with appreciation as this one filled her up quite nicely and felt so good.

God I'm such a slut, Chloe thought to herself. She was surprised when Tom pulled it out so quickly and started with the next larger one. This one was eight inches and quite thick; Chloe moaned even louder as Tom worked it into her now sopping pussy, although it did not go in as easily because Chloe had never had anything or anyone that large in her before. Even Chloe was surprised when he fully inserted the large dildo into her in less than a minute. Tom pulled it out and reached for the ten inch and Chloe nearly protested but figured Tom would find out soon enough that it was too big. As soon as Tom pushed the tip into her, Chloe began to protest.

"No, please Master, it's too big," Chloe pleaded, but Tom did not stop and continued to push on the dildo, "ooohhhh, please, no more, I can't take it, you'll tear me." Chloe cried but Tom persisted and pushed with a steady pressure as the dildo continued its passage into her tunnel. Slowly but surely Tom forced the dildo, inch by inch into her steaming pussy and when it was fully in, Chloe heaved a ragged moan of arousal and her pussy clamped down onto the dildo, not wanting it to leave as Tom gave a low whistle of approval. When Tom attempted to pull it out of Chloe's fully excited channel she squeezed even harder and Tom could not pry it from her. Finally Tom pulled hard enough for it to come part way out before Chloe moaned and clamped down again, not wanting the phallus to leave her just yet and Tom noticed Chloe's juices beginning to run down the inside of her thighs.

"Hmm, someone's excited by this," Tom noted, "do you want me to push it back in, slave?" Chloe nodded. "I don't hear anything, so I guess that means I should just pull it out."

"No Master, please Master, push it back in, fuck me with it, pleeeeaaassseee!" Chloe begged. "Oh god," she whispered, realizing what she had just asked for.

Tom complied and slammed it back into her willing vagina; Chloe's pussy contracted once, but not enough to push her over the edge. "Ahhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhh!" Chloe moaned. Tom realized and pulled it out partially once more before slamming the huge dildo fully into her spasmodic pussy which finally pushed her over the edge. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS MMMMAAASSSSTTTTERRRRRR!" Chloe cried out, "YES, YES, OOOOOOHHHHHHH, YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!" Chloe practically screamed. "Oh god, oh god, oh god! Thank you Master, that was incredible!" Chloe exclaimed as her climax took her to new heights. Tom gave her a minute or so to get herself back under control before removing the dildo slowly, Chloe still moaned with pleasure as Tom removed it and Chloe felt empty after it was removed.

Next Tom picked up the smallest dildo and squirted some lube on it before pushing against her nether hole.

"No, please, I've never had anything up there before, please don't make me do this," Chloe pleaded.

"How do you address me, slave?" Tom asked.

"Master, sorry Master." Chloe hung her head.

"Have you ever been gagged before?"

"Yes Master, I've gagged myself with a towel, I don't have any gags at home."

"Good, then open up." Chloe complied as he shoved a large red ball gag into her mouth. Chloe moaned with surprise and arousal at the gag in her mouth. It was much stiffer than she had imagined it would be and held her mouth quite widely open. It also made speech impossible. Sure she could make noise, but that wasn't the point, it was made to stop her protests, but still allow her to cry out around it, quite effectively she thought. Chloe grunted with surprise and displeasure as Tom began shoving the smallest dildo into her anus.

"Relax, just let it in, it will not hurt if you do that," Tom instructed Chloe in a soothing voice, realizing that Chloe was attempting to prevent entry of the dildo. Chloe followed his command, relaxed her sphincter and the dildo slid partway in before she tensed again, stopping it about halfway in. "Come on, you can do it, I know it feels weird, but trust me, you'll grow to like it." Tom said soothingly. Chloe relaxed allowing him to push it in the rest of the way. Tom left the dildo in her anal cavity for a minute or so to allow Chloe to get used to it. As Tom was pulling it out, Candy was busy lubing the next larger one and started forcing the larger dildo into Chloe's hole as soon as Tom pulled the smaller one out. Candy worked it in slowly as Chloe concentrated on relaxing and just letting it in.

"Good girl." Candy complimented her when the second dildo was fully inserted into Chloe. Chloe squirmed a bit and got used to the feel, noticing it felt like she needed to relieve her bowels, but it also felt somewhat arousing, knowing she could take it up her anal canal as well. She knew from reading sites on the internet that most Masters insisted on taking their slaves 'in the ass'. This thought excited Chloe further, knowing she was being trained to please a Master, perhaps Master Tom? Candy pulled the dildo from her ass and Tom, already having lubed the next larger one, began forcing that up her ass.

"Ohhh!" Chloe moaned around the gag as Tom stuffed the third dildo into her anus. They just kept stretching her hole larger and larger. The third remained for a longer time and then Tom removed it before taking the fourth lubed dildo from Candy and pushing it into Chloe's already stretched anus. "OHHHH, aaaawwwwddd!" Chloe cried out around her gag as the 8 inch dildo was pushing her limits inside her anal cavity. By the time Tom had it fully seated inside her, Chloe was nearly hyperventilating, surprisingly aroused by how big a dildo she had taken and how it made her feel. While the sensation was painful, it was also pleasurable and the thought of being able to take her Master up her ass, pushed Chloe higher.

"Looks like someone's enjoying having her asshole stuffed," Tom commented, noticing Chloe's juices now streaming down her inner thighs and Chloe blushed in shame. "No, don't be ashamed, be proud of the slave inside you, let her out to play." Chloe looked at him and then hesitantly nodded. "Do you want me to put this one back in your slutty pussy?" Tom asked, waving the ten inch dildo in her face.

"ess aasper, pweeeessseee!" Chloe pleaded urgently and Tom quickly began shoving the large dildo into her well lubed channel and Chloe moaned with appreciation. Tom had only to fully insert the dildo once, pull it out and push it back in again before Chloe came again, moaning and crying out around the gag in the throes of her orgasm while her body spasmed almost uncontrollably, even after she passed out from the intensity of her orgasm.

Chloe awoke naked and unrestrained, lying on a cot with a thin blanket pulled over her. She sat up slowly taking in her surroundings, and realized there was nothing else in this small room except a small cabinet screwed to the wall at chest height. It was locked by a padlock through the hasp on the front. Within a minute or so after Chloe sat up, Candy came in carrying a bottle of water and an apple.

"I see someone's up," Candy noted, handing Chloe the bottle of water, "how are you feeling?"

"A little tired, but surprisingly relaxed and satisfied, it was amazing," Chloe replied with a weak smile, before opening the water and drinking several gulps of water from the bottle before putting the cap back on.

"It really is quite the experience, once you let go and give up control." Candy handed Chloe the apple.

"Like I had a choice," Chloe said sarcastically, but then giggled.

"No, I don't mean physically, I mean mentally. Yes it feels great to be restrained, but when you just give in to it mentally, the orgasms are off the charts, just like the ones you had. You're a natural, you took to it so quickly, Tom was very pleased." Candy said and Chloe felt her pussy quiver a bit at this statement, she had pleased Master Tom.

"Thanks, I guess, I don't know, it just felt so right, I had really just about given up on finding a Master." Chloe said as she bit into the apple.

"Wow, so you've known you were a submissive and maybe a slave for long enough to be looking for a Master?" Candy asked.

"Uh-huh," Chloe answered as she chewed on a bite of apple, "I've known for four years, and I've been looking since I got out of college two years ago."

"Well, I don't know if Master Tom will take you on as his personal slave, I mean he's already got me and I really don't want any competition."

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't implying that I was trying to steal your Master."

"Thanks, but the internet loves women with big tits, and you've definitely got big ones."

"Thanks, is there someplace here where I could get a shower?"

"Yes, but not yet."

"Why not?"

"Because we need to test your tolerance for bondage."

"Tolerance?" Chloe inquired.

"Yes, how long can you stand to be tied up, can you handle things like gags and nipple clamps, you know, usual stuff." Candy walked over to the locked cabinet, opening it with a key before pulling out several items from inside. Candy came back and deposited an armload of leather on the bed next to Chloe. "Come on, let's get started, stand up and put your hands behind your head," Candy ordered. Chloe reluctantly complied, she really wanted to relax, get a shower and process what had just happened, but Candy had said they weren't done yet. Candy wrapped a leather corset around Chloe's waist and began lacing it tighter. Chloe's waist was restricted and Candy had reduced it to around 18 inches from her usual 22 inches. "Can you still breathe alright?" Candy asked.

"Yes, it's tight, but not too restrictive." Chloe replied.

"Good." Candy said quickly and picked up another piece of leather from the pile. "Hands behind your back." Candy commanded and Chloe put her hands behind her back. Candy began sliding the leather armbinder up Chloe's forearms and soon had the straps buckled tightly around Chloe's shoulders as her hands hit the end of the leather. Candy began to lace up the armbinder forcing first Chloe's wrists together and then working up toward her elbows. "Ever had your elbows tied together?" Candy asked.

"Yes, I used a tied piece of old pantyhose to practice before coming here."

"Wow, you practiced by yourself before you came here?" Candy seemed surprised.

"Yes, I didn't want to look like a novice. And the women in bondage pictures always look so hot like that, I just assumed it was part of the deal." Chloe added as Candy continued lacing up the armbinder until Chloe's elbows were forced to touch.

"Impressive," Tom commented as he walked in.

"Thank you, Master." Chloe said breathily, and her body blushed slightly as her excitement grew at being praised by a Master. Chloe knew she had beautiful breasts and used them to her advantage whenever she wanted to attract a man. Subconsciously she arched her back a bit more, cantilevering her breasts even higher.

"Show off," Candy spat out the words towards Chloe, obviously jealous of her.

"Calm down, Candy, you know you're the perfect slave for me, stop being so jealous," Tom ordered.

"Sorry Master, I just can't help myself sometimes. Women like Chloe with their huge round tits get me all worried that you're going to take one of them as your slave and throw me away like yesterday's garbage."

"I know, but you don't have to worry I love your perky C cup breasts, they are perfect to me, and that's all that matters. Chloe was exhibiting natural slave behavior, when she was complimented she tried to assume an even more pleasing position," Tom noted, "now let's get her finished up," Tom and Candy set to work, forcing a trainer ball gag into Chloe's mouth and wrapping the straps tightly about her head. Next came the ankle high leather boots with 7 inch heels, the same height as the one's Candy was wearing. Then they strapped her ankles and knees together before sitting Chloe down in a chair Tom carried in from another room and strapping Chloe to it with what seemed like far more straps than necessary. Finally they seemed satisfied that Chloe was sufficiently restrained and left the room, leaving the door open. Chloe was surprised they had left her vagina and anus empty, and she nodded off after a little while. Chloe awakened when she heard Candy's heels clacking down the hall toward the room.

"Get a little nap, did we?" Candy chided as Chloe nodded her head in reply.

"Very good, that means you are comfortable in bondage," Tom complimented her and Chloe tried to smile at him around the gag. "Let's get you into a new position, and fill up your holes. We'll see how you do then." Tom and Candy removed all the strapping that held Chloe to the chair and Tom added a leather collar around her neck, before they stood Chloe on her feet and Tom clipped a chain leash to her collar and led Chloe back out into the dungeon.

Chloe’s ankles were forced widely apart and locked to a spreader bar before Tom hooked the chain to the armbinder and pushed the button. Her arms shot skyward and she bent at the waist to relieve the strain on her shoulders. She didn't know it at the time, but Tom had just put her in a strappado position. Candy worked a large dildo into her once-again dripping channel as Tom lubed up one for her ass. Tom soon worked the lubed phallus into her anal cavity and then sealed them in with a crotch strap attached to the corset. Tom picked up a remote and suddenly the dildos buzzed to life. Soon Chloe was thrusting and undulating, trying to reach her climax, but just as she got close, they stopped and Chloe moaned in frustration.

"Don't worry, you'll make it some of the time, but not every time. The most beautiful slave in the world is a needy slave," Tom advised her soothingly. Chloe just hung there panting, wishing she could have cum.

Tom and Candy left the dungeon and shortly thereafter, the dildos started up again, but their intensity was lower and they only teased Chloe, leaving her even more frustrated. They stopped for a couple of minutes and Chloe noticed her arms were starting to ache at the strain. Suddenly the dildos started up again at an even higher level than previously, but the burst was much shorter and Chloe was again, left excited and frustrated. She begged and pleaded around her gag as best she could, but to no avail, no one entered the dungeon or seemed to notice her plight. This continued for what seemed like hours to Chloe, but was in fact only an hour, before the dildos finally continued buzzing, pushing Chloe to such an incredible climax that she passed out.

Chloe awakened on the cot, the same as before. She sat up and stretched her aching muscles and Candy came into the room within a few minutes.

"How are you feeling?" Candy asked.

"Quite sore, and in need of a shower, but otherwise I feel great."

"Excellent," Candy said, "the shower is just down the hall, follow me." Candy led Chloe down the hall to a well-equipped bathroom with two large shower stalls, both with clear glass doors.

"Wow, no privacy for a slave, I guess, huh?" Chloe noted.

"No, a slave is available for her Master at any time and should expect no privacy. Her every intimate detail is available to her Master."

Chloe showered slowly, letting the hot water cascade over her sore shoulders and washed herself luxuriously in the vanilla scented body wash. After a while she shampooed and conditioned her hair with the products in the shower stall. Chloe exited the shower looking for the towel she had left on the hook outside, but it was not there. Instead, Candy was holding it.

"Come on, Candy, give me the towel, I'm starting to get cold here." Chloe pleaded.

"Damn you have great tits."

"Thank you, but I'm not into girls, I like men and big penises."

"Oh, I wasn't implying that, I'm just jealous, that's all," Candy responded, playfully tossing the towel to Chloe.

"Well, why don't you get them done?" Chloe asked as she dried herself off.

"I don't know, I don't want to have them come out wrong, or maybe get an infection and die or something." Candy responded, looking down at her chest.

"Oh come on, that doesn't happen anymore, not if you go to a reputable plastic surgeon and have them done in a hospital."

"I guess you're right, I've heard too many stories from women who went to some pretend doctor who worked out of his basement or something," Candy said, "Only one problem, if I do that, then Master Tom said he wouldn't be my Master anymore, he said I'm perfect just the way I am." Candy shrugged, "oh well, his loss, I've always wanted tits like yours, and now I'm going to get them," she added with a grin.

"I don't want you to screw up what you have with Master Tom."

"No, it's alright, he's way more into this than I am. I like to play at it for fun from time to time, but he wants me to be his full-time slave, and I'm just not ready for that, I want to get out and live a little too. I think I'll let him know tomorrow, after he's fucked me good with that big cock of his." Candy said wistfully.

"Where are my clothes?" 

"Oh, you don't need those yet, here's a bathrobe, Master wanted to change your hair color, let's go down to his office and see what he has planned," Candy replied, leading Chloe back down the hall to Tom's office.

"Hello again, Chloe, how are you feeling?" Tom asked.

"Great! Thank you Sir, this was a most enlightening experience."

"Excellent, then you'll go on our cruise with us?"

"I'll have to think about it, but I'm leaning that way as of now."

"Very good, you'll need a lot more practice and I really want to do something about that hair or yours, it's just so drab and boring." Tom got up from his desk and brought several hair color samples around, holding them up next to Chloe's face. "Hmm, what do you think, Candy?" Tom asked, holding two different samples next to Chloe's face.

"I like the auburn, it goes very well with her complexion," Candy said.

"I agree. What do you think, Chloe?" Tom asked as he had Candy hold the samples next to her face and he held up a mirror so Chloe could see.

"I agree, that color looks very exciting," Chloe answered.

"Very good, Candy will help you with it."

"You mean right now?" Chloe asked.

"Yes, of course," Tom replied, handing Candy the hair color. Chloe followed her out of the office and back to the bathroom. Candy had Chloe sit in a chair that reclined back into a sink like they have at hair salons, and proceeded to apply the hair color as directed on the box.

"Are you alright lying like that, or do you need to sit up for a while?" Candy asked, after she finished applying the hair color. "It needs to set for 30 minutes."

"No, I'll be fine." Chloe replied as she laid there with her head hanging over the sink.

"See, you're already a better slave than I am," Candy noted, "I wouldn't be able to stand to be like that for so long. I mean, it's fun and all, but I guess I'm not able to tolerate the positions for so long, they start to hurt after a while."

"I've not really had any experience with it, but isn't that the point, enduring the pain for your Master so that he'll be pleased?"

"And the student becomes the teacher."

"Well, I have been studying for a long time online." Chloe laid there for the full 30 minutes without complaint.

"Alright, you're done, let's rinse and get you ready to show off to Master," Candy said as she rinsed the color out of Chloe's hair and then washed it before toweling it dry enough that Chloe could sit up. Chloe finished toweling it and took the blow-dryer Candy handed her, blowing her hair dry, styling it as best she could with the brushes Candy had lying there by the mirror. "Now put on the makeup," Candy ordered.

"But this isn't my makeup," Chloe protested.

"No, but if you're going to be a slave and an internet slut, you've got to look the part."

"But, I'm not a slut."

"Maybe not, but you certainly are a slave, and this is what the Master wants, so put it on," Candy ordered. Chloe reluctantly obeyed and put on the makeup as lightly as she could. "No, no, you're not using enough, put on more eye shadow, and paint up those sexy lips girl, you've not only got great tits, but those lips and eyes must make men weak in the knees," Candy complimented Chloe while also prodding her to do what Tom wanted. Chloe acquiesced and added the makeup as directed.

"Well, I may not be a slut, but I certainly look like one now, although I do love the new hair color," Chloe admitted.

"Oh come on now, do you think I look like a slut?" Candy asked.

"No, I guess, not."

"I'm wearing the same makeup, only in shades that compliment my complexion, just as those compliment yours," Candy explained, "now put on the outfit I laid there on the chair."

"Where is the rest of it?" Chloe asked as she put on the leather halter and short leather skirt.

"That's it, you'll be dressed the same as me, it's my slave uniform," Candy said. Chloe put on everything from the seven inch heels to the leather cuffs and collar. Candy came and checked them, making sure they were tight enough, pulling the wrist cuffs another notch tighter and the collar another two notches tighter.

"Hey, that's awful tight, I can barely breathe," Chloe complained.

"You'll get used to it, you're still breathing enough to talk, so it's not too tight." Candy quickly pulled Chloe's wrists behind her, locking them together with a padlock.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Chloe asked, trying to pull her wrists apart while Candy added a fifteen inch hobble chain between her ankles.

"Presenting you to my Master as ordered," Candy responded playfully, clipping a chain leash to the D ring on the front of the collar, "come on, slave, time to go see the Master." Candy grinned, pulling Chloe along behind her with the leash.

"Oh god," Chloe gasped under her breath as she felt the slickness between her thighs.

"What was that, slave, are you complaining?" Candy asked as she stopped and turned to look at Chloe who was rubbing her thighs together. "Does this turn you on, slut?"

"I told you, I'm not a slut," Chloe retorted, "but y - yes, I'm practically dripping down my thighs," Chloe said with her head bowed.

"Very good, slave, now let's go show the Master what a hot slave you are." Candy smirked and turned on her heel, practically dragging Chloe down the hall to Tom's office, Chloe was not used to wearing such high heels and certainly never having worn a hobble chain. They entered Tom's office and Chloe noticed that the chairs were now stacked together along the wall.

"Kneel, slaves, let me get a good look at you," Tom ordered. Candy dropped Chloe's leash and knelt on the floor with her knees spread widely and her back straight, her wrists crossed behind her lower back. Chloe dropped to her knees and tried to copy Candy's posture. "Come on Chloe, spread your knees wider." Tom commanded. Chloe tried to get her knees wider, and succeeded only slightly. "You can do better than that." Tom glared down at her. Chloe tried again, but moved her knees only about an inch or so wider than before. Tom picked up a crop off the desk and smacked Chloe's ass. "Wider," he barked.

"Oww, sorry Master, I'm trying, but I can't seem to get them any wider," Chloe whined.

"Candy, help this pathetic slave with her posture," Tom ordered.

"Yes Master." Candy turned toward Chloe. "Come on girl, it's not that hard. Rock back onto your heels and spread those knees as wide as you can, your Master may want to inspect your pussy." Chloe did as Candy suggested and was able to spread her knees much wider. "Much better, just a little more, do that again," Candy coaxed and Chloe was able to spread her knees even wider. "Excellent, now straighten that back and arch up those amazing tits, the Master wants to see them displayed properly." Chloe complied.

"Very good, slave, this is how you present yourself to a Master," Tom complimented her as Candy returned to her position. Tom sniffed the air in an exaggerated way before commenting, "smells like someone is turned on by all of this." He chuckled.

"Yes Master, I've never had my own Master, I'm very excited by all of this," Chloe responded.

"Would you like me to fuck you?" Tom asked.

"Um, y - yes Master, I am in heat." Chloe looked up pleadingly before bowing her head.

"Then tell me what you want, slave."

"P - please, um f - fuck me, M - Master," Chloe said timidly.

"What's that? I don't think you're sure about it," Tom said, smacking her other ass cheek with the crop. Chloe couldn't believe what was happening to her. Her left butt cheek burned where Tom had just smacked her with the crop and her other ass cheek still had lingering feelings where it had been hit, but her pussy was on fire. She was dressed in a slave uniform, her wrists and ankles were chained, and there was leash on her collar. Chloe had never wanted to be fucked more in her entire life.

"Please Master, please fuck this helpless slave!" Chloe practically shouted.

"Very well, since you asked properly," Tom responded and pushed Chloe face down on the carpet, her knees still spread wide and her ass high in the air. Tom dropped his pants and then knelt behind Chloe who was shivering with anticipation. Tom slammed his 7 inch cock into Chloe as hard as he could, burying himself to the hilt in one thrust.

"Oh yes, Master, please fuck this worthless slave!" Chloe cried out in appreciation as Tom rutted in and out of her, bringing her to climax on only his third thrust. Chloe cried and screamed much as she had done in the dungeon when they were forcing the dildos into her, the rubbing of her nipples on the carpet inside the leather halter, only added to her stimulation. Tom came on only his fifth thrust, surprised he had cum so quickly, but Chloe's channel felt heavenly and she had milked him like no one ever had. In the heat of the moment, he had forgotten to put on a condom. His cumming seemed to push Chloe into another orgasm, or maybe it just extended the first one. Tom pulled out quickly after he had finished and wiped himself up.

"Candy, clean up this slave and send her home," Tom ordered.

"Yes Master," Candy said and helped Chloe up before grabbing her leash and leading her back to the bathroom, much slower this time, because Chloe was still a bit wobbly from her orgasms and there was cum dripping from her vagina down her thighs as she stumbled along.

"Are you alright?" Candy asked as she sat Chloe in a chair and wet a washcloth to clean her up.

"Ooohhh, a little weak, but I'm fine, I just need a little time to recover from my massive orgasms. That was amazing!" Chloe replied as Candy wiped the cum from Chloe's pussy. "Ohh!" Chloe gasped as Candy wiped around her clit.

"Somebody's really sensitive!"

"Yes, this being a slave has turned me into a nympho, or a slut, I'm still on fire, I could go again if Master Tom could."

"Yes, I'm sure you could," Candy remarked disdainfully.

"I'm sorry, Candy, I don't want to break up you and Tom," Chloe said softly, understanding why Candy was upset.

"No, if it wasn't you, it would be somebody else, he fucks every girl who comes in here. While I'll admit, I was the hottest until you, I'm sure he will have some excuse. I had already thought about leaving him, but this just cemented it. He normally asks me if it's alright, but today he just fucked you harder than he's ever fucked me," Candy groused.

"Hey, I'm really sorry, I got caught up in the moment."

"Don't worry about it, he and I are finished," Candy said, "so let's get your suitcase and send you home."

"Suitcase, why do I need luggage?"

"Because, silly, Tom is sending you home with a bunch of bondage stuff and instructions on how to use them so you can practice." Candy rolled over a moderately sized case that looked like it had been stuffed full.

"Oh, that makes sense," Chloe said, "but where are my clothes? I can't go home dressed like this, I'll get arrested," she complained.

"Yes you can. Master's orders," Candy said smugly.

"But..." Chloe protested.

"No buts," Candy interrupted, "your clothes are in this front pouch and the instructions are inside the main pocket with all of the cuffs, chains, straps, gags, etc.," she explained.

"Why can't I stay here, and have Master Tom train me himself?"

"Because we have another appointment at 3pm and Master Tom does this all the time. Some come back, and some don't. I'm betting you'll come back." Candy smiled and Chloe couldn't help but giggle a little at that.

"Yeah, probably," Chloe said, "could you... oh, never mind," she said, looking down and realizing that while she was cleaning her, Candy had also released her wrists and ankles, though the leather cuffs still remained firmly locked around her wrists, ankles and neck. Chloe stood up and took a few hesitant steps on the 7 inch heels before grabbing the handle of the suitcase and rolling it along behind her as she tottered down the hall on the heels.

Chloe hurried as quickly as she could across the parking lot in the shoes and got into her car, she was so excited, she couldn't believe how much this was turning her on. She drove home to her apartment, trying not to speed so she would not be pulled over by the police and not only receive a ticket for speeding, but most likely indecent exposure as well. She made it home without incident, but didn't know how she was going to make it into her apartment without being noticed by her neighbors. Fortunately she remembered a hoodie she had stashed in the trunk and slipped out and grabbed it, quickly putting it on and zipping it up, even though it was a warm day. She pulled the heavy suitcase off the back seat and rolled it into her apartment. No one seemed to notice until the neighbor across the hall saw her.

"Hey Chloe, love the new hair color." Her neighbor said.

"Thanks, I just got it done. I like it too." Chloe responded and hurried into her apartment before he could start up a conversation, she was really starting to sweat under the hoodie and wanted to get it off as soon as possible. Her pussy was also still on fire and Chloe couldn't wait to open the suitcase and begin practicing.

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