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1. Introduction

Chloe had always been a submissive girl, she had always liked pleasing others, men in particular, or even boys when she was younger. She had no idea that she was a submissive until her boyfriend of over a year broke up with her because he couldn't handle her constant need to be told what to do. She wanted so much to please him, he was tall, pure muscle, big, strong and handsome with blue eyes and brown hair he kept cropped short. He was studying to be a police officer and could take control of a situation very quickly, which is what made him so attractive to her. She wanted him to take control of her and mold her into the perfect wife for him, but that is not what he wanted.

Phil treated her with respect and asked her opinion, but Chloe was ill-equipped to give an opinion because she didn't want to have one, she wanted to take Phil's opinion and turn herself into whatever he wanted. Phil finally became frustrated by Chloe's need for direction and her submissive attitude and broke it off. Chloe cried for days and took scissors to her over her shoulder length hair, hacking it off just below her ears. She thought that no one wanted her so why bother with a longer hairstyle, but it only made Chloe cry again when she looked at herself in the mirror. Chloe was an attractive young woman of twenty years old with large firm breasts, a slim waist and full hips with a nice tight ass. With pretty blue eyes and lovely lips she was a very attractive package. She really didn't like her light brown hair, but had never colored it, her few boyfriends seemed to like it the way it was.

The reason Chloe found out about her submissive nature was because Phil had been talking about her with an older man they both worked with. The handsome older gentleman had explained to Phil that Chloe was a submissive and needed someone to take control for her and tell her what to do to make them happy, and in that way she herself would be happy.

Phil relayed this to Chloe who began trying to get close to this man, whose name was Ken. Chloe started going to lunch at the same time as Ken and listened in on his conversations with his friends. They were all old enough to be her father but after a week or so she tried to interject herself into the conversation and was immediately invited to sit with them at their table. Chloe was hesitant until Ken pointed to the seat next to him, since one of the men was leaving. Chloe tried not to hurry to take the seat, she didn't want to seem too enthusiastic.

"Why did you cut your hair, Chloe?" Ken asked. "It looks like you just took scissors and hacked it off." Ken noted.

"Yeah, my boyfriend broke up with me and I got angry and cut it off, just like you said," Chloe replied, thinking now that she wished she hadn't worn such a loose fitting top or maybe she should have put on some makeup this morning.

"Wow, that's pretty extreme," Ken observed.

"I know, I was pretty torn up about it, seems pretty dumb now."

The conversation continued but Ken and the other men talked, not paying Chloe much attention, though Ken looked at her from time to time and seemed to be sympathetic to her plight. The men had to end lunch and though the other men just picked up and left, Ken turned to Chloe.

"See you later, Chloe." Ken said. "Maybe for lunch tomorrow?" he asked, and Chloe just smiled and nodded.

Chloe went straight to her hair stylist after work and had it cut so it looked professional instead of like the hack job she had done. Chloe didn't like it, she kept her hair at least shoulder length and men seemed to like longer hair, but for now it looked much better than before.

Chloe sat with the men at lunch often but never really felt comfortable or part of the group. The men were pleasant and Ken seemed to like having her sit next to him, but they never seemed to take a serious interest in her, other than looking at her, and Ken did mention that her hair looked much nicer now that she had it cut by a professional. Chloe went to talk with Ken after lunch at his cubicle and flirted with him explaining that he understood her. Ken told her she was very attractive but much too young for him and that they had nothing in common, yet Chloe still flirted and sat with him at lunch for months.

Ken finally told her to find someone her own age; Chloe said that all the guys her age were jerks, but Ken disagreed, saying that Phil was not a jerk, and in fact a very fine young man, which caused Chloe to rush to the ladies room and cry. In a last ditch effort to win Ken over, Chloe wore her shortest shorts, highest heels and tight halter top, parading into the office and flirting with Ken at his cubicle on her day off. Though Ken's eyes bulged and he was obviously excited by her appearance, he said he could not leave his wife and, though he was pleasant, went back to working on the project he needed to complete. Chloe went back out to her car and cried for almost an hour before she could compose herself enough to drive home.

Once she got home, Chloe decided to look up submissive on the internet. She found there were different types of submissives, ranging from those that just desired to be directed or told what to do, all the way up to those that desired to be slaves to someone. Chloe continued her research, trying to determine what type of submissive she was. She and a friend had slipped into Ken's cubicle one day when he had taken a day off and dug through the drawers in his desk. In a file innocuously marked financial reports, was a small stash of bondage porn. It surprised Chloe that she was excited by the photos and drawings of women tied in all sorts of compromising positions. She had even offered to try it with Ken, but he had turned her down.

As Chloe continued to research on the internet she found stories that dealt with bondage and found herself getting excited and looking for more. She found that the ones where the woman was placed in complete slavery excited her most and she would often grab her favorite dildo and bring herself to an earth shattering climax. One night she cried out so loud that her neighbor from the next apartment heard her and knocked on the door. Chloe answered and said that she had seen a spider but had been able to kill it, and apologized for bothering him.

As Chloe continued to search the internet she found a story of a woman who had been kidnapped by her Master and forced into slavery. Her Master told her that he specifically chose her because he knew that this is what she truly needed. The woman was initially disgusted and appalled at being used as a sex slave, but as time wore on she began to feel happier and more fulfilled than at any time during her previous life. She had now been a slave for over a year and related that she was the happiest woman in the world, she loved her Master and wanted to please him in any way possible. Chloe again found her favorite dildo and brought herself to the most intense orgasm of her life to date, burying her face in a pillow to muffle her cries during the throes of her orgasm.

She went back to finish reading the end of the story, how the woman had further described her slavery, and received a shocking surprise. At the bottom of the story it said: Every word of this story is true, I am a captive slave of my Master, but I do not wish to be free ever again, I have found my true place in life. If you do not believe me, please email me at [email protected] and I will try to help you understand.

Chloe emailed the woman right away, her excitement at finding out that real slavery existed kept her awake for several hours and she finally fell asleep from exhaustion, just an hour before her alarm woke her, letting her know she needed to get ready for her college classes. Chloe's exhaustion turned to exhilaration as she saw that the woman had indeed responded to her email. The woman declined to give her real name, saying that her Master would be arrested for kidnapping and she would be returned to her parents and her former dull and boring life.

Chloe had promised that she would keep it a secret, but wanted to search the internet news for information about the young woman's disappearance. The woman had included pictures of herself in incredible bondage positions, none revealing her face, and Chloe could barely contain her excitement. It was at this point, Chloe knew what she wanted. She wanted to be just like this woman, a complete slave, subservient to her Master and whatever he wished to do to her. She was still in college and wanted to get her degree, but once she graduated, Chloe was sure she wanted to find her Master.

The Invitation

Chloe had graduated college and found herself a nice job in the bookkeeping department at a large financial firm. She had been working there for two years since graduation and had all but given up on finding a Master. She read stories online and studied the ways of a slave, but did not have any prospects and was afraid of online dating. Sure she might meet her Master online, but she also might find a sadist who just wanted to beat and whip her all the time. It excited Chloe to think of being whipped for being disobedient or displeasing, but not for the sake of just being beaten all the time for the pleasure of some sick demented bastard.

Chloe was busy preparing a spreadsheet for her boss when the mailroom guy stopped by with a letter. Chloe never received mail at work and thought it was for her boss who was out of the office. She told the mailroom guy to just leave it on the corner of her desk. Chloe ignored the letter and continued her work. After about an hour she had reached a stopping point and saved the spreadsheet before looking over at the letter on her desk. It was not a normal business letter, but a larger envelope of fancy stationery that looked somewhat like a wedding invitation. Chloe's curiosity got the best of her so she reached over and picked up the envelope, surprised to see it was addressed to her. The return address was absent and Chloe opened the envelope carefully, pulling out a card with the words 'Submissive Secrets' written in dark crimson embossed lettering across the front.

Chloe opened the card to find it personally addressed to her with an invitation to be a bondage model on a cruise to the Bahamas. The note said that she should expect to be bound, gagged, penetrated by dildos, dressed in fetish wear or completely nude. She would be compensated for the photos and would be allowed to spend a week on the beautiful Bahamian beaches before returning. Chloe was shocked by the brazen invitation and wondered who would have sent such an indiscreet message to her. Did whoever sent this know about her secret fantasies? Should she call the number and meet with them? No, she couldn't, she didn't want to be in porn, she just wanted to find a Master, so Chloe threw it in the trash can and continued her work.

But Chloe was totally distracted by the invitation and a half hour later she pulled it back out of the garbage and reread it. Why was this making her so hot? Why did it excite her so much to think of men lusting after her sexy body? In addition to the description of the type of photos and video they wished to take, they also promised it would be safe and consensual. She could refuse anything she was uncomfortable with. Chloe let out a small giggle, wondering how she would do that if she was gagged and then realized her pussy was nearly gushing at the thought of being forced to go beyond her limits, just like a slave, she thought.

Before she knew it Chloe was dialing the number at the bottom of the card and a pleasant sounding young woman answered the phone and set up an interview with her for 10am on Saturday. Interview? Chloe thought, and then realized they would want to know what she looked like and if she met their qualifications. Chloe was sure they would be pleased with her physical attributes. Chloe quickly regretted what she had done and thought about calling them back and canceling, but instead she decided not to go to the appointment on Saturday.

That night at home Chloe thought about setting up the interview and decided that if she was really going to be a bondage model she should at least know what to do. She had noticed in bondage porn that the women's elbows were often tied together. She supposed that she would be expected to do that and thought she should practice. Chloe worked out at the gym and did yoga, so she was quite flexible. She put her arms behind her and clasped her hands before forcing her elbows together. Chloe held the position for as long as she could but her arms were unable to withstand the strain and she finally had to release after holding the position for only fifteen minutes. She was disappointed with herself and then realized that she was attempting to hold her arms in position instead of tying them.

She pulled an old pair of panty hose out of the garbage and cut one leg off of them, tying it into a loop that she thought would hold her elbows together. She had difficulty sliding it up her arms and into position, but soon she had it in place and it held her elbows together quite well. Chloe sat like this for over an hour before the position became too uncomfortable and she tried to get the binding off. She had a bit of trouble until she tried a hanger and was able to catch the panty hose and pull it down her arms and get it off.

Chloe also noted that the women in bondage always seemed to have a large red ball gag that looked so sexy. She didn't have one but she tied a large knot in a towel and forced it into her mouth. She left it in for two hours before removing it because it was time for bed. Her jaw ached a bit, but she was surprised that she had not been forced to pull it out because of her own limitations, but rather because she needed to sleep so she could get up for work the next day.

The following day at work, all Chloe could think about was the upcoming interview on Saturday and how she could prepare herself. She hardly got any work done and was frustrated with herself because she knew her boss would be looking for the report the next day, which was Friday. Chloe couldn't believe how excited she was and finally went into a back bathroom with only one stall and a locking door, masturbating herself to relieve some of the tension. It seemed to help and she was able to finish the report her boss needed the next day.

As Chloe turned off her computer and exited the building she saw Ben, the accounting manager, and said hello with her best smile. Ben returned the greeting with a big smile of his own and Chloe was getting weak in the knees. Chloe had wanted Ben to ask her out since he started. She remembered meeting him and thinking how big, strong and handsome he was. At 6' 4", 225lbs, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, he was a very handsome man. Chloe wondered if he could be her Master, but then mentally chastised herself for thinking such thoughts. Ben was such a nice guy, why in the world would he want to enslave her. Chloe continued on to her car and drove home, lost in her daydreams of Ben enslaving her and she wondered how she had driven home to her apartment.

Chloe entered her apartment and just didn't feel like cooking, she ordered Chinese delivered while she changed into her yoga pants and a tight T-shirt sans bra. The delivery seemed to take forever but eventually arrived and the young man could not stop staring at her breasts. Chloe paid him with a generous tip and closed the door with a giggle, realizing she had not put on a bra and her tight T-shirt displayed her excited nipples quite prominently. Oh well, the delivery guy got not only a nice tip but a nice view as well.

Chloe sat and ate her dinner while watching reruns on TV. She was completely lost in thought and could not have even told someone what the episode was about. She finished dinner quickly and threw away the takeout containers. She gathered her cut pantyhose, her towel with the knot and the hanger. Chloe made sure she could grab the hanger as before and first tied the knotted towel in her mouth, forcing it deeply behind her teeth. Next she pulled the one pantyhose loop from the previous night up to her elbows before pulling on one around her wrists.

After she was done Chloe thought maybe she should have turned her chair towards the television, but sat with her back to it for over two hours before her arms ached so much she was afraid she wouldn't be able to free herself if she waited any longer. It took her 10 minutes to work the loop off of her elbows because her arms were nearly numb but she finally managed, rubbing her arms to get the circulation going again, finally removing the knotted towel. Chloe had imagined herself tied this way for real and had left a wet spot in her yoga pants and on the chair. She wiped up the chair, stripped off her yoga pants and changed her underwear before going to bed.

Chloe slept fitfully, having dreams of being restrained and helpless. She kept waking in the night and once had to change her underwear again, they were soaked with her juices. That time her fingers had been in them and rubbing her clit furiously in her sleep. Her orgasm awakened her and there was even a damp spot in the bed, but she dried it the best she could with a towel and went back to sleep, exhausted but feeling somewhat relieved after her climax.

She awoke once more in the night, dreaming that Ben had enslaved her and she was his play toy. She almost came again but settled herself down, it took over an hour to get back to sleep. Her alarm awakened her and she hit the snooze more times than normal before finally dragging herself out of bed and into the shower. The warm water woke her and she showered quickly, needing to shave her legs and thought about shaving her pussy but decided against it, she didn't really have time to take the care needed to shave there.

Chloe got dressed, put on her makeup, and brushed out her once again over the shoulder length hair and rushed off to work, stopping by the Dunkin' Donuts to get a hot chocolate and a couple of donuts since she hadn't had time to make breakfast and didn't have any cereal in the cabinets. 'I guess I need to go food shopping,' Chloe thought to herself as she drove into the parking lot at work. She hurried to her desk and had started up her computer before her boss arrived. She finished her donuts and was drinking the rest of her hot chocolate when her boss called her into his office.

"Good morning, Sir." Chloe said as she stepped into his office.

"Good morning, Chloe, close the door, please." Tony, her boss, said. Chloe complied but stiffened with concern.

"Have a seat, Chloe, and relax." Tony told her.

"Yes Sir." Chloe said and sat in a chair across from his desk.

"I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I'm making you my Assistant Manager." Tony said.

"But Sir, I'm just not the boss, type. I prefer to take orders, not give them." Chloe protested.

"I know, that's what makes you the perfect candidate. You're not a bossy person, you take orders well and yet your coworkers respect you. Though some of them have been here for much longer, they don't have your knowledge or skill, and they listen when you tell them what needs to be done. So I'm going to let the rest of the group know this afternoon. This promotion comes with a ten percent increase in your salary, and more after six months," Tony said.

"Thank you, Sir, I will try to live up to your expectations," Chloe said gratefully.

"Don't try to do anything, Chloe, just be yourself and you will be fine," Tony advised.

"Yes Sir, and thanks again," Chloe said as Tony got up and opened the door.

Chloe was surprised and concerned about her new position. She was not the bossy type, she really liked taking orders from men and following them to the letter, it is what made her such a great employee. She wandered into the break room to make herself a cup of tea and had just finished adding a little cream and sugar when Ben walked in. His smile at seeing Chloe lit up the room. Chloe nearly melted but drew up the courage to give him the best smile she could.

"Hey Chloe, looking good as always." Ben said. "What's up?" Ben asked, noticing the clouded look on Chloe's face.

"My boss just promoted me to Assistant Manager, but I'm not sure I can live up to his expectations." Chloe replied with a somewhat worried look.

"Congratulations, I'm sure you'll do fine." Ben assured her and poured himself some coffee.

"Thanks er - um, Ben." Chloe said, quickly exiting after stumbling over her words. Damn, he could always make her want him, no matter what the situation, yet he hadn't asked her out after a year of working there. Maybe he had his eye on someone else, everyone said Beth was the hottest woman in the office and she sure flaunted it, but as she recalled at the Christmas party, Ben had said something rather derogatory toward her, but Chloe couldn't remember what exactly he said. Something about not being able to follow orders well enough or something like that. He even complimented Chloe saying something about her following orders very well. The thought just aroused Chloe as she recalled their encounter that night.

Chloe got back to her desk and tried to work but was distracted by her thoughts of Ben and her upcoming 'interview' tomorrow. She was brought out of her reverie by her boss, calling her on the office phone.

"Hello Sir." Chloe answered the phone.

"Chloe, do you have that spreadsheet completed that I asked for?" Tony asked.

"Yes Sir, oh sorry, I forgot to email it to you. I'm sending it now, Sir." Chloe replied and sent the email as she hung up the phone. Tony called her right back.

"Yes Sir?" Chloe questioned as she answered the phone.

"I need you to print out that report and make five copies, I'm going into a meeting in a few minutes and I need everyone attending to have a copy." Tony replied, telling her what needed to be done.

"Yes Sir, I'll have those copies for you as soon as I can." Chloe said and printed a copy, picking it up off the printer and then putting it into the copier, collating six copies, just to be sure she had enough. She stapled them and brought them into Tony's office.

"Thank you Chloe, you're the best." Tony said, taking the copies and heading down the hall to the conference room.

Chloe went back to her desk and worked on the fiscal year spreadsheet she knew they would need early next week. Her boss giving her quick orders had shaken her out of her daydreams and she focused on her work, making corrections and adding the data to the year to date sheet. Before she knew it, time had flown by and it was 5 o'clock and people were leaving. Tony stopped by to say goodnight and told her to go home, the work could wait until Monday. Chloe saved her work and shut down her computer. She headed out and got in her car, driving home and changing into a clean pair of yoga pants and another tight T-shirt, again removing her bra.

Chloe ordered pizza and the delivery guy kept flirting with her and staring at her chest, but Chloe paid him with a generous tip and nearly closed the door on his face, but he got the hint and left for his next delivery. Chloe ate three slices of the large cheese pizza and wondered why she hadn't ordered a small, but then remembered a small was only $8.50 and delivery required at least a $10 purchase. She placed the leftover slices in a Ziploc storage bag and put them in her fridge, she could reheat them in the oven another time.

Chloe didn't know whether to practice bondage positions some more or just rest tonight. She decided that maybe she should rest in preparation for tomorrow and sat watching TV, but grew bored and fell asleep, she awoke with a start at 3:15am and realized she had fallen asleep on the couch. She turned off the TV and headed into her bedroom, stripping off her clothes and falling into bed. She rolled over and set her alarm so she would have time to shave, shower and get ready for her 'interview' in the morning and was soon fast asleep. The alarm woke her from a wonderful dream where Ben had tied her down tightly to his bed and was about to shove his big penis into her. Chloe turned off the alarm and shook her head to clear away the cobwebs of sleep that threatened at the corners of her mind.

What was it about Ben that got her so aroused? Yes, he was big and strong, just the way she liked her men, he was very handsome, and he was just so confident, commanding and charismatic. Everyone at work liked him and he was friendly without being overly so, just perfect, Chloe thought to herself as she shaved her legs and around her pussy, shaving it completely for the first time. It was now completely free of hair for the first time since she was 11 or 12. Chloe had noticed that many women in porn videos had shaved theirs, and she wanted to do so as well. After she got out of the shower, Chloe couldn't stop staring at her now fully naked private parts and proceeded to play with herself for a bit until she looked at the clock and realized she needed to get going, she didn't want to be late.

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