by MasterKGray

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18. Kira's tribulations

Ben woke with a foreboding feeling, something seemed off and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Chloe was still blissfully asleep next to him, chained to the bed but he had this uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He got up and checked the other bedroom where James was still happily snoring away. He came back into his room and turned on the closed circuit TV to see Kira standing near the end of the chain’s length screaming and crying. Chloe awakened at this and looked at the monitor.

“What’s wrong, Master?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know, she’s hysterical,” Ben said as he released Chloe’s collar from the chain and she rushed to the bathroom to relieve herself. Ben followed and did the same and they returned to see that Kira had now grabbed the chain with her hands still locked behind her and was pulling for all she was worth. Ben went down to the basement to see what was wrong.

“Who are you? Why do you have me chained like this? Did you kidnap me? Please let me go!” Kira cried out when she saw Ben.

“Kira, what’s the matter, please calm down and tell me what’s wrong,” Ben said.

“What’s wrong? I’m chained inside a cell in your basement and you ask me what’s wrong? And how do you know my name? Have you been stalking me?”

“Chloe, get James and come down here?” Ben said looking at the camera. Chloe quickly obeyed rushing into the other bedroom and waking James.

“What’s the matter, Chloe?” James asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with a yawn.

“It’s Kira, she’s freaking out. My Master told me to come get you so we can go down and talk to her,” Chloe answered. James quickly rolled out of bed and headed downstairs in just his boxers, Chloe following along behind. Kira was still yelling and screaming at Ben as they came down the stairs.

“James, what is going on?” Kira asked when he came into the dungeon.

“Hey Kira, you asked me to do this to you last night after you submitted to be my slave,” James responded.

“I did no such thing!”

“Yes you did, Ben and Chloe witnessed it at the steakhouse last night, remember?”

“No, I don’t remember. I remember that we went out on a date last night to the steakhouse, but I don’t remember anything else. I don’t know these people and I don’t remember anything about submitting to be your slave.”

“Do you normally drink alcohol?” Ben asked.

“No, I don’t, my parents never let me at home. I had a few drinks at a party one night and ended up losing my virginity and couldn’t remember a thing the next morning,” Kira replied.

“Well, that explains it. You probably had at least four Cosmos last night and could explain your memory loss. You must be one of those people who can’t remember anything after they start drinking,” Ben said.

“I guess that’s possible, could you please get me out of here?” Kira pleaded so Ben gave James the keys and he unlocked the cell door, going in and releasing all of Kira’s bonds, except the collar, because the key to that was in his pants pocket upstairs in the bedroom. “Can’t you get this collar off of me?”

“No, sorry Kira, not until I get the key out of my pants pocket upstairs.”

“Well, go get it and get this thing off of me,” Kira screeched, so James hustled upstairs to find the key. “Where are my clothes?” Kira asked and Chloe brought them to her from across the dungeon. Kira quickly slipped on the dress without her underwear as James came bounding down the stairs with the key. He unlocked her collar.

“Would you like to get a shower?” Chloe queried.

“Yes please, and who are you?”

“I’m Chloe and this is my Master, Ben.”

“Did I meet you last night?”


“Did I really submit to be James’ slave?”


“Is this your house?”

“In a way. It is my Master’s house and I belong to him, so it’s my house too, but he owns it and me.”

“So you’re really a – a s – slave?”

“Yes. You really don’t remember at all, do you?”


“Last night we discussed all of this over dinner and in the bathroom, and you submitted to be Master James’ slave. You had a really great time and we became friends, even begging your Master to lock you up in the cell.”

“Oh god,” Kira moaned and looked at Chloe forlornly.

“Come on, I’ll take you upstairs and show you where you can get a private shower, then we can talk some more,” Chloe said, leading Kira upstairs to the guest bathroom, showing her how to lock the door and where James had slept. Chloe gave her one of her robes that Ben had brought over from her apartment. Kira stepped into the shower after locking the door and James slipped back into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed, frustrated and upset.

“Are you alright, Master James?” Chloe asked.

“Not really, I can’t believe this. I had the time of my life last night and the most beautiful girl in school submits to be my slave, and now she can’t remember any of it.”

“I know, it’s rather odd, but we can sit and talk with her about it, maybe we can help her submit all over again.”

“Do you really think so, Chloe?”

“It’s possible, you know how she was last night, the alcohol might have helped, but she’s a slave and needs a Master, we will have to wait and see.”

“Thanks, Chloe.”

“Anytime, Master James,” Chloe said and walked down the hall to the master bedroom to get a shower of her own. She found Ben already in there and nearly finished. He grinned when Chloe got in with him and he used a piece of rope to tie her wrists together before pulling them over her head. He washed Chloe thoroughly, teasing and playing with her beautiful body as he went. He washed her face with a moisturizing cream and then washed her hair. Chloe said it didn’t need any conditioner today and Ben rinsed her before releasing her arms and allowing her to dry off, while he dried himself.

“Go get dressed, slave,” Ben ordered as he playfully slapped her tight ass. Chloe giggled and rushed off to do his bidding. She found a black leather corset with red trim, an arm binder and a pair of thigh high leather boots. Chloe sat naked and brushed out her hair, the red already over an inch in length coming in underneath her mousy brown. It looked so beautiful and Chloe wished it would grow in faster. She didn’t need to put on any makeup, the tattooing makeup had done its job so Chloe slipped on the corset and tightened it as far as she could. She pulled on the thigh high boots and began to lace them up. Ben came in as she was working on the second boot and tightened the laces on the first boot before helping her tighten up the second.

“Stand, slave, we need to tighten that corset,” Ben ordered and Chloe stood on the high heeled boots, trying to get her balance; they seemed higher than the seven inch heels she had been wearing. Ben locked her wrists in leather cuffs and attached them above her head, forcing Chloe to stand straight and tall in the boots. Ben tightened the laces on the corset until Chloe could barely breathe. “Tight enough, slave?”

“Y – Yes Master,” Chloe barely whispered trying to gasp for breath. Ben realized he had constricted her lungs too much and loosened the laces a bit, allowing Chloe to breathe. “Thank you, Master.”

Ben released her arms from overhead and removed the cuffs before pulling her arms behind her and forcing the arm binder up Chloe’s arms, again pulling and tightening laces, until her elbows touched. He finished with the straps over her shoulders so there was no way she could escape it and then presented her with the large red ball gag. Chloe opened her mouth dutifully and Ben pulled it behind her teeth before locking it behind her neck. Next he attached the nipple clamps which caused Chloe to moan around the gag. Finally he attached a leash to her collar and slipped the end over a convenient hook placed near the door, while Ben got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

“Ready for breakfast?” Ben asked, pulling on the leash, Chloe thinking to herself, ‘As if I had a choice,’ but being under her Master’s control was having the same effect as always and she was dripping with excitement at his treatment. It didn’t hurt that she loved to be tied and helpless, just a set of tits and slits for his pleasure. He led her into the kitchen and chained her to the chair before removing the ball gag.

Kira was in the shower thinking about what had just happened. She washed absentmindedly as she thought about what everyone had said. According to everyone else she submitted to be James’ slave last night and her arousal at that thought was spiking. Then she realized her soapy fingers had found her clit and were rubbing towards a climax. She stopped herself and finished in the shower but her thoughts were still focused on last night’s events as they had been relayed to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about possibly submitting to James as his slave, it excited her beyond explanation. Kira finished and turned off the water, getting out and drying off. She dressed in Chloe’s robe and went back to the bedroom where James was sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands.

“All done, your turn,” Kira said flatly as she entered the room. James got up and headed across the hall to the bathroom, getting his own shower. Kira was in the room looking at her dress and underwear, blankly staring off into space. Though outwardly she seemed calm, inside a storm of emotion was fighting a war. On one hand she had just graduated high school and was just getting to know James, so why would she submit to be his slave. On the other, she knew that she was a slave at heart and the thought of submitting to James made the juncture between thighs steam with excitement. She had already submitted to be his slave last night, but didn’t remember because of the alcohol. James had been a gentleman and released her when she demanded it, so he wasn’t a bad guy, in fact she really liked him a lot, he was such a nice guy, and handsome too. Everyone seemed to confirm that she was now James’ slave. As James came back across the hall Kira made her decision.

James washed in the shower quickly, his mind racing and worried about traumatizing Kira. She had submitted to him, but didn’t remember, and this morning she had freaked out because she thought she was kidnapped. Now she knew the truth, but did she believe it? Would she even go out with him after this morning? James dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist, he didn’t have any clean clothes to put on or a robe so he started back across the hall to the room where he had slept.

When James entered the room, his mouth fell open in shock. Kneeling naked in presentation was Kira, a smile on her face and lust in her eyes.

“Good morning Master,” Kira smiled up at James cheerfully.

“Kira, what are you doing?” James asked incredulously.

“According to everyone in this house I did this last night, but I don’t remember, so I’m doing it now so I can remember. I submit myself to you as your slave Master. Please collar your slave and treat her as you wish,” Kira offered.

“I accept your submission and lock this collar on your neck to show your status and who you belong to. I promise to take care of you as long as you wish to be my slave,” James said as he locked the collar around her neck again.

“Thank you Master, please fuck me, I’m so horny and I’ve heard you have a big cock.”

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it’s not bad.”

“How do you want to use your slave, Master?”

“Up on the bed on all fours, your knees near the edge,” James ordered and Kira quickly assumed the position on the bed. James dropped his towel and walked up behind her slamming his fully erect member into Kira’s steaming channel. Kira moaned in appreciation.

“James, Kira, are you coming to breakfast?” Ben called from the other side of the door after a quick knock.

“Give us a couple minutes,” James called out and continued rutting into Kira as she cried out with her orgasm. James soon reached his peak and shot his load deep within Kira’s slick tunnel, forcing another climax from her. They collapsed onto the bed and came down from their orgasms.

James got up quickly pulling out of Kira and wiping his organ with the towel, before pulling on his boxers. He gave the towel to Kira so she could clean herself up. Kira quickly got off the bed and stood before James as he slipped on his t-shirt. James attached the leash to her collar and led Kira down the hall to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Oh my god!” The slaves said in unison seeing each other. Chloe in shock over seeing Kira collared and naked again, and Kira in surprise and lust at the way Chloe was bound.

“Kira, I’m surprised, less than an hour ago you were screaming and begging to be released, now you’re collared again,” Ben noted.

“Yes Master Ben, I realized that what everyone said must be true, and I know that I am a slave and need a Master, so I submitted to him after he returned from the shower so that I would remember. He was using me when you knocked on the door. Chloe you look so hot in that outfit, I’m sure it’s uncomfortable, but I’m also sure Master Ben won’t be able to keep it in his pants for long, looking at how sexy you are,” Kira responded.

“I guess I need to get another chain for your slave,” Ben said to James as he rushed down into the basement, returning with a length of chain, a padlock and two ankle cuffs. “Here, you can chain your slave to the chair for breakfast.”

“Thanks Ben,” James said, taking the restraints and chaining Kira to the chair.

Ben removed Chloe’s arm binder so she could eat and they passed around the donuts he had purchased. In front of Chloe was a frozen hot chocolate and the rest of them drank coffee.

“That looks interesting, Chloe, what is it?” Kira asked.

“It’s frozen hot chocolate, my Master is amazing,” Chloe replied.

“May I try it?” Kira asked.

“Sure,” Chloe said, pushing the drink towards her so that Kira could take a sip.

“Ooo, that is good, thank you Chloe.”

“You’re welcome, may I have it back please?” Chloe asked as Kira took another sip from the straw.

“Oh, sure, sorry, that tastes really good.”


“So what are you planning to study at State this fall, James?” Ben asked, taking a bite of his donut.

“I’m not exactly sure, I know I’m a pretty good hacker, I’ve cracked the code on a lot of games and downloaded them for free. I have all the latest software on my computer and never paid a cent for it either,” James replied sipping his coffee.

“Wow, sounds like I hired the wrong computer guy. If I told you that a guy had posted a video and masked his location, could you find it without another video being posted?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, sure, it’s not all that hard if you know what you’re doing.”

“After we finish eating could you show me?”

“No problem, though I don’t have my laptop with me, I could download the stuff we need and track someone down if necessary.”

“Awesome, James, I just might have a job for you if you’re interested.”

“Um, yeah sure, I guess, what’s it pay?”

“I’ll give you room and board, your college classes online and a modest amount for expenses.”

“Are you offering to let me live here, what about my slave, Kira?”

“Yes, her too, of course, a man needs a distraction from work.”

“Oh my god, thank you Master Ben, I’ve wanted to get away from my parents for a while now, this is amazing,” Kira gushed. “I wish I could hug you all of you right now,” Kira said as tears of joy rolled down her face.

“Kira, why are you crying?” James asked.

“Happy tears, Master James. We women sometimes cry when we’re happy because the emotions overwhelm us,” Chloe explained as she finished up her drink.

“Yes Master, Chloe is correct, I’m so happy and relieved to be getting away from that toxic environment, and then to be able to live here without any worries, plus I get to live out my fantasy as a slave girl to my Master, it’s just overwhelming,” Kira added as more tears fell and Chloe’s eyes got misty.

“Let me run home and get my laptop and I’ll come back and track down whoever you want to find,” James said, shoving himself away from the table and drinking the last of his coffee.

“What about your slave?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know, have Chloe teach her – slave stuff, you know,” James said as he hurried out the door to his car, having trouble starting it before roaring off in a cloud of smoke.

“He needs a new car, that thing is about to croak,” Ben noted looking out the window then coming back to the table. Ben released Chloe first and she began cleaning up as Ben released Kira. Kira got up and started helping Chloe until they had finished in the kitchen, Chloe showing Kira where things went and giving Kira a wet cloth to wash the table while she finished up with other things.

When they finished they went into the living room where Ben was watching TV. Chloe knelt in presentation before Ben and Kira tried to copy her.

“Knees wider, back straighter, suck in that belly, shoulders back, present those lovely tits. Good, much better,” Chloe admonished Kira. “What do you want us to do, Master?”

“Take Kira down to the basement and teach her how to be a good slave,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Chloe said looking down at her clamped nipples. “Um Master, may I remove the clamps for a little while?”


“Thank you Master, AAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!” Chloe cried out at the pain of the blood flow returning and sat panting and rubbing her nipples to ease her suffering. Eventually she stood and headed for the door but Kira remained kneeling. “Come on, slave, we don’t have all day, your Master will return soon and want to know what you’ve learned.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kira joked as she jumped up and followed Chloe into the basement. Chloe went to the cabinet and pulled out a crop, returning to a rubber slave mat that she herself had knelt on many times.

“Kneel here, slave.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kira said fearfully as she obeyed and knelt in presentation as Chloe had taught her upstairs.

“Very good, slave, I see you remember what I just taught you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Hmm, now what should I teach you first? The first rule of a slave is to be pleasing to her Master. She must endure whatever he imposes upon her, pain, pleasure, bondage, whippings, whatever it is, a slave must willingly yield her body to her Master’s will.”

“Um Mistress, may I make a suggestion?”

“Yes, go ahead, slave.”

“Could you teach me how to give a blow job.”

“Very good, slave, excellent idea,” Chloe said as she went to the cabinet returning with a life-like eight inch cock with a pair of testicles, attaching it to the post behind Kira. “Now, let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kira said and started licking the rubber dick like a lollipop. She soon took the head into her mouth, sucking gently.

“Stop, the technique is good, but you act like this is a clinic. This is your Master’s cock, lick it lovingly, suck it harder, worship it, give it the attention and love it deserves. Continue.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kira said and began again, imagining it was her Master’s cock and soon had it all the way down her throat, her chin resting on the fake balls and her nose nearly touching the pole.

“Good, now pull back off and start over,” Chloe instructed and Kira started again, trying to imagine doing it to James, her Master. She thought about how she could be pleasing and was doing very well and swallowed all the way to the hilt again. “Very good, you’ve worked on your gag reflex. Now continue sucking and licking and growl in your throat, make it really vibrate and he’ll cum like a fountain down your throat,” Chloe coached Kira who obeyed without any resistance, intent on learning from Chloe how to be a good slave.

“How was that?” Kira asked when she came up for air.

“Much improved, you’ll make him want your mouth as much as your pussy.”

“Thank you Chloe, that was intense. I got so into it that I almost came myself.”

“Very good Kira, you’ll make a good slave to Master James.”

“Have you ever cum just from giving Master Ben a blow job?”

“Yes, when I first got back home after being kidnapped.”

“What, you were kidnapped?”

“Yes, they took me somewhere in the Middle East and hid me underground. My Master finally found me after they forced me to act in some porn videos.”

“Oh god Chloe, that’s awful.”

“They didn’t mistreat me, they treated me like a slave, and of course, I am, so I just went with it. Master T was much like my Master, kind and gentle, not a bastard like Master Tom.”

“Who’s Master Tom?”

“He is my Master’s former friend, the one who sent me an invitation to become a bondage porn star.”

“Why did he do that?”

“My Master asked him to so he could gauge my interest in being his slave.”

“So you went to see him?”

“Yes, and though it got a little messed up at first, it turned out alright in the end and I ended up with my Master.”

“Then he kidnapped you?”

“Yes, because he was obsessed with me, he said I was the perfect porn star because of my proportions, big boobs and even my face. I didn’t agree but he and my Master seemed to think so, they didn’t even know if I could act.”

“What’s there to act, they just tie you up and fuck you on camera, right?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that. I’ll see if Master has a copy of the videos and you can see for yourself,” Chloe suggested.

While the slaves were cleaning up and having slave lessons, James rushed home to get his laptop. He fended off questions about his date from his parents wanting to get back to show Ben what he could do. He told his parents he would come home later and rushed out the door. James had trouble starting his car again and cursed it because he knew he needed to either fix it or buy another one, but he didn’t have the money for either.

James arrived back at Ben’s house and rang the doorbell. Ben answered and they went into his office where James plugged in his laptop and booted it up. He connected to the Wi-Fi after Ben gave him the password and Ben helped direct him to the site where the videos were posted.

“Do you need to pay for one of the videos to find the location?” Ben asked.

“No, I just need to be on the website,” James responded and typed away on his keyboard, digging into the code. Within a half an hour he told Ben he knew the location. “It’s in a middle-eastern country I can’t pronounce and they have a tower set up to broadcast because there’s no cable anywhere near them. They had to pay a lot of money to have a set up that elaborate,” James explained.

“And how much would you charge me for something like this?” Ben asked.

“About a thousand dollars, it’s a lot of work, but I know what I’m doing and I’ve encountered some of these security blocks before.”

“Damn, I paid the other guy a hundred thousand dollars and it took him two weeks to find her.”

“Find who?”


“You mean, Chloe was at this location, how?”

“She was kidnapped away from me and forced to make two porn videos.”

“Holy shit, they must have been hot!”

“They were, I have them saved on my computer,” Ben said, starting it up. Once the laptop finished loading Ben clicked on the first video and it started playing.

“Wow, this was recorded in high definition, you could blow this up on your TV and it would still look great,” James said.


“Yeah, it’s not that hard, just bring the laptop out and plug it into the HDMI cable and there it is, big as life,” James said, unplugging Ben’s laptop and carrying it out to the sixty inch flat screen in the living room. He plugged it into a wall socket then found the HDMI cable and connected it, there on the screen was the video. James paused the video and started it over.

“Wait, let’s go get our slaves, they can watch too, I’m sure Chloe would like to see it.”

“Where are they?”

“In the basement, Chloe is giving Kira slave lessons.”

“Wow, that’s brilliant, thanks Ben.”

“Chloe, Kira, come upstairs, slave lessons are over for now,” Ben called down the stairs and the slaves came upstairs quickly, following Ben into the living room and kneeling in presentation, facing the couch. “Turn around, slaves, we have a video you might like to see,” Ben said and James started the first video of Chloe that Tom had forced her to act in.

“Oh my god, that’s Chloe!” Kira exclaimed.

“Yes, it's the first video they shot after they kidnapped her,” Ben explained.

“Chloe just told me about that,” Kira responded and they all watched the entire video, Kira gasping or moaning and Chloe mesmerized at seeing herself on screen. When the recording ended Kira clapped excitedly and James soon joined her, along with a whistle of appreciation while Chloe blushed.

“You are an amazing actress, why didn’t you tell me?” Ben asked.

“I didn’t know, Master, I just did what I was told and tried to put myself in the shoes of a woman who was being forced but a bit naïve. My true slave came out because the orgasms were real, Master T was very skilled with his big cock.”

“I’m impressed, Chloe, you are not only beautiful, but a very talented actress,” James said.

“Thank you Master James.”

“I’m in shock, you were amazing, Chloe! That video made me so hot, I really want my Master to tie me up and fuck me,” Kira admitted.

“What did you think, Master?” Chloe asked.

“You were amazing, Chloe, but I was so angry the first few times I watched it. I kept watching it over and over, hoping to find some clue to where you were and also, it made me feel closer to you somehow. It gave me hope that I might find you someday,” Ben replied.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said.

“If I had known James could find you so easily, I would have hired him and gotten you back at least a week sooner.”

“Really Master?”

“Yes, I helped him find the website where this was posted and he found the location in about half an hour. The other guy I hired had to wait until the next video came out and I paid him way too much money. So, as long as James accepts, he is hired as my new computer guy and will be living here full time. The pay includes room and board, complete access to the basement dungeon among other things and I will pay him a thousand dollars a week. As a perk, I will buy him a new vehicle, because his car is a pile of garbage and about to die at any time,” Ben said.

“I – I don’t know what to say?” James stammered.

“Say yes, Master,” Kira whispered and everyone laughed.

“Yes, yes, of course yes! Thank you Ben, I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

“Just do your job as well as you did today and it will be more than worth it.”

“Thank you Master Ben,” Kira blurted out and hugged Chloe. “Oh Chloe, I can’t believe this, I get to live out this fantasy here with you to teach me, I’ll be the best slave ever.”

“Who’s hungry?” Ben asked.

“I sure am,” James replied.

“How does Johnny’s Tacos sound?”

“Sounds great, how about you Kira?” James responded.

“That’s fine, Master, whatever you decide,” Kira replied.

“She’s right James, if you’re going to be a Master, you have to make these kinds of decisions. You should allow for your slave’s preferences, for instance, Chloe doesn’t like coffee, so I don’t make her drink it, but as far as where we eat or what we eat, that’s up to us as their Masters,” Ben admonished.

“Yes Master, but I drank it one morning because that’s what you purchased for me,” Chloe piped up.

“You drank coffee, even though you don’t like it?” Kira asked.

“Yes she did, and she didn’t even complain. I didn’t find out until later that she doesn’t like coffee, so I don’t order it for her anymore,” Ben explained.

“But how did you know I like coffee?” Kira asked.

“You asked for it last night at the steakhouse with dessert,” James pointed out.

“I don’t remember that, I guess I need to stop drinking alcohol,” Kira said sadly. 

“That’s alright, I don’t really drink that much, I usually only did it to be sociable or to pick up guys, but now I don’t need to do either, so I’ll quit drinking with you, that way you won’t feel pressured to drink,” Chloe said.

“Oh Chloe, that’s so nice of you, I think you are already the best friend I’ve ever had,” Kira stated.

“Alright, I’ll order tacos,” Ben said, grabbing his phone and putting in an order. “They said they can’t deliver, they don’t have any drivers available right now, James, do you want to go pick this up?”

“Um, sure, if my car will start.”

“No, here, take my truck,” Ben said, tossing him the keys.

“Wow, thanks Ben! Kira, get dressed we’re going to get tacos,” James ordered.

“Yes Master,” Kira responded gleefully and rushed off to put on her dress. She put on her bra but left off the panties and hurried back to James’ side. They went into the garage and Ben showed James which button to push to activate the automatic garage door. James helped Kira into the truck and then climbed into the cab, firing up the engine, revving it a couple times before driving off to get the food.

“What do you think, is Kira going to be alright?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master, she will be fine. I’ll help her. Based on what she told me last night, she was ripe for the picking and Master James grabbed her up just in time. If he had waited until they went off to college she might have found some other guy or, maybe just an abusive asshole, but instead she has a kind Master and he will learn even more from you Master.”

“Very good, what shall we do while we wait for them to get the food?”

“Um, I didn’t get my usual morning protein Master.”

“True, Kira’s screaming ruined that. But why wouldn’t you want me to fuck you?”

“I’m so horny Master, but you didn’t get your morning blow job and I wouldn’t want you to miss out, I know how much you love it.”

“You are so perfect, Chloe, I still can’t believe you’re my slave,” Ben said and she quickly pulled down his shorts and started licking and sucking his dick as Ben gasped in surprise and pleasure. His cock was already nearly erect at the sight of Chloe in her corset and boots, her lovely globes standing out proudly from her chest with support from the corset and their natural firmness. Chloe felt him expand as her mouth engulfed him and she smiled inside at the effect she had on him. In just a few moments Chloe took him deep into her throat and gagged slightly for the first time, but held him in her throat, groaning, licking and sucking until he shot his load straight down her throat.

“Oh Master, you’ve gotten bigger,” Chloe gasped as she pulled off his cock after he finished. She cleaned him lovingly and put his still nearly erect organ back into his shorts. “Maybe we should measure you again, the pills seem to have another side effect,” Chloe suggested.

“Maybe another time.”

“Please Master, do you have a ruler? I’m sure I could get you back to full hardness,” Chloe grinned and Ben sighed before going to his office and getting a twelve inch ruler, his penis hardening further at the thought that it might have grown and how happy it seemed to make Chloe. Her beautiful body, enhanced by the corset, collar and boots certainly didn’t hurt.

“Here you go, measure away.”

“Oh Master, this might not be long enough,” Chloe joked as she pulled his ever hardening shaft from his shorts and pumped it in her hand, holding up the ruler next to it. It measured just over nine inches but she knew he wasn’t fully erect so she started in again with her mouth. After a minute or so she popped off of him and held up the ruler, giving a squeal of delight. “Ten inches Master, and I’m sure it’s thicker too, oh please, fuck me with your massive tool Master, please?”

“Into the bedroom, slave,” Ben ordered, grabbing the leather arm binder and the ball gag, the nipple clamps still in his pocket. Ben followed her down the hall admiring her lovely ass and thrilling at his brand on her left cheek. The tattoo, though not his idea, was surprisingly beautiful and he looked at it with appreciation on her lovely haunches.

“Stop,” Ben commanded as they entered the bedroom and he grabbed her wrists pulling them behind her and slipping the leather sleeve of the binder up her arms. He laced it tight until her elbows touched, and Chloe moaned and squirmed with anticipation. Next came the ball gag which he stuffed into her mouth and Chloe smiled around the gag, knowing he was preparing her to be fucked good, he didn’t want to hear her screams, they would be muffled by the gag. Ben attached the nipple clamps and Chloe nearly came, her knees buckling a bit as a wave of euphoria washed over her.

Finally Ben tied a rope around her wrists, then pulled them up, attaching the rope to the ring in the ceiling they had used once before, forcing Chloe into a strappado position. Ben disappeared for a moment but returned with a spreader bar which he placed between her ankles, locking them about four feet apart. Chloe was helpless and spread, it excited her so much that a trickle of her juice ran down the inside of her left thigh. Ben patted her ass affectionately and Chloe moaned with appreciation and lust, she wanted his huge cock inside of her so desperately and she rolled her hips to entice him.

Ben plunged in after dropping his shorts and Chloe nearly came. It only took a few more thrusts to push her over the edge, she had not been able to cum today because of Kira’s memory loss. Chloe’s spasms and convulsions nearly caused her to pass out, but somehow she held on to consciousness enough to enjoy three more orgasms before Ben finally succumbed to the tightness of her channel and shot his load deep within her, forcing another climax from Chloe. Ben had cum less than a half hour before when she gave him a blow job.

“Ben, Chloe, we’re back with the tacos,” James called out as he set the food on the kitchen table before wandering down the hall to see Ben still buried in Chloe. Kira followed and gasped at the sight, wishing it was her who was strapped so helplessly and taking a massive cock up her excited tunnel.

“Hi, we’ll be with you in a couple minutes,” Ben said as he pulled out and started cleaning himself off. Kira stared in disbelief before James grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the kitchen.

Ben released Chloe’s wrist rope from the ceiling and she nearly collapsed. Ben caught her and laid Chloe face down on the bed before untying the rope from her wrists and getting a wet cloth to clean her dripping crotch. When he was finished he rubbed Chloe’s shoulders and asked if she was ready for lunch. Chloe nodded and Ben removed the spreader bar, adding a fifteen inch hobble chain between her ankles, before grabbing her leash and leading Chloe down the hall into the kitchen.

“Oh my god, that’s so hot!” Kira gasped when she saw Chloe still all trussed up and taking short mincing steps as dictated by the hobble chain, making her generous mounds bounce enticingly.

“I have to agree,” James said.

“Master, will you do that to me, please?” Kira begged.

“I will have to borrow the gear, is that alright Ben?” James asked.

“Yes, room and board includes the use of the dungeon and bondage paraphernalia. Our slaves are practically twins physically, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using any of the gear you find there,” Ben answered.

“Um, how much did it cost to make the collar?”

“Don’t worry about it, you design it, I’ll have it made and placed on Kira’s lovely neck.”

“What about the genetic treatments, I mean, I’ve always been partial to red hair myself, and if she didn’t have to shave her body, that would be great.”

“Consider it done, I’ll set you up for an appointment in the near future.”

“Master, may I make a request?” Kira asked.

“Go ahead,” James agreed.

“If I’m going to have red hair like Chloe’s can I have my eye color changed to blue and my boobs enhanced a bit to match Chloe’s, then we really will look like twins. Oh, and can I have a brand too, please, and maybe that lovely tattoo as well,” Kira requested and James turned toward Ben.

“Yes, that is fine, I will take care of everything,” Ben agreed and Kira rushed over and gave him a hug.

“Thank you Master Ben, you are amazing,” Kira said and kissed him on the cheek as Chloe’s eyes smoldered.

“Calm down, Chloe, she’s just thanking me for putting up the money to take care of all these things, it’s not like she’s trying to steal me away from you,” Ben admonished.

“I’m sorry Chloe, I don’t want you to be upset with me, I’m just so thankful to be here,” Kira explained.

Chloe plopped down in her chair and Ben chained her to it as normal. Kira also sat in the chair she had occupied this morning, the chains still there and she gave a contented moan as James locked her to the chair. Ben released Chloe’s arm binder and then the ball gag, catching the drool with a napkin and Chloe stretched her arms.

“Does it hurt?” Kira asked.

“Not really, what caused the circulation issue was the strappado, with my arms high behind my back and I’m bent over, but it greatly enhances the sex,” Chloe replied.

“I’ll bet, I can’t wait for my Master to do that to me,” Kira said.

“I’m sure he will, he’s horny teenager who was lucky enough to get a beautiful girl like you to submit to him. He’s going to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow!” Chloe said.

“She’s right, slave, I plan to wear myself out on you. You are so beautiful, Kira, and I am a very horny teenager with a lot of cream built up, I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop, but I’m sure that it will be the other way around. I’ll fuck you until I can’t anymore and you’ll be begging me for more. Women are amazing creatures, being multi-orgasmic must be incredible,” James confirmed Chloe’s statement.

“It is incredible, Master James, I’ve had multiple orgasms in one go, and made my Master cum twice inside me before taking a rest,” Chloe said.

“Wow, I didn’t even know that was possible, how do you do it Ben?” James asked.

“I’ve never had it happen until Chloe, she has amazing vaginal muscles that just seem to draw every last drop out of you. I can’t explain it, I just know I’ve cum twice in her and my cock never wants to leave, but after a second shot, I’m out of swimmers and need a recharge,” Ben replied.

“How do you do that Chloe?” Kira asked.

“I just massage his big thick dick as much as I can because it feels so amazing, I never want it to leave, so I try to make it as pleasant as possible for my Master,” Chloe explained.

“Can you teach me?” Kira asked.

“Maybe, I’ll try,” Chloe said.

“We can keep talking, but I’m starved, let’s eat,” Ben said as he grabbed a taco and bit into it hungrily.

“I’m hungry too, but not for food,” Kira joked.

“After lunch, I will take you to the basement and fuck you as much as I can,” James said.

“Is that a threat or a promise, Master?” Kira asked.

“No threat, it’s a promise now eat some lunch, you’re going to need your strength,” James ordered.

“Yes Master,” Kira grinned, biting into a taco.

After lunch was finished the slaves were released to clean up and Kira asked questions which Chloe answered. Kira was obviously excited about being a slave and wanted to soak up all the advice she could get. After the cleanup was complete, the slaves went to the living room and knelt in presentation before their respective Masters. James took Kira to the basement as promised.

“Master, I am still very tired, could it still be from the injection yesterday?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, your hair is growing in nicely, I can see a couple of inches now, but the doctor said it could drain you for a day or two,” Ben replied.

“Could I take a nap, Master? As much I’d love to have your beautiful penis inside me, I just feel so tired and worn out.”

“Yes, of course you can take a nap, go into the bedroom, I’ll be there in a minute,” Ben said as he watched the football game on TV. When a time out came and they went to commercial he went into the bedroom to find Chloe fast asleep on their bed. Ben removed the nipple clamps, eliciting a small moan from Chloe, even in her sleep. He then removed everything else and locked her collar to the chain attached to the bed and covered her over. He could hear Kira’s cries of ecstasy wafting up from the basement. The soundproofing did not work if the doors were left open. Ben went to close the doors before going back to watch the game.

Chloe awoke to Ben gently nudging her awake, he had already removed the chain locked to her collar and Chloe went to relieve herself in the toilet before trudging out to the kitchen where Ben had told her to meet him. Ben chained her to her chair for dinner, but there was nothing on the table.

“What’s for dinner, Master?” Chloe asked.

“James and Kira are bringing home some pizza after going home to get some of their things to bring here.” Ben replied with a concerned look on his face.

“Is something wrong, Master?”

“Yes, they had some trouble at Kira’s house, her parents weren’t going to let her leave and kicked James out of the house. Kira’s father came out at James with a shotgun and security took it away from him.”

“Wow, Master, you had security follow them?”

“Yes, they follow us too, but they will only show themselves if we need them.”

“How would they know if we need them, Master?”

“Two ways, and I should have told you this before; I can push the special fob on my keyring, or if you hum Yankee Doodle they will know we need their help.”

“Yankee Doodle, Master?” Chloe asked with a giggle.

“Yes, but you don’t say it, you hum the tune. You wouldn’t be able to say anything if you were gagged.”

“I understand Master. That is kind of hot, everyone can hear whatever I say, just another way you can control me.”

“I never thought of it in that light, but you are correct. If you’re not with me I can listen in on your collar.”

“Oh Chloe, it was awful!” Kira exclaimed as she burst through the door and rushed over to hug Chloe, crying and sobbing on her shoulder.

“What happened?” Chloe asked, already knowing there had been trouble with Kira’s parents.

“My evil parents weren’t going to let me leave the house. Once they found out our plans they kicked my Master out of the house and my father threatened him with the shotgun until security appeared out of nowhere and took the gun away from him without anyone getting hurt. They told me to go to my room and that I was grounded for the whole summer. I couldn’t believe it! I started packing up my things and stuffing them into boxes or my suitcase, I got as much as I could, but there’s still quite a bit I didn’t get,” Kira explained between her tears and sobs.

“They weren’t going to let her leave, that’s why her father came out with the shotgun. Security explained that since she was eighteen, she was a legal adult and they couldn’t keep her there against her will. After they disarmed him, Kira’s dad looked heartbroken but didn’t try to stop us. Her mother was in hysterics and threatened to call the police until security explained that it wouldn’t do any good. They had to restrain her so she wouldn’t attack us while we carried Kira’s things out to the truck. Her mother was screaming awful things as we left,” James continued.

“She called me a whore, a slut, and a fucking cunt, my own mother!” Kira nearly shouted before breaking down into sobs again.

“I’m so sorry Kira,” Chloe said as she hugged her comfortingly.

“Thank you Chloe, you and Master Ben have been so good to me. I’ll be alright, I’m just hurting right now,” Kira said, choking back the tears as she sat down in her chair. James hugged her and wiped her tears before chaining her down. “Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for Kira?” James asked.

“Thank you for wanting me enough to keep me chained so I can’t possibly escape, even though I don’t want to,” Kira explained.

“So you’ve exchanged one prison for another,” Chloe joked, trying to lighten the mood and even Kira couldn’t keep from smiling.

“That’s true, but I want to be in this one, where I know I’m loved, wanted and desired, prized for who I am, not being forced to be someone I’m not,” Kira practically beamed.

“So true, Kira, many women don’t understand us and think we are weak, but Master T told me that was the furthest thing from the truth. He told me I was the strongest woman he knew and all those other women were weak and afraid,” Chloe said before biting into a slice of pizza.

“Thank you Chloe, you’re my best friend in the whole world right now. I told my ex best friend what I had done and she asked me if I was drunk. When I said no, she told me I needed to have my head examined,” Kira said after a drink of soda.

“You’ll never be negatively assessed for being a slave or a slut around this house; however you might be negatively assessed if you misbehave or are displeasing,” Ben grinned as he took a sip of his beer.

“Yes, and that might earn you the whipping you’ve been begging for,” James quipped as he savored a large swallow of beer.

“Thank you, Master,” Kira said.

“We’re your family now, we understand each other and we can talk about anything. Just like right now, it almost seems like a normal family dinner, only two of us are chained to our chairs because it’s what our Masters want,” Chloe said.

“Oh Chloe, you are so right, this feels more like a normal family than anything my family ever did. Except we’re a perverted family,” Kira joked and everyone laughed; even she laughed wryly at her own humor.

“You and Chloe are correct, we are a family here. Yes we have a very different view of how a relationship should be, but we look out for each, we help each other, we care for each other. That’s what constitutes a normal relationship, not trying to force the other to become something they’re not. Too many parents make that mistake and try to force their children into a mold that they weren’t meant to fit into,” Ben said.

“Thank you Master Ben, or should I call you Daddy and Chloe my Mommy?” Kira joked again and they all laughed.

“No, I don’t like that. You may call me Master Ben, or just Master,” Ben responded.

“And I’m not old enough to be your mother, I’m your sister in bondage,” Chloe interjected.

“Alright, that makes sense. But thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family, I really love it here,” Kira said gratefully. “Master, will you give me a whipping after dinner?” Kira asked, looking at James.

“I’m not sure how, I’ve never done it before. Maybe you could teach me, Ben?” James queried.

“Sure, I’ll teach you, but you’ll both need some time after dinner to digest. We can all watch the second video while our food settles a bit,” Ben suggested.

“Sounds great Ben, thanks,” James said.

“You mean there’s another video of Chloe?” Kira asked.

“Yes,” Ben replied.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to see more of your amazing acting,” Kira said.

“It wasn’t as difficult the second time because I was supposed to be a partially trained slave who had come to the realization that it was my true nature, which isn’t hard at all for a slave like me,” Chloe explained.

“So what’s in the second video?” Kira asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” Chloe teased as she finished the last of her pizza.

Soon everyone was finished eating and the men released the slaves to clean up as they went into the living room to set up the video. As they cleaned up, Chloe was impressed that Kira remembered where things went.

“Master James is very lucky to find an intelligent and beautiful slave like you,” Chloe said.

“Thank you Chloe, that means so much,” Kira said as she hugged Chloe. “Thank you too, for being my friend and mentor in this amazing journey.”

“I’m a slave too, remember, so we are sisters in bondage, I can’t help but feel close to you. First, you look a lot like me, second, you have a sharp mind, third, you are such a sweet girl, and fourth, you are now family, so I can’t help but love you, sister,” Chloe said and Kira cried as she buried her face against Chloe’s shoulder.

“Thank you Chloe, I love you too, and I love my Master, though I haven’t told him yet.”

“You’ll find the right time to tell him.”

“I’m sure I will,” Kira said as they headed into the living room, their cleanup of the kitchen was complete. They knelt in presentation in front of their respective Masters.

“Damn, I can’t get over how hot you are Kira,” James commented.

“Thank you Master.”

“Don’t you think she’s hot, Ben?”

“Yes, I would have to agree, she is smoking hot. If I didn’t already have my own hot slut, I’d want to enslave her myself,” Ben agreed.

“Thank you Master Ben,” Kira moaned.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe chimed in.

“You’re welcome, slaves,” Ben said and James started the second video of Chloe. They all watched as Chloe was put through her paces so to speak and came while being whipped. She cried out in the throes of her orgasm on video and Kira gasped and started to rub her pussy subconsciously. James stopped the video but Kira barely noticed at first.

“What are you doing, slave?” James asked.

“I’m sorry Master,” Kira said as she pulled her hand away from her pussy.

“Did I give you permission to pleasure yourself?”

“No Master.”

“Looks like your whipping will be for punishment, not pleasure. I own you slave, your body belongs to me. I say when you will receive pleasure and when you may touch yourself.”

“Yes Master, sorry Master.”

“You will be,” James said as he pushed play and the video continued. After it was finished Kira applauded again and James joined in, Ben sat stoically looking down at Chloe, so thankful she was back home where she belonged.

“Oh Chloe that was amazing, I nearly came watching that. If I wasn’t a slave and was home watching that alone in my bedroom, I would have cum at least twice while viewing the video, it felt so real,” Kira said with awe in her voice.

“The orgasms were real, I didn’t fake those at all, I never could. Now that I’m a slave, it’s like my libido has gone into hyper-drive or something, I cum so easily anymore, I’m an insatiable slut these days,” Chloe responded.

“I know what you mean, since I submitted to be a slave, my pussy is constantly wet, like it’s waiting and ready to be fucked,” Kira said.

“Not until you are punished for touching yourself,” James interjected.

“Yes Master, please punish your naughty slave, she’s been a bad girl,” Kira said with a pretend pout on her face, really hamming it up, then grinned up at him.

“I’ll wipe that smile off your face,” James said as he attached a leash to Kira’s collar and dragged her downstairs. Ben and Chloe followed so Ben could offer advice. He showed James how to use the electric winch and made sure he used the suspension cuffs so that Kira’s wrists wouldn’t be injured. When Kira was strung up and spread Ben showed James how to swing the selected whip and take a few practice swings.

“Have you cooled down or are you still angry at her?” Ben asked.

“I’m alright I think,” James said.

“Be sure of that. I made the mistake of whipping Chloe in anger one night and I have regretted it ever since. I promised her it would never happen again and being the wonderful slave that she is, she forgave me,” Ben explained and James just nodded his head.

“Are you ready, slave?” James asked.

“Yes Master,” Kira said trembling in fear, she had never felt the kiss of the whip on her skin.

“Why are you being punished?” James asked.

“Because I touched my pussy without permission, Master,” Kira replied.

“Correct! Twenty lashes is your punishment, and I want you to count each one,” James ordered as he readied his arm to strike. James' first foray with the whip landed a glancing blow to Kira’s left hip and ass cheek.

“One, Master,” Kira counted after a brief gasp and James struck again, this time bisecting both her ass cheeks nearly dead center to which Kira let out a shriek of pain and panted, trying to regain her composure.

“Two, Master,” Kira said after she composed herself and James struck immediately, hitting her buttocks just above where he had struck before, leaving another red line across her taut rear. Kira screamed in pain and started to cry, panting and sobbing.

“T – Three, Master,” Kira sobbed then quickly said, “I’m sorry Master.”

“I know you are Kira, but I have to punish you,” James said.

“Yes Master,” Kira moaned and James struck again, Kira screaming and out and crying.

“Please Master, I’m so sorry, it will never happen again, I had no idea it would hurt this much! I can’t take twenty strokes, I’ll die! Please Master, please forgive me,” Kira begged.

“You’re not going to die, it will surely hurt very much, but it won’t kill you, now count, slave,” James ordered and Kira cried some more before she finally counted.

“Four, Master,” Kira counted and James struck again with similar results but with Ben’s guidance he continued, forcing Kira to count and giving her the whipping he had promised. By the tenth stroke, Kira hung by her wrists, no longer trying to stand, her backside now red with small welts appearing on her smooth alabaster skin. She moaned or groaned and sometimes sobbed as each blow struck, but no longer screamed, counting more quickly after each stroke.

“You stopped, screaming, are you adjusting to the pain?” James asked.

“No Master, it still hurts just as much or worse, but screaming doesn’t make the pain any less,” Kira groaned in reply.

“Is your pussy wet?” James inquired and Kira hadn’t even thought about it, she had just been trying to cope with the pain.

“I don’t know, Master.”

“Let’s check and see. Holy shit Kira, you’re soaked down here,” James exclaimed as he stuck two fingers into her dripping slit pulling them out and licking, tasting her sweetness before stuffing his fingers between her other lips. “Suck them clean, slave,” James ordered and Kira obeyed, moaning in response. Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t believe how much this was arousing her, and tasting her own nectar, which she had never done before, only increased her burgeoning need. She wondered why this excited her so much, it sure hurt like hell, but her dripping sex left no doubt that she loved this on some level.

Using a different whip with less intensity, James walked around in front of Kira and took a stance to whip her tits.

“Please Master, no, not my breasts, please!” Kira begged.

“This whip is less intense than the one on your ass,” James said and struck her on the top of her lovely globes and a pink line appeared where he had struck. Kira realized that though this whip was less punishing, it still hurt when applied to such a sensitive area.

“Eleven, Master,” Kira counted and huffed and puffed with pain but her arousal was starting to nag at her, somewhere in the dark corner of her mind. James struck again on the bottom of her tits and Kira again struggled to retain control.

“Twelve, Master,” Kira counted realizing this was spiking her arousal, in spite of the pain. James struck again, his aim improving with each stroke and he caught her directly on her already hard nipples and Kira moaned.

“Thirteen, please whip my nipples again, Master,” Kira pleaded. James obliged and struck again as Kira looked shocked.

“Oooohhhh, Aaaahhh, fourteen Master, again please,” Kira requested her mind and body starting to blend the pain and arousal together into a fiendish blend. James struck her nipples again and Kira gasped and bucked her hips before counting.

“Fifteen, Master, please whip my naughty clit,” Kira begged. James adjusted his stance and took aim, missing her clit and hitting her labia, still sending a jolt to her clit.

“Sixteen, Master, please whip this unholy desire from me,” Kira moaned while James modified his previous stroke and landed directly on her clit sending Kira into hysterics, her hips bucking her body thrashing attempting to capitulate the orgasm that was so near the surface.

“Seventeen, Master, fuck – oh god, please make me cum,” Kira beseeched him and James struck again, with a stronger blow, landing directly on her now unhooded clit and Kira erupted in a mind blowing, earth shattering climax, her body shaking uncontrollably, the chains rattling, her pussy clenching and squeezing as if James’ cock was buried deep within her. It took her a couple of minutes to recover enough to realize she hadn’t counted and had two more coming.

“Eighteen, Master,” Kira spoke barely above a whisper, her throat raw from her screaming and crying out during her orgasm.

“I think you’ve had enough, slave,” James said as he tossed the whip toward the cabinet and stroked her hair, kissing her on the forehead before he began by releasing her ankles from the cuffs and helping her stand.

“But Master, that was only eighteen and you said twenty,” Kira protested weakly, nearly unable to stand on her own two feet.

“I know, slave, but have you learned your lesson?” James asked.

“Yes Master, my body is yours to control, I may not touch myself without permission.”

“Very good, slave, see you learned your lesson, we don’t need to finish.”

“I learned something else too, Master.”

“What is that, slave?”

“I – I must be a pain slut to be able to cum like that from a whipping, Master.”

“Yes,” James chuckled, “you must be a pain slut, now we know.”

“Thank you for punishing me Master,” Kira said, leaning into James as he released her wrists and she melted into his arms. Chloe went to the cabinet and retrieved the soothing lotion that Ben used when he whipped her, handing it to James who looked confused.

“What’s this for?” James asked.

“Rub it into everywhere you’ve hit her, it will ease her pain and help her heal,” Ben instructed.

“And she’ll probably beg you to fuck her when you’re done,” Chloe giggled.

James carried Kira into the cell and laid her on the bed face down and began rubbing the cream into her sore ass cheeks. Chloe looked up at Ben with need in her eyes and he smiled down at her.

“Let’s go to bed, slave, it looks like the kids have it under control now,” Ben said as he grabbed Chloe and threw her over his shoulder, eliciting a squeal of delight from Chloe as he carried up to their bedroom. Ben deposited her on the bed and quickly grabbed her left ankle, securing it to the bed with a leather cuff that was attached to the corner.

“Ooo, Master, are you trying to seduce your slave?” Chloe said with a salacious grin as Ben wrapped the leather cuff around her right ankle.

“I’m just tying her down so she can’t get away.”

“I’m naked, I’m permanently collared, I’m branded, but most of all I’m hopelessly in love with you, why would I want to get away?”

“I know, but I love tying you up and you love being bound, so just lay back and enjoy it. It makes it easier to fuck the stuffing out of you.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said, laying back and allowing him to bind her wrists in the same manner to the top of the bed, leaving her spread eagle on her back, completely helpless to his attacks.

“Sometimes I wish you’d fight me,” Ben admitted.

“You should have told me, Master.”

“But then it wouldn’t be as much fun.”

“But if you don’t tell me Master, I could be whipped for insolence.”

“That’s true, if I needed you to be still so I could bind you properly then I would surely punish you. I guess we will have to work out something where I clue you in that I want you to fight me, maybe a word I might not normally use.”

“Alright Master, whatever you say.”

“No, I mean, like a safe word.”

“I don’t have one, Master.”

“Oh my god, I’ve never given you one, I’m sorry Chloe.”

“I don’t need one, Master. We haven’t had one since the beginning and I trust you completely, I don’t believe you could ever go too far Master. Besides, I am a slave, I must take whatever my Master decides, I prefer it this way. A true slave could never refuse her Master anything, and that is what I most desire to be. I want to please you in whatever way you wish, Master, your pleasure is my pleasure, I am happiest when you are pleased with me.”

“God Chloe, you are incredible. Still, if you ever need me to stop, just hum a tune, anything other than Yankee Doodle, because you know that will alert security.”

“Thank you Master, but I will never use it.”

“How can you say that Chloe, what if I lose it and go too far some night?”

“You won’t Master.”

“How do you know that?”

“You promised me you would never strike me in anger again, and I believe you. Even when you did, I came twice.”

“Chloe, I’m serious.”

“I know you are, Master, but I’m sure I will never need it. There are many levels of submissives, and I am on the deepest level. I need you, Master, I need your control, your direction. I always had a hard time making decisions in my life because I wanted to please others, especially men. I would rather be in excruciating pain for you than be displeasing. The easiest decision I ever made in my life was submitting to you, Master.”

“Chloe, you are the most amazing slave a man could ever want,” Ben said as he slid his cock into her surprisingly soaked pussy. “How are you this wet?”

“Just talking about being a slave and a submissive gets me so wet, Master, please use your slave to your heart’s content,” Chloe said as Ben pistoned into her causing her to moan and cry out, her orgasm so near the surface after their conversation. Chloe came after only a few thrusts while Ben wasn’t nearly as close and Chloe came twice more before Ben finally shot his load deep into her spasming channel setting off another round of fireworks for Chloe who was now exhausted and fell asleep before Ben pulled his softening member from her oozing tunnel.

 Ben realized that the serum was still having its effect on Chloe and released her from the cuffs, locked her collar to the chain and went into the bathroom to clean his cum coated cock. He returned with a wet cloth and cleaned Chloe as she moaned in her sleep but did not open her eyes or show any signs of wakefulness. He covered her over and went to check on James and Kira. They were just coming up from the basement and he could hear Kira’s lust filled voice as she cooed at her Master. They appeared at the top of the stairs, Kira being carried by James, her head resting against his shoulder.

“Is everything alright?” Ben asked.

“Yes, you were right, she begged me to fuck her after I rubbed in the cream. She came so hard it wore her out, she couldn’t even walk,” James replied with a smile a mile wide.

“Did you turn off the lights?”

“Sure did.”

“Great, have a good night,” Ben said as he plodded off to his bedroom.

“Goodnight Master Ben, and thank you again for everything,” Kira said softly.

“You’re welcome Kira,” Ben said and went into his room, slipping into bed behind Chloe and spooning as always, his erection returning. Chloe snuggled into him when he held her large breasts in his big hands but didn’t awaken. Ben laid there, terribly aroused but unable to do anything about it, his slave was exhausted and needed rest, he could wait until morning. Ben laid there for at least an hour. He was so excited by the pressing of their bodies together, and Chloe’s sexiness, submissiveness and her intelligence made her the most beautiful woman he had ever met, much less her submitting to be his slave. His thoughts drifted to many of their forays together, her submission to be his slave, her incredible ability to pleasure him with both her mouth and her vagina. He finally drifted off with his erection threatening to worm its way between her thighs.


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