by MasterKGray

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f+; bond; slave; sex; oral; gag; toys; clamps; collar; bodymod; cons; XX

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17. New collar, new hair, and a new slave

Chloe awoke to the sound of the shower running and realized that Ben must have awakened before she did. She waited patiently in bed because she could do nothing else, she was still chained to it by her collar. Ben came out of the shower, drying his hair with a towel, his usually erect member was flaccid.

“Good morning Master,” Chloe said cheerfully but Ben barely grunted in response. “Something wrong Master?” Chloe asked as Ben slipped into a pair of boxer shorts before coming over and sitting on the bed near Chloe.

“I messed up last night, I’m so sorry Chloe.”

“What do you mean, Master?”

“I’m still learning to be a Master, I didn’t study this like you did, I read stories and absorbed a lot, but I never really studied it to learn. A Dom should never hit his sub in anger, and I did that last night. I am so sorry, babe, you are so special and I ruined it.”

“No, you didn’t ruin it Master, I told you to, I offered my body for your use, no matter the situation, I thought I helped you.”

“In a way, but it was so wrong and ugly. I’m so sorry Chloe, if you want to leave me I’ll understand.”

“No Master, No! That is the furthest thing from my mind, I never want to leave you, I want to be your slave forever.”

“Alright, then please forgive me, I’ve made a huge mistake that I promise I will never make again. I promise I will never hit you in anger again, and I will get therapy or something to get my mother out of my head.”

“I forgive you Master. And maybe I can help you talk about your mother, Master, I did minor in psychology at college, I’m not a professional, but I might be able to help. Plus talking about it helps, I’m not going anywhere, Master, you have a captive audience, literally,” Chloe giggled at her own joke.

“Oh god Chloe, how in the world did you ever get to be so wonderful. It’s no surprise that I love you,” Ben said wrapping his arms around Chloe in a huge hug that nearly forced all the air out of her lungs.

“Um, Master, I can’t breathe,” Chloe croaked out and Ben eased up on the hug. “And I really need to pee, Master.”

Chloe woke on Saturday excited for the coming day. During her week back home she had eaten ice cream every night after dinner, her and Ben had gotten reacquainted as Master and slave, of course, fucking like rabbits and enjoying each other very much. Ben had added more stringent bondage, including an arm binder and a larger gag, also forcing her to wear a butt plug and sometimes adding nipples clamps. All of this just turned Chloe into a horny mess and she couldn’t wait for Ben to fuck her to release. On Thursday she had cum an exhausting thirty seven times. Due to her fatigue, Ben had declared Friday a day of rest so she would be well rested and ready for Saturday.

Chloe woke before Ben and was now giving him one of her incredible blow jobs as Ben finally stirred, his cock fully erect in her mouth. Ben grinned down at her and was so thankful he had found her and she was back with him, waking so wonderfully.

“Good morning, slave,” Ben said smiling down at Chloe as she started to say good morning around his cock. “No, don’t talk with your mouth full, just finish saying good morning like you always do,” Ben admonished and Chloe took him deep into her throat all the way to the hilt, her lips sealed around the base of his cock, sucking and licking the tip of her tongue sometimes touching his balls. Chloe growled and hummed in her throat until Ben shot his load straight down into her stomach, before she pulled back and caught the last few spurts in her mouth, showing them to Ben before swallowing, just like a good slave should. After cleaning his shaft she finally spoke.

“Good morning Master,” Chloe smiled happily.

“Good morning, Chloe, you are just incredible. Now get up here and ride me until you orgasm,” Ben ordered and Chloe quickly obeyed, thrilled to be able to assuage her needs. She dropped onto his thick pole with enthusiasm and soon was crying out her passion as the waves of bliss overtook her.

“Ooo, Master, you seem a little bigger and thicker today, or maybe my pussy shrunk a little.”

“Your pussy didn’t shrink, I’ve been taking some natural supplements that seem to be working. I haven’t measured, but I can fuck you longer and stronger than before, I don’t think you noticed on Thursday, you seemed to be cumming almost continuously, I’m sure these pills I’m taking are working.”

“They most definitely are working, Master, thank you for making yourself even more desirable to your slave.”

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it for myself, I wanted to have longer staying power and be able to fuck you more for my pleasure.”

“It had the side benefit of making your slave want to fuck you more, Master.”

“I didn’t think that was even possible, you were already insatiable.”

“Yes Master, I’m just a horny slave girl who wants to get fucked by her Master as much or more than he desires.”

“Alright my horny little slut, let’s go get a shower and get ready for our busy day.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said enthusiastically as Ben unlocked her collar from the chain connected to the bed. Chloe rushed into the bathroom and plopped onto the toilet, relieving herself, washing her hands and turning on the shower before climbing in. Ben followed her and urinated after she was finished, then slipped into the shower with her as Chloe soaped her body. Ben began washing himself in the large shower and after Chloe rinsed herself, she looked at Ben but he shook his head to indicate that she should continue to cleanse herself, they didn’t have time for sexual play. Chloe finished and got out of the shower, drying off and walking into the bedroom, there were no instruction notes so Chloe knelt in presentation to wait for Ben.

Ben came out of the shower drying himself with a towel. He didn’t notice Chloe kneeling there as he dried his hair, until he almost tripped over her.

“Chloe, why aren’t you getting ready?”

“You didn’t leave me any instructions, Master.”

“First, while you were away, I doubled everything you had downstairs, and it’s now here on this side of the closet. Second, I laid out your clothes last night, you’ll find the note on the makeup mirror I had installed in there, now scoot.”

“Sorry Master, I didn’t know.”

“I know, I hadn’t told you yet, we’ve been so busy draining my balls that it slipped my mind,” Ben joked and Chloe grinned in that sexy way and hurried off to do her Master’s bidding. Sure enough, there was a full-sized makeup mirror and table with all of her accessories. Chloe squealed with delight, she could now dress right out of the shower.

Chloe plucked the note off the corner of the mirror and went to get dressed. First was the bra, it wasn’t so much a bra as it was a leather harness to lift and cradle her tits. There were small shelves under her breasts and somewhat normal bra straps, but nothing covered her nipples or the rest of her lovely globes for that matter. Chloe slipped it on and it did wondrous things for her cleavage. The black silk blouse covered most of her tits but the deep V-neck left no doubt about the treasures semi-hidden beneath, her nipples poking obscenely against the soft material. The dark red skirt was so short that it barely covered her ass cheeks, and without underwear, Chloe would have to be careful, otherwise she would be showing off her most private areas to the world. The black seven inch sandals completed the outfit and Chloe dressed quickly.

She returned to the makeup mirror and brushed out her hair. It had returned to its natural color, and of course, it was still somewhat thin and mousy looking. Chloe had never liked her hair, but did the best she could with it. She styled it with the blow dryer, which helped. Chloe put on her makeup, finding a lipstick that matched her dark red skirt and applying it. Ben walked in as she was putting on the finishing touches.

“Ready, slave?”

“Yes Master. May I make a request, if it’s not too late?”


“When they change my hair color, can they make my hair thicker too? My hair is somewhat thin and fine and I’d like it more if it were full and thick and beautiful.”

“Already done, your hair will not only be a naturally dark red but it will also be full and thick.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Again, not for your benefit, slave, I like full thick hair, and it’s easier to grab and pull.”

“Unnhh, Master, I love it when you pull my hair, I feel so controlled.”

“Is there anything I do to you that you don’t like?”

“I can’t think of anything, Master, it’s like we were destined to be together.”

“I was never a big believer in destiny, but maybe you are right, we seem to be perfect for each other. Now let’s get going,” Ben said and took Chloe’s hand, pulling her off the chair and into his arms, kissing her passionately.

“Oh Master, you’ve smeared my lipstick and you’ve got it all over you,” Chloe giggled as she grabbed a towelette and wiped the lipstick off Ben’s face before addressing her own and reapplying the lipstick, she looked stunning. Chloe threw some things into her purse and turned toward Ben. He grinned and clipped a leash to her collar. On the way out he picked up the small duffle bag he had left on the bed and headed for the garage, Chloe in tow.

“What’s in the bag, Master?”

“Your restraints, I need to tie you down when we do the collar, remember?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said, climbing into the truck and buckling her seat belt, making sure the chain from her leash fell between her big breasts and landed between her legs, rubbing her clit. Ben drove to a bakery and got out, leaving Chloe in the truck. He returned a few minutes later with two cups and a bag. He clambered up into the truck and gave Chloe one of the cups. Chloe sipped it to taste and found it was green tea with honey and lime, just the way she liked it.

“Thank you Master, it’s delicious.”

“You’re welcome, slave, I have to find these little ways to reward you for being such a good slave.”

“You could just tell me I’m a good girl, Master, plus the myriad of orgasms I’m allowed to have are thanks enough.”

“I’ve heard that women like to be told they’re a ‘good girl’, but I always felt it was demeaning. I mean, you’re not a girl, you’re a full grown woman, and a very sexy one at that. No one would think you were a girl with those massive mammaries you’re sporting.”

“No, I suppose not, Master, but T told me I was a good girl and it sent a wave of pleasure through me every time. It didn’t feel demeaning at all, it made me feel like I was a good slave, and that makes me happy.”

“Alright, I’ll give it a try, but maybe instead of saying ‘good girl’, I’ll say ‘good slave.’”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as she bit into one of the pastries Ben had selected. It was indeed quite tasty and Chloe ate and smiled at Ben as she chewed. They finished eating, Chloe still sipping her tea as Ben fired up the truck and headed to the tattoo place. They arrived just a few minutes before opening and waited in the truck. At five minutes past ten, Ben was getting impatient and started tapping his fingers on the dash. Chloe finished her tea and sat quietly, knowing her Master was getting frustrated and possibly angry at the lateness of the owners. Ben texted the owner on his cell phone, with no response.

 Finally at nearly twenty minutes past ten, Tim, one of the owners came flying into the parking lot in his mid-size truck and screeched to a halt in front of the shop. He jumped out and ran to the door to unlock the shop and let Ben and Chloe in.

“I’m so sorry, I just had a fight with my co-owner and now I either have to buy him out or close down. I don’t know where I’m going to come up with that kind of money,” Tim said. “Come on in the back and we’ll get started. I was really counting on his help this morning, but after I caught him fucking my slave, I broke off our partnership,” He said as he started preparing the room and Ben strapped Chloe down to the table, ready to get to work.

“Did you say you have a slave?” Ben asked with a grin.

“Oh, oops, yea, I do. After seeing and helping the two of you, I decided that’s what I wanted and I found me a slave through an online BDSM dating site. We met and really hit it off, I mean, she loves bald guys and older men, she’s only twenty and I’m just over forty. Anyway, she begged for my collar and wears it proudly. I thought things were going great, until I find out this morning she’s been fucking my co-owner. He told her I said it was alright, so she thought she was doing it to please me. But I never even discussed her with him. I knew he was making eyes at her, but she was mine and I wasn’t about to share.”

“How did you find out?”

“She told me this morning. He fucked her up the ass last night while I was doing a late job on a regular customer who’s had a lot of work done and tips me very well, so I agreed to stay late and finish up his newest art. While I was here working hard, my former partner was at my house, fucking my slave up the ass and it hurt her. He rushed it instead of easing in until she had accommodated him, so he actually made her bleed a little. She told me about it this morning in the shower when I saw a little blood in the water. I thought she was cheating on me and got extremely angry at her, until she told me he had said I agreed to let him use her. I called him up and told him I was coming to his place to set him straight. At first he wouldn’t let me in because he was afraid I might tear him apart, and as angry as I was, I might have. Anyway, we are no longer partners, and he says I owe him three hundred and fifty thousand for his half of the business.”

“That sounds steep, I doubt this place is worth that much.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, if he’s saying half of the business is that much, then that means this place is worth seven hundred thousand. I bet you take in about half that in a year.”

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

“Then, he’s basically trying to make you pay for the full amount, when you really only owe him about one hundred and seventy five thousand.”

“OK, but how do I prove that?”

“Simple, I’ll get my lawyers on it and we can prove what the business is truly worth.”

“But I can’t afford to pay for lawyers.”

“Who said anything about paying for them, I’ll take care of that.”

“But I can’t come up with that kind of money either. I might be able to scrape together about half that.”

“Tell you what, I’ll come up with the money and be your co-owner. You run the business, hire a new artist if you need to, and I’ll take care of the accounting,” Ben offered.

“You’d do that for me? Why?”

“Let’s just say that you’ve been more than discreet with our special needs, so I know I can trust you. Do we have a deal?”

“You just bought half this shop, Ben. Thank you!” Tim exclaimed and shook hands with Ben. “Well, let’s get to work, I’m not sure how to get this collar off of her.”

“I’m sure I don’t know,” Ben said.

“Um Master, I have an idea,” Chloe interjected.

“I’m all ears,” Tim said.

“Go ahead, tell him your idea,” Ben acquiesced.

“What is the one thing in this world that gets bigger as it gets colder?” Chloe asked and both men looked at her dumbfounded. “It’s water! When you freeze it, it turns to ice which expands. It actually breaks rocks when the water gets down into the cracks and then freezes.

“Holy shit, she’s right, but it will probably take a while! We need dry ice, where the hell am I gonna get dry ice?” Tim asked.

“I’ll get some, you get her ready,” Ben said and called on his cell phone to one of the security team, telling them he needed dry ice delivered to the shop. Tim placed a thin piece of insulation between Chloe’s neck and the collar, along with waterproof tape around the only visible seam. Soon one of the security team arrived with a bin of dry ice and brought it into the shop. Ben took it and brought it to the room.

“Perfect,” Tim said as he put on a pair of winter gloves and grabbed a piece out of the container, closing the lid. He squirted a small bit of water into the seam and then applied the dry ice, causing the water to freeze in the seam. “This may get pretty cold, let me know if it’s getting too cold,” Tim said to Chloe. He continued to work for about an hour and suddenly shouted, “Yes! It’s working!” Chloe was beginning to shiver from the cold. “Are you cold, Chloe?” Tim asked.

“Yes Master.”

“You don’t have to call me Master, Chloe,” Tim said.

“You are a slave owner, Master, and I am a slave, so I must call you Master.”

“You are one incredible woman.”

“Thank you Master.”

Tim grabbed a blanket and covered Chloe with it. It took a few minutes, but Chloe finally stopped shivering as Tim continued his work. He went to the basement and brought up a small machine. He hooked it up and put the two fingers of the machine into the small space made by the ice. He started up the machine and it made a lot of noise but actually moved the collar further apart before it started making awful noises and smoking. Tim turned it off and looked at Ben.

“I think we need to take her to the basement and finish this.”

“Alright,” Ben said and released Chloe from the table, leading her down into the basement, the blanket and restraints left behind.

Tim bent Chloe over a much larger version of the machine he used to spread the collar upstairs and placed the fingers of this machine into the even wider space left by the ice and smaller machine. He turned it on and after only a minute or so, the collar cracked in half and fell away onto the floor.

“Wow, why did it do that?” Ben asked.

“Because it was made of carbide tungsten steel, it is very hard, but very brittle and we bent it enough to crack it, then it broke,” Tim explained.

“What is the new one I ordered made of?”

“It’s made of titanium, it wouldn’t do that, we would have to bend it open far enough to get her neck through the opening. I’m not sure if that’s even possible.”

“Excellent, is it ready?”

“Yes, it’s right here,” Tim said holding it up and Chloe gasped and then blushed with arousal. The titanium was coal black and shiny, three inches tall and at least three eighths of an inch thick. Engraved into the front in flowing silver script; slave chloe, and in smaller block letters below; Property of Ben Davidson. Once it was locked about her neck there could be no mistaking her status as a slave.

“Oh Master’s it so beautiful, may I cum?”

“No slave, not until it’s permanently locked around your lovely throat.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe bowed her head as she squirmed with need, pressing her thighs together to prevent an orgasm from rippling through her body.

“Strip, slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe immediately complied, removing all but the locked on heels. She walked toward the bench where Tim indicated and placed her neck in the open collar. It had no hinge or seam other than the one she slipped her neck through. Tim began turning the handle on the huge vise bolted to the table, forcing the metal edges of the collar closer together. He pulled Chloe’s hair down over her head to keep it out of the way as he cranked the handle on the vise, constantly checking to make sure it was aligning properly and not catching any of her hair. He stopped after a few minutes, to catch his breath.

“Is it that difficult?” Ben asked.

“You give it a few cranks and tell me what you think,” Tim suggested and Ben turned the handle on the vise slowly, putting a great deal of effort into making the ends of the collar meet.

“OK, you win, this metal is extremely strong.”

“You bet it is, it will be nearly impossible to remove,” Tim said and Chloe gasped again, trying not to orgasm.

“I’m going to let you finish your work,” Ben chided Tim as he stepped away from the vise and allowed Tim to start turning it again. At this point it was nearly closed and Tim placed an insulated sleeve over the ends and another between Chloe’s neck and the collar.

“This is going to get warm, Chloe. If it gets too hot, let me know and I will apply some ice to it,” Tim warned and then cranked the vise again. As the two ends came together there was a popping sound and the collar did get warm, but not too much for Chloe to handle.

“Ooohhhh, unnnnggghhh,” Chloe moaned as her orgasm hit her. “Oh Master, please fuck your slave,” Chloe pleaded and Ben obliged, stepping up behind her, dropping his pants and stuffing his rampant cock into her wanton pussy. Chloe screamed and cried out in her orgasm and Ben plowed her furrow as Chloe seemed to orgasm again. By the time Ben shot his load into her, Chloe had cum four times, not counting the one she had when the collar fully locked about her throat. Chloe’s neck was still held by the collar and the vise so she could not clean Ben who had softened and pulled out of her. He cleaned himself using water from a sink near the bench and paper towels. Ben cleaned Chloe before releasing her from the vise.

“Oh Master, I am your slave forever. You have placed this beautiful collar on my neck to show the world that I am your slave. Thank you Master,” Chloe gushed as she knelt in presentation.

“You’re welcome, and thank you for submitting to be my slave.”

“It’s my pleasure, Master.”

“We’d better get going, slave, we have to grab some lunch on the way to our next appointment, get dressed.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said, putting her clothes back on.

“Tim, how much do I owe you for the collar and the extra work of removing the other one?”

“Today is on me, as long as you can get me free from my ex-partner in this business.”

“Come on now, Tim, I will pay you for your services today in full, I’m just working to become part owner, not to receive free services, we can’t make any money that way.”

“Alright, if you were a regular client I would charge three thousand for the collar, it was rather expensive to get the materials and make, and another thousand for the removal of the old one, though Chloe helped a great deal with her brilliant idea,” Tim said. Ben reached into the duffel bag and pulled out and counted out five thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills, then handed them to Tim.

“So this should make us even,” Ben said.

“Ben, this is a thousand dollars more than I asked for!”

“I know, consider it a tip. You have my number, get me in touch with your accountant and we will work this out, we won’t need him after I acquire my half, that’s what I worked as before my windfall.”

“Ben, you are a lifesaver, thanks so much, I feel so guilty taking this money from you.”

“Don’t, I am not a co-owner just yet, I’m paying for services rendered, and they have exceeded my expectations, thus the bonus.”

“Thanks again, Ben, I look forward to seeing you again, perhaps some artwork on our lovely canvas here,” Tim joked as Ben clipped the leash to the ring on Chloe’s new collar and led her out of the shop. They got in the truck and the time on the clock said one fifteen.

“Don’t have time to stop and eat, looks like drive-thru,” Ben said as he fired up the engine and roared down the street to the McDonalds. Chloe made a face as they pulled up to order. “What do you want?”

“I’m sorry Master, I don’t usually eat from here, oh, could I have the four piece chicken tenders and a large sweet tea?”

“Of course,” Ben said and ordered at the box then drove to the pay window, then collected the food, handing it to Chloe who checked the order and then pulled out their food.

They ate as Ben drove to the genetics place. He drove into a parking lot with a very dilapidated looking building where the windows were boarded up and the front door had a large metal hasp with a big padlock through it, locking the door.

“Um, Master, are we in the right place, it looks – closed.”

“Yes, we have to go around back.” Ben chuckled softly and drank some of his Coke after finishing his burger. Chloe drank a few more swallows of her tea and they climbed out of the truck and walked around to the back of the building. There was a set of concrete steps that led down to a basement door under the building and Ben led Chloe down the steps and through the quite new looking door. Inside the walls and floor were bright and clean, almost like a hospital, Chloe thought. Ben led her into the reception area and the nurse greeted them.

“Hello and welcome to Creative Genetics, you must be Master Ben and slave Chloe,” said the nurse wearing a latex nurse’s outfit that left little to the imagination.

“That’s correct, I had heard you are very efficient here, obviously that’s true,” Ben acknowledged her.

“Thank you Master Ben, I am slave Lila and I’ll be sure Dr. Hincks knows that you are here,” Lila said as she sashayed out the door in her at least eight or nine inch heels. The pretty brunette’s hips were well rounded, as were her sizable breasts. Lila returned and led them down the hall to room number two. “The Doctor will be with you shortly,” she said as she closed the door behind her.

“It’s almost like a hospital, Master,” Chloe noted.

“Yes, they have to be, they are giving all sorts of treatments here. They can do the genetic modifications like we have discussed, but they also do tubal ligation, vasectomies and plastic surgery as well.”

“So if I still had my ovaries you could get my tubes tied so I couldn’t get pregnant, right Master?”

“Yes, for those who don’t want to use the genetic methods.”

“How would that work, Master?”

“Actually, I don’t know, but it is advertised in their online catalog.”

“Interesting, Master,” Chloe said as Dr. Hincks walked in.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Hincks and you must be Ben and Chloe, so nice to see you,” Dr. Hincks said.

“Thank you Doctor,” Ben acknowledged and greeted him.

“So, you’re here to genetically alter your beautiful slave.”

“Yes Doctor.”

“It says here you want her to have alopecia below her eyes and you want her hair to be a deep shade of red and thicker – ,” Dr. Hincks said.

“Yes, that’s right Doctor,” Ben said, cutting him off before he could finish. Ben had also added thicker eyelashes, and the longevity serum to the list but wanted it to be a surprise for Chloe.

“Alright, I’ll inject her with the serum we’ve prepared. She should remove her clothing because the hair will start falling out pretty quickly, unless you have a change of clothes for her. The hair on her head will grow in at about six times its normal rate to facilitate a quick change of color. She should have a new full head of hair at least to her shoulders within a week. It will slow down to normal by the end of two weeks.”

“Thanks Doctor, slave, undress and leave your clothes on the chair,” Ben ordered and Chloe complied, sitting up on the examination table.

“I must say, Ben, she is quite the beautiful woman, no wonder you said you didn’t need to make any other physical changes, she is a perfect ten,” the Doctor praised and Chloe glowed with pleasure under his frank appraisal of her naked body.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe breathed out softly.

“You are welcome, pretty slave, I see many women come through here, but you are by far the most beautiful I have ever seen,” Dr. Hincks said as he prepared the injection. “This will hurt just a little and could make you feel tired and lethargic for a day or so,” he instructed as he brought the needle close to Chloe who was freaking out.

“Master, I am very afraid of needles, they terrify me,” Chloe squeaked out in fear.

“Alright, here’s what we’re going to do, Ben come here a minute. Now I want you to grab onto your Master, hug him and look into his eyes, remember how much you love him and do this for him,” Dr. Hincks said and jabbed the needle into her arm while he was talking and Chloe was obediently looking at her Master and remembering how much she loved him. The pain in her arm was minimal and before she realized, it was done.

“Did he do it yet, Master?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, it is all done. How long before I send her to the shower, Doc?” Ben asked.

“Give it about an hour. The shower is at the end of the hall to the left, she can rest here on the table until then,” Dr. Hincks replied and left the room.

“Oh, Master, I – I feel weird.”

“That’s normal, just lie back on the table and go to sleep, I’ll wake you up when it’s time to shower,” Ben said and Chloe lay down on the padded table and went to sleep within five minutes. It still amazed Ben that she could do that under his command, but he was happy that it worked and she would be able to rest while the serum started its work.

Ben woke Chloe after an hour and escorted her down to the shower. Chloe started to protest because she was naked but went along without seeing anyone other than Ben. She went into the large shower and turned on the water. She noticed as she rinsed her body under the warm water that there were many hairs going down the drain. She put on the shower cap, tucking the hair on her head inside and washing with the body wash and mitts provided. After she finished there were still hairs going down the drain so Chloe washed again. This time there weren’t many hairs and it seemed the water was free of them by the time she was done rinsing off the soap for the second time.

“Master, there’s no towels in here, now what?”

“I know, I have one out here,” Ben chuckled and Chloe opened the shower door and took the towel Ben was holding for her. She dried her body and pulled off the shower cap, letting her hair fall down over her shoulders again. Chloe tried to wrap the towel around her body to cover her nakedness. “No slave, the towel needs to go here,” Ben ordered, pointing to a bin that simply said ‘laundry’ on the side. Chloe tossed the towel into the bin and walked along behind Ben as they went back to room two.

“Oh Master, I’m so smooth, and I don’t ever have to shave again,” Chloe said excitedly, before kneeling in presentation to be as sexy as possible for her Master.

“Stand,” Ben ordered and walked around Chloe as she stood straight, her tits thrust up, her legs shoulder width apart and her hands clasped behind her neck. Ben ran a hand down her leg gently, feeling the smooth skin. “Yes, very smooth, and that smooth pussy is just begging to be fucked, isn’t it?”

“Yes Master,” Chloe moaned and Ben grabbed her from behind, pushing her face down onto the padded table, pulling down his pants and slamming into her depths. “Oh yes Master, fuck me, fuck me hard!” Chloe pleaded as Ben thrust into her. It didn’t take long for Chloe to reach her climax and Ben soon followed, forcing another orgasm from Chloe just as Dr. Hincks walked in. The Doctor turned around and walked back out, closing the door quietly. He came back a few minutes later after Ben had redressed and Chloe was sitting naked on the table.

“Hello, how are we doing in here? How do you feel Chloe?” Dr. Hincks asked.

“I am very smooth Master, and though I feel pretty well, I’m quite tired again.”

“That is to be expected,” Dr. Hincks said as he examined her thoroughly, feeling up and down her body, legs, arms, back, stomach, breasts and even her vaginal area, rubbing to see if he could feel any hair. “Looks like the serum took quite well, you seem to be completely denuded, you’ll never have to shave again, you will stay like this for the rest of your life. And your hair will start to show the red roots in another hour or so, if it doesn’t show by tomorrow, we may need a booster shot. Looks like you’re good to go, Chloe.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Ben said. “My slave’s best friend was supposed to be here to have some work done, may we go see them? Master Don and slave Nadia.”

“Yes, they are in room four, down the hall to your right. We did her breasts and the same denuding on her. That girl is quite the pain slut, she’s cum several times from the pain in her tits. The pain is starting to subside now, go on in and see her, I think they look great, if a little swollen,” Dr. Hincks responded. Chloe got dressed, fixed her makeup and brushed out her hair, noticing the first hint of the red roots starting to come in already. Ben attached her leash and led her down the hall to the door with the four on it, opening and going inside.

“Nadia!” Chloe exclaimed as she saw Nadia sitting there, naked, bound and gagged her face quite flush. Nadia looked up and tried to smile around the gag. Chloe rushed to her and hugged her tightly, pressing on her still tender tits, causing Nadia to moan in pain and arousal.

“I can remove her gag now, she seems to be doing better,” Don suggested.

“Thank you Master Don, how have you been?” Chloe asked.

“We’ve been doing well, bought a little house together and we’ve been working on equipping our dungeon, trying to keep my pain slut happy,” Don replied with a grin as he removed Nadia’s ball gag and then released her cuffs that held her arms behind her.

“Chloe, it’s so great to see you again, we thought you might disappear forever, until Master Ben told us he’d found you,” Nadia exclaimed as she hugged Chloe, moaning in equal amounts of pain and pleasure as the hugging mashed her sore breasts. “I’m so glad he got you back, now we will be able to see each other from time to time, as long as our Masters allow it.”

“I’m sure they will. Wow, those look bigger than I thought they would, are those the full DDs, just like mine?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, I was always so jealous of yours and Master said he really liked yours, so we went for the jumbo size, aren’t they awesome?” Nadia asked as she arched her back and thrust up her new tits, shaking them toward Chloe.

“Yes, they are impressive, may I touch them?”

“Sure, just go easy, they’re still pretty sore.”

“Alright I will,” Chloe said as she cupped Nadia’s full breasts in her small hands. “They seem a little hard, is that normal?”

“Yes, the Doctor said they would swell a little past what they will eventually look like and be a little hard at first, but they should soften up and feel as natural as yours.”

“Very nice.”

“Are you jealous, Chloe?”

“Why should I be jealous, I mean, they’re basically the same as mine, maybe a little perkier right now.”

“Yeah, but I think they look better than yours, I was looking at them in the mirror before, and between the view of my awesome new tits and the pain I got so horny, and well, you know, I had several orgasms.”

“Yes, the Doctor told us.”

“What, he did, why that – oh, hello Doctor,” Nadia said as Dr. Hincks walked in.

“Hello slave Nadia, feeling better are we?” Dr. Hincks asked.

“Yes Doctor,” Nadia replied and then moaned as he squeezed and mauled, examining them thoroughly.

“Yes, these will be fine. You might feel a little pain for another day or so and your nipples will likely be more sensitive for a few days, but unless the pain persists, then give me a call. You’re free to go whenever your Master is ready.

“Thank you Doctor, I love them.”

“I’m sure your Master will too.”

“Yes Doctor,” Nadia grinned sheepishly then looked at Don who came towards Nadia with her clothes so that she could get dressed. She slipped on her skirt and heels quickly, but the top was too tight and squeezed her new breasts dragging a moan from her lips at the tightness.

“Looks like we need to buy some new tops for you,” Don snickered as he attached a leash to her collar and led Nadia toward the door.

“Bye Chloe, hello and goodbye Master Ben, and thank you Doctor, they are amazing,” Nadia said just before Don led her out of the room.

“Thanks Doc,” Ben said as he attached the leash to Chloe’s collar and led her out of the room and back to the truck, firing it up and taking her home.

“Master, why are we home, don’t we have a dinner date?”

“Yes, but not until seven, and it’s only four, we can go in and take a little nap until then, I’m sure you need it.”

“Yes Master, I am feeling rather tired, but I wanted to go and make a good impression on young Kira.”

“Oh you will, my beautiful slave, you will, but right now, let’s get you to bed for a nap so that you are well rested and ready for our evening.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe agreed as Ben helped her out of the truck and led her into the house and straight to the bedroom.

“Strip,” Ben ordered and Chloe complied. Ben unlocked her shoes and removed them as Chloe hung up her blouse and skirt so they wouldn’t get wrinkled. She left the ‘bra’ on another hanger and walked back to the bed. Ben locked her collar to the chain and Chloe slipped in under the covers, snuggling in. “Go to sleep, slave, I’ll wake you in time for you to get ready.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe replied and was soon fast asleep, the serum changing her body was tiring her out.

Chloe slept for two hours before Ben woke her to get ready for dinner. Chloe got up, used the toilet and put on her outfit she had worn earlier, brushing out her hair and looking in the cabinet at all the makeup. One shelf was a brand of makeup she had never heard of, but she liked the look of the colors and wiped off the old makeup, using this new variety to make her eyes look even more beautiful than ever. She found a deep dark reddish brown lipstick that seemed to match the new hair color that was starting to become obvious under her original hair and applied it. The color really made her lips look so sensual and Chloe smiled at her reflection in the mirror, she was going to give Ben and James the biggest hard-ons of their life

“Oh my god, Chloe, you look amazing!” Ben exclaimed as Chloe knelt in presentation before him. “Stand up, I want to see my hot slave,” Ben ordered and Chloe stood in proper slave stance as Ben walked around her, examining her every curve and nuance. “Stunning, beyond beautiful, and I can see the red hair starting to grow in. Where did you get that color to match the hair?”

“From the top shelf next to the mirror, Master, it was a brand I had never heard of, but I loved the colors so much and the eye makeup was so sexy and easy to apply. When I saw this color lipstick, I had to use it, don’t you just want to fuck me Master?”

“Yes, yes I do, but you shouldn’t have used that stuff without asking first, it was supposed to be locked, I guess I forgot when I put all of it in there.”

“Why shouldn’t I have used it Master, is it some sort of special makeup?”

“Yes, very special, they gave it to me at the genetics place, I put it in my duffle bag while you were asleep and then stuffed it in that top corner while you were asleep here, and forgot to lock the cabinet.”

“What’s so special about it, other than it looks amazing, don’t you think so Master?”

“Yes, it looks fantastic, but it won’t come off, that’s what makes it special.”

“Won’t come off, why Master?”

“It has some sort of special staining action that activates as soon as it hits your warm skin, you may be able to wash off the outer layer, but the staining has already happened, your face now has those colors permanently on your skin. It will fade over time, like a tattoo, but it’s permanent.”

“Oh god Master, that’s so hot, oohhh, unngghh, may I please cum Master?”

“If you are able to cum, then yes.”

“Aaaahhhh, oooohhhhhh, thank you Master!”

“You came just now?”

“Yes Master.”

“What was so exciting that made you cum for me, slave?”

“Oh Master, I accidentally tattooed my own face with a makeup that appeals to you, making me even more pleasing to my Master. As a submissive slave, that makes me hot,” Chloe replied and giggled at her own pun. She grabbed a tissue and wiped away the excess moisture between her legs.

“You are definitely hot, now let’s get going or we’ll be late.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe said as Ben attached a leash to her collar and led her out to the garage. They climbed into the truck and Ben drove quickly to the steakhouse arriving just a few minutes before seven pm. Ben came around and helped Chloe down, taking her leash in his hand and leading her into the restaurant. He spoke to the hostess quietly and she led them to the same secluded booth they had occupied before. Ben indicated that Chloe should slide in first and he slipped in next to her, they could see if someone approached the table.

Suddenly Katie rushed over and knelt in perfect presentation form, wearing a short skirt and button up top with several buttons left open to reveal the swellings of her well-developed breasts. “Hello Master Ben and slave Chloe, may I get you something to drink?”

“I see someone’s been studying how to be a slave.”

“Oh yes Master, it is so exciting.”

“Very good, I’ll have a bottle of Bud Light and a Cosmopolitan for my slave.”

“Yes Master,” Katie said as she stood to go get their order. “Oh my god – may I look at Chloe’s new collar?”

“Yes,” Ben replied and Katie slipped into the booth across from them and looked at the collar intently.

“Oh god – it’s so beautiful, it’s perfect! Is it permanent?”


“Ohhh, ungghh, that’s so hot!”

“Go get our drinks slave,” Ben ordered. “We have another couple that will be joining up this evening, we will be attempting to convince the young woman to become a slave to the young man,” Ben explained.

“Ooo, can I help?” Katie asked.

“Yes. Start by calling me Master as you were ordered to do the last time we were here and were doing when you first came over.”

“Oh, sorry Master, I got so excited by Chloe’s collar I forgot.”

“Don’t forget again.”

“I won’t Master,” Katie said and hurried to get their drinks.

“She’s coming along nicely,” Ben observed.

“Yes Master.”

“Do you think she’ll ever submit to a real Master?”

“I don’t know Master, I’m sure it won’t be tonight.”


“Master, I think she’s ready, I just don’t think she will ever allow that side of her to win out. Maybe if she was forced to, but not on her own,” Chloe said as Katie put down their drinks and then knelt in presentation again.

“Are you talking about me?” Katie asked.

“Yes, I know there’s a slave girl under there, but you’re afraid to let her out,” Chloe responded.

“It’s true, I know it, but I just can’t give up my freedom.”

“What if you were forced to?”

“You mean like kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave?”


“Oh – oh god, I nearly came at that thought! Oh wow, if that happened, it would reveal my true nature and I wouldn’t be able to help myself!”

“That’s what I thought,” Chloe said, just as James and Kira walked up to the table, James allowing Kira to slide in across from Chloe before he sat next to her. Katie excused herself to wait on another table.

“Hello James, and you must be Kira,” Ben said with a grin. “I must say, Kira, you are quite lovely.”

“Thank you Sir,” Kira said softly, not meeting his gaze, her large breasts obvious beneath her well fitted dress.

“Oh, where are my manners, Kira, this is Ben and Chloe,” James finally found his voice.

“Nice to meet you,” Kira said nervously glancing up for only a moment then looking down into her lap and James looked at Ben and Chloe for guidance.

“So have you and James been dating for long?” Chloe finally asked to break the silence.

“No, only a few weeks, but we really like each other, I – I’ve kind of had a crush on him for a while now and he told me he’s had a crush on me for a while too, so we’re getting to know each other,” Kira said hesitantly, unsure of herself.

“Has James talked to you about our special relationship?” Ben asked.

“Um, special relationship, I don’t know what you mean,” Kira responded.

“I’m sorry Kira, I – I’ve been trying to bring it up, but every time I think about it, I’m afraid you’ll run away screaming and freaked out. Now is the moment of truth,” James said and then paused, trying to find the right words.

“What James is trying to tell you is that I am Chloe’s Master, she is my slave,” Ben explained. “Did you notice Chloe’s collar?”

“Um, I thought it was really kinky jewelry,” Kira responded, looking closely at Chloe’s collar and reading the inscription. “Oh god.”

“Yes, they are Master and slave, and I want what they have,” James blurted out.

“Oh my god, have you been spying on my internet activity?” Kira asked, looking at James.

“No, I could, but I haven’t been, why do you ask?” James asked.

“I’ve been reading about bondage and slavery porn for a while now. I’ve cum so many times from reading and watching bondage porn, it’s so hot,” Kira admitted.

“So would you like to be my slave?” James asked.

“Oh god, this is so sudden. I mean, until now, I thought it was all just fantasy, I didn’t know real sex slaves even existed,” Kira said and James looked crestfallen.

“She didn’t say no, Master James,” Chloe interjected after a pause, just then Katie came back to the table and knelt in presentation.

“What would you like to drink, Master, and for your slave?” Katie asked.

“She’s not my slave,” James grumbled.

“Yet,” Kira interjected and James looked stunned.

“Um, I’ll have a beer, same as Ben,” James said.

“And for the young lady?” Katie asked.

“I don’t know, what is that you’re drinking Chloe, it looks interesting?” Kira asked.

“It’s a Cosmopolitan, it’s vodka and cranberry juice,” Chloe answered.

“I’ll have one of those, please,” Kira said and Katie left the table to get the drinks. “Could I speak with Chloe in private, please?”

“Sure,” Ben replied and slid out of the booth to allow Chloe out. James did the same for Kira and they went into the ladies room Chloe’s leash bouncing between her breasts and bouncing off her crotch.

“Oh my god, is this some sort of setup?”

“No, I submitted to be my Master’s slave over a month ago.”

“Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum, aaaahhhhhh unnnnnggghhhh!”

“Was it good?”

“Oh my god, I’ve never done that before, I didn’t even touch myself and I had an orgasm. So all of this is real, you really are a slave to that handsome guy out there, um, Master Ben?”


“What’s it like? I mean I’ve fantasized about what it’s like, but you’ve been living it now for a while.”

“It’s incredible if you are a submissive and know it’s what you really want. I’ve known for over four years that this is what I wanted, and now that I’ve found my Master I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“So he controls everything you do?”

“Of course, he is my Master, I am but a slave for his use.”

“Ooohhhh, Oooohhh, OH MY GOOOOODDDDDDD! I just came again,” Kira panted as she came down from her second orgasm. “Your collar is exquisite, may I touch it?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Oh, it’s not leather, it’s shiny black metal! Is it locked on you?”

“Worse, it was bent around my neck and welded together, it may never come off. And it has a chip in it so that if my Master and I are ever separated again he can find me easily.”

“Oooohhh, Unnngghh, I’m so close to cumming again, that is so hot.”

“So, do you want to submit to Master James? He’s gotten quite handsome over the last couple of months.”

“I know, wait, how do you know that?”

“I gave him his first blow job, because my Master ordered me to.”


“He was our pizza delivery guy on my second night of slavery, my Master ordered me to go out naked and get the pizza from him and then ask him if he was a virgin. If he was then I was to offer him a blow job. He said he was and I gave him a blow job. Then we took pictures so he could prove it to his friends. He told us a couple weeks later that the side benefit was that someone had blurted out how big his penis was and that got him lots of dates with girls who just wanted his big dick.”

“So he’s not a virgin anymore – well, then again, neither am I,” Kira bemoaned.

“It wasn’t good?”

“I don’t know, I got drunk at a party and I don’t even remember it.”

“That’s sad, I’m sorry.”

“Wait, you said James has a big cock?”

“Yes, it’s quite long and thick too.”

“I’d heard the rumors going around school, but wasn’t sure if they were true, oh god.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I just had the most evil thought, I really want him to tie me down to something and fuck me from behind like a slave, I’d probably cum like a freight train.”

“So, does that mean you want to be his slave?”

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this – yes! I don’t think I’ve wanted anything more in my whole life,” Kira replied.

“Then let’s go, our Masters await our return,” Chloe grinned and they returned to the table, Chloe sliding in as Ben stood but Kira knelt on the carpet in presentation, her pretty dress riding up her thighs.

“Master James, I submit to be your slave for as long as you want me, I beg your collar,” Kira said as James’ mouth fell open in shock.

“I – I don’t know what to say, I mean, I’ve dreamed about this for months now, but when I thought about it I never expected this. Um – ,” James said and then just looked down at Kira with awe, he still couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing.

“Do you have a collar?” Ben asked, breaking James out of his reverie.

“Um, yeah, it – it’s in my car,” James replied, seemingly rooted to the spot.

“Well, go get it, your slave is waiting for it,” Ben said and James suddenly rushed through the restaurant and out the door. He came back in a minute or so, breathing heavily, it looked like he had been running.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Kira?”

“Yes Master. I didn’t know that real sexual slavery existed until I came here tonight, but after talking with Chloe, I know it’s what I want and need,” Kira replied, looking up at him, pleading with her eyes.

“Thank you for your submission, Kira, you are now my slave, I promise to take care of you and keep you for as long as we both want,” James said as he locked the steel collar around her lovely neck.

“Oh god, Master, may I cum, ungghh?” Kira pleaded.

“Are you about to cum just because I collared you?” James asked.

“Yes, please Master.”

“You may cum,” James said and Kira moaned and thrust her hips as she reached her climax, small shudders ran through her body as the sexual pleasure overwhelmed her. She hadn’t even touched her sex, yet the juices flowed as her orgasm subsided.

“Thank you Master.”

“Amazing, we are going to have so much fun together.”

“I hope so, Master, I can’t wait to ride your big cock.”

“How do you know about that?”

“It’s all over school, and Chloe told me it’s true, she said she gave you a blow job.”

“Yes, that’s true, it was amazing.”

“Do you want to start using your slave by having her give you a blow job?”

“What, right here, in front of the whole restaurant?”

“Well, you could sit and I could do it under the table, Master.”

“Wow, that sounds great,” James said and sat down in the booth as Kira crawled under the table and unbuckled his pants, pulling out his nearly erect cock and taking him into her mouth.

“Here’s the drinks you ordered, Master. Where’s the other girl, did she need to use the ladies room or something?” Katie asked and James suddenly moaned as he shot his load into Kira’s willing mouth which she swallowed greedily and then slipped up into the booth beside James. “Oh my god, did you just – oh my god, you just gave him a blow job! And that’s a collar you’re wearing, did you just submit to be his slave?” Katie asked.

“Yes,” Kira responded and took a drink of her Cosmo. “Mmm, this is very good, thank you Chloe, excellent recommendation.”

“You’re welcome,” Chloe said as both slaves tried to keep their giggles in check because of Katie’s reaction. Soon everyone at the table was laughing as James zipped up his pants.

“You’re trying so hard to get me to submit to be a slave, but it won’t work, I don’t want to be a slave,” Katie blurted out and then stormed off as they all laughed again, making Katie even more furious.

“Methinks she doth protest too much,” Kira said and they all burst out laughing again.

“Master James chose well, I can see that we are going to become good friends,” Chloe said to Kira.

“Thank you Chloe, I would love to have you as a friend and mentor.”

“Thank you Kira, you are a very pretty woman, you will make Master James very happy.”

“Thank you, but I don’t think I’m all that pretty, and certainly not anywhere near as pretty as you.”

“I disagree, Kira. I think you are equally as beautiful as Chloe, in fact if your hair and eye color was the same, you two could almost pass for twins. I love Chloe’s blue eyes, but your brown eyes are very expressive and pretty also,” Ben interjected and Kira blushed hot at Ben’s appraisal.

“Thank you Master Ben.”

“You’re welcome Kira.”

“Kira, have you given a lot of blow jobs?” James asked, finally breaking out of his haze.

“Um, no Master, I don’t know if I ever have. I mean, the night I lost my virginity I was drunk and don’t remember anything, so I don’t think so, but I’ve practiced at home.”

“Practiced at home, how?”

“I have a thick seven inch dildo at home, Master, and I practiced with that. I worked until I could deep throat it without gagging and hold it there for a while, holding my breath.”

“Wow, impressive, sounds intense.”

“Yes Master, one time I got it stuck behind my teeth and couldn’t get it out, I thought I was going to die with a huge dildo down my throat. I always practiced when my parents were asleep or out for the evening, as they were that night. I got so into it that I swallowed it deeper than I ever had before and my teeth closed behind it. I couldn’t get my mouth open far enough to force it back out and started to panic. I finally pried my teeth open far enough with my fingers and coughed it out. Since then I’ve been careful not to let it get that deep, but with your big yummy cock, that’s not a problem, and I wouldn’t bite you ever, unless it was by accident.”

“Excellent blow job, slave, though you could learn a thing or two from Chloe, she gives amazing head.”

“Yes Master.”

“Are we ready to order Masters?” Katie asked as she came up to the table.

“Yes, I’ll have the porterhouse rare and my slave will have the prime rib rare,” Ben responded.

“Um, I’ll also have the porterhouse, rare, and what do you want Kira?” James asked.

“I’ll have the prime rib also, but make mine medium,” Kira said.

“Have you ever tried it rare?” Chloe asked.

“No, it looks so disgusting with all that blood running out of it,” Kira admitted.

“I used to think the same thing, but after I tried it, I can’t get enough of it,” Chloe stated.

“Alright, I’ll have mine rare as well.”

“Very good, would you like another round of drinks, Master?” Katie asked.

“Yes, that would be good, slave,” Ben said.

“Yes Master,” Katie said as she rushed away from the table to put in their order and get them another round of drinks.

“Do you think she’ll ever come around and admit she’s a slave?” Kira asked Chloe as she finished her Cosmo.

“Maybe, but I think it will be a while.”

“Do you think she’d submit if someone forced her?”

“In a heartbeat, it probably wouldn’t even take her a day to fall into her submissive slave role, and she would be so happy, but she just can’t let go.”

“So what you’re saying, is if someone kidnapped her and forced her to become their slave she wouldn’t have a choice, but she would fall into being a slave so naturally that after a while she would love it?” Kira asked just as Katie walked up with their drinks and hear Kira’s question.

“Are you talking about me?” Katie asked as she put down the drinks.

“Yes, she was, slave, and I think the slaves are right, if you were forced to become a slave you would fall into it so naturally that you would soon come to hate your current life and love your life as a slave,” Ben responded.

“Yes Master,” Katie said as she bowed her head in submission. “Will there be anything else?”

“Not right now, but later with the meal, I would like a Pepsi and my slave will have a Mountain Dew,” Ben replied.

“I’ll also have a Pepsi and for you Kira?” James asked.

“When in Rome,” Kira giggled, “I’ll have a Mountain Dew also.”

“Alright, so two Pepsis and two Mountain Dews with dinner,” Kira said and left the table.

“Chloe, what did my Master mean when he said you give great blow jobs? I mean, I’ve been practicing and watching videos, trying to copy their technique,” Kira asked.

“Learn all the techniques you can, but that’s only part of it. You have to worship his cock, like it’s the most amazing thing in the universe. I haven’t been fucked by your Master, but my Master’s big tool has given me more orgasms than I could possibly count. In fact on Thursday, I had thirty seven, so I want to make it as special as I can for him, because I really do love his huge cock.”

“So although technique is important, the passion and sincerity are more important?”


“I can’t believe how much I’m learning in such a short time. Oh Chloe, I really like you! Master, could we spend some time with Master Ben and Chloe after dinner?” Kira asked looking soulfully up at James.

“Now slave, we can’t just invite ourselves over to someone’s house,” James admonished.

“You’re not inviting yourselves over, I’m offering for you to come over after dinner and get better acquainted, you may even use my dungeon if you would like,” Ben extended his hospitality.

“Thank you Master Ben, god Chloe, how did you ever get so lucky as to land this handsome guy, and he’s so nice too!” Kira gushed.

“I know how lucky I am, he doesn’t think he’s all that handsome, but well, you’ve got eyes, tell him,” Chloe said.

“You are the most handsome man I have ever had the privilege of meeting face to face, Master Ben, sorry Master, but he is,” Kira said.

“It’s alright Kira, I know I’m not the most handsome guy, but you make me feel ten feet tall with your submission to me, thank you,” James said quietly.

“Oh Master, you are handsome too, and if someone like Master Ben asked for my submission, I’d give it to him in a heartbeat, but he’d be trading down. With you, I feel like we’re pretty equal, don’t you Master?” Kira asked.

“Actually I was thinking you were trading down.”

“No Master, you have such a beautiful cock and it’s bigger than any of my dildos, I know I’m going to cum so hard when you finally stuff it into me.”

“So now you just want me for my big dick?”

“It’s more than that, Master, you are strong and commanding, but you are kind and gentle, the perfect mix for a good Master. You are also more handsome than you give yourself credit for, thank you for choosing me, Master.”

“Alright, porterhouse and Pepsis for the men, prime rib and Mountain Dew for the ladies, um, slaves,” Katie said as she set down the dinners and drinks. “Would you like anything else, Master?”

“Do you have any other tables?” Ben asked.

“Yes Master, three other tables, but two of them are nearly finished.”

“Alright, finish up with them and then come back over here.”

“Yes Master,” Katie said and bounced away to take care of her other customers.

“Go ahead, try it,” Chloe said teasing Kira as she looked at the blood running out of her meat onto the plate. Kira cut into the meat and fearfully put a piece of the juicy meat into her mouth. She chewed slowly at first then more quickly and finished the bite.

“Oh my god, this is delicious, I never knew it tasted like this, the way I used to get it cooked all the flavor right out of it,” Kira said excitedly, taking another bite.

“I had a feeling you’d like it,” Chloe said.

“Kira did you really mean what you said about me choosing you?” James asked.

“Yes, every word, Master.”

“At first I have to admit I was attracted to you because of your big boobs and pretty face, but the more I talked to you and got to know you, I knew there was more. That demure way you smiled at me spoke volumes I didn’t even understand, but you almost became an obsession with me. I fantasized about kidnapping you and fucking you into submission, but I knew that was wrong, still, somewhere inside me, I thought you might like it. I’m sorry it took me so long to gain enough confidence in myself to finally ask you out and get to know you.”

“Thank you Master, that was beautiful. And yes, I’ve had kidnap fantasies about you too, kidnapping me and taking me away from my parents who are always fighting.”

“How long have they been fighting?”

“Years, Master. So many I don’t remember when they weren’t fighting.”

“I’m sorry Kira, but right now I just graduated high school and I’m going off to college in the fall, I don’t know how I can take you away from that until I get my degree.”

“I understand Master, what college are you going to?”

“I was accepted at State on a full academic scholarship, I’m planning on studying computers, since I’m a pretty good hacker already.”

“I’m going there too Master, my parents can afford to send me there, but I got a partial scholarship to be on the swim team.”

“I didn’t know you did swimming.”

“Yes Master, my coach says I have perfect form but my big boobs slow me down. I started binding them with tape to flatten them out and it helped my times quite a bit.”

“Wow, I don’t want to see that, I love your big breasts, they are beautiful, I wouldn’t want to see them all mashed out of shape.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, Kira.”

“Mmm, Master, these two love birds are making your slave horny,” Chloe said, rubbing her tits on Ben’s muscular arm causing her nipples to harden.

“Yes slave, but almost everything makes you horny, you are such an excitable slave,” Ben teased her.

“Yes Master, and you wouldn’t have me any other way. You know just how to turn me on and keep me wet and ready for you.”

“Yes and no, I know you love being bound, you love when I control you and you cum when I whip you, but I sometimes wonder why you’re so ready for me when I just take you because the mood hits me.”

“It’s the whole slavery thing, Master, it makes me wet almost constantly. I guess whenever you’re not doing something that makes me a puddle of goo, my dirty mind is going a mile a minute imagining what you’ll do next that makes me cum like a freight train.”

“You are so incredible, Chloe, I love you,” Ben said, kissing her deeply.

“Oh, there you go again Master, turning me into a hot mess of aroused slave,” Chloe moaned.

“Wow, that’s some lipstick, none of it came off on Master Ben or smeared on Chloe’s face, what is it?” Kira asked.

“Um, actually it’s top secret,” Chloe joked and Kira looked perplexed.

“She’s just kidding around, actually it’s a special makeup that stains or should I say, it more or less tattoos itself onto your skin. She applied it by accident tonight because she liked the shades I picked out and the lipstick matched her new hair color that’s starting to grow in. You can see it now coming in under her original hair.” Ben explained.

“Oh god, so she’ll always look as hot as she does right now?” Kira asked.

“Yes, it will probably need to be reapplied every couple of months or so to keep it looking fresh, but for the most part she won’t have to put on makeup. She’ll actually look even hotter after her new hair grows in,” Ben said.

“New hair, what do you mean?” Kira asked.

“I took her to a secret genetics place today and they injected her with a special serum that caused her to have alopecia below her eyes and for her hair color to be a deep dark red that I picked out. Her hair will also come in quite a bit thicker and have a natural wave and curl to it,” Ben explained.

“Wow, that’s amazing. What about her eyelashes or were they naturally that long and thick already?” Kira asked.

“I actually added that as a surprise for Chloe, but now that you’ve noticed, she knows,” Ben chuckled.

“Master, is there anything else?” Chloe queried, looking up at Ben.

“One more thing, I was going to tell you about it at some point, but not right away.”

“What is it Master?”

“You’re going to live a long time, my pretty slave, much longer than the average person. I took it too so that I would stay young along with you, then you wouldn’t have to look for a new Master because I got old and died.”

“Oh Master, you mean I get to live this wonderful life as your slave for much longer than I thought?”

“Yes slave. When we are in our fifties we will still look the same. We won’t start to show our age until we’re in our seventies or eighties and then we will look like we are in our forties. By the time we hit one hundred we might look like we’re in our fifties and we will probably live to be at least one hundred twenty five.”

“I don’t even know how old you are Master, it didn’t really matter.”

“I’m twenty nine, I’ll turn thirty in a few weeks, just a month before you turn twenty five.”

“Oh my god, you’re that old? I thought Master Ben was maybe twenty five and Chloe was around twenty one, you two already look great for your age,” Kira complimented them.

“Thank you Kira,” Ben said.

“Yes, thank you sister,” Chloe smiled at Kira.

“So now I’m your sister, what happened to just friends?” Kira asked.

“Yes, sisters in bondage.”

“Oh, I get it, thank you sister.”

“Sister, she’s not your sister,” Katie said as she arrived back at the table.

“Not by blood, but by bondage,” Chloe said profoundly and Katie stopped, stunned as it hit her.

“Alright, enough of this slave talk, would anyone like more drinks or desert?” Katie asked.

“Yes another round of drinks and the best desert on the menu. Coffee for me, tea for my slave,” Ben responded.

“I’ll have coffee also, and you Kira?” James asked.

“I’ll have coffee also please,” Kira replied.

“Very good, will there be anything else Master?” Katie asked.

“Yes, put in our desert and drink order, then go get the dildo my slave left with you and put it in before you come back here,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master,” Katie said and left the table, placing their order and then heading into the back room to her locker where she had kept the dildo.

“You had Chloe give her a dildo last time you were here, Master Ben?” Kira asked.

“Yes, Chloe was being punished with it up her butt, but Katie needed three hundred dollars to pay her rent. I agreed to give her the money if she agreed to be my slave for the rest of the evening, and she agreed. I had Chloe give her the dildo and after cleaning it, have Katie put it in her pussy. She was on the verge of cumming the rest of the night.” Ben replied.

“That’s so hot, I hope my Master comes up with creative ways to turn me on like that,” Kira said looking over at James who was grinning back at her.

“I have plenty of ideas, slave, so don’t think you’re going to get off easy,” James chided and Kira moaned.

“I sure hope not, Master, I’m a bad girl who needs to be punished.”

“Do you want to be spanked or whipped?”

“Yes Master.”

“Have you ever had that done to you before?”

“Only when I was a child and my father spanked me a few times. The last time I was eleven, nearly twelve and had already started puberty. He spanked me, and although it hurt, it also made my pussy all warm and wet. I didn’t know what had happened, but as I got older and started exploring the internet, I figured it out.”

“Very good, slave, when we go to Ben’s house after dinner I will whip you to give you a taste.”

“Thank you Master,” Kira said and grabbed his arm, proffering her lips for a kiss but James did not even notice.

“Kira, you’ve got to get his attention, like this,” Chloe said as she rubbed her hard nipples against Ben’s arm and he pulled her into a deep kiss. Kira did the same to James and he finally got the message, kissing Kira and she grabbed him by the neck and forced them into a deep kiss. James broke the kiss forcefully.

“No slave, you are not in control here, you gave that up with your submission to my collar. You will not force me into anything, I will do the forcing, are we clear?” James asked.

“Oh yes Master,” Kira said huskily before moaning with arousal, her Master was taking control of her and she loved it. She had wanted a kiss so badly that she imposed her will on him, but he did not allow it, it thrilled her to the core, knowing he would be the kind of Master she always wanted and needed.

“Your dessert and drinks, Masters,” Katie said as she returned with the coffee, tea and dessert, looking more than a little flushed.

“Something bothering you slave?” Ben chided her.

“You know perfectly well what’s bothering me – Master,” Katie said in exasperation.

“I guess I do,” Ben said and everyone burst out laughing at Katie’s expense.

“Why are you slaves laughing at me, your Masters might decide to do this to you,” Katie groused.

“Yes, and we would love it, because it was what our Master wanted and pleased him. If he wants to make us so horny we can’t wait to fuck him, then that’s how it will be,” Chloe said and Kira nodded in assent.

“Oh god, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that everyone at this table is a pervert,” Katie said with a snarky attitude.

“Do you wish to receive a tip for this evening?” Ben asked calmly.

“Yes Master, of course I expect to receive a tip,” Katie replied.

“Then lose the attitude, remember, you are my serving slave for the evening, don’t fight it, just go with it,” Ben ordered.

“Yes Master. Will there be anything else?”

“Another round of drinks and the check, please.”

“Yes Master,” Katie said and hurried off, stopping at her last table before getting their drinks.

“Such a terrible slave, that girl needs an attitude adjustment,” Kira joked and everyone laughed.

“True, but she is not technically my slave, so I can’t really take her home and whip that atrocious disposition out of her,” Ben commented.

“I would love to see it when it does happen,” Chloe said.

“Do you think it ever will?” Ben asked.

“Definitely Master, in fact, I bet she goes home tonight and gets very intimate with her biggest dildo, she loves it and hates it all at the same time.”

“Time will tell.”

“Time will tell what, Master?” Katie asked as she brought another round of drinks and the check.

“Whether you admit your true nature or deny yourself the thrill of submission,” Ben replied.

“I – I just can’t, I don’t want to give up my freedom.”

“What freedom, you slave away for this place how many nights a week to keep up with your rent, car payments and other expenses and you barely get by. How is that freedom?” Chloe asked.

“True, but I can go anywhere, do anything I want, when I want. You can’t you have to cater to your Master’s every whim or be whipped for it,” Katie said forcefully.

“Also true; however, my Master gives me multiple orgasms every day and takes care of everything, I don’t want or need anything. My only concern is pleasing my Master.”

“Which she does a very good job of, by the way,” Ben interjected.

“But you’re a natural sub – submissive, I’m not, I don’t want to submit to anyone,” Katie protested.

“I think you are, you’ve just been programmed by society to think that you’re not,” Chloe said as she sipped her Cosmo.

“I agree with Chloe, you’re hiding your true self under all that façade,” Kira commented.

“You’re a new slave, how would you know?” Katie protested.

“I’ve never been in a serious relationship until now, and I just submitted to my Master, I’ve been true and honest with myself. Also, I read people very well, and you are one unhappy person who can’t admit the truth. You probably watch bondage porn and cum so hard you scream, you know it’s what you want and need, but you’ve succumbed to what society tells you is right, even though you know it’s not right for you,” Kira expounded eloquently and Katie’s mouth fell open in surprise that this young high school girl could read her so well.

“Um, m – maybe you’re right, but it’s my decision, not yours,” Katie said.

“Yes it is, I hope someday you make the right decision and follow your heart, not your head,” Kira advised and everyone looked at her with admiration except Katie.

“We are definitely going to be great friends, that was profound, Kira, I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Chloe complimented her.

“Thank you Chloe, you were pretty profound and succinct in the bathroom and several other times tonight as well, I want to learn from you.”

“I will teach you as much as I can when you’re around.”

“Thank you Chloe, you’re the best friend ever.”

“Thank you Kira,” Chloe said then looked at Katie. “So tonight when we came in, were you excited to see us and wait on us?”


“Did it get you all wet in the crotch when my Master started ordering you around?”


“Have you had an orgasm since he made you stuff that dildo inside you?”

“Yes, I had to sneak into the bathroom for a minute, I started cumming as I walked in the door.”

“What does that tell you?”

“I don’t know, that I’m a slut or something.”

“You are so in denial about what’s in your heart.”

“There’s two sides in there having a war, right now rationality is winning, but it’s losing its grip. There’s a part of me that really wants to submit to be a slave, but the other part of me just won’t let it happen.”

“Your loss,” Chloe said as she finished the last of her Cosmo.

“Here’s my credit card, go and take care of the bill, I will pay your tip in cash like last time,” Ben said, handing them to Katie.

“Yes Master,” Katie said, taking the bill and returning with the slip to sign. Ben signed and handed her the receipt, putting his copy into his wallet.

“Kneel, slave,” Ben ordered and Katie sunk to her knees, then spread them wide and knelt in presentation. “How do you think you did, tonight, slave?”

“Not very well, Master, I had a bad attitude at times, though my service was quite good, it came with a side order of my snarky mouth.”

“Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best.”

“I – I would say five or maybe even a four, Master.”

“Excellent, you gave an honest answer, and I would agree. But you did meet my requirements and were properly chastised, I think I’ll give you a better than average tip,” Ben said as he pulled out five crisp one hundred dollar bills and handed them to her.

“Oh my god, Master, thank you! I know I don’t deserve anywhere near this much, but thank you!” Katie gushed.

“It’s coming more naturally all the time,” Ben noted.

“What is Master?” Katie asked.

“Calling me Master.”

“Oh god, you’re right, I’m already calling you Master without event thinking about it.”

“Thank you for your service slave, now you have one more task to perform to earn that five hundred dollars.”

“What is it Master, anything.”

“You’re such a whore, you’ll do almost anything for money.”

“Yes Master.”

“I want you to release the dildo from the straps holding it inside you and fuck yourself with it until you cum, while we watch. When you are done, you may leave, your service to us is over for the evening,” Ben ordered. Katie did as ordered and started pumping the dildo in and out of her very slippery tunnel, making her cum in just a couple of minutes. She cried out softly, holding back her voice as the orgasm rippled through her body. Katie shuddered with pleasure before she collapsed in a heap on the floor, panting and relishing the feelings as the aftershocks continued.

“Master may I tell you why I’m so afraid to become a slave?” Katie asked as she recovered and returned to her knees.


“I have done self-bondage a few times, I bought leather cuffs and locked myself to the bed with a vibrating dildo inside me. I cum so hard that even gagged, I make so much noise I disturb the neighbors.”

“House or apartment?”

“House, Master.”

“Windows open or closed?”

“Both, Master, the first time I had the windows open and the neighbors came running, knocking on my door but my timed release still wasn’t up, so I couldn’t tell them I was alright. They called the cops because they thought I was being raped or something. The next time I closed the windows, and still, they could hear me as I cried out. Knowing what happened before, they didn’t call the police this time. I cum so hard when I’m bound that I squirt and I can’t help but scream. I’ve only done it three times and I haven’t done it in months. The last time I did, the neighbors were away on vacation to Florida.”

“So it’s not that you don’t know that you’re a slave, you’re afraid your Master won’t like your screaming or your squirting?”

“Yes Master.”

“Many Masters find both of those things very exciting.”

“I didn’t know that Master.”

“Now you do.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Time to go home, James you know where my house is, we will meet you there,” Ben said as he grabbed Chloe’s leash and led her out the door.

“Master, where’s my leash,” Kira asked demurely.

“I don’t have one, I’ll ask Ben if I can borrow one,” James replied as they followed Ben and Chloe out to the parking lot.

“Um, Ben, do you have a leash I can borrow?” James asked.

“Sure buddy,” Ben said, digging one out of his duffle bag behind his seat and handing it to James. James clipped the leash to Kira’s collar as she released a contented sigh followed by a moan of arousal as James tugged on her leash, leading her to his car.

“Thank you Master,” Kira said breathily, nearly panting with need.

“You’re welcome, slave,” James said as he opened the car door to let her in. James came around and got in the driver’s seat of his old wreck and started it up.

“Smells like sex in here,” James commented and Kira giggled.

“I’m sorry Master, does my scent offend you?” Kira asked.

“Not at all, I find it exciting, knowing that my slave is ready for her Master’s use.”

“Thank you Master.”

Meanwhile in Ben’s truck;

“(exaggerated sniff) Smell like somebody’s excited,” Ben teased Chloe, knowing by her musk that she was in heat.

“Yes Master, very much so,” Chloe responded with a moan.

“You explained how you do it, but it still amazes me that you are always ready for me when you’re awake.”

“Yes Master, most times I wake up ready. I have dreams about you using me in some perverse way, only to wake and find it’s not a dream, it’s real and I’m living out my fantasies.”

“As beautiful as you are physically, the most beautiful part of you is your perverted mind.”

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said as Ben backed his truck into the garage. As the garage door closed they could see James’ car pulling into the driveway. Ben led Chloe into the house and to the front door, opening it just a James was about to ring the doorbell.

“Come on in, welcome to our humble abode,” Ben said as James pulled Kira through the door on the leash. “Let’s get right to the reason you’re here, the dungeon is in the basement,” Ben said, leading Chloe down into the basement with James and Kira close behind.

“Strip slaves,” Ben ordered and Chloe immediately began stripping though Kira stared in disbelief at the implements around the basement before stripping off her clothes.

“That’s an amazing bra, Chloe,” Kira noted.

“It’s not a bra, it’s a breast harness,” Ben corrected.

“Yes Master,” Kira said softly as Chloe slid off her skirt. “No panties?”

“I am not allowed to wear panties, my holes must be available for my Master at any time,” Chloe explained.

“What about during that time of the month?” Kira asked.

“Don’t have one because I don’t have any parts.”


“May I tell her why, Master?”

“Yes go ahead,” Ben agreed and Chloe explained what happened and the events leading up to her hysterectomy due to the cancerous tumor.

“Oh god Chloe, I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not, it makes me the perfect slave, I’m just a cum receptacle, no periods, no babies, just around the clock fucking,” Chloe said with a salacious grin.

“Wow, when you put it that way, it sounds amazing,” Kira agreed. “So which one of these is your favorite?” Kira asked, indicating the bondage devices.

“This one here,” Chloe said strolling over to the bench that bent her over and squeezed her tits through the holes.

“Oh that looks exciting, but we can leave that one for you,” Kira said.

“No slave, it’s not your decision anymore,” James said as he walked up behind Kira. “We will use this one,” James informed her as he forced her down onto it and began strapping her tight.

“Sorry Chloe, my Master has chosen this one for me.”

“It’s alright, Kira, there are plenty of others here for my Master to strap me into and make me cum, have fun,” Chloe said as Ben grabbed her and strapped her to the St. Andrew’s cross in the corner, facing it. Ben had strapped her facing out before, but never with her back to him. Ben reached around and put on some nipple clamps, causing Chloe to moan with pain/pleasure that stoked her fire so well. Ben pulled up on the chain connecting them and attached it to her collar, causing Chloe to gasp at the added stimulation.

Meanwhile James was having trouble getting Kira’s big breasts through the holes on the bench he had strapped her to. Ben left Chloe for a moment to help.

“Are you her Master or her boyfriend?” Ben asked as James tried to gently squeeze her big tits through the holes.

“Um, her Master.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then stop being so gentle and grab her nipples and pull, those beauties will pop right through if you tug hard enough.”

“But won’t that hurt?”

“Probably a little, but it will most likely spike her arousal.”

“Please Master, do as he says, I can take it,” Kira offered, so James pinched her nipples and stretched her big boobs through the holes, forcing a soft moan from Kira’s lips as the stimulation did indeed spike her arousal just as Ben predicted it would. She was being manhandled by her Master and couldn’t wait for him to ram that big beautiful cock into her willing pussy.

“Are you alright?” James asked.

“Mmm, yes Master, more than alright, I am so horny I am positively dripping,” Kira replied as she felt a trickle of her juices run down her inner thigh.

“God, Kira, you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me, and your submission to me tonight makes you even more beautiful,” James said and forced his fully erect member into Kira as she moaned with delight.

“Yes Master, please fuck your slave, fuck her hard,” Kira begged.

On the other side of the room Ben had returned to Chloe and slammed into her without any warning as Chloe squealed with glee. She was so ready by the time Ben finished strapping her to the cross and had been anticipating his return. The two Masters rutted into their slaves with abandon, their hands grabbing those oh so enticing tits, causing loud moans and begging for more as the slaves climbed toward the precipice of arousal. Chloe came first but only by a moment or so as Kira soon cried out in the throes of her climax as well. Chloe couldn’t believe how loud she was as her screams and cries echoed off the concrete corner she faced. Kira was in heaven as her tits had become more sensitive being restricted as they were and it heightened her climax as she came harder than she ever had in her life.

Ben and James continued to thrust into their respective slaves, chasing their own orgasms as the women, bound as they were, could not resist and Chloe came twice more, the second time as Ben was draining his balls into her channel. Kira was surprised that she was still aroused and again climbing toward the peak of another orgasm. As James shot his load into her, she screamed out again as she reached her second mind bending climax, feeling his hot cum hit her cervix.

“Oh god Master, I’ve never cum like that and certainly never twice in a row. Thank you Master,” Kira moaned after she recovered. Chloe had already quietly thanked her Master while Kira was at her peak. Ben was releasing Chloe from the cross and she knelt, laving his cock with her tongue to clean off their combined juices. Soon he was clean and Ben stuffed his cock back into his boxers, sending Chloe to clean up her now dripping pussy.

Kira was still in a daze and James was resting on her back after shooting his biggest load ever into her willing tunnel. He couldn’t believe how hard he’d cum and his balls ached a bit. Finally he pulled out of her and cleaned himself up before starting to unstrap Kira from the bench. Kira returned to her senses as James finished unstrapping her but could not pull her big breasts back through the holes.

“Master, please help me, I’m stuck,” Kira requested.

“How do I get them back through the holes?” James asked, looking at Ben.

“Repeat what you did earlier and she will have to pull herself back to allow them to slip back through,” Ben instructed and James did as he said and Kira moaned in response as she had to pull harder on her nipples for her tits to elongate enough to slide back through the openings. Kira immediately knelt with her knees spread wide but clung to James’ leg seemingly holding herself up.

“Are you alright, Kira?” James asked.

“Yes Master, I’m just so weak. As I said before, I’ve never cum so hard or twice in a row, and I know I’ve never taken a cock as big as yours. May I lie down and rest, Master?” Kira asked.

James looked at Ben who nodded toward the bed inside the cell, so James scooped her up and carried Kira into the cell, laying her on the bed. He took a wet cloth and gently cleaned their combined fluids from her crotch as she moaned with appreciation.

“Mmm, thank you Master,” Kira said before opening her eyes and noticing she was in a real cell, like in a prison. “Ooo, Master is this a real cell?”

“Yes it is Kira,” Ben replied.

“Oh Master, please bind your slave and lock her in this cell for the night, please?” Kira pleaded. Ben handed James leather wrist and ankle cuffs along with a leather bondage strap. “Thank you Master,” Kira moaned as James began binding her, locking her ankles and wrists in the cuffs, then locking her ankles together, followed by her wrists behind her back, then adding the bondage strap around her elbows, nearly pulling them together until they touched. He finished by locking her collar to the chain attached to the wall. James pulled the blanket over her then leaned down and kissed Kira softly before walking out of the cell, closing the self-locking door.

“Good night, slave.”

“Good night Master,” Kira said as she tested her bonds and then settled down to sleep on the bed. She was asleep before everyone else left the basement.

Ben led Chloe upstairs by her leash and James followed, playfully smacking each of Chloe’s pert ass cheeks once as they jiggled in front of him. Chloe gasped but did not complain. Ben led Chloe down the hall into their bedroom, releasing her leash as he took James further down the hall to another bedroom where he could sleep for the night.

“Thank you Ben, tonight was amazing! I know dinner cost a lot but I’ll work extra hours to repay you for my part.”

“You’re welcome James, and don’t even think about trying to pay me back, it was my pleasure. Kira is very lovely and submissive, you chose very well, my friend.”

“Thanks again, Ben, good night.

“Good night, James.”

Ben plodded down the hall and into his bedroom to find Chloe asleep on the bed. He knew that normally she would be kneeling in presentation, anxiously awaiting his return, but tonight, the full day and the genetic injection had taken its toll. Ben knew she had used the toilet in the cell while cleaning up and he removed the leash, locking her collar to the head of the bed and climbed into bed behind her, spooning Chloe and holding her big globes in his large hands, just like always. Chloe seemed to snuggle back against him but did not make a sound and her breathing remained slow and measured. Ben knew that she was asleep and this was probably a subconscious reaction and soon drifted off after an amazingly full and productive day.


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